Friday, January 26, 2007

Surviving KKB

Hullo... miss me ma, peeps? =P After an absence of more then 10 days? hehe.

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my blog yet. My MIA-ing for sucha long time was due to the fact that I was thrown into the little town of Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB) for almost 6 loooong days!! *gasp*

But I'm so glad that I survived in the end. Omg, it was really such a different experience.. It made me wake up from the reality that I live in now. That someone somewhere is not as lucky as me to live in such a comfortable environment, however, they're already contented.

Hey, the place doesn't even have a kfc outlet, you know. And there's like only one 7-eleven in the vinicity. Seriously, the place is ulu eh!! :O

Anyway, I don't really like the living quarters. It was kinda dirty, stuffy and really HOT!! Most nights I will wake up in sweat. No kidding. But other than a few minor discomforts, I declare that the kkb trip was super educational~!

I really learnt a lot during this trip. I also got more courage to clerk patients and do physical examination on real patients... esp cvs examination on female patients okay.. =) Anyway, dr.lim was superb in teaching us and we learnt lots of knowledge from her. She's really good! Geng! *salute*

3 cases I got so far (we had to clerk a patient everyday and after that, there was bedside teaching):- dengue fever [danger! outbreak now eh.. o.O] + gastritis, migraine, peptic ulcer + suspected MI complete with ectopic ventricular beat. The last patient's case was cool, I got to feel an abnormal irregular pulse. We also got to try to interpret the ECG during class. Not bad! This inspires me to study more... ^o^

Well, I guess I cud rate the trip as okay but it'd have been wayyy cooler if my gang of friends were all in the same group. But I guess you can't ask for everything in life. *shrug*

I guess that's all for now. Just been spending most of my free time these days working on the backdrop for next orientation's variety night. Super big job~!! Sometimes I get so stressed up over it. Need to relax more. And there are only like 3 ppl working everytime at the most. *sigh*

Community msg: Pls!! I need help for the backdrop! Pls sms me for the details. Thanks very much, you help is much appreciated. Btw, we're doing most of the work at Kee Ping/Eugene's house. Yeap.

Okay, that's all for now. Tataz~

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Lesson Learnt

Okay, second post of the day, that shows you how bored I am. But technically, this is my 1st post today coz my last (emo) post was done b4 I went to bed.

Oh ya, thanks very much to everyone who adviced me/listen to me whine on that matter, you guys really helped a lot. I've felt a lot better since. =) You guys are the best~! *poses with victory sign*

And I've also learnt a valuable lesson from this. Don't ever again assume/think that someone you think is nice and all that in daily life is really THAT nice after you get to know him/her. Yeah.

Ah, once again to the topic of choosing frenz. It's still a skill I've yet to acquire or master. Nvm, I'll train more. lol. Yeap!

This is a phrase by Eve, which I think is very meaningful.

Sometimes, we gotta admit that we're mere humans without supernatural powers to be that good person all the time. But at least we try.

Since I've tried my best to salvage what is left but it's apparently not appreciated by her, thus I rest my case. No guilty conscience ya, girl~!

On smtg unrelated, I'm glad that I've done my good deed of the day. Yet again, I've assumed the role of good listener to a fren, who's been having some problems recently. Can't believe that we talked for more than 3 hours straight. But his problem is really complicated. Even I don't really know what is the best solution. Aikz.

Dunno lah. Just hope that I've managed to help, that's all. *sigh* Well, gotta go liao. Dinner time! ^o^

What Do Humans Hide Beneath That Mask

Warning: Emo post ahead. What can I say? It's that time of the night.

Aih. I don't even know where to pour my frustrations into. (had tried playing ps2 just now, apparently relief is only temporary. Blogging is still the best way, I guess.)

Yeah, this is a continuation of the events from that incident. I've tried my very best to justify my actions to her, [and yes, I still feel that I'm not in the wrong] but somehow, although her mouth says okay, her face says it isn't.

And I think that the reasonable suggestion that we shld bring issues out into the open and talk abt it doesn't seem to be well-received by her. The way she gestured meant that she doesn't like conflict (so do I, okay) but smsing unfair rude accusations is nothing short of conflict, if you ask me. -_-"

When asked to justify the rude words in the sms, all she can say is that she "didn't mean it". Right... And pigs can fly. Tell me another one. You don't sms rude harsh accusations and just get off with a "but I didn't mean it", excuse me. Besides, her face totally looked like she meant it, thank you very much.

And now she's ordering me around some tasks. As I said I'm very tolerant, so I relented in the end. But somehow this doesn't seem right coz by right, I'm supposed to be in charge. [can't elaborate more coz it'll be too specific ade, gotta keep it vague ya!] But nvm lah. I'll just let it be for now. But if it gets out of hand, sorry lah, I won't let you step on my head okay.

I dunno why. But I feel CHEATED. That once again, someone that I treated like a friend didn't feel the same way. It had happened many times already, and yes, I'm kinda getting sick of it. Really, maybe I gotta stop being naive. Thinking that if I treat ppl around me well, they'll respond the same way. NO!

I'm feeling kinda lost now. Coz this kinda affects my principles in life. As in how shld I treat ppl in the future etc.

I know I shldn't expect anything in return (and I didn't) when one does smtg good, but at least I don't deserve to be scolded, right? *floats around like an ill-used angel* Yeah, just trying to be sarcastically funny. -_-"

Well, just some wandering thoughts in my mind now.

  • Are ppl always not the way they seemed to be (read: not as nice as they seemed at first) especially when you get to know them better? I'm so afraid of this.

  • How do we judge ppl whether they're worthy of being nice to? (just so they won't backstab you later or smtg)

  • Why do such ppl even exist in the first place? What for? *arrgh*

  • Oh ya, I must remind myself. Do not judge ppl's character by looks and the superficial things they do in daily life. I was wrong after all.

Okay, it's quite late now and I'm tired after all that drama. Gonna stop here. Right, I'm off to cry myself to bed, NOT. She doesn't deserve that.

*hardens heart and tries to collect all positive thoughts*

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Artworks Using Photoshop (Part I)

This are some of the artworks that I've been working on (using photoshop) due to too much time on my hands. I use them for my comp's wallpapers. [yeap, you can save it if you want!] Nice leh? Enjoy~!

Reflection for the Girl in Pink

Dreams give you wings.

What is the theory behind Death?

The Phoenix will spread her wings and soar again.

Believe in the power within each of you.

The couple separated by distant lands.

Fate is like a crossroads. You have a choice.

The Heart is bleeding in Sorrow.

Hope you guys enjoy these pics. Any comments or constructive criticism pls?

Well, just tot that I'd add some colour to my long-pictureless blog. Haha. I'll post more when I waste more time indulging myself in this new hobby of mine. lol. Ciaoz peeps~!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hidden Behind A Mask

I'm in shock.

(real emotional shock, not anaphylatic shock or anything -_-")

Just found out that m.o.n.e.y. really can reveal someone's true nature. I'm kinda taken aback by the turn of events that lead me to this revealation. (call me naive if you want, but I prefer to give ppl the benefit of doubt.) I'm not gonna blog abt this whole thing here and I sincerely do hope it's just a misunderstanding.

Was really angry at that time but have since calmed down. Time to think of the best rational way to act. It's better to tackle the problem rationally instead of emotionally, right? [that's what we're taught in BS anyway, ha.]

But anyhow, I still do not think it's nice to accuse someone of being "selfish" just becoz of some small thing which she cud have talked to me abt face-to-face. And the thing is, she wasn't really clear abt some issues either. So calling ppl names [thru an sms summore] without being clear abt things is just plain nonsense. Seriously, I think that's being rather unfair to me, when I'm trying my best to not retort rudely. Bah. [In case you're wondering, I still prevailed in the end, did not say anything rude, so there!]

Sometimes the world is so ironic. You do things willingly for others, they don't appreciate it. Fine, nvm. But do one wrong thing (and in this case, I did nothing okay), and they're totally over you, ready to go for the kill.

I seriously hate that sort of feeling or incident, but why does it keep reoccuring? Is it becoz I'm too willing to help others without asking for repayment? Do I bring it upon myself? I really dunno.

I'm quite a tolerant & sensible person, but I do have my limits.

Don't think you can step over my head pls. I can defend myself when the need arises. Especially if I think I'm in the right.

Pls don't put words in my mouth too. And I'm an honourable person, I will definitely do what I've already promised.

Seriously, it's just plain freaking scary how fast someone's smiling face can turn into a totally different one. *shivers* Summore it's someone that you tot you knew well enuf for a few years ade. But I guess that trying to judge ppl's character will always remain one of the hardest things to do.

My my, suddenly, the world feels bleak.

Equivalent trade huh? (from F.Metal Alchemist) There is no such thing as equivalent trade, I guess.

Sometimes you give, sometimes you lose. That is how the world is.

Nah. Show you this pic just to reiterate the point that humans normally hide behind a mask. And reveal their inner evil in certain circumstances. Yeah.

Nice onot? After I edited it using Photoshop. [doing a lot of that recently, coz too bored ade...] It's pretty cool for a desktop background too. =) You can save it if you want.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bored Ramble

Wow, things sure are moving slow when we all are having rotations. I think I got a bit too used to the fast-moving life when there were real classes. (but I don't think I miss the stress that comes with it tho)

But life sure feels strangely empty nowadays. I know I shld be doing smtg remotely useful with my time but I just don't feel like it. [pls don't tell me you want me to study lo!! NO~!]

I feel obscenely bored these days. -_- My frenz all are in different groups for rotations too, sad.

And still I wanna procastinate about the E3 camp post. Heck, I don't feel like doing anything besides blog nonsense and watch anime. Arggh, I think my brain is gonna atropy soon from lack of function. lol.

Help ppl, I'm SO freaking bored!!

Whatever. It's back to more anime. (I think my brain is gonna burst from overwatching of anime. Ha.)

I really shld do smtg useful soon, aih... :T

Trying To Rid Myself of Boredom

Okay, I'm just killing time between classes by going online in the comp lab here. We're now having rotations for 5 weeks, so it's like almost "real" hols for us. I say "almost" okay, coz we still have classes now and then.

But heck, at least we get to really REST and RELAX for once. *phew*

Anyway, I just started my 1st class for rotations today, it was lab. Well, kinda boring if you ask my honest opinion. Notwithstanding the fact that I woke up late (really thks to Liyann for waking me up on time, terima kasih banyak banyak! ^o^) and was feeling damn sleepy when the class just started.

Oh ya, just found out that we can play Sleuth here in the comp lab, hehe. But smtg wrong with the game server, it's super slow. Aikz.

Okla, I think I shld sign off now. Just feeling too bored that's all. I'll update more abt stuff that just happened when I'm feeling more like it lah. Tataz, ppl~!

Hey, I was thinking of selling off some of my medical textbooks, namely - my Papa Dorlands (coz it's too damn huge for lil me
), my Mims Microbiology and yeah, my Marieb (coz I'm using Tortora ade)~! Pls help me ask around if anyone wants to buy it ya! Tenkiu tenkiu!! =)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Just An Update

I'm back, guys! Well, there are many many things to blog about now so I shall go thru them one by one. Pls bear with me for this what-I-assumed-to-be-a-long-winded post.

Tell them what you're gonna tell them, tell them, and tell them what you've told them.

I shall blog about the new year countdown, my *arggh* cvs exam and of coz, the cool E3 camp!! (that's a lot, so I might split it into different posts okay)

Here goes:

Hmm. For starters, our last-minute plan to eat buffet steamboat as the last meal of 2006 didn't work out, coz they didn't book and the place was so freaking full! *Sigh* We shall leave it for this year then. hehe.

In the end, we went to Sushi King in Sunway Pyramid for dinner. It wasn't bad, but not new to me. (hey, penang does have that jap food outlet okay!) But was kinda full after that tho. Then we hung around for a while. Me and Cheng Ling went window shopping. There was this top from MNG that was quite nice and reasonably priced but all 3 available tops in that pattern were slightly damaged. So didn't buy in the end. Nvm, I shall go shopping during this free time~! Yayz!

Well, we wanted to hang around for the countdown outside Sunway but Beh wasn't feeling well so he wanted to go home early. We decided to go to the Aquatic countdown near bkt jalil lo. But when we went there early to check it out, our plans totally fell thru. Coz to our disappointment, not only we had to pay rm55 to go in, it was smtg like a splash party, so we had to wear our swimsuits in public! A big no-no for us. =(

And back it was to Kee's house. We started playing Ps2 to pass the time. And soon it was midnight. We crowded at the balcony to see fireworks. There were quite a few but quite far away. Not as beautiful as the time when they let off some fireworks during the tv3 carnival. The fireworks then was really near and beautiful. Amazing.

And I guess that's it for the countdown. And now... to smtg we dread - cvs exam.

It was our first systems' in-course-assessment. And boy, was it hard! =( What really killed us off was OSPE. Damn hard, you know, the pics... Even tho I cud guess quite a few what it was, the thing is, the way they phrased the Qs made me put it under the wrong category.

Must rmb, pathological lesions = means we shld describe the lesion; underlying pathology = state the disease!! Ish. I know what were the diseases but I put it all under pathological lesion! *sigh* 10 marks fly away just like that. -_- And not becoz I dunno too. Aikz.

SAQ and BCQ weren't easy either. And one more thing, there was damn lot abt pathology and not one single thing about pharmaco!! *arggh* All that time spent on pharmaco...

Anyway, the conclusion was that I did studied hard for this test but the Qs that came out were just phrased too weirdly. Bah. Well, maybe I'm just making excuses so I guess I still need to study harder. *throws hands up into air*

Let's just hope that I don't fail, really had enuf of that. *crosses fingers for a lot of luck*

Ah ya, some good news! We got our summative 2 results after the cvs exam. I did well, and got the elusive A!! Yay~ My hard work finally paid off~! *breathe of relief*

Okay, I think that's all for now. I've blogged abt the new year countdown and the cvs exam, I shall update bout the E3 camp in some other post.. and hopefully by then, I'd have gotten my hands on some pics!! Hehe.

Ciao peeps! ^v^

Thursday, January 04, 2007

# 1 Post

This is the first post of the year for me and I shld be emo-ing about the past year and this new year and things I've done or are going to do. (you know lah, new year resolutions blah blah blah)

Unfortunately, I do not have the leisure to do so. I'll be having my cvs exam tmr! *yikes* So I'll leave that emo post to some other time where I'll have the leisure and time to sit down and emo.. haha.

Anyway, I'll be going for the E3 camp tmr straightaway after the exam.. so won't be blogging till at least this sunday. I shall also leave this to when time may allow me.

Well, think I shld stop wasting my time ade and get on with my revision. -_- Anyway, Good Luck to M106 for exams tmr!

So cya peeps~! (kinda miss the frequent blogging time, aih)