Saturday, February 28, 2009

Settling Down

Sorry for the lack of updates! Thing are going really busy at the moment. Anyway, good news! I finally got my internet a few days ago. But was too busy to blog. :P

And the fridge came on the same day too. Luckyness! So yeah, the past few days we have been trying to scourge stuff for our kitchen. Must be cheap but not too lousy quality, difficult-nya!

Anyway, later we will be cooking our first dinner here hehe. I feel we are quite lucky to be staying where we are coz we are near to the weekend market and woolsworth, so we can get everything we want without having to walk too far!

Next week will be my last week in geriatrics. I did learn quite a bit in this rotation and I think I did use my time quite fruitfully. (well I don't have a choice, do I? with sucha full timetable lol) But I really need to brush up on my clinical examinations, especially for msk and neuro where I feel I'm still lacking.

Gonna start Msk rotation after this. Hope it will be a good run with lots of opportunities to learn!

PS: A very happy birthday to Fun Fun by the way! Hope you liked the cute card I sent you :) Sad that I can't be with you to celebrate your birthday..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Halfway Into Geriatrics

Oh my look at the time. My last post was a week ago and I can't help but wonder how time flies when one is in clinicals. busy busy.

Anyway, I'm halfway into my 1 month posting of Geriatrics. I'm posted to 2 wards, mainly the orthogeriatrics ward and the delirium unit.

So far all I have seen in the former ward are falls! Old people really fall a lot and get osteoporotic fractures so easily! I think I better get my calcium intake up :P For the delirium unit, as the name suggests, we get a lot of confused elders in there, and some that are aggressive and yelling at inopportune moments. hmm.

I don't think geriatrics are my thing coz apparently I'm too softspoken for the people here (can you believe that??) and my accent confuses the oldies too as most of them are not used to hearing other slangs.

Seniors said that geriatrics is a slack rotation but not so for me. We have a pretty full timetable I must say. So I think it depends on which hospital you do your posting and how willing your team is to teach. My consultants and registrars are pretty nice :)

And the internet thing is still pending. They take 10-15 working days to process a simple application. What! Cant wait to get internet coz not only I can talk to my family and frenz easily but a lot of academic annoucements can only be checked online. so mafan.

Okay that's all for this week haha. Will give more details when I feel like it. Ta-ra!! as one old lady said to me! :P

PS: I finally got my parcel yesterday. yays! But what a pity that some stuff with sentimental value to me wasn't included because apparently the parcel exceeded the weight limit, wic is weird coz it wasn't so when we weighed it last time.. hmm. Will just hvta find another way, by hook or crook to get it sent to me :P

Friday, February 13, 2009

Popping In

Hi everybody! You all must be wondering what happened to me! gosh look! it's friday now haha.. how time flies when one is busy.

Anyway, I don't have much time to write now so just to let you all know that we just applied for internet yesterday and hope that will be set up soon :) so I'll be able to update more often.

And yeah, my first rotation is geriatrics and I'm still trying to adapt to the clinicals. So far everything is good, except that I need to brush up on my communication skills (my malaysian slang don't do so well here =/) and yeah, revision of what I learnt the past few years. Coz lots of things seemed to have flew out of my brain haha.

Alrighty, this will be a short update as promised, for once I must say. And see you guys soon. Gambate to all my frenz! ^^

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Stroke Of Luck, Finally

I am writing this to announce that we signed the agreement today! so yays I finally have a place to stay. =D Got me a bit worried back then.

Debbi and I will be moving in tmr (rush, no?) so that we can save $$, instead of paying both temporary accomdation and the new place. It is hardly ready but no worries, we will try to get it done as soon as possible. Hope we will have our new home ready by this weekend! Is that a safe estimation? lol.

So yeah, won't be updating much till we get internet set up at our place. Hope that will be asap coz everything depends on internet here! Uni announcements, bus timetables etc.

Hmm so far this week has been really fun. Procedural skills workshops are cool!

Did I say that I successfully drew blood from 2 batchmates yesterday? woah adrenaline rush haha. okie more like 1.5 times success coz my first attempt failed halfway lol. The second tube just didnt fill haha. But it's all good :)

My cannulation on the model failed though. =( Need more practice.. not easy! But I dont think I dare do on real patients le.. Injections weren't too bad, seemed ok. Tomorrow will be practicing catheterization (on models of coz, what did you think? haha) and resuscitation on thursday morning. Then there will be 2 nursing attachments and a senior first aid course that we had to do.

Quite a full week eh and we still hvta get our house ready! So much stuff to buy and all. And things to apply for @.@

And next week rotations will start.. Have absolutely no idea how to prepare for it. So just hvta take things one step at a time then!

Things seemed to be really looking up compared to last week. Hope it will only be better! ^v^

PS: I had a good chat with someone yesterday. Cleared up some misunderstandings which is good! Next time we should just discuss things yeh. :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

One Step At A Time

Wow so much has been happening the past few days that I can't help but feel overwhelmed by it all...

So it has been a week of 'preparation for clinicals' sort of classes. Debbi and I are in the same group for these 2 weeks so yeah it has been a week of mostly lectures for us. Next week will be the hands-on procedural skills like cannulation, phlebotomy etc. I should be reading up on it now but just feel a bit unmotivated to do that...yet.

So what have we been up to the whole week besides lectures?

I'm rather lazy to upload pictures somehow so pls check out Debbi's blog (she's very diligent in putting up pics there hehe) or my facebook for the pictures okie :)

Well, it has mostly been A LOT of walking for us so far this week in our endless pursuit of a house. (really starting to hate walking in this hot sun!) And yes, I think we might have managed to get a house, just tat there are some issues to settle. Will update when everything is confirmed. And once we get a house, there will be a whole host of stuff to take care of! Settling down is never easy. le sigh.

And ya on Friday night, we met up with 3 batchmates courtesy of Chye's socializing skills haha. And I realized how weird it is when most of my batchmates don't realise the sudden appearance of 5 imu ppl into their midst. lol. They are just too scattered around to notice. Wic is good! Coz it means our infiltration has succeeded hehe..

Anyway, they took us around to Northbridge which is the area of town which comes alive at night. haha thank god, I was wondering what the ppl around here do for entertainment at night! They have a mini china town here too. But I havent had the chance to try any of the restaurants yet.

They wanted to bring us to karaoke at first (which seems pretty exp at night) but most were full. So in the end, we went to this place for coffee. I ordered iced chocolate tho. Very yummy! ^^ Well, I thought it was great to get to know some other ppl from my batch. They seemed like very nice and funny ppl :)

Okie I guess that's all for now. I know I haven't been updating much but I guess I will write more regularly when I've totally settled down. Can't wait to settle into my new house! Hope everything goes smoothly.

And yes, where have all my readers gone to? *wails*

PS: We have finally managed to decipher the incredibly complicated Transperth website which is responsible for public transport in Perth. yay for us. Now, if only they will show where the bus stops are.. so that we don't need to walk around to look for them. =/

PPS: omg can't believe that today marks the 2nd week I'm here in aussie! I won't say it passed fast coz it sure as hell wasn't fast when we were walking in the burning sun looking for random houses!

PPPS: And yes, I think we will hvta take things one step at a time. Hence the title of this post. I know I can do it.. I miss you guys...