Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gaming Spree

On my shopping spree last saturday, I also managed to sneak into a PS2 game-selling shop to buy 2 more games to prick me out of my current boredom. Why sneak? Coz I don't think my mum would be happy to know that I was buying more games. Especially with my obsession with electronica devices. Hehe..

Anyway, since the Civilisation 4 I bought under Jun Lin's recommendation was damaged (some sort of corrupted file. argh), I was quite dry in the gaming area. The old games that I dug up was not that old after all, coz I saw that it was still in sale at the game shop. It's titled Onimashu 2. Some sort of Japanese game. It's quite interesting actually, unfortunately, I got stuck halfway again [nothing new..] so are there any players out there willing to help me out of this mudhole?? Haih.

Anyway, the 2 new games I bought were: Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire *one that I'll always buy* and Castlevarnia: The Curse of Darkness.

However, after a few days of playing both, I must say, the former falls totally short of my expectations. I rmb fondly the 3rd HP PS2 game which was really really fun but the new game was NOT. It's ok I guess, but compared to the third, which exercises the brain as well, it's a lacklustre production. The gaming experince is not so syiok in the new one, and none of the mind-cracking sequences I love. *Sigh*

Anyhow, the latter which I bought under the shopman's recommendation [I couldn't make up my mind], was pretty cool. Yes~ It offers a really smooth gaming experience and the graphics are so beautiful!! I just lurve it. Though the storyline and all is a little dark. In the game, the character I'm playing is supposed to be some guy formerly under Dracula who "died" in the previous installation. I didn't have the previous game, just read the synopsis. Whatever. It's just cool! =)

Now I'm glued to the PS2, computer, and tv everyday! [Dad bought lots of dvds too] Wahaha... If this continues on, I may need specs liao, as what my mum warned me about. lol...

PS :: A lot of unknown ppl are reading my blog leh. Unknown as in I know them personally, but they don't even hint that they read my blog. Bah! This makes me anal, okay! I'm thinking of shifting my blog without notifying the unknowns. So there! Of coz, my faithful blogders, I'll tell you all. I still need my fan base. J/k. =)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Details Voila!

Okay, since I focused on my interview these past few days, I've some miscellanous stuff hanging around again. So, point form it will be then.

Let me see:

  • I went on 2 shopping sprees recently, on friday night and saturday afternoon. Notice the connection? Well, one is before my interview while the other is after. Haha.. Retail therapy really works! =) The former (shopping spree) was so good that I managed to erase my impending tension of the interview which returned in full force after the shopping spree though. Blah. Anyway, the latter served to wipe away my frustration at under-performing [is there such a word?] during the interview. It really worked, coz before that I was squirming in frustration...scared that I'd destroyed my future. A burden that I'd not care for. Anyway, retail therapy really soothed my frazzled nerves! Great~ Btw, I got 3 tops and a skirt. But only 1 of the tops was suitable for uni. Haha...

  • Watched an episode of Rome last night. Actually, it was the premier. However, I don't think I'd be able to catch the rest coz it's on tuesday nights and weekday nights are when the Astro is not available to moi. *Sigh* I had to bribe and plead like hell to watch 4400 in its entirety. Aikz.. But the storyline of "Rome" looks good but a tad confusing when you're not paying attention. However, it's a little too crude + cruel for my tastes. Their torture methods are so scary!! O_O They crucify ppl just to make them talk!!! Omg~ Julius Caesar is sure one scary guy.

  • Oh ya. Ms Leela called me last friday. Surprised? So was I. Apparently, she wanted to ask me bout the prices of my textbooks I left in her office. I told her that I tot the students in charge of the bookstore were supposed to price it for us. But she says that there's a girl who has the same subject combination as me next year and she wants to buy my books now. So in the end, I said that she (Leela) can price it for me then. Whatever. However, this was not the funny thing. After all business was done, she decided to ask me whether I was enjoying my hols to which I promptly replied "okla". She then proceeded to ask me how did I fared in the Chem finals. I gave another vague 'ok" coz truthfully, I've totally forgotten almost everything about my exams. I figured that an "ok" would be good enuf to get me off the hook. lol.. After that, she gave me a passionate "byebye" [you know her style la] which I tried to return in the same fashion before hanging up. Blek~ I must have sounded like a complete idiot the entire duration of the telephone conversation. I must have "um-ah-huh-okla" the whole conversation!! Why? Coz the tv was on way loud in the same room, courtesy of my siblings so I couldn't hear properly lo. Not my fault ya..! =) Well, at least all my books are sold! Shld be good price too. $$$...

  • Btw, I must say, I feel so utterly taken advantage of yesterday. Why? Well, as you know, my interview was one of the earliest so it wasn't a surprise to me that a lot of ppl will call to get "inside info". It's ok by me if ppl I'm close to wanna ask me for the inside scope. I'm perfectly fine with it. But when some ppl step over an invisible barrier. (!!) Sometimes, it's just too much. A certain someone, I shall call X, [for privacy reasons] who had rarely talked to me in recent months suddenly called/sms-ed me to inquire. Wtf! And I rmb when I asked X some time earlier whether X was thinking of doing medic, X even asked why I asked like it was some sort of top secret that I had accidentally stumbled into. Damnit. There were many many ppl who called... I didn't know I was so popular *Sarcastic tone pls*. Hurhur. All Hail Me! lol... Whatever. This is how the f***king world is now.

  • Btw, since the movie--> The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe [I hope i got the order correct] is coming out soon, bookshops are now in a frenzy to sell as many of the original books as ever. I read some of the books some time ago, in my sch library but I didn't manage to finish the whole series. Anyway, I wasn't thinking of buying actually, but then my sis saw this really worth-it offer in Popular. It was 7 books conpressed into one big thick book which costs abt RM70. Cool~ Coz the nice hard cover series which have the books all nicely separated out costs abt RM200! While buying all the separate books will rake up around RM140. So this was the greatest offer one could get. So my dad said ok to my sis. I was ok coz maybe I'll read it if I have the time, though seriously, it's getting a little immature for me. But when we got home, she sighed and said: "Aiyah, so thick, maybe I don't want to read liao". -_- I felt like: "Hey, you wanna buy the book, you read it. Besides, you're the one who asked for it anyway". But rest assured, I didn't say that (well, maybe only in my mind). I told her she could read the 1st book first anyway. Let's hope that works.

  • My family and I went out for dinner at a nearby kopitiam. There was this raggedy guy asking for money--get this--to buy milk for his daughter! I must emphasize, he does not look like someone concerned abt his daughter's welfare (If he have one that is, which I seriously doubt). I mean he was smoking for starters. If he really has no money to buy milk, he'd have willingly sacrifice his money for cigarettes to buy milk, no? Anyway, my parents didn't give him any. I was surprised though that many ppl gave him money. Are they so naive? This was really a clear cut case, was it not? Btw, he even have the audacity to want at least RM1! However, the good part was yet to come. After wandering all over the kopitiams in the area, [he must have made a neat bundle since quite a lot of ppl gave him money by the dollarS lo] he again returned and ask for money from an old man sitting at the table opposite me. The old man frowned and said that he had ALREADY given him money (RM5 I saw) earlier. The shameless man replied: Si meh? (Yes meh?) before hurriedly shuffling away. Serves him right! Ask from the same person again. Keke. Really, I think I shld put on some old clothes and get some money by saying that I need money to buy milk for my imaginary daughter. I didn't know ppl were so naive kind nowadays. Sounds like a good plan, yeah? No-lah. I can earn money thru the right way la. Don't worry. I won't descend to such extremes like him. Shame on him too, coz he was perfectly healthy ~no missing limbs or whatnots~ and I think that the money will most probably bel squandered on ciggies and/or drugs. Gah!

Aikz, that's all for now. I'm glad I cleared up my clutter again! Yay~ Nothing like mind-cleaning. Hehe.. =)

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Case Studies

Well. Shld I blog about the missing stuff from my interview? Guess so, just to get things out of the way.

Okay, the stupid case study.

I'll just give a gist of it and peeps, don't think that they use the same thing coz they gave a different one to another fren. So here goes:

You're the pilot of a plane. One of the passengers had a heart attack. The final destination is 10 hours away. The nearest destination is 2 hours away but the weather is stormy there. If you managed to land successfully, taking off again might be hours away. What would you do?

Hmm. Well, the woman asked me what was that jumped out at me when I read the second passage. I knew I shld I have read carefully but coz I was a bit panicky and in a hurry to get out of there and blurted out other trivial parts!! But she mentioned the bold-ed parts later and I saw that she was right.

Haih. Another minus for moi. Too daft to even read properly.

But anyway, at least I cottoned on, so maybe I wasn't too slow after all. *Wishful thinking*

Anyhow, my first attempt was that I'd find whether there was any doctor on board [funny how there IS always one aboard in movies]. But their response indicated that they wanted a more erm, comprehensive answer.

So I said that i'll land in the nearest destination if I know I've the ability to do so. And we went into kinda debate saying that this is not abt whether I have the ability or not, but abt the lives of that particular passenger and the other lives too.

And the man asked whether I'll ask the passengers' opinions, I said: "Yes" coz I'm a big advocate of democracy.

He was mildly surprised and said: "If I was a business man, and I've to sign a very important (million of dollars kind of) contract in time and I protest, what would you do? Besides, you have to take in consideration your company."

I told him that it would be bad publicity for the company anyway if I disregard a life. [Btw, I must say I didn't use the bombastic word--disregard. Aiya] I think I crapped something else too but I've forgotten. Wah, he really wanna make my life hard, hor? Sob, but I guess it is a valid concern after all. =(

But in the end, taking up the hint by the (kind) woman, I said that I'll land in another destination that was near too, but the weather wasn't stormy. So I won't jeopardize the lives of the other passengers this way but still try to save the unfortunate person. Yay~

Finally! A minor triumph (albeit a hopeful one coz I'm not sure what sort of impact I made).

Okay, shld I talk bout the verbal case study? Ok-la. Here goes, just a gist.

You're a superior to a low grade worker (??) and you found out that he has been coming late to work recently. What would you do?

Don't ask me about the "low grade worker" comment, coz I was like What the heck! Elitisim!! Anyway, I hoped it didn't show.

So I said I'd have a talk with him, ask him what are his reasons. Like maybe he's coming late becoz of the public transport, so it's not entirely his fault.

The man agreed, bout the public transport part. Good! Bingo~ But later he suggested that he takes an earlier bus but I said that that wouldn't be fair to him. [Erm, courtesy of an essay set by Ranjit. =Aikz= The things that come back to haunt you.]

He then mentioned changing him to a later shift and I agreed.

Then he asked when will I think it's suitable to fire him. I said maybe after 2 talks and a warning, then it's time to go for him. He muttered something about labour laws and I also muttered something too lo. lol.. Anyway, later he asked if I'll seek my superior's opinions. I said that if I was entitled to make such a decision, and depending on the status of the "low grade worker".

Woo!! Great answer, no?

So at least I did quite brilliantly well in one of the case studies. Thx to my good social skills ma! Haha... Yayz!! I so totally feel better. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. Many ppl tell me that the interview is not the determining factor in my application! =)

Phew~ Maybe there's hope after all. Just maybe.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

= Screwed Up =

Oh, yes, I did. Screwed up, I mean.

The title of this blog does not bear happy tidings. *Sobs*

Well, let's start from the beginning, shall we?

I was allocated the first slot. 9 am in the morning. Yee. *Hair stands on end*

Anyway, I was dead early coz there was no traffic. Come on, I arrived earlier than the staff in charge of the interview thingy.. A little too enthusiastic, are we? Not.

Right, straight to the point. Coz I got lots of stuff to say.

One of the interviewers had time to kill, so he came over to talk la, he was really friendly so i was hoping that I'll be interviewed by him. But alas, no.

Anyway, there were 4 interviewers, split into 2 groups. I was quite unfortunate coz I got the other duo, which I had not make a good impression (being so early and all) yet. But to be fair, mine were quite okay, not like your average, out-for-your-blood kind of interviewer.

Well, surprisngly, I wasn't really nervous when I went in. I smiled, said "Morning" and sat down when they offered me the seat.

And they started with a Q which totally caught me off unaware but i shld have tot of. -_-

It was --> Tell me about yourself.

I totally blanked!! I shld have said something about my hobbies or whatever. Instead, I digressed and talked bout my family (!!) which the woman cared to point out to me once I finish blabbing.

Anyway, I said something which was a big no-no.

I mentioned that I was a "high achiever". Major BLEK. It just popped out! [Besides, I got a diff viewpoint abt what the phrase really means. That's really why I said it.] My dad reckoned that I shldn't have said that coz it makes me sound arrogant, which I'm not, I hope.

Then, the conversation progressed as below.

Interviewer: Oh, High Achiever?

Shaking Me: Yeah.

Interviewer: High Achiever as in what?

Dying Me: Erm, academics...

Interviewer: Oh, academics. Academics only?

Crazy Me: Well, academics and sports.

Interviewer: I see.

Die, what a nice good 1st impression.

Then, they progressed to the definitely-will-be-asked Qs like: Why you wanna be doctor ah?And some others. I have quite forgotten. Bad memory.

I gave okay answers, not really brilliant or anything. What to do. Then, they asked me bout my co-curricullum. Which was just blah. [I'm lazy, yeah.]

They're kinda surprised that I didn't take part in St.John/Red Cresent, and I told them I was involved in Girl Guides. And they asked me bout the experinces and I crapped my way thru.

They're also interested about my experience voluntering in Adventist Hosp. Again, take the same route, crapped like hell. But I did better in this coz I was more hands-on. Phew~

Then, they asked: "Why do u want to go to IMU?" followed by"Tell me more abt IMU." I saved my butt by the same way again. Crap. Then we talked bout the PMS thingy, which was okay, I guess. But they later asked another trick Q which was: So, do u think that the uni in seremban is equally good (as the other PMSs)? But I think i'll pass.

Anyway, I was handed a death sentence in the form of a case study. I'm lazy to blog bout it now, maybe later.

Well, I must say, I shld have read properly the damn thing!! Whatever. Anyway, my first attempt was lousy but from the heart. I think that the woman must have taken a liking to me pity on me so she gave me a tiny hint. I think the man din really noticed it coz he was kinda satisfied with my subsequent answer. Finally! Something that I can triumph of.

Then, they gave a case study (albeit verbally) which I quite happily zipped thru coz this has something to do with firmness and social skills. Both which I have in abundance. Hehe... =) Will tell in detail later.

Hmm. What's next? *Deep in thought* I think quite near the ending liao kua. I really blank ade now. If there's anything special, I'll post up later.

U know how long my interview last? 25 freaking minutes!! So long hor?

Anyway, I feel REALLY frustrated coz I'm really really afraid that I cannot get in becoz of my lousy performance during the interview.

I wasn't myself. Too polite. Not funny at all. Not really me.

Die. If I don't get in, I think I'll throw myself off the nearest highest building. Or slit my wrists.

Aiyah, both so painful hor. Must take Leela's advice la. Breathe in CO!! lol..

But jokes aside, I really hope I get in. =(

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Interview Madness

Haih, I'm damn scared now.


Coz I got a freaking interview from imu tomorrow!!!!

Screams at top of voice: AHHH!!!

This is it.


If I don't get in, dunno how liao, coz this is my first choice. I just hope hope hope I get in. My other choices are not so good.

Anyone got any frenz from imu who can give me any tips for the interview? Do be fast though. I have not much time left. Eh, now sound like dying woman. Haha..

*Prays very sincerely*

But my fren say should be okay-lah. I just hope she's right. But I must not panic when I go in.

Yeah, that's it.

Breathe in, Breathe out. lol...

Ok, guys wish me luck! I have no mood to blog ade. Coz I'm scared shitless. *Sigh*

Friday, November 25, 2005

How Careless

I must apologize for the inconvenience caused by my carelessness recently. As some of you might know [my regular readers...thx!], my blog couldn't load properly from last night till today mid-afternoon.

What actually happened?

Well, first I blamed it on the slow connection. But then I asked some of my frenz to check for me and they couldn't open it too. It wasn't possible that everyone's connection was so slow unless TMnet suddenly got a meltdown or something. Not really feasible.

Next, I blamed it on some server being down or something. Fantastic idea, no? But then I tot, why other blogs can be opened leh? Should be using same server, right? This blog's alter ego can be opened too. Hmm..

After some anxiety, I decided to check everything in my blog. I even reposted my latest post, just in case. But to no avail. Until I found the ultimate error.

My template..! In some carelessness of moi, I have erased it, leaving only a quarter. It must have jammed or something while I was saving it. No wonder it couldn't work. Blek~

Thank goodness I have a slightly old copy so all wasn't lost. But I had to repair it a bit. But much better than losing the whole damn thing, I must say.

So, thanks, you all who notified me, though I've already known myself. Hehe... Must be more careful next time.

Yeah, that and not blaming everything in sight.

HPGOF Fiesta

Spoiler Alert: If u have not watched HPGOF, I think it'd be better for you to leave this post till after you've watched it. Now, proceed at your own risk. You've been sufficiently warned. Come on, there's still time to change your mind. lol..

For those not in the know (and shame on you), HPGOF is the widely accepted abbreviation for Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire.

Ok, niceties aside. This won't be a really sweet, spice and everything nice blog entry coz this post will be where I lash out at everything that went wrong in said movie.

Granted, it was a great movie-going experience if you're not a real Harry Potter fan. Again granted, I tot this was a better movie, in terms of content and acting than its predecessors.

However, it might have been a good, even great movie had the director decided to not change too much of the of the original storyline under the pretensious pretext of "creative freedom"! Bah!

Yes, I do know that some tiny changes are inevitable when it comes to adapting stories from books into movies but I think that some of the changes made are really avoidable since they're way annoying.

Right, time to sharpen my sword.

  1. Firstly, I hate the guy playing Krum. Coz in my imagination (according to the description in the books), Krum is not so supposed to look like that. Was he supposed to be that buff? And how come the relationship that developed between him and Hermione wasn't what it was like in the book? She was supposed to be quite indifferent to him [while other girls go gaga over him coz he's a Triwizard champion & a famed Seeker] while he's was attracted by her intellect!! Yes, Hermione didn't actually go gaga over him [thk god] but the look on her face says the opposite in the scene where Krum goes jogging while being chased by girls. There was a little smile. So wrong. No wonder Ron looked so sulky at the ball. I don't blame him.

  2. I tot the scene where Harry battled the dragon was a bit lagging. It wasn't that long in the book and they didn't go around and around the castle, okay? It'd have been better have they save the extra time to film how the other champions got their golden egg. [I was looking forward to it, but sadly disappointed.] But maybe only the protagonist is supposed to be filmed more. Hmmm...

  3. And Dumbledore was damn fierce leh! There was one scene where he grabbed seized Harry by the neck! That's so uncharacteristic of the kind gentle Dumbledore. He doesn't even come close to portraying the real Dumbledore in the book. I wished the late Richard Harris (the person who was Dumbledore in the first 2 movies) was still alive coz he gave a great representation of the character in the book. I want him to come back! =(

  4. Oh ya, what's with the weird twiddly sighing entrance of the Beauxbaton girls??? That's too creepy la!! AHHH!! And the butterflies? Major Eww. Btw, I must say when did Beauxbaton become a girl's only school and the Durmstrang lot become boys only leh? What la? Do they have to change that? But the Durmstrang entrance performance was okay la (though not in the book). Oh ya, almost forgot, how come Fleur doesn't look like a Veela?? She just looks normal only. Hmm..

  5. Right, although the casting of whoever playing Cedric Diggory was good, but who made him into a proud, full-of-himself guy? You can see it in his expressions! I tot he was supposed to be a decent, honest guy--being in Hufflepuff & everything. But his portrayal made Dumbledore's eulogy of him at the end seemed fake la! Argh..

  6. Well, do they have to make the merpeople so utterly hideous? I know, they are not described as 'beautiful' in the books too but they're not that ugly!! And looking at the promotional pics, I honestly tot that the pic of a mermaid was a Grindylow (sort of sea creature). Eww. Now only I know. The things they shld change, they don't.

  7. Oh ya, the last part where Lord Voldemort & Harry duelled, there was no explanation whatsoever why Priori Incantatem happened. Ppl who haven't read the book (a lot of my frenz haven't) couldn't understand!

  8. Btw, why they didn't mention how Barty Crouch senior really died? That he was murdered by his son, who was pretending to be Mad-Eye Moody using polyjuice potion.

  9. Also, why they didn't show how adamant was Cornelius Fudge (Minister of Magic) that Lord Voldemort was not back? Or how abt his dementor (as a guard) killed/destroyed Barty Crouch junior with the Dementor's kiss? Aren't this & the above some of the keypoints in the story?

  10. Mad-Eye Moody eye's is just weird. Why was the fake one so big? It wasn't what I imagined. And what you see onscreen is going to affect how you imagine your characters in the books liao. O.o

  11. Yeah, summore why they didn't show how the Quidditch World Cup ended? I tot it'd be interesting. But I do give them credit for the way they filmed that part. Marvellous. I could really feel the intense atmosphere then. Heck, I even felt like squealing in excitement myself. Hehe.. But when the Death Eaters suddenly stampeded the tents, the storyline was twisted. How come Harry wasn't in the forest with Hermione & Ron? It became kinda weird... I dunno how to say la. =(

  12. Oh ya. Do you know what the Goblet of Fire is, translated into Malay? Gelas Berapi. Huh?! For one, it's not a glass leh. The limitations of our national language.. But better not say more. Or else I better get a lawyer. :P

Okay, that's all the cons I can think of. Hey, I'm not so a meanie so I going to do the pros too, so you & I wouldn't feel too bad abt this movie.

Why you still should watch said movie:
  1. Two words--Acting chops. Fabulous. Magnificent. There was good acting by the 3 main characters. They really have improved immensely over the years. I lurve Ron as the touchy, angsty teen who was's not aware of the feelings between him & Hermione. [Though personally, I prefer that Hermione and Harry got together but I'm not the author, am I?] Anyhow, his portrayal was good.

  2. Harry's buffed up his acting chops too. I rmb in the first movie, his acting was so lousy that even I could detect it without so much a glance. He was more like a 'vase' in that first movie. Now he's good! =)

  3. Well, Emma Watson playing Hermione is so pretty, no, beautiful!! That's a good reason to watch, ain't it? Haha... Anyway, her acting has always been on par, but sadly, she was (maybe asked to portray) Hermione as a bitchy, touchy person which is not very like her book persona. Granted, she wasn't that serene in the book either (pressure of falling in love with Ron maybe *snigger* ) but she wasn't that anal, okay!!

  4. Rita Skeeter to the life! I love it! =) That was one of the few ppl that I had imagined quite accurately. Acidly funny~

  5. Snape. Evil as always. Funny even. Where he kept cricking their necks for talking. Picking on Harry & Ron as usual coz the others were whispering too.

  6. Fred & George provide lots of comedy in this movie. I like the part where they sniggered at Ron for dancing with Prof Mcgonagall and also the part where Fred asked Angelina to the Yule Ball via sign language.. Damn funny~ But I tot Angeline was a caucasian. Hmm.

  7. The Prefect's bathroom scene. Hilarious~ Moaning Myrtle was really funny, however in the book, she wasn't that hamsap, okay? But the scene was priceless lah. Her acting is quite believable. Kudos~

Sad to say, the cons far outstripped the cons. But I must say, the movie does have its moments. So, I'll still ask you to go watch it!! =D It's still better than the last few, though they have cut out a lot of the crucial points. But what to do, that's the risk one gotta take when you do adaptations. *Sigh* But I still think it's great with all its flaws. Haha.. [Who said I was objective one ah?]

For more, do read XiaXue's account of it. Click here.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Out with Old Frenz

Wah, yesterday damn syiok lah. Okay, exaggerating a bit. Keke. =)

Anyway, my fren came to fetch me to Gurney around 12:50 pm and we were off to meet our high sch frenz in front of the cinema. Well, just gotta say that thank goodness that I din give up my inti card yet coz this means that I get a student discount. Haha. Although the expiry date stated there was 19th nov. Hehe. Who cares anyway?

Right, some of my frenz were early (meaning we're kinda late...o.O...sorry guys!) while some were even later than us leh. That was why we went to have lunch a lil' late. It was almost 2:15 pm ade by the time we're seated in Fish & Co. [They wanted to go to Kim's Gary at first but changed their mind.]

Anyway, since I had a little brunch before coming, 2 of my frenz were not really hungry, we 3 decided to order 2 dishes to share! That way, we can cut cost while still feel full. The others proceeded to order set lunches and what-nots. Btw, the service sucks coz the waiter got us less 1 set lunch and when we wanted to cancel (coz lack of time ade) they said cannot la. Argh, made us gobble and guzzle so. The food was okay, I guess but not especially tasty or anything. Whatever.

Btw, it was really nice being with old frenz leh. After so long didn't see each other ade, we can still joke and poke fun at each other like the old times. It was...nice. Nostalgic. It's like we haven't been apart before or what. =)

We really must do this more often, okay? Hehe...

Right, by then it was 3:05 pm ade! Our movie [Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire] starts at 3:00 pm leh! We dashed up hoping that the commercials would be longer (first time we hope that. lol)

Thank goodness we got up in time. It was still commercial time--chop chop. We snuggled into our seats, moi not enjoying some of the mind-boggling commercials. Mind boggling coz I was trying hard to figure out what the hell were they advertisizing leh. Hurhur. I liked the trailers they showed though, Memoirs of a Geisha looked way interesting. Must watch!! I must finish the book before I see the show or else I'll go dizzy due to loss of storyline. lol.

Right, abt Harry Potter, you really wanna read my comments? Coz there're a lot. I think I'll separate it into another post. Yes yes, I think I've a tidyness compulsion when it comes to the things I like.

Anyway, generally, I find the movie much better than the last few ones (actually, I think it's my fav book out of the many) coz there was more action. However, sadly there were many parts that did not do justice to the storyline in the book!! But i guess I'll gloss it over though there are some changes I do abhor. But more later.

After the movie, it was time to go home ade lo. Met some college peeps on the way out. Funny thing was junyen said 'wah, so many ppl ah' when there were only like 4. The rest had gone the other way. So in fact, there was a lot of ppl, but he didn't see them, so how he know leh? lol.. Funny~

Okay, on the way home I explained to Sinyee abt the things the movie-makers didn't explain properly in the movie. Argh, another grouch abt the movie. But maybe it's just for ppl who have read the book, right? Haha...

Right, later I'm off to blog abt how I lurve this movie but what (obvious) flaws it has.

Hey, I'm always so objective, okay? =)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

H.Potter + Memories + PS2

Yayz! Tomorrow I'm going out to watch Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (!!!) with a bunch of my high sch frenz! I miss them so much! [Are you guys reading this? Hehe...] I just can't wait coz I haven't seen them for months ade! Everyone's been busy with their own stuff.

Ok-ok, moi also. =)

Sometimes I wonder is it true that "distance makes the heart grown fonder"? Maybe. I do miss them so.

It's quite nostalgic to think of the 'good old times' that we had together. Especially when I open my 'ji nian che' (literal translation would be Memory Book which is quite strange but you get the gist la).

I read all the comments my frenz made about me *good and bad also got*, remisnisce about the nice times we had...etc.

Wah. I sound so elderly. Like some old woman talking about her long gone youth leh. Keke...

Well, I must say, there's something wrong with the sms reservation ticket service for GSC. Damnit. My fren must have sms-ed countless times but no reply. Ish..! In the end, got the phone number from a fren. Eh, if the sms service cannot use, don't advertise la! -_- Whatever.

Btw, recently, besides onlin-ing, I've taken to playing my PS2. All the new games are either damaged (alwiz hang one!) or I can't find where to go next. Blek~

So I had to resort to rummaging thru my old games. I managed to find one that looked fairly interesting. It was quite ok, except for one thing. Cannot use the analog stick for movement leh!!

Must use the old-type of arrow buttons to move the character. And it's so damn difficult ya know! Arghh..

But after some time, I kinda of got used to it. But Jeesh. How old is this game anyway? =(

Monday, November 21, 2005

Immuned by The Daily

Reading the newspapers is never a happy affair. It's true. I've acquired this unfortunate habit (of reading newspapers) during my recent exams, for lack of something less 'stimulating' to do. It's kinda strange that during exams, I get an uncommon vigour to do things that I'd not normally do (or do so much of) like blogging, reading intellectual stuff, watch educational programs and other boring stuff.

Now? When I have time aplenty on my hands, I only watch un-educational movies, online, eat, play my PS2 and do God knows what with the rest of the time. Haha... I'm such a lazy bum! Sue me! Those sitting for their spm or stpm or other sort of finals now must be glaring at me with eyes wide apart. O.o =Scary=

Oops, I digressed again. [Why always like this one? *Sigh*]

Anyway, everytime I open the newspapers, I really must steel my fragile heart first. It's all gloom and doom everywhere. For every happy news, I think there must be like 20 sad/tragic news. What a ratio. Blek~ And I'm being optimistic here, ya know. The real ratio might be more than that. This ain't good. O.o

Anyway, it really is sad to read the news nowadays, all I get to see are how many murders, rapes, robbery, deaths, road accidents and other unsavoury stuff that has happened the day before. Not very palatable. T_T

I haven't even got started about the teenage pregancies, the increasing avoidable death toll due to natural disasters [a sign of God's wrath? Maybe..], good intentions that gone wrong, families torn asunder by tragedies, the neglected elderly, ppl brought to Death's door way earlier than their time... The list is endless.

What can I do but empathize? I dunno.

You won't believe how immuned we've become to tragedies... All the gore, death doesn't seem to affect us a lot now. Until it's on your doorstep, then you're aware of its existence.

But you're surrounded by it. The online, PS2, XBox games that you play daily are full of violence and gore. But you continue punching the consoles (or keyboard) until there's no one left standing but you alone. You laughed with triumph but is such a world the type of world you want to live in?

I must say, I've nothing against games with hardcore violence in it if all is practiced in moderation. Moderation is the KEY in everything you do in life. To get back your grip on reality, it's good sometimes to go out and mix with ppl a bit. Believe me, it'll do you a world of good.

Somtimes, ppl become so warped about their sense of reality that they really think that the world revolves around them. This is all so wrong. Have we no feelings left to spare to the needy? Around the world, ppl are starving, they've no basic education, they are a result of bad government and natural circumstances.

Can't we help our fellow men? (women, kids too of coz, just a figure of speech) Is it too much too ask? I dunno. I feel really sad about the "me-only" perspective that most ppl tend to have nowadays. Is this a result of evolution, then something is truly wrong with us. The human race has come so far, but they won't help their own. Hold your heads in shame when other supposedly lesser species are able to help their own.

The Verdict :- We're not so superior after all.

That's why I don't like to read the newspapers. Maybe it's better to not read like my peers. But is that a sort of feeble defence against the cruel reality of the world? Sooner or later, we'll have to face the harsh reality so maybe it's better if I become more immune to it.

I'm sure it'll help in my future carreer. You don't want your doctor to cry at the sight of your dying daughter, do you? You want Professionalism? But isn't that like being too emotionally detached from your "subject"?

God, I really dunno anything anymore.

Do read this poem. Maybe you'll understand more what I'm raving about.

Now would you excuse me, I gotta get a vaccination against tragedy. Bye.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Day 3 of Pangkor Trip

Day 3 = 15th of Nov

Okayyy, the last day of my trip! Well, again I was woked up early by the damn alarm clock. The early birds (a.k.a. my parents and my aunt & uncle) decided to go for another stroll. Again?! Whatever. Just to humour them lo. Hehe..

So after the obligatory stroll, almost the same things happened as the day before, we went in for buffet breakfast. Heavenly~ *Someone said that this is one of my catchphrases too wo.. lol..* Anyway, I lurve the baguette... It's so crunchy!! Dunno why, I think I've a fetish for exotic food--no fried cockroaches though! :P There was even Nasi Lemak and porridges with lots of choices of servings. I didn't eat any of those coz it can be found anywhere anyway.

Then it was time to heave our luggage down [we packed the night before] to the lobby. Almost bye-bye time ade lo. *Sob* =Waterworks pls= After checking out, we were sent off with a shuttle bus to the jetty. Well, we waited for the ferry to arrive while I observed that there were not many passengers going with us. Only a foreign couple speaking some language I couldn't identify. Haiya.. The ferry's super cold air-con was quite a change from yesterday's hotness.

Thank goodness I was wearing long sleeves. I was to regret this later.

Anyway, believe it or not, I fell asleep on the ferry!! Okay, maybe I was bored to sleep by my sis's endless stories about her bratty classmates. Thx but no thx! I think I even dreamt a little, but I can't rmb what was it ade. ~Shrug~ Only woke up when we're near to shore. We lugged our luggage around while both dads went to get the cars.

While we're waiting, there was this little malay kid who was playing around, when suddenly he fell down BAM! like that in front of me cousins. My 2 stupid cousins & 1 bro (who are around my age) just stared at the kid, no one help him up! My God. He was lying straight on the (dirty) floor okay! What the hell is wrong with you guys! =( He laid there for a relatively long time, not crying, as if inviting ppl to help him up. I'd have helped him up but when I noticed, his sis was ade helping him up. I was facing the opposite direction initially, for your information. Oh, what dreadful apathy our society has fallen into! I do think that the Muhibah spirit is truly lacking in certain circles of our society. Gosh. This is not good. Both mothers lectured their sons for not lending a helping hand [quite literally in this case] to the poor kid. I guessed he learnt a lesson today. Never to expect ppl like my cousins to help him up since they're too daft for that. Gah!

Ok, enuf of ranting to let off steam.

*Cools down by pouring cold water over head*

Right, back. Then, it was onto the tiring car journey back to dear Penang. I regretted my choice of clothing now coz it was HOT! Stupid weather. It chosed to be hot when the sun was shining directly on my side of the car. Arggh.

Halfway, we stopped at the sleepy town of Sitiawan. "Just to have a look" my dad said. Whatever. Our parents bought some of the special local produce. Mee Shua [dunno english call what lah]. Then they decided to have brunch by enjoying the local specialty. All sorts of mee cooked with the Mee Shua. Some decided on Wan Tan Mee, I went for Shui Kau Mee since Pan Mee was sold out ade. My parents sure horliao leh, after the very full breakfast they still want to force us to eat brunch. Siao! After that, we off. To a very boring car ride. Blek~ Can't even sleep coz my siblings were pretty noisy. *Sigh*

And after a few agonizing hours, we were back to home sweet home--Penang. I think I'm going to miss my home a lot when I spread my wings to a new place next year.

There's no better place than Home, where the heart rules.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Day 2 of Pangkor Trip (Part 2)

Day 2 = 14th Nov (Part 2)

Right, continuing from where we went out for lunch in the middle of the round-the-island-trip. We stopped at a kopitiam (coffeeshop) somewhere while the van driver waited for us. It was pretty old looking and since the driver only gave us 40 minutes, my dad asked for dishes that can be cooked/served fast. We had some sort of tauhu dish (tofu), o-chien [don't ask me what that is, I dunno..], Fu Yong fried egg (for my sis who couldn't eat the other dishes), green tasteless veggies and a few more dishes that I can't remember liao.

All in all, the skills of the cook was pretty lousy and I still I prefer the kopitiams in Penang! Penang food rocks!! =) And they even have the audacity to charge us such high prices!! Almost RM100 for such lousy tasteless food! Just becoz we were tourists! Bah!

Anyway, after a not-so-satisfying lunch, we headed out to our next destination. It was a Dutch Fort. Pretty cool, but there wasn't much left of the fort. Three half walls and a sort of pavement thingy outside. We waited for a tour group of graduation students to stop taking endless pictures before going in. I took a few pics of coz with my cell phone. There were some cool white patterns built outside the fort. Must have taken some time to build.

Well, there was also a trough in the (quite small) fort where I think they kept prisoners. Hrumph. *Yaya, I ain't an advocate of mindless violence lah..* There was also a gift shop in those wooden malay houses. We went in to take just a tiny look before setting off again.

We tot we're heading home ade but the tour guide said still got time left, still can go sight-see one more spot. So we were lead to a temple--Kuan Yin's Temple, to be exact. It was quite beautiful actually the temple. Set high above, we climbed up. There was a vertically-placed rock set outside with wise words carved on it. I'll post a pic later coz as I said, my Chinese Star program has gone wrong. Oh well.

Anyway, we paid our homage to the various Gods there. Don't ask me why got other Gods when it's name is such. I also took a pic of the Goddess of Mercy on a golden dragon. Lovely! I like that pic so much, coz the grandeur really showed thru. Then, after various pictures were taken, it was time to head back to the hotel.

Well, we took a rest coz we're pretty tired out ade, what with the hot weather and the scurrying here and there.

Nearing evening, again we went for the buffet. Delicious~ The food was a bit different from the previous day’s and I give them credit for that. Some ppl even went to eat the Wan Tan Mee as if it can't be eaten anywhere else. Maybe it can't... for them. But I didn't coz I know where to find the best Wan Tan Mee in Penang. Hehe... I went for the salad of coz since I like eating it so much. I did eat the other main courses and the desserts too. There was Miso Soup too, but I didn't try coz it looked icky. lol.. But I won’t say much ade, just that the rest was as gorgeous as the previous night's.

*Stomach growling*

Then, again, we went out to sit at the beach to admire the night scenery there. Those laid back chairs are quite nice actually, to sit back and chit-chat. Again, we chatted till quite late before going to bed. And that was how we spent the second day in Pangkor Island. Not bad, though with a few unpleasantness. But that can’t be helped when you're on holiday. Yayz!

Next post will be on the 3rd day (i.e. last day).

Till then, Cya!! =)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Day 2 of Pangkor Trip (Part 1)

Day 2 = 14th Nov (Part 1)

Ok, let me see. I didn't have a good night's sleep due to those smelly and lumpy pillows. I was also rudely awaken by the alarm I set in my cell phone earlier. You don't expect my mum to bring alarm clocks, do you? [Incredulous tone]

Anyway, why wake up at 7 am? Well, besides the fact that my parents are real early birds (meaning that I ain't one, I'm more of a night person actually..), we had decided earlier that we'd take a casual morning stroll at the beach. Nice. Well, we were up and ready in about half an hour and went down to the beach.

The beach glowed beautifully in the morning sun. The scenery was breath-taking. There were many holes of various sizes made by crabs. We of coz promptly set out to capture them, which wasn't so diff after all considering that they're not the smartest of creatures. lol..

Anyway, there were a few local people out there catching fish too with this sort of nets. (Oops~Can't really remember the Geography I learnt in Form 3..) Since we city dwellers had not seen such activies before, of coz we went to see to get firsthand experience. Hehe...

Apparently, it takes a lot of muscle and a lot of people to bring out the net from the sea. My guess is that with the weight of the fish and the net itself plus it being wet which adds weight, it really must weigh a ton. Woo. It took them quite long to haul up their catch.

Then, all the kaypo ppl (me included) went forward to look at the catch. Quite a lot too. There were various types of fish. The men threw out the jellyfish which looked kinda of wobbly and gross. Eww.. I got some photos but until my bro buys the bluetooth device for my pc, there'll be no photos of my trip...yet. *Sigh*

After some strolling, our stomachs decided that it was time for breakfast ade. So in we went.

Well, let's just say that the buffet breakfast was as gorgeous as the previous night's buffer dinner. Yummy~ Well, there were the obvious like sausages, eggs (fried at your order), bacon, toast etc. Most were quite delicious. [I can see you guys drooling] I totally lurve the choices and servings for cereal. But i couldn't manage to finish it coz I was too full ade.

Aikz, better say no more since your drool is spilling on your keyboard ade. Major Gross. You shld be on Fear Factor. Just kidding~

Right, after breakfast we went back to our rooms to prepare since we're going on an-around-the-island-trip using a rented taxi (it's a van actually). Let me say: the taxi service is horrible. We're made to wait for I guess more than an hour, you know!! Ish.. Besides, it was a pretty hot day and the 'air-conditioner' there wasn't working really well. Hot lah! Opening windows don't really help lah!

Even worse, I suddenly came down with a bad bout of flu. I think it was an allergic reaction, to what, God knows. So the flu only cleared up much later and made most of this trip pretty unpleasant. Oh well. =(

Anyway, it was a bumpy ride since the landscape there consists of many hills. Our first destination was a seafood making factory. Well, we didn't really visit the manufacturing part, only the place where they sell their seafood at cheaper prices.

My parents went on an uncommon spending spree [uncommon for them, that is] and bought lots of stuff. Well, stuff that I wasn't really fond of. Eating, that is. But anyway, I spent my time munching on various bits of samples put out for us. Not bad marketing too. =)

Then it was on to our second destination. It was a Chinese temple called Fu Ling Kong (if I'm not mistaken). It was pretty in an ancient way. We went in to pray (naturally) and admired the beautiful carvings on the door, wall and where ever. Even funnier was there was a sort of arch which wrote "Zhuang Cian Dong" which literally means an arch that will let you earn lots of money... (Sorry, something wrong with my Chinese Star program so I can't write it down, gotta be satisfied with the han yu pin yin lo..)

~Shrug~ Is there such a thing? But I guess the Chinese will always be obsessed bout such things.. $$$ Anyway, I got a photo of the arch but I'll post it up later. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. lol...

Then it was almost time for lunch.

Will elaborate more in a latter post coz this is getting wayyy too long coz I'm a long-winded old lady. Hehe...

This Blog's Alter Ego

Heyyyy! The posts about my Pangkor trip gotta wait for a while since boy do I have some news for you! I just changed the template of my other blog (this blog's alter!

Go check it out! It definitely looks more pleasing than before...! Maybe I might change the url too, but not just yet. Let me consider it first. Ok, this is just an advertistment for my blog's alter ego, since this blog gets a lot of fanfare while over there, there is virtually none. Pity it only, right?

So get clicking on the correct link! Go go Go!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Day 1 of Pangkor Trip

Okay, this is the post about my trip to another island~ since I do live on an island too, right? Thank goodness it's way advanced than these sort of islands. I would go to sleep right away if you want me to live there. No offense, you guys.

Here goes:

DAY 1 =13th Nov

Woke up way early at 6 am. Started making a few last minute preparations and everyone was geared to go by 7 am. Picked up my cousin who was coming along with his family (who were still at Kedah then). It was a tad squishy at the back seat. Jeesh.

Anyway, it was pretty boring coz I forgot to bring any nice cds to put in the car stereo and had to listen to Daniel (blek~my sis's idol! eww..) all the way!! The song, Mimpi is quite nice, by Malay songs' standard, but his voice is pretty weak. Not a bit manly, at all. Did you know that his live rendition during the finale had many placed where he went off tune? I heard all of them clearly since my sis uploaded it thru ARES. I guess when you don't see his "good looks", you hear all the flaws. Eww.

Right, digressed again. Then, it was the car trip to our destination. Boring, but I couldn't catch a nap becoz sleeping in the car is pretty uncomfortable. *Sigh*

Fast-forward a bit. Ok, reached the hotel via a ferry [which was too slow for me btw]. Time for lunch! We're pretty ravenous!! We chose to have lunch ala carte at a restaurant named Garden Terrace. The food was really good but unfortunately the prices were very good too (for them, that is). The average price of a dish there is RM20, ya know?

So I decided to try something special. I ordered Mexican Foldovers. Don't ask me "what was that?" I didn't know beforehand. It looked pretty tasty though when it arrived after a long long time. Took a bite.. Yummy~ I managed to finished it all with a little help from my siblings helping themselves to the many fries there. It kinda looked like the mexican thingy they're advertising at kfc, minus the chicken meat from kfc of coz. Pity I didn't take a pic of it, I forgot. It'd make u guys droll for sure. Ha!

Then, we went to rest in our rooms after a nice bath. I couldn't sleep though so I watched Disney Channel with my sis since she sorely missed said Channel after it was cut off from my home Astro [She watched a lil' too much, that's why]. Afterwards, fell asleep a little *Can you blame me? I was watching Disney Channel, okay?*

Then, it was time for dinner!! We all headed down to the yummy buffet prepared. Food Food Food! The array of food was pretty amazing! I drooled [a figure of speech only, rest assured] all over the choices for salad only! So many types of dressing, so many things to add to the main veggies. Yum! I loved the tiny strips of Parmesan Cheese that I kinda sprinkled liberally them all over my salad.

The other choices were pretty good too. Lots of meat though, and most of them was red meat actually, which was not really healthy. I liked the deserts though. The chocolate cakes were heavenly! *Lips lip* The soups were not any of my fav type though. Some herbal soup that my mum said was uber healthy but I hate the smell of herbs! Eww.. Ice cream came with choc & strawberry syrup but the ice cream had a kind of strong smell that I didn't really like. That's about all for the buffet. There'll be more to come anyway. :P

Then, after we stuffed ourselves crazy, we went to the beach to relax. We sat on these nice laid back chairs and talked the night away. We must have been there for a few hours. Chat included of gossip of certain relatives and a wide range of topics. The scenery there was quite nice leh. The coconut trees swayed in the wind while tiny stars twinkled overhead. So beautiful!

There was even a few couples having their meal outside on the beach. It does not come cheap, it costed RM 175 per pax!!--we checked. All were caucasians, who to them this price is dirt cheap after the foreign exchange money rate or something.

After chatting till around 11 pm, we're all decide to go back to our rooms. I showered then watched tv a little. Yeah, you got it right. It was Discovery Channel again with my sis. Whatever. Fell asleep afta a while. And it was onto dreamland (though technically I didn't dream or sleep soundly coz the pillows were too soft).

To be the following post. Don't want to make it too long winded. =)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bloglines Mania

~SO many hits for Bloglines!~ Posted by Picasa

Just came back from my holiday! Was pretty fun! Will be blogging a separate post bout it some time later, depends on how lazy I feel lah... lol... Anyway, see how many hits I have for bloglines after a short 3 day hiatus? 57! God. Spent so much time reading them that I didn't get a lot of time to blog la.. So I won't say much coz I'm feeling a bit lethagic...

That's all for now. Aww, don't feel so disappointed lah.. Haha...

In case you didn't know, Bloglines is a very useful program used to keep track of updates in blogs.

It beats having to browse thru many many blogs to read posts coz as you know, the blogosphere is full of sleeping bloggers who arose from their slumber once every month to blog for the sake of blogging. Pwheet! Whatever.

Cheers for regular bloggers!! =)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Trip into The Field?

Spot The Fake Smile (Click!)

You got 13 out of 20 correct.

Not bad I guess but i went by gut feeling coz there were some 'smiles' that i wasn't really sure actually. Anyway, I know of this test thru Lyd's blog. She didn't put down the link but I did! *I found it by using a search engine lo. Duh.*

Well, I tot the test was kinda different, doesn't need you to use your brain much, which is good coz my brain feels a bit fuzzy now on account that I'd just returned from my field trip an hour ago. Well, as usual, I'm not one to rest, instead I prefer to online. [Nothing new there].

Okay, bout the trip. Well, let me say one thing, the constant rain ruined most of it!! Arggh...! It started early in the morning. Our 1st destination was the Spice Garden. Fairly interesting, but a bit small, the place. We finished it quickly. I think that with a tour guide, it might be more interesting though. Walking around simply looking at plants is not THAT interesting. A lil' disappointed.

Then, it was onwards to the Tropical Fruit Farm. Far more interesting coz the varieties were more. However, the downpour that became gradually heavier ruined most of the trip, especially just when it was getting more interesting. The tour guide there was really interesting, and most importantly, humourous. He was quite knowledgeable too, giving us lots of info about the fruits and all. No photos yet, let me see whether I can pawn some off Jun Lin. Keke...

Btw, he also taught us why "Pisang tidak berbuah dua kali" which totally stumped us when he first asked us. This got the ball rolling in the same vein for almost the entire session. It was rudely interrupted when the rain got unbearable.

I was pretty wet under my straw hat, but not as wet as some of my frenz, who are apparently lazy to use umbrellas, and prefer a "nature's shower". To each of his own, I guess. But we learnt quite a lot, to name a few, fruits like "sugar apples, tamarines, jackfruit". Pretty cool. =) If only we got to linger there a while longer.

After that, we're scheduled to go to the Recreational Forest to have lunch but since it was pouring cats and dogs, we went to the Butterfly Farm earlier instead. We ended up having lunch in the area in front of the Farm. Some were standing, some were sitting. Some suggested squatting, which they laughingly said will make us feel like beggars. I chose to sit. Anyhow, when the lunchbox was opened, it looked pretty unappetisizing, but it didn't really tasted as bad as it looked. Fairly tasty, actually. I guess we shouldn't judge food by it's appearance after all.

After munch-munch session, it was decided that the butterflies would be forced home to sleep by the rain that venturing into the Farm would be a waste of money anyway. To me, it was good since I got redemption of RM4 and I'd been to said Farm on numerous occasions than I care to mention. Besides, I wanted to go home and take a bath anyway! We were so wet!!

So we went home by bus again. A few frenz and moi were the last ones to leave since we wanted to leave at the college--which was the last place on the route. So, there we were, chattering nineteen to dozen, about lots of stuff. The kids (there were abt 10 kids) were quite hilarious as in the way they speak, act coz they acted way mature than their age.

Pooh! My fren even commented that their cell phones were way more technogically advanced than ours! Omg. Maybe I shld pester my parents to upgrade my phone. On second thoughts, no-lah. My one is quite new too. I can't keep wasting their money anyway, since next year at uni will be using lots. Hehe.

Okay, show's over folks! Just a few tiny reminders before I go...

  • PS :: Went for a long over-due haircut last night. My mum insisted on taking me to the expensive saloon that I used to go to last time until my insane growing hair rate made the financial expenses unbearable. Quite nice! At least I looked more tidy at any rate. But my bangs are shorter now!! *Pouts* Now have to let it grow long again! Aiyah. Then, went shopping after the haircut! Bought tons of stuff. I got a skirt which will be used for my impending interview and a nice shirt which will be useful next year. I totally need a new wardrobe (!!) since my current one is quite unsuitable for uni next year, considering what career that I've chosen. Hehe.. More shopping is good! But bad for my dad's wallet I guess. lol...

  • PS :: I'm going to Pulau Pangkor for the next 3 days with my family. So no posts of mine to look forward to (lol) for the next 3 days lo. Of coz, I'll blog abt my holiday. Don't worry. =)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Young & The Reckless

Warning: Controversial content ahead. Proceed at own risk. I'll not be responsible for any jabs on whomever. The following passages are best read in a sarcastic tone to achieve maximum effect.

Who are the reckless? Oh, I was just talking about the youth of today who have an unnatural penchant for killing themselves on the road. Such a painful solution, ain't it?

Actually, I have never really understood some of my friends' need for speed or their apparent liking for racing down dangerous stretches of road. Coz this is being utterly irresponsible, putting others at risk besides your worthless self (worthless since you don’t even care bout your own safety, why should we?).

Sometimes, in an ironic twist, you're the one to survive while some other innocent pedestrian/motorcyclist/motorist is mowed down ruthlessly by you who do not think before acting. But on second thought, maybe you suffering for the rest of your meaningless life might be a fitting punishment. However, this only applies to those who still have a little conscience.

Some are unnaturally cold-blooded; mowing down one after another until they're nabbed by the police [serves them right!].

Of coz, I'm not referring to those who drive safely but injure/kill someone accidentally. Sometimes, accident cannot be avoided. But I'm not talking bout this. I’m talking about accidents that CAN be avoided.

In Malaysia, there are aplenty. -_-

Do you know what the grim truth is here? During festive seasons (where mowing people down become quite the trend), there is an actual increase in chances where one might get a organ for transplant! All this is nice (sarcastically). The death rate in Msia is extremely high too, and still it is skyrocketing. The recent festive season--collectively known as Deeparaya--has shown a dramatic increase in the body count.

So much for the good intentions of whoever-in-charge of Traffic Police, who this year planned a sensational program where the rakyat will be told where the speed traps will be so they won't be craning their tiny necks looking out for police. Of coz, there'll be other police in hiding waiting for those who quickly speed up after passing a main checkpoint.

But so much for his good intentions, the plan was entirely foiled by our lovely citizens, who can't wait to put their lives on the line so that they can get an extra measly 10 minutes with their relatives, which ironically some of them are not terribly fond to meet either. But what to do? They can't wait to go to the hospital or the morgue (in dire circumstances). Maybe they hope to meet Tru (as in 'Tru Calling' who helps dead people become undead again by saving their lives), but I don't think there's any hope of that.

Anyway, have you ever thought about your parents who will suffer for their rest of their lives if anything untoward happened to you? Do you want them to suffer like this? Is it worth it? For a few snatched moments of joy while the rest of your life is ruined in the cold clang of metal? To me, this is totally not worth it.

Drive safe and be safe.

If you really really need an adrenaline rush, I suggest you try out for extreme sports. At least it's safe and that's what that matters. And you're not putting other people in danger too. What a nice solution to an ever present problem. I seriously think that the government should totally encourage more extreme sports in favour of dangerous driving.

Yeah, that's a good solution. Coz it's my idea. Hehe... =)

Friday, November 11, 2005

= Spring Cleaning =

Actually, I do wonder why most most mothers like asking their now-very-free sons or daughters to do a spot of spring cleaning. I've heard from various people (of different personalities, to be fair) that their mothers have all commanded a spring cleaning session not so very long after they finish their tests.

I, quite unfortunately am no exception to the case. *Sigh*

Anyway, I'd spent a couple of days spring cleaning mostly my room and some other places of interest (to my mum, that is.) I was frankly a tad surprised at the state (of filthiness) that it had descended in during the extended period of my finals.

Phuh! *A cloud of dust flew up, with a few 'cute' little dust bunnies huddling in the darkest corner that had not seen sunlight for some time.* Blame it on me then, I'm not exactly known for my tidying tendencies.

However, when one gets into the spirit of things, it's quite fun too actually, making your room spanking clean (again). I feel so comfortable [remember the feeling you get when your bedsheets has just been changed and the room is very clean? It feels heavenly!] and that was great.

Maybe I shld remember this so that next time I get lazy again, I might be more motivated to clean up. Quite important now since I'll be leaving home sweet home (All Hail Freedom!) after a few more months.

Anyway, I was so motivated that I ventured to rearrange all my books. Quite a feat since I've many MANY books! I think I might have enough to open a library ade. Actually, when they're all aranged nicely, you don't seem to think that 'that's a lot'. But when you take them down one by down [for rearranging], you find out that it IS quite a lot after all. # Aikz #

I think that most of the family fortune has been spent on buying books (my dad's a bookaholic too. Nice word that I'd coined, huh?) So rest assured, I won't fling [most of] my money on clothes and other frivolities. I've a feeling that it'd be used more for buying books. Maybe I shld just open a bookshop myself. Not a bad idea actually. I wanna visit Borders!! (the biggest bookshop in South East Asia, so I heard)

Whatever. I seem to be on a ramble. I digress again (as often as I do). I'm just wondering why mothers have a common point when it comes to forcing their post-exams young to spring clean.

Any theories or conspiracies, anyone? =)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

:: Electronica Deprived ::

Not much time to blog recently coz:

  1. I do not, quite unfortunately have sole possesion of the computer, and this problem will dramatically worsen next week when all the computer users in my household [i.e. my siblings] are home 24/7 to bicker over who's turn is it to use the most magical eletronic device ever invented-- the computer! Damn, Bill Gates sure deserves his millions. lol...

  2. I've bought a few games yesterday night while out shopping with my parents. Ok, they're there to buy a handbag for my sis's teacher while I was on the prowl for games. Keke... Anyway, I got my sis the game she was asking for --> Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. It's quite fun, I guess but a tad complicated for a kid to play if you ask me. And the tutorial was damn boring and long-winded. I then got Civilisation IV as recomended by Jun Lin. Didn't have time to install it yet but I'm sure it'll be fun. Of coz the actual game that I had my eyes on was Frozen Throne but...but it was out of stock! Damnit. I was so looking forward to more practice on it since I really don't want to get slaughtered (*slits throat* whoa, bloodthirsty) when playing with others. Arggh... Maybe some other time then.

I guess that's all for now. Maybe I won't be blogging this often since I've other activities to attend to, like:

  1. A Field Trip this coming Saturday. I'll definitely blog a post abt it so rest assured. Maybe I'll get some photos off Jun Lin who's definitely going to take photos of anything of interest. What's that, you gotta ask him la. The people who just take [i.e. me] keeps quiet. Haha...

  2. Various outings with frenz. Haven't really gotten a confirmation and all but I'm sure all will work out fine. Yayz! Besides, I gotta make sure my social calendar is balanced. It'd be dead boring to go out everyday one week and stay home for the next fortnight, right? =)

  3. Hmm.. Buy more and play more games. Oops! Am turning into another type of addict (Gaming Addict!). Let's just keep our nice little fingers crossed that I don't turn into a drug addict. But I think that's a safe bet la. So anyone wanna bet? Kekeke...

  4. Shop more! *I'm just a normal girl after all! Haha* I need more $$$ though so I might need a sponsor. Any takers? Hehe... Anyway, there seems to be a ton of stuff that I want to buy so, maybe i shld make a list. Yup, sure gives a new meaning to 'shopping list' coz you can bet that my stuff ain't gonna contain grocery stuff! lol... Just hope that I don't turn into a shopaholic though. But shld be okay-lah. I got it under control. So, no worries!

I think that's all for now. I wanna go play games ade! Toodles, peeps! =)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

* Flame Wars *

It's quite a difficult job maneuvering my way through the treacherous waters of the vast blogosphere. What do I mean? I'm talking about flame wars! Yes, it's every blogger's nightmare. Of coz, there are exceptions who welcome them as publicity for their blog. But mostly, bloggers are afraid of them and the brouhaha they bring with them.

Unfortunately, Lyd was a victim of such. It was not so long ago when a certain 'anonymous' was flaming her chatterbox, leaving unsavoury messages. *Sigh* I do hope that never happens to me. Even more frightening though is the fact that that 'anonymous' is someone from college and not just some crazy person spamming people's tagboard for fun. *Shivers*

However, I must say I've been pretty lucky so far for managing to evade any sort of mud-slinging. Maybe it's because I'm such an uber nice person kua...Yeah right! *Sarcastic Tone*

Ok-lah, essentially I think I'm quite a nice person (cough cough, praising oneself leh) but no way am I being a doormat for anyone else. I mean, you can't just let ppl take and take and take, sometimes you just gotta take a stand (for yourself). It's just for your own good. Trust me on this one.

I dunno why I'm writing this post. Maybe I'm just sick of evil + crazy + twisted people that do underhanded stuff. I've seen a lot of such examples after a few months running around the blogosphere.

A prime example is XiaXue's blog. You won't believe how many enemies that girl's got. Ok, to make clear to everyone, I'm not one of those mindless fans of her blog, it's just that doing underhanded stuff with malicious intent is so...pure evil! Yes, I don't really agree with some of the things she says but that's not an excuse to write to those companies endorsing her and cause to her to lose her endorsements.


I just hope that I won't fall prey to such malicious people. Is it any wonder that the world is in such a dreadful state now? With all these type of people around, I wouldn't be surprised if an evil dictator emerges (Hilter comes to mind) and tries to take over the world. =Blek=

Maybe I've been reading too much (science) fiction.

Yeah, that must be it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pretty Miscellaneous

A few things to clear up (the mist in my brain) here:

  • Hmm... Something ironic [don't think I'll call it funny] happened last Wednesday, on the day of my chemistry test. Ok, we’re all in the small corner studying remember? My frenz were pretty panicky and Q was asking another fren, J whether she had studied the paper about Gravimetric Analysis or something. {Note: Just that that paper was pretty complicated and all.} The latter said no and instead replied: "Ask [insert moi’s name], she sure got study one..." Q looked at me enquiringly, while I gave a laugh and said: "That paper? No chance of that! I didn't study that at all. Kekeke..." Well, I must say, these people sure look up to me. They think that just becoz I get good results, I don’t procrastinate. Lil' do they know. How wrong are they... Maybe I shld I ask her to read this blog. Haha... Misconceptions about me do abound. Maybe it's becoz I don't express myself well enough. *Scratches head*

  • The next item here is: I think that my comments section is quite flourishing. Thanks for the support, you guys! Although I do think it's not quite like a comments section anymore, more like a conversation forum or something. :: Aikz :: Whatever. I shld be thankful that there ARE ppl commenting, right?

  • Hmm.. I do wish that I had known about blogs earlier. My teenage years' of 'emotional turmoil' would have been worth recording. But then on second thought, this might just make me waste my youth more. Lol...

  • Something I also must comment here. Last Friday was the last day of exams. You wouldn't believe that when I got home, I still can't believe that my finals were over ade. It was SO surreal, ya know? I almost felt like picking up my books and continuing studying (study what, God knows.) leh. Siao. But I recover sufficiently by friday night after doing a lot of relax-ing... So all is okay lo! Hehe... *chuckles happily*

  • By the way, this was something I took from kryptos5's blog. It's about reverse speech. Pretty cool! Click here to listen to some clips that contain reverse speech. Included is a song by none other Britney Spears hereself. Intrigued? Click here lo! This is an article about it if you duno what is it about. Do check it out! =)

Ok, I'm totally crapping here in point form. But this is to clear up stuff so that i can blog whole posts about certain topics. All this miscellaneous stuff lying around is the product of examz which made me delay writing about it. And it also becomes shorter coz I had forgot about it ade by the time I've finished exams and want to write abt it. Short memory span ma. lol... Anyway, won't be long ade before i clear up this junk lying around in my mind.

Yayz! *apparently this is my new catchphrase wo...*

# Lil' Changes #

Right! Finally ready to blog! Anyone notice any new changes to "my precious" blog? Woo! Well, for starters, I got my disclaimer up ade by viewing others' source code... lol... A bit like cheating hor, but I did change the statement a bit.

Hehe... then i enabled my flooble chatterbox so now you guys can put smileys in it too! Cool! But then, I tot, oh maybe, you all may not know which symbol will give you which smiley since the symbols for smileys are extremly varied... So I "keh gao" (Hokkien: pretended to be clever) and inserted a picture of the smileys into my sidebar lo.

Nice or not? *applause pls* Hehe... To think that I woudn't have known this if I've not mess up my template earlier and have to go to flooble to retrieve my html code again. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise... =)

*Thinks thoughtfully*

I haven't done my classics section yet coz I'm still waiting for you guys to recommend posts you all find interesting enough to put up there. Up till now, no news.

Imp: Waiting ya!

Btw, I've found the post on how to arrange ur archives by titles ade. Click here to view it. I think I'm right la, but it is very confusing to understand. I'll have to figure this out slowly. Arggh. Anyway, if I'd link the wrong one, what about this one? It's a menu that's quite close to something bout categorizing archives. I dunno lah!! -_-

*throws hands up in air*

Anyway, I know I've not blogged about stuff happening in general but seriously, nothing interesting has been happening recently. Well, let me see...

On saturday night, I again walked down to my grandma's hse, this time with another motive in mind. I was going there so I can play DotA on my cousin's laptop. Haha.. I haven't had time yet to go buy Frozen Throne yet or any other game. So damn boring here, everyday online only lo. No new games to play and the old ones are either damaged or boring. =Aikz=

Maybe I shld blog more instead of tinkering around with my template crazily.

But whatever. I syiok ma, cannot ah?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Busy Busy Relaxing

Oh not much time to blog today coz been a bit busy.

Just watched 2 movies~The Brothers Grimm & Seven Swords. Not bad both. Maybe I'll give a review bout both tmr. See how first. =)

I will blog more tomorrow coz my the brats a.k.a. my siblings will be going back to school tmr for a whole week, leaving me in sole posession of the computer (only applicable for mornings..aikz). But still Yayz anyway coz i don't need to negotiate before using... So mahuan!

Hehe... Ok, my bro needs to use the pc to do something oh-so-imp... Huff!

As if my stuff is not important..! :[

Whatever. I can't wait till I get my hands on that laptop. My patience is soon to be exhausted.

Oh dear. =(

Hmm...I wonder...

You Are 50% Boyish and 50% Girlish
You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

You are Agonistic

You're not sure if God exists, and you don't care.
For you, there's no true way to figure out the divine.
You rather focus on what you can control - your own life.
And you tend to resent when others "sell" religion to you.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

= Template Disaster =


Did anyone noticed many differences in my blog?? All the changes I painstakingly did all over the months, GONE.

Just like that, GONE. Argggh!!!!

*Pulls hair in frustration*

I was just editing the template and pressed "save template changes". All looked ok as it chugged slowly...sooo slowly. I wondered why it was so slow (although this was not the 1st time my supposedly-shld-be-fast streamxy connection bugged me with its slow speed!) and after sometime, it must have jammed or something.

I tot, oh well, just make the changes again lo, no biggie. However, to my horror, when i refreshed the page, I found out that most of the page [downwards from about half of my links] was gone!!

Gone!! I nearly went out of my mind. There were a lot of links & add-ons from there onwards, you know...

Just thank goodness that I still left an old page unclosed so i used it to find those links and retyped (recopy & paste actually) the whole damn thing again. ISH!!!

But it took dunno how many hours to get the whole thing back again coz I had to use a new template again [I chose the same one again though coz the others I dun really like...] Whatever la. Just now saved a 3rd time after some changes and lo behold, the same old problem happened again!

=Aikz= Thank God I learnt my lesson ade and had saved a copy of the entire code in a file. Phew! Or else I'm sure going to an asylum ade.

*Brushes sweat off forehead*

Oh god. I do hope such a thing NEVER happens to me again coz it's quite painful. Eek!

Anyway, the lessson I'd learnt is:

  • Always ALWAYS save any data that you're going to upload onto the net due to the extreme unreliability of the connection. And when u wanna press Ctrl+C to copy, make sure u're pressing both keys at one time. Coz there was one time I didn't press properly, only pressed C. Tada! I was left staring at an entire post consisting of only 1 alphabet only --> C. Die. But at least that wasn't so bad (also not the 1st time ade) the most is just type the post again. But losing the half the template, that's bad. *Sigh* Just my luck.

Anyway, I'll remedy the changes sooner or later. By the way, there are a few new changes that I'd like to make to my blog. They are:

  1. Categorize my archives according to my own personalised titles, instead of dates. This is going to make things easier for ppl new to my blog, so they can browse thru their fav categories. But this is kinda hard for me coz the Blogger Help thingy is no help at all. I read thru the article, tinkered around, to no avail. I guess I'll just get someone to help me with it lo.

  2. Put up a 'Classics' section in my sidebar. That'd be pretty cool too. That's quite easy, almost the same as linking other websites. No sweat. But first I'll have to see which of my posts are important or humourous enough to put up specially. Maybe u guys can suggest to me which that you find very interesting (or other adjectives)? Thanks ya guys!

  3. Well, maybe also put up a disclaimer somewhere in my blog. Hey, I'm just protecting myself from whatever laws. This is important to my own welfare, right? But I haven't figure out what to write yet. Maybe I'll just use others' as reference lo.

That's all about the changes i wanna make. I can't think of any more at the moment. Let me go and think about it first. Hehe...