Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Just a simple Happy New Year, peeps~!

I'm going out to celebrate (and forget about myocardial infarction etc. for a while)... Cya in 2007! ^o^

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Summary Of "Hols"

Okay, I'm kinda sien now.. Coz the internet is like damn damn slow [till I can vomit blood, arrgh] and only the wired connection is working.. The wireless can't access at all!! =( I think it's becoz of the taiwan earthquake which has affected a lot of the internet connections around the world.. *huge sigh*

So I won't type much here I guess. Just that I can't survive without internet connections with the outside world.. Coz I'm practically closed up at home, most of the time back in penang anyway. And my only enjoyment is the internet and the PS2, which the former has been cruelly taken away from me. And there is only so much time you can spend playing the PS2 okie. Aikz.

Fine fine, I shall not act like a spoilt brat. *flicks hand*

Hmm. What have/had I done since I was in pg? Besides eating a lot of good food (hehe), I went shopping for new year clothes last nite. My mum has been more loose-handed in spending money on me this time around.. ^o^ So I got a top, a skirt and a nice pair of shoes~! And all them are red or some shade of red. Quite a difference from last year.. Rmb the me that liked gothic colours? I still liked black, but I guess it's time to spruce up that wardrobe instead of all those black shirts.. =P

Hmm. The rest of the clothes I shall just buy myself in KL, which is so much easier, coz it means I can buy clothes without mum's input on it. But to tell the truth, my relationship with her has improved significantly these hols. Is it becoz that I'm more patient and tolerant now? Dunno. But it's a good thing and I'm glad. =)

Actually, come to think of it, I've not been spending my time fruitfully these days. I'm so gonna die for CVS exam! *Sigh* Better buck up, girl, especially if you wanna go Countdown for the New Year this sunday... Oh, I'm going to go back to KL this sunday, which means no parents, which also means I can go countdown! Yayz~ Shhhh... Don't let my parents know oh. Hehe.

And there's gonna be a bbq this saturday too~! With all of my mum's side of the family.. Yipee! I love bbqs.. Hehe. Well, maybe the sentence "I love food" would be more accurate. But then, I really shld watch my weight ade.. My parents say I've put on weight ade.. =( I'm gonna start exercising and watch what I eat~! There! I've finally blogged abt it, so I hope there's some sort of improvement in that area.. Maybe a new year resolution? We shall see..

Ah, kinda miss the rowdiness and crazy laughter that I've with frenz. But staying with the family has its pros too. Ah, everything has its pros and cons.

Fine, the slow internet connection is killing me. I'm signing off now. Wish me luck that I'll study as much as possible so I won't suffer the following week. Yeap. Tataz peeps!

There's a reason why I put "hols" in my post title. Coz if you have an exam right after your holidays, then it's not exactly a holiday, is it? Bah.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sleuth Wannabe

And here I'm again, procastinating, when I shld be studying.

Besides blogging, what have I been wasting my precious time on? Let's see.

I have this totally awesome game to recommend to you guys~!

It's called Sleuth, a detective game. (Click here.) You hvta solve various cases thru interviewing suspects, confirming their alibis, asking around for witness evidence and interpreting footprints, handwritings and threads. And you get to side with various political factions, learn new skills and update your equipment... Really cool~!

And the best thing is, it's FREE! Of coz, you only get to solve 3 cases per day, on the other hand, if you pay, you can solve 12 per day and have other cool quirks too. But doesn't matter. 3 cases per day is cool by me...

Trust me, you guys shld try this game out! Hehe.

Okla, I wanna go watch Full Metal Alchemist ade. [It's a really nice anime!!] Tataz~!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sleeping Child (Modified)

Those in the search for the lyrics of the song Sleeping Child (originally by MLTR, now modified and performed by Dr. JPJ on Friday Night) will search no more. Coz I'm going to post them up here now. Enjoy, coz it's really funny~!

The lecture hall up on the 3rd floor,
That's where we teach you all;
And Mr Student he came by,
To sit-in for a lecture.
He'd had his lunch, a very large lunch,
He'd eaten way too much;
Soon he is yawning, now he's asleep,
And snoring loudly away.

Oh my Sleeping Child, your mouth's so wide,
That you're drooling wild, on your side
There's one reason why,
I'll wake you up Sleeping Child.

If all the students around the world
They had a mind like yours;
We'll have no learning and no brains
There'll be ignorant fools on Earth
If all the Deans and all the parents,
Could see you here this way;
You won't be matched for PMS,
You'll be staying here for life.

Oh my Sleeping Child, your mouth's so wide,
That you're drooling wild, on your side
There's one reason why,
I'll wake you up Sleeping Child.
I'm gonna fire you Sleeping Child.
Send you away from the class so mild
Keep you away from the class,
Away from the class, outside.

Oh my Sleeping Child, your mouth's so wide,
That you're drooling wild, on your side
There's one reason why,
I'll take you out Sleeping Child.

Haha. Damn funny, right? We're all rotfl that wonderful night. ^o^ Anyway, that shows that even lecturers/doctors haven't lost their sense of humour yet and can be wonderfully talented too.

On Friday Night, Dr. Thani, Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Sri Kumar performed a really funny sketch abt a medical sch called B.U.M.S.. (shall not go into the details) :P Dr. JPJ and Dr. Rajesh are really good singers too while Dr. Sri Kumar is a mean drummer~! Yeng! Oh ya, Dr. JPJ can play the guitar too. Cool, ain't it? Hehe..

Ok, this post isn't about Friday Night (and I think I'm too lazy to blog abt that liao, sorry ya) so I'm gonna end it here. Am being very lazy these few days. *shyt* CVS exam coming soon, girl!!Excuse: am currently back in the food haven called Penang! Yayz~! Home sweet home...

Whatever. Must buck up. And will end post here too. Ciaoz~!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Haha. Won't blog much, except that I feel kinda tired... I think it was largely due to that session of aikido last wednesday.

My neck is totally aching *clutches neck in pain* and so are various parts of my body. =( Maybe it was becoz I ffk-ed aikido for 2 weeks coz was damn busy. But I think it was becoz they made us try to flip~!!

Damn painful eh, doing flips! Sumore it was my 1st time, so of coz not very good at it lah. I think I kinda hurt my backbone coz it felt numb after a few flips. o.O

*sigh* I think won't be able to go for countdown for the coming new year. Coz our cvs exam is like 4 days after? *pouts* Besides, I might still be in penang at that time, and hello, my parents definitely won't let me out lah. Aikz.

Anyway, later will be going to start preparing foodstuffs for the Christmas Potluck Party! Yayz~!!

Time to enjoy a bit, after a few stressful days! Okay, wishing everyone an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Reevaluation Of Self

Wah. Time really flies. I can't believe that sem 2 is finishing soon. And the year is ending soon too, come to think of it. o.O

Is it time to do a reevaluation of the year? Well, to do that, I'll hvta read back my resolutions for this year.

*reading while humming*

Lemme see. I shall do a summary and evaluation together.

  1. To get good results accademically. Did I do this? I passed sem 1. I failed once. I (think I) bounced back after that. Ok I guess. But can't tick it coz this is an ongoing process. Aikz. Must work harder!!

  2. Find a significant other. *cough cough* *continues coughing* Wah, my cough haven't recover hor? =P

  3. Make more new & great frenz! Well, I can safely tick this, I guess. =) Made many many frenz since I came to kl, really nice ppl, them. I'm happy with the frenz I have now. Hehe.

  4. Experience more new things. Yeah, I definitely did this! Too many to list down here (but if you've been an avid reader of this blog, you'd know)... but I'm happy that I've tried new things that I've never done before. But haven't gone clubbing tho.. [dunno why, not exactly a high on my list now, compared to last time. *shrug*]

  5. Have a better relationship with my family members. Hmm. Not really sure about this. All I know for sure, I do argue less with them and I appreciate them more. But have become a bit distant from them. So I guess can't tick this. :T

  6. Be more independent. Learn to do things on my own. Haha. This is totally yes! I've learned how to live in a dirty house handle my own household chores and stuff. Yeah. A lot of things hvta do on my own now..

Well, looking back, my resolutions were kinda vague, huh? But I guess I did managed to fulfill most of them. Which is good~!!

Okay okay, I was just looking for smtg to blog out of boredom. -_- But at least this reevaluation was useful. Hehe.

Fine, since I've nothing interesting to say now (coz every time I've the urge to blog, the connection will just die on me, ish), that's all for now, folks.

I'll of coz come up with another set of Resolutions for the coming New Year! Hehe. Thanks for taking your time to read this boring post. =P Tataz~

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Random Updates

Not so free to update recently, been busy busy. My weekdays are kinda full, only get to relax abit during the weekends. *frowns*

Well, yesterday's PBL didn't go very well. Out of the 9 ppl, only 6 arrived on time, and 2 crucial people didn't come. Which didn't bode well for the rest of us. We only went about our PBL very superficially. And at the end, our fasci reprimanded us for it. (besides myocardial infarction/heart attack is a very important topic!)

He didn't raise his voice or anything, he just suceeded in making us feel very guilty and like crap. =( And the thing is, I didn't feel indignant or anything, coz I felt that we deserved it. Okay, maybe not all of us, but I'm not going to say anything else about that. Just that I did the best I could, so I'm not going to dwell on that. -_-

Anyway, he didn't trust us to do our last PBL on our own anymore, so that's it. We still have PBL on the last week. So all that rushing of PBLs didn't do any good at all. Bah.

Okay. Whatever. I'm so over that. *flicks hand*


My family came down yesterday.. well almost all. My mum didn't come. I was quite disappointed actually. Coz I tot I'd finally get a chance to show her my home and how I handle myself here in KL. (and maybe she'll see that I can take care of myself now)

But she didn't come becoz she had to take care of my grandma who has to go for a leg operation. Ppl never tell me things now. I feel a bit distant from my family at times. =( Quite a sad thing actually, but can't help it. I can't believe how different they looked from the last time I saw them. *sad face*

Well, nvm. Will get to see them again next week! Going back to dear penang! *thinks of food again! haha* But can't really relax during that week of holidays coz will have CVS in-course assessment the following week. Sigh. But that means can study properly for it kua. Hope I don't fritter my time away leh. *looks for determination*


Just noticed today's date. [sometimes days just pass by just like that] And remembered that today is supposed to be Alumni Nite for our HSC frenz. Sigh. Didn't get to go. Just too damn busy. Sad~

What to do... A medic student's life is never easy. Stress is a loyal companion. :T The system's courses are quite hard. Interesting but hard. Been feeling a lot more stressed than usual. *does the usual pull-hair stunt* Sometimes will really get just too fed up with studying! Aikz.


Ok, last thing on the agenda. Next friday, we're going to have a potluck party to celebrate Christmas! Yayz~! I love parties! I'm going to help puifun, suewen, lishan cook 3 dishes. hehe. I can't wait!

I guess I shld stop here now.. Is it time to study again? Aikz.

What a life that I chose. Aih, no regrets, girl. Yeah, that's the way...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Thing About Responsibility

Man, am I exhausted. Been doing too much lately. Physically and mentally drained. Add that to the fact that I'm sick now, aikz..

Yeah, you heard right. I'm sick AGAIN. =( Presented first with cough, then sorethroat, hoarse sexy voice and later with joint pains. Must be some viral infection, I guess.

*rmbs abt yesterday's lecture about rheumatic fever that is normally dismissed as flu only later to worsen to valvular heart disease* :O

*flicks hand and dismiss it as "medical students' syndrome". blah*

Anyway, what are the supposedly many things I have done/or going to do?

Lemme see. I have two PBL2s this week (arggh), the last CSU for cvs (scared leh), my parents are coming down on thurday (Woot!!), campus frenz tutorial later (shyt, how am I going to tutor the juniors?), have to act for the murder game drama in the upcoming E3 camp (you guys must go ya!!) and... got myself co-in charge of the backdrop for Variety Night for the upcoming orientation...!!! I'm quite excited over the last two! Wee~

And on top of all this, I'm supposed to keep up with all my studies which are becoming harder and harder by day. *huge sigh*

Dang! I'm not exactly a person good at handling responsibility. I mean, I AM responsible [pls lemme brag k], but I'm just not very comfortable with having responsiblity over smtg major and the fact that ppl are depending on you to deliver. Or else everything will come crashing down.

But I really guess it's time to take up some responsiblity. Later on a doctor, we really will hvta take on major responsiblities for our patients' well-being. Yeah.. (is this part of growing up?)

Sometimes, I wonder how some other ppl manage. Being involved in a hundred things, and still have time to study and chill. I really wonder.

Do they have an extra 24 hours each day? Not possible, but it sure looks like that. Really salute them.

I guess I'll just hvta try my best. Living life the best way I know. Yup! =)

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Haha. In case you don't understand what the title of this post means, it stand for - Oh My God, Thank God It's Friday~!

Yeap, how glad I'm that it's finally friday (ok, a bit belated, saturday in this case then). It certainly has been a hectic week, so much so that I haven't been able to update for so long.

Lemme see. On tuesday morning, I had my 1st clinic visit to Jinjang. We arrived way too early (7am!) coz we started out too early just to beat the jam. Besides, we took a shortcut and didn't use the "map" given by imu.

Anyway, the place was certainly way too nice to be a clinic, it looked more like a miniature hospital... Fully air-conditioned too! Well, we're supposed to help around the clinic and clerk 4 patients' full history. Since so coincidentally that day, the doctor in charge of us and the head nurse was on leave, we didn't have much to do. So we spent the whole time there clerking patients.

It wasn't as hard as what my other frenz at other clinics experienced. For one, the air-con atmosphere put the patients at ease and they weren't that irritable. Partnering with 2 other frenz, we managed to clerk 6 patients! :D

Some of the histories were interesting, but all the patients we clerk were quite happy to talk with us actually. Wic proves the theory that all patients want to do is talk. Haha. We're definitely all tired out after clerking so many patients. It certainly isn't easy to clerk patients while trying to create rapport + getting the info you want + sounding like you're not a retard. -_-""

Okla, enuf abt that.

On tues nite, it was time to watch the Christmas Play! Wow. The play was certainly nice!! Fabuloso acting!! I like the meaning behind it. Just found out what is the real gift of Christmas.. It's not Santa Claus or presents, it's God's son, Jesus himself. Ah, didn't really know that.. The gangsters' part was hilarious. And the funny thing is, everyone is talking like them now! lol~

Okay. And on wed morning, we had extra CSU class with no other but the man himself, Dr.Archike. The class was terrible for me. I swear, I really did study for the class the whole of previous nite. But I was kinda intimidated by him + eager to get the correct answer that I totally screwed up. *arggh!*

It wasn't that hard but I just dunno why I messed up. Kena marah kau kau. ='( Was pretty upset after that. Ish! Actually, most of us kena marah too, but me and another girl kena more lah. Really sadcase.. I can't rmb if he called us "stupid" but I know he certainly said that we're all a bunch of "lazy bums"...

What annoys me is that I don't feel that I'm that lazy to warrant that. I'm certainly giving almost, if not all, the best I can do. Guess that I still hvta work harder. How come I feel that I'm always trying to catch up? Something that I'm not exactly used to, if you know what I mean. *sigh* Guess that current times are not like before liao.

Gambate! Look for the fire within, girl!! =)

But after all that, there was no rest at all. I had PBL the next day. Really hvta prepare for it coz now my group has to do all the topics. It's beneficial, but kinda stressful tho. :( I didn't managed to read up on all, but I covered almost all of the important parts, I hope. Embryology is really interesting!! Woo~

And after all that, there was still no rest. Yeah, don't your eyes pop out. I had to prepare for my next CSU on friday morning. It was history taking for 2 cardiac patients. The SPs were really good actors! It went relatively okay for me. Wasn't as bad as I tot it was. I'm not sure abt the diagnosis tho. Was going to write down what's the diagnosis here but it certainly won't be fair to those who haven't have their CSU yet, I guess. Ah well, it certainly is interesting how taking a good history would help us in making a diagnosis, besides doing other tests like blood tests etc to confirm. Hmm...

And finally, there was time to rest. Phew~ *lets out deep breath*

To destress, went over to my frenz' house to play the new naruto PS2 game. Certainly felt good. Then went to carrefour to buy a new stand fan. The old fan is going bonkers liao. That's another rm100 down the drain. *frowns* I'm freaking broke this month, esp after buying that clinical medicine book. #must save money and keep fit ade!! Rmb!#

Anyway, after class that nite, it was time to sit down and watch the annual Friday Night event in imu.. It's kinda like a talent show thingy and mind you, I was certainly blown away by the amout of talent that imu has. It certainly was cool!!

Since this post is getting too long ade, I'll talk abt Friday Night in another post okay... Time to chill a bit after an exhausting and stressful week. Wee~! Also have a lot to study too... *sigh* Okay, ciao, peeps!

PS: Didn't get to go for aikido grading, well, actually I already foresaw that. *sigh* For our kyu, only Kee and KeePing are good enuf to go. But I guess, there are some things in life that you just hvta priotise. And aikido isn't exactly at the top of the list. Studies and my social life are. Haha. So be it! :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Guess Where I Went & Guess Who I Saw?

Woah! So damn full... Haven't eaten SO much since a long long time! *rubs contented belly*

Guess where I went just now? I went to John's farewell party (John's the president of aikido club) at Shogun at 1-Utama! ^o^ Woo~

The food spread was damn alot okay. It's kinda like a Japanese buffet with lots of other fusion food too. =D My god, I feel so fat now. :T Shouldn't eat so much eh, but I just cudn't resist!

For sushi alone, there were already so many types!! For ice-cream, there were about 12 types I think, and added with nato de coco, it's really yummy! Wee~

I ate a bit for every food item I took, and still I haven't finish tasting everything.. *sigh* Suddenly wished that I've a bigger stomach to stuff everything down. Don't I sound like a glutton. Aiyoyo..

Neway, it costed around rm55/person plus tax. It was lucky that aikido club was able to subsidize rm20 for each person. But that means everyone still hvta pay about rm35 too! :O Wah, my pocket really empty ade!! *huge sigh* Must save money and keep fit ade... Aikz.

Hmm. Haven't been studying the whole week. *shyt* And I still hvta prepare for CSU 1 coz Dr.Archike will be giving my group an extra class on wed - coz he took so long doing the general examination that he didn't do the cvs part at all. Besides, that time we're having exam after that, so he let us go lah..

And I need to read all the lectures the past week too. I better buck up, or else all my work will get piled up again, which is not a good thing... *rmbs past lesson* I do think that I've learnt my lesson so.. you know lah..

Err. What else do I hvta say? Hmm.. Oh ya!! Smtg very interesting!!

Before we went back home, we went to MPH to buy some stationery. Guess who was having a talk just then? It was Yvonne Foong, a prominent blogger that speaks on her experiences of having neurofibromatosis. She was talking about her new book - I'm Not Sick, I'm Just A Little Unwell.

And... and do you know who was one of the ppl listening there?? I swear to you, I really think it was Kennysia~!!!!!! The most famous blogger from Malaysia! And in the top 100 most read blogs in the world!

*eyes pops out and starts hyperventilating*

Actually I can't be 100% sure coz he looks a bit different in real life - if it's him... but it does makes sense for him to be there, right? Michelle who was there with me was the one who spotted him first. So I reckoned it really was the man in person. Woo~

I really admire that man. Not only he can be witty in like every post, at the end of the day, he goes out of his way to support others - like helping Yvonne to promote herself and raise funds for her operation and stuff like that. Hey, he flew down all the way from kuching to listen to her talk eh.. Geng!

Wished that I'd talked to him just now. Aikz. But it'd have been rude to interrupt coz he was listening to the talk just now. *huge sigh* Anyway, it's still cool to see him in person. (He looks more chubby in person. haha.)

Okla, gotta stop liao now. My bed calling me now.. Don't think I'd be eating dinner ade.. hehe. Cya peeps!

Edit- Won't upload the photos liao. You can see them at Michelle's blog. And I've put some up on my friendster site. ^v^

PPS: Oh ya, I wanna say a big thank you to Kee Ping, Kee, and especially Eugene who helped me to repair my stand fan yesterday!! And saved me abt rm70 from buying a new fan. I'll belanja everyone ice-cream next time ya! Terima kasih banyak banyak! =)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Difficult Lectures

Oops. I forgot what I wanted to blog again. :T

Err... *thinks hard*

Oh well, nvm. I'll just talk abt smtg else equally important too.

Yesterday's two lectures were really HARD!! Especially the first one abt Congenital Heart Disease. I've never seen so many words (in the length of 4 pages) that I dunno in my life. =(

tetralogy of fallot, persistent truncus arteriosus, ebstein malformation, paradoxical embolism, pulmonary stenosis...

What are those??!!

I really dunno eh... *sobs* Was partially lost throughout the lecture becoz Dr.Thani was going so fast (can't blame him coz class only 1 hour ma) and his accent is hard to get sometimes, esp when he's saying some jargons. :I

I think I need to study more...!! =(

Instead, the second lecture which a lot of seniors feared (so many inflitrated our lecture hall! :O), was relatively okay for me. It was about Electrocardiogram/ECG. I think it was becoz I read some stuff abt it in preparation for PBL. Actually, the lecture (by Dr.Timothy Sung, my tutor actually) cleared up some things that I didn't understand while reading.

Now I get the stuff about the leads and whatever. -_-

But it's still not easy to read an ECG in the span of 20 secs. *thinks of sem5 OSCE and shivers*

But that just shows how 2 different lectures can have different effects when one prepares for it.

*gentle reminder to try to prepare for lectures in advance*

*wails that it's not even possible to finish past lectures, no need to say future ones*

Oh well. I guess I'll just try my best. Gambate! (but kinda lazy, no mood to study tho... aikz.)

On a lighter note, Christmas Week is coming soon in imu! ^o^ We're going to have a play on tuesday night and a "friday night event" on friday of course. That is going to be so fun..!

Okla, will stop here lah.. Going out for lunch soon. Tataz~

PS: Dr.Leong sensei said that we're not good enough to go for the next aikido grading on 10th dec eh.. But he has given us a second chance tho. He may let us go, if we prove ourselvevs worthy. But for once, I'll not get upset over smtg that can't be changed. I'll just go if he gives the green light, but if not okay, so be it. (Yay, improvement!)

Friday, December 01, 2006

To The Funfair

Hello peeps! Can you believe this? Me and my frenz (Kee, Suewen, Lishan, Eugene, Denise, Tzen, Kee ping) were so bored last night and didn't feel like studying, so we went to the funfair near imu! It was pretty fun! It has certainly been a long time since I've been to a funfair.

However, the entrance fee was bloody expensive. It was RM3 just for entry only! And the rides were really expensive... RM6 each... o.O *jingles pockets to find them empty*

But since we're already there, we decided to go on one ride that was remotely fun. So we decided upon a ride called Ali Baba. Yeah, I know, funny name, but it was pretty cool. It's smtg like a minature version of Top Gun.

We all went bonkers on it. It's been a long time since I felt the G-force! (Haha, physics, people...) Nice!! But at least the ride was around 2 mins long, so we got our money's worth I guess. But I think we got desensitized of the spins after a wide. But anyhow, it was cool. =) Must do again!! *but looks sadly at empty pockets*

After that, we walked around aimlessly. And this is what we saw on one of the rides.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn't it so funny, the name of the ride? Really o.O. Hahaha...

After that, the guys played 2 of the stall/booth games. And Kee managed to win one of them - the type where you need to throw a basketball into the hoops - actually those were netball hoops, not basketball ones, therefore narrower. To tell the truth, he got it in accidentally, coz it went into the net beside the one he was aiming for. But luckily, the person was nice and said it counted. Hehe.

And this is the present/gift he got.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn't it so darn cute?! I <3 it!!

He gave it to me, coz as a guy, he very well couldn't want to keep a soft toy, right? Haha. Guys = wanna be macho. Soft toy = not macho. :P

My first soft toy... (the ones I had when I was baby don't count) Haha, dunno why. I'm a girl, but I wasn't really a soft toy sort kind of person. Prob becoz my mum would frown upon it and say its a waste of money..

But this winnie the pooh is so cute that it's hard to resist.. hehe. It looks so innocent with its cute lil eyes. lol.

Anyway, I was glad I went after all... It really was fun to go there with frenz. ^o^

Sorry, guys, that I was grumpy during dinner. I was fretting about my rotation grouping... But I guess, what will be will be, sometimes just can't fight fate. And mine isn't that bad after all... I'm sorry that I get so aggitated easily over the smallest things. Will try to change. I'm sorry that I tried to inflict my grumpiness upon you guys too. Gomenasai... Room for improvement!!

PPS: Oh ya, went to the Redbox in Lowyat Plaza on wed morning. Was fun too! Pity that we didn't extra time.. I feel like singing more.. hehe.

PPPS: Pbl yesterday was not bad. I prefer the discussion way over the presentation way! It certainly is getting interesting. Although now we hvta cover all topics, I feel that it's quite beneficial as we're forced to learn more. CVS looks like an difficult but interesting system.. =)

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I was tagged by valene (the amino acid, hehe) coz I so happened to be reading this tag [on her blog] that I'm going to do below.

Yalah, I know that it's not compulsory to do it, but since I'm so nice *ahem*, I'll just relent and do it lah. Aiya, also quite long didn't do tag already lah.. hehe.

Part 1: On the Outside

Name: You guys know me as Zzzyun already, right? Need to repeat meh?

Birth Date: 14th September, 1987 (Must rmb eh! hehe.)

Current status: That is for me to know and you to find out. =P

Eye Color: Dark brown - Black?

Hair Color: Know the meaning of raven tresses? *winks*

Righty or Left: Righty

Zodiac Sign: Virgo - I wonder if there is really a perfectionist in me...

Part 2: On the Inside

Your Heritage: Chinese - and they are known to be good at maths but cunning. :T

Your Fear: Being alone with no frenz.

Your Weaknesses: I care too much. I get irritated too easily. I get worked up over the smallest weirdest things.

Your Perfect Pizza: As long it's cheesy I like it! I'd try most..

Part 3: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up: Last time it used to be the wrong things is my life. Now is - I want to sleep sumore eh... :(

Your bedtime: Since I became a medic student, there is no such thing called a bedtime. Hehe..

Your most missed memory: The high school years I guess, with good frenz.

Part 4: Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke: Coke

McD or Burger King: McD

Single or Group Dates: Non-experienced so I can't say. Blek.

Adidas or Nike: Nike

Lipton Tea or Nestea: Nestea.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate! I'm a chocoholic~!!

Cappucino or Coffee: Prefer Cappucino. Taste nicer.

Part 5: Do You...

Smoke: Siao ah? No way! I don't want to die young!

Curse: Not really. Unless you really piss me off... so watch out! hehe. You've been warned. =P

Part 6: In the Past Month

Drank alcohol: Nope

Gone to the mall: Yeap. This morning!

Been on stage: Last 2 years got lah. Past month don't have lah.

Eaten sushi: Nope. Going this sunday! Wee~

Dyed your hair: Last 2 years (coz I was being rebellious). Not in the past month.

Part 7: Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game: You say leh? Siao. Of coz not lah! o.O

Changed who you were to fit in: I dunno. If yes, I wouldn't really know, right?

Part 8: Nuff Said

Age you're hoping to be married: Err... It's up to fate I guess. Gotta finish my studies and have a carreer first! *sigh*

Part 9: In A Guy/Girl

Best Eye Color: As long as can see then ok liao. hehe.

Hair Color: Black would be nice. Don't want white hair ah!!

Short or Long Hair: Generally short hair. Unless the long hair looks super good on him, then that's another story! hehe.

Part 10: What Were You Doing?

1 minute ago: Doing this tag lo.

1 hour ago: Practicing aikido with frenz in the sri petaling community center.

4.5 hours ago: Having dinner with frenz.

1 month ago: Studying medicine I guess.

1 year ago: Sitting for my HSC exam then.

Part 11: Finish The Sentence

I love: the fun things in life! ^o^

I feel: contented. And tired.

I hate: to feel stupid. And insignificant.

I hide: my insecurities? (Dunno lah, simply write wan, it sounds cool whut. haha)

I miss: Penang food! (Yalah, I very greedy wan lah...)

I need: more motivation! So I can be more hardworking.

Ok, that's it. I really need to sleep liao. I'm too lazy + sleepy to tag ppl now, so if you wanna do this tag, then you do lah. Zzzzz~

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Summative 2 ~ CVS

*throws confetti in the air* :D

Yayz!! Summative 2 is over!

It went okay. I definitely did so much better than last time. I guess the (more) consistent studying paid off. But I really shld work harder tho. A lot of my frenz are so god-like that it's freaky!! :O

I did okay for most parts, but was bombed by all the epidermiology questions. Aih.. Shld have read all those formulas more properly. But overall, I'm quite satisfied. =)

I guess now only I understand the thrill you get when all your hard word is paid off.. Yalah, I think I always had been a lazy-last-minute-studier since I was born. Ha! But hvta change liao lo, as it doesn't seemed to work in med sch... (Read this to know why.) *sigh* I shld read more books instead of notes only, so that I'll become a better doctor! Yeah!

Anyway, will be starting CVS officially today! I'm kinda looking forward to it [cannot ah? =P], as this will be our first systems' course where we'll really dive into the real medicine (so to speak). But unfortunately, our class will start at 4.15pm everyday. Which will really turn our internal clock/circadian rhythm upside down tho. Aikz.

Hmm. Just looking at the list of books that we'll need. Now I'm wondering which I'd need and shld really buy. Pharmacology, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Anatomy. Dunno eh... [Any advice, seniors who are reading my blog?]

Err. Suddenly at a loss of what to write. My blogger's syndrome coming back to haunt me liao..

I guess I'll stop here for now. Will continue when I rmb what I wanted to say. Forgetting what I wanted to say, esp when ppl interuppt me is nothing new, but I can't believe that day, I forgot what I wanted to think!! :O lol.

I think I have some sort of degenerative CNS disease? *touch wood*

Okla, too much crap liao. Will end here. Ciao!

PS: Oh ya, I rmbed! I haven't done my AIR topic which is due tonight! No mood to do too.. Uh-oh...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Keep The Fire Burning

Damn sien lah studying. Aikz. *starts pulling hair*

Okla, I won't rant so much here lah. Except that I seemed to be kinda stressed the past few days although I didn't know it. Isn't that weird? Well, that's what some of my frenz commented lah. (They say I've a "certain look on my face" when I'm stressed.) *shrugs*

Dunno lah. I do think that I've been a bit more snappy than usual to the ppl around me, so gomenasai if I've accidentally snapped at you okay!! I'm going to use the excuse and say "I'm stressed okay"! *sigh*

Okay, stop ranting, girl! Hmm. What random thing shld I blog then?

Oh ya, btw, some good news! I passed my crp practical exam ade!! Yayz~ ^o^ So happy. I was SO worried that I was gonna fail again, you know, that my heart was thumping so hard that I swear it almost flew out when I was checking the results on the board.

*sigh of relief*

One hurdle crossed. That leaves summative 2 next monday. I haven't finished revising (as always) but I can safely say I've put in more effort compared to last time. Really really hope I can do it this time.

*keep the fire burning inside, girl!*

Okay, just wanna end by wishing Sue Wen a very happy 20th birthday!! An adult liao lo, must be "sang seng" liao ah... wakaka.. All the best wishes for everything ya! :D

Yeap, time to chao. Got extra class later. Cya!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What, CVS Already?

Haih. Dunno why, recently been having a stroke of bad luck. Things haven't exactly been going my way.


They just gave out the timetables for CVS (for those not in the know, that stands for CardioVascular System) yesterday. [Wah, starting systems' course liao ah, woo, finally the real medicine is coming! :O] They totally shld have given it out earlier eh!!

Now only I know that I've CSU before exam!! *arggh* So not only I've to study for the exam, I also have prepare for the CSU session eh... (unless wanna kena marah by the lecturers lah) :T

Next monday is damn packed.. I have CSU, Summative 2, feedback session, PBL 1 and one lecture in 1 day!! My god. My classes will start from 8am till 5.15pm~! o.O

*starts hyperventilating*

*calms self down by counting from one to ten* =/

Really want to relax after exam also cannot. Will hvta do AIR topic that night, coz the next day, we'll officially start CVS liao! Wah, time really flies!

Then some of my frenz will hvta go for clinic visit the next day, so wanna go out and celebrate the end of foundation 2 also cannot. Really sien.

*sigh* Medic school doesn't look really appealing now. =(

Can someone remind me why I am putting myself thru this course again?


Got this anecdote from June's blog.

  • Knowledge is power.
  • Power is corrupt.
  • So study and be evil~!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Complicated Emotions

I sometimes wonder, what is the thin line between being concerned over a friend and being kaypo over their personal matters.

I am certainly concerned over the welfare of my friends, but how they look at it, who knows. They might be thinking that I should just freaking mind my own business.

But when the friend seems to be in mental agony, depression – i.e. too emo for his own good – when we interfere, we are just trying our best to help him, isn't it?

But then things are not always as simple as it seems. Too many people are involved. Some people are just born insensitive, I guess. Can't be helped. But his insensitivity has lead to other people being hurt.

And sometimes, it IS hard to do the right thing – especially if you are not sure what exactly is the right thing to do.

*sigh* Life is complicated.


Wow. Trying to cheer (sad) people up sure is a hard task. Even though I am quite "pro" in making people laugh *perasan*, sometimes, it is just too hard to make people who are emo smile.

Only with extra effort, did I see him crack a smile. And that is probably becoz I acted silly enough. Aikz.

Really must go and improve my making-people-laugh-skills. Hmm...


On second thought, scratch that. Sometimes I am just too tired of making others happy/pleasing others, you know? Coz in the end, who's going to make me happy?

Sorry lah, a bit emo these days. Maybe it's the stress, maybe it's becoz some ppl just say things without thinking, maybe it's just becoz that human emotions are too complicated to comprehend.

Aihh. I give up. I'm so gonna be a hermit and my life will revolve around studying, sleeping and eating.

Yay! How nice. -_- What the heck. Just ranting lah. As if I'll be able to be a hermit. :T

Sunday, November 19, 2006

It Really Was A Typo!

I still can't believe that Philip put this up. (You hvta click on the link to understand what I'm going to write below...)

Hey, I'm framed! I'm innocent! It was honestly a TYPO on my part okay? o.O

Walao, next time really must type proper, accurate english, especially around bloggers! Woah, dangerous~ Hahaha...

But nevermind lah. Just for laughs lah. Besides, he did put up the part about me typing wrongly, so still got "damage control". :P

Damn funny lah. But at least someone said that I'm hot. *winks*

To Trust Or Not To Trust - Me

I may not look like it - I may talk a lot of crap sometimes, but I AM trustworthy. I can keep secrets.

Don't believe it? Ask the many ppl (note the word "many" in case you didn't notice the italics) who told me pretty juicy stuff, but I never told anyone else. *thinks of all the potential gossip that I could have generated but didn't* ^o^ Don't worry, peeps, your secrets are safe with me! Hehe.

Hey, don't forget to take into account the fact that I suffer from short-term memory loss. So I forget a lot of stuff quite soon enuf. hehe. Isn't it a win-win situation? You get to tell your stories & feel better, I get to hear them, but in the end no one else knows abt it coz I've already forgotten. Blek.

Some ppl look trustworthy, but in the end, they are not. Not intentionally, but... still.

Ha. How ironic life is.

PS: Woot! Dimsum just now was nice!! So full now... We shld do this more often. Hehe. I really live to eat. :P Oh ya, paiseh that I woke up late ya, forgot to turn on my alarm clock last nite. Hehe.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

How Happy Can One Be?

I'm sure this has happened before.

You're sitting in the lecture theatre, minding your own business. Bored of looking at your notes, you look up, and see this attractive girl/guy who's walking by with high spirits, looking like they don't have a care in the world.

You envy them, for being so happy, easily. While you are turning moudy in that little corner, wading in your depressing thoughts about the past/present/future.

You go home, turn on the comp and start reading blogs (coz what better way to find depressing stuff to read, right?). In your epiphany of blog-hopping, you stumble upon the quite secretive blog of that girl/guy you envied in the lecture theatre just now.

You start reading. And your eyes slowly grow bigger and bigger as you scroll down the page.

You never knew! The girl/guy that you thought was so happy has their own miserable thoughts too. They may be even more miserable than you, but just that they never showed it.

And blogs is a good way of getting to know a person better, as you can read their innermost thoughts, and get to know of things which you will never know by looking at them alone.

See how looks can deceive.

I'll never admire other ppl for "looking" happy again, coz deep down inside, they might be hoarding some sad sad secret which you'll never know about.

I think deep down, everyone has a sad wound in their heart that will never heal fully.

You CAN be happy, just that I think there is no such thing as being completely, wholly happy. [Not unless if you're a baby who knows nothing except crying, drinking and shitting. And still the baby is not happy also, crying all the time.]

See? No one is completely happy. And I have come to accept that. That is the truth.

But if one can be at least 90% happy, I guess that is as good as it gets.

Rmb, life is too short to be happy tomorrow. :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just Some Thoughts

Just wondering...

  • Why is there no one truly, completely happy?

  • Why does everyone have their own set of problems that most ppl would never know of?

  • Why do some ppl do things without remotely going thru that process called thinking (in reference to the incident our batch rep talked to us about)?

  • Why do people tend to judge others so easily, but don't even start to think about what flaws they themselves have?

  • Why do looks deceive so much?

  • Why is it so hard to trust other people for some?

  • Why is life so complicated sometimes?

  • Why the only way to heal heart wounds is through time?

  • What is the meaning of life? What are we here for?

Hmm. Makes one start thinking, doesn't it? But don't worry, I'm fine. Just thinking abt what some of my frenz are going thru now. That's all.

*deep in thought*

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

CPR (Crashed, Pulped, Ruined)

*stops myself b4 I attempt to rant abt how sad my life is without internet*

Anyway, the cpr exam was so-so only. I was SO nervous that I suddenly understood the phrase "knees going weak". :( Never felt so nervous in my life, and I dunno why. Maybe it was partially due to my recovering health status too.

My stomach wasn't exactly feeling great, and stupid me had to drink a carbonated drink while I had smtg that was remotely like gastric pain. Which totally made it worse. How stupid can one get. Aikz.

I went in with so-called butterflies in my stomach, and started with the 1 man crp -> infant cpr & choking -> adult choking.

Errors I made at 1st station: forgot to activate EMS [I knew it!!], went blur abt rescue breathing and the guy had to hint me so many times (also asked me to calm down 1st, blek)... *sigh* Not exactly a good start.

Went totally blank at the 2nd station. Keep saying that I shld check for breathing when I shld be ventilating the baby. *arggh* Examiner stopped me, sent me to the back to find out what I was doing wrong. Was really upset then. =(

I tried to calm myself down.. *deep breaths* And voila. I sailed thru the 3rd station!! Yeah, perfect~ See? I knew I shldn't have been so nervous... :T Well, at least that was okay.

But wasn't finished yet. Had to redo the 2nd station.

Told her what I did wrong and she asked me to proceed. Can't believe that I made the same mistake again!! :O *slaps self* Really stupid. Dunno what was wrong with me. She even said: "Why are you making the same mistake again?" *deadpan look*

And shld check pulse b4 check for breathing rite? I got abit confused at 1st. Then I ran thru everything in my head. And decided that yes, shld check pulse 1st. Narrow shave there. She had that glint in the eye, telling me that she was ready to fail me ade... Fuyoh~

After it was done, she asked me: "Confident of saving lives?" And since I didn't do well, I said: "Dunno." I very well couldn't said "yes", right? Aikz. But at least I added: "I'll practice more."

That seemed to suit her fine. She was satisfied with the answer lah.. Hmm..

So the conclusion is that I still dunno whether I failed or passed. *sigh* Really hope its the latter. I've had enough of my share of failing recently. =(

Anyway, summative 2 is coming soon and I really need to buck up!! :T Well, peeps, I guess there will probably be less posts for this 2 weeks lah..

Can't believe that we're gonna start CVS soon!! Time sure passes fast~ Woo...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Some Crappy To-Do List

Food and uninterrupted sleep never felt so glorious before.

I'm on the mend now, peeps. Thanks for all the well-wishes. :) Glad to have such nice frenz as you guys. *beams* I'm so lucky.

Now, to deal with all the stuff that I shld have finished in the 2 and a half days I was half dead on the bed. *sigh*

My very behind to-do list:

  1. Tmr got cpr practical exam! Oh noooo! I'm scared leh...

  2. Hospital visit report. Ish. So mafan.

  3. AIR topic. Which I totally shld have done during the deeparaya hols. Aikz.

  4. And of coz, who can forget? My super behind studies!! :( I really don't want to fail again...! *huge sigh*

The list looks short but it IS a lot to do eh. How ah.. how ah? I think I'm having a panic attack. The sick period totally ruined my planning.

If I do plan, that is. *palms forehead*

Anyway, I guess I really gotta pull up my socks this time. No more fooling around liao I guess. Two more weeks till summative 2... Think still can do it kua... I hope so.

Gambate to myself~! (sorry lah, I selfish kua, only gambate to myself.. lol.) Okla, you guys also work hard lah.. Hehe.

Okay, time to chao. Need to read up on how to suck the air out of somebody give cpr and how to force stuff out of someone's throat do the heimlich's manueveur. Chao seng~

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Felt extremely shitty the past nite and the whole of today. Why? If you're observant, you might have noticed that my punkymood had been changed to "sick"! =(

Yes, that's what I'm feeling now. Sick. Extremely. Haven't been this sick since who knows whenever. I guess my immune system decided to take a break and this is what happened. Vomitted 5 times, had diahorrea, and nausea and back pain. I can't keep anything I eat down in my stomach...

I suspect it to be food poisoning. The ironic thing in this is that I just told my fren a few days back that I'm rarely affected by food poisoning due to my self-proclaimed "iron stomach". Guess that the powers-above wanted to show me not to be arrogant for being normally blessed with a good immune system. *sigh* New lesson learnt.

Feeling rather hungry now but I can't eat in fear I'll puke again! I'm so hungry... Is this what it feel like to be starving? The difference is just that we can't eat for diff reasons..

I haven't been this sick for sucha long time that I've kinda forgotten how it feels like to be sick... I just want the agony to end. I guess this will make me be able to emphatize more with sick ppl... Imagine feeling like this for more than days, weeks, months or even 24/7 (for those with chronix disorders)... Really charm.

More than 1 day wasted. Spent the whole day in bed. And in the toilet. No kidding. Which could have been spent on studying, since I'm kinda behind. Ish. To think that I have to fall sick when there are no classes. But I guess it's a blessing in disguise so that I won't need to miss any classes. :(

I've been surviving on water, 100-plus and green tea. Those are the only things that my stomach seemed receptive to. It even showed its dislike of milo by letting it go out the way it came into it. Blek.

I'm so hungry but I can't eat!!

Dear stomach, can you please decide what do you want?? If you want me to eat, can you please keep the food in there? *arggh*

Anyway, I feel very grateful to my fren that had been taking care of me since I fell sick... It sure would have been worse if I was alone, sick. My parents are very concerned too. It has been a long time since I've heard the concerned voice of my mum...

Okay, enuf rambling. Now would you excuse me, I think the toiletbowl is hailing me now.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hospital Visit + Other Rambles

Here I am again! After a few days of MIA-ing. Hehe. Not my fault lah.. The horrors of not having a internet line prevails.. *sigh*

Anyway, been pretty busy the pass few days. Coz I just had my 1st hospital visit on monday and tuesday! It was Nursing Week, so we're supposed to go to Tuanku Jaafar Hospital (formerly known as Hosp Seremban) to observe what nurses do and general stuff in the hospital lah.. I shall not eleborate more coz we're supposed to write a report on stuff we did there, and I don't wanna repeat those boring stuff here lah.. [Nearly forgotten that i'd to write the report eh.. aiyo~]

Anyhow, I still think the trip was kinda boring for me. I didn't learn much.. :( I think it depends on which wards you're assigned to lah. I got Male Surgical ward, which was nothing much coz most of them were just recovering post-surgery. Aikz. The most interesting case was this guy who got 1st degree burns on his arms and face. And a super crap talker guy with esophaegeal cancer. That's all. Damn boring, right? Ish.

Some of my frenz got to see SLE cases, 13 week old foetus (!!), woman with amniotic embolism etc.. YERRR! So not fair!! *pouts* I hope we'll get to see more interesting cases during the next hospital visit. [Reminder to self: well if I want to understand cases, I need to read more~]

Okay, I can't believe that my group went to sleep in the super comfy student lounge for almost 2 hours becoz we had nothing better to do and we didn't want to stand around in the stuffy ward (had to wear thick lab coats summore!) looking like fools. *sigh*

Whatever. At least that's over. CAL lab just now was okay. At least I knew what was going on anyway. So that leaves the rest of the week free for me to... erm.. study? Hmm. Dunno eh, sum2 coming in 2 and a half weeks. Really need to buck up! Or else you know lah.. :T

But can't study for 4 days straight lah. Can seriously die of super boredom eh... Well, I think the guys are going to Klang on friday morning! Hopefully the plans work out. I want to eat Klang Bak Kut Teh and dimsum!! *salivates* Hehe.

And another reminder to self, CPR practical exam on coming sunday... A bit freaked out.. Hope I do well or else Imu will be earning a full rm100 from me. Blek. (rm40 for the resit theory and rm50 for resit practical). Can do lots of stuff with rm100 eh!! :(

Oh ya, the m106 blog seems to be working fine. Although there are dead periods now and then, it's still okla. That's normal for a medical students' blog. Haha. And the posts are quite interesting too! ^o^ Keep it up guys!

Okla, I think I shall end my rambling here lah.. No mood to keep on typing ade.. Tired too... Ciaoz!

PS: I seriously can't believe it, that the girl sitting near me in the comp lab just said to her other fren that she was GLAD that her "best fren" FAILED her saq and some exam... Wth! What sort of frens is she lah... B*tch! Sorry, I really can't refrain from swearing here coz that IS what she is. She even has a sugary-gag-cute voice too. It shows that sometimes looks can really deceive. o.O I really look down on ppl who backstab their frenz. Frenz to me, is smtg important. The girl over there doesn't deserve any. *huff*

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Failure - Again?

I felt like puking. Serious. Must be becoz I was too anxious coz sum1 results will be out soon. And I knew deep down that I didn't do well.

And yes, it turned out to be true. When I tore open the small white result slip, the image of that B- was fiercly imprinted upon my eyes. Altho I knew that was to be expected, I still badly didn't want it to be true. :'( But alas, it was.

Yes, for those who dunno, that is a failure if you're a medical student in Imu. Minimum passing park is 65!! *Arggh* And I missed by just a bit. No more dean's list for me, but not that I was exactly that sort of material anyway. -_-

The exam wasn't really that hard. A lot of ppl aced it. And me? *sigh*

I was really upset yesterday. Felt hopeless, disappointed, angry with myself. I felt that I've let my parents down, badly. I've disappointed their hopes in me. Just wonder what I've been doing the past few weeks. What am I living for?? Coz to tell the truth, I didn't exactly feel like myself since I started sem2. Felt really lethargic often, was demotivated and lazy. No mood to study... *sigh* Nothing seems to be going right in my life now...

But now, I feel different. I seemed to have found my motivation to study once again!! :D Naturally, my self-esteem is at an all-time low but I'll try my best to prove to myself that I'm not stupid and that I can do it!!!

[Well, if I fail again, I guess its time to consider whether med sch is my cup of tea after all... but not good to think of that now...]

I think some things in life depends on how much effort you put in them. You want to do well, you better work your ass off! Or not, don't even think that you can get away with half the effort of others... It depends on how much you wants it. Yeah...

So I guess it's time for a re-evaluation of the priorities in my life. And I need to think abt some aspects of my lifestyle that has been making me feel unlike the old me. For example, my messed-up sleep is a main factor that cause me to feel lethargic often, which leads to me unable to concentrate in my studies, thus causing me to do badly etc. So I really think I need to be more disciplined in my life.

Anyway, I guess it's how I look at it. If I want to mope about, be sulky, the only one who's going to suffer is me. If I be more optimistic, and take it as a lesson, I guess I'll be able to find my way again. *was feeling lost then*

It's not when you fall that you disappoint yourself most.

It's when you didn't pick yourself up.

Zzzyun the great will reign supreme again someday. Hehe. Okay, I guess the low self-esteem problem isn't exactly a big problem now, eh? lol.

*walks away in deep thought*

PS: Btw, I passed my cpr resit ade~! Actually, everyone who went for the resit passed lah. Thank god I did smtg right (even tho it was the 2nd time around)...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Fun Weekend

Ooo. Was wanting to blog abt some of the fun stuff I did over the weekend but only until now was I able to get an internet connection and some leisure time. Well, things are hectic as usual. Studies AND fun activities with frenz.

Anyway, let's not talk abt the former. It's so blah. -_- Well, I got back on saturday evening, and for a change, we decided to visit the famous SS2 area for food~!! It's a longer drive than usual, but it was well worth-it. As it's a very big area, we decided to go to the well-known "Wai Sek Kai" (Medan Selera/Appetite Street?!) for dinner.

And the food choices there are damn a lot lah. It actually was a long street that was made into a hawker center. And after I walked the entire length of the "street", I still coudn't make my choice of what to eat simply becoz there just were too many choices!! o.O

Anyhow, I decided on Mango chicken in the end. It was so-so only. Not sastified, I proceeded to stuff myself silly with 1 bowl of claypot yee mee, half a bowl of "tong sui" (this is nice!) and a cup of sugarcane. I can't believe I ate [and drank] SO much. I was so freaking full, almost till bursting point. No kidding! I'm sucha glutton. :(

And that was that for saturday. Now for sunday.

I finally went to the apparently quite famous "1-Utama". Was VERY big. And definitely can get lost btw the old and new wing. Anyway, to cut a long story short, me and a bunch of a uni frenz went to TGV (coz GSC was full) to watch Rob-B-Hood.

Ahhh.. This movie is really really GOOD! *thumbs up* And the baby is sooo cute! :) You know that is true when I tell you some baby is cute. Hehe. The movie has some really funny moments. The cameos by a few HK actors were funny too. And ya, besides that, the movie has a quite touching ending! And a good moral lesson behind it. Must-watch!!

Imo, the funniest part was when Jackie Chan wanted to do CPR on the dying baby. Unfortunately, he must have not gone for CPR class... coz he used BOTH hands on the few months' old baby!! Wrong~! My batchmates shld know that one shld only use TWO fingers to do CPR. And I can't believe we're talking abt that during the show. *sigh* You know lah, medical students can never have a decent conversation without jargons or medical stuff. Aikz.

Okie, enuf bout the movie. Then we had lunch at this place called Waffle World which offers really yummy waffles. *drools* I had a dish called "triple nuts smtg smtg"...hehe. Can't rmb, except it was okay, if not a bit too chocolatey. The waffle was choc-flavoured too, with nuts in it! The mango smoothie was lovely tho. ^o^

Then, we girls went shopping lo. I finally bought a new pair of shoes (after lots of hunting) that I was in dire need of, as clumsy me had broke the old pair. Hehe. But I quite like it, tho it was a bit smaller than i tot. Well, it prob wud become loser as time goes by, hopefully.

Oh ya, we had some fun trying some clothes that looked very nice. I was so tempted to buy!! *resist* Some weren't really expensive either.... I waaaant! Well, maybe next time then. The shoes cost rm50 ade leh... :(

Anyway, we went back home after that. We went to Ayamas in Carrefour for dinner. Met many Imu ppl there. Funny. And then we went grocery shopping lo. And I'm not gonna be an old lady and talk abt that liao (can you sense that I'm in a hurry to go?) so I guess I shld end my crapping now. Ciao~!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The New Look

Okay, b4 I start crapping... Just wanna say tada! My blog has a new look ade! Isn't it absolutely totally fabulously freakingly beautiful? Haha. Don't mind me. I can gaze at it for ages I think. lol. I really love this new header of mine tho, especially after I'm done playing around with it in photoshop. The colours are so chun.. (^o^)v [wah, really siao abt bright colours ade..haha]

Anywayyyy, *slaps self awake* tmr will be going back to KL ade.. *sigh* I'm so gonna miss the healthy home-cooked food eh.. :T and lots of other stuff which I'm too tired to think abt now. Coz it's 2 smtg in the morning and tmr I gotta wake up early eh.. Starting out at 9am tmr with beh.

Okay, my eyelids are drooping ade... Can't tahan anymore. Don't want to use toothpicks either. *sweat* I'll blog the other clutter in my mind later then.. Byez! [Wee~ Back to freedom~]

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Blogger's Syndrome

The Facts - What You Need To Know:


A relatively new disease that emerged in the late 20st century and is currently on an alarming rise in the year 2006.

There is no stopping it, since it's extremely infectious and once, infected, there is no known cure for it. Destructive and systemic, infected persons are known as "compulsive bloggers", as blogging is a way of life for them.

A vaccine has yet to be found but IT-illiterate ppl are working on it.

Current Status: Already a pandemic.

Vector: "Weblog" (now more popularly known as a "blog"). Active 24/7. Well known vectors since discovered are blogspot, xanga, friendster's blog, blogdrive etc.

Etiology (Causes): Fed by euphoria of ppl reading and acknowledging your writings. Comments left by others greatly aggravates the condition. But can be due to extreme boredom and a need to do something remotely useful too.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • "partial paralysis" of the phalanges (fingers) due to excessive typing.

  • "exophtalmos" (bulging of eyes) due to immense strain of the eyes from the glare of the screen.

  • bouts of "psychosis" when something interesting is happening. [don't you find yourself piecing together a blog post in your mind just then?]

  • sudden "amnesia" where you sit down, stare at the computer screen and find out that you've forgotten everything that you've painstakingly planned to write about.

  • occasional "hypoxia" of the brain, leading to writers' block, which leads to ppl writing crappy posts like this one. [kinda regret writing that, I think I just ruined my reputation along the way, aikz]

Pathogenesis: Starts when you acquire a blog (vector, rmb?). Symptoms are mild in the beginning, incubation period varies among individuals; but will eventually flare up into addictive blogging. Can never get rid of it, will always remain a latent infection.

Treatment: As mentioned above, no cure yet known to mankind. No vaccine either. The best way is to just delete your blog forever and never touch a keyboard ever again. But there is a huge doubt in the scientific community if that way will work.

Epidemiology: Currently almost 40% of the population is affected (correct at press time), found more prominent in people who are tech-savvy and love writing crap.

Prevention: Never expose yourself to the vector! [means don't start a blog lah] No matter how much your infective frenz plead you, be strong.

Take Home Message: Rmb, prevention is always better than cure. If you think you have even ONE of the signs & symptoms above, pls refer yourself to a psychiatrist immediately. Thanks for taking your time to read this. :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Funny Flash Videos

Was quite bored, so much so that I resolved to watching Flash videos in the hope that they will alleviate my boredom... and they sure did! ^o^

Here are some of the cool + funny ones, sure to crack you up:

Okla, enough! Put up too many links ade.. If you still hunger for more laughter, then just visit this page, coz all of the above are the creations of Dominic A. Tocci. I'd go so far to say he's a genius in creating funny flash videos. Hehe.

Well, I'm kinda out of topics to blog abt - never tot that wud happen - coz life in penang consist of staying at home almost 24/7 [what to do lah, parents must miss me too much I think -_-"""] and sticking close to the beacon of light called the internet. Ha. Whatever. Ciaoz.

Btw, some of the videos above don't have exactly the most squeaky clean content okay. Be prepared. Proceed only if u're not someone concerned abt being pollitically correct. Hehe.

PPS: Am kinda frustrated with my laptop. It has been crashing quite a few times the past few days. *pulls hair* The first time it did so was when my bro was using it - ya, kind me lent him. And he swore he did nothing, but I wonder. I dunno whether izzit kena virus or worm or the drive spoil or whatever (!!!) and now I can't download stuff coz it crashes whenever I open any P2P programs. Ish. *sigh* I really don't want to reformat my comp, coz I'm so lazy to back up my stuff.. So much!! Why my comp so weak wan ah? I already reformatted it around 2 months ago, coz kena some "super virus" that won't let me install any antivirus software. Don't tell me hvta reformat again.. Noooooo...!!

PPPS: Eh, I just changed the header of my blog on a whim. What do you think? I absolutely love the pic! The colours are so fantastic! (You know me lah, I'm crazy abt colours :P) The only thing I don't like is that there's some blue space on the right of the pic. Any amount of tinkering with the html just won't make it budge. Bleh. And I can't move the title of my blog to the middle too. *Arggh* Yeah, yeah, I can be a perfectionist sometimes. But I still love the pic. Fabulosa~ Happy~!

Monday, October 23, 2006

The M106 Blog

Okay, I'm going out later so I won't say much. Just wanna tell you guys that my ahem, brilliant idea some weeks ago has taken off!

*drum roll*

The M106 blog is born! Yayz~ Do go check it out okay! Leave comments! ^o^ If you are a batchmate that wants to contribute to the blog, pls email for the invitation to join. :) Ppl who are good with html and stuff are welcomed to lend a hand. Thanks!

My god, I'm just so excited over this project. Hehe. Happy~ Okay, stop reading and go see it NOW!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Despair Within Us

Was reading thru an accquaintance's blog since I've a lot of time to kill and was feeling kaypo. :P However, I left feeling sad for him. I didn't know him well, but somehow I could feel his immense sadness and disappointment in himself.

Ah... how well I knew that feeling of despair, the feeling of hopelessness, the feeling that nothing can ever go right. It was a feeling that there is nothing to hope for in the future, that your hope of a future was cruelly snatched from you.. :(

But I am one lucky girl. I have many frenz that support me v(^o^), a family that will try to make me feel better even though they love to nag me... Blek. So I didn't feel so down in the dumps. And God has given me another chance in the end. I'm really blessed. Must make use of it fully, so that I don't disappoint anybody...

But this poor fren of mine. He seemed in utter hopelessness in his blog post. He mentioned of frenz that didn't know him anymore, a family disappointed in him, and a girl he likes that shuns him now... That has got to be the suckiest feeling in the world. That when you are really depressed, and you find yourself alone, with no one to turn to for help or comfort. Despair.

I know how it feels coz I felt that before. And I don't want to feel that way ever again. It's terribly scary. To be alone. *sigh* I hope someone will go cheer him up! It's a bit weird for me to do coz seriously, I don't think he even remembers my existence!

Somehow, I feel the need for everyone to be happy, I dunno why.. But maybe I gotta stop that, or else the one really suffering will be me - well that's what my fren said anyway. *shrug*

Anyway, I'm generally quite happy now. I just want to live life the best way I know... :)

Kick-Ass Quotes

Here are some kick-ass quotes by Kunal Kapoor. I'm not exactly sure who he is, probably some famous Hindi actor. But his quotes are just too cool to pass up, so I'm putting it up here for you guys to read. Enjoy~

  • Love... is a moment of surrender. :D

  • Pillow Talk... happens when a man is trying to prove that he isn't just interested in sex. :P

  • Kissing... is saying with saliva and silence what you can't with words. ^o^

  • Cyber Sex... is one guy stimulating another, making him think it's a woman on the other side. :O

  • Holding hands... is a romantic union of sweat. lol.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Maggie Market

Another awesome games' site found here, introduced to me by Suewen. [It's called Maggie Market, eh not Maggie mee wan maggie lah, I think the site is owned by someone called Maggie lah... =.=""]

Anyway, the site is really fun!! ^v^ Females will prefer this probably. Do choose from the many games recommended at the yellow bar above.

For me, my fav was... eh, I can't decide! Actually most of them are funny lah.. Try it out. Use a mouse to play instead of using touchscreen (like what I did) is recommended. Or else you might get sore fingers after sometime, like me. lol.

Okay, enjoy! This is cute, not scary at all, so don't worry! :D I'm spending too much time on games, when I shld be catching up on studies... aikz.

Anyway, a very Happy Deeparaya to all my frenz out there! =) Toodles!

Interactive Clicking

Just wanna recommend this pretty cool interactive game. It's called The House (eh, not Dr.House lah -_-"") Click here for the page review about it. To "experience" it, just click on the pic on that page, and voila, you're in.. Well, it's quite a scary + gory game actually, so if you wanna scare yourself silly, this is best watched/played when you're alone with all the lights out. Hehehe.. *evil grin* In my opinion, it IS quite scary.. [my heart is still racing a bit now..] It plays to the human imagination. Yikes~

If gory stuff is not your cup of tea, fun light-hearted games like Alien In The Room might be just the one for you. Quite cute~ Click here for 2 games on it. :) Point of advice tho, if you can't get thru the game after extreme clicking about, I suggest you just read the walkthrough provided. Or else one can really go nuts leh. lol.

This is another cool game. Concept is like Sim City but the way to go about it is different... Cute! Click here to play! Wee~ I think I'm getting addicted ade... Uh-oh..

Anyway, there are quite a few cool games there. They are linked to one other at the top of each review and the recommended ones are at the sidebar . So enjoy! ^o^

Ah.. Penang is a blessed land of fooood! I just had my fav curry mee this morning. *licks lip* And mum's cooking is unrivalled. Can't find anything like it anywhere else! Shld I list the delicious food I want to eat?

Lemme see - best wantan mee in the world (I know just the stall!), mouth-watering dimsum, the cheapest and yummy western food [Woo! Been deprived of that!], the nicest ikan bakar ever etc... Okay, maybe I shld stop now. I really wouldn't like you guys to spoil your keyboards by drooling all over them now, wouldn't I? Hahaha...

The Long Journey Home

And finally I'm back home in penang. My god, the journey back took SO freaking long!! :(

We started out around 2.30pm and can you guess what time only did I reached home? 9.35pm!!

The weird thing was, we expected there to be a big jam at the penang bridge, but when we got there, it was pretty smooth sailing. Gloating over our good luck, little did we know the horrors ahead.

After we got onto the lil' island, we're shocked to see a MASSIVE traffic jam near Tesco. *sigh* It took us more than 1 hour to move along a stretch of road that would normally take, what, 10 minutes? Really charm... guess that I'm not really fond of traffic jams, but then who is? Unless the person wanna take the chance to spend some "quality time" with his lover or smtg? Hehe.. Dunno what I'm crapping. lol.

Oh ya. The weather was totally horrible. Very heavy rain plus thick thick mist! Most of the drivers had to turn on the hazard lights.. I was a bit scared coz beh was driving a tad too fast for me to be ease at some parts. Lucky we arrived safely in one piece. Coz along the way (esp around Juru), there were many accidents. There was even a four car pile up. o.O Hey guys, safety comes first okay..

Anyway, as expected, mum let me had an earful thru the phone even b4 I went to meet her. Aikz. So like her... What to do, this is what I get when I'm back in penang. But nvm. Must appreciate the nagging leh.. What happens if there comes a day when she wouldn't be able to nag me even if I wanted her to? It all depends on perspective, I guess.

Okla, gonna stop here ade. Quite tiring journey. And nothing interesting to say anyway. Just wanna whine abt the traffic in penang, especially during festive seasons! Not fair leh.. Aiya~ But it's GREAT to be home again! Yayz! Ciaoz, peeps!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


It saddens me to see good frenz being torn apart - flesh and soul - due to small misunderstandings.

And the fact that they didn't talk it out but showed their snarling claws at each other in the blogosphere. How unfortunate that blogs have become a tool of "psychological warfare". Where other bystanders can read and form their own conclusions based on each's side of the story and maybe take sides too.

To me, best-friendships are smtg sacred. Smtg to be treasured. I really will do a lot to get back any good frenz that I've lost thru misunderstandings or any faults on my part. In total, I just wanna say F.R.E.N.Z. mean a lot to me.

Anyway, really hope that they will patch up their friendship somehow (the situation looks quite bad as it had gone pretty public ade.. aikz). I guess that is still somewhat possible if they treasure their friendship enough to put aside the petty past. But then, who knows... *fingers crossed*

Okay, shld sleep ade. It has been a long day. Nitez, peeps~!

Went redbox from 3 smtg till almost 8!! Can't believe we sang for so long! Fuyoh! Nice. And we had lunch in one of my fav restaurant - Kim Gary!! The cheese-baked rice, french toast and apple snow mountain is very salivating-inducing!! Yummy!! Really heavenly~! Really liked it lah... (you can see that very well, can you? lol.)

PPS: I learnt smtg new today. Besides the very basic thing of thinking b4 we talk, we shld also talk with discretion, seeing what is the situation. Nope, for once, I didn't say anything wrong. Just thinking abt what a fren said today (if you wanna get technical then yesterday morning lo) and how he talked without discretion on certain sensitive issues. But then I guess that it's just him. Anyway, I shld learn from the mistakes of others. Yeah.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just A General Update

Yesterday aikido's class was quite different for once.

Coz yesterday was the 1st class after the recruitment drive... meaning there were quite a few juniors!! It's been a long time since the mat was filled till there was not enough space to sit...

I wonder how many of the many juniors will be able to withstand the torture training long enough to learn some new techniques. Anyway, sensei taught them some pretty advanced stuff, compared to our first time. Which was quite boring, if I must say so. blek.

Welll, the seniors (yeah, I am a senior o.O) were supposed to help the juniors while doing the various techniques by training with them. Changing partners each time. The thing is - I get confused abt which sides to use A LOT - and I feel that I was such a lousy teacher to the juniors! :( If they don't come back, it's probably my fault. Coz they've seen how lousy I am when I train with them. Aikz.

But mind you, I'm relatively okay while training with batchmates or seniors. I mean, most of the time, I probably would be able to attempt to do smtg that looks similar to whatever technique that we're supposed to be doing. My batchmates and seniors have been a great help to me! Thanks~ :D

Anyway, yesterday's class bordered a bit on boring. Coz the stuff sensei taught was pretty simple. I mean, however bad I am, I did pass my 1st grading (^o^)v so we're learning something slightly more advanced than that. Sensei made us do so many backfalls, and after the class, I felt fired up (due to the excessive warming up, I think) but didn't get enough of doing techniques! Aikz. I think I was sweating from the warm-ups only.

We're talking about this after class. And John said that we shld go to the Friday class in Brickfields so that we can learn faster. Dunno leh. I mean, I wanna learn new stuff and challenge myself, but I've too many commitments.

If I've learnt anything, it's this: That I shld never sacrifice my studies for anything else.

Note to self: Your parents paid so much for your education, and this is your dream. You shld put it as a high priority on your to-do list. Go~! *punches fist in air*

I guess I might go occasionally? We'll see how things work out. But the last friday class I went to was really strenous. No kidding. Now, that's what I call a good class...

Okay, enough mumbo-jumbo abt aikido ade.

Last nite had dinner at the girls' place. Thanks for the nice dinner. I loved the new dish you made, Lishan. Corn with chicken~ Yummy! *licks lip* After clearing up, Suewen let me have a go at playing O2Jam!! This was my first time playing it and my god, it's totally ADDICTIVE!! lol.

She even offered to let me install it in my comp, but I think I shall pass for now. I mean, I've enough temptations (or "distractions" from my studies) for the time being. *thinks of the number of anime I've been watching lately* I think if I really wanted to O2Jam, maybe I can just play at their house once or twice after dinner lo... Hehe. Thanks~


Well, it's going to be double celebrations soon. Deepavali and Hari Raya!! And that means a long holiday for me! One week!! Will be going back to dear penang, so frenz who loved to see me (perasan, haha) just gimme me call ya!

I can't wait to see my family... Miss ya guys, especially my dad. He's the best man in world! Okie, better stop here.. or I shall be blogging a post abt great a man my dad is ade.. (actually really can blog a post abt that lo... *thinks*) Oh ya, I can't wait to eat penang food too!! Curry mee, hokkien mee, ikan bakar etc~!! *salivates*

Right! Going to stop here now. Enough rambling for now. Got class later. Then after that going for a redbox session with the girls! Yayz! Toodles!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Confident? Hmm.

Ah. Other ppl's perceptions about me do surprise me sometimes.

In the past 1 week, I've been labelled as "confident" by three different ppl. Isn't that surprising? Apparently to them, I look very "confident + competent".. That is totally so :O.. Haha.

If you ask me, I don't really think I am. Confident, that is. Looks deceive? Hehe. Hmm. Prob it's just an innate facade? Dunno~ Well, someone said that at least my patients will trust me when they first see me. Good lo.. ^o^ [Mutters: If I do managed to become a doctor, that is. See? There I go again!] Anyway, never judge a book by its cover. Cliche but true..

I think deep down inside, I need ppl to acknowledge the value of my existence. (Doesn't everyone do?) I measure my self-worth by certain level of "tests" that I set up myself.. For example, if I can't achieve this goal, then I'm not as good as I think I am lo... Doesn't all this point to someone who is insecure? Or is it just smtg normal? I dunno..

Ok fine, I'm not that unconfident as to think that I'm worth less that an amoeba. lol. I do have my sense of self-worth, and let me assure you, I'm not suffereing from any inferiority complex of the sort.. But I definitely know there is room for improvement. [Isn't there always is? It's a life long process! Aikz.]

Well, don't really know what I'm crapping here. Haha. Hope you get the point.


Haven't been religiously blogging the past few weeks. Sorry lah.. I think the blogging bug that have bitten me flew away to some other host probably. -_-"" Ah. That reminded me. Gonna start lectures on parasites later today!! And seniors say that is really hard! Charm.. :T

I said I'd study consistently but I haven't really managed to get down on my resolution. Buck up, girl! Don't repeat your mistakes!! (^o^)v

Okie, gtg ade.. Tataz!

PS: Happy 20th birthday, Kee! Hope you like the celebrations we had for you.. It was a surprise, wasn't it? Hehe.. Pity we didn't get to throw you into the pool. Haha. Anyway, wish that you will stay happy and healthy always. :) Cheers!