Tuesday, March 25, 2008


*looks at previous few posts*

Wow, looks like I'm gonna be blogging at a rate of one post per week for the next few months. That's a real lousy rate by my usual standards.

I miss watching my usual dose of anime (Bleach! Naruto Shippudden! D-Gray Man etc)! I miss reading my daily dose of blogposts! but if I were to think carefully, in the long run, my no-ready-internet-at-hand-state can be a real life saver as this frees up alot of time for me to study procastinate.

Oh well, I can probably slowly and painstakingly catch up with my feeds at bloglines when I am back home. (I think it probably might have run into the thousands then! yikes!) The same goes for the anime. It's not gonna go anywhere anyway.

*eyes wide open at what I am typing - is this the same zzzyun a few weeks ago?*

Oh ya, today is the 2nd day of msk where I don't have something in the morning. Can you believe it? So for once, I am able to relax back home before heading here. So I guess my mood is relatively better now. hehe.

And I think I have been hit by writer's block. There's nothing glamorous or interesting in the life of a 3rd year medical student. So what gives?

I shall take my leave now. Till then, may the power be with boring medical students. huhu~

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Emotions And The Physical

Classes started at 8am today. Followed by helping out for our food fair which spanned a length of 4 hours.

I am dead exhausted.

But I can't go home yet coz I need to use the internet here to do my AIR topic which is due this friday. Aihs I really hate it when I hvta depend on the uni's internet for my usual online quota. Which I hate to say, have greatly decreased in the past 3 weeks. I declare that I've officially been weaned off my addiction to the internet.

Nowadays, I can go without surfing the net for a few days (it would have been a total miracle a few months back), depending on how busy I am on those days. My bloglines feeds are piling sky high and I don't have the time to read them properly. *sigh*

Anyway, the food fair went okay I guess. Our stall was selling something like kebab, but consisting of sotong ball, cucumber, sausages and crabstick. Sales were so-so only coz the price was slightly expensive at first and normally ppl would want smtg more filling or special.

Oh well, we did our best. Cucuking the stuff was fun! I made so many sticks hehe. yeah there were quite a few leftovers, so I'm gonna go home now and reheat them then bring it for my friends to eat during dinner. well the guys do often complain of how hungry they are anyway lol.

Okay time to go! I really wish I have more time to update my blog with more meaningful posts. I guess I gotta wait till after my big exam this early july.

Alrighty, time to ciao! =)

As they always say, when you do something good for others, one shouldn't expect something in return. And I didn't. But guess what I got? Distrust and false accusations. blah. I am sick of it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stretching The Limits

Hi guys! I'm back again. *mumbles* I foresee many of my future posts starting with this phrase lol. What to do, sem 5 has the worse timetable EVER, if you ask me.

PBL starts at an almost ungodly hour of 8.30 am. Can you believe it?? And nowadays every morning, we hvta wake up early for briefings/labs and what nots. And our daily lectures are from 4 to 6.30 pm. YES, we are forced to be in uni from morning till evening. My body and brain is seriously dying from overuse. >.<

But I think I'm coping slightly better this week. Suffering toughens up the mind and body, so they say. huhu.

So what's new this time around? (yes I foresee alot of my posts to be about updates also lar)

Let's see, elections have come and gone. And the results are nothing short of stunning!! I seriously cannot believe it that the opposition has managed to get 5 states (perak, kelantan, penang, selangor, kedah) and managed to deny BN from getting a two-thirds majority.

Penang is under DAP now!!

Nothing is impossible now, ain't it?

Btw, the tv news abt the elections really sucked. Their updates were so super slow. I could get more info from phone calls than it. bah.

Anyway, I guess this shows that malaysians have finally awaken from their shell and are finally ready to show their voice. This is really one of those times I can feel the unityness among malaysians. I feel glad that for once, is it not always about race. Can you feel the pride of being a malaysian? =)

BN is still the ruling party so they still have one more shot at proving to the ppl that they are able to give to the ppl what they really want. As I always say, with competition comes progress! Let's see if they can do a better job this time around.

I shall end it here coz I have a photoshoot for my convo mag profile pic soon and I don't want to get into trouble for causing pollitical dissent. lol.

Alrighty, toodles for now!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hating That "To Do" List

As the song "Untitled" by Simple Plan plays on in the background, I sit here staring at the computer screen, thinking how apt the black hopeless atmosphere of the song clearly suits my mood now.

Sometimes when I think back, the past was much easier. Don't you think so? We had less worries and fears when we were younger. Nowadays, all I can think about is my studies and my other responsibilities. Every day is a "to do" list. And that sucks.

In the cover of the black night, I feel vulnerable. And emotionally weak. I used to think that I was a strong person mentally, but I guess it just shows that it all just depends on how much one can take before one breaks.

It might not be much to some people but all this stress is killing me up inside. I feel like I wanna curl up into a ball and sleep the night away. But I can't. I got pbl to prepare for. I got notes to read up on. People to cheer up and comfort. Lectures which I don't understand due to the high-speed rattling of the lecturer to catch up on. Responsibilites to fulfill.

But my brain and body just ain't cooperating.

Nowadays, we seemed to be dealing with stress in a weird way. After being awake for too long, I tend to go into a cloud of spouting nonsense. My friends can attest to that, the way I have been acting during the dinners these few days. Don't worry, I haven't been acting too crazy to warrant arrest as of yet, but heck, I'm dealing it by laughing maniacally. Laughter is still the best medicine eh?

Well, at least this rant seemed to make more sense than the few previous ones. I guess my fluidity in writing comes when I’m inspired emotionally. Weird.

Now, would you please excuse me? I need to go exercise those lacrimal glands of mine.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stress Mounting

Omg I have abandoned my bloggy for so long that I can't help but apologize, but really - I have been horribly busy the past few days. And I see many more such days ahead. *sigh* =(

Expect more nonsensical rambly posts by me up ahead lol.

Anyway, here's a fast update (have CSU later aikz):

Sunday: It was my first time that I went to MEET THE PARENTS *major gasp* and boy was I nervous! And they were rather quiet too.. which put everyone in a relatively silent and awkward dinner. haha.. Anyway, the dinner was very luxurious! My first time eating abalone and real shark fin soup! woots! (sry lah, before this no money and not really into eating seafood ma..) but if you ask me, the much exclaimed abt delicacies weren't worth the money spent huhu~

Sigh I'm so lazy to blog these days. I have tonnes of things to say abt the dinner but my brain and hands doesn't seem to be working in synchrony. blah.

Whatever, will add later if I see fit. >.<

Monday: Start of new sem! Can't believe I'm a 3rd year medical student now~ woo. And tell you what, MSK (musculoskeletal system) is horribly difficult! I'm only 2 days into lectures/pbl and I already feel burdeoned by the stack of work beckoning to me. AHHH! Oh ya, we finally went to the long-ago-planned steamboat dinner in Yuen in sunway. The varieties are definitely more! lurve the food and icecream!! hehe..

Tuesday: Rushing for super crazy early pbl and convo mag meeting and trying to get my ECA form in order. Don't forget the lectures too. Was half dead by the time I got home. I am really not an early morning person lahh..

Wednesday: Which is today. Hvta go for early briefing on the matching process. And I'm still not sure abt my choices for the pms matching! aihs.. And later there will be csu and then 2 lectures.

It's only been 3 days and I want back my break.

I hate this life. *stressed*