Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ain't It A Thriller

Hey, check these videos out. I got this from Khai Meng's blog.

Michael Jackson's Original Thriller

Which is pretty cool by those times' standards. And he look way better than the creepy distorted pale person he is now.

The Indian version of Thriller

I nearly laugh my socks off watching this. Serious! Don't miss it! lol.

You can check out his full post abt Thriller here. He put up more videos than me. Enjoy~

Btw, will be going for the Penang + Langkawi trip later. So there will be no updates, till at least Wednesday! Wee! Can't wait! *excited*

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Okay, I better stop procastinating and get on with that Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows review that I said I was gonna write.


Warning: There are MAJOR SPOILERS in this post - so if you haven't finish reading said book - so pls make yourselves scarce from this post okay. There! I've made my warning perfectly clear, so if you still insist on reading on, it's on your own risk. Proceed only if you're worthy.


Here I go! *sharpens sword*

I for one, think the book is REALLY GOOD - if you can gloss thru the small little loopholes, flaws or some parts of over-predictability.

Well, guess I'll start with the negatives first then.


NEGATIVES - why the book could do with some rewriting:

  1. Have you ever wondered what sort of powerful concealment spells that Hermoine and her lot could have cast that prevented the Death-Eaters from tracking them down for so long? Doesn't make sense that three "snotty" kids could have known spells that a bunch of evil growns-ups didn't know how to detect, right?

  2. Lord Voldemort didn't know that Harry was "in his head" (ie reading his thoughts) at those opportune moments. Weird, isn't it? And it was these moments that gave Harry hints on what to do next. If I was Lord Voldemort, I'd have just shut off the connection btw them - surely it couldn't have been harder than shutting down a computer for the great Legilimens that he apparently was. -_-

  3. And why was Lord Voldemort so lax as to take the protection off his snake had at the very end of the book? yeah, granted that he thought Harry was dead, but that didn't guarantee that his snake wouldn't accidentally get shot at by some mis-aimed deadly spell, right? If it was my last Horcrux, I'd be very very careful with it. Dumb move, Vouldy.

  4. Crude expletives were found in this book that was supposed to be suitable for children. I was mightily surprised when I saw the word "bitch" screamed by Mrs Weasley who went straight for Bellatrix Lestrange. And normally she's the one who asks her children to mind their language. what a laugh. Anyway, do excuse her as she was really angered.

  5. I was crossing my fingers, predicting that Snape would turn out to be a good guy in the end... due to the fact that this book is supposed to be abt good morales. Lo behold, it was true! Irony when referred to #4. But if he didn't love Lily Evans, he would have turned out evil anyway. But it was definitely a sad tale of love. :'( Anyhow, I'm still glad that he turned out to be protecting Harry from the start till the end, at the risk of his life and at the scorn/hatred of others. It was a job of no thanks. Well done, Snape!

  6. I do think that Harry was being a bit too lax (if not arrogant) by assuming that others would not be able to defeat him to get the Elder wand. I mean I understand that he wouldn't want to use the wand and all, but shldn't he be a bit more careful since he'd shouted for all to hear that he is the Master of the Elder Wand? Even Hermione & Ron were looking at the wand in awe. Btw, if the wand was so "unbeatable" and all, how can someone beat the Master to procure it? Doesn't make sense to me. -_-

  7. Btw, what's with that ethereal scene in King's Cross' station? Was Harry & Dumbledore in some subway station before reaching heaven or smtg? Don't really get it. But it did provide some of the answers that Harry was seeking for. And what was that ugly scarred baby doing there? Was it Lord Voldemort scarred soul? I could only assume coz no explanations were given...

  8. Oh ya, by the way, I still don't like the Harry x Ginny combo. No chemistry whatsoever! I still can't get over the fact how abrupt his love changed from Cho Chang to Ginny in the flip of a heartbeat. But yeah, that grumble shldn't be in this book, right? Ron x Hermione combo is nice tho. They are sooo cute!

  9. And yeah, can't help but admit that the names he and Ginny (they had children together? omg!) are a bit wincingly predictable. Albus Severus? James? Lily? eeww!

  10. Deaths were many in this book. But the last few deaths (Fred, Lupin, Tonks etc) were important characters too, right? How come their deaths were glossed over just like that? Justice please! The only fitting death was Dobby's. That was beautifully written I admit.

  11. Speaking of the ending, that reminds me. Imo, the ending was written too haphazardly. Only the fates of the main characters were made known. What happened to Nevile? What abt Aberforth? Many others who I'd like to know what happened to them in the end.

Am I being too harsh? Don't worry! I still haven't gotten to the positives part, have I? As a critic, I shld be objective, presenting both pros and cons.

So here I go again - before all the potter fans start grasping my neck and baying for my blood! :O Will make amends!


POSITIVES - why the book deserves all the praise/hype it gets:

  1. In my opinion, this book is the BEST of the series. This one is rather action-packed most of the time, and Harry escapes certain death countless times thru unpredictable ways. Hermione and Dobby surely did save his butt many times. haha. You rock, Hermione! And I was really sad when Dobby died. He was one of the ppl who had a thankless job and died for Harry. *sigh*

  2. And the way Rowling puts all the puzzles (which she had carefully but casually placed in the rest of the 6 books) in place is deserving of praise indeed. Who'd have tot the Riddle Diary, the Gaunt Ring and the Ravenclaw Diadem were horcuxes planted early on? In the earlier books, they seemed to be magical objects in their own right. And you know how much I love a good o' puzzle. ^v^ There were many other tiny examples [like the ghoul in The Burrow, the Grey Lady and The Baron] that played their role in the end.

  3. The way Rowling places Dumbledore in the light of suspicion when dirty facts abt the most shadowy years of his life arise is surprisingly good. I like this becoz it shows that however noble and good a person is, he will have his own moments of darkness too. And Dumbledore admitted to Harry that he was a weak and selfish teenager once. This seems to make Dumbledore more real than the kind-can't-do-no-bad-goody-two-shoes-appearance that Dumbledore seemed to portray earlier on. Coz no one person is entirely good or bad in this world. Well, maybe except Vouldy in this story. lol. And the truth behind all these rumours is well-written too. Nice one!

  4. Love, racism and that good will triumph over evil in the end are one of the few themes encountered in the book. And it's great the way Rowling incorporate such themes into the storyline without being too preachy. Love was apparent when we saw how Snape turned away from his belief in Lord Voldemort due to his love for Lily. Racism was clearly showed when we saw how Lord Voldemort lost the battle becoz of his thinking that mudbloods and other races (like house elves & goblins) were beneath the great purebloods. But it was these races that worked together to bring the victory in the end! As for the last theme, no need to mention already right if you know the ending. :P

  5. And the inner fight in Harry btw Hallows & Horcruxes was nicely done becoz it shows that sometimes doing what is RIGHT and not what you WANT is the most important. Rmb the part where Harry thought he was walking to his death? And still he walked on, courageous but scared. Even though every heartbeat told him he was crazy, to turn back. He did what was right, what he had to do "for the greater good."

  6. Death. A lot of ppl fear it. In this book, there were many many deaths. Deaths that came swiftly without warning. Deaths that were supposedly "for the greater good". Deaths that came to those who justly deserved it. Rowling managed to give ppl a new thinking on the concept of death. She lets us learn to accept that Death is a natural thing and there is no need to fear it - coz in the end, Death is not the very end, is it? It can be a bit cliche but I can't help but say I like the way she puts it.

  7. The book made me laugh out loud. (I rarely lol even though there are funny scenes in many books, *shrugs*) I found one scene particularly tickling my funny bone, altho it was not supposed to be so. I shall quote that part: they flattened themselves against a door as a herd of galloping desks thundered past, sheperded by a sprinting Proffessor McGonagall .... they heard her scream: 'CHARGE!' Don't ask me why, but I find the idea of a herd of galloping desks particularly amusing! *laughing my ass off* The fact that the Proffessor had to resort to that means they are losing? And she could only bewitch what was left - desks? Food for thought.

Ah. My brain can't rack up anything else. I'm sorry that my positives are lacking in number compared to negatives.

But I still say the book is GOOD!

I give it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. =)


Btw, I'm just giving my humble two cents' worth, this is just a personal review - you are entitled to your own opinion. So no flaming pls! Comments/constructive criticism are welcome tho. thks.

Think that this review is no good at all? Or that I may be biased in my review due to my love of Harry Potter? I'm giving Rowling too much praise?

Then sink your teeth into this other review by k0k - who's all for the stand that the book is a total flop.

Btw, if you're wondering why do some of my negatives seemed similar to k0k's, well let's just say great minds think alike, shall we? *winks*

I guess it's time I put down my obsession with Harry Potter, for this is the last book in the series. Time to say farewell to the magical world in Hogwarts that I dearly loved.

Goodbye~ *waves tearfully with handkerchief*

Friday, July 27, 2007

Everything That Goes Up...

...must come down.

That simple sentence alone is the essence of the law of gravity that governs our lives. Although hardly enough to paramount the massive significance of each blow or high that would change our own lives forever.

Currently, I can said to be at one of the peaks of my life. Yeah, life is good to me now. I've managed to pass my EOS3 with a pretty good result [which till today I put down to luck], which a lot of seniors say is one of the hardest exams in our pre-clinical years. Another obstacle that I've tackled was when I managed to share the facts with my parents, and came out unscathed - tho not quite like how I expected.

I've a loving family (tho not totally in the traditional sense), great frenz (they're there to listen when I needed advice) and a caring bf (who was there for me when I was down). What's a girl lacking? So yeah, life is pretty good now.

But it has not always been so.

Failures? I've had my fair share of them not so long ago.

I was just editing some of the categories of certain posts (decided to set up 2 new categories exclusively for Pictures, Creations - you can check them out under Categories in my sidebar) so I was reading thru some of my old posts. Mind you, some of them were really emo!

Here, read this and this, where I faced one of my biggest fears of failures. It was one of the lowest points in my life.

Admittedly, my downs might be little compared to the other monsters that others had to face. But however teenie they're in others' eyes, in mine, they were as real as the cold marble floor that I placed my feet upon.

The only thing that doesn't change is change itself.

Change is inevitable. If I could, I would like my happiness to be static now, hold on to it so that I'd forever be on a high. Not possible, eh?

In no time at all, something would come along that would me pull to the depths of despair again [and yeah, I think I'm a drama queen]. But what could I do?

Face it. Tackle it with courage and hope - the hope that all will be alright again someday, before the vicious cycle takes over again.

I know. Out of all the many people reading this post, some of you might still be facing your own demons.

All we can do is try our best. And have faith.

Coz although many things in life are up to us to make it happen, the rest is up to the powers above. And rmb, the powers above help only those who help themselves.

Remember: Do not give up! Slough it out! This is a part of life. You will get thru somehow. My prayers and good wishes will be with you.

I hope I myself rmb all these inspirational words the next time I'm faced with an obstacle so huge that it seemed to have covered all the light in the sky, leaving only darkness. Hope is the only thing that shines so brightly in the solid darkness.

I must continue. I know the path ahead is littered with obstacles. But it is the path that I choose, so continue to thread it, I must. You must not give up too, my friend!

This feels like an end-of-the-year-musings-sort-of-post. But since I didn't make a list of resolutions this year and felt in the mood now, just tot I'll get it done.

Live in the now, right?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Polyvore (Part II) - Getting The Hang Of It

I've finally finished the last Harry Potter book! ^v^ (Yesh, slow aren't I?) But then the fault was not entirely mine, I fell slightly ill the last 2 days. Don't worry, I'm on the mend now. hehe. Must get better for the coming trip! Am really looking forward to it... =) *jumps around the room excitedly*

Anyway, I'll be taking time to write out my review of the book... so this post is not abt the potty pottermania. Instead, it's to distract you with the new Sets I'd spent my non-ill time making. Admittedly, I think I'm getting the hang of this. yay!

Right, less reading of my ramblings and more admiring of *cough cough* lovingly-crafted creations! =)

Behold~ (click to enlarge)

Birds Lover

Another slight variation of the same concept. But less colour than I'd have liked. But just can't find pretty pics of birds!

But I liked that I found a suitable earring that I made into a dress for her. nice!

Bloody Night of Remorse

Decided to dabble in something darker than usual. The end result is this.

It's quite gothic-looking... so I quite like it. It looks like it tells a story of a crime of passion! Which was what I had in mind, when I made it. hehe.

Insanity of A Genius

This is my personal favourite now.

It has that haphazardly-put-together-look of beauty. Creative bold use of objects that at first look does not seemed to match.

If you haven't try out Polyvore yet - where I made all these, then you're definitely missing out on smtg cool! And don't forget, comments pwetty please! =) Arigato!

I got this from Ellice's blog and decided to post the link here... coz I found it intriguing. Behold, M106's
Jeremy Lee, in Seventeen mag. wow.

PPS: Today is THE day I finally made the facts known to my parents. And thank God I came out unscathed!! phew... Am feeling really relieved & happy now. And the weight upon my shoulders are lightened very much so. *smiles goofily and skips around the house all day* omg, I really gotta stop all this ridiculous but hilarious play-acting that I like to write in my blog. *dead-pan look*

Monday, July 23, 2007

Polyvore (Part I)

Taking a break from reading (oops so slow! actually I just can't bear for the book to finish, so taking it a bit slow... hehe) to introduce to you guys a new site that is really FUN!

Presenting to you, none other than Polyvore~!

This site has a massive range of creative art, clothes, shoes, accessories. And you can add to the collection yourself too!

You can make beautiful art pieces with the stuff available. Below are a few of my attempts at making my own collection. They aren't really that exquisite, but then I'm learning. You shld see some of the popular choices as voted by others, they are just amazingly crafted.

Alright, these are some of my early pieces. =)

The Closet

no, it doesn't lead to Narnia. Okay, I know I deserve this face. -_-""

Anyway, I love the clothes in this pic! And just tot will add some decorations to the closet.

Celeb 'In Disguise'

Another attempt at doing smtg more different.

What do you think? Anyhow, the quote is quite true. lol.

Butterfly Lover

My best so far. This is far more creative, don't you think?

It doesn't all have to be about clothes. And I just lurve this concept of butterflies.

Comments puh-lease! ^v^ Yeah, you are right! All girls are attracted to pwetty pwetty stuff! *winks*

One thing I don't like abt this site is that it takes damn long for every page to load. I dunno if it's becoz my connection is slow or that's the way it is. The wait is quite agonizing. :(

Anyhow, I'm sure all my girly readers out there would lurve this site! Nice! The range of clothes there is just mind-blowingly amazing! Definitely gives me more ideas for clothes eh! hehe. For much better examples, go see the popular choices! Very chio!!

Try Polyvore now!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

In The Midst of Magic

Am currently tearing thru the last Harry Potter book.

Wanting to finish the book without any spoilers. But I think I'd failed. Coz unable to resist the dangerous temptation of the internet, I'd surfed a few blogs that I tot were 'safe'.

Manatau, crz... aih. I tersaw a major spoiler in your latest post. It just appeared without any sort of warning! *huge sigh* Just hope it isn't true. Coz maybe you're joking, right? (Nope, don't tell me!! Do NOT comment! Let me finish first!!)

Luckily, my tendency towards blood and gore has become milder over the years. I did not feel that rage that has almost consumed me a few years ago, when the same thing happened. Or maybe my fanaticism has subsided over the years. Yeah, that must be it. hehe.

But whatever lah. The story is still GOOD. Yesh, ppl, Rowling seems to have regain her magic touch with this book. Always keep the best for the last eh? =)

Let's hope the rest of the book has the same magic. yeah, note the pun. hehe.

Just in case you guys are wondering why I'm here instead of reading the book, well I'm just taking a break. And having my usual daily online chatting session. And guess what, it isn't easy planning a trip after all! blek. So many things to take into account. I pening ade. @.@

Alright, I guess this is all. I might review the book in my later posts, but no worries, I'll definitely put a warning sign before I start my rambles. Now, that is what I call the sacred code of honour among all bookreaders.

Btw, the HP movie was not bad. I like this new director! I might review it too... if I have the time (wait, all I have now is time. it's the holidays. -_-) So just wait ya, guys!

Anyway, gotta go now. Book is ... calling to me. I can't ... resist!

And oh yeah, my reading speed is slow but improving exponentially. :P Only a Harry Potter book would be able to do that eh. hehe.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting Potty Again Now, Are We?

Haha, don't worry, there are absolutely NO spoilers in this post, becoz I'm only getting my Harry Potter book tmr. *sob sob* And don't you go shoving spoilers in my face eh!!

I remembered when I got my 6th book slightly late last time, and this guy put this major spoiler (that dumbledore died!) oh-so-innocently in his msn nick. I was ready to murder the guy. I was boiling with rage. Lucky he was not physically near me or... *evil laughter* So careful with your words guys. Do not forcibly gimme any spoilers against my will until I've finished the book. Or else you shall feel the brunt of my wrath! Muahaha~

Don't believe me? Read one of my old posts when that happened. Be very afraid.


Anyway, yup, today is THE day that the last Harry Potter book is out. How could I forgot to mention that in my earlier posts? But being a Harry Potter fan seemed sucha long time ago.

I rmbed being crazy over the first four books. But starting from book 5, it just went downhill from there onwards. Besides the story becoming less and less interesting, it also took too damn long for the next book to come out, that my interest just dwindled...

I just got on with my life. Can't be a HP otaku forever, right? (otaku = jap for a person who's very obsessed with smtg)

Sad to say, I don't rmb all the many many fine details of the Harry Potter story. All that had to make way for all the medical facts that I tried to saturate my brain with. Last time, if you ask me anything abt the story, I'd probably be able to shoot off my mouth. Now, I seriously can't rmb much. Let's hope the details will come flowing back in when I start reading the book tmr. hehe.

Anyway, I'll be watching the HP 5 movie with my sis tmr afternoon. Yeah, I promised her that I'll watch with her. (btw guys, sorry tat I caused you guys to can't decide on wic movie in the end! promised sis ade ma, definitely hvta watch with her right?)

Alright, I'm signing off now. I also hope that my reading speed will pick up when I read the book tmr. My speed is so much slower compared to last time. I cud read abt 2 books a day last time during the hols. Now, not even halfway thru one then I get bored ade. Mind mind, my attention span sure is getting shorter. blek.

I seriously hope that this book will be better this time, since there is no more next time. No Harry Potter goes to college, Harry Potter gets married etc etc. lol. So far, reviews are pretty good. I hope it's that way too.

Right, cya guys. And no spoilers please, I'm warning you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Did you hear abt the news that they are selling the HP book at a much lower price in various hypermarkets? It's just too weird... And major bookstores are boycotting it by shipping their stock back? *sigh* Luckily fans that have pre-booked (thks dad! ^v^) will still get their orders. I wonder how are the rest are gonna get their books now, as the hypermarkets probably have limited stock only. aih.

PPS: Yeah, I know this post is a bit rambly and cluttered. Coz I'm multitasking - chatting online, watching movie & blogging - all at the same time. So my train of thoughts are all over the place. Sorry abt that. Will definitely have a more well written post next time ya. hehe. toodles!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Golden Sands Reunion

Okie, to be fair, must post pics of my primary sch reunion that I went to yesterday evening, haha. Luckily wasn't rotting at home again... hehe.

Unfortunately, I was dressed very simply (read: ugly) coz I didn't bring many clothes back to penang. All my nice clothes at kl... hehe.

Oops, digressed. Tried to work my photoshop magic once again but this is the best I can do. What to do, it was a bad appearance day for me! :P

We went to the Golden Sands beach to watch the sunset and talk... then after that it was dinner at some hawker stall. Main activity was talking and camwhoring I guess. Ah, I wasn't in my usual camwhoring mood... spity. (sucha a pity!)

Let the pics do the talking once again!

Back row (L-R): lynn ju, qiao wen, hui hui, tze yang

Front row (L-R): moi, chie min, qin quan, li keat

Notice the pretty sunset in the background! Pity I don't have a camera, I'm sure I cud have taken some nice shots! =)

Yeah, The Ship which is not exactly a ship after all. It's a restaurant.

Nothing new to me, since I'm a penang 'lang' after all. haha.

Now, this is what I call creativity! I like this one. Shadows can be pretty too! ^v^

Last group photo! This one really nice! All look so happy~!

Beaches in penang aren't that bad after all, eh? hoho.

It has been a very looooong time since we last meet up. It was fun to see some of you guys again. All of us prettier and handsomer eh? *wink wink* Summore quite a few got gf/bf ade lo.. lol. Funny teasing u guys. :P

It's definitely a pity that only so few of us turned up. It'd be nice to see everyone else again... Wonder how are you guys doing. :)

But it was also definitely a pleasure to discuss med stuff with some of them. Erm yeah, you guessed right. A lot of us here are future docs to be. Don't ask me why. lol. I might be going to some of their unis too! Who knows what the future holds for us. =)

Although it was awkward at times [heck, after years of not meeting and not keeping in contact, what do you expect?!], I guess I still had fun catching up with you guys. All the best in your future ya!

Eh, u guys got click on my ads to check out what they are about onot? If not, better click now wo... so those moolah can come flowing in... hoho.

RedBox Again!

I'm glad to say that at least I'm not spending every day of my holiday rotting at home. haha.

This post will be mostly pics of my redbox outing with two of my high sch frenz, Samantha and Mong Mong! =) Yalah I know lah, I've been to red/greenbox every week for the past 3 weeks rite? What to do, really like singing ma.

And yesh, finally get to work my photoshop magic on photos! To make us more gorgeous than before! haha. It's so fun messing with the numerous controls in photoshop cs2!

Right, let the pics do the talking. :D

Samantha & Me! Just some camwhoring :P

Btw, thanks Sam, for fetching me to and fro!! =)

Me 'pan' cute while Mong Mong sing until so emo.. haha.

paiseh, I think I made my captions in the pic too small ade.. lol

Threesome pic! (eh no dirty thoughts with the word threesome ah.. *wags finger*)

Don't we look cute? :P

Oops, jumping on the couch! haha very long din so 'siao siao' ade..

miss those crazy times with frenz while karaokeing!!

Taking a break from singing songs. We found this lil game outside Redbox..

Wah, damn long didn't see this ade.. Rmb the game with a cute lil fish?

I played that when I was a small kid. Can't believe now still have.. ancient! lol.

My fav of all. Last photo of all the gorgeous ladies. *winks*

miss you guys so much! It was really a fun day. =)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The 'Genius' Behind The Header

After some delibration, I decided that it was time that one of my *cough cough* masterpieces have a place here.

Voila! This is a header that I made for the m106 blog out of boredom when a spur of genius striked me. *continues coughing, smirks and goes into an anaphylactic fit*

Anyway, I had lots of help from my bf. (apparently he was quite good at it, never tell me ah.. shld have taught me long ago ma. lol.)

Definitely Nothing But... M106. We rockz! =)

You can see it in its full glory at our M106 blog! Pls check it out~! Must see! so click that link.

And do notice that I've left funny bits of parody in the picture ala Da Vinci Code style. hoho. Read this post's comments' section to get the answer.

Btw, if I must say so, I'm really happy that our batch blog is relatively flourishing, compared to other batch blogs. yayz. We do have more eager bloggers. And I'm so proud that this dream that me and roney had for this blog did not fade. Glad. It is a good way to keep in touch too. although there are its ugly moments too. (!!) But let's not dwell on that ya. Anyway, as usual...

Constructive comments/criticism are welcomed!

Alright, I confess. I do not possess such good skill in drawing and I'm a newbie when it comes to photoshopping. But I do try.

I did not draw this picture from scratch [I wish I was that talented!] but I did photoshopped it into its above state.

Below is the original picture I stole from DevianArt. (Erm I forgot who is the original artist, so if you see your art here, pls tell me so that I can credit you okay! Thks.)

The real House M.D. - Let's play spot the differences! hehe.

So this is actually a photoshop project. What do you think? It's not as easy as you think, especially if you're so noob like me. hehe. It took us more than 5 hours to get all the details done.

But I really really hontoni like it. Coz this one definitely has a more professional finished look.

So as usual, let the comments flow in! *jumps around like an energizer bunny* lol.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Showing Love

I've always wanted to say this but never got the chance. till now.

If I hvta choose one thing I dislike about the typical Asian/chinese norms, it'd be the fact that the showing of affection to family members seemed to be a taboo of sorts.

Now, don't argue with me first. Your family might be the touchy-feely type, then good for you. But ask around, I'm sure many of your chinese frenz would be able to tell you that they don't feel comfortable doing physical bonding with their parents.

Meaning that "hugs, kisses (on the face of coz, duh) and I love you's" are big no-nos. There you have it, glaring evidence that a lot of chinese families can't or just do not know how to start showing affection to each other physically.

I know that the parents definitely love their children, but somehow chinese/Asian parents seemed to prefer to show their love thru everyday stuff or not at all. Not that this is wrong or anything but sometimes teenagers who are lost (figurately) just need someone to tell them they are loved, directly face-to-face. That is why a lot of teens get cheated when they seek for love outside the family. Those people who tell them they love them but harbour nothing but bad intentions. This is how the poor impressionable teens get caught in this tangled web, in their quest to be loved.

Don't you wonder why lovers can throw "I love you's" all around but saying that to your parent or child is taboo? Weird, isn't it? And sometimes, it's strange why we're more polite to our frenz/strangers than our own family members. We take the latter for granted sometimes, don't you think? Until the time comes we see them less and less, then we'll start to appreciate them more. Pardon me for this cliche phrase but Absence does make the heart fonder.

June was one of the worst months in my life. It was nothing but study study study. And lots of s.t.r.e.s.s. Thank god for my parents who gave me emotional support. Of coz, dear dear, you helped a lot too! =) If not, I think by now you'd see me waving happily behind bars with a crooked smile in some psychiatric ward. hahaha.

I used to wish that my parents would give me substantial evidence of their love thru words or direct actions. But they never did. [yeah yeah, I was a confused teenager then]

Until I decided "hey why don't I don't start the ball rolling first?" and it took me A LOT of courage for me to give them hugs before I set out for the big city. Dad was a bit awkward while Mum was natural. lol. Now, I'm definitely going to give them hugs everytime I set out from home! hehe. I also make it a point to show them my appreciation in little ways nowadays. Like praising mum's cooking [and tell you what, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - that beats home cooking!] or giving Dad an easy time by making sure the siblings are quiet etc etc.

Erm... yeah, I still haven't said those 3 words to them yet. Still working on it. :P

Anyway, you get my point, don't you? So why don't you try these tips out yourself! It's going to take a lot of courage (hey I've been there!) but the rewards you get is definitely worth-it. Trust me.

So pluck that courage out of you and give your parents a hug or say those 3 words today!

PS: How come I feel my last sentence is like some sort of commercial's slogan or smtg? lol.

Parental Guidance Suggested?!

Free Online Dating

Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

I can't believe what my blog is rated as PG! lol.

Just becoz I used the word "hell" 3 times and the word "steal" once. So much for taking things literally. hehe.

Ah whatever. You know what you are reading and whether it's suitable for you onot. Programs can't be expected to see more than that. -_-

Btw, I did not sign up for online dating (if that's what on your mind). I took this off my fren's blog. lol~!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Here Comes Holidays!

Alright, it finally is the long-awaited-stress-free HolidayS!

And I'm supposed to while my days away rotting at home sweet home, doing nothing, right? Right?

Yeah, so that is what I've been doing the past two days. And sadly, somehow I'm getting a bit bored.

I don't own a car (besides my driving skills are nothing but a road hazard, bleh) so I can't go out on my own. Besides, most of my high school frenz have just went to the various public unis scattered all over the country so yeah, I don't really have many ppl to hang out with. *droops like a wilted flower*

Staying home all the time sure is b.o.r.i.n.g. But I'd definitely prefer feeling bored than going for the resit, thk you very much. Anyway, luckily for the internet or I think I'll go bonkers first. And heck, I sure don't feel like opening my medical books.

[Thumbs up to my batchmates who have started studying for endocrine! I don't think I've that sort of motivation. I guess that is what separate the "geng" students from dumb ppl like me. lol.]

Have been trying hard to get back my passion for reading storybooks, but its a long and slow process. Looks like I really need to get my fire for reading back, or get more interesting books! haha.

On a somehow related note, we finally have something to look forward to! We're going to Langkawi!! Me & a few of my uni frenz... Can't believe my parents say yes! It's all confirmed so now just hvta wait for the rest to iron out the plans. Yayz!! (So peeps, if you wanna clarify anything abt the trip, just sms me ya. You know the number. *winks*)

Yeah, this will be the first real trip with frenz (read: without parents!) yipee! The last trip, I was still technically in penang, not much difference, right? hehe now I'm so excited. The beaches there shld be quite nice! Can't wait to re-laaax on some beautiful beach with my frenz. Heavenly.

Btw, any of my frenz still in Penang, pls sms me so we can go hang out or smth okie? I'm so bored here. =)

Okla, dunno what to ramble on ade. Anyway, continue to fight on, those who still have one more hurdle! I want us to remain together as a batch okay. Since have nothing much to say ade, well I shld go read the books I just bought from Popular today then! tataz!

Notice the ads on my blogs? Pls click to check out what is it about okay. And so that I can earn some $$$ too!! Ka-ching! hehe.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Omg! A Miracle

Alright, time to update you guys abt how I did.

Since you're seeing me here the next day, I assume that you can guess that I did okay. And you're right!

Yesh, I passed!! ^v^

Omg!! I was so so happy yesterday when I tore open my result slip and saw this: "Congratulations! You have passed the End of Semester 3 Examination."

Can you believe this? I was SO delirious & relieved that I started crying/jumping in public!! Something that I tot I'd never do, but it was just that the emotions just overwhelmed me that I felt the need to express them straightaway.

I'm happy that all the mental torture is over. Finally. The stress & anxiety preparing for the exam and waiting for the results were getting to me. I really need to learn how to handle stress better. Which means more consistent studying! =)

I'm so glad that I didn't let my family especially my parents down. They were putting a lot of hopes in me. I'm just so glad. For once, I'm at a loss of words to express my happiness. Just know that I'm freaking damn happy [pls insert other adjectives for 'glad' yourself]!!

Now I know that miracles really do happen. To me, this is like a miracle. Coz not only I passed, I did relatively better than I cud ever imagined! And can you believe this, ALL my good frenz passed?!! It's almost too unbelievable to be true. My wish came true... I can't believe it! =D

Thank you, the powers above! I'll try to amass more good karma from now on! Yay~

And yeah, a lot of ppl passed too. So the rumour remained a rumour after all, phew. Congrats to those who passed and gambate to those who are going for the resit! We must continue to fight on as a batch! M106 rocks! Whoo-hoo!

Dreams do come true if you work for it. I'll go to bed feeling happy for a few days. ^v^ Time for a happy sleep! toodles!

PS: Can you believe that so coincidentally we're supposed to get our results on Friday the 13th? I didn't even notice the "bad" omen. Luckily there was no bad fate after all. phew.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Moment Of Truth

Short post, going out in 5 mins for karaokeing session in Greenbox. This is our last enjoyment hang-out before results come out at 5pm today!! *gasp*

I've a bad sickening feeling abt my results, dunno why. It's been sitting in my tummy since a few days ago. But anyway, I will just continue to hope for the best (can't do anything else, can I?) and that this feeling doesn't come true.

Alright, just GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST to all the cool m106 peeps! *winks*

I just wanna pass, that's all. I won't be greedy and ask for more. yeah. Wish me luck, guys. ^v^

This is it, The Moment of T.r.u.t.h.

I'm scared.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Anticipated Ranty Post

Well, time for a more complete update.

For starters, no I didn't get viva and I dunno if that's a blessing or curse. Results will be out this friday at 5pm and hell am I scared. But can't do much abt that. Guess just hvta use the remaining time wisely.

(hey why am I cursing myself by using the phrase "remaining time"!! I'm gonna have 2 months' holidays... not gonna get resit.. NOOO! erm yeah, I think I'm going cuckoo... oh shucks.)

Anyway, I've not updated or online in the past 48 hours becoz I was busy moving house. Have finally gotten most of my stuff into the new house - many thks to Eugene, Leong and of coz my dear dear! - but a bit lazy to unpack the rest of the stuff tho. I'll probably finish those up tmr. Yoyo procastinator in the house!

I may post pics up of my spanking new room (which is very very nice) after I've cleared up my stuff ya. Patience is a virtue, people. hoho.


I shall procastinate no more. This part will be rants abt the hellish exam that I went thru the week before. (can't believe it's already a week! omg) You can leave here if you want to. If you have the guts, proceed with full speed ahead. Go~!

SAQ: This paper is worth a total of 35 marks and is the do-or-die paper in the whole 4 days. If you score well in this, congrats, you're already on a good way to a pass. Sadly, moi that didn't finish studying what she shld, and totally screwed up this paper. Which is soooo not good. *shakes head*

Can you believe that I wrote down Brugia Malayensis instead of the correct Brugia Malayi for the cause of lymphatic filariasis? Crazy, right? I was a tad confused during the exam. And didn't have enough time to check back my answers. sigh.

And there were many many other mistakes. Some questions I totally dunno what to write in the blanks given, while some answers I was pretty sure they're hidden somewhere in the crevices of my mind, but it just refused to let me conjure them out. *shyt*

And get this. The questions that came out consisted of a big chunk of pharmaco and microbio. Both of which were my weakest subjects!! Arggh. I wished more patho came out. I think I'm relatively better in that.

I was pretty upset that day. Coz some ppl said it was relatively easy/okay. And deep down in my heart, I knew it wasn't so difficult but somehow I just screwed it up. Maybe it was becoz I didn't study hard enough. Not enough disciplince.

But I cudn't give up. Not so early in the battle. I had 3 more days to try to rectify my mistake as much as possible. Which leads us on to...

OSPE: Totals up to around 24.5 marks With my usual luck, I always started out in the worst station of all the other stations which I cud have started at. *sarcastic tone* That definitely gave me a lot of confidence. Lots of it. hah I wish.

It was the diagram with all the weird arrows asking for parameter E and something that looks like angiotensin-converting-enzyme stimulator. Which was smtg we never learnt before. Panicking, I put the only one I knew off which was remotely similar - its inhibitor. Which turned out to be the answer wanted. Wth with those arrows. Draw properly can?

And the rest was just a flurry of models, diagrams and pictures. I did quite well with those descriptive patho pics, you know lah, I just play play with words lo. haha. Managed okay with the microbio and parasites' pics becoz my dear dear had helped me the night before. Thks a lot! I'm really weak in the subject that deal with creepy-crawlies! eeew!

Some Qs weren't designed too well. They put too many components in that question with the pressure-volume loop. No time to think and answer leh. Not that I dunno it, but hey I think more than 10 separate small Qs (that each needs thinking) to answer in 5 mins is a bit too much.

But other than that, I did relatively okay compared to the day before. And weirdly, almost everyone say that paper was quite difficult. I'm a topsy turvy person heh. Alright, onto the last component.

OSCE: Generally still okay, altho kena screwed by a few lecturers for not knowing well enough or for being blur and saying the wrong things. blek. Spanned a total of 2 days and comes to 10.5 marks.

Tried my best to salvage as many marks possible. I did quite good in history taking, managed to answer most of the Qs. My performance varied for the physical examinations. It depends on the Q given. The best station for me was the liver palpation + liver span + shifting dullness station. Did it perfectly! It helped that the lecturer wasn't particularly menacing. phew.

Can't decide which station was the worst for me. It's either the JVP station (got FIA) or the abdomen station (HA) or the mouth/throat station which I dunno what to say or do. alamak. I specifically mentioned which lecturers I had for some coz they were the reason I didn't perform as well as I cud have. But hey, I heard that they're quite lenient during exams. *prays hard*

And last but not least, if you have been doing the maths, that would still leave a gap of 30 marks, which would come from our past 6 in-course-assessments (ICA) and really pulls you up if you didn't do well in eos3. My performance for that was sometimes good, sometimes bad, so it averages out in the end. But that wasn't from lack of trying. I really tried hard those times. Especially after my first failure during sem2. Sigh, those were bad times.

With that, I think I'm done with writing this stupid ranty post which I don't really have much heart in typing out anyway. Sorry if it's a bit boring. I'm just doing this to keep as a record lo.

Abt the post-exam celebrations, we will see how. Will not promise a post abt that coz lately I seem to have lot of better stuff to do than blog, haha. Having lots of fun and good food! :P

Alrighty, shall sign off now. Keep your fingers AND toes cross for my results this friday.

I'm really scared. But once again, I can do nothing but leave it to the powers above. May all my good frenz pass thru this hurdle safely. Please. See us through this. Let there be another miracle.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The First Miracle

Will be keeping this post short and sweet.

Anyway, rejoice as there is the unbelieveable good news! There is no resit for OSCE!

I myself can't believe it when I got the first sms. But apparently miracles do happen. =) So I guess the ppl involved won't feel so bad abt it now. And they probably will be able to survive the next year with the rest of us. I feel glad for all of us.

Thanks to the SRC for fighting for our rights. Thanks to the dean and his whole entourage for making this decision. It really is for the students' benefit. Thank you.

However, if there really are any cheaters that got away, well you know what you did. Karma is gonna come back and kick your butt sometime in the future! *evil_laugh@mp3_not_found*

Yeah, can't believe I'm procastinating my usual post-exam-ranty-post (especially since I didn't do too well either). But whatever.


*Taking a short commercial break*

Have been watching movies like there is no tmr.

Movies on the big screen - Transformers, Die Hard 4.0

Movies on dvd - The Myth, Fearless

All are not bad. Especially those in cinemas. Transformers totally rock socks!! Go watch it now. Don't think becoz you're a girl and not a fan, then it won't be nice. I had intial doubts abt it at first. But it's good! ^v^

*alright, we're back on air*


Maybe I'll do my post after viva list is out tomorrow! *gasps* There are mixed feelings abt that. I dunno to hope if my name is in that list onot.

I just want a clear pass, puh-lease? *looks towards to the heavens above*

I'll just continue to hope for the best. Today's decision showed me that miracles do happen. Let's hope there are more.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

After The Fire Has Cooled

My blog's hits are totally sky-rocketting due to the controversial post prior to this. Interesting. I wonder if those ppl reading are my batchmates or outsiders? (a few ppl comment only wan... *little sigh*)

Anyway, we'll know for sure tomorrow if we need to resit. I've a bad feeling abt this. A gut feeling that they will make us resit. For me, it doesn't affect me as much as some ppl who already flew back home to some faraway place.

But after much hoo-ha, slowly we're getting used to the idea. Since nothing can be done, we would just have to do our best and hope the lecturers won't take it out on us. I'm sure they are mature enough to know what to do. =)

However, I feel sorry for those involved in the "handphone incident". Coz although they're too careless for their own good and deserved to be scolded, however, at least some of them have the decency to show that they are genuinely sorry. *good for you!* I'm feel sorry for them coz (if we hvta resit), they're sure gonna have a hard time in the year to come with our batch.

Unlike the sem5s, they can just fly off after the resit, our batch will hvta put up with each other for one more year - that is, if we all pass. I really hope all of our batchmates pass together. I don't want anyone to be left behind. Me, especially. -_-

Well, I'm totally enjoying myself although technically exam is pseudo-over. Heck, who cares. I think OSCE, as a clinical skills exam, depends on how you perform then and there... and not mugging abt stuff beforehand.

I think that's all for now. Remember to check your emails ya, peeps! May we pray and hope for the best. ^v^


Alright, fess' it up. Only the blind would have turn a blind eye (excuse the pun) to the fact that I've spruce up my blog's header, giving it a total new look!

So what do you guys think?? Comments/criticism are welcome! =)

It took me very long to figure out how to move an image from one picture to another [sorry lah, I noob lah, still learning how to use photoshop], also making sure that the empty parts were cut away, letting the picture below show thru.

I absolutely lurve the "M.D. icon" that I managed to cut/paste into this "butterfly in the moonlight" image. I managed to change the icon's colour, wanting to make it stand out more but funnily it somehow will always just camouflage itself into its present state and into the buttefly pic. Go figure.

Anyway, overall I'm satisfied with the end result. So I need comments! *winks*

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Exam That Is Pseudo-Over

Due to the uncalled-for irresponsibility of a certain select few, what that had happened to the sem5s last week may very well be replayed in such a short period - onto us.

Yes, you got that right, people. We, the (in)famous M106 may have to resit the second day of our OSCE. =( Becoz a select few of people had brought in their phones into quarantine yesterday and had not handed it up until just before the exam is gonna start.

And tell you what, I absolutely do not look forward to resitting that paper, coz I absolutely DETEST the palpitations and extreme nervousness that will seize me just before the exams start.

No, I have tried calming myself down with deep breaths but it doesn't work. No, I didn't do very hot either that day (so-so only lah) but hell do I feel like resitting? NO!

This has brought a lot of inconvenience to the rest of us. Many of our plans are messed up just becoz you couldn't be bothered enough to take extra precautions. I think the ones worst affected are those that had already bought plane tickets to go home or somewhere else. All this is wasted time, effort and of coz money. My plans to move house are also kinda affected but I can still afford to be flexible. But I wanna go back and see my family sooner! I miss them! I haven't seen them in months, do you know? That's what I sacrificed for my exams.

I don't like to point fingers at anyone but sometimes you can't help but wonder that after the countless reminders being banged into our heads plus the example set by the sem5s recently, couldn't you be a bit more cautious? A few hours without your phone isn't gonna kill you. That's what the rest of us did, left our phones at home or in the car - just in case we forgot to give it up to the lecturers.

Being late and not hearing the lecturer's reminders is not a valid excuse. This is an important exam, you shouldn't be so late in the first place. There's a reason that they set the time so that they can let the earlier group out of quarantine. [pity them ah, quarantine so long]

Being "blur" is not exactly the best excuse either imo. We're gonna be future doctors, people's lives are gonna depend on us. Don't tell me in the future you're gonna tell your patient's family this.

"We could not save your father coz I'm so blur ah that I've accidentally given him the wrong medication and made him go into cardiac arrest. Sorry ya, blur." *insert goofy smile*

I know this is cliche but here goes:

With great power, come great responsibility.

We as doctors, are in a way, almost playing God. We have the ability to bring life to some of those who others thought were lost. This not something trivial that can be smoothed away by just a twirl of the hands.

Have you thought of that when you choose this profession? I'm sure many of us had. I feel sad for those that didn't.

Anyway, enough of ranting. And I thought that we're supposed to feel exhilarated now that the exam is pseudo-over. But I don't. (for obvious reasons)

I really just hope that we don't need to resit. Please! Take pity on us. The majority of us did nothing wrong. Please don't punish us for something we didn't do.

And I sincerely hope that if we really do resit, it's not gonna make any difference between whether I pass or fail. *major yikes!!*

Yesh, I didn't do so hot either for the other papers. I'm needing this OSCE to push me up. But more on that in another ranty post I assume.

Alright, signing off now. Still gonna enjoy myself although technically the exam is pseudo-over. Ciaoz.

PS: If you are offended by what you'd just read, pls don't be so defensive first and take time to think abt what I had wrote. Ask your heart honestly whether what I said is true. I'm sure (and hope) that you will see the light.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

This Is IT

The big one. Time to get it done and over with. Will definitely try my best.

All the best to all my batchmates who will be going thru this ordeal together. May we be blessed with flying colours in the exams. Good luck to all my dear frenz too. We'll survive thru this somehow.

PS: Oh ya, Happy 6 months' Anniversary, dear dear. =) Why must our half year anniversary be a day before the big exam? *pouts*


The above was pre-written in a flurry of good spirits yesterday.

Now? However optimistic I want to be, deep down inside, there is still this fear overwhelming me. The very real fear that I would not be able to remember what I had studied the past few weeks.

Emotions have been unstable. This is not the first time I'm so unprepared for an exam... but this is definitely the first time I'm so so nervous.

A lot of things are at stake. I'm scared. But I guess so is everyone.

I can do nothing but leave it all up to the powers above.