Thursday, June 29, 2006

Learned Helpless-ness

Seriously, why am I even trying?

How is one supposed to cram in 4 months' worth of notes into 1 week of study break?? [One week only coz I wasted the first in Penang. Argh.]

I mean, the notes are like so damn thick okay... >.< Totally mad! *starts pulling hair out*

I think I'm having "learned helpless-ness" issues. :( :( :(

[Yes, that is from Behavioural Science week. And you probably won't understand what I'm crapping about.] *sigh*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Studying Positions

Lesson learnt yesterday. If you think you can't fall asleep on the hard wooden floor, think again. *thinks vitruvian woman*

I just did that - last night. Bah.

I think I shall study standing upright or even upside down tonight. :'( *thinks anatomical position*

PS: Oh ya, I shld be hiatus-ing. Oops.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fond Farewells (A Temporary Hiatus, I Think)

This is it. The day when I once again say my fond farewells to my beloved family and go back to the dark ugly jungle of Bukit Jalil, where good food is scarce. :P


Later I'll be going back to KL with my uncle, carrying my heavy heavy books with me that I've barely opened.. (O.o) And I might not be able to blog the coming week - not out of a intense need to spare any time-wasting activities, oh nooo - but becoz I think that the uni's network is out of reach for ppl on study break or on holiday.

So you know.

It'll definitely be good for the online addict like me of coz. For once, the uni is implementing smtg that can do me good. Ha.

*Sobs* A week without internet is not good for the soul. Even more so a stressed out soul too. lol.

Okay, say your bye-bye's. Your favourite blogger will be back to full-power blogging after her exams! ^v^

Wish me luck, guys! Coz I'm so totally going to need it! :)

PS: I really need to do well in this exam!! f.o.c.u.s.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Procastinator Is Me

Probably you guys would have noticed by now that the width of this blog has been significantly changed. If not, you need specs!! lol.

Hope this change in width is more agreeable to your eyes. Shld be easier to read, right? :D

Unfortunately, the width of the header remains stubborn and will not budge an inch with any amount of coaxing from moi even though I've spent a substantial amount of time tinkering in the template. Haih.

Don't worry. I'll remedy that when I get back from major exams. (Cortisol levels shoot to the roof at the mention of the ugly word = exams!) :T

What the hell am I doing, blogging and messing with my template so much prior to a very important exam??!! :'(

Ok, I'm SO gonna die for my EOS1 since I'm totally in procastinator mode for the past week.

See? Told you that I can't really study when I'm back home. *Huge sigh*


Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Weird Conversation

Oh ya, almost forgot. I said I would blog about smtg weird that happened during the window shopping trip in Midvalley, didn't I?

Okay, here goes:

Me and Anne were minding our own business, trudging from here and there so Anne could find a going-away present for a fren, when we're suddenly approached by this couple.

This was the gist of the conversation, sorry, I'm not hypermnesic, so I can't rmb it word for word, okay.. lol.

Woman: (towards Anne) Excuse me, but can I know where you got that bag from?

Anne: (pointing to her bag) Err, this? I got it from Roxy. [Duh, the word Roxy is written all over it, okay, lady..]

Woman: (brightly) Oh, where can I get that?

Anne: Oh, it's just a few floors below. Near Esquire Kitchen, you know?

Woman: (looks a bit flustered now) Erm. I don't think I know. I'm not from around here.

Anne: I'm not from around here too.

Woman: I'm from Johor. And he's from Cameron Highlands (gestures to older man standing beside her who have been silent all this while). Where are you from? (smiles widely)

Anne: Erm... I'm from Sarawak.

Woman: Oh. And you? (zoomz towards me, and yes, I was silently observing all this while too)

Me: Oh, I'm from Penang.

Woman: Ah, penang lang~ I see, I see. (towards Anne again) Okay, izzit okay if you contact me when you see any bags like this size? It's difficult to get bags that are just the riiiight size, you know.

Anne: (surprised look) am I...?

Woman: (takes out paper and pen) This is my number, you call me [insert name yourself, I forgot hers] when you see the bag, okay?

Anne: Err..

Woman: Oh ya, what's your number by the way?

Anne: Arr, my number? (hesitates then takes the paper held out by the woman, scribbles a number)

Woman: What's your name ah?

Anne: You can call me Jia Wei.. (seeing woman having difficulty pronouncing her name) Or Rachel also okay.

Woman: Rachel. Hmm. So you're working where?

Anne: (!!!) I'm still a student.. O.o

Woman: Student? Oh, study what?

Anne: Medical.

Woman: Wah, such a pretty doctor ah...

Anne: (blushes) No-lah..

Woman: (zooms towards me again) What about you? Same class?

Me: Yeah, I'm studying medical too.

Woman: (towards Anne again, she does have a short attention span :P) Wah, study where?

Anne: Erm, Bukit Jalil. [Notice the reluctance to mention our uni.. :P]

Woman: Oh ya. I think there's a uni there offering medical.

All this while, both were taking turns writing numbers.

And after some small talk and bye-bye's, we're done. (walks away hurriedly)

Needless to say, me and Anne certainly had a field day over this very weird event.

Me: I hope you didn't give her your real number lo.

Anne: No-lah. I simply down wrote some number. Wait... I think i gave her my bro's number! (slaps palms on forehead)

Me: Oh. Well, I noticed you didn't her your real name. Luckily..

Anne: It's part of my name. My real name is Anne Rachel..

Me: (surprised) Oh, I see.

Anne: Luckily, you didn't tell her that it wasn't my real name.. I had a fren who did just that.

Me: Hahaha.. I where got so blur.. I was just hoping you weren't blur enough to give her your real number but I couldn't say a word.

Anne: (Winks)

My point of view:-

This woman seemed SO weird. I mean, who asks a total stranger to contact her when she sees a bag she wants? We were in a shopping mall, for god's sake, go find one yourself. And who asks for a stranger's name and phone number just becoz of that trivial reason?

Just one word = CRAZY.

And the 'hitting-on' theory didn't work either, becoz obviously, the gender wrong. lol. Strange. Unless homosexuals are more direct now... *Mused look*

And nope, the woman didn't look like she was from a kampung or what. She was dressed pretty trendily. So being 'sampat' (as in uncivilised person from jungle) was not really a suitable explanation, I guess.

Go on, help me figure this out. :) Differential diagnostic, ppl... Hehe.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Grandpapa of Gray's Anatomy

Let me introduce you to an ancient friend of my dad's. One of his medical books that he still have with him!!

Behold, Gray's Anatomy, at least 30 years old, I reckoned. :D

Since there was dust collecting on the poor little book ade, come, let's camwhore a bit! Hehe.

Well, the bookcover is not-very-attractive, right?

It's the 34th edition!! Quick, what's the newest one?? :P

Wah, the pages all brownish ade.. Haha.

Doesn't it just remind you of the tv series called Grey's Anatomy? lol.

Wah, is there a law stating the limit of words

one can put in two pages? Sigh.

Sorry, it's a bit blur. Just tot put this up for fun. ^o^

Wah, the mysteries of the heart will be revealed here.. Hehe.

And now one of the mysteries that puzzle scientists so,

the Brain!

Okla, this is just a rubbishy post. :P I think it must becoz of the massive effort put in to try make myself concentrate and focus on my notes is just a lost cause. *Huge Sigh*

Study, zzzyun! STUDY!!

Or you'll be the one who's going to suffer next week!! May the force be with me~ :D

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Deliciously Sinful

Since I am in penang, I shall talk about food. Well, to be more specific, my mum's cooking.

This is what she baked to welcome me home (well, she didn't exactly put it like that, but since I'm the only one in the family that really likes it, duh, okay)...

Behold, the sinfully delicious Blueberry Cheesetarts!! :D :D *Salivates*

Admit it, you're licking your lips now! Hehe.

Her cooking and baking skills are just too damn good.

Hmm, why didn't I inherit any? lol.

And a closer look to this creamy cheese indulgence.

*Takes a bite* Hmm, heavenly.

You envy me, don't you? Come on~~ Say you do. :P

And she's cooking all my favourite dishes... Yum Yum. She even learnt how to make Fish and Chips. Wow. I really must learn some cooking from her during the holidays. :D

Okay, stomach grumbling ade.. Gotta go have a delicious lunch!! ^v^

Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving For Change

I shall now talk about what I had been doing the past two days. Certainly not studying, that's for sure. :P

But for once, I was not procastinating, I have a valid reason. I was moving house!!

Yup, you got it right... I was moving from Block C to Block B!! Yayz! Coz it's just opposite the uni, no need to walk so far!! [Yalah, I am a lazy girl lah...]

Well, there are actually many factors that prompted this drastic move of mine, so to speak. Well, the bitch of a landlady (pls excuse my language coz there's no other more apt way to describe her) was a defining factor.


Besides being very sarcastic [to go as far as insinuating that I don't know to use her f*cking aircon =.=], she proceeded to scold me many times for things that were not my fault. Damnit.

And apparently, she doesn't know (or pretends not to know) how to read an agreement that she herself had written. Even me, the noob when it comes to agreements and stuff like that knows how to tafsir it okay... Wth.

She demanded one month's rental as compensation when it was clearly written in the agreement that if I give her two months' notice in the circumstance of EARLY termination, I will get my rental deposit and utilities deposit returned to me FREE of INTEREST.

Does it take a lot of brain power to compute that, huh? HuH?? =_=

Some ppl are just too much. :(

In the end, my dad relented a bit, and gave her half a month's rental as "compensation" for being a total bitch and now, she f*king wants to forfeit my utilities deposit. Luckily, I don't trust ppl anymore so much anymore so I didn't pay last 2 months' bills. But I still stand to lose if I don't get back the money. Coz we don't use that much electricity and water anyway. Arggh!!

Plus the house was in pretty bad condition. Not only was it VERY dirty (major eww!!), there was fungal infection in the 3rd room and toilet etc etc that she promised to repair... which she totally didn't. Gah. And the fridge and washing machine were cacat-ed too. :(

And the other fact that I started hating to walk the relatively long distance to and fro. Sometimes if forgot to take smtg, haih, have to walk back again. Or walking in the rain? Even worse... Bleh.

And staying on the first floor is no fun. A lot of dust and noise too. But you get to spy on other residents I supposed. Ha. As if I want to. Not so mo-liu okay..

So these are the few major reasons why I moved lo.

Took almost two days to move lo. Have so much stuff. Thank god my dear dad and sis came down to help me!! (Thanks very much!!!!) Or else sure die lo.

So I followed them back to Penang, coz I have no fridge and washing machine yet ma. And yes, as I expected, I am not really studying much. *Die*

Will be back in KL after 1 week spent gorging on gorgeous Penang food! Hehe.

Okay, gotta try to hit myself in the head, I mean, gotta hit the books. :D Ciao!

A Recap of A Friday

Okay, I am back home in penang again! Yayz! This time I definitely feel better than the last time I came back home. It's definitely a plus that I get to live in a CLEAN home for once. :P Hehe.

Anyway, a lot of stuff has happened the past few days so I shall attempt to recap.

Hmm. Had our Summative 2 last Friday morning. Well, tot it went relatively well. I mean, with the amount of studying I did manage to do, this was considered pretty good ade. But then, one can never safely say that he/she has finished all the studying, can he/she? Shucks.

The OSPEs touched on pretty superficial stuff (and we studied hell a lot of anatomy for GI and Respi okay!!), while the MCQs touched on rather deep stuff... :'( I mean, almost every option was a rather in-depth specific fact. *Sigh* SAQs were normal lah... But I think I did okay, I guess. :D

The funny thing was the Behavoural Science SAQ. It was on the topic Memory. The first two was okay, but then the last one was a killer.

It said:

Draw a mind map based on the model/concept of Memory [or some crap like that].

The first thought that went thru my mind was, okayyyy, I can draw a mind map but what concept/model is the Q talking about???

Luckily, I managed to "do the proper retrieval thru unnamed cues" (apparently we learnt this is needed to retrieve info from the brain) and finally managed to scavange what-the-hell-is-this-concept from the ancient recesses of my lousy brain. Haha.

So I simply drew something that hopefully resembles a mind map lo. Hopefully it is sufficient. Hehe.

Okay, I think I shall not bore you guys any further about exams. Except the unyummy fact that I'll be facing my first major exam in med school in less than two weeks' time and YIKES! Better be more prepared this time, don't feel like suffering like the past few times. But I think I'll never change. :P

Anyway, even though I was severely sleep-deprived that day, but I was determined to go out and enjoy myself instead of doing the logical thing and go home and sleep. Typical, isn't it? :P The girls had other things to do, so I went out with Kajen and gang to Midvalley.

We went to McD for lunch. Had the Chicken Foldover recommended by Kajen. Not bad... The girls were camwhoring as usual, and beehoon, no, I am not freaked out by the camwhoring, except that I am not used to that MUCH of camwhoring that can be done in 1 session. lol.

At first, we planned to watch X-Men 3 (yes, a bit outdated but I like, cannot meh?) but the timing wasn't right, again.... I want to watch mutant superheroes leh!!! They are sooo cool! T_T

So we settled for The Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift.

My verdict? Tot the action scenes were cool but Initial D still come out tops. The former was more like a guy flick (weird fashion sense and lots of skin by the girls). I mean, the least they could do was get nicer eye candy of guys. The male leads weren't exactly, remotely, conventionally attractive. Pooh.

But I lurve the drifting scenes. Totally uber cool! I am soooooo tempted to try that with my dad's manual car. Haha. But think I better improve my driving skills first lo. :P

The funny thing was at the end of the movie, there was a statement warning us that all these stunts were performed in controlled circumstances and that we should not try this. Bwahaha. Sorry but the movie really makes us all tempted to try that leh. Opposite effect. ^o^

Okay, enough bout the movie. It's just not good enough to make me wanna write a whole review about it. Haha.

Then, some of the gang had to go home since they haven't done their AIR topic and Friday was the deadline. [Beats me why my uni like to put deadlines and exams on the exact same day. *Shrugs*]

I on the other hand, did not procrastinate for once in my life (I feel so proud of myself, hehe), had hand it up last Monday. :P Used only about 1 hour to do it, ya know. New record. lol.

Then, only eley, david, anne and me were left. Me and anne decided to not be lightbulbs *hint hint* and also becoz we wanted to have dinner there too, so we parted ways with eley and david. :D

We went window shopping and smtg very weird happened then but I shall leave it to a separate post, okay.. Must go more detailed ma. :) We had dinner in Sushi King, coz we're deprived of sushi for a loooong time. Yummy. But so broke. *Blek*

Then, after more wasting of my money (we bought cakes in Secret Recipe O_o), it was time to go home. Would had stayed later, but Anne had to do her AIR topic. For once, it's nice to not be the worst procastinator. ^v^ Hehe. She came over to do her AIR topic for quite sometime while I dawdled around lo. Dunno do what also.

What? Study? No wayyy! :D

Later, we went up to David's house so that Anne could post her AIR topic. Yalah, I don't have internet connection lah. Bah. Will get it soon, I hope. :) She went home later, but David was nice enough to lend me his laptop and I can't believe that I onlin-ed there till almost 2 am!! OMG.

See? This is what happens to ppl who are extremely internet-deprived (MSN-deprived even more so)!! lol.

I was so damn sleepy but I wanted to online. Ha. Typical.

Anyway, will blog more later coz this post is too long ade. A lot of other things happened during the weekend too.

Major changes. More later lah! :)

Friday, June 16, 2006


Passed. Gone.

What? you asked.

My Summative 2 lah...

I feel so relieved. It went relatively well, compared to Summative 1 lah.

Now, it's time to rev up the engines for EOS1.

But haih, tired lah. Should rest first. Will blog more later on how we destressed after the exam. :)

Ciao. :D :D :D

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So Sick

Sien. Sien. Sien.

I am totally so sick of mugging for exams. It seems like a never-ending vicious cycle.

Let me declare a heartfelt statement:- I hate studying!!!! :( :( :(

I need sleep. Arggh.

Dead. Dead. Dead.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've Made A Decision

Yesss, I have decided. I am becoming OO for the next batch! Yippee! XD Hehe.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the OO list. So damn full okay. We got a lot of enthusiatic sem 1s I see. :) And many even put themselves into such big groups. I think the OOs might be more than the juniors for once. :P Wow, really "one-to-one" attention. Funny.

And strangely, the list asking for SMs (didn't know that sem 2s can be SMs) was pretty empty. Strange. Very strange. I think we are losing our lust for sadism streak for crazyness. That's a good sign, I guess. Hmm.

Anyway, think I'll become SM during sem 3 lah... *Muahaha*


Let me pass sem 1 first lah... [Ha, cynist in me working overtime again... Tsk tsk.]

Ciao for now. :)

PS: Feeling better now, by the way. I feel blessed to have such good friends that cheer me up when I am down, even though I haven't seen them in a long time.

You guys Rock! :D Love ya~

Monday, June 12, 2006

Aww Shucks, It Sucks

Life can be pretty sucky sometimes. There can be dry spells when NOTHING goes right.

  • The time you wanna go home and stepped out of uni, it starts raining. (Yes, no umbrella, unless you count my file.)

  • A friend invites you over for lunch, careless you dropped something at her house.

  • The day you wanna have PBL, there was a rather complicated confusion over when to change that PBL 1 to, just because some couldn't wait in school for a mere few hours for the genetic practical tmr.

  • The time you wanna move house, your future housemate tells you that you will have to go "fridge-less" for more than a fortnight coz she can't arrange for the fridge to come earlier. [It's not her fault, I know, she tried her best already, but that still sucks.]

  • Becoz of the no-fridge problem, you have to balik kampung to Penang for study break when initially you had planned to study hard (and alone) in the concrete jungle of KL. Yeah, right. lol.

  • Becoz of the flimsy plan to balik kampung, the new plan to change PBL 2 to next week was a big no-no. Besides, I don't think our facilitator would have allowed that.

  • And on top of all that, I still have a damn lot unstudied and I am so worried. [I know I had said this many many times, but hell, I AM really worried. But then history is repeating itself. Damnit. I never change, do I?]

Oh, my many problems seemed like a tangle fibrin mash of clotting proteins and platelets. (Good analogy, huh?)

I think I worry too much. :T Excessively, compulsively sometimes. And I think and plan too much too sometimes.

I get rather frustrated when things don't go how I plan. And I always think there's a solution to every problem, and I persist on and on, only to find out in the end that it was all in vain. :'( All that "brain-storming" and "emotional clouds" for what? Nothing.

Oh hell, I will stop the pathetic whining here. It's time to get down to some real work. See ya guys.

PS: My problems may seemed trivial to you, but sum it all up, forgive me, it totally overwhelms me. Sorry but I am just like that.

The Weekend

Woah. Tiring weekend.

Spent Saturday morning practicing for aikido grading on Sunday, then went out for meals in Sri Petaling. (Wah, I will be broke soon at this rate and it's only the beginning of the month!!)

Lunch was affordable, nice Hokkien mee (called Prawn mee in KL and yes, I am getting confused over the different names *Sigh*) in Alison cafe. Dinner in Pizza Hut. Expensive. Really expensive. But we did had our fill though. :)

On Sunday, we had our grading in Aikido HQ in Brickfields. It went fine, I guess. I could do every technique except I went a bit blur when asked to do Katetori Ikeo Ura Waza [Not sure about the spelling]. Tot I had already did it when actually I only did Katetori Ikeo Omotae. Haih, blanked out. Luckily, remembered in time with some help from my fren. Thanks! :D

Well, John (our club president) said we all passed. Hopefully. At least our sensei, Dr.Leong looked satisfied. *Wipes sweat*

Our seniors or senpai did okay too. Yayz for all of us. :)

Anyway, we went to Steven's Corner for a late lunch. Most of us had the banana leaf special. Quite nice, but a bit spicy. This is worth-it if you're a big eater since they will refill the food with no extra charges, or so I heard. But we didn't manage that though. Haha.

Well, as always, the aikido gang's conversation was damn funny. I think one day I might laughed my lungs out! :P (Is that medically possible? Hmm.) We talked about a lot of interesting stuff, gossiped a bit, and not to forget, we also reminisced about the good old days... (Read: Orientation) Hehe.

Really, I can't believe that I will be finishing my first sem here in 3 weeks [if include study break lah...] Sigh, time passes so fast, doesn't it? If I am not careful, I find myself an old old woman in no time at all... :(

Wah, I still have a lot of things I want to do...! Live Life To The Max! :D

Okay, there's one crucial, very important thing that I should do but have not been doing this weekend.


God, I swear I am sooooo dead for Summative 2. Helppppppppp!!!

*Starts hyperventilating and eyes bulges out* [Wait, bulging eyes aka exophthlamos is a symptom of...? :'( *Dies*]

PS: I can't believe that I watched ELEVEN episodes of House in just the short time of a few days. This is just the wrong time to indulge in addictions. Arggh.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Long Time No See

Well, met a high school mate that I haven't seen in a loooong time yesterday in imu. Didn't really recognize her at first coz she looks SO different! Especially with all that make-up.. O.o

So I didn't call out to her at first since I have developed a tendency to think that ppl I've just know keep looking like ppl I used to know. (I think God must have used the same template and modify only a lil' bit when it comes to making us ppl. :P)

All I tot was: "Eh, she looks damn familiar leh. Is she...?"

Anyhow, she was able to recognize me though (means I look the same plain old me lah -_- Haha) and it WAS her! It seemed so long ago, that innocent time [yeah, right] that we're still wearing those ugly pinafores and hvta study sciences in Malay... *Nostalgic* Hehe.

Well, she was here for the interview wo.. That means another potential junior! :D Think I must become OO lah... I wonder whether I shld be OO for this coming batch or wait till I am sem3? Hmmm...

Oh well, why do ppl change so much in such a short span of time while I seemed to be forever stuck in a time-constant black hole or something? Just kidding. I think that I have significantly changed at least a little, if not a lot, in the short time I have been away from the safe shelter of my family.

Whatever. Sorry, guys, but what to do, frequency of crapping will intensify when exams are near. :P

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Top 5 Easy-To-Cook Foods

Hello~ Can sense that I'm in a good mood, right? :P Must be those feel-good endorphins.. Do you know that chocolate promotes their release in the brain? No wonder I am so chocolate-holic. Hehe.

Anyway, today I'll start a cooking class write a post about food. Specifically, the Top 5 Easy Foods that one can cook using a ricecooker only (coz that's about all the equipment that I've for now, sadly), well, if you can count that as cooking, that is. :P

  • Spaghetti complete with ready made Prego Sauce from the bottle! :D Delicious, but a bit troublesome as one may need to keep changing the ricecooker container to cook the spaghetti and sauce separately. This one is up to you to improvise, can throw in chicken cubes, eggs etc. I like to do different things each time. Hehe.

  • Porridge. With all sorts of combinations again. Chicken/fish/tuna/veggie porridge. Up to you lah. But take care of the amount of water used to cook, or might be too watery or the opposite. As again, experiment! :D

  • Chicken rice. Easy. Cook the rice, halfway, just throw in the chicken. Add margarine or butter to the rice for the nice smell~~ Yum.

  • All sorts of stews and soups. Good if you miss home-cooked food. I do. [Funnily, I can rmb complaining about mum's cooking long ago, but don't all we? :P]

  • And the last and currently my fav. Mushroom soup from Campbell plus some interesting additions. Add in instant noodles, chicken, eggs, lettuces, (other veggies also ok) and voila, an interesting and delicious meal! :D Don't forget to add more water than normal if you're adding noodles, since you might need to compensate for the water lost when the noodles releases its proteins in the soup, or you will get a rather salty and condense soup.

Easy to cook, right? Hope you enjoy cooking and of coz, eating! Hehe. Can't wait to do more "advanced" cooking when I move next sem. XD

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It Worked!

I am so damn happy!! Why?

Coz I finally got my comp to work and now I can watch House (Season 1) and The 4400 (Season 2)!!! Yayz~ But kinda bad timing coz now I can't tear myself away from the comp!! lol... And it's exam season too.. :(

But both shows are just soooooo damn addictive and nice! I guess House needs no introduction to you guys, especially my fellow medic frenz, but The 4400 may be new to you. It's a really intriguing show and I totally recommend you watch both! Love them to bits!!

I must thank Kee for "diagnosing" why I couldn't watch it and it was because I lack a codec called DivX... He let me copy the file today and voila, House was on the menu! ^_^ And just so happen it was also the same codec needed to watch The 4400 that Philip was so kind to download and burn for me earlier. Many THANKS to both of them! :D :D :D

Okay, gotta hit the books now and it's back to more shows later! Hehe...

PS1: Sorry if I was kinda moody and irritated this morning, guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed lah... Or maybe it was just PMS. :P

PS2: Finally went on our extremely postponed swimming "expedition" with the girls on Monday... Was pretty fun, and how I missed swimming!! :D Yalah, swim in the vista C swimming pool, where else? [Not the cleanest, but I've seen worse.] Pity that we didn't swim longer, I am still deprived of swimming! Hehe.

Maybe I will go on my own these few days. It's a healthy sport and one thing about it is that can totally calm me down even when I feel pissed off or frustrated or stressed.. Besides, I can't study anyway when I am ahem, emotionally disturbed... :P

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Read This, Procastinators

"Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr - Author of Life's Little Instruction Book

Yeah, maybe I should start listening to this little quote. So true. Study, zzzyun, study!

  • Having Aikido Grading this coming sunday (what nice timing) and

  • Summative 2 next friday (Yikes!)

Gosh, I am so unprepared. As always. May the force be with me. *Prays*

Monday, June 05, 2006

Isn't This So Wrong?

Since you guys found out about my blog wanted me to blog about this funny incident, I shall be kind and oblige you guys for once. ^_^

We went for our usual sunday dinner at Sri Petaling, and this time we decided on kfc. *Salivates* (Didn't have kfc for forum dinner, now have lo, haha)

And yes, in case you're wondering, I was the only girl in a bunch of guys again. I think I'm getting used to it leh.. Hmm. Really must think of any girls that stay here and want to go out makan during weekend lah. *Think think think*

Anyway, we saw something funny when we're there enjoying our meal. (Imo, they were abit too rowdy for a family restaurant.. What to do, once they talk about DoTA, they get all hyper.. lol.)

Behold the pics below.

Can you spot anything terribly wrong with them, especially the first one?? It's sooo damn funny~! :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What's wrong with this pic?

Still can't see it?

Are you really sure? :T Really??

Okay, I shall dwell in suspense no longer and reveal the mystery~

*Drumroll pls*

----> This chicken is totally guilty of Cannibalism!!

Yes, can't you see? He (it?) is totally eating his own kind! Well, at least he didn't look very happy about it, I think he looks surprised.

We were totally laughing our heads off about the illogical mural. Hehe. But it didn't spoil our hearty appetites though.

But now, what this pic?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

See anything yet?

Actually, there's nothing so wrong as the above, except that the tomato is eating a fellow veggie, the potato! [French fries made up potato ma...] But he looks damn happy about it though.. Haha.

Pomato anyone? :P

Really~ Whoever designed those mural should really think twice. Cannibal chickens sound SO unappetizing. Haha.

The next time you go to the kfc there, do check it out! ^_^ (Wah, free publicity~)

There, I hope you guys are satisfied with this post now. [I am so nice, aren't I? :P]

First Forum Dinner Ever

Hmm. Went for the forum dinner, and it wasn't exactly what I had in mind though.

Anyway, we had a grand total of fourty, I mean, four ppl that attended the dinner. Yes, I hear a resounding huh from across the room.

Yalah, what to do, lack of publicity + wrong timing for some ppl (balik kampung etc) + it's EXAM time = so few people attending the first forum dinner ever. *Sigh* What a blast. :P

Well, it wasn't that bad, although the plans to taupau kfc was eventually scrapped as it wasn't practical and guess where we went for dinner.

You would gape with surprise if you knew.

Yes, we went to the Ramli Burger stall for dinner. Haha. Damn funny and informal, right?

Well, those who came:- chow, ayman, lishun and of coz not forgetting... me! And hell, I can't really rmb what we talked about wo.. I rmbed it was funny though. Hehe.

[I wasn't really my usual chatty/noisy/crazy self, I wonder why. Maybe I was tired after "trying" to study in the library. Arrgh. Or the wavelengths were different? Hmm.]

Anyway, before that, I waited for quite some time in the student lounge, and almost tot it was a spoof and that there was no forum dinner after all. But luckily, they did appear in the end.

And chow told ayman: "Hey, guess it's just the two of us." (I was sitting on the sofa, not saying anything, yet.)

And blur me suddenly piped up: "Hey, you forgot about me..."

The thing is, I forgot to intro myself! *Smacks forehead* How the hell would chow know that I was zzzyun?? lol. Talk about blur~ But don't worry, I rmbed suddenly and rectified immediately. :P

Anyhow, we hoped that more ppl would attend the next few dinners lah... Probably the attendance will reach double digits (i.e. 10) in ten years' time. Haha...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

SMS From Hell

I, being the main tenant in my current apartment, had certain responsibilities that come with the label.

So this is the funny version of what I smsed one of my pharm housemates earlier today- ya, the guy housemate.

Hey, just a friendly neighbourhood reminder from your ever-friendly housemate, it's time to pay your rent for June okay... Thanks! By the way, have you paid last month's electricity bill? Quite long ade lo...

He replied:

Oh, but I am staying for 1 week only for the whole month, so I pay one quarter only? Bout the bill, well, I will bring you some candles... :P

Well, such stuff is no joking matter, and quite unfortunately, I was in no mood for such jokes just then.

So I sms-ed back:

Sorry but u hvta pay the whole month... Coz tat's how it is.. Or else who's going to pay wo? And I don't want candles lah... Haha.

And now he says:

I was just kidding bout the rent... but I really havent paid the bill. U want torchlight? Hehe...

-_-""" What the hell... Kidding? And make my temper rise for nothing? [There must be smtg terribly wrong with his verbal communication skills...] So irresponsible and still joking about it too. Asked him to pay the bill so damn long ago okay... *Shakes head*

But I was still able to keep my cool thru my reply. So I sms-ed:

Oic... Haha. Erm, pls try 2 pay the bill as soon as possible okay? Ur mum is working there right? Shld be easy to pay lah... Thks vmuch! (I prefer real light pls) Cya.

That should be the end of story, shouldn't it?? But NO, he had to REALLY piss me off by sms-ing back this rubbish:

No lah... She can't pay at her work place... and I prefer to pay myself... Men's ago.

Excuse me but can someone pls tell me WTF is that??? EGOISTIC BASTARD!!

The last sentence really really really ticked me off. I was boiling mad (reckon it was 100 celcius) and lucky for him that he wasn't there in front of me then, or I think I might have strangled him or smtg worse. [Wah, violent tendencies leh~]

Call me a feminist or whatever, but this sort of thing really makes my blood boil. Sorry but I really cannot stand it!!! Male chauvinist pigs are quite literally near the top of my Hate List (will make one later), if I have one, that is.

Muahaha, he just sneezed! Probably he knows that I am blogging evil stuff about him... *Evil look*

Anyway, my head still rules over my heart, so didn't confront or strangle him or anything, I will put this sudden Dr-Jekyl-and-Mr-Hyde-change in him down to pre-exam jitters or something. Must be all that studying that probably pushed him over the edge, yeah, that must be it... Poor thing... *Sarcastic tone*

Hope that doesn't happen to me... lol.

Friday, June 02, 2006

What To Blog & What Not To

Having a blog can be creepy/scary/dangerous sometimes.

Just found out that a batchmate was reading my blog [are u reading now? Haha] and he started quoting what I blogged about just now in the library. Damn deja-vu wei!! *Shivers involuntarily* Creepy~~~

Sigh. Yes yes, I know, my blog can be read by anyone that has internet access and that it's not private, blah blah blah.

Anyway, it's also starts to become dangerous since blogging totally gives you the potential to be rude/unreasonable or retort back to person(s) you don't like. But you didn't really mean for them to know. But unfortunately, as how things often go, they did. And shit, your ass is in the fire.

So, trust me on this, unless you password protect your blog [and even that isn't 100% foolproof], one would be better off blogging about daily mundane stuff like I woke up this morning at 7am, took a bath etc.

Not that I do that though. Boring-pls-put-me-to-sleep lah. Hehe.

That is why I don't really blog about my darkest innermost thoughts or fears. Hey, that would be like totally exposing myself to the world, making myself vulnerable. Which I could do without, thank you very much.

I do blog controversial stuff sometimes, but only because I believe in them, and I wouldn't mind voicing them out in public anyway. But private personal stuff, for now, a big No-no.

What? I'm just giving advice to noob bloggers lah, cannot ah? Ha.

So, if you're really nice, just drop me a line to let me know you're reading lah, okay? Thanks! :D

Okay, this post is a bit of an xpression of self lah... Dunno really know what I'm crapping about. lol.

The Poster & The Pen

Ah ha, finally some photos after a dry period of words, words and yet again, endless words. Haha. Hope you weren't bored to death, but I'm too lazy to post photos.. Hehe.

Since I couldn't post up the actual copy of the Chinese Chess Club Poster, decided to substitute with a photograph of it. [Sorry ah, the resolution is not very good, what to do, camera phone not canggih enough ma. Haha.]

However, due to my blurness, I managed to confuse the days, even after checking my calendar. Shld be Saturday, not Sunday. So had to deface it, but luckily caught the mistake before I pasted it around campus.

Before the defacement:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What do you think of it? Comments? :D

After the defacement:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Can you spot the difference? lol.

Haih, why am I so blur? >.< Oh, whatever.

Just a mini side note, I wanna thank Li Yann & Valene for helping me put up the chinese chess posters in strategic locations around uni. ^_^

Hey, check this out. Pens made by Helen Keller Society~ A bit expensive (5 bucks each) but it's pretty cool and it's for charity too... :) What I like is that we get to personalize what you want written embroidered on the casing. However, the casing is permanently stuck there, so gotta change the casing each time the pen dries out...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Moi had a touch of inspiration and decided on ---> Mad Loves Med! Isn't that totally cool? It's a pun by the way... if you didn't know.

And seriously, I admit we gotta be crazy (as in mad) to love medicine... Now, why am I here again? *Mused look* Okay, just kidding~ :P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here's a close up of it, rather blur though.

PS: Oh, there's a dinner later for members of Imucampus forum... Sounds like fun. :D

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Bit Of Guilt

Now I understand what it feels like when it's Parents Day and you have to go to school without your parents.

Anyway, what I meant was the terrible feeling of being isolated while everyone is standing around laughing away with their parents, teachers and fellow classmates.

Nah, there's no Parents Day here in uni, as if... -_- We're a bit too old for that, aren't we?

It's just that it was a long weekend last week, plus the fact we didn't have classes on friday, so naturally a lot of ppl opted to balik kampung or even better, their family came to visit them. How nice.

Me? I spent the friday in Redbox and watched the play with the phantom in it. (Ya, the very same one that scared ppl off speechlessly in the opera house) Ha. The weekend was spent albeitly quite enjoyably with frenz.

But still.

Shld I have gone home? I really dunno...

I'm not blaming my parents. They are too busy to come to see me. Dad has to attend to his patients everyday, and holidays are few and far in between for him. Which is a pity coz I think he deserves so much more. I must make sure he really enjoys life after he retires!! ^_^ Mum is busy with my [crazy, naughty] siblings and the housework.

Hmm. They really are busy. So maybe I shld have been the one to go home? *Sniffs* Oh, well.

Anyway, my parents asked me to balik for at least a few days during study break but I said no... I am just too lazy to endure the at least 5 hour journey home to and fro.. and I've gotten used to living on my own (getting very independent now, are we?)... plus the very real fact that I'll procastinate even more [didn't know that was possible] back in my home sweet home. And that isn't good for someone like me.

I really need to pass this exam. Or else it's bye bye medical school for me. *Sigh* And I really shouldn't be aiming for a pass only.. Isn't that a bit unacceptable after how much my parents paid for my education and I just scrapped thru with a mere pass? (If I can pass that is...) Especially when I know I can do so much better if I just care enough to try harder?

Yes, I really shld start rethinking my priorities. Well, at least there's no internet access during study break~ *Groans: How am I going to survive??* so, procastination levels shld be lowered significantly, I guess. Read a poster somewhere that students will be not be allowed to access the network during study breaks and holidays.

I mean, I understand about the holidays' thingy, but not everyone goes home during study break okay~~ Besides, what if I wanted to get some lecture notes or something?? (Okay, maybe that's not very possible but still...)

Okay, shouldn't be blogging so much ade.. It's back to hitting the books... and falling asleep in the library.. Blek.