Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gambling in College!! WOW!

HA! Got you didn't I with that title!! But I ain't kidding coz we did gamble in college... Hehe...but... not with $$ but with... *Guess what*... Sweets!! And it wasn't becoz we're too bored or what... Our mathz lecturer asked us to do that...!

Okie, I better backtrack or you won't know what I'm talking abt... Well, we're supposed to go to a long-due mathz replacement class... That'd mean 5 hours of mathz in one day! Wah...! Can make a girl go crazy eh... I arrived at college at abt 7:35 am and only went home at 7 pm.. Really bad horr! Imagine! Almost 12 hours at college! Ish.

But thank god Mr Goh was kind enuf to not torture us wif mathz the last 3 hours (i.e. the dreaded replacement classes). Instead, he lets us explore "Probability" in a different and totally refreshing manner! By gambling!! *He did say that the morale behind this was that we wouldn't want to gamble again. Hmmm. Maybe.. Considering all...*

At first, we played a game Mr Goh had devised himself. Pretty cool.. Moi won quite a lot at first.. My instinct was dead-on during that game... [Btw, each of us started out with 20 sweets each, to be fair.. Prior to this, I went to the mini-market to get 20 coffee sweets... I love those!! Yum Yum... Felt quite hungry looking at the array of sweets in front of me... But I can't eat my "money"!! LOL...] After a few rounds, sir started talking abt probability and all... Quite good. *Hungry*

After that game, we did all sorts of types of gambling like those in casinos.... Like Roulette and dunno what... The names of the games were not stated. After playing each game, we all examined the probabilities of each choice... and to our immense dismay, the casinos had devised the game in such a way that the profit we had expected to get were: NEGATIVE!!

Arrgghh...! [Note: In the long term, short term is not reliable, beside, sum casinos operate 24 hrous a day, so that is considered long term lo] Btw, devising all this sort of games were supposed to be da work of actuarial scientists... *Hungrier*

Anyway, after that, sir asked us to play a skipping rope game.... Very easy only, well for most ppl la... Okie, here's how it is done: 2 ppl are supposed to swing the rope in the same direction, while other ppl are supposed to pass thru below da rope... 1 person must go thru each swing. Cannot lapse or whatever. If somebody gets caught up by the rope or miss a swing, everyone will have to start all over again...

Sounds easy, right? Not so for a few ppl... They cannot seem to anticipate what time to go thru below the rope.... Or they juz seem to have an irrational phobia of swinging objects... :O *Is there such a phobia? Hmmm...*

Sir asked them to practice a few times... and get this: Eventhe 2 ppl swinging the rope were suppose to pass thru to... so have to exchange hands at a point. And after many many x 4 attempts, we finally got thru... Oh ya. Moi did okay with this... I think my reflexes are good... *Smiles smugly*

The last game sir showed us was a card trick! Woah! He managed to give us the correct card {diamonds nine} Almost every time... I said almost becoz sumtimes he fumbled so the wrong card was given... Anyway, it was something to do with the deck of cards! It was filled with half of diamond nines and the others are random cards lo... and the random cards were slightly longer *Really slightly* and the diamond nines were slightly shorter...

So, each time, we flip thru the deck to show ppl, we juz hold the longer cards so ppl can't see the diamonds nines... That's all... The other parts are kinda diff to explain here... Whatever. Feel like getting myself a deck of trick cards myself. Haha. Sir said that there is a magician shop in gurney plaze or sumthing... Maybe lo... *Hungrier and hungrier*

Btw, I couldn't resist anymore... Started eating my sweets ade... Oh ya. I was left with about 7 sweets left only... Haih... Really losing horr? :( *Haih* and I ate 5 sweets that made me so full... Not hungry ade!! Hehe.

Then he told us the morale and all that lo... I think it really works. I don't think I will play in casinos too much now... I mean I'm juz going to lose in the long term rite?

Yupz... Good job sir! You managed to put us off gambling ade... Thumbs up!

And that's all la... So long ade this post. Still want summore? Wait other day la! Haha! =D

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Normal Day.. But Boring x 27!!

Haih... Another boring day... Boring x 27... *Sighing a bit too much recently*

[Btw, to the ppl who I refered to in my last post, juz think carefully abt it but rmb I don't mean to be mad at anyone... Forgive & forget, okay?]

And now coming back to da present... Well, I think today nothing much happened except that I was feeling kinda down... & depressed... Due to the post before..

Btw, we did our phy & chem assignment today... Argghh. More reports to write up!! I'll be simply doing my chem report now since we juz knew that those weren't counted in our internal marks... Sigh. Since leela said: "I found out many ppl were copying from each other and if I based my marks on that it'd be very unfair.."

ARGGHH..! Why she didn't say earlier since I did every bloody report myself!!! All by myself!! Shld have copied other ppl's one... Neways, who'd want to let me copy....! comfort myself, well, juz let me say--->> Maybe those things might come out in the test ya! And that time, I will surely have a better inkling of what the question is asking lo.. Lolz.

Okie...and now to phy assignment... I think leong gives us the hardest assignments in the world!! *Okie, I'm exaggerating but still you get the picture... Haha* Today, the experiment we did was using a wheatstone bridge... It's kinda diff to explain here so... I won't! Haha, got ya!

Anyway, we're poking the jockey around until Leong came and said: "Don't scrape the jockey!" Poor ejian was holding it then so she kena marah lo... Pity. Anyway, the stupid thing wouldn't work at first.. I think it was becoz of our poor working skills *In respect to the engineering side* haih.. Now I know I wouldn't be a good engineer ade. Any house I build would fall to pieces at once.. Lolz...

Our contact (of the wires I meant) was lousy~~Really lousy... That's was why the needle of the galvanometer kept pointing to one side only.. Haha. neways, solved the prob ade after we tightened everything and put every screw or wire correctly... It kept getting loosed many times!!

Arrgghh! Managed to start after almost half an hour of tinkering wif it... Sigh...again, lousy... Ha! Jian was kinda flustered doing it... So moi took over. Don't wan another to have chest pain lo...Aikz.

Moi was ok doing it but I swear if I keep on doing it for a few more hours, I will surely go insane~! I will also pull more of my hair out too! Haha... Better dun. Don't wanna be bald neways. lolz.

So I guess that's all for now.. Tatz...! :D

Blogging [besides talking to frenz] really can get your mood up! Yupz!! =P

Monday, June 27, 2005

My Verbal Confession

I dunno about this, guys. But maybe I shld say it out... I don't like keeping it all bottled up. Okie,

*Deep breath*

Please don't be angry when you read this (of coz to the ppl involed in this matter).

Here goes (to two ppl who were once my good frenz):

Well, I dunno why but I get a funny feeling that you hate dislike me *I guess hate is too strong a word...but still! Is it because of something I have done wrong? Coz I can't think of any...(but you never know...)

Err, could it becoz I talk too much? *I know my faults...Haha* But if you guys think clearly & objectively, you shld notice that recently that I have talked LESS to you guys. I'd even go as far as saying, very less. Coz I dare not...

Or could it becoz sometimes I'm a very fussy person?? Well, sorry if I've irritated you two at any point in your lives. I don't really mean 2 be fussy but it's juz that sumtimes I'm a perfectionist lo. Sorry. However, I do not think that being fussy SOMETIMES would warrant so much dislike of me on your part..

So, I do not know what I have done wrong. If you would kindly point out to me anything that I have done to make you angry or what... Pls.

I oredi noticed it before this but I put it down to exam nerves since you're having your finals and's quite a long time after finals ade. And I have seen no improvement. Haih.

I know you two have become quite close to each other and I have no prob wif that...but if you two become so close until you exclude other ppl, I think that's kinda rude. Sorry... Juz telling you my opinion. You wouldn't like it if you were talking to someone... And that someone keeps talking to someone else... As if you were beneath that someone's notice or smtg. It's not a nice feeling. I've been there... I shld know.

Maybe you two would want proof but shld I write it down here...? It's not very nice, is it? I better refrain myself... for the moment...

Well, let's juz say I'm miserable about our friendship... I mean we were on okay terms with each other during high sch, weren't we? Why shld it worsen to such a state? Let's go back to what our friendship used to be, ok?

But...if you guys don't really want anything to do with me, well, I'd avoid you like the plague lo. :( Juz say the word. Might as well not "min zho zho", right?? I will leave it up to you guys... Just leave your opinions here in the link below or the chatterbox on the RHS...

~Depressed & miserable~

That's life... *Sigh*

Friday, June 24, 2005

Haha.. A Normal/Funny Day In College...

Anyway, nothing really special... Yeah, right. In my college? No such chance.. lol. Drama! Woot~ Except today's Friday..! Yay! Well, when I did my chem report last nite, I was kinda thinking that smtg was wrong with my solution *It's an inborn*

So, when I got 2 college this morning, BAM! My instinct was right then!! My way was wrong because I put the wrong solution in the wrong instrument... It's suppose 2 be NaOH in the burette and diluted vinegar in the pipette but stupid me got it wrong! :( In the normal way, when doing titrations, it does not really matter which solution you put in which actually...but when you use the wrong volume for the wrong solution... Woah! Watch out! The whole discussion broke down [the questions kinda lead to one another.... And... I HATE dat!! Ish.]

Anyway, I had to start writing it all over again...since my report was printed out one... I really hated that... arrgghh...*It was a pretty long one, you know..* So there I was, writing the whole damn thing down, during classes (O.o) and during intervals lo... Finally finished at 3:30pm.. and the report was supposed to be passed up by 4pm, you know... I think this is the latest time I finished an assignment...Really! Well, I alwiz finished the nite before since I'm doing it the printed way [coz my handwriting sucks ma! Although its wayyy unique.. Hehe... Eh, it's true, many ppl commented as such on my handwriting.. Rare~ :P]

Anyway, I even did my report during lunch in the cyber cafe.. Didn't even go out for lunch coz bio lecturer extended the class by 15 minutes (he said 30 minutes one!!) and my frenz can't wait ade... *Sob* but kinda miss the spaghetti in cyber (delicious! most times la...) and kinda sick of food in kopitiam la... *I think we'd tried a lot of kopitiams in the past few weeks d... How's that for exploration eh?*

Then there was maths class (will only mention classes if anything interesting happened, k? Lazy girl I din really pay attention... A lot of ppl's attention were wandering too since... It's the last class of the week! (for most ppl la... Not me. I got stupid lan class to fall asleep in... *Snore* Wait, I don't snore! okie, zzz lo!)

Paulynn and ejian were teasing Lyd... They're playing matchmakers for her. Don't ask me why they choose that guy for her... Beats me. Anyway, Lyd was sulking (in a joking way.. Better to clarify or else she'll be hounding me d) and denying everything... And I was one of the culprits that joined in the game. Haha...

Anyway, the funny thing was when Lyd told me jokingly *Again, for clarification reasons*: "They're talking behind my back oh..." And since they were really sitting behind her... Witty me [Huh? Who's that? What had you done with the real zy??] replied: "But they ARE really talking behind your back wo..." LOL... And everybody laughed.

Hmm. That feels great since it isn't alwiz my jokes receive such warm laughter. Sometimes, they don't even get my jokes... Aikz...or... They give me blank stares that seems to say "What the hell are you joking abt? This is a funeral you know..." [Ok, I did NOT joke at funerals... That was meant as an example... And since you din get it, that juz proves that my jokes are lousy once and all.. Sigh]


And after my free period, it was time for boring-dull-me-to-death Lan class... *Stupid Msian Studies!* Haih, we went in late... since our "late" is considered most ppl's "early" liao... Some ppl very horliao... They come in very late EVERY time. They're playing pingpong and doing what-nots la... Don't ask me, I dunno, I juz talk with frenz one... Anyway, THK GOD the teacher let us out early... That proves she has a heart after

And after that, I went home and here I'm typing this pathetic post for my pathetic day... No la. All in all, it was a pretty great day, if you'd would exclude the chem report thingy. *Refer above pls, if you've forgotten. So fast... 1 ear in 1 ear out? No, wrong. Shld be 1 eye in 1 eye out...but that sounds kinda weird...*

Okay, gotta end here ade... This is one long post..! Inspired ma...

**Psstt** College gossip available here --->

  • paulynn and jian said that they saw XX wearing lacy panties with purple ribbons... Ewww... since XX is a guy... I wonder if it's true?? I was there, but sitting in front of him... So no chance la... Do you know wat XX say arr? He said he was wearing 2 layers of underwear.... HUH?!! And someone said: "WHAT? You scared get raped horrr?"

  • We all laughed till almost died lo... :D Someone said that he stole his mum's panties.. Haha... and that wasn't the end yet... When he couldn't take the jokes anymore, he put on his mp3 and said he can't hear us like this... Guess what someone said?? They said he was listening to the panties stockmarket!!! HAHA... LOL... That nearly made me cracked... *Diagnosis from doc: Dead from laughing too much... RIP. Well, at least it was a good way 2 go la.*

  • Anyway, my fren oso told me dat becoz XX didn't hav enuf clothes to wear [he lives in the hostel 1..] he borrowed clothes from his fren... That's fine by me... except... He borrowed a shirt the other guy slept in to wear to college... Really gross! Eww. And the other one oso siao la.. Why lent someone a shirt you slept in?? Isn't that like kinda gross? Don't tell me he'll wear that shirt to sleep in again... Double eww... It feels so dirty...!! But then maybe guys aren't exactly known for their cleanliness or taste of discretion when it comes to borrowing clothes from frenz.. lol. Juz kidding..

So psychos/perverts, anyone? :P

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Maths Ext.1 for Assessment 2 was...

...horrible. Really! It was totally a shitty bloody mess that the dog dragged on the floor.

And i dun even hav a dog... Shit! Damnit... Ok. I gotta stop swearing... or my blog will be banned from those ppl using public pcs... Coz according to my fren, she says the pcs in our college library will ban you from reading and will even go as far as listing what were the swear/dirty words used and how many times they're used.. lol. Aren't they suppose to screen you from thdat sort of thing? Then why the hell are they listing it out for you? To help you memorise them..?? Go figure! LOL...!

Whatever. Back to the topic.

My maths assessment was totally lousy... Charm ade!! Dunno how.. I couldn't prove Q3... [Actually a lot of ppl couldn't prove it... Was it wrong or something? Siao. Argghhh...!!] And now I found out that the freaking graph could be wrong... Argghh!

Juz becoz kaypo me juz need to add some extra inflexion points that were totally non-existent... Ish...!! *Actually, I didn't really think about it.. My hand juz drew & drew... Haih... whatever*

Btw, pls excuse my language again due to intense frustration (as usual) I think this is the post with the most foul 4-letter words... Haha...

I dunno what to scold abt my mathz test coz its so damn irritating... I was gonna enjoy myself thoroughly after this test... but look what had it done! It had successfully made me feel annoyed... and frazzled..!

But I'm not gonna care abt it ade! [No point crying over a stupid test... Yes, pun]

Okie, bye!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Quote For You..

This is a quote which I think is good for us procastinators out there. Haha... Posted by Hello

Like this? I will try to find more quotes, okie? =D

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My Sunday...Haih!

This sunday wasn't relaxing at all.. Far from it.

Went to a physics seminar that leong recommended... *He kinda forced us to go by threatening that he won't talk abt the topics mentioned in the talk... Really?! Isn't that a threat? Hmmm.*

I guess it was ok.. and actually I went because I thought it'd be interesting. He doesn't have to force me to go la. Juz kinda motivates me lo.. Anyway, the speaker was nervous lo... and... his eng wasn't that hot either. But to be fair, he was very knowledgeable. :) Thumbs up for him!!

Anyway, I think it was ok. Learnt a few new things, I guess.

Well, the talk was about the universe we live in... (Duh. How many universes are there?) If I'm not mistaken, the talk's title was *A Fundamental Understanding to the Universe or something... Let me go & check the pamplet.

*People drumming their fingers, waiting for moi to run upstairs to get the pamplet*

Okie, I'm back! Here, it says: "Physics: The Key to some Fundamental Questions about our Universe".

Aww. Juz look at the pictures I have posted above *Not very sure how to upload photos yet* They look kinda cool after I had mess around with them using photo editor. [It wasn't so colourful before this. Rather cool, I think.. Gotta learn more about this thing though... Anyone care to teach me? Pretty pls..??]

Well, I thought the talk was pretty boring at first.. Since the speaker was talking about the basics of physics... very... very... slowly... Argghh! Yuki was almost falling asleep ade. I managed to stay awake though. :P Then, suddenly the talk shifted to quarks, neutrinos etc.. I can't rmb la...coz this speaker is crazy...

Very funny you know, the easy things, he talk abt them slowly... The difficult things, he talk about them so quickly the I didn't managed to understand all. Yuki was even worse. She said she don't really understand much... She was a little disgruntled when I told her that quarks are in our course this year. Part of our options topics for phy—courtesy of leong... Well, can I say I've a small head start? Don't think so, coz I didn't really get most of the points.. Whatever.

Btw, some of the ppl were totally asking stupid questions. The speaker oredi said that as a physicist, he will only answer questions dat are considered "physical"... and some ppl keep asking questions that were totally out of da point.. Talk about

*This old man was asking questions about God developing a universe that have consciousness and all... Hello? That isn’t physics, ya know!! Go and ask a philosopher or something. That's their job anyway! lol.*

So I think that's all for now... Gotta hit the books for my mathz 3units test on wed.. Ish...!

*Psstt* I hate tests. I can't enjoy myself... :(

Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived... Courtesy of whoever... Don't ask me!

Award of Excellence? ME? omg!

Right. This post is for my day on last Wednesday--15/6. (Alright, I wasn't lazy, ya know... It was because I was having part of my 2nd assessment on saturday.. Pls refer to past posts to know how lacking in preparation moi was for the test. Haha.)

Anyway, my college was having a ceremony thingy for those who had scored well in their tests. Academic excellence and all that, yaknow...

And GET THIS! Moi was one of the "lucky ppl" that was getting an excellence award.. lol.

Moi? Miss Procrastinator?

Am I dreaming? *Pinches self* Ouch!

[I didn't really believe it at first since at my high sch.. I wasn't considered one of the brilliant ones since there were many better ppl in front of me--in terms of academic achievement... and mind you, they were really good! Unlike moi~]

Anyway, you wanna know how this award is based upon? Well, to get an Award of Excellence, you gotta get A (80 above) for at least 5 subjects.. Moi is taking 6 subjects---> Phy, Bio, Chem, Eng, maths 2 & 3 units... AND... *Psstt* I got all As for all 6 subjects... This a secret. Don't tell anyone, ya know..Hehe.. [I almost forgot, the 5 subjects must include eng... So, actually, some ppl were very good but did not get it because their eng did not make the cut... *Eng wasn’t easy btw*]

Another award that was given out is the Merit Award... Well, to get it, you gotta get A (80 above) for at least 4 subjects... Yes, including eng..!

Anyway, the ceremony was held in Lecture Theatre A at 4pm... According to the programs given out, it was supposed to end at 4:40pm... but ya know la, these ceremonies alwiz end late.. Finished at 5pm.. but, wait! I'm getting ahead of myself...

Back to the topic: In my course, there were about 14 ppl getting da Award of Excellence and about 6 ppl getting the Merit Award... And get this:- Out of the 14 ppl, only two were guys!! Well... At least, they hit back in the Merit department: There were 4 guys out of the 6 ppl there... Go figure! :P

So, if you ask my honest opinion abt the ceremony, I think they were making a hoo-ha about it... They make it all so formal-like (Yeah...we had to dress up for it... Ok, not gowns & tuxedoes la.. Although a guy did wear a coat, I But we're talking about my-feet-are-killing-me-high-heels for the whole damn day, ya know..) and all for what? Just to get a certificate!! Why couldn't they just give it out or something? *I think I better stop complaining or else those who didn't get it would be thinking what do I have to complain abt?*

Well, it started with a dance by 2 girls in malay wear.. I think the dance was kinda weird, if you ask me--but you didn't, so don't bother... Anyway, the respective head of departments for all the courses in my college came in... All dressed to the nines in black formal coats... Ranjit was there too... Later, he even made funny faces at us, which we of coz laughed. He said we ruined his pic because we made him laughed... HA! He was the one making faces first but full marks for the joker as usual! :D

Then, come those long boring-pls bore-me-death-speeches... by our principal. [I think he could improve on his eng a bit... I'm just being straight-forward, okie? But I heard he was a nice man... Dunno... *Shrugs* Miss Blur didn't even know he was the principal of our college.. Blek.]

After that, it was time we got our respective certificates... Finally! And all the ppl streamed get our certs lo... Nothing to comment here... except a girl came wearing a mini-skirt and a vest... Eh, girl, formal wear leh? This ain't formal, you know... but whatever... to each of her own, I guess. *Wistful Smile*

After everyone got their certs, we're then treated 2 slide show.. I think it was kinda interesting but what do minature cars and virtual puppets *I dunno how to describe it in a better way leh...* have to do with da occasion? Go figure. I think that was all... those parts that i didn't mention must be boring [Actually, it is becoz I forgot ade. :P]

Then, we're asked to go have some refreshments.. Boy, how I need to be refreshed! I didn't feel like going at first... but Ranjit said the food was good. So we being greedy Chinese, went. It was held in the Pinang Room (I didn't know there was such a room eh... Btw, quek, it's not the peanut room harr...) and the food was 'good', yeah, right.. -_-

I don't think a dish of some kind of mee that I can't phantom what type it is can be considered good, ya know... [Ranjit, you really gotta reevaluate your opinion on what type of food is considered 'good'.. Or maybe just improve your tastebuds a little. :P]

Ok, to do it justice, there were a few types of kuih...but they were available in so pitiful numbers that it was all gone in a few mins... The mee too. I didn't even get to drink anything. :(

I guess that's all folks... Ciao!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Zombie Waking Up From A Daze

Well, feeling a lot better... After a decent nap. Juz finished a part of my 2nd assessment... We did maths 2units at 11am followed by chem at abt 12:20pm.. I haven't had any real sleep the past few days coz I often (actually, ALWIZ!!) fall asleep while studying..

Then, I will wake up like at 2 or 3am {sometimes, even 5am! Damn..} and tries to cram summore in before falling asleep again after like after 15 Yup, that's how moi study lo.. ARGGHH.. I think my electricity bill will be shooting up coz I left the light on for the whole night ade these few days *How'd you expect me to off the light? I didn't mean to zzz you know... Ish.*

Neways, I think I oredi have dark circles around my eyes.. A first for me since I normally dun have these signs even when I'm really lacking sleep.. I guess it shows how deprived of sleep i am.. Haih. Must turn in early tonite for more beauty sleep. [Say only.. I know I sure on9 till v.late coz I will need to indulge myself after examz..]

Well, you might be wondering why I din say anything abt my test dis morning. Okie, jus to humour you, I will write abt them lo...! :P

Maths 2 units---> Okay kua. But I still that there were too many questions to be completed in 1 hour!! The teacher must be crazy [privately, I think that she juz wants to prove that she can be as good as the man when it comes to setting exam papers.. Prove all you want..but pls dun let us poor students be the victims. Ish.]

Imagine it: When the teacher said ''You all have 5 min left'',I still hav question 4b), c), d) and e) etc... Not yet done....

And so I freaked! Seriously. I hate being caught in situations like this. I will start shaking (my hand, I and my heart will start pounding like crazy... Yeah. That's call the adrenaline rush.. Woo! Its kinda scary actually... -_-

So I couldn't like really think straight and I think I answered the last part wrongly when I fully knew the answer [Got mixed up abt concave up and concave down??!! Argghh...] Whatever...!

Chem ---> I think it was ok...but involved a lot of writing lo.. Ny hand was like gonna break off liao... 3 marks for writing more than half a page?? Crazy! I'm not sure I'm going to do well.. coz I don't think that my last minute studying will pay off this time... Sigh. What to do. Moi is a lazy person.. wants 2 do enjoy life! :P

*Wei! Life only happens once, you know...!* Here's the prove. lol.

I shall pass thru this way but once,
If there is anything I can do,
Please let me do it now,
For I shall not pass thru this way again.

by Whoever... *I've forgotten actually. Paiseh.*

Anyway, when I came home, after lunch, I watched Madagascar (long-overdue)... I think the movie was really funny...and the producers were really witty.. There were moments of humour that could be deduced from the music... For e.g: They played this music from National Geographic when Alex the lion was going to attack the zebra... Haha... *Really ironic*

Then, I had an headache due to extreme lack of sleep... so went for a nap lo... So great! Sleep is SO wonderful... Zzz...

Then, to indulge myself again, I online-d almost the whole nite... Aiyo. My bill next month charm liao... *Was going to watch 'Batman Begins' with frenz, but no transport home.. What to do? Ish...*

So I guess I will call it a night here... Will give a few updates about last wed. Will write abt them in my next post, okie?

Tata for now! :D

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Crazy Insane Week...!

Well, this is another insane week, guys!! I'm totally wading in homework... bogged down by numerous terribly difficult assignments... Oh dear!! I'm a nervous wreck!

Btw, I'm going to sit for my 2nd assessment next saturday.... We're going to have to sit for to subjects at one go... Chem and maths 2units. Then on the following wed, I have maths 3units..

The thing is---> I haven't study for any of them!! HELP!! [Well, all things considered, this is juz as usual, moi IS miss procastinator after]

So the point is, I dunno what to do now... Shld I study first and leave my assignements to the last minute... or...Vice versa? To do or not to do... that is the question.. [Woah. Quoting Shakespear now?] Haha..

The one thing I'm sure of is: I shldn't be on9-ing now... Yup. That's so right of me...but what to do? I'm SO addicted.. I must on9 everyday ade... This is a new addiction... Do I need therapy, anyone? Help...!!

Okie. Since I'm on a roll... Better stop here now [My posts are getting shorter and shorter now... due to laziness on my part... *Shrugs*] Might as well go to sleep.. Yeah, not enuf sleep lately but not becoz of studying oh...?!!

Well, as alwiz Hakuna Matata la!! :D

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Juz A Few Tests....

Hey...a few more tests.... Wonder if they're accurate? Hmmm... Comment anyone?

Your IQ Is 90

Your Logical Intelligence is Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Above Average

Your General Knowledge is Below Average

The True You

You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed.
With respect to money, you are a bit stingy.
You think good luck is something you won't attain - you expect bad luck.
The hidden side of your personality tends to be satisfied to care for things with a minimal amount of effort.
You have a tendency to overdo things, but basically you value your friendships highly.
When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you base your search on information from your friends.

You Were Actually Born Under:
Delicate, timid, and attractive - sometimes you really do act like a bunny.
You're very compassionate and protective of those you love, sometimes too protective.
Your home is really your castle, and you make sure your home is comfortable and well furnished.
You don't like to argue - and you prefer a quiet, peaceful a life.
You are most compatible with a Goat or a Pig.

You Should Have Been Born Under:

Your most comfortable inside your head - and often daydream the day away.
You have an artistic temperament that makes you seem creative to some, eccentric to others.
You avoid conflict at all costs, and you have a difficult time with relationships.
Attractive and with good manners, you tend to shine in social situations.
You are most compatible with a Pig or Rabbit.

Your Intelligence makes you bewitching.
Whether you know a lot about some things or just about everything, you're a sharp and savvy soul who's got great common sense. And you don't need to be a genius to know that brains are sexy. A smart cookie like you has a lot going on upstairs. You can hold your own at cocktail parties, meetings, and water-cooler chats alike. While some use their abs and gluts to turn heads, one flex of your mental muscle and hearts melt. Your good looks and sweet soul don't hurt either. Now that's smart!

Monday, June 06, 2005

No More Procastinating..Yeah, Right..If Ever!

This is the normal monday blues... where I feel totally sleepy becoz as usual I left my homework too late again... causing me to work into the late late night~ Burning the midnight oil since petrol is so expensive

I know it's kinda late for a new year resolution so let's make it a mid-year resolution then.

I will try my best to not procastinate. A bad habit I picked out from a fren [Will refrain from mentioning her name here or you will find me in tomorrow's headlines... God!... No thx...!!] Btw, I'm juz kiddin, you know. In case you didn't... Hehe!

I think it'd be best if I managed to make procastinating a dirty, more-than-4-letter-word here... Then it'd mean it had oredi worked!!

HA!! But it didn't work...!

Or else why'd I be here? Ok. Gotta admit it! I juz can't motivate myself... So there!! Bye!! Coz I'm feeling frustrated now!! ARGGHHH!!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Kinda Apologetic

Sorry, guys. I think I was kinda in a foul mood yesterday when I was typing yesterday's post... *Well, pyschologists did say voicing your frustrations verbally, in this case literally lo, is totally better than bottling it in*

See? I was juz throwing a tantrum to relax... Makes so much sense! Haha!!

Btw, linhui...thx for your comment. At least there's Life in my blog!! YES!! Finally, so I think I can break my strike now...but you readers pls don't forget to post comments, okie? Or chat with me thru da chatterbox thingy....! Or else I'm dying of lonliness... ~Lonely, I'm so lonely...~

Neways, I gotta get things out of my system... So did anything happen that was remotely interesting around here? Lemme think... guess not...Okla! My life is not that boring & dull. I think something happened but you definitely totally couldn't classify it as funny [coz it's not]..

Okie.. Here's the 411 on it:

One of my classmates was hospitalized a few days ago...but you won't be able to believe why... She got hit in the eye by *Guess what* a shuttlecock!! OMG!! Now that's why they call it dangerous Neways, she was practicing for the sports carnival.. Which I guess she won't be taking part in now.. Life's so ironic...! And the guy who hit her eye was pretty shocked I heard...

And some guy in coll even drew a few comics about this story... Gotta admit the comics were pretty cute...and ironically funny. {Don't understand why he drew himself in the pic neways. He was there meh? Dunno.}

So that's that.

Btw, ranjit was terribly sarcastic about that. He asked her frenz 2 tell her that he showed concern abt her condition.... and made a terribly funny joke which put us in stitches...

Here goes:- A girl was hit in the eye by a shuttlecock.... so---now she is----Cockeye!! [You will only get the joke if you know malaysian slang.. Hehe.]

I can't think off what to write now. (Coz Miss Procastinator alwiz write her stuff a tad too late... So she forgets by the time she wanna write abt it..)

Ish. Whatever... Tata now!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

My Miserable Thoughts Abt My Blog

Well, feeling VERY bored. Sometimes don't really feel like writing here in this blog...coz who reads my blog? Hell! No one....!

It wouldn't matter if I treat it like a "real" diary of my inner thoughts (Since the less ppl who read it the better!) BUT...since I can't treat it like a really personal diary [For totally obvious reasons... What if that particular someone that I've been writing bad things about in my miserable blog happens to stumble upon my blog in vast cyber space... Hey! You never know, right?]

I guess I need some interaction between my readers [if there are any la. Sigh.] and me... Well, homo sapiens are social animals, right? So my demands aren't too outrageous, right x 6??

Anyway, those of you reading this should totally get my thinly-veiled hints by now.. If u don't... Sorry lo! It must be my horrible way of writing.. Sob...

Whatever! I'm so totally over myself...

Don't really wanna write now *Anyway nothing interesting happened to valid itself a space in this stupid blog...!! !

@$$&#@!@#!$..* ---> Pls excuse my language due to intense frustration...

I think I should I go on strike until I get some interaction here in this blog!


Strike...strike...strike... No need to write liao. *Muahaha* Better show your loyalty, loyal readers, wherever you are... Muahaha...!!! YO!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Feeling Sick, Literally

Quite a lousy day albeit with a few perks *Will mention them later* Anyway, the main reason today was lousy coz I'm SicK!! ARGGHH!! I totally hate being sick...!!

My sickness? Oh yes...! My enemies! Flu and cough and sorethroat... Isn't it bad? And I still have to go to college with a runny nose & a terrible cough... [Wonder how my condition has totally worsen in one night!! Strange.] And I couldn't concentrate coz the cough mixture taken this morning making me feel really sleepy *What I mean is sleepier than usual.. Which is bad. lol.*

And I had to redo my phy experiment AGAIN..! Argghh... After a bit of manipulation (Opps..shldn't have said that here.. Hehe) & a few repeats, There! I got the converted curve!! YAY!! Thk god..! :D

Then it was lunchtime. Guess what I had for lunch? ICE-CREAM!!! [I must be insane...still eating ice-cream when I had such a terrible cough!!]

Anyway, the real reason we must go today was --> Today was the 31st.... which means Baskin Robbins have a discount today!! *They only have discounts on every 31st* See the reasoning behind it? Hehe...

Anyway, we bought 2 pints (Shld hav buy a Quart coz after calculation we found out that was cheaper... Sigh. Still, at least we get to try 4 flavours lo... Gotta waste $$ for more flavours, Ii guess...) The Flavours were: Pistachio Almond, African Safari (Too sweet! Ah!!) Baklara (pretty it!) and Jamoca (I think... Can't really rmb the name. Yuki loved it.. I think it was so-so nia...)

Anyway, we couldn't finish it in time coz had to wait in line for a long time... So we decided to take it up to phy class [Coz leong did say we could eat in class arr... We took that as including ice-cream too...haha...] Thk goodness we finished before he came la... but the other students were all looking at us, drooling (Juz but they did say playfully why didn't buy for them la. Haha...

Btw, we also met jienz and a bunch of college frenz there... and since we took an extra number (50-ours & 51-extra..and what is the world coming too? Taking numbers for ice cream? I thought that was for serious stuff only like doing your IC or stuff... Ironic...!), we gave our extra number to them. Then they don't have to wait so long ma.. See? We're considerate... Haha.

After phy, it was bio class...and guess what the lecturer was teaching today? Influenza~Flu la! What a coincidence! :P Anyway, me & chinlin were control influenza, affected individuals should avoid crowds, unventilated areas...etc... And what I was doing? Sitting in a crowd of students & in an air-con room... lol.

Guess that's all for now... Shld turn in early to get more zzz~~ So I can get well faster la!! That's was what was taught in bio today ma! :P