Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Once Again...'s that time of the year. The time where all the "serious" med students go bonkers and the med school is turned upside down, inside out all in the name of excitement and fun. The spirit of youth I'd say!

Yes, people. It's time again for ORIENTATION~!! Yayz! And this time, my batch - M106 is the Orientating Batch! Double cheers~

They showed us the orientation video [introducing the various posts] on monday in btw classes and I must say, it was uber cool! Really creative and good directing and fliming.. Hontoni! Big applause to Muihow and Aaron for the great job! ^v^ Naomi's acting skills also damn good. Got a wide range of facial expressions eh.. lol.

Anyway, the.. what shall I call them, erm newbies, came in on monday. First day of registration and blah blah blah. Seriously, we're laughing among ourselves, thinking how sesat (lost) we must have looked back then. Btw, this time is a bit different coz both new batches of pharm and medic are coming in the same week. So we'll have a new event which is smtg like a pre-orientation event which is a medic-cum-pharm event so that they can get to know each other. (read: the senior medic guys can get to know the pharm junior girls too =P)

Hmm. They've added a few more events and posts like track event (or some name like tat). I assume its the one where they have to sit the lrt and travel around KL to find clues, I think. Which is like so cool lah! haha. And those not from KL can take the opportunity to get to know the lrt system a bit better. hoho.

Well, these 3 weeks are gonna be tiring and super jam-packed with activities. This week is the week of pre-orientation where seniors' eyes starting roaming for ahem, potential targets (they are s.a.d. = single and desperate, get it? lol) Next week is totally about ragging erm, I mean, orientating the juniors in their new environment. Shall blog abt it in more detail when it happens okay. [you can read my own experiences in various old posts if you wanna dig them up yourself, be my guest] The 3rd week is gonna be martial-art week where we shall have events regarding self-defense awareness. Aikz, I'm involved in almost all activites~! (dunno how I'm gonna teach aikido when my skills are like super lousy! sigh) That week we'll also be having Respi in-course-assessment leh. Aikz.

I guess that's all for now. Shall be super busy these few days so don't expect me to update so often ya. *sigh* Cya guys soon! ^o^

PS: Mini-rant: how am I gonna slot in time for studies and pbls? (exam in less than 3 weeks eh!) Beats me. Arggh. Hope my backdrop stuff can finish up soon. Tmr will be asking batchmates for help. Seriously hope at least a few will turn up. Yeah. [sorry, my cynicisim is coming back]

PPS: Today's aikidio session was quite bad for me. Didn't go for 3 weeks due to unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, was really rusty and you know how famous my short-term memory is. And sensei wasn't really pleased. *sigh*

Sunday, February 25, 2007

You Call This Poetry?

This is yet again a shameless promotion for my other blog. It is very pitiful eh, compared to this blog, it gets very very few visitors.. Even moi does not blog there often, due to an extreme lack of inspiration lately. *paiseh*

You Call This Poetry?, the title for my other blog, is like a secret garden (have you read the book called "The Secret Garden"? it's not bad) where I dump plant all my little poems, waiting for them to grow up into err... big strong poems, all ready to branch out into the wide wide world outside. Erm... the garden analogy is a bit hard to follow with.. so I'll just forego it okay.

Anyway, that blog is where I put all my poems (when I have inspiration to write lah) as I don't wanna mix it with this blog where I just put all my rubbishy crap. hehe. I don't profess to be very good in writing poetry, but I do try my best, whether it's to tell a story or express my emotions. And there are quite a few ppl who had said my poems are nice... so there you have it!

Hmm. Why not you visit that site and judge for yourself? =) So pretty pretty please go visit my other blog okay? Thanks very much!! I'll try to write more poetry okay...

Btw, before I go, must mention here, I've just wasted many many hours to redesign it a spanking new template! It's really pretty! ^v^ I love it~! So if poetry is not your cup of tea, at least go check out my new design okay! hehe.

Okay, that's all for now. Will be going back to KL tmr. So this is my last post from penang for a long long time! Ciao peeps! ^o^

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just Another (Un)Eventful Day

Aikz. I'm not going back to KL on sat morning as planned. Sad case, coz I wanted to get all the house-cleaning done and out of the way before sunday. Which then I'll pour my remaining efforts into finishing the backdrop and of coz, not forgetting, going to Pui Fun's 21st birthday party that night. hehe. Can't wait~! =)

Anyway, Beh who's driving us back is sick, tat being the reason behind the delay in return, I assume. *sigh* That definitely can't be helped, as I must think abt the safety of all the passengers ma, including myself of coz! Well, at least that gives me one more day to enjoy all the goodness that is available in penang alone! hoho..

Oh ya, one of my frenz who I was supposed to meet up had ffk-ed me (that's "fong fei kei" for you) or cancelled our outing today. She had her reasons of coz, but just tat I sometimes wonder why just setting up one simple meeting up is so hard. We've planned and rescheduled this outing umpteen times, but still to no avail. Guess it's just not meant to be. *sigh*

On another unrelated note, I finally went for my long-due hair cut today~! ^v^ Yeah. And since I'd had this same mope of hair for a loooong time, it's time to change (quoting Digi, lol). I'm abit sick of it too. lol. And I'd put things into the hairstylist's hands and let him decide for himself after a few basic intructions like:

  • pls don't shave my head bald altho I know Britney has just done it,
  • pls don't give me a fringe tat totally covers my eyes as I won't be able to see where I'm going etc.

Yeah yeah, I'm just trying to be funnily lame. -_-"

Anyway, the end result is pretty nice!! He said this hairstyle is one of the latest ones in 2007 and it's a japanese-styled cut wo! Kawaii~! I don't profess to be an expert on hairstyles (actually I dunno anything abt that) so I'll take his words to be true lo okay. He even said that it's similar to the hairstyle of one of the girls in S.H.E.!! Which I can safely hazard a guess that it's quite near the truth. ^v^ Isn't that cool or what?

Well, at least it's smtg different. So much better than the "huh? you got cut hair meh?"s that abound everytime I mention casually that I'd gone a haircut. I think this time there's significant change enough for most ppl to see, well, I hope.

However, the price (figuratively) I've to pay is quite high. Literal price is quite reasonable for the effort taken. Believe it onot, waiting for my turn plus cutting my hair took almost FOUR freaking hours! Isn't that crazy? And I was the 2nd customer that morning and the person b4 me was my younger cousin who took almost 1.5 hours to finish off. My haircut took abt 1.5 hrs too. Now if you just do the math, you'd be asking where did the 1 hour go to? That goes to waiting for him to even appear, then to take his own sweet time combing and blowing his hair b4 he was ready to work. -_- Behold, the malaysian tak-apa attitude in the flesh!

He works a tad too slowly for my liking. At this rate, his earnings are so much less compared to someone's who more efficient. However, kudos to him for the effort put in of coz. I can see that he truly loves his craft. Anyway, at least I got off with a nice haircut after all that painstaking waiting. [was almost gonna go bonkers looking at him mooning around his job tho]

Okla, enough rambling for today. Just felt like blogging what that spontaneously comes to mind as I'm kinda bored now. Right, gotta go, folks! Toodles~

Friday, February 23, 2007

My Gist of CNY

Okay, this is the obligatory-how-I-spent-my-cny-hols-post. Brace yourself, ppl. Oops, I'm too drama-queenish for my own good, lol.

Well, for starters, my pledge to at least finish one week's worth of respi notes didn't work out (I didn't study tat week at all coz was too busy doing backdrop stuff, aik!) so I'm so gonna die this coming assessment coz I'm still going to be as busy as hell the next two weeks!

*mutters darkly: yeah, no thks to you, backdrop. yeah, it still isn't finished, sigh*

Hmm. Okay, what are the main activities that I did for CNY?

Lemme see. Eat + sleep + online + talk crap + eat + sleep + online + talk... oh wait, didn't I mention those just now? Erm yeah, that's basically what I did for cny. *arggh*

Isn't it a good waste of time, esp in consideration that this hols can be considered the last real hols for the m106 batch before we sit for the nightmares-inducing EOS3? sob sob.

Erm well since this is the real last hols before that scary exam, might as well spend it like a real holiday, right? hehe. *pats back to console self while others roll eyes, thinking: ar, excuses -_-"*

lol. My drama-writing skills are in high gear now apparently. bleh.

As usual, since the blogger is me, I shall focus on the eating part. And don't forget, malaysians' fav national past time is eating and I'm just being malaysian! hoho.

Hmm. This cny I went to a bbq (lurve the spaghetti! I know better way of making it liao), went to a steamboat.. and both I ate until very full~! *slimming plan flies out of the window, aih* Mum also made some of my fav dishes.. yummy~ Okay, fine, I shall not contivue raving like a half-starved fool here, but just tat one of the most enjoyable things in penang is definitely FOOD! ^o^

Abt the sleeping part, just let me say, dunno why, whenever I'm back in the comforts of my queen-sized bed (miss it so much!), I sleep A LOT! Really being a pig in this year of the Pig lo! Keke. Well, I must say, I need my beauty sleep~! *flicks hand*

Erm, online part no need elaborate ade lah okie. Now to talk crap part.. well, I normally don't talk a lot of crap to my parents, since they are the no-nonsense type to us. Sad, I know but what to do. Next time I'll try to be more jolly with my children! haha.

Oops, digressed. I talk crap to my siblings and to my frenz lo.. Met up with a high sch fren last last wednesday in Queensbay Mall. Whoa, the place is nice! Can rival some of KL's shopping malls eh. However, I think we spent a lot of talking crap than even window shopping. lol. Anyway, it was definitely nice catching up with ya! So long didn't see ade. Pity the rest of the gang couldn't come too, coz they're working. Aih.. Tmr will be going to meet 2 good frenz of mine. Probably will be having lunch together, talk crap for sometime lo. Really miss my frenz eh!!

I guess that's the general scheme of things. Not very worth-while to blog abt it in detail. If you ask my honest opinion, this year's cny is nothing special to shout about. Actually, I don't really feel any real festive mood stirring in me this year. And the lack of magnificent fireworks is a sad thing too. *sigh* I love seeing fireworks (yesh, I know they pollute the environment) but they are just so beautiful, aren't they?

Okay, I'm done with the gist of it. I hope next year's cny can be more special and exciting. Coz it's probably gonna be my last one b4 I go overseas. Right, nitey nitez, peeps!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

House M.D. Medical Reviews

This is just a sweet and short post to share smtg interesting with you medical drama freaks out there... I'll blog abt my cny celebrations in a later post okay (well if you guys want to know lah) but then I don't care. This is my blog, I write what I want. :P

Anyway, this site is recommended by k0k in his blog and now I'm passing around the recommendation. Those who are a fan of the medical series House M.D. and who want to read some good reviews abt the series will be able to do so at this site.

The blogger, Dr.Scott is a medical doctor in his own right, and therefore will be able to pick out any gross inaccuracies in the series, point out if the medicine used is the prefered choice, and how logical or believable is it tat the beloved/hated Dr. House came to his clinical diagnosis in each episode etc.

On a sidenote, just wanna say I lurve watching House M.D. as it gives me more motivation to learn new stuff. And I rmb how excited me and my frenz used to get when we cud understand some of the medical jargon that is spouted by the team... and how sometimes we go and check out what we dunno. hehe. What can I say, medical students. -_-"

Some ppl say Grey's Anatomy (not the book Gray's Anatomy okay), the medical series is nice, some say nope. But from what I gathered, this series focus less on the clinical medicine side compared to House M.D. and more on, erm... "interpersonal relationships" between the medical staff (and sometimes patients too). Hehe.

Maybe I'll give it a try sometime. Watched half an episode on telly once and it was just plain confusing for me. Maybe that was becoz I was multi-tasking tho. Was doing backdrop stuff and watching telly. And I tell ya, it's more important to focus on not cutting off your fingers accidentally than watching telly. lol.

Oops, I digressed. Anyway, better keep to my promise of this being a short post. Blek. Okay, just go check out this site if you are a fan of House M.D. okay. Tataz~!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How To Maintain Your Comp

Edited: This post is just to make things simpler for some of my frenz (you know who you're, hehe) who have trouble in maintaining their comps in tip-top condition. But I won't act like I know very well on this topic, but I'll just share whatever I know with you guys okay. Comments are very welcomed! =)

Well, for starters, I'm sure that everyone of you net-surfers out there know that a good anti-virus program is essential to protecting your comp from all the big bad guys just waiting to pounce while you're happily surfing the net away. But how many are you know have already installed a reliable one on your comp AND regularly updates it AND regularly run checks for your comp?

No fear. I'm here to recommend a good anti-virus program for you after repeated unpleasant experiences with combating viruses. After reading some reviews and using it for some time, I recommend using AVG Anti-Virus. Click here to download it for free.

Alternative: Avast! Anti-Virus is not a bad second choice. ("Avast" sounds a bit like "Awas!" in malay doesn't it? lol.) Click here for the download. The alarm sounded when it meets a virus can be a bit alarming tho, esp if you'd your speakers turn on to the max. haha.

[but pls dont and try be a smart-ass and think that "hey, if one anti-virus program is good for my comp, why not install both?" and try to install BOTH anti-virus programs on the same comp okay. sometimes, less is more. you're just asking for trouble as it is only an accident waiting to happen. the comp will definitely crash in the near future due to conflict btw both programs. besides, it takes up a lot unnecessary disc space too...]

The next program that is also an essential is a program that can be used to combat all the ad-ware and spyware floating around cyberspace. You don't want other strangers to be privy to what you're doing with your comp, don't you? *winks* We have the right to privacy and security. Besides, after sometime, it can slow down your comp significantly too. After reviews and personal use, I recommend using AdAware SE Personal Edition. Click here to download for free.

Alternative: Spybot Search & Destroy is not a bad choice too. Recommendation by k0k. Click here for the download.

The third program that I wanna recommend is not an essential one but I find it extremely useful for lazy ppl like me that hate comps that lag. It is called CCleaner. It's main aim is to clean your comp of unnecessary files (eg. temporary internet files, cookies, history etc) so that you've extra disc space and the comp can run smoothly. With this program, there's no such need to clear each type of file individually. I doubt if I know where to clear some of them manually too. haha.

Click here to download it, yet again for free. I'm only recommending those which are freeware. Cheers for freeware! That's why I don't mind doing this review for them. ^o^

Oh ya, this is not to recommend a program but to remind you of smtg that is important to do regularly. It is important to defragment your comp monthly, if not weekly, so that your comp can compress certain files to make space for others. This also keeps your comp running smoothly.

Dunno where to do it? Go to: My Comp> Local disc C> right click- Properties> Tools> Defragment Now. Easy to understand, right? Hehe.

Last but not least, a very important tip. You must always remember to run regular (and by regular I don't mean yearly okay -_-") updates for the programs and checks on your comp. Or else there is no use whatsoever in downloading these new programs anyway. Get my point, ppl?

I get a lot of my info from so you can always go there and check out new stuff! It's a pretty cool site to get downloads (hence the name)!

Okay lah. That's all for now, folks. I shall share new programs with you guys when I find out about them, okie? Hope that this post have been of use to you guys. =) Ciaoz~

Monday, February 19, 2007

Another "Weird" Tag

Alamak, CNY also got homework by eve tai jie. lol.

Well, I don't have much to do anyway. Feel like studying? No way! Not so much visiting ppl "拜年" too this year. *sigh* That means less angpows. -_-

Anyway, here's the tag/game. It goes like this...

"Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog."

6 weird (or funny?) things about moi:

  1. I absolutely hate wet toilet floors. Can't help those public ones *thinks of those in rest areas along the highway and shivers involuntarily* but I rather dislike wet floors in home toilets. It makes me feel geli~! Aikz. That's why sometimes I rather wait to use my own one. (yeah sue me, but that's just my choice okay)

  2. I've a tendency to turn to comfort foods when I'm upset or depressed or stressed (insert other -ve emotions). So ppl, those who want me to keep slim for my health/beauty reasons, pls cheer me up every moment of the day! Hehe.. :P

  3. I can take up to 6 baths a day (if I'm feeling crazy enuf lah that day -_-"). Coz I feel dirty [literally meaning pls] most of time when I come back from somewhere. Aikz. Must cut down, or water bill will increase just becoz of that, lol.

  4. If I love a dish or certain type of food, I can eat it almost everyday and won't get sick of it. Serious. I've tried it before! lol.

  5. When I'm exposed to smtg that I'm allergic to (which I still haven't managed to discover what it is), my lips turn red and swollen and looked like I've kissed a bee's ass or smtg. -_- Yesh, it can be really gross-looking, so beware! Haha.

  6. Erm, I can't think of anything more significant so it's down to this. I get upset over the smallest, most unsignificant things. Ppl who know me well can attest to this. And if I'm in that freaky mood, I try to inflict my mood on others too. Yeah, that's not very nice, so I'm trying to curb this bad habit. hehe.

Now, for the 6 victims ppl I tag. Muahaha~

  1. Pui Fun
  2. Michelle G
  3. Yee Pei
  4. Mike
  5. Valene
  6. Crz (I wonder how many will actually read and do this, haha)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

:: My First Valentine's Day ::

Today, I'm gonna blog abt none other than the celebrations for Valentine's Day!! ^o^ Honestly, this is my first time really celebrating Valentine's Day for real (eh, last time celebrate on my own meh -_-"") and I'm really happy.

Thanks to my dear dear who did so much for me!! =) Smtg special happened that day, just before class. I was rushing to class, as usual, when I was stopped in my tracks outside the corridor, coz I saw that my dear had bought a bouquet of flowers for me!! And he presented me with it in the lecture hall, with everyone watching (!!) and they were clapping and shouting loudly (omg)!

[yes, I cud hear some ppl shouting "kiss kiss", lucky the lecturer was almost gonna start, phew~]

Just wondering, why did they clapped and shouted like that? Was it really that different from what the others did? I wonder. Hmm. Anyway, for once, in my life, I felt really embarassingly happy.. and I think I managed to blush at least a bit. lol.

Anyway, now thinking back, I still can't believe that that happened. Hehe. I'm still so happy~ *grins stupidly* Well, it certainly is a wonderful memory. haha. Okay, must continue the story.

After class, we went home and prepared a bit before setting out again. We headed towards Midvalley and had dinner at Nando's. Yes, I know what you're thinking but at first my dear wanted to take me somewhere more romantic but cudnt due to certain circumstances. *sigh* Anyhow, I was really stuffed after dinner (the many-coursed meal was delicious!) so we had to forego the plan to go Haagen Daaz and try the Chocolate Fondue. Nvm, we'll go again some other time! *licks lips*

After that, we went to watch the movie Babel. And yes again, I know what you're thinking. We totally shld have gone to see a more romantic movie, right? A documentary ain't right for a Valentine's Day movie... lol. Felt tired out mentally halfway thru the movie, haha. But we didn't even know what the story was about, so can't blame us ya. And yes, that is definitely really memorable. Funny whut, right? :P (besides, there are quite a few naughty scenes in the movie too!) Hehe.

We'd have like to spend more time out, unfortunately, I've CSU the next day early in the morning, and I haven't read up on it too! Aikz. Fell asleep before I've managed to go to the next page... lol.

So that's it for my 1st Valentine's Day. It was certainly a memorable and special one. ^v^ I loved it! Thanks very much, dear dear! Hope you enjoyed yourself that day!

Ah.. did a good deed yesterday. Found a pendrive in the e-lab while using the comp. Returned it to Lost & Found. Hope the person finds his pendrive back oh. (btw, it's kinda mafan to do a good deed too, hvta fill in a form while the person seems to be irritated when I had to knock on the door umpteen times to pass it to her, aikz)

PPS: Oh ya, dear, hope you like the prezzie I gave you! I think the shirt looks great on you, especially with the cool cuff links! Hehe.

PPPS: Right, Thanks to my friends who gave out chocs in celebrations of V-Day. [paiseh, I didn't prepare anything coz sorry lah, jakun me doesn't know of such norms, haha]

PPPPS: Pics of the flowers and prezzie will be up soon when I get them from my dear! (hope I rmb, lol)

PPPPPS: (god, this must the most PS's that i've ever written) Anyway, just wanna wish all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year! May you have all the blessings showered upon you this coming new year! ^o^

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just A Tag

Okay, this post is becoz I was tagged by Mike and I promised tat I'd do it. (actually, I'm kinda surprised tat I was one of the ppl tagged by him.) :P

Here goes:

Four movies I can watch over and over and over again:

  1. I Not Stupid 1 & 2
  2. The Day After Tomorrow
  3. Pride and Prejudice (the latest version)
  4. Pirates of the Carribean 1 & 2

Four places I've lived:

  1. Air Itam on Penang island - where I'd spent most of my life
  2. Vista Commanwell in Bukit Jalil - only for the past 1 year
  3. That's all so far - I don't move a lot I guess.
  4. Nil

Four books I recommend to everyone:

  1. All of Agatha Christie books - splendid stories abt how crimes are solved
  2. Harry Potter Series (my fav among them is HP & The Goblet of Fire)
  3. Pendragon series - amazing fiction
  4. All of Jane Austen's books (my fav among them is Pride & Prejudice)

Four of my favourite dishes:

  1. Curry mee & wantan mee (but only 1 particular stall in pg, I cud eat it everyday - almost did tat once)
  2. Most western food, ranging from chicken chop to fish & chip
  3. My mum's vegetable soup "Chai Buey" (dunno how to translate it)
  4. Actually, I missed most of my mum's cooking, so you know lah, too many to iterate here. hehe.

Four sites I visit daily:

  1. * The Maelstrom, My Life *
  2. Bloglines - to check all my blogs rss feeds, how else cud I keep up with everyone who updates?
  3. My Yahoo! Mail
  4. Friendster - just coz I'm bored, haha

Four places I'd rather be right now:

  1. At home in Penang!
  2. Holidaying in Japan?
  3. ditto in Singapore
  4. ditto in Paris

Four bloggers I am tagging:

  1. Pui Fun
  2. Valene
  3. Yee Pei
  4. Michelle G

Okla, that's it folks... Byez~

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some Things Abt The Backdrop

Okay, I'm back in KL once again. Actually was back since thursday. But had been too busy and tired out to even think of blogging.

Yeah, I'm not totally recovered from my sickness (but definitely better than a few days ago) and then I've been spending A LOT of time doing the backdrop... I really hope tat we can finish at least 80% of the work before we start class next monday. Coz next week is gonna be really packed. And yes, of coz, I can't afford to slack off for my studies. Coz as you know, apparently the effort I put in for the cvs exam still wasn't yet enough.

But then if I think in a positive way. If I had studied for tat paper in my usual lazy way, I'm pretty sure I'd fail. Yeah. So there you go. Everything in a nutshell.

Anyway, enough abt tat. It's over and done with. -_-

Hmm. Progress over the backdrop is coming a bit slow. Coz at times, we're doing more "arguing" over the best way to do things than really actually doing things. *sigh* We are running out of time so we better buck up oh!

Well, some of the stuff in the backdrop is not coming out as well I want (sorry lah, my horoscope does say I AM a perfectionist sometimes) but I guess sometimes just gotta let minor things go!! Besides, after doing for so long, it does get a bit frustrating and boring sometimes. :T Must try to find back that spark of motivation tat made us produce such pretty artworks all these weeks!

Btw, other ppl have been studying their asses off, preparing for the scary EOS3. [yes yes don't deny it, I saw you ppl...] And what had we been doing all these free time we had? Drawing, cutting and pasting. Yeah. Suddenly feel like studying eh. lol. Sorry lo, sometimes being kiasu gives me motivation to study. Doesn't it, guys?

I guess tat since we volunteered for this job, we must see it thru to the end. We must make it the best backdrop since whenever! Yup! (and finish it as soon as possible, hehe)

Okla, gotta go liao. Will go cook lunch, coz getting hungry. Tata~

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Home Update

As I sit down in front of the screen, my hands are all ready to type smtg out, but my mind is just an empty white canvas. Blank.

What shld I blog abt then? Abt how I wasted both days here sneezing my head off, coughing my lungs out...? Only feeling slightly better when I distracted myself by watching movies and reading magazines... (power of distraction eh)

Anyway, will be going back to KL tmr morning. Aih, I haven't enjoyed myself enough eh. But I'm glad that I came back, even though it's like a super short mini hols. I really needed the time to rejuvenate! Had been really tired and run down before this. Maybe that was what caused me to become sick. All the late nights up plus the stress that comes with planning and everything.

Oh ya. To M106 peeps, our respi timetable and sem3 groupings are out at the section of "downloads and links (Medic)" at imucampus forum. Go check it out! And yes, you need to register to download the stuff.

Okay, no mood to blog liao. The mood just went *puff* when I saw the timetable and groupings. Sigh. Will blog more some other time.

Ciao peeps~

Monday, February 05, 2007

Back To Homebase

Am currently in my homebase - penang island! =) Just tot that I'd come back for a few days to heal. Spritually, mentally or physically, whatever.

I dunno abt the first two, but I'm definitely sick physically ade! Came down with a sudden onset of cough, sorethroat, migraine and a mild headache. Really sickening (pun!).. Self-medicated with 2 panadols, and am currently feeling fine enuf to write this post.

Hmm. This is gonna be a super short hols in penang. Will be following Beh back on thurday. Bad thing is I can't really enjoy all the good food that I miss.. (coz sick ma) *stomach rumbles*

Anyway, progress on backdrop is going good. Big thanks to those who came to help now and then. Really appreciate it, since we're short of manpower too. ^o^

Oh ya, must record this down! I managed to draw out the main outline for the 4th character! Which is quite hard too. I can't believe that I cud do it. I alwix tot that I sucked at drawing... I guess if you believe in yourself and try your best, there's nothing that you can't do!

Yeap. Gambate to us for the backdrop! We still have a long way to go, but we can do it! (I hope ppl will like the backdrop oh..) Yayz~

Okla, shld sleep early to rest my tired and sick body liao.. Tataz peeps! *home sweet home*

PS: Recently, my posts don't seem to be that interesting anymore these few days. Dunno why. I guess nothing really interesting to write about, except for rants. Haha. And I know I seemed to be owing a few posts abt certain trips. Procastinating again, are we? Maybe I'll write abt those events when I have the mood lah..

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Tiring Day

Whoa. Boy am I tired. Been out almost the whole day doing the backdrop.

(yeah, it's abt the backdrop again, what can I say. It's about the only thing I'm working on currently. Shyt, shld study abit, been really lazy! *sigh*)

Anyway, I'm currently suffering from the afflictment called backache. Painful! Been arching over the masterpiece drawing all day, doing cutting, tracing and pasting. Can't believe I spend the whole freaking day just to finish up the hair for one particular character! [I'm not revealing much, am I? haha.] I think we put a tad too much detail for that hair. But nvm lah. It looks nice anyway. =) Satisfied.

*potters around, preparing to go to bed*

Was filling my water bottle when I found out that my eletric kettle was burnt!! Aikz. Must be my hsemates forgot to refill the water eh. Damn scary the smell of burnt metal.. I was pretty scared that the electric kettle was spoiled or what. Not cheap, you know. Lucky it was still functioning, well I hope. *gulps*

But it's definitely not in such perfect condition anymore. The first time I washed it, there were these weird globules of metal, I think floating in the water. Yee... Scary, right? Anyway, will remind them tmr on how important it is to make sure there's always some water in the kettle. Yeap.

(Update: Yeah, I just checked, it's definitely spoiled ade.. Now the water doesn't reboil by itself ade. And my fren told me that it's better to not use it anymore coz the water in there cud be contaminated with the metal. The water does look suspiciously murky too. Sigh. How am I going to talk to my hsemates abt this? Who's gonna pay for this? *arggh*)

Okay, shld sleep now. It's damn late now. Tmr will be another cutting, tracing and pasting day. Blek. Nitey night peeps!

PS: A lonely night. And yeah, it was a misunderstanding from the start. I'm sorry for what I've said but I just wanna be honest. That's all. But thank you for trying your best to clear things up. I love you for that. ^v^

Friday, February 02, 2007

Rotations vs Backdrop

Okay, yet again I'm back, guys. Such few updates lately... I really have been lazy, right? Nope!

Actually to the contrary. I'm so busy till I'm kinda lack of sleep. *points to dark circles under eyes*

Besides going for classes in rotations, I've been up almost every night working on the Variety Night Backdrop. Yeah, and my nights up normally stretched till morning one smtg. Quite crazy, ain't it? To think that I'm supposed to relax for my rotations too! *sigh*

Anway, I'm quite happy to report that I'm very happy and satisfied with the work that we've managed to do up till now. The drawings and end product are what I've visualised them to be.. It's like watching a vision take a concrete form. And nah, I won't post any pics of them up here till variety night is over. Hehe. Element of surprise and suspense must be there, right? Well, you can alwix come over and help and thus take a peek at the work in progress.. haha. You know who to call. :P

Okay, enuf blabbering abt the backdrop. I foresee future rambling abt that anyway. -_-

Oh ya, just wanna say: Rotations are OVER and holidays are HERE! Yayz~! Yeah, the hols are like only 1 week and I'm gonna spend the most of that doing the backdrop but it's still hols, right? Yay yay.

Another good news. I've finally gotten my own internet at my place in vista! Super happy lah..! It's Maxis broadband and the price is quite reasonable. Now I can blog more frequently ade! (you all also won't complain that I update so less lo okay, hehe)

Arrgh, my eyelids are drooping ade and I need to take a nap liao. Damn sleepy.

Oh, one last thing before I go.

To M106 peeps, CVS results are out so check your email and/or netmail.

There was a rumour abt a 50% failure rate but I dunno how true is that. Yes, the paper was that hard. Anyway, I'm glad that I passed. =) It isn't exactly the best, so there's room for improvement lo. Hey, must rmb to be grateful and contented too.

But anyhow, I really did tried hard for this paper. But next time need to be more focused lo. Yeah. Gambate to myself!

Okay, will go sleep now. Can't tahan anymore... *dozes off*