Sunday, August 31, 2008

Once Again

It's night time again.

Everyday, it repeats itself. Day and night. Day and night. So much so that I've almost forgotten what day of the week it is, no need to speak of what is today's date.

Reading from my friends' blogs, many of them had already left to UK to continue their medical studies. They speak of longing and sadness. I guess I'll feel the same way when it's my turn, albeit a few months later.


Come tuesday, another bunch of my friends will be starting their studies too in Imu Clinical School in seremban. And another few had already started doing their BMedScience last week.

Finally, the holidays have come to an end for them. Many complain, wishing that their hols were longer.

But me? I wish fervently that my holidays are over. But alas, life has an ironic sense of humor. You don't get what you wish for.

You might think it weird that I don't like long holidays. Well, neither would you, if your holidays consisted of only staying at home most of the time. Doing nothing really substantial. No outings, no meeting up with friends.

I need to do something meaningful. I need to find my direction in life again. I seemed to have lost it.

And I hate how the nights make me feel.

Empty. And alone.

I really wish I can get my visa and stuff done ASAP. Then I can go Seremban to visit my friends! But sigh, you can't get your visa done too early...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Polyvore (Part VI) - Cool Wei~

Okay I'm going to post this up coz this has been in the drafts for super long. And I haven't even been doing any polyvore art for ages haha.

And a lack of topics to blog abt tells me I should let those drafts brewing in my Blogger Dashboard see some light.

So here goes. My most "recent" Polyvore Pieces. Enjoy~

Beach Art

Foreignly Alien

Shoe of Flowers

In The Box

Mesh Of Art

Love - Confusion

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Redang Photos

I've finally gotten more photos of the trip from Valene. I won't be writing much as most of it has been covered in this post. You can read that if you like.

So here are the photos!

coconut trees and huts - nice beachy effect

haha just to show you an awesome cloud formation

This is what our chalet looked like from the outside! Nice ka?

See! The seawater really is crystal clear le!!

Us girls camwhoring on the shuttle bus haha

lol this is Pui Fun looking so lonely in this picture

coz we went off to play while she rested (she had a bad bout of seasickness)

And this is Leong, looking so damn happy with his snorkelling gear. Cute le! :P

And look at the amount of fishes in the sea! omigosh!

Keeping, Yannie, Wen looking thrilled to be on board

Oh this is one of the spots where it is filled mainly with finger-like corals!

Kinda creepy lah..

A smiling bunch of people after an enjoyable day of sun, sea and fun! ^v^

Cool rock formations at the shore of one of the spots

I think it's called Tanjung Lebah - maybe they looked like beehives? No idea haha

This the picturesque shore of the beach near the resort

One more group picture before we leave for the ferry
yes my sentiments exactly, ZherLin.. :P

And we end with a farewell picture of the beautiful island

And goodbye, my friends.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mamma Mia! The Movie

I'm sure most of the people in my "strawberry" generation has heard of the phrase Mamma Mia and maybe even the song by ABBA.

But do you know what it actually means?

Apparently, Mamma Mia = "My Mother" in italian. And it is used as an expression of frustration or surprise. As you can see in the classic line of "Mamma mia, here we go again..." lol.

Mamma Mia started as a broadway production in 1999 and till now, at least 30 million people has seen it!

And for those who did not have the chance to see the broadway musical, it is now coming to you in big screen cinemas worldwide!

oh my mother! :P

Telling the story of a girl who is getting married and dreams of having her father walk her down the aisle, but the big problem is - she doesn't know who her father is!

Therefore, she somehow gets her hands on her mother's diary and found out there are 3 men who could have been her father... and guess what she does? She invites 3 of them to the wedding - without telling her mother!!

She thought she would be able to tell which is her real father just by spending time with them.. but apparently it's not as easy as she thinks!

I am eager to find out what happens after that (and I love love musicals!!) so Nuffnang.. can I have the tickets? Pretty please? Thanks!! ^v^

Btw here's the trailer for whoever who's interested.

With an all star cast of Meryl Streep (the evil boss in Devil Wears Prada), Amanda Seyfried (the dumb plastic girl in Means Girls), Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth etc.


I'm getting sick of pretending it's all alright.

Years of neglect and favouritism. It's just too tiring to continue on.

Patience, I admit I lack.

But sometimes, don't you wonder where shld one draw the line?

I have so much more to say but I shall stop here as this is a public blog and I can't say more without revealing too much.

An escape. That's what I need.

Monday, August 25, 2008

To Be Amused

Sad to say, the political scene in our country can be likened to that of a circus scene, coz it provides us with no end of amusement.

Everyday when I open up to read the news, sometimes I really dunno whether to laugh to cry at the antics mentioned.

With the Permatang Pauh by-election being tmr, everything is cooked to a head in the past few days. It seems like every act is politically motivated nowadays.

So let's see who will win tmr. Another round of entertainment for the idle mind.


Anyway, when moi is not being amused by local politics, guess what do I do to fill the time?

Recently, I have been playing a lot of these 2 new RPG games in Facebook.

Elven Blood - from the elf's perspective

Considered pretty fun for a game consisting of solely of clicking here and there. As you need to plan your strategy and tactics. How to use your life and stamina properly etc. And some luck of coz. =)

Wanna try it out? Here's the link.

The other game is also similar in concept but from a different angle.

Blood Lust - from the vampire's perspective

Slightly darker in nature, this game offers another world of fantasy to gamers. hehe. And here's the link for Blood Lust.

Do try them out. Enjoy!

PS: this review is done for fun coz I'm nice like that :P no $$ involved. I wish there was though cz I need $$!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

.: I *Hearts* Redang Trip :.

Woohoo~ it's finally time to blog abt Redang!!

I've managed to get the pics from my friends' facebooks so yup here are some of the nicer ones! (after they're photoshopped, the colours are even gorgeous)


On the first day, we had to rise super early (4am! and I hardly slept a wink!) as we need to start out to the airport by 5am as our flight was a 7am one. What to do, we had to make sure we cud catch the 10 smtg ferry to the island.

Flight was an uneventful one. We took Airasia and service was pretty good. Then we took 3 taxis to the jetty (there were 10 of us - 5 guys 5 girls) which cost rm25 for each taxi. Which was quite okay as the distance was quite far.

Ferry fare was rm100 each to and fro - quite exp! sigh* And the person there suddenly say need to pay rm5 each as government tax. wah! summore say encourage what cuti-cuti malaysia. Ferry ride was 1.5 hours - pretty long but at least it wasnt as claustrophobic as the langkawi one last year. It was passedly comfortable that I was able to snooze on both rides.

And then we finally arrived! We're staying at Berjaya Spa Resort as the receptionist said they're renovating the Beach Resort.

Welcome to Redang!

And we found out - yes they were renovating - but not the chalets, only the main walking area! - so technically we shld be able to stay there wan.

Hah! Kena conned ade! They rather give those places to foreigners! so not fair! =(

See! The Beach Resort was so much nicer too..

The problem with staying at the Spa Resort was that it was so much further. Everytime we wanted to go to the beach, we had to take a buggy then another shuttle bus to reach the Beach Resort! waste time and rather inconvenient leh..

But other than tiny little hitch, everything went well.

The beach was really beautiful! Water was so clear and the sands so white..

lovely right?

Unlike last time, this time we really made use of our time there. We spent some time wading around in the sea.. then the rest of the time playing beach volleyball. I must say, I am really lousy at volleyball!

But it was fun, just being with friends. =) And Leong almost became "Sand Man", tumbling around in the sand so much till almost his whole body was covered by sand lol.

We had both lunch and dinner at 2 mamak-like shops outside the hotel as the food prices at the hotel were just too omg. rm20 for a plain sandwich! Imho, the food served at the shop just outside the hotel was only passable. Very salty and relatively expensive. what to do, tourist place ma! If you want better food, just walk down slightly more and you'll see another shop. The food there is so much nicer and cheaper too!

After that, as it was getting quite dark (and they hv so few streetlamps too!) we went back to our chalet. Whole night was spent talking crap (what else??), playing mahjong, gossiping etc. Haha simple but so much fun! And can you believe this? most of us went to bed relatively early too, must be tired out ade!


We woke up early as we were ready to go snorkelling! Let me tell you, this is one of the MUST-DO activities if you ever go to Redang! It's really a shame if you go all the way there but miss out on this!

omg the water is really crystal clear!! And can see the corals below too!

For rm60 a person, we get to go to 5 different locations for 5 hours. And the pakcik was so nice too. Although we'd exceeded by 2 hours (we're having too much fun and we didn't have our watches with us, how were we to know wo?) the pakcik never charged us extra too.. but then he must be making a good profit, coz the minimum number of ppl to hire a boat is 4, but with our 10 ppl, it was certainly worth it to him, right?

Here's an "almost" group pic. Guess who had to ruin the pic? haha.. those 2 ppl behind swimming away~ (yeah one of them is me haha)

We *Hearts* Snorkelling! :D

The snorkelling gear do take some getting use to. Must keep remembering to breathe using mouth, not nose! And tell you what, the salty seawater really stings the throat and nasopharynx! Definitely don't feel nice!

Besides corals, can see many types of fishes too! I love the fluorescent ones! so pretty~

Look at those colours! nice le!!

So many types of fishes! I was almost in estascy lol. There was even one fish which had like what, 7 colours on it? beautiful!

And we also saw sword fish swimming near the surface.. and a few furry black sea cucumbers on the bottom. We even saw one of those fishes that are normally steamed to be eaten haha. Sry I dunno the english name but in hokkien we call it "pek chior".

And the funniest part is when you wave small pieces of bread in the water, all the fishes will madly rush towards you. It's rather ticklish! And I still can't figure out how each school of fishes can all swim together in the same direction and change abruptly at the same time! geng.

And the corals. omg. Of all shapes, colours and sizes!

super big ass coral

It's certainly a big shame that none of us have a water proof camera! Or we would have been able to take some cooler pictures!

There was one type of coral that was so cute! Purplish and furry, when you wave a current of water at it, it will wrap up on itself. Kawaii~

We stop at one of beaches (our second stop) to have lunch there. I think it was Redang Bay. The pakcik recommended us to go to the green stall so we did.

look! there's even chinese food!

And true enough, the food there was delicious and affordable. They have chinese food, western food and others. Yummy~

the whole group except suewen who helped us to take this photo

we looked so happy!

And here's a real group picture that a foreigner helped us to take. But it's a pity that we looked so small in it. But the trees and wooden hut behind us give it a beachy island feel, huh? hehe.

a trip of memories

Below is another pic of the how picturesque the shore at one of the stops looked like.

green rolling slopes with clear water

It must be nice to stay at places like this where the view is naturally superb. We really must try to keep our waters cleaner.

Zher Lin and Kee Ping exploring

I like the background - the rocks and twigs just seemed to fit together

And there's no need to worry if you do not know how to swim. We're given lifejackets so it's really safe. Unless you are dumb and take it off while in the water, there's really almost no way you can drown.

Coz all we need to do it put our face underneath water (body is upright or floating) and breathe thru the tube in the snorkelling gear. And voila, you can see all the fishes and beautiful corals! ^v^

Haha and I love sitting on the boat! The adrenaline rush of speed plus the oncoming wind hitting on your face! I likey~

Yannie, Wen and I who looked thrilled to be on the boat

my hair's in a mess coz seawater aint good for the hair

And 7 hours just flew past just like that! And I must say, this was the best part of the whole trip. A new awesome experience! I hope I will have the chance to do that again in a new place in the future. ^v^

That night, we decided to splurge on dinner a bit and we went for the buffet dinner at the hotel. As a sorts of a nice farewell meal for the Dinner Gang, huh? It was rm70 nett each, but my dad was a member, so we have 10% off each! yay.

And the meal was worth every penny. Food was delicious and dessert was yummy. One of the innovative dishes was a banana salad. *licks lips*

Oh ya, Eugene bought a shirt for all of us to sign.. as a souvenir of sorts. Look what Kee Ping's artistic hands made of it!

he drew a picture of what we did during the whole trip - nice right?

and so farny he made a spelling error - FrieDship Forever! :P

I wish we could have cloned the shirt, so that all of us can have one to take home! haha.. Anyway, after a super full dinner, we went back to rest and talk/play the night away lo.


Some of them went kayaking early in the morning while some went to the beach. But I didn't go as the sleepyhead in me wanted to sleep more haha.

After that, we took the 1pm ferry home. At first we planned to have lunch around the jetty area in Kuala Terengganu. Manatau the ferry was delayed for more than half an hour so when we reached, we had to straight away rush to the airport. We only just made it in time to check in then board the plane. *phiew* Therefore lunch consisted of only some chips. =/

When we touched down at LCCT, everybody seemed to be in a rush to get home. But luckily we decided to leave the farewell to the next day. I have already described the sad feelings in this post.

Anyway, I had certainly enjoyed myself tremendously on this trip. I hope you guys had too! May we have more trips again in the future! It shall be a hope I hold on to. =)

And before I end, I shall present you with a very funny picture.

priceless! :P

Do take note of the Malaysians 4 Peace sticker behind them.

Isn't it ironically funny? hehehe...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of Books And Movies

As I am out of things to do, here comes a post where I shall recommend a few books and movies for your reading/viewing pleasure.

I must warn you first. The books aren't the most intellectual sort. They are fun to read! haha.

Okay, first up is this book titled A Tale Of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones.

Yes, you can only find this book in the children's section.

Or maybe teenagers' section. oops pardon my childishness.

Anyway, I remember starting to read all of Diana's books during my high school years.

I admit, her books might a bit too youngish for me now. But it's not the way she writes that intrigues me. It's the plot! The plots in her books has always been amazing, the way everything falls in place when everything is revealed.

So I am rereading it (as it was quite long ago) for the plot. And for lack of things to do.

Next up is this new book I bought a few days ago and managed to finish in 1 day! that says something, doesnt it?

It's titled Hex and The Single Girl by Valerie Frankel.

Hex = magic!

Yes, this is a book abt a good witch who uses her powers to help single women find the man of their dreams.

Chick lit alert? Definitely.

Recommended by Meg Cabot, this book is funny, sexy and intriguing at the same time. I said sexy coz there are a few steamy scenes inside, but no worries, it doesn't go overboard! Read btw the lines. *winks*

Haha okay this book is more my age, huh? :P


Alright, the movies I am gonna recommend are definitely the more intellectual artistic type. Guaranteed to give you food for thought!

First up is Atonement (Keira Knightly & James McAvoy) and the director is the one who directed Pride & Prejudice! That was another great movie too btw!

how a dangerous lie led to a girl spending her life trying to atone for it

Based on Ian McEwan's novel, this highly anticipated movie did not disappoint. Although I did not read the novel, I really loved the way this movie was filmed.

It was done really artistically. Even the music was cool. I love the one where they used the sound of typewritting to give it a hurried edgy feel.

Little clues are left all along the film, one must be rather observant to piece it all together in the end. I rewatched it twice! I'd love to watch it again but alas, a few months ago, my hard disk crashed and I don't have it anymore.

Oh ya, for those prudes out there, this movie contain some steamy scenes too. But hey, sometimes one gotta step out to challenge one's morals abit too, right?

Anyway, I label this a MUST-WATCH!

Right, next movie up is Juno, another movie that will again challenge you to think out of the box.

the movie that will give you a refreshing perspective of teenage pregnancy

I first came to know of this movie through k0k's blog. Intrigued, I went to download this movie and watched it just some time before my eos5. hey I can't study 24/7 right?

And I must say, this movie really opened my eyes to another genre of films. Quirky, with witty dialogue and a different sort of background music, I really love it! And the acting by Ellen Page is excellent, funny and most importantly - believable.

I also label this a MUST-WATCH if you want a different sort of comedy, a comedy that tells a story.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you guys will enjoy the movies at least. haha.

I have a few movies in my laptop. And the one I look forward most to watching is The Other Boleyn Girl. I guess I'm really into those old time sort of movies, huh? If you guys know of any different sort of movies/books which intrigue the mind and stimulate the senses (no, not in that way!), pls recommend to me okay?

Guess I shld keep that brain from becoming totally cobwebby. lol.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Empty Stretch

I dunno why, but this post by Kevin stirred up a little inside.

That someone, somewhere feels the same way as me. Dying inside a little everyday. Drowning slowly in this sea of emptyness. Sucked slowly into the quicksands of loneliness.

Have you ever tried to be at home almost 24/7 for months on end? Literally. Only going out for clinic once a week. Or the occasional trip to grandma's hse?

Let me tell you, it gets lonely after a while. Family is nice. But I guess I'm not one to take things slow.

I need things to do. Sights to see. Memories to make. People to talk to. Interesting things to experience. Every day.

I think it makes me feel alive.

Even just being with friends would suffice. Coz they make my day, however shitty it might have been. But alas, they are not here with me. And for a long time to come in the future.

I have tried to be productive. To keep my mind off things, ya know? But do you know how hard is it to try to study when there's no motivation whatsoever?

I have thought of writing a story too. But do you know how hard is it to come up with a proper intelligible plot? There is no point in starting if I do not have a plot in hand. Coz if I were to start writting at least smtg of a novella size, after putting so much effort in it, well the story shld at least be a relatively good one, right?

So tell me, what's a girl gotta do?

I used to feel the same way when then were long holidays before. But it wasn't so bad, coz after the 2 months' long break, there was smtg to look forward to. Believe it or not, it was returning to uni - and back to comfort of friends.

But now? 5 long months at a stretch. With nothing else to look forward to except going to a foreign country to start my clinical years. It's exciting, yes but scary as well. Buried deep inside me - there is this little thought, this little worry that I might not be able to fit in, won't be able to adapt well to the differences there.

You know, sometimes when you have come to a certain age, when you'd seen so much - there comes a time when it feels tiring to make new friends?

To go thru all the getting to know each other etc and sometimes, you find out that you guys lack that certain spark or chemistry to be better friends?

I'm not talking abt those hi-and-bye friends. When I say friends here, I meant those who you hold dearly to your heart and whom you are so familiar with that you can afford to discard all formalities and be your very own self before them.

When you have already found your niche in the world with them, sometimes you ask yourself, why do you need to find more?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stolen Time

Blank white noise. That's how I would describe how I'm feeling these few days. Pretty much emotionless.

Okay enough abt that. I want to describe a scene that happened last week so that it'll forever be imprinted here, as my mind is a fickle thing.


It was a thursday. An extra stolen day which we hold on to. Because we didn't want to stay goodbye in the noisy airport the day before. Actually, I think we didn't want to say our goodbyes at all.

However, Time is cruel.

The time came to say our goodbyes, whether we want or not. I hugged everyone. Even though we all weren't exactly the huggy type. But I wanted to show you guys how much I am going to miss you all.

You hugged me tightly. You're the first friend who had hugged me so tightly. I know you will miss me as much as I am going to miss you. Somehow, we connected. You with your steadiness of temper and me with my talkative persona. You who were willing to shake my shoulders to wake me up from my cloud of depression, even though fully knowing that that might hurt the friendship. But it only grew stronger.

And then there was you. Your normally jokey smiley face suddenly took on a different look that day. We connected on a different level too. You managed to tell me to take care of myself, especially my health. But I could feel there were more words choking up in your throat. You wanted to say more, right?

I wanted to tell you how I felt too but I just couldn't force the words out. But from the look on your face, I know you are another person who will miss me as much as I am going to miss you too.

And then we all walked to the lrt station as though we had blocks of stone tied to our feet. Dragged our feet we did, but onto the lrt we went.

Only one station and half of us had to get out. Last glimpse of the girls. Too many ppl in between to wave goodbye. And then the doors closed with a cruel clang. And just like that, they were gone.

The rest split into two groups who started waving sad goodbyes to each other. Another train to catch. They had to buy tickets while I already had bought my return ticket earlier. Suddenly I wished we hadn't been so street smart to buy them earlier to avoid the crowds. Selfish me wanted more stolen time. however little it was.

The lrt on my side appeared first and was chugging patiently down its rails. To my surprise, you all appeared on the opposite side. Another stolen opportunity. I kept waving and smiling. with tears appearing in my eyes.

No I must not cry.

We got onto the train. I kept turning back and waving through the blurry windows of the train. You all kept waving back too. Maybe you all felt the same way I did? The same deep gut-stirring sense of emotion threatening to overwhelm me from inside and spill out.

And too fast - the familiar warning ring came and the doors closed. The train went puffing on its own way. And that was the last I saw of you.

I concentrated on not crying.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

After That

Hullo! I'm finally back again! It's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Another record eh?

Anyway, the bf just went back home to KL this afternoon. So I am feeling abit like this --> =/ now. But it was certainly an awesome 1.5 weeks.

An excellent 3 days 2 nights trip with most of the "Dinner Gang" at Redang. Memorable! Great company = a great time anywhere! Right right? Add great fun experiences into the mixture! Priceless. ^v^ Okay I'll blog more abt that later when I get the photos!

Then spent almost 5 days at the bf's house. Got to know his family abit better. Must say thanks to uncle and auntie who treated me so well! =)

Then it was his turn to get acquainted with my family for almost 4 days. Haha I am glad that everything turned out well. *phiew and wipes sweat off forehead*

Don't feel like blogging much now. Feel more like reading up on my hundred over feeds piled up over the period.

So yeah, I'll blog more later. Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Will be going to the airport in an hour's time. So am taking this time to read up on my feeds' updates.

First, I came across pinkpau's post abt unconditional love.

It made me think back abt how I used to be afraid to love. As I've been hurt before... (actually I am talking abt friends here, but you're welcome to interpret it yourself) It's not easy to give your vulnerable heart to someone you barely know, asking him/her to take care of it. And you know that he/her could so easily break it.

So I swore that I'll never put all my love into one person anymore, instead I'll spread my love to a bunch of friends. So even if something happens with one of the ppl, at least I'll have some others who will care for me when I'm down.

Coz I know what it feels like. When you feel as though the whole world has abandoned you to drown in your own sorrow.

Because of that, I've always been observant of others. Ready to help some people who might not be so vocal abt getting others to listen. So I've always been ready to give them my listening ear. which I hoped had helped, even a little. =)


And then I came across k0k's post abt cheating boyfriends. Boy, his post certainly stirred up the anger and incredulousness inside. How can these guys knowingly and purposely do that to their gfs?? They deserve to get their balls kicked. hah.

Sry for the language but hey let me swear at these assholes okay?

I hope the guy friends I have will never do this to the girls they love. Coz if you love her, you wouldn't purposely do something that will hurt her so deeply.. it's as though you had broke the fragile heart she asked you to take care of.

Okay, all these conflicting emotions ain't healthy. *take deep breaths* Am gonna go take a bath and get ready. I have a plane to catch! haha.

Do check out those posts. They are certainly well-written. And will give you some food for thought. Tata for now! ^v^

Friday, August 01, 2008

Next Week

I don't have much to say actually except for the fact that I'm going Redang in 2 days' time!! *excited*

Yeap, a bunch of batchmates and I are going on what is probably our last trip together (well in a looong time anyway) so in a way, the happiness is tinged with a little sadness.

After this, I'm probably not going to see many of them in a long time too. *sigh*

So we must enjoy ourselves fully the next few days okay!! Hope everything goes smoothly.. Did take quite some time to plan it. Haih those guys ah, they will never plan anything. Next time I go overseas ade, see who plan for you guys liao! *huff*

And it's quite sad that our gang will be missing Lishan and Beh. aiyo, why u guys cannot come ah...

Anyway, after the 3 days 2 nights trip at the island, I will be staying over at the bf's house in KL for a few days. At first planned to use these few days to settle visa etc but guess what, it's still a bit too early. Still got so many months and besides, I still haven't settle the many needed documents! aihs.

So I guess will just use the few days to enjoy one of my last free times in KL. Delicious food! Shopping! hoho. And of coz, spend some time with the bf. Haven't seen him in 3 weeks! *shiny eyes*

After that, he will be following me to Penang to meet the family! haha.. for a few days before going back lo. Guess I won't be seeing much of him after that. =(

Well, that about concludes this post. Just to let you guys know what I'll be up to next week. Updates will be more sparse, but I'll try to squeeze sometime to write okay! hehe. toodles!

Finished The Devil Wears Prada yesterday. Now starting on The Jane Austen Book Club. So far, it has been an intriguing beautiful read. Hope the entire book meets my expectations. Btw tat reminds me, I've not read some of the Austen books for quite a long time ade. Yes, I'm a Jane Austen fan! hoho.