Friday, March 31, 2006

Martial Arts, Aikido

Ah ha, no more stuff about orientation. That's so old news la... :P Anyway, a lot of stuff has been happening and seriously, I dunno where to start la.

For me, after coming to uni, there has been a lot of firsts for me. So why not let me talk about one of them first... :D

  • Hmm. The first thing that comes to my mind is that I joined the Aikido Club in my uni!! Uber cool, right? In case you didn't know, Aikido is a type of japanese martial art that doesn't require as much brute strength compared to taekwondo but is more aggressive than taichi... Walk the middle path~

  • Well, for Aikido, [I'm just touching the surface ok] it involves a lot of throwing ppl around, disarming ppl and we also get to do diff types of locks! Muahaha~ We also get to play with diff types of swords later like the boken etc. I'm also buying the Gi, the costume, which looks soooo cool.

  • It's really really fun and I enjoy my classes!! :D It's twice weekly so it's quite an active club. I think I'm getting better ade...! Anyway, I'm doing it for fitness reasons and self-defense purposes. [As I said, I'm not athletic leh, wanna get fitter ma. Hehe.]

  • Yesterday, this super-super senior who's really geng taught us how to defend ourselves from rapists!! It's like how to get the rapist off when he's sitting on top of you. Chun man! And I think it will come in handy when anything untoward do happens. Hey, I hvta walk home late at night at times leh. My house quite far summore..

  • However, as I said earlier, I'm not very athletic, and becoz I'm just starting, I have quite a lot of body aches and bruises from the training sessions. Sigh. But I think I'm getting better since I don't need so many demonstrations to get the hang of it anymore! Yayz!

  • The seniors there are really nice and it's great fun training with them. And I get to know a lot more ppl too. And they do get 'relatively' rough as they said it's easier to learn if you really feel it... But as I said, I'm toughening. :P Hyak~!

Ok, that's all for now about Aikido. Although it takes up a lot of my time, I feel that it's something worth spending time on...

Pls pray that I'll catch up with my studies soon okay.... Why am I always procastinating....?? My first exam is in like 4 weeks leh. T_T So behind!!

Whatever. Catch you guys later! Got a Dance Welcoming Party later!

Yalah, yalah, I join a ton of clubs la, hey, I gotta find ways to amuse myself in this boring place, don't I? :P

Friday, March 24, 2006

Telematch & Bbq

Err, have been asked why my posts seemed to keep harping abt my orientation week la. Basically, it's becoz I'm very chiong hei la and also that since I'm a procastinator, stuff that I want to blog abt keeps piling up lo... Sigh, no internet at home ma, hvta come to the library to use, so damn troublesome!

Anyway, this post will be the last post abt orientation (I hope) so no fear! Today I'll be talking abt the Telematch and the Bbq on saturday nite la.

Well, sad to say, I overslept that morning. We're supposed to be there at 7:30am and it starts at 8am at a field nearby. However, moi was severely lacked of sleep, so I must have turned off the alarm when it rang. I only jerked up at around 8 I think. In shock. Turned on my hp only to find that I've abt 5 missed calls and a few msgs. AHHH! What a coincidence, the day I overslept happens to be the only day I chose to turn off my phone. Aikz!

Neway, called my O.Os and thank god, they're still there waiting for me! Phew~ *Wipes off sweat* I straightaway changed and was off. No breakfast summore lo. Haih.

Well, met them (paiseh paiseh, they're all waiting for me) and we're off to the field. After some waiting around, it started with what else, cheer fights again. Sigh, no voice ade la...

There're 6 stations there. We're supposed to go against a diff group at each station and start the games with a cheer fight. Again. [Apparently, two groups didn't turn up for the telemtach and they're minused points or smtg. Walao, 2 whole groups leh!]

I can't rmb most of the stuff, so point form again. It's easier for you guys to read anyway.

  1. Spin on the butt in the mud, then do 'helicopter' 20 times, then roll back in the mud again. And the thing is, this mud is made by pouring water on sand, so we all got pretty scratched up too. T_T

  2. Caterpillar race (one group against another) towards the foot of the hill. Then, 3 ppl for each group are tied together and they're supposed to race the other group to the foot of the hill. The funny thing was, our group didn't hear properly and they raced to the top of the hill leh!! Haha.. Damn funny. They're SO tired after that.

  3. Oh ya. There was 1 station where each one take turns to race to the other side. We had to hop in a gunny sack, roll in a gunny sack (I did that), do 'helicopter' [dunno why they like this so much! lol] and go crack an egg using your head.

  4. Damnit, my memory is really failing me. I can't seem to rmb anything else. Arggh!! Think think think. Sorry la, really cannot rmb anymore... Might add if I get some inspiration suddenly... :P

So out of 6 stations, I can only remember 3, sadly. 50%! I passed! lol.

Erm, that leaves the Bbq la. (I seemed to be losing steam to blog abt orientation ade, haha.) Well, our O.Os warned us that there might be some more ragging (What? More?!) at the end of the bbq... Smtg called 'dipping', especially when we're wearing our nice clothes... Dipping = ragging us by making us dirty, I guess. So, they said it was best if we left earlier lo, around 9 lidat. And that was what we did.

However, I read in the forum afterward that they've already changed the tradition and there was no 'dipping' this time. Well, actually they did mention that they're cancelling it, but we didn't know whether to believe them onot...

Ah, we're suspicious ppl now. lol.

I rmbed during treasure hunt, a senior offered me a biscuit and I was like, erm, okayy, is it safe to eat?? [It was a normal biscuit, in case you wanna know.] Hey, I'm not the only one, my frenz who're offered biscuits had the same reaction too. Wahaha~!

Apparently, those who stayed late at the bbq had quite some fun leh. What a pity I didn't stay... But how would I know leh? Anyway, we also went somewhere else after the bbq. We went to the Mines and get this, played pool leh!! And I was like the only girl in a bunch of guys. (That seems to be happening quite frequently as the girls in my gang don't stay around here ah. Sigh.)

Oops, I didn't talk abt the bbq leh. Fastforward too much! Haha. Neway, the food was ok I guess. There were sausages and chicken lo. And lots of types of beehoon! lol. And we lowly juniors were supposed to serve the seniors with abundant food lo. Aikz.

We're joking that we'd serve the seniors with burnt or dirty food. Dirty as in oops-I dropped-it-on-the-floor sort of food. LOL! But we're not that bad la. We did serve them with normal food la... :D

Yes~! Finally done with the blogging abt orientation. Phew~ Starting to get boring ade. Guess it must be the same thing with you guys, right?

Well, in my later posts, I'll blog abt stuff that is happening recently lah. I dunno where to start lo, coz sooooo much has been happening in the past few weeks leh!!!!

Hah, I'll worry about that later. :D Cya guys, and have a nice day!

PS: Pip just told me that his uni coursemates were thinking of orientating the next bunch of juniors. And at least part of the source of inspiration for the orientation comes from no other source than... my blog! Woo~ He even asked his committee members to come & visit my blog leh, no kidding! Walao! Apparently, they're quite impressed with the orientation at my uni leh. I'm sure my seniors would be damn proud of me now.. Haha..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So-Called Variety Night

Hmm. Sorry for the slow updates recently. Kinda busy as I'm trying very hard to catch up with my studies but unfortunately to no avail. But let's don't talk abt that.

Anyway, about orientation, in my previous post, I talked abt the treasure hunt on wednesday right?

Now, it's on to friday night -- called Variety Night. [Sure hell got a lot of variety, all right.]

At the start of each orientation, each group is supposed to elect an IMCC (which means I'm Sissy! Get it?) Not only this poor guys will get ragged more during the whole length of orientation, they'll also have to dress up as girls on 2 separate occasions, which I'll attempt to describe shortly.

First one was the swimsuit shoot, which was held on tuesday I think, at the vista B swimming pool. [Vista condos are where most students are staying.] Each IMCC is allocated a character which they are supposed to dress up as. Examples include: Cowgirl, Frenchmaid, Golfer, Nurse, KebayaGirl, Geisha etc. Our group got nurse, (!!) and I must admit, the wig which they bought off from the seniors was the ugliest wig I've ever seen. Seriously, after the guy/girl put it on, he looked more like tarzan or anything, anything but a girl. Eww.

Ok, during the swimshoot thingy, each guy/girl was supposed to act girly [Eww pls~] and do all sorts of vulgar stuff la, basically. Spanking, what-nots. All this is video-recorded lo. Then, after that, the guys/girls will hvta get into their swimming costumes and basically just 'play' around in the pool la. Erm, is that kinda vague? I dunno how to describe it la, it's just GROSS.

But funnily, some guys really looked quite ok as the 'girls' lo. Aikz. We started getting confused and started asking Qs like: Is that a girl or a guy?! lol. Eh, seriously, some look really chunt-ed as 'girls' leh! But some just looked damn ugly. Use your imagination, guys! :P

A lot of ppl came for the event, coz life here is pretty boring, so the orientation for each batch is like one of the more interesting events around here la. (Ok ok, there are interesting events all year round la, but still orientation rocks!!) There were some kids there too, and they're all pointing and laughing, or giving the IMCCs strange looks. *Mama, what are they doing?* God, they're gonna be SO mentally scarred for life. lol. And... that covers the swimshoot event la. But just barely. I guess you just have to be there. :D

Oh ya, a bit digressing ade. I'm supposed to be talking about the Variety Night, right?

Basically, every group is supposed to come up with a performance that somehow includes the IMCC character in the story and the IMCC for each group is supposed to perform solo.

Well, it's not that nice since performances that don't do well get boo-ed and seniors will throw crunched up newspapers at you la. *I personally experienced it and it's really NOT fun. :( * At first I heard they're throwing rubber balls but later were asked to stop since it kinda hurt. Thank God.

Ok, my group got nurse, right? In the end, we decided on an advert for Tanjung Rambutan lo... It's supposed to be abt how good the facilities are but the reality is the opposite. Kinda vulgar la our play, but we tot that's what the seniors wanted ah... Manatau our play was boo-ed and thrown crunched-up newspapers at. Sigh!! We're soooo depressed leh. But actually our play wasn't that bad, it's just that they didn't listen properly to the person telling the details. Aikz. So like them!

Anyway, it was also becoz the IMCC performance before us was damn damn good (he won 1st place ok!) so it's kinda like a letdown after that great performance. Well, the IMCC was supposed to be a detective (I think) and he/she came on stage riding on someone leh! Damn chunt-ed entrance!! :D Then was also some foreplay [ahem] using handcuffs and all. But the killer when he/she shaked his booty to one of Shakira's songs!! Damn good man!! Just imagine Shakira shaking la! It is that good! Wow~

So there were like 28 items on the agenda, since 2 each for 14 groups ma... I saw a few performances la but didn't see all. *Will definitely be waiting for the video if there is one!!* Aikz. Even funnier was after our group's IMCC's performance, we didn't even see any show after that, but went to Kinrara for mamak. The whole orientation group la...

Haha. And our IMCC didn't even take off his makeup btw. Good thing the lighting was not good or the mamak guy would sure be surprised to see that lo. lol.

Anyway, about the IMCC performances I did watch. There is just one very apt description for it. Vulgar. Yes, very. I think ppl who are sensitive might be mentally traumatisized after this. Oh, don't worry, I'm still ok and functioning. :P

Ah ya, almost forgot smtg rather imp. IMCCs who sucked will be raped!! Yes, no kidding! First, a very scary siren will ring, the lights will go off, and the seniors will rush up the stage and start raping the guy la!! OMG~ You can run off of coz, and the worse it can get is the guy will get stripped to his underwear lo. (Of coz girls cannot be raped la, duh.)

However, for IMCCs who perform well, a senior will be asked to go onstage and give 'him' a hair check. [They're supposed to shave their legs and armpits for this thingy, no kidding!! Pity them lo~] And most prob they'll just rape that senior la. They're a bit crazy one, just like to rape ppl. (My theory is that they are fufilling their perverted desires la!) It is a bit scary, you know, just looking at them raping!! O.o

Hmm.. I guess that's all. Nothing beats the experience of being there la.

Well, that leaves the Telematch and Bbq on saturday. Which will be covered in another post. Aiya, damn procastinating leh. Too much stuff happening here ade!!

Ok, cya peeps! *And pray that I catch up with my studies, see, procastinator again!*

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Treasure Hunt - Testing The Limits

Oh, it sure did. Did what, you ask? Test our very limits la, physical and mental. Whoa.

Anyway, the Treasure Hunt was on Wednesday of the Orientation week, and our O.Os said that this was one of the most strenous events scheduled... What a good description.

Well, it started around 5 I think and ended around 9 smtg. We didn't even get to eat dinner in between. I was SO tired after it that I didn't have dinner that night either... :(

First we started by having cheer fights (We already lost most of our voices by that time) b4 starting out. We had to run like miles for the whole Hunt ok!!! And I'm not athletic either. :'( I'm not kidding, the landmarks we encoutered were like Bkt Jalil stadium, the whole enormous carpark, abandoned fields, the big park nearby, and we even reached Carrefour leh..!! I think I need to get fitter.

Anyway, imho, I tot the worst part of it was that we had to run around for such long distances. Coz as I said, I'm not athletic. But there was still worse stuff to come.

There are 14 stations we had to go to. Our group managed to finish at least 13 I think, if not all. Not very sure. But what was the most frustrating thing was that we couldn't find the 1st station leh!! We ran around for such a loooong time b4 finding it. :( Damnit.

I can't really rmb all the stuff we did for the station there [coz I suffer from Short-term Memory Loss. lol.] so I'll just talk about the experiences worth remembering la, okay?

Hmm. Point form again, so be it.

  1. The guys had to dip their shirts in the special gunk they lovingly prepared for us while for girls, it's shoes-in! And then we had to put on all those stuff again leh. My shoes all flooding inside ade leh... Yucky. This happened quite often, with different "recipes" at diff stations. Blek.

  2. Erm, we had to chew live worms properly before spitting them out on the floor. Ppl that did not chew the worms properly will have to re-do la. Thank god not everyone had to do this, only 2 guys and 2 girls from each group. I of coz... did not volunteer la. (!!) There was also another station that we had to EAT maggots!! Again, did not volunteer. I said I enjoyed orientation, doesn't mean I have to participate in everything. Especially stuff like this. Eew!

  3. Had to duck-walk up flightS of stairs while shouting cheers. Damn tiring.

  4. The whole group of us running around a monument while shouting: "We want Hot sex!!" In the middle of the night. Arggh.

  5. 'Swim' on the tar road. And since it rained before that, we're like 'swimming' in puddles of dirty water lo. Yuck! Also had to cheer while doing that. Dunno, they seem to have a thing with cheering. The funny thing is a senior gave me a (normal) biscuit to eat and I was like, ok, is it safe to eat or what? Explains a lot, doesn't it? Haha.

  6. Hmm. Another 'indecent' act. Guys are supposed to take off their shirts, lie down on the wet tar road while the girls are supposed to smear chili on their chest. Then, eggs are placed near the guys' crotches and the girls are supposed to smash it inside the pants. Caution shld be taken while doing this, that is to ask where exactly is the egg, in case you squeeze the wrong thing. *Winces* I heard some other groups got it worse, the seniors put chilli powder in the guys' pants and they say it really hurts alot. Thank god our group was safe. Phew~

  7. Oh, ya. Something humiliating that turned out to be 'fun'. Act like a god dog. I'm NOT kidding abt this. Good thing we reached this station when it was really dark. So no one could see anyone doing anything embarassing very clearly. Ok, 2 ppl [or shld I say dogs] are supposed to race each other. First, we had to lift our legs up and 'pee' at a pole, then roll over and play dead. The last thing we had to do is go thru a hula hoop (still on all fours) and bite at a bone. All this had to be done according to the whistle and with continous 'melodious' barking. Haih. Damn funny, now that I think back. lol.

  8. I think there are more stuff but my memory-loss disease seems to be worsening. So I'm sorry to say, that's all the stuff I've to say abt Treasure Hunt. Blek.

Btw, it was dirtiest that I've ever gotten. [Didn't I say that sometime b4?] Anyway, another stroke of bad luck hit me, coz when I got home, alas, there was no water!!! *Wails* Can you imagine that? SO dirty and no water to wash??!! Had to go to a fren's hse to wash in the end.

My seniors say there is an unwritten tradition that after all the dirty events, ppl can just jump into the Vista swimming pools (the apartments where most students are staying) to clean ourselves up. However, this cool tradition was abolished this year though. Arrgh. The janitors there complained, I guess. I went to the showerhouses to shower after IceBreakers but later, we're told that the swimming pools AND showerhouses were off-limits to dirty ppl like us. ISH!!

That's why had to resort to fren's hse. In the morning, had to go to senior's hse to shower summore. Damn paiseh, coz woke him up from his sleep. :( In the end, found out that there was no water-cutting exercise, just that some dumb-ass closed my hse's main water pipe. WTF! What a time to do that too!!

Oh, whatever. Over ade. But of all the events, we unanimously agree that Treasure Hunt was the best of all. :D Yayz!

We are mad, I know. :P Haha.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

IceBreakers - What Really Got Broken?

I'm so hooked on the internet. I online-d for 5 hours straight in the comp lab yesterday. Hey, don't blame me. Being an addict, you must understand how I feel after being deprived of my internet connection for 2 weeks leh.


Wrote a few paragraphs before the electricity tripped here in the library. Argggh. This is how 'good' the facilities are when we pay by the thousands for each sem!!

Nvm. Let me try to recap.

I think I was talking about the first night of Orientation la. The event scheduled was Icebreakers. Basically, we juniors didn't really like this one becoz it was rather passive. All we did was get into our groups and wait for stinky bombs to fall from the sky lo.

Okla, I mean wait for the 'nice' seniors to throw the REALLY stinky bombs from 3/4 floors above. So you can imagine the impact lo... It really hurts and I'm not kidding. My group was not in a good position coz we're like a good target for the bomb-throwers leh. We totally bombed, oh, do pardon the pun. Everytime the siren rang, behold all the bombs la. Every junior will straight away squat down in self-defence and huddle as closely as ever.

I got it every single damn time. I got it on the neck, side of face, back... basically almost everywhere la. And it REALLY stinks. Even worse than the dump site, ok? As I said, some vomitted, while moi, the tough one even gagged on first contact. :( Sigh. Never been so dirty in my entire life. But wait there is more to come.

Anyway, there were games like we had to pass ice between our knees, dip our heads + hair into buckets of gross stuff & do 'helicopter' after that etc. I can't really rmb but just that the games weren't that fun la. Haha. And all in between these games, the siren will just suddenly go off and all the bombs come down [Sing using the tune of London Bridge Is Falling Down. lol].

And now... *Drum roll* to the special recipe and ingredients that our dear seniors used for the bombs. [We only knew later when the senior in charge had dinner with us. Oh no!]

  1. Water used to wash shoes. Yuck.

  2. Chilli powder. Ouch.

  3. Rotten eggs. Freaking smelly.

  4. Rotten Tofu. Still as smelly.

  5. Rotten veggies and meat stuff la. Double icky.

  6. And there were still more, but we begged the senior to reveal no more since we still wanted to keep our appetities. :P

It was especially gross for me since I think some of the watery junk accidentally got into my mouth when the bomb hit the side of my face ma... YUCKS!! Wth.

Anyway, they said they worked very hard for this since they had to prepare the junk like 3 months earlier. [Had to wait for it to rot or ferment or whatever.] And not many wanted the job of packaging the bombs either. Haha. Sucks to them!

But seriously, they say its good preparation for future life as a doctor since when doing post-mortem, the smell is VERY bad as well. Die. (Oops, pardon the pun again.)

Ah, whatever. I'm just going to worry about my studies first.

I really must focus!! FOCUS~!

I'll talk abt the other events later la. Bye~

Monday, March 13, 2006

Getting On With The Ragging

Yikes, time to talk about the ragging!

*Rubs hands while thinking abt what to do to the next batch of juniors. :P* Haha. I got that evil look in my eyes.

But nvm me.

Throughout the whole orientation week, we're required to do a Signature Hunt, which basically means, to get certain seniors' signature, we had to do all sorts of stuff for them. Which also means, if they're evil, we're dead. Well, the seniors here aren't that evil, yet, but they sure are a mad bunch. Never imagined med students to be like that leh. :P Good thing I'm also only 50 % sane. lol.

For convenience purposes, I'll just draw up a list. [I know, I know, I posted some of this up in my coll site, but hey, I like to retell what happened to me, ok? Haha.]

  1. Had to poledance around a guy. (Dunno why this keeps sticking in my mind :P) That was so damn kekok, man! Coz the guy was our O.O leh. And I'm SO unexperienced. lol. Hamsap seniors, what to do. Blek.

  2. The girls had to 'seduce' a (hamsap) guy senior to get his signature. Some twirled his tie, some touched his face + neck... One used a scarf she was wearing as props. One even tried to sit on his lap!! Ha. I did a mini-dance, singing PussycatDolls's Don't Cha lo. Damn funny, coz I was laughing and singing at the same time leh. Hey, I'm not used to doing such stuff la!!! And later he wanted me to give him a lovebite! EWW!! I just pretended to give him one on the ear la. Yucks. Come to think of it, I shld have just bite his arm till it bleed. Muahaha!

  3. And there's this thing where (desperate) guy seniors will take a girl they like for Viva. The original meaning of Viva is like when the Dean and other personnel question you when you get borderline marks. If you answer well, you pass lo. No need to resit. [They're abolishing this system leh, I think. T_T Oh ya, I shld aim for better than pass rite?]

  4. Anyway, now there's the twisted version lo. It's just a chance for (desperate/hamsap) seniors to hit on juniors girls la. Apparently, there are 2 versions. One is intense ragging (I dunno what it is comprised of and I dun wanna know) while the other one can just be renamed as Hitting On la, imho. Thank god there's an unwritten rule that only 1 (normally girl) person from each orientation group can be chosen. Or else I sure kena ade. My O.Os told me that TWO seniors wanted to Viva me leh!! *Shocked Look* :O But since they've already chosen another girl b4 noticing me, they had to let me go! Yayz and thank God. I didn't know I had that sort of potential to attract such [unwanted] attention, ahem ahem. Pretend you didn't read that. Haha.

  5. The Caterpillar Crawl. Wah, damn hard la. Everyone sits in a line and the person at the back hooks his/her legs at the person in front. Then start moving like a caterpillar wherever the senior wants la. Kinda diff to describe. Just know that it is kinda diff to do, and doing too many times on rough surfaces will results in bleeding on the butt. Or so I heard. We did that once or twice I think. Arggh.

  6. Oh ya, two guys from our group were asked to poledance around another guy in the cafeteria!! Serious! Everyone was watching leh. One of them was our O.O and boy, was he good! :P Haha. He really can shake leh. Wow.

  7. The HaHa game, which is not funny, if you had to do it like 4/5 times. Everyone lie on the floor, with ur head on someone's abdomen and someone's head on ur abdomen. Get the picture? 1st person say Ha, 2nd say HaHa and on and on. If someone really laughs (coz it can get quite funny sometimes), then we had to redo. Arggh, and a girl in our group kept on laughing and we had to keep on redoing it. Ish. But this game is still ok, I guess.

  8. Do (thank god, not nude) squats while apologizing in front of everyone. Eg. Sorry XX koko, I couldn't shoot the bloody bunny (It's a game, the bunny thingy.) Actually, it was kinda funny and we started laughing after it. :D Did I say I was sporting? :P

  9. Shout really REALLY vulgar cheers. I just posted my group's cheer in one of my previous posts. Go check it out. All the other groups' cheers are as, if not more, vulgar, man! I think I really learnt how to swear after coming here! Omg. What a skill. After a week of intense cheering, almost everyone lost their voices. Including moi. We had to do cheer fights between groups too. Many got sick. Including moi. Haven't really recovered yet. Sigh.

  10. Run dunno how many kilometres (I'm not athletic!!) to go around 14 stations to get ragged during Treasure Hunt. May elaborate on that in a separate post. So wayyy out of breath leh. I think I'll need to get fitter la. Seriously.

  11. Doing "Helicopter". Which basically mean spinning around for a certain number of times the seniors asks you to do, with your finger pointed downwards and your head looking down too. This can really make ppl really pening one leh. Most can't stand straight after doing it. Summore, we had to do stuff like find someone right after the spinning. Which is so diff coz the ground is spinning around you leh. :( Attempt this at home, if you like. :P I'll not be responsible for any injuries though.

  12. Lie down in the field in the really HOT afternoon sun while seniors put gross stuff on us. Eg. rotten eggs, flour, butter etc. They say it was to teach us about the dangers of skin cancers. Yeah, thanks a lot. This was for Telematch. More later.

  13. This is quite popular. Seniors want us to make up a song with their names in it. My suggestion of Can't Keep My Eyes Off You became quite popular [Yayz!], so much so that other groups started using it too leh. Hmm. Oh, our O.Os cut a (good) deal for us and we had to sing FIVE songs for the whole sem 3s lo. There was a song called Hear Me Moo which is so funny! The rest are self-modified songs abt 4 pretty girls la. lol. Well, the sem 3s didn't seem very appreciative but the ppl in charge of giving us the signatures did apologize on their behalf la... But still. Sigh, spirit broken. :(

  14. Dress up as weird characters everyday to uni. I did Elvis Presley (God, I SO hate him now), Kim Possible, Pontianak (I looked wayy scary), Gymnast and in Pyjamas. :( Wth. Talk abt good first impressions. For more, read previous post.

  15. 'Swim' in the puddles on the tar road (I got all scratched up) and spin on my butt in the mud, which is actually a mixture of water and sand. I got more scratched up. :( Part of Treasure Hunt so I will explain more in a later post.

  16. Carry seniors around in chairs while shouting 'XX is the best, better than my ass.' I seriously doubt that. :P I heard from seniors that if a senior really likes you, he may ask you to shout "I love XX" very loudly leh in front of everyone in the main hall. :O Talk about embarassing. Thank god nothing of that sort this time, or not that I saw.

  17. Was bombarded by REALLY stinky bombs that were thrown from a few floors high up, and it really REALLY hurts. Got hit many times on the head, back, side of face and even neck!! Argh, dunno why they keep aiming at my group! Ish. A few ppl vomitted, I heard but thank god, not me. The actual icky ingredients used will be unveiled in my blog later since this is part of Icebreakers.

I guess that's all for now. I'm really tired. Just finish reading thru my mountainous pile of mail where my coll frenz are detailing their experiences at wherever. I also just posted smtg up at there, telling them about my orientation experiences. Haha. No one seems to be replying though. Strange but whatever.

But I just want to say this, however bad + tough + weird + other negative adjectives my orientation was, I gave it my all, and funny to say, I think I really enjoyed it in a weird way. Hahaha... :D

Yeah, I know I'm weird sporting la. lol. Just admit that, peeps!

Okla, more stuff later about the more intensive ragging during the Icebreakers, Treasure Hunt, Variety Night and Telematch, ok?

Damn tired, I'm so behind my classes and I need to study leh... T_T Cya!

The Ultimate Banner

I know this looks very funny but this was how our group banner looked like before it was destroyed by the stink bombs. Imagine the impact! *Ouch!*

As you know, group name is Ultra Ball Busters, and it had smtg to do with Ultraman la.

So behold our masterpiece. The yellow eyes were made from a bra (donated by the leader!) while the mouth was made from a guy's underwear. The ears were glued on hurriedly using the left-over bra straps la. lol.

It is relatively not vulgar already, since there was a group who used condoms as name tags!!

Oh My Freaking God! [See? I'm swearing more ade...]

But I still think it's damn funny. What do you guys think??

Playing Dress-Up

Okayyy, I got tons of stuff to write about my (crazy) orientation so I'll talk about the weird dress code they came up for us 1st la. :D

For the whole week of orientation, we're required to dress up as weird characters and go to uni dressed like that the whole day leh!! :O

Day 1: Retro Day. And guessed what I did? Elvis Presley [God, I SO hate him now]. We're required to mimic the ppl we're dressed up as, and I'm not really into that sort of stuff. Simply strutted and sang one line of Jailhouse Rock, coz that's the only line I know. Haha. Anyway, just plain embarassing, but hell, who cares? Everyone's doing the same thing anyway. :P

Day 2: Cartoon Day. Ha. I did the coolest (imho) character ever, Kim Possible. Borrowed my cousin's black skating gloves and wore a black tank top and green cargo pants. Minus the orange hair though. :P There were ppl who did Incredible Hulk and Pink Panther and they really painted their body green and pink leh!!! Woo~ For dress code check, we made a funny sketch that involved Heroes vs Villains la. Duh. The characters in my group, that I can still rmb la are: popeye, olive oly, bruno, shaggy, mickey & minnie mouse etc... Cannot rmb ade, coz I left it too late. Sigh.

Day 3: Halloween Day. Gosh, I looked so scary that day, ok? I had to dress up as a pontianak and walk from my quite-far apartment to uni and ppl passing by were all looking leh... :( They must have tot I was mad. I was in a nightie, with a white face. Later, my fren added blood dribbling down from my eyes and the effect was so scary leh!! :O Maybe I'll post up the photo later. If you prefer to be scared shitless la. lol. We did a voodoo sort of dance for our dress code performance. Scary!

Day 4: Circus Day. Heck, who tot this up? I got a fairly normal role, and it was as a gymnast la. Wore my swimsuit and some tights. Whatever. We had a ringmaster, a clown (painted face), a lion, a rabbit, a juggler, ticket-seller (last minute-easy decision) etc. Cannot rmb ade, haha. Sorry guys!

Day 5: Surprise Day. It's like anything-will-do-day, as long it's surprising. As a joke, we wanted to stay away from uni, since we're doing Invisible Ppl. Good, right? lol. In the end, we just turned up in pajamas. (!!) For me, it was like, what, walk in the street in pajamas again?! Wth. Ppl stared as usual. Blek. For dress-code check, we just did the Rock-A-Baby Lullaby la. Damn cute.

So, that's all I can rant about the "dress code" during orientation week lo. The rest of the more exciting stuff [i.e. the mad ragging] will be blogged about later.

Still a procastinator, aint I? lol.

Till later, ppl! :D

Monday, March 06, 2006

Welcome To The Jungle

Hiya ppl! Miss me? :D

Ok, let me announce smtg important first. I survived my orientation!! :D Woohoo~

[The theme for our batch is this post's title la. Which sounds scary leh...]

I dunno how to cram one week of stuff into one post so I guess I will just have to split then. It has been a really really hectic week, and one of the most interesting (that's the only adjective I can think of to describe it. *Shrugs*) times I ever had. Ok, let me backtrack or you all won't know what the hell I'm talking about. Haha.

Well, we're all given an orientation group and 3 O.Os were in charge of us. O.O is short for Orientation Officers and mine were sem 3 seniors. They are really nice ppl and are genuinely concerned for us. If not for them, our ragging would have been much much worse. Aikz.

Anyway, mine was group 10 and the theme was Nebula M78 (apparently its Ultraman's home, don't ask me for the details). The first time we met, we were told that the other seniors love vulgar cheers and names.

So the name of our group was --> *Drumroll pls* Ultra Ball Busters!

Can u believe that? Aikz. Considering all things, I think our group name is considered quite mild as there were other even vulgar names that I do not care to mention here.

We were asked to come up with (vulgar) cheers so that is what we did. And again, it's already considered quite mild compared to other groups. If you really want to know, gimme a call la. I'll be happy to provide the details. :D

Ok, so here goes our cheer.

Disclaimer:- The below is not meant for the politically correct or the faint-hearted. It also does not represent the blogger's opinions. Thank you and say your prayers.

Main cheer:
We're hot, we're horny,
We're everything you're not,
You know we rock, no sissy,
We're busting all your balls,
Ball busters x 2, *futrewu x 2.

In case you didn't know, which a lot of ppl didn't, *Futrewu is I f*ck You in French. Blek.

2nd cheer:
I dunno but I've been told,
Grandpa's balls are mightly cold,
I don't want no teenage queen,
I just want my p*nis clean.

We're gonna rip your balls,
You don't have a chance to call,
Bust your balls is what we do,
Call your mama and go cuckoo.

Got a heart attack yet? Tsk tsk. The medical students here are not what I imagined them to be lo. They are damn crazy, which is good news for me, since I'm like that too. [I was afraid that I won't fit in at first. lol]

Anyway, the ragging here is quite bad actually. I'm not exaggerating!! The things we were asked to do!! OMG. It'd have made the weak-hearted faint I think. Good thing I'm strong and open-minded. :P

Well, each group was supposed to consist of 16-17 ppl but for our group, only 13 turned up I think. My orientation group is really a bunch of colourful personalities. Woo. I guess if you throw a bunch of ppl together and asked them to survive thru orientation week, chances are, they'll get closer to each other by the time the week ends. Nice. I just hope that we don't all go our separate ways once orientation ends. :(

Wow, this post is getting quite long so I guess I'll stop here then. The details of the one week-long ragging will be unveiled in a later post, ok?

Toodles, ppl!

Guard Your Back

Hmm. It has been quite a few days since I last updated.

[Pls keep in mind that I wrote this like a very long time ago, ok? So it's kinda like old news la. lol.]

So here goes:

Well, a lot has happened, from the time b4 I left to the time I settled down in my new home.

It's kinda personal, so I won't talk abt it in detail here, just that something quite awful happened to me on the night before I left Penang. I think I'll never forget that night, which was one of the worst times in my life, I think. Not that I’ve a lot of awful experiences to tell, of coz. But you get the drift.

So the summary of the personal thingy was: I was told a secret by a certain someone, which involved me and another person. Kinda vague, yeah? That's the point. :P Anyway, once I was told the secret, I felt really hurt since, especially becoz it involved a 'good' fren of mine. First time kena backstabbed leh. :'(

But whatever. I've decided to put it behind me and look onwards to the future. Nothing much to be done over split milk, ya? Whatever. I dunno whether I can forgive the person who did this (are you reading this??) but if it makes you feel better, let's just say I'm totally over it! Ha!

And to think that I wasted those tears on such things! Wtf. [Pls allow me to swear occasionally ok. I'm still human, ppl.]

But, when I think abt the things the 'fren' said, it just makes my blood boil ok!!!!!!!

Some ppl are such fakers~!! $%*^&@

And one more thing, you admitting that you're not a nice person is not a license to go around doing nasty things, ok? Time to change~!

But it's none of my business. *Rolls eyes*

Anyway, I'll just take it as a lesson that things are not always what they seem to be. Don't put down your guard, don't be too straightforward in your speech (This has been getting me into trouble quite a few times ade…)

I dunno why, but ppl seemed to get offended when I'm being sarcastic. I really don't have any nasty intention(s) or what, ok! It's just a little joke to lighten the dark days la!! As I said, ppl seem to be missing an important ingredient nowadays, a sense of humour!! Ish. What is the world coming to??

But nvm. If ppl don't like it, I'll just keep my big mouth shut - and lose my persona. Sometimes I think I don't want to do this, since changing myself to fit into ppl's mould of acceptance is like compromising on my own integrity and all.

Yeah, I'm totally confused.

You take some, you gain some, I guess. Sigh. Whatever.

Oh ya, smtg interesting for discussion, chop chop!

  1. Do Chinese-educated ppl who are not adept at English fail to recognize harmless sarcasm when it comes their way? [What The Heck?!]

  2. Do English-educated ppl understand the essential tone in sarcasm better? (And therefore not get offended so easily of coz.)

If the answers are affirmative for the above, then maybe I shld just mix more with English-ed ppl. As they'll be offended less often la. Although it's more comfortable to talk in my mother tongue of coz.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll talk abt how I'm getting on in KL and all in a later post. This is just a rant to let me blow off steam. [Been doing a lot of that lately, haven't I?]

PS1: If you're the person involved in the nasty little affair above, pls do not comment, but if you feel you really have to, then pls do it in such a way that doesn't reveal your identity unless you want the whole world to know. Then, shucks to you! *Sticks out tongue*

PS2: If you're one of the ppl that I've unintentionally offended through my uncalled-for sarcasm in the past, here, I offer my sincere apologies to you for not being more sensitive. Believe me, I really didn't mean it. I'm sorry. I hope you'll forgive me. *Bows in the way Geisha are taught* :P I can't seem to restraint myself from joking, do I? I guess some things just don't change.