Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It Happened Again

Omg how time flies and I just noticed that I haven't updated my blog in two weeks!! I'm really becoming a bad blogger =/

You would have thought that during the first two weeks of CNS would have been relatively more free compared to the later weeks but nooooo..

I'm stretched to the max and SO sleep deprived. Crazy ass timetable. I hate it!! The dark circles under my eyes are so obvious! =( Anyway, this week has been hectic due to preparations for the Ball (I'm under deco), meetings for convo mag, hospital visit, csu, pbls and what nots. Everyday hvta wake up so early for classes/pbl then sometimes classes so late... My circadian rhythm going topsy turvy ade.. @.@

Anyway, do you remember the last time I said I almost fainted because I saw a patient in a lot of pain?? Omg it happened again, during our hospital visit!! I mean, last thursday I almost fainted again, but this time it wasn't because of any patient in pain or what. I think it was the combination of several days of sleep-deprivation, the super stuffy weather in the hospital. I was wearing my super thick labcoat and they off the fans! And we had been standing on our feet for hours...

The funny thing abt this was (wah can still say that it is funny) a batchmate also "almost fainted" before me. so ngam right? Unless my fainting spell was caused by mass hysteria and the fact I know how it feels like because I experienced it before?

I was so weak that I couldn't stand properly even tho I'd rested for sometime. They were comtemplating wheeling me out to the bus in the wheelchair. Thk god that didn't happened or it'd had been soooo damn embarassing!!!!!

Anyway, I had profuse sweating over my forehead (when I say profusely I mean it), my face turned very pale and I was so dizzy that I couldn't stand (vertigo?) I had already diagnosed myself tho. I think I suffered from a vasovagal attack. Correct me if I'm wrong! I did ask the dr and he assured me that I was right.

And did I tell you? The doctor was really professional and nice!! He escorted me and my friend to the bus..

I guess that's all abt that incident. >.< Let's just keep our fingers crossed it doesn't happen again. =/

I better post this up now or I shall forever be procastinating and there will be no updates at my blog. so there!

PS: the much look-forward to IMU ball came and gone last saturday. *sigh* Many photos to post up, many things to say. It shall be kept for another day. tata!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Post MSK

MSK is over! And now we're officially into the 2nd day of Nervous System (NS).

As usual, let's have some review on the exam before we move on okay.

I hvta say, it wasn't easy. The Qs were pretty tricky and a lot of physio came out! omg that is outrageous if you looked at the ratio of our anatomy : physio lectures. The anatomy that came out was do-able but quite a few needed some thinking and application skills instead of just plain memorizing and naming. Oh well, we are sem 5 and the most senior batch here after all. Time to gear up for the crazy clinical years! o.O

Anyhow, I think I did okay and thank goodness, for once, I made rather few silly mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I did made quite a few mistakes but I didn't know how to answer them anyway so I didn't mind too much. Last time, it was always the marks that I lost thru silly mistakes that tore me up inside.

Oh well, I blew that whole Q on the knee joint anyway. Didn't know what to put except naming the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. =/

I dunno whether it's the hard work I put in this time finally showed some results or I was just plain lucky this time. But anyhow, that just means I must work harder coz NS is apparently even more crazily difficult *gasp* and eos5 is just truttling along the corner *omgwtfbbq!!*

Btw this time the timetable is even more screwed up. We hvta wake up early FOUR days out of the 5 day week!! And early as in hvta arrive around 8-8:30am. shyt. I sense more zombie days coming along. And either csu or lectures are in the afternoon/evening. thank you for the "perfect" arrangement.


Enough ranting. Time to talk abt post exam celebrations! Omg I was really looking forward to this one. Was gonna die of bukitjalilitis. lol.

Anyway, we went to Sunway looking for dinner. And after much hesitation (and everywhere was full), we ended up in Subway. It was my first time there and the food isn't too bad. Quite healthy and I like it. Unfortunately the price was quite "healthy" too. Love the parmesan oregano bread! And the choc chip cookie is nice too!

We then watched Three Kingdoms as a midnight movie because all the earlier tickets were sold out. And I hvta say this: the movie was really really good!

*spoilers commence*

The scenes were artistically filmed and it's about the lifestory of Zao Zi Long. A hero who led his home country to countless victories and was unbeatable till his last battle. On the overall, the movie gave me this semangat membara sort of feeling, ya know? The sort where you wonder if you'd been born a few hundered years ago in china, this is what you hvta go thru.. And that our ancestors had in the same way as us, worked hard for their goals, battle it out till there is no breath left in them.

And Andy Lau is such a compelling actor, he was moved to tears many times in the movie. Gosh. I can feel his emotions! Btw I think Maggie Q looked scary in the movie - looked like a bad case of make up plus exhaustion I guess. *shrug* This movie has taught me how little I know abt the history of ancient china. Must read up more! I used to read quite abit in those english/chinese comic books my dad bought. But I guess I have forgotten alot of them.. sad.

I'd say this movie is really worth watching, provided you understand chinese as I heard my frenz say the subtitles sucked big time. But the chinese they were uttering is so beautiful and moving!

*spoilers end*

Oh ya, me and the bf went shopping for some ball stuff on sunday. Me for some accessories and he for his attire. Had fun helping him pick out his clothes! hehe.

Lazy to write more. Suffice to say we did get quite a bit of stuff =P I guess that's all for now. I managed to type a decent post on the library's computer once! yay. Time to facebook a bit before going for class. yes -_- the 4.15 class. tataz!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

M.acabre S.cary K.ill

Busy with a humongous big ass B. Up to my neck in notes. Often procrastinated with Zuma Deluxe and reading my left-for-very-long-untouched-till-now storybooks. Didn't use much of the internet in uni because just too busy. Studying. Chilling in mamak. Lectures.

I think you get the drift how my past few days has been. Even though they were done in that abstract and oh-so-cool-hey-let's-keep-punctuating format.

(btw I just noticed that becoz I was so busy and internetless that I never bothered to change my comments to be associated with the musculoskeletal system, which lemme tell ya - it ain't no easy shyt! - lol why am I now trying to sound like some Texan cowboy)

Anyway, I digressed.

MSK exam is tomorrow. Yikes? Totally. Am I ready? NO!

And I believed I have already tried my best to be the studious person a medical student should be these past few weeks. No going out for movies - have been in bukit jalil and around for so long ARRGH that it's starting to get on my nerves. And only went out shopping once and also with a guilty heart but I really needed to get my prom dress earlier ma… No internet at my command at my comfy home so can't procrastinate much with that. Thank god in an ironic way. Relaxed with Zuma and storybooks as mentioned earlier.

God can I be more nerdy??? ='(

My blog is so dead that probably nobody is going to read this coz they think I'll update after the exam. I hate this. I miss blogging. The next time I look back at this period, it shall be a blank 4 months filled with only countless hair-pulling rants. What a way to rmb the last few months here. *sigh*

Oh right. I shld be studying eh. Sorry, one's gotta survive so let's get back to those notes.

*gives them a dirty glare*

I'm so not looking forward to CNS next week. blah. As usual, wish me luck for the exam tomorrow! Am gonna need it..!! Ciaoz!

They were shooting Qs at each other during mamak last night and omg so many I dunno how to answer.. and I knew I read those notes before. =/

PPS: oh yes, the post's title stands for msk :P It's gonna be one big monster kill alright.