Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Somewhere Between Boring & Interesting

Hi guys! I'm back again! It's been quite a long time eh... what to do, I don't really have much inspiration to blog using the library's computer.. which is what I'm doing now. so expect a boring post ahead, I hope not.

Anyway, my past few days has been pretty interesting.

Me and the bf went for our belated V-Day celebration which I shall blog abt in a later post. And the gifts are soooo cute! Anticipate that! keke..

And my cousin has just started the medicine course at my uni so yeah, I brought his family around for the past few days. They went back yesterday, after getting him thoroughly settled and everything. Lucky kid.

I brought them to nearby hawker stalls and helped them carry some furniture - with the help of the bf too - which hopefully they will bring some good comments back to the ears of my parents. :P I also guided and answered the numerous Qs of my cousin. Farny, ain't it? He reminds me of the feeling of having to get used to a new place and new ppl again. I'm sure that feeling will come again in no time soon. *sigh PMS sigh* I certainly remember the feeling of loneliness during my first sem here. I'm really gonna miss my frenz here...

Anyway, on sunday night, we went to another uncle's house for steamboat! Yummy~ Homecooked food is still the best! Hehe so cute, the bf went too and brought them a watermelon as he thinks that watermelon is the best fruit to be eaten after the heaty steamboat. (but got ppl bring watermelon to ppl's hse wan meh? as a first time visit gift :P)

Well, I guess that's abt how 'interesting' it could get these few days. It's still holidays ma for my batch.. But no fear, tomorrow is PuiFun's birthday and we're doing something! (nope, it's a surprise!)

So here's an early shoutout: Happy Birthday, Fun Fun!! hehe..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back To The City

Tomorrow, I'll be halfway across the peninsular again, to that concrete jungle called KL.

A place where not everything will easily fall into my hands. A place where every meal or chore has to be toiled by my own hands. But if truth were to be told, I don't really mind it that much.

Because it is also the place where I will have freedom. To me, if I had to make a choice, I would pick freedom over convenience any day.

But I hope to have the best of both worlds someday. I'll work for it! To have the money to buy my own home and furnish it any way I want! hehe..

Anyway, just to let you guys know, one of my housemates has just moved out suddenly due to certain circumstances and has taken the internet with her. *sobs* So I will be in an internet-less state for a few days. Unless I drag my lazy butt to the library lah.. lol.

Don't worry, I'll find some way to solve this crisis! (it IS a crisis for an internet addict like me okay!)

I'll still update of coz [what to do, looks like I hvta drag my butt there] but posts might be a bit slower. And why don't more of you guys commmmment?? My hits has been increasing daily but not the number of comments tho sadly. haha.

Alrighty, must comment ah! At least on the interesting posts ma.. no, this is a boring rambly post.

Okay, I take my leave here. Cya guys! The next time I'll be back in the city! ^v^

Monday, February 18, 2008

Till Now And Forever I Remember

This is another tribute to my teacher. You can read the previous entry here. And it's really sad that we never took a photo together.. *sigh*


Today, I went to visit my beloved teacher's grave for the first time since he passed away. It was also the first time I visited the christian graveyard in Youth Park.

After stumbling upon his grave, the photo of his face plastered on the cold black marble stone seemed to bring back many memories.

Too many memories just came flashing back...

He loved telling stories of his past years. And he was a great storyteller - his face would be full of emotions and his voice's intonation would change with the pace of the story. Till now, I still rmb many bits and pieces of his wonderful stories.

It pains me now to think of the fact that he kept hidden from us the fact that he was suffering from bone cancer all this while. How long had he known? I really wished that he had let us known the truth earlier.

So I might have had the chance to be able to talk to him for one last time.

But I don't think I could bear it. When I was standing and looking at his kindly smile in the picture, tears had already started filling my eyes. I think I'd have broken down in front of his bed.

I don't think that I could bear that one of the adults that I'd admired most while I grew up was going to die. In front of my eyes. And I could do nothing abt it.


It made me realised the fragilty of life. And how helpless and miniscule I was.

Then I realised why you did it, teacher. Why you didn't want us to know about your illness and continued teaching while you could. You didn't want us to suffer, right? You were your usual kindly selfless self till the end.


Do you remember how we met, teacher? I would like to say it was Fate - you can laugh if you want - but I still believe it was Fate that brought us together.

We had always laughed together about the weird antics of the "fat girl" staying beside my house. [well she really was obese ma...and really smtg wrong in the head!] You didn't want to teach her after a few lessons, becoz you felt she was wasting your time with her weird "attention-seeking behaviour". oh yes that was what you said.

And my mum so happened to meet you while you're on the way out from her house. And after my mum enquired abt your services as a tuition teacher, the rest is history, so they say. I had known you since I was a little girl of 9.

How many years has it been since?

12 years.

Twelve years of friendship and trust. You had touched my life as I am certain the same way you had touched many others.

Till now and forever, you shall be fondly remembered in my heart. I still miss you...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gifts With Love

Happee Valentine's Day, everyone! ^v^

Unfortunately, I won't be able to celebrate this special day "physically" with the bf this year as we are in different states at this time. Oh well, we'll get to save money as everything is crazily overpriced today anyway~ lol.

Thinking back, our first Valentine's Day was certainly a memorable one. I can't help laughing and grinning when I think abt it. It's funny how love can make one deliriously silly. hehe.

Anyway, since we won't be able to celebrate it together this year, I've decided that I shall do a post showcasing the gifts that we gave each other on our one year anniversary.

And this is what my dear dear gave me. A scrapbook + photoalbum of sorts! teehee.

isn't it elegant? and cute at the same time?

And the bear bear in the picture is strangely familiar, no? It's the very same one he gave me that came with the flowers! *pinches its cheek*

the first page

So nice right, the 2 hearts that he had drawn? =) oops some of the words had been blurred out, sowie lah, this is private stuff ma, hehe..

a collage of the cute pics inside

hehe the cartoons he drew of us so kawaii!

yeap, the scrapbook also included many of the delicious food that we had together!

guess we really are into good food! hehe

Many of the photos were taken from my blog, so a bit blur. Because so unluckily, his laptop was stolen just a few months ago. =( so everything is gone.

some of the food we cooked together yummy~ cooking with him is fun!

well this shows that we not only know how to eat, cooking it also can! huhu

The scrapbook also follows a timeline of how we were first introduced to each other, the days of getting to know each other, days of uncertain feelings, till where we are now hehe.

Attached with photos and messages detailing the events! ^v^

the days from orientation and how I first met him thru my groupmate

some ppl's faces have been blurred to stop them from killing me save their reputation

omg I'm in pyjamas! gosh o.O

nice picture of us holding hands

I decided to be creative with photoshop, guess which is the real one? Tada~ the right side one is the photoshopped version keke.

some of the memories we as a group had together

I'm gonna miss you guys a lot!!! *sniff sniff*

The photo in the bottom left corner shows us having dinner in Wang Di Mian. A shop selling different types of wantan mee in Sri Petaling.

The photo in the top right corner shows us just relaxing and talking crap, while waiting for our usual cater dinner in Keeping/Eugene's hse. I really am gonna miss those times terribly, though I didn't like the food much of the time. But it's the company that counts ma! hehe.

The photo in the bottom right shows us posing in front of the pretty Variety Night backdrop that Kee Ping, Kee and me had lovingly crafted. Took us a lot of sweat and effort! woah I still rmb those days~

Well I had only let you guys had a glimpse inside of the scrapbook he gave me. But I think it's enough ade right. =P

Okay, time for me to show you what I gave him as a one year anniversary present!

This was the little card that I made for him, nice onot??

so cute right? I am particularly fond of the heart in the envelope! nice leh?!

However, the main present I gave him is this. Words are hard to explain what is it so I'll just show you thru a few photos.

Behold, my masterpiece! *drum roll*

Are you awed yet? I amazed myself too seriously!

I guess it's called a model. Purposely made a miniature pair of us standing in a miniature basketball court. Almost everything is in 3D!

The basketball stands which hold the hoops were the most difficult to make! Tied them together with thread and glue. And I even went to the extent of googling images of the basketball court to make sure I got the pattern correct hehe. I like the effect of the orange lines on the black court. Rather striking~ The twinkling stars are cute too, right?

*rotfl* Basically to me, everything is cute lah! =D

Here's another close up pic:

what do you think? Comments puhlease!

Maybe I should have taken a course in making miniature landscapes haha..

Well, I guess that's all for today, folks. Hope you guys enjoyed this post about the gifts we gave each other that day.

Happy Valentine's Day and show them the money love! (this includes everyone wonderful around you, not only lovey dovey couples!)

Tis a money making day for many too haha! Toodles!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Year

365 days.

8760 hours.

525,600 minutes.

31,536,000 seconds.

It all boils down to the same thing. We have finally come so far as to reach the one year mark. Sometimes when I think abt it, I still can't believe it.

[btw this post is super duper delayed becoz I was lazy so you will never know when is our anniversary! hehe]

One Year Anniversary. Even the words taste sweet in my mouth. =)

I still rmb the day when we offically became an item. Wasn't it funny how embarassed we were when our frenz saw us holding hands? That scene is deeply imprinted in my short-term-memory brain, so I shall declare it a feat indeed!

I could go on and on but oops I really shouldn't be mushy in my blog. That will certainly put off many of my readers. *shields eyes with hand and looks around* I can see some of them puking in the wastebin now.

Actually I'm just looking for an excuse to get off the hook. Coz however unrestrained I may blog abt some of my thoughts, there are still some things I prefer to keep private okay. huhu..

Anyway, I shall blog abt how we spent that memorable day then. As I am afraid one day my memory will really fail me, so I'll have some sort of journal for me to remember the past! Besides, it's fun to read back ur own old entries, right? It's like seeing youself slowly grow up then old and become more mature to the person you are today.

Digressed. Here we go.

We had something like a 2-day celebration as there wasn't enough time to do all the things we wanted to do in one night. So it started with us watching a movie the night before. oops I suddenly can't remember what movie that we watched. >.<

On the day itself, it was ngam ngam a public holiday [nah a hint for you! hehe] so we went to Sunway Pyramid for a nice dinner.

But before dinner, we decided to splurge on some yummy Baskin Robbin's ice cream first! yay~

Flavours are Straberry Cheesecake and Pralines & Cream

Omg, any flavours with cheesecake in it is my favourite haha! The caramel in the pralines & cream is not too bad too. Looks like I really have a sweet tooth! :P We wanted to have more flavours but the person serving us was in this super dark mood and had already scooped it full of two flavours. So we decided to leave it at that.

In the end, even tho the ice cream was superbly delicious and we did managed to finish it, we were of the same opinion that the quart sized tub was not for suitable two people that were gonna have a good dinner soon. lol. And even 2 wonderful flavours can get a bit cloying after a while. >.<

Next time we shall take the pint sized tub okay! Sadly, February doesn't have 31st, hvta wait till March ade.. *boohoo*

We walked around the shopping mall for some time, trying to expend more calories so that we'll have space in our tummies for our dinner.

Which leads me to the fact that the bf was so nice to had made a reservation at TGIF. Coz it was packed to the brim when we're there. [I did mention it was a public holiday ma..]

nice slogan on the napkin

I'll certainly agree to the "fun" part

I dunno whether it's because they had just opened but the workers there are mightily enthusiatic abt their job! They were singing, joking and wishing customers hello/goodbye all the time!

I had to admit, their smiles were certainly infectious. I couldn't help smiling while watching them. There was this guy at the bar that was trying to juggle cutlery too. Damn farny. He was also the same guy leading the rest into the cheering sort of songs.

The service was fabulous too. Very attentive but not over-intruding into people's privacy. *thumbs up*

Anyway, the food was here after a reasonable wait, where we were kept adequately entertained then.

First up is appetizer.

not too bad, certainly thick and full of mushrooms

But I won't say I super like it coz I think we unfortunately got the bottom part of the pot so the soup was a tad too thick. But on the overall, not too bad. Can't rmb the price except for the fact it was rather pricey due to the fact they had hiked up the prices on that very day! aikz.

I had heard that one meal they served in TGIF is enough to feed two. So we of coz decided to order one set only.

This is what we decided, after running thru all the choices.

very nice! one of their specials

The breast meat was really succulent, so juicy when we bite thru them. And tinged with some sweetness as it was cooked with slices of pineapple. The mashed baked potato was rather delicious too!

Hated the gree vege tho, coz it reminds of the time when I ate the very same vege in my high school and I found a dead white worm! yikes.

Imho, this set was rather expensive for the portion given. Abt RM 30 smtg I think. It was lucky that we had stuffed ourselves silly with ice cream earlier or I don't think this would have been enough for two of us. And it was a pity the portion was small because it was really delicious. sad~

Maybe we will go back some other time, when the prices are cheaper. =/ I heard there's this promotion set that includes appetizer, main meal plus dessert at a reasonable price? And that this set is enough for two? Anyone who knows abt this please let me know ya. kthxbai.

So that was how we spent our special day. Nothing really fancy, but the meaningfullness of that day remain in our hearts. <3

Here's to a year full of happiness, memories, occasional tears and most importantly, love. =) I love you, dear dear. ^v^ Let's hope there will be many more years to come ya? *hugs*

Gifts? That shall be left to another post! It certainly deserve one of its own! Highly anticipate it alright! Ciaoz!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Convo Mag Fund Raising Project - IMU Idol!

This post is at Kevin's request. Copy and pasted from his blog. Please do show ur support! ^v^

As you all know, our convo mag is in dire need of funds. With most of our solid ideas either being hammered down or have already been done by other, IMU idol seems to be the only real hope to generate funds. The target for this project would be an estimated RM 3000. The Blind Date project previously collected a whooping >RM3000. I’m telling you, ‘If we can get enough of people to organize this, we’ll make equally as much if not more!’

IMU idol will span a total of 4 weeks, with the first week being the audition, followed by semis and finally the finale. Each stage of the competition will be filmed and shown everyday at the atrium where our voting booths will be. The public can vote for their favorites by purchasing a vote (and MIGHT include a freebie like chocolate OR NOT) at the voting booths. Prices to be discussed later.

The audition is to be held at the lecture halls where else the semis and the finals will be at the atrium. We are trying to organize the semis in conjunction with the food fair by the ball committee. As the competition progresses, half the number of participants will be eliminated each time. The winner, first runner up and second runner up will be given a prize respectively.

The basis behind the creation of IMU idol:

  1. It is an efficient money making scheme that requires zero funds to start, which is why we’ll need all the man power to make this right!
  2. It’s never been done before and the idea appeals to most of us.
  3. IMU has plenty of hidden voice talents.
  4. To create an atmosphere of competition which hopefully will give us the edge of more votes. Here, votes = money.
  5. It’s finally a chance to organize something that’ll suck money out of other batches instead of the usual self generated profits.
  6. Since it involves other batches, they’ll no longer hesitate to contribute to OUR convo mag.

IMU Idol committee proposal

For effective handling of the events, I propose a 4 team committee.

The first team’s task is to sort out the promotional aspect of the event. This includes job such as drawing up posters or banners and preparing wallpaper for the computers in the e-labs. Other reasonable suggestions for the promoting team would be to design human billboards and flyers for circulation. If there’s sufficient time, a video to advertise the event would be highly recommended. I personally will be filming all 3 events, from the audition to the semis and the finals. I hope to gather around 4 to 5 people for this team and upon completion of their tasks, they may or may not join the other teams as to their liking. It is important that people work as a team here. Each individual may have a specific style but a blend of all styles may sometimes yield better results. So, please compromise!

The second team will handle the booths. Collecting and counting the votes are a priority to this team as all incoming cash flows from here. It is advisable to draw up a timetable in order to rotate the person in charge each day. As the event will span for about 4 or 5 weeks, it is essential to have responsible people in charge of the booth. The team also needs to come up with a chart to show the number of votes for each contestant. In this case, Size (of the chart) Does Matter! I propose about 4 to 6 people for this team, with 2 people on stand by at the booth each day. The operation hours are up to you guys but try to cover a span of 4 to 5 hours each day and you may split the hours throughout the day for longer coverage.

The third team is the event team. The jobs here are the most tedious involving both the semis and finals competition to prepare for. This team basically has to organize and beautify both the events in order to draw in more crowds for the votes. For the singing competition rounds, the team is encouraged to invite our very own IMU bands to perform along with the singers. It doesn't need to be very high standard (like the Friday night), but must be equally nice as well. Positions to be filled include team leader (1), emcees (2), stage crew (2), spotlight (1), and decoration (2).

The last team would be the organizing team. This is a fundamental team as all activities have to pass through this team. Individuals with interesting ideas may join and contribute to the IMU idol idea. Right now, this team comprises of me (Kevin), Han Ying and Naomi.

The whole IMU idol is still in its preliminary planning. So, I apologize for the inadequate information in this notice. Feel free to contact any of the numbers below for further information or if you’re interested in joining us. Participants will be awarded a certificate at the end of the event. Thank you for your attention. It is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

I'm going to my grandma's hse for reunion dinner soon. So before I chao, here's a shoutout to all my readers:

Happy Chinese New Year!

May the coming Year of the Rat be a year full of prosperity and most of all, happiness! =)

PS: I'll be back soon with most posts! Tata!

so cute and farny~

Eternal Clerking

After the previous few posts tinged with sadness, I guess it's time I moved on with some humour in the world.

Voila! I present to you a video made by some of my batchmates for the video competition during Friday Night.

It was really funny, made us rocked with laughter when they showed us the video. Medical students would love this especially. Enjoy! =)

Eternal Clerking! :P

Monday, February 04, 2008

Memories From A Memorial

I've never been to a memorial before this.

Well, I guess I've been lucky. But not anymore.

full house - photo courtesy of junlin

Yeah, the hall was filled to the brim. That was how many ppl that came to Nianz' memorial. Extra chairs had to bring in too.

The ceremony was pretty simple. It started with a few speeches by her dad, her close friend and a 'brother' in sunday school in the temple. The speech by her dad and close friend, Amy was really touching. I do not dare to imagine the pain her family and close friends must be in now.

Anyway, after that there was some chanting by the monks. Took a pretty long time. In between, we observed a minute of silence for her. I didn't want to be bored as that would be rude, so I indulged my mind with the few memories I had of her.

Some memories of her speaking her mind during English class and how Mr.Ranjit would agree heartily, nodding his head. A memory of her coming to class with a bandage over one of her eyes because she was hit in the eye with a shuttlecock while praticing for the tournament in college. She was quite good-natured about it too. Another memory of her tall frame walking beside me during that hot afternoon to the carpark. And I commented on how tall she was.

I think that was about all. I'm not known for my "amazing memory" ya know. And it's a pity that I could only remembered so few.

It's surprising how so many of my frenz are linked together after all. After this incident, I found out apparently many of my frenz knew each other or thru a mutual friend. The world is indeed a small place after all...

I was hoping to see more of my college frenz during the memorial as we needed more ppl to make a huge impact. But sadly, only a few turned up. And it was kinda sad that we could only meet up (after so long of virtually non-contact) when a classmate of us has passed away, isn't it? That was what I felt when I suddenly saw them.

Well, what's done can't be undone. Let's just hope that this incident can make a change in the world so that her death won't be in vain.

Sign the petition now if you care!

PS: So far only Sin Chew Daily has reported abt the event. You can read it here (sry for those who can't read chinese). We need more papers to cover the event! The media is a major catalyst for change!

Update: Looks like there are more newspapers that covered the event. Read abt it - The Star and Guang Ming Daily.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I'm just trying to do my bit, however small for someone I once called a friend. I always believed that if everyone would to work together, however tiny our individual efforts might be, together we can move the world.

Please take note:

A memorial for Nianz will be held at the Kampar Road Temple tmr, sunday at 10am.

For those who are interested, you're welcomed to turn up. If not, please, say a prayer for her to find peace and be in a better place.

We all still miss you dearly. But who are we to hold you back on this mortal plain when I'm sure, it's a better place you're in?

SMS from Chung Lern: Ning's Memorial

  • Date: 3rd Feb 2008
  • Time: 10am
  • Venue: Mahindrama Temple (Kampar Road)

For those not sure of the place, here a map to the place.

Please do come, as a huge but peaceful crowd gathered might just be the thing for change. And we need the media's attention to make this a success.

Therefore, if you are free, we need you to be there!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Balik Kampung

It's been quite long since I last posted, huh? Well, just been rotting away in my vista home. -_- yes I know I should be revising but it's kinda hard to get my engine started! with chinese new year coming so soon too aihs!

I guess studying is a lost cause after all. =/

Anyway, just got back to penang today in Beh's car. Traffic was pretty horrible. The journey which normally would have took abt 5 hours took around 7 hours today.

Many of the KL people balik-ing kampung I guess since today is some sort of public holiday for them. Some federal territory day. I'll never understand the line between KL and selangor whenever the local people try to explain it to me haha...

Alright, what should I blog about now?

Hmm... Erm... Right..

Okay looks like I'm not in the mood for my usual verbal fluency rambles. I do have some content in my drafts but just kinda lazy to blog abt it.. blek.

Just gonna make this short and sweet to let all my frenz know that I'm back in penang okie! hehe. Toodles for now.

PS: Happy 21st birthday to Sin Yee! =) Hope you had a great day!