Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Comparison

Although there might be a lot of things that seemed frustrating and even annoying sometimes, I remind myself these are the things that are necessary to make the good things seem even better.

How will we appreciate the ups without the downs?

And the best way to approach these things is by thinking reflectively, in the big scheme of things, these worries will look minuscule in comparison. I know I'm a worrier by nature, but I would like to strive to become better as I grow old up.

I always tell myself: what's the meaning of life if you can't stop to smell the roses along the way and enjoy life in all its beauty?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sense (& Sensibility)

I have been giving this topic some thought as I had the pleasure of indulging myself in quiet observation of how people went about their daily matters.

It still amazes how different people are and can be even when faced with the same situation. The interaction or clash of personalities is interesting. I hope not to be thought of arrogant but somehow as I grow up, there are things that were not evident to me before that become crystal clear now.

I'm amazed at how people that I used to think sensible can now be biased in their comments, before being set straight by another. People who I thought were superficial, immature and even vulgar as growing up, unfortunately have regressed even further. I am upset that not only the latter has not progressed, the former has even regressed.

Why are some people so unjust, so unfair and so prejudiced? Is this all the product of genetics, environment or both? I believe it to be a combination of factors (as everything always is) but I pity the people who are shallow in character because they were brought up in an environment that encouraged criticism and verbal cruelty towards another human being. Just because that human being is dependent on you for work, that does not mean you can take away even their pride as a fellow human being. Would you like to be treated that way if your very circumstances were reversed?

Confucius once said: "Do not what onto others what you would not want others to do to you." It sounds like a simple statement but it is harder than ever. Whenever you are tempted to do something that disadvantages others, think again - would you like that to happen to you in their shoes? If you believe in karma and reincarnation, then do fear the repercussions of your actions, those shoes might be reversed in another life; however, as a human, even without those beliefs, you should always try to do right by yourself and others.

Of course, I'm only human and I know I have faults too. But at least I reflect on my faults and try to be better the next time. These people - they are sunk in their ignorance and continue on without any regard for others - without any change forward. 

It is sad but it appears that common sense is not common at all.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Dr. As A Prefix And Other Things

Apologies! I have not kept to my word to blog a little more. Perhaps nowadays I prefer to live life more in the flesh and jot a word of wisdom here only whenever I fancy? (code phrase for lazy to write :P)

Anyhow, yet again, a lot had happened since my last post. I had since sat for my last exam and had passed medical school! You can add a pretty prefix of DR. to my name now with a flourish! :D Truth to be told, I still feel weird/surreal whenever I see my name with an added Dr in front in print. Doesn't seemed to be addressed to me. Perhaps it just needs to take time to sink in.

Well, my uni had a dedication ceremony for us as my convocation ceremony is actually in april next year (don't ask me why we have to go to our convocation after we had started working!) My family attended the relatively meaningful ceremony (where we took the revised oath by the way!) and took it as an opportunity to visit perth for a week.

The family trip was fun yet tiring, coz for once, I was the leader! I made the decisions (with discussion of coz, as any good leader would do) and showed the way (no small task for someone who is no good with roads)! I think my lil sis enjoyed the trip immensely. She loved the food, and was game to try most stuff. :)

In the midst of the above, I also had to move house as my lease was coming to an end. We almost couldn't get a house because it was peak season and there was a lot of competition to lease a house! If there is something I don't like about perth, it's how immensely difficult is it to lease a house!! I thought it will be easier since both of us will not be poor students soon and will be earning honest salaries. But alas, our advances were spurned thrice before we managed to obtain a really pretty new house. (hmm I think I have been reading too many Victorian style novels that I'm starting to write like them!!) 

I have a new housemate now as well as my previous housemates have either moved interstate or chose to move out solo. Anyway, I hope we will be able to make our new house into a lovely home. :) This is one of the best things I am looking forward to after graduation. (gosh, I sound like an old maid is what I would like to say, but actually as I grow up, I realised that cleaning and cooking are actually things that one needs to do to sustain oneself. you are lucky if you have someone to do it for you.) However, I am even more hopeful of a time where I will have earned enough money to have a beautiful house of my own, so I will be able to do whatever I like with my own home and not worry about inspections or putting special tape on walls so that they will not be damaged. Ah, I'm rambling again.

In conclusion, you can see from all of the above that I had definitely been keeping very very busy. I'm currently back in penang, my lovely island hometown for a well-deserved break before getting ready to break out for work as doctor!! (omgosh, how those lovely syllables roll off my tongue. :P)

By the way, did you realise that I have somehow managed to insert many brackets in this post?