Friday, September 29, 2006

Imu Cup 2006

And so Imu Cup 2006 is over. No more tension, no more squabbles, no more tears over losses, no more nonsensical cheering whatsoever.

Oh wait, did I start on the wrong footing? Sorry, I think I made it sound like a sad event. It is not. Oops, wrong call. Paiseh. Start again..

Okay, gotta admit this. Imu cup was COOL! We really had lots of fun cheering for our batch. I know I had fun cheering my frenz on, even though they didn't always win. (Actually, I have a sneaking suspicion that my sem was the last.. are we?) Ah, nevermind...

Get this: This is NOT about winning. It's about doing your best for your batch, giving everything you got, pushing yourself to your best potential. If you managed to pick a few gold medals along the way, good for you. But if not, at least you did your best. It can be about having fun too and making new frenz and showing great sportmenship. [okay, maybe the last part was pushing it. Shld cancel it. Coz that is so not what that happened. Aikz.]

Anyway, let's see, our batch got a few bronzes, one silver and two golds. It's not exactly the best, but I'm proud of my frenz that gave their all and did their best. (^o^)v We got gold for snooker and chess. Two relatively low-profile sports. But heck, at least we had some golds. hehe.

Oh ya, one bronze that should receive some commendable blogging space here. We got bronze for cheerleading!! How cool is that? Tell you guys what, cheerleading is such a cool event! Really an eye-opener for me! (Mutters: Why last time my sch no cheerleading wan.. *pouts*)

Anyway, congrats to M106 cheerleaders! Yayz! And to all the other cheerleaders out there, you all did a great job! All that hard work and commitment, really salute!

Well, to be truthful, I'm slightly surprised that our batch got 3rd place for cheerleading (wait, I'm NOT saying that my batch is no good okay), what I DO mean is that the other batches were really good too, so they all deserved to win.

Let me say what I like about every sem's performances.

Sem 1 - Erm, their pom-pom colours are very nice? Okay, stupid reason. Hmm. They gave a quite good performance as they didn't have enough time to prepare. After the hectic orientation, then they have imu cup! Just that they have some confusion in between during the performance. Other than that, it was ok, I guess. :)

Sem 2 - Hehe. My sem. 2nd runner up! Wee~ I like the "musical box" part. Very cool and creative. And the part using the Tokyo Drift song, nice! - my ringtone currently too. :P Heard that they lost a pair of pom-poms at the very last minute. So they cudnt do some steps using pom-poms. Sadcase.

Sem 3 - Ah... Nice! Totally lurve their martial-art-styled moves! Believe it or not, they did drunken styled moves according to Jay Chow's "Huo Yuan Jia"! Uber cool!

Sem 4 - Nice formation! I feel that they have a more cheerleading feel in their routines.. They did full extension pyramids and tosses. Very dangerous so bravo to them!

Sem 5 - Cool too. 1st runner up! Liked the part where all the guys did the breakdance! Very bergaya also.. They have some very cool formations that I've never seen b4. Thumbs up!

Pharmacy - Champion! My god, they totally moved like a single entity, even when changing places. Really a jaw-dropping performance leh. They also really know how to create an atmosphere! Nice~

The overall Imu Cup goes to sem 5, while the Elephant Cup (for the best supporters) goes to pharmacy. But quite obvious for the latter, coz they combine all 5 sems together to make 1 team. Hmm.

Okla, enuf crapping about that. Tired ade.. Gonna stop here. Just wanna congrats the winners and for those who didn't win, well at least it was a good game, right? There's always next year, M106s!! Go go go!

Hmm. Feel like joining basketball next year. Hmm. We shall see. And a bit tempted to join cheerleading. But dunno whether I'm good enuf to qualify onot. haha.

PPS: Can't believe that I fell sick a few days ago. :( Just becoz I went swimming a fortnight before in the vista B swimming pool. I think I caught an ear infection then. Arggh. I presented with pain in right ear, back pain, sorethroat, low-grade fever, malaise and felt feverish... What the heck. How come I'm clerking myself?! So funny. Anyway, feel better now. Thanks to the antibiotics and paracetamol. Seems to be working. *Phew*

Monday, September 25, 2006

Doing The Wrong Things

I'm quite furious with myself. I promised myself that I wouldn't do that anymore. And there I go, still making the same mistake.. blurting out like that, just like a fool! *arggh*

Those who were present were shocked that I said that.. and the thing is, I didn't mean for it to sound like that.. For that, I'm sorry.

Okay, maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.. It isn't smtg that is very bad. Just the wrong choice of words. I know I'm a person that likes to mull over some matter for sometime.

But to me, it's important. Coz it's a mistake that I promised myself I wouldn't repeat. Especially smtg as straightforward as that.

Pardon me. I guess to err is human. I say the wrong things sometimes. However I try to avoid making mistakes, I guess there will always be a slip of tongue now and then. *sigh*

Anyway, what's done is done. I shall learn from my errors. That is what that is important, right?


I also did smtg not-so-right over the weekend. This matter is not as clear-cut as the one above. Who's in the wrong, I'm not sure. Maybe both of us were wrong. Maybe it just happened to hit a weak spot? I really dunno.

Just hvta tell myself.. Really can't do things based on whims and moods. I tot I've conquered that, but alas, it was not to be... Was a bit moody that day and today. That's one of the reasons both things happened.

That day, I guess my frenz saw a not-so-pretty side of me that they've never seen before. That's not good, isn't it? But then, I just wanna be myself? Really dunno...

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me. I get angry for the wrong reasons. I remember sometime ago, when there was a valid reason for me to get angry, I just couldn't.. :( Why am I getting upset for the wrong reasons?!

Hmm. Is it okay to do/say smtg not-so-nice just becoz you're moody (for certain reasons) that day? I think not. But I'm just human.. However I try, I guess I can't be perfect. *Perfect by Simple Plan plays in the background*

Sometimes really dunno what to think except to hope that whoever I offended accidentally will forgive me. I really don't mean it. It was just done in the heat of the moment. Believe me, I shall really try to cure this "flaw" of mine.

Maybe one day I'll be able to do that. It seems impossible but I shall try. *yes!*

PS: To add to this bad day, I think I didn't do so well for my CPR theory exam just now. The Qs were a bit weird.. really hope that I don't fail. :( Besides that, I also lost the earrings that I was wearing (a bit too loose) and they were relatively new ones and I kinda like them, as they're quite funky. :T

And I also lost the keychain dog (it broke) that my good fren gave to me as a bday present some years back... Any hope that I'll get that back? Ha. Don't think so. Really, I'm starting to think, everything bad does happen all at once, especially if one is in a bad mood. Coz one tend to do wrong/blur things when one is moody.. *sigh*

Sunday, September 24, 2006

What Sort Of Trivia Is This?!

Seriously, you don't wanna read the crap below... Got this from Ellice's blog and it's so *sweat*!! Okay, you've been warned. Proceed if you think you can handle this crap... lol.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Ziyun!

  1. Antarctica is the only continent without ziyun! - Guess that ziyun isn't exactly a name popular with Eskimos? lol.

  2. It is impossible to fold ziyun more than seven times. - I reckon that one time is also too much for my poor spinal cord.. No need to say 7 times lah.. -_-""

  3. Ziyun has only one weakness - the colour yellow! - Wow. And sorry lah, I don't like yellow that much wo..

  4. Ziyun was first discovered by Alexander the Great in India, and introduced to Europe on his return. - Huh?! What the heck is this? We weren't even born in the same era.. *blinks*

  5. Ziyun can give birth ten days after being born, and is born pregnant. - Omg! This one really *sweat*.. o.O My eyes are popping out, reading this!!

  6. All of the roles in Shakespeare's plays - including the female roles - were originally played by ziyun. - Fuyoh! I can play Shakespearean's roles leh.. Summore originally by me... must be very old now, me. Haha..

  7. The word 'samba' means 'to rub ziyun'! - Wah.. What is this lah! Samba is a game from Africa right? Certainly not rubbing me eh! :O

  8. Ziyun can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid. - Muahaha! I'm almost indestructible! Geng ah! I'm impermeable to acid too. Wow.

  9. Ziyun is only six percent water! - Wrong! I definitely have more water than that! And that's a fact!

  10. If ziyun was life size, she would stand 7 ft 2 inches tall and have a neck twice the size of a human. - In life size, I'm sooo much shorter than that, and my neck length is very normal, thank you very much..

I am interested in - do tell me about

Hahaha.. Your mouths are hanging wide open after reading this, right? :P Damn funny and weird lah. Aikz. But then, I'm bored. So probably even things like this seem "interesting" to me.. Anyway, have fun trying your own names or other keywords of your fancy.. Hehe.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Basketball & Donating Blood

Just got back from the basketball match... Yeah, we lost both matches.. *sigh* Anyway, they did try their best. Their captain, Valene played on resiliently with a recent bad sprain! Wow. Now that you finished the match ade, must rest more okay... Good job, girl!

Well, I didn't watch a lot of the matches though, was too busy playing basketball at the other court. Wah, really long didn't play ade.. How long has it been since I last played? Hmm. At least 1 and a half years ade.. Kinda missed playing leh.

Maybe I'll join the weekly pratices that the basketball club organize. Must train more! Maybe if I'm good enough, can play for my sem in next year's Imu Cup too! Hope so. :) Well *tentatively* he did say I had potential lah...but maybe he was just saying that to make me happy? haha...

Hmm. Nothing much to say these days.. [Guess my life isn't that interesting anymore? Or my brain doesn't have time to think of life's philosophies? lol.]


Oh ya, I donated blood yesterday at Imu blood donation drive.. It was my 2nd time... But this time I think they must have put the lancet (tool used to prick ur finger to test ur blood) on a higher level. Damn painful when they pricked my finger, compared to last time. Not me say only, the other ppl also tot so too. Hmm.

Funny thing was I totally stared at my arm when the nurse was putting in the drip!! And Eugene said that normally ppl look away... so he commented that "I've guts!".. Hehe. I think I'm just plain curious lah, just wanna see how they do the procedure lo.. Keke. To be a doctor, one has to has guts to stomach the worst situations! Gambate to me! *stares hungrily at gory pics of ppl with decapitated heads* o.O

Anyway, the weird thing was yesterday I felt a bit shaky after donating blood. Was walking down the stairs pretty slowly. Thanks to suewen for helping me, making sure I didn't faint on the way home! lol. Hmm. I rmb the last time I donated, I felt really ok wo... Hmm. Become old ade.. haha... Now I also have a relatively big bruise on my left arm. :'( But it's all for a good cause. Yayz! Go go go!

Okay, going to have CPR theory exam on monday and I haven't started studying!! Will start now I guess.. *resists watching naruto, hahaha* Ciaoz!

Home-Cooked Food

Feeling kinda bored of a sudden. So just wanna blog about some random stuff for a while (wait, isn't that all I do now? Blek.)

Anyway, I've stopped catering my dinner since I started sem 2. Why? One of the reasons was becoz I felt reluctant to force myself to eat food not of my liking and which was terribly unhealthy too. *imagines the oily, drippy and soggy state of the sad veggie* :( Eww! Therefore, I've been surviving on hawker food thanks to my frenz who have cars. However, they've started catering not long ago [besides it's also quite expensive to eat out everyday] so I'm left with no options for dinner. Not. Hehe.

Thanks to the girls. They've started cooking on a daily basis again. Four ppl take turns to cook actually, from monday to thursday. And they being the nice frenz they are, invited me to come along too. :D

Of coz, there's no such thing as a free dinner. Besides having to pay for the food (duh), I'll also help with the preparation and washing up lo. Easier said than done. Being the cooking noob I'm [thanks to my mum who refused to let me into the kitchen, don't ask me why -_-], I'll hvta learn from almost scratch. Which is actually good for me. I plan to observe and learn. Maybe after a year, I'll be able to cook a few dishes on my own? (Whether it's edible onot is another matter, haha).

Just wanna say thanks to PuiFun, Lishan, Jason and ShinYin who are the ones cooking. It's so nice to get to eat real home-cooked for once. *contented look* Besides being so much healthier, it really helps me save more $$$ too! Wee~

Okay, gtg soon. Shld force myself to study. Stop watching so much anime!! :'( *Sigh* Hehe. Tonite will go support the girls' basketball team!! Hope they win! Tataz~

Oh ya, really sorry for not blogging regularly. You all can't get your regular fix of me now.. Boohoo. Haha. Anyway, thanks to you who miss reading my blog. You know who you are. *winks* Anyway, will try my best to blog more frequently, I guess. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Someone Commented...

...that I don't smile enough. And that I look cute when I smile. *mused and flattered look*

Hmm. I shall not attempt to comment on the latter comment besides "duh" coz eveyone looks better when they smile, right? haha..

Anyway, about the first statement though, gotta admit that there is some grain of truth in that.

Sigh. I really don't smile enough. And God knows that (according to the general populace) I look rather garang/cold when I don't smile. Sad case.

But seriously, I don't mean it. Sometimes inside I'm smiling, just that it doesn't appear on my face. I think my smiling muscles (buccinator?) must be defective or smtg.. -_-""

Well, what do you guys think anyway? Do I really don't smile enough? But I really don't wanna smile the whole freaking day like a fool high on drugs leh.. *sweat*

Aiyak, what crap am I blogging about leh.. Really no continuous train of thought at all.

Anyway, just wanna remind myself, one really cannot judge a book by its cover, or by a one-off encounter. One shld try not to be judgemental...

Okla, that's all for now. Really should go study now (hope so). I've not been studying AT ALL since sem 2 started..and that's bad! Especially becoz there's Imu cup now. Been to a lot of games to support my frenz.. Tiring~ So far we only had one gold medal for snooker. Hope our sem improves more. Go go go!

Maybe I shld start training now and I'll join imu cup next year.. Hmm. I shld go for basketball, badminton. We shall see. :)

Okie, ciao!

PS: Not so emo nowadays... mostly becoz there is not enough time to rest properly, no need to say for time to emo lah. haha.. Having 2 PBLs per week is draining most of us.. Although the PBL triggers are getting more interesting. Yeah!

Reminder to self: Please study!!!!!! Do you wanna do well in med sch onot?!

Bah. Hope that got into my thick skull and the meninges! lol.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

* A Special Day *

Okie, guys, this is an obligatory post! Must write about this stuff! :D (Well, the guys say I must blog to show my appreciation wo.. *innocent look* hehe)

Regarding last post's hint, well, just wanna say last thursday was... *drum roll* my 19th birthday!! Yupz, my last teenage year! *grins* And yes, it was definitely my best birthday so far!! ^v^

I feel soooo blessed. I wanna first say thanks to my many frenz who were far away and so couldn't celebrate with me in person, and therefore sent me lovely sms-es wishing me a happy birthday.. Thanks for remembering!! :)

Then, also thanks to those who sent me friendster testimonials, emails, msgs wishing me happy birthday too..

And now, time to blog abt those guys who wanted me to do this post. :P haha...

On wednesday nite, Kee smsed me to go 'yumcha' at 11 smtg.. and supposedly to go meet up at his house around that time.. I really tot that we're going yumcha... well, cannot be too perasan rite? :P

Anyway, Eugene sms-ed me later at nite, asking me to bring my elective report for him to read when we go yumcha... which aroused my suspicions as normally he doesn't go out to yumcha with us... Then, Roney called me, asking me to go there earlier, making it all the more suspicious.. hehe.

And so I went to his house, with my frenz, Suewen and PuiFun. He didn't let me in when I first knocked at the door (more suspicious rite!).. he only let me in after sometime. Hmm. Me and my frenz were sitting in his living room when suddenly there was this big group of ppl who came out from his room, carrying a cake and singing me bday songs [yes, english, chinese and malay versions, lol]! So touched!! ^o^

It was a Black Forest cake from Secret Recipe.. woah, the cake was big, man. And they're so "mean" on my bday! (Technically, it was still 1 hour from my bday then, hehe) Know what they did? Although they didn't smear cake on my face [like what happened to eve], they "forced" me to take off the candles on the cake using my mouth.. 19 candles okie! That wasn't so bad, except for the fact that evil PuiFun pushed in 1 of the candles so deep into the cake, that to take it out, I got cake all over my face anyway. Tried quite a few times to take it out.. :T Yer, you're the most evil!! But it was funny lah, I admit. :D Guess you all like eating cake that I touched b4 with my face kua... hahaha..

They said I looked funny coz the cake smears were cross-shaped with reddish stuff running down my mouth. lol. Nah, I won't post the photos here - why would I do that? - haven't got them yet actually. :P

We hung around for sometime, talking + playing PS2 before going home around 1 smtg in the morning. :D Anyway, just wanna say thank you to you guys, really appreciate you guys holding a surprise party for me!! Sumore you guys had class the next day, and I know you guys are serious abt getting sufficient sleep, hehe. It's been quite some years since I had a cake to celebrate.. Just wanna let you all know that this means a lot to me. :) Thanks!

Anyway, the next day (which is my real bday) was a really good day too. Dunno why, but quite a few ppl seemed to know it was my bday, esp the Broga camp peeps. That remembering birthdates' game was fun! So a lot of ppl wished me happy birthday too, thanks for remembering ya..

Can't believe that Kajen also announced that it was my birthday thru the mic during the class interval.. and my batch was singing happy bday for me. Touched again.. But the funny thing was this:

Kajen: Hey, it's ziyun's birthday today!

*smatterings of claps and cheers*

Someone: Who's that? -_-"""

Funny, wasn't it? lol. Nah, I'm not offended. There are around 200 ppl in my batch so I don't expect everyone to know me.. :P (But I'm working on knowing almost everyone though. But I think my brain is protesting tho. lol.)

Day went on as usual, pity that I had PBL that day though. Oh ya, rmbed smtg. I wore a new outfit that day, and apparently, quite some ppl noticed that, so I guess I really don't dress up enough usually. haha.. Guess I looked nice for once (eh, my bday what).. Aiya, too much hassle to dress up everyday lah, besides being uncomfortable.. No more money to buy new outfits too, unless anyone wanna sponsor? *winks*

Eh eh, my bday celebrations doesn't end here leh. Still got.. :P After class, me, Puifun, Suewen, Kevin and Caryn went to Midvalley to celebrate again. Hehe. We had dinner in Nando's - their treat, thanks - nice dinner. Later, Leong, Eugene and Keeping joined us to go watch movie too. And guess what movie we watched? It was none other than DOA [aka Dead Or Alive].. yes, I can see the guys drooling ade.. Don't ask me why. -_-"" haha.. The movie was ok, I guess. Lots of action, less about storyline. What can you expect from a movie taken from a videogame, right? Whatever. The guys are more abt watching the opposite sex in, ahem action. :P I think the censorship board cut away some of the more interesting scenes though. Aikz, again!

Oh ya, b4 I forget, thanks to Puifun, Suewen and LiYann who gave me this uber cool handbag as a bday present! It is so pretty!! Love it~ <3

Anyway, after the movie, we then went back home using LRT. Just managed to catch the last train home in time coz the first train was so damn long.. Thank god, don't really wanna be stranded there. Phew. Reached home around 12am. And that was how my bday ended. :D

Okla, this post is becoming very long and boring. Blek.

I don't care, I just wanna document the best birthday I've ever had so far! Thanks to all my frenz, you guys are the best!!

Blessed~~ (^o^)v

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Lil' Whining

Today's first lecture had been cancelled. Now waiting to go have an early lunch (to avoid the long line nowadays) and tot I'll blog a little.

Anyway, the past few days have been a busy flurry of activity. Too much activity actually!! :(

Lectures are all about things that are completely new to me. Microbiology, Pathology, Immunology etc... All the names of virues, bacteria to remember! o.O My god. So foreign.. A bit like reading foreign language actually. aikz. Sem 2 is so difficult!

Ok, sorry for the pathetic whining. Paiseh. It's just that I don't find a lot of time for myself nowdays. Been doing my elective report, PBLS are sucking up a lot of my time too and trying to find time to study!! *sigh* It's like wanting to study but can't find the time for it!! Been a sleepy head lately too. Feeling tired more than usual too (wah, symptom of having HIV+, ok choi! haha), really dunno what's the reason for it.

Neway, gtg now. At least tonite's dinner is taken care off. Me and the girls are cooking a real dinner for once. :D Yayz! Must improve my cooking skills too. :) Ok, ciaoz!

Hint: Hmmm.. Tomorrow should be great day rite.. (^o^)v Hehe..

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Aww. So Sweet..

Flabbergasted. o.O *Mouth hanging wide open to catch flies*

Anyway, why the sudden oral fixation? lol. Coz I just saw this Friendster testimonial for me by Eve. (If you wanna kaypo, go see my friendster profile lah.) -_-""

I mean, the testimonial is just SO nice! Seriously, I'm really not used to ppl saying so nice things about me.. Yes, I am being serious for once.

Well, just wanna say thanks for such a nice testimonial. Really appreciate it and yeah, I'll try to become a better person. Hope I can reach your expectations of me, which is rather high. But one can always try, right? ^o^


Last friday, after Eve's bday lunch, I rushed home to change then straightaway went with suewen to Midvalley. We went there coz the juniors were giving us OOs a treat!! How nice of them, isn't it? :D

Anyway, the dinner was at 6 smtg. So we window-shopped for around an hour b4 going to meet them. (Btw, really hate taking LRT to Midvalley coz the Komuter takes damn long to arrive!! Aikz.)

And the place we had dinner was none other than Nando's! Yummy~ The chicken there tastes so delicious. *drools* We had a lovely dinner with lots of jokes and chatter. I shared a dish with Suewen coz I had a late and very full lunch. Hehe.

After dinner, 13 of us went to watch this movie called My Super-Ex Girlfriend. Uber cool! This comedy totally succeded in its aim of destressing its viewers. Everyone came out with a big smile on their faces!! (^o^)v Recommended to those who need a stress buster! Just that it was a pity that some of the more erm, interesting scenes were cut off tho.

Anyway, the funny thing was during the whole duration of this movie, I dunno recieved how many calls and smses. Weird, isn't it? Normally I don't get so many calls neway. And they had to call during the interesting and funny scenes! Aiyaya..

Oh ya, before I forget. The juniors gave us OOs a card to show us their appreciation! Awww... So sweet! Really touched. At least we know that our efforts that week were appreciated. Makes me think that I might do another turn as OO again. See how first lah. Haha.

Okla, nothing much more to say lah. I know that my blog posts aren't the exactly the most scintillating nowadays and offers no food for thought. But whatever. My blog is just a pensive to dump all my thoughts! Hehe.. Okie, ciaoz!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Random Rabble

Really sorry to the many ppl reading my blog (perasan pulak, hehe) coz I don't have the enough time to blog these days.. Yes, my life is still as interesting as always (perasan again!) but I can't seemed to find the energy to be a long winded old lady as before. Sigh.

Anyway, I spent last last week being OO to a bunch of juniors, which incidentally are almost as old as me, if not older. Blek. Hmm. Well, I must say, I'm quite impressed with them, as they are very learned ppl. Unlike me. -_-"" I have 2 postgraduates in my group. One did neuroscience in Cardiff while one had just finished her biotech degree in Sedaya. Fuyoh~

I guess we did had fun the past week besides the fact that the M206 orientation was so much milder compared to our time. For instance, there was no more throwing of stink bombs from the top floors. *Eh, painful leh..* Instead it was changed to throwing bombs over a wall. Anyway, the stink bombs weren't that smelly anyway. During our time (how come I feel old when I say this? lol), you could smell us a mile away. o.O

And the things we had to do for signature hunt wasn't that bad afterall. Maybe becos the seniors this time around weren't that hamsap sadistic! *think of the pole-dancing and seducing we had to do* Aikz.

I also got to know so many new ppl! Cool~ And believe this onot, there are IMU ppl that I don't personally know that reads my blog. Yupz, while hearding my juniors around to get signatures, imagine my surprise when Prasad asked me: "Are you the infamous zzzyun on ppl's blogs?"

I hvta admit, I was stunned for a moment. lol. Well, guess it's cool that ppl read my blog. Unfortunately, havent have much time to blog recently. Sigh. Sem 2 seems so different and scary compared to sem 1. :( Besides having 2 PBLs in 1 week now, the subjects that we are learning now is soooo different too. Aikz. So many things to do and so little time!! So busy nowadays~ Aiyoyo..

Okla, I'll stop my crapping here. Hopefully I'll get my internet connection soon so that I can blog more often. It's just too troublesome to blog from uni.

Whatever. Ciaoz. Got PBL to do.

PS: Evelyn had her 22nd birthday last friday! We celebrated with her by going to this place called Star Village (or was it Honeystars) in OUG for lunch.. Food was not bad, atmosphere was good. Anyway, just wishing you a great year ahead and all the best! ^o^ *hugs*

Monday, September 04, 2006


Been super busy and exhausted lately. Just went thru one week of M206 orientation as an OO and now today, sem 2 officially starts! Woah. That's why I haven't been updating lately. Damn tired man, not enough time to really rest the past week.. Sigh.

Anyway, may be blogging about the experience of being an OO later but not now. Too tired. It feels a bit weird to be getting back into the fast paced life of a med student again. Especially after lazing around the whole hols. Totally shld have done my elective report instead of procastinating. Whatever. That is just so me.

Well, today's briefing is "scary" in a way. The lecturer totally achieved the objective of scaring the daylights out of us about sem 2. Feel a bit stressed now. Especially after PBL. o.O

Okla, dunno what I'm crapping lah. Too tired to come up with some good crap. Bleh. Cya guys later when I'm more awake. Tataz!