Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Guess You'll Do

This is a really funny video. It shows how far women can think. :P Enjoy!


PS: Happy Chap Goh Meh by the way! It's the last day of CNY celebrations. We had dinner at a friend's hse whose auntie cooked lots of food. yum. :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

At Least

See! I'm going back to more regular blogging. Am (slightly, just slightly) more free these 2 weeks so gotta catch up with my stack of notes.

I found out that turning off the computer not only decreases the temperature in my room (it's a heat churning machine omg!), it only increases my academic productivity. Cause I have nothing else to dilly dally on. And I can still idle some in-between time when I'm immensely bored of looking at the lines of words in front of me by facebooking on my iPhone.

I realised I had not mention that I've gotten an iPhone ever on this blog. I wonder why that thought had eluded me. But anyway, it's pretty old news already, I had it since july/august last year. See, I can't even remember the exact time I had it.

Ever since I had it, I can't believe how I used to survive on a phone without internet access. lol. How nice is it to be able to check your email, facebook and surf whenever you need without a computer. It's useful in a country where you need to use internet to transfer money into your transaction bank account. It's even useful when you need to find out something via the net. For eg, a restaurant's phone number. Just a few gestures, and voila - the info is right in front of you!

What a pity that I don't want to waste money on buying those fun apps though, so gotta survive on free apps for now. Who have good free apps to recommend??

Did I mention that today's temperature is a freaking 42 degrees celcius. I felt like a cake baking in the oven. okay bad analogy. But you get my point ya?

Yesh I'm sucha whiner, isn't it? I just gotta rough these few days out. Hopefully next week the weather will be better.

Okay, that's enough verbal diarrhoea. At least I'm updating, right? *hands over mouth* full stop.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rising Temperatures

Temperatures are rising yet again these few days. Don't play play - over 40C okay! omg. I felt like I was on fire when walking outside today. No kidding! I really hope this is the prelude to proper autumn. *hates heat* I hope my skin condition will stay under control.

Well, O&G is the same ol' busy story. You must be sick of me reiterating this already, aren't you? haha.

But seriously, free days are so free and far in between. And they ruined two of my free days by pushing one hour lectures slots into a whole free day. :( Oh well, with the raging weather, might be a good idea to spend the rest of the day enjoying the aircon in the hospital's library. pfooh.

Hmm, have not been having the best of luck when it comes to my shifts. Most of the time it's pretty quiet. The staff must be happy. But my friend and I are not. T___T What is this effect we have on patients numbers. argh. Need more practice. I haven't gotten to do a delivery leh!! Only two more 12 hours shifts left! Mati mati also wanna do one leh.

Okay lah, enough procastinating. Time to buck up and read up for cbl tomorrow! And gosh, look at my pile of unread notes stacked so high. o.O

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Nights

One night of beautiful fireworks. almost as if they were falling on us. dancing. music. drinks. friends. :)

One night of pseudo-sleeping. coffee to keep awake. pins and needles from awkward positions. nobody going into labour. waste of time. :(

Comparison? Cannot fight larrr.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Double Celebration

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers! ^v^

I know, I know, I haven't been a model blogger recently *whine whine* but I'm busy and have a ton of better things to do. Despite that, life is quite good, definitely much better than last year. I guess I really might be settling into the pace of life here. :)

Anyway, to celebrate CNY, we were invited to a friend's house over for steamboat. No pics of the steamboat per se coz we were like hungry hawks lol. But nevertheless, it can be summed up as yum yum. :P

CNY is a time that reminds me of home. Of boisterous cousins, red angpows, yummy snacks, noisy music. Second time spending it in a foreign country. I remembered we had pizza for reunion dinner last year. lol. Lucky it's steamboat this year. More traditional hehe.

Today is also another Valentine's Day that I won't be celebrating with dear. But I guess it's all too comercialized. We should show each other love everyday, isn't it? Instead of just doing it all on one day. Oh well.

Anyway, for this chinese new year, I wish all my friends and family that they are healthy and happy, wherever they are. I miss you all fondly. Do take care. *hugs*

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Irony

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd?

I know I did.

I miss them. the old times. the familiarity.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Busy As A Bee

Boo-yah! Sorry for the sudden long absence! I have been really super duper crazy x 1000 BUSY! Was pressed for time to cook, sleep, pseudo-study and function like a normal human being.

Hence not being able to update. Which is a shame coz I have had many new experiences in this short period of time. And you know how my memory goes...

Guess what? I still have morning ED shift the next 2 days, which is a weekend. And I get no break till the next weekend (which is CNY! thank god!) I really can't wait for that.

Have been getting quite a bit of clinical exposure, which is excellent. The organization of this o&g rotation has been fabulous so far. Staff generally are very nice and willing to teach (except a select few which I shall not name) so that's a plus. Makes us feel that we are wanted and not in the way as we medical students sometimes tend to feel.

Oh and I'm very behind on my notes coz my skin condition gotten quite bad last week - became really very itchy and I was scratching myself all over. Finally gotten the steroid cream a few days ago and seems to be becoming better. phiew.

I can't study when I don't feel good. So it's a good thing the weather is better recently, turning slightly cooler. yay.

Okay, I really shld get off now. And try to study a bit. Lots of new things in o&g. And some that I had learnt and forgotten about. blek.

PS: Gathering tomorrow! Looking forward to it coz I really need to chill!
PPS: And I got to see quite a few cute babies! haha. they seemed so fragile that I don't really know how to hold them. :P