Monday, March 28, 2011

Cut Short

I'm quite tired from trying to get my assessments/studies up to scratch after letting my mind laze around so long and trying to spend as much time as possible with the visiting bf.

Unfortunately, his visit that was supposed to be one month long (before he starts work - coz who knows when he will be free again!) is brutally cut short by inane administrators that do whatever they want and summon people without warning!!!

So thanks to them, he's going back this thursday night... having only been here for 2 weeks plus. So not only our time is cut short suddenly, he has to waste another large sum of money to get tickets back home early. argh. I wished I had spend more time with him earlier instead of putting it off to later. Now, we don't have much time left together...

And I really really can't wait for the time when there is no looming deadline to when we need to say goodbye to each other again.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Start of 6th Year

Hello! Had been back in Perth for a week or so, am quite busy as well, as I have landed into Gen Med - the most busy posting of the year. Heard that the rest of the year is relatively slack though, which is good!

Besides, I have had pretty long holidays so definitely need some revision to get back into what-is-expected-of-a-sixth-year-student-mode! Which so far made me realised, is quite a bit!

Am so much nearer to being a doctor now that senior doctors guide us to try things that we will have to do as a doctor in the near future. Had the opportunity to run a clinic with the help of a consultant this morning and it was pretty cool! Realised there are a lot of things I still do not know so need to read up more and more!

So I gotta go for now! :P

PS: The bf is visiting now so despite the busy-ness, I am still a happy girl! :D Hope we get to make more new happy memories together!

Friday, March 04, 2011


Hey, you do know that Life is full of what-ifs, right?

But you gotta remember that you live with the choices you have made in the past. There is no point in reliving past choices, especially if the present outcome is good. Coz, what's the point? I think the other what-ifs might even be a turn for the worse.

Now, looking forward, I just hope that this is the right decision.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


There are a lot of things in life that I have no control over, but what I do know is that, there is something that I can change - and that's me and the choices I make.

I vow to try my best to not repeat the mistakes of the past (of myself and others before me). And I have another mission as well, to save the people after me from going down the same path. I know I'm human, so I will keep on trying even though I slip sometimes.

I will try my best to be close to things that make me happy and stay away from things which only cause nothing but grief.

Hope is but a double-edged sword.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? It's the things that make you feel alive that are worth living for... and right now, I think I need to find those things again.

And yes, you are right, I only blog more when I'm upset. sigh.