Friday, September 30, 2005

Review of Msian Idol Finale

Warning: If you're a Daniel fan of Msian Idol fame, don't read this unless you can take it. It's up to you la... =No offense=

Ha! I knew it! I knew daniel would win...totally on account on his cute face. Let's face it, guys..

His voice is not powerful enough and his rendition of Mimpi was a excellent example of a pls-put-me-to-sleep-song... =( And at first I thought it was due to the fact that the song was BORING... However, after hearing Nita's amazing rendition of it, I have to admit it was a great song after all... All it depends on is the singer...

OH we know the power of consumerism...! The tween set (around 13 year olds) has the power of deciding who shld be the Msian Idol as many tweens nowaways have handphones ade... And guess what they spend all their credit on? Voting for Daniel lo! Admitably, he's kinda cute, but I find that a naive reason to vote for him. I always thought that we shld always vote for the talent/voice? But i guess that's just only me. =(

I wonder what was really going through Nita's mind when the victory that truly belongs to her was snatched away from her because of a bunch of people who voted based only on looks! *Yes, I'm SO*

And, don't forget, she was also pretty good looking too, only that she doesn't appeal much to tween girls [unlike poles attract ma..keke] and that's why she lost so badly too... I'm just voicing out my opinion okay?

My sis likes him alot! He's now her idol! Ha! Thus proving my point of the tween set setting the voting trend. Her very-rich frenz are the ones voting like crazy! They'd go so far as to vote as many 50 votes for one session! That's like RM25 a week okay! For something as trivial as that...!

Damnit... People all over the world are dying of starvation and here are these children spending money like water! Do you know that some ppl in africa or wherever has only $1.50 a day to live on!! OMG~

Sometimes, i think there is no justice in the world. Bush is a prime example. Politics ain't my cup of tea, but I find interesting to read about so that I got something incredulous to laugh about! Anyway, I read something somewhere.

It goes like this ==> If women were in charged of the world, there would be NO wars.

Ha. So there!

I really wish for world peace *although it sounds corny, I*

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pschological Scars

Yesterday, leela was pretty furious when a fren of mine couldn't answer her Q during class... I'm so thankful that she doesn't call on me that often.

I'm seriously scared after that fateful incident. Has it left a psychological scar on me forever? Shit, I hope not. [Refer previous post if u dunno what I'm talking about. Am lazy to find it. Ha.]

Today, nothing special except that Alumni Nite was anounced to be on 15th of December, the day before our results will be announced. Oh, scary. I meant the test results, not the Alumni Nite, which is of coz fun.

Anyway, the different thing about this is that it's going to be a Mask Ball!! So cool!! I wonder where will I get my mask? Ah, let me ponder this later. When I've more free time...

Ok, short post as promised. I've totally gone over my online time. I gave myself at most 1 hour today since I didn't do anything much today, but I'm over by half an hour ade. So gotta go! Bye! There is never a real ending is there? Haha... I could go on forever.

Before I go, leela was damn funny today during the briefing bout our exam. She purposely mentioned the couples (real ones and fakes ones too...err, fake ones means that they're matchmaked by frenz or That's so unlike leela.

Wait! Leong was even funnier too... since he said that he is "very handsome" now and 40 years ago too! lol... he said girls were "fighting over him" to give him a lift...

OMG~ surely girls weren't that daring/desperate then? =Omg= Whatever. Such a laugh. =)

Yeap, Tests

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At work, you tend to gravitate toward idea building careers - like programming, medicine, or academia.

With others, you are very honest and direct. People often can't take your criticism well.

As far as your looks go, you're coasting on what you were born with. You think fashion is silly.

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At Your Lowest:

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Open and free spirited, people want to explore the world with you.

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Your wise quote is: "Our greatest glory is not
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

An Almost Magical Night

OMG! It was really was a fabulous night! Wow! Last night, my college was having our prom night of the year. I naturally attended seeing i'd take any chance of having fun. lol

Anyway, went for eng class in the morning. Kinda boring since i didn't take in much. haha

Then back home to prepare for the prom. I know, quite a task, this thing. A bit mahuan for girls actually...haih... You wouldn't believe the preparation one needs for it. ~Aikz~

Anyway, my fren came to fetch me so we can go do our hair together at 3pm. (See? need to go so early..!) We went to this hair saloon to get our hair done and also the makeup too. I think I'll go to a better one since this 'guy' didn't even have mascara so they couldn't be professional, right? Huh!

I tried borrowing from others but no one have. Sigh, we're a bunch of ppl who don't use makeup [me included]. I'm SO going to buy some during the holidays! sinyee, we go together okay? Deal ah..?

I must say, I thought I looked quite pretty for once *later I post up the photos ok? hehe..then you can judge for yourself* This is the wonders of makeup! =wow=

Then we went to my fren's house to change. I blurred a bit since i almost forgot to wear my acessories before we set out. Oops! (I nearly forgot to bring my ticket when my fren came too. Thk god remembered in time. Or else reached there only no ticket how? lol)

Ok, we reached there after a long long drive. Wah, whose idea to choose so far a hotel one? aiyo.. Surprisingly, when I reached the hotel and went in, some of my frenz couldn't recognize me eh!!! OMG~

Wah, so horliao meh? lol... My fren says coz I dun do my hair like that normally... Of coz la...haha.. =D

Oh well, the night could have been more fun if we had chosen to sit with our course mates. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up sitting with a bunch of ppl we did not know. It’d not have been so bad/boring if they have taken up the initiative to talk to us or at least among themselves. I tried ok? But there is only so much one can do... Ha! Sorry, sm, I’m juz telling the truth…It was way boring and you should have introduced us or something before dashing off…lol…whatever.

I just wished it was more fun that’s all. I’m a perfectionist sometimes, what can I say? Hehe...

But other than that 'minor' flaw, everything was pretty great! Everyone (well, almost everyone la..) was dressed to the nines. I couldn't recognize some of the girls... took a second turn when i looked at some of them...*guys of coz can recognize coz da change isn't that radical..wahaha* but I must say everyone was very pretty/handsome leh after dressing up...! =Cheerz=

The entertainment was still kinda okay. I tot the singing was really good (especially Phoebe's and Sookie's). The former one is so good that I think she could cut an album ade. She sang Alicia Key's If I Ain't Got You (is the title correct? I think so..) and it was Amazing!!

Well, then there was the 'squaring of the prom kings and queens' in a dance. Not bad, but could be better. I, however liked the modelling session. They're SO good..! There was even an Edison-look-alike... [qq, he even looks a bit like you! omg~ lol]

After a few modelling sessions, numerous songs, dances, Kent presented us with a rendition of Maksim's Cubana and it was really breathtaking!! OMG~ he's SO good!!! I wished i could play like that but i'm too lazy. I got the notes for Flight of the Bumblebee but i'm too lazy to practice! typical of me..maybe after the hols...we'll see.

After lots of performances, it was time to wrap things up. (Btw, that time quite late ade lo, almost 12:30am ade) and to announce who was prom king and queen. Wen-S did HSC proud by being crowned Miss Popularity which i guess is the best since all this comprised of votes by all the student body only, no sponsors voting, unlike those for the prom king and queen.

Most of the prom kings and queens were from AUP but i tot some of the prom kings/queens did not deserve a place there. Instead, there're a few ppl who seem to do really real in the modelling part but didn't get. I wonder why. Ha, whatver. It's all up to the sponsors anyway.

Ah, I almost forgot. We went out for a photo session before the results were announced. So fun! I guess camwhoring is a fun activity when you're looking your best i guess. Haha... I wish i got the photos so i can post it up now.. Patience then.

Neways, i wonder how many photos i took? Numerous will be a good adjective i guess...haha...

Ok, then time to go home. Finally, Sheaspere who's sending us is ready to go. It was like what..1am in the morning? I know my parents didn't give me a curfew but...they're supposed to fetch me home from my fren'z house and i was sure my dad wouldn't be too happy abt that since he has to work tmr... sorry!

Anyway, he was driving...get this...6 ppl in his car!! omg...and it wasn't like that there was lots of space...we're pretty squished up in his car lo! omg~ 4 ppl in the back seat ok!! after a long drive stopped by a few police blocks (they're holding guns for god's sake...and we're afraid that they're going to pull us over on account of the number of ppl in the car...thk god no problem!)

Then we stopped over somewhere near crown prince before changing cars...asked pkm to dropped me at shuang's house near union. Then my parents will take it from there... a bit like transit horr? haha...

Anyway, i was thankful that i was catching a ride home with frenz since my parents said that if they're the ones fetching, they'd have come to fetch me home earlier...and i wanna come home late for once!

This is a NEW record for me leh!! 2 am only reached home...not bad... =)

Though I think i'd come back way later next year when i'm free from the cluthes of parental control! Oh God, freedom is just within reach! Hehehe...i can't wait!!

Ok...went home and took off the many many pins...washed and all before going to bed lo...

I think it was quite a fun experience though it could be better. But then that could be said of many things

If Alumni Night needs us to be formal, I'll prepare better then.... lol... =)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Err, well...

Blogging just for the sake of blogging. Ha!

Feeling bored. Ah, I'm too lazy to study, I know... =P A

nyway, tomorrow night is Prom night. I'm feeling a bit lazy to prepare for it la...but okla, this IS a new experience for me. So I'll go! lol

Well, I'm feeling happy and dandy today becoz of the reappearance of my lovely watch... My frenz even said tat there was a marked cheerfulness in me that was non-apparent the past few days.

Ah, i know i can be a bit whiny sometimes i guess. sorry! (wth am i apologizing when they're not going to read this except one? Well, a girl do need a LIL privacy

Ok, nothing much to say la. Except everything sugar, spice and everything nice! Haha... =)

Maybe will blog on sunday bout the prom lo. See how things go first.

Btw, today leela asked me another Q again today. Seriously, I don't really like answering her Qs since that day (it's traumatic for a girl like me, okay?). Anyway, today's Q was ok, but i only got like a little inkling bout what it's about but i plunged in anyway. *Anyway, it's way better than the 'I dunno' i gave that day! haha...*

Well, it was okay until was stumped halfway thru da Q coz i didn't know gamma camera was used. Instead, I tentatively suggested a GM tube... Stupid i know. lol... I hope she wasn't too annoyed. Oops!

Before I go, tomorrow, we got an extra english class leh!! I dislike replacement class on weekends! Nono! What to do. I want to do well in ESL (Eng 2nd language) since it certainly will be counted in my best 10 units.

Ok, go go girl! Hand me the lash to start me up! [Oops, sound a little sadistic, doesn't it? haha]

PS: Tonight is the Msian Idol Finale... I can't wait! Toodles!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yes! Yes! Finally!

Stupid!! Something wrong with blogger. Suddenly there were 2 posts with the same title.

Hell, I tot okay, delete one of it lo. To my dismay, the second post was empty! Had to type this out again! =Argghh= why I didn't save it? Lazy me, i know.

Ok, here goes again. Why am I shouting so exuberantly in this title of this post? Well, mainly becoz of one thing. ~I found my watch already!!~ OMG! I guess good things DO happen to me after all... Thank God.

Btw, I think my frenz in coll will feel relieved too since I've been a tad whiny these past few days (sorry guys) and thanks for putting up wif me. Yeah, that is so NOT me la... =)

Ok, how did this happen? Let me give you a recount:

Feeling crappy these few days on account of my disappearance of my watch. Suddenly felt utterly sick of life all of a sudden. Really! Was even considering not going to the prom, but since I already paid and all, what to do besides go?

Anyway, my dad came home for dinner today since my grandma is in china now [normally he eats at my grandma's]. Well, he told my mum that he dunno where his carkeys are *I guess my absent-mindedness is inherited after all...wahaha* He finished his dinner early and went for another bout of searching. [My parents've done a lot of searching recently due to the untimely disappearance of my watch...Thks ya! =P]

Unfortunately, he did not find his carkeys, instead, he found my watch!! Guess where? Under the sofa seat crevice!! OMG~

The million dollar Q is ==> Who put it there? Certainly not me.

I'm sure putting my money on my sis or bro. But no one is confessing so i better just keep my big mouth shut to avoid more scolding from said parents. =Shhh=

The funny thing was tat dad couldn't recognize the watch he bought me and have to ask me whether this watch was mine...haha...yes! it is, dad! Thank God...

Anyway, I'm just happy that I found my watch. I feel like telling my parents "See? I DID bring home my watch afterall." I'm NOT so absent-minded to lose it on the 1st day. Err...other days cannot guarantee ade... Oops! lol

Happy = Exuberant = Jubilant= Glad = Joyful (my personal thesaurus..haha)

On a even happier note, imu telephoned me yesterday. They scheduled an interview with me!! *So early in the morning ah? aiyo*

Does that mean I got thru the 1st hurdle? YES YES YES!! I'm so happy! Let's pray that I'll make it thru to the end! I wanna get in! Yes! ~Runs around yelling~

Funny though, I didn't feel so exhilarated when they first telephoned. Only now. I'm slow la. chi dun.. lol

Btw, why no one commented on my bday blog dated 14th september? i tot the part bout leela singing to me was damn hilarious ah...!

Whatever. I shld be thankful that at least there ARE ppl commenting. Haha.. =)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

:: Total Agony ::

OMG!! Juz two days and I lost my watch!! Omg~ Omg~ and I dunno what the hell happened too!!

=Argghh & pulls hair=

I'm so upset okay? It costed a lot ok? I'm still searching for it coz I don't really believe that such a thing will happen!!

Here's how it happened...

Wore it for the first time to college. Showed my frenz during mathz class... (show off for a while also cannot? cheh) then it was my free period before going home.

Was in the library in frenz when my fren suddenly asked me: Eh, you still don't want to go home ah? 3 o'clock ade lo...

I looked at my watch and the library's clock, apparently my watch was abit slower la..

Neverthless, I rushed off to my carpool and apologised to his dad for being late, even mentioning my 'slow' watch...

Then, I distinctly remember changing the watch's minute hand from 3:00pm to about 3:03pm... so i definitely had my watch on that time...

Got home. I'm pretty sure that i kept my watch into the box it came with but...but... Anyway, after that, I took a bath, onlined and had dinner before going to my room. Felt like taking it out for another look. *You know la, new stuff ma..hehe*

To my ultimate horror, it was not there!! OMG~ After frantic searching around my room, I could not find it!! I've searched the whole house (waste my time ya) except the dining room la... and I can't find it!! Why such things alwiz happen to me??

It costed so much and stupid me lost it after 2 bloody days? That's hell man.

Anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that my sis was the one who took/borrowed it... But my mum insisted that it was not. [Why she is so sure?] But when is she going to return it to me? Harr..

Anyway, my mum helped me searched me for two days ade...but to no avail. I still can't fathom what the hell happened to it. Oh hell.

God pls help me find it earlier coz it totally make no sense that I can't find it. Dead. I'm so upset.

I'm totally losing sleep over it. Couldn't sleep properly these the past 2 days. I feel so guilty that i lost my watch *a graduation present from my dad* juz after two days he bought it for me.

I just wished that life has a UNDO button. Then I'll relive that day again.

>> Huge Sigh <<

Funny thing is that I also can't find one of my scrunchie and a frog-shaped clip used to keep papers in order too..! WTH!!

Btw, let me reiterate that I DIDN'T take the scrunchie out of the house ok? I put it in my drawer coz the light blue scrunchie doesn't match the red shirt I was wearing on monday... Ditto for the clip.

So?? What is going on? I don't get it. This is so ILLOGICAL & CRAZY!!

Maybe I'm going crazy. Hallucinating? Oh God.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How nice...

...of my parents. I wonder what happened. Maybe they got concussion on the head when they accompanied me shopping last sunday. [need them to pay]

Ok. You must surely be wondering why. Here goes:

They bought me a watch costing a BOMB!! Guess how much it costs? Anyone wanna bet? Any takers? keke...

Okla. It costed bout RM245, ya know! yes, OMG!! This is so unlike them!

They didn't wanted to buy a better cellphone for me but a watch? Sure, no problem. Strange.

Feel kinda pampered for once in my life. Maybe I'll consider it my graduation present + bday present then. Hehe... Of coz i haven't graduated

Oh well. This is nice. Only problem is they expect me to use it for at least a few years... And I dunno whether I can use the same watch for so long. Oh no...

Whatever. I'll just deal with it. Ha!

Btw, must I blog again? I'm an addict. I'm sure of it.

Well, at least it's short. lol..

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Blurry Saturday

Juz a short update since I already turned on my pc to listen to songs...

Went to angeline's english class this morning... Yeah, i know, class on a saturday totally sucks.. Hey, I mean it is totally interfering with my sleeping debt payment scheme, okay? lol... =Aikz=

Neways, the class was pretty much a blur for me since she teaches altogether different things from my ex-lecturer and I dunno who to follow!!

omg~ I'm so going to mess up my eng finals...

Later, I'm going shopping to find my shoes for prom! I think I'm going for those high heels with black straps...! Hope I get the shoes I want! ~prays~ Coz not much time left for more shopping..

Ok that's all for now. Am keeping my promise to blog short posts. Tatz!


I got the shoes I wanted!! So nice! Although the straps are a little tight I guess they'll become looser after more wearing...aikz... The agony we go thru for beauty. Sometimes it sucks.. Considering some ppl will go to extreme ends like plastic surgery... omg~

Anyway, I also bought a new watch since my old one died on me and I needed one since it's nearing the exams ade... I like this new watch although I think my old sch frenz would think i've been body-switched or something since it's SO not my old style... Well, I'm going to need it if I'm going to uni next year...hehe...

Am I morphing into someone else fashion-wise? Maybe I am... omg omg~

Oh whatever.

Ppl change. Things change. They always do. *Sigh*

Friday, September 16, 2005

Oops I Did It Again

Ok ok, I know I said I wouldn't blog but today was funny wo! Juz a short description lo... =)

The highlight of the day was our maths class... Mr goh liked to use this time to have a little entertainment one leh...coz this is da last class of the week for most ppl! haha...

Anyway, we started wif da usual round of singing [as alwiz] by yijuin who was a bday girl today... I was thinking that thk god they didn't ask me to sing on wed.. or else charm ade...

Eh, my singing not bad okay? Juz dare not sing in front of class ah... u dare meh? you sing lo! Ha!

She sang "Colours of the Wind" & Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like this"... Woah! Her voice was really good leh.. I'd have recomended her to go to audition for Msian Idol...hehe... The former was one of my favourites leh! I lurve it so much!!

Then some ppl came into our class to listen to free entertainment....little did they know that they had to sing too! lol... Kent was forced to sing. He sung "Tian Tang" (as in 'Heaven') by michael...not bad try la...

Then they wanted to force to the "golden couple" to sing together but the girl refused la... paiseh i guess...hehe =)

Anyway, then mz relented to our demands for a performance and decided to imitate galileong for us!! OMG~ It was pretty alike okay? very good la.. can consider a carreer as an actor The funniest parts was when he reenacted today's things leh! He even 'reprimanded' ejian like leong did earlier... Pity u weren't there, jian...haha

It ended with a twisted neck performance....coz leong sprained his neck too that was what mz acted...with him stumping out of class holding to his

Maybe that's how he sprained his neck. by doing too many impersonations of leong... I wonder how true his "sprain" is when he can do impersonation for us at mathz class... Healed so fast meh? hmm... I wonder~

Ok, that's all for now... Now if only every mathz class can enjoy like this.. I sure enjoy coming to college ade... Recently feel so lazy to go to coll... Alwiz feel like sleeping more wo...

Aiyo, so sleepy in class... scared that leong will alwiz see me yawning la... oh no!!

Btw this post not really short always...!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hiatus for real...

...this time. I got to do this or my finals are going to suffer seeing the fact that I haven't study at all for my coming finals. I'm so dead! Omg~

So I guess I'm going to take a break from the blogosphere for a tiny while... Of coz I do "anticipate" opening my bloglines account to have hundreds of updates waiting for me to read...!

What to do? What must be done MUST be done... *sighs loudly*

Maybe as a reward to myself, I might blog summaries when anything interesting happens... Okay? I'm juz taking a leaf out of donkeyhui's and lyd's book, that's all....Haha...

Ok, that's it, folks...

Saying a temporary 'sayonara' liao... =)


: : Forcing oneself to study is a torture I would care not to endure : :

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Those are some of the adjectives that could be used to describe today!! Just for a simple is my birthday!!

And boy, was it a memorable 18th bday! OMG!

For starters, one of my best frenz, Sinyee missed called me at 12am sharp then sent me a "bubble"... Those recorded msgs... It was a happy bday song sung by a cutish voice... Wonder whose voice is it... Is it yours, Sinyee?? Haha...

Anyway, I was so touched that she remembered... Missed ya so much.. If only we came to college together...we'd have so much fun...! =P

Nvm, we'll catch up during the hols lo...

Ok then, a few of my high sch frenz sms-ed me to wish me happy bday! They remembered!! Thx ya, tammy, yiphing... omg~ and I tot no one would rmbed... Thx to frenster bday reminders--that vehicle of goodwill... hehe

Then I arrived at college, a few of my coll frenz frm mathz class gave me a bday card... so nice of them! Thx ya... Although I can't read some of the 'fancy' autographs...haha... Really appreciate the gesture~ =)

Anyway, some ppl in coll also wished me happy bday everywhere i go *i'm so popular, aren't I? juz kidding la...some ppl still dunno who I'm la...! ~incredulous *

Anyway the thing that took the icing off the cake, so to speak, was yet to come...

It happened in that fateful chemistry class.. Leela was giving us answers for some Qs and we're fervently copying them down.

Moi has a bad habit. When ppl let me copy stuff, my attention wanders. I think abt other more interesting stuff.

And I did so today. Bad choice~

She called on me to answer a question (which I did not know the answer okay!) coz I must have unwittingly showed my "i-dunno-what-the-hell-you're-talking-abt" face...!

Oops! Must be more careful next time. Stoic face on!

And stupid me told her "I dunno..."

Tiz a big no-no!

And she started berating me in a manner that kinda scared me [coz normally moi is a good student, okie?] and this was my first "scolding"...

She went like this: "ZY ah, what has gotten into you? Why you do not know how to answer? This should be at your fingertips...and blah blah...

Then I took another try at the question coz suddenly I got a good inkling what she was talking abt...but I put the electrons at the wrong side!! What has gotten into me? I can't answer under pressure!!

Thank god for my fren... Leela would have gone on and on about how bad I was and I'd be totally embarassed, okay? Neways, my fren interrupted her by telling her 'cannot scold me la..'

Naturally, she asked back "why cannot scold?" then my fren told her it was my bday today..

And scarily, a total 360-degrees-change came over her... Leela started singing a happy bday song to me while doing orchestrating motions... No shit.

SCARY ok!! OMG! Then after saying something abt me couldn't pay attention becoz my bday was today, she said I was forgiven then.


phew~ At least I'm forgiven I guess. Thx goodness I chose my bday to blank out. Haha... No more blanking out during chem class. Pay full attention. =Focus=

And that was that i guess. But normally I couldn't really calm down coz this doesn't happen often ok? omg omg omg~

Anyway, another fren also called to wished me happy bday too! I tot it was super of her to remember coz I don't have a head for dates...err... yalah.. what to do?

OK, I promise I will try to remember all ur bdays from now on.. Try ya..! =)

I guess that's all la... Nah, I didn't go anywhere to celebrate today...

Maybe my family will go to an Australian Fusion Cuisine restaurant this weekend... I wonder what do Aussies eat? hmmm...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Non-Excitetism [French? Ha!]

Nuthin' said.

Today was boring for me. Awwks~ Nothing special happened except I handed over my money (RM60) for the prom.

I wonder when will we be able to book a table. If we don't do that earlier, we're going to end up sitting near the toilet. lol

Oh what. At least, my fren agreed to fetch me to Mutiara Hotel for the event. At least now I'm assured I've transport. Guess I'll be able to go then.

Now where shld i go to get my hair done? Hmm...

Btw, tomorrow is a special day for moi...

Get it? The hint is SO obvious, okay? haha... :P

Normalcy is...

...turning out to be boring. Guess I totally hate routines then! Typical me. Blek~ Juz went to college, normal/boring classes and then came back at 12pm as Mr Goh was absent for some event for college.

Then as usual online. Again. I'm really an addict! I think asking my dad to get the RM66 streamxy package is doing me more harm than good. O.o

Anyway, Galileong (a.k.a Mr Leong la...duh!) asked us to see him if we wanted to know our ranking. So I went to see him before my bio class...of coz chose bio la, coz the lecturer won't scold ma if I'm late...hehe...

So got my ranking. Nah, I won't post it up here. This blog is getting a too large audience (than I tot it would ever have) for that. Ha!

For good measure, let's juz say it was not bad, okay? Anyway, after that, leong started asking me abt my other subject's rankings. I told him my chem's ranking since it's the only one i knew.

He then asked abt the others which i then replied: "Err, I didn't know they're ready. The lecturers didn't tell us..."

To which, he assured me that they're ready. Ok, I'll get them tmr then! Major O.o

Then he started enquiring abt my english since he said that sometimes ppl do well in all subjects but english and their UAI get pulled down coz of that... It was my turn to assure him that my eng is doing ok. *although i'm not really satisfied with my current eng marks! Huff!*

Before going, he asked me one last question...

=what's this? sounds like 20 questions leh=

He asked whether I've started preparing for me finals [Super Ouch!] and I couldn't tell him the truth which was a resounding NO since it'd make him sad...hehe... He's just recovered from an illness ah... Dun wanna upset him eh...

So I twisted the truth a bit by replying: "Err...starting, Sir." Well, it's not that far-gone since I've been wanting to start studying since my trials. (Note: Wanting being the all-important word here)

Only that I have not managed to get down to it. Oops! Sorry leong. Maybe you might make me feel guilty enough to study...hehe... hope!

Then what? I left la.. Don't forget I still got my bio class!

PS~ I forgot to mention one thing. Leong is back! First class of the day--> Physics. A bit not used to it since didn't have phy for so long ade. 2 weeks! He was back last week but only to teach the mathz ext2 students becoz they cannot finish the syllabus in time, I guess.

For physics though, no problem, he assured us that it will be finished in 1 week! Yay! Wait, no whooping yet coz that means that finals are nearer.

Argghh... Can you give a rest with it? Shit, I think I'm talking to myself ade.... Omg!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Look at this!

My playlist eh... Wow! So many songs! =P Posted by Picasa

Ok, I admit it. Was feeling bored so took the liberty of posting up this pic of my playlist... Yeah, I siao one! Lol... Juz wanna let you see my songs ma... Actually, this is not the entire playlist leh... still got a lot summore... but cannot fit in! Haha...


Specially recommendation by moi--> Reaching For Heaven by Diano Degarmo.

I dunno how old this song is but I first heard it during the movie Ice Princess... Btw, this movie is so fun! I totally lurve the parts where they show ppl figure-skating!!

I wanna learn too!! [but no skating rink here leh since they took it away from BJ a few years ago...liked going there to skate leh..]

So inspiring! I need more songs like this to lift up my mood! Go!

Searching for songs....downloading in progress...

Saturday, September 10, 2005



You are...THE PARTY ANIMAL! I mean, Zelos Wilder!
^_^ Heh, you sure know how to make people
laugh! You act as if you take nothing
seriously, but you're realy just trying to give
evryone a positive outlook. You may feel
completely out of sync with your life and with
people, so sometimes you do crazy things to get
attention. Nevertheless, people love ya 'cause
you're funny! Just remember, the people who
hate you suck.

Tales of Symphonia! Who are You? (cool pics at the end)
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Your angel is trying to tell you have a
free spirit. Spontaneous and wild, you have a
slight problem with staying on one topic for
too long. People enjoy your company because you
always have great ideas and your really easy to
get along with!

What is your angel trying to tell you?!?!? _=Great pics=_
brought to you by


What what? Well... nothing much.

Except I need to find more ppl to make up the 10 ppl needed for the prom table bookings... so mahuan! Who tot up this system anyway? Why must we need to book da whole table at one time?? aiyo...

But nvm... Me and lyd can "kao tim" one! No biggie! haha...

That's all... I still need to find shoes for my prom summore...a bit lazy la...sometimes was thinking might as well no need to go la...

But then I shouldn't spoil this unique experience juz becoz of some ppl, right? There's some proverb that goes like: Don't spoil an apple cart of apples just becoz of a few rotten apples... Or maybe it's not a proverb after all... My own statement abt life!! lol... =P

Whatever... Life is so surreal sometime... I think I prefer science fiction anytime. Ha!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oh no...I missed it! =(

Omg! I missed it! Dunno what da hell I'm talking abt? Have patience. More later~

Well, I kinda like da red carpet, it feels so glamourous (hehe)... It totally reminds me of da Oscars or some fancy do...ya know, the works... =P

Anyway, this morning, the minute I stepped out of the car, there it was... The red carpet magnificently rolled out in luxurious crimson red...*ok, i AM exaggerating & also testing my hyperbole*

Oh, it wasn't there to welcome me [they shld..haha] but to welcome the PM (prime minister), former PM and some other ppl... As I type here, I think they're coming... but since you know how msian time works, I wonder when they will really arrive..hah!

Anyway, we also saw a lot of malays outside picnicking too...*such a nice day 4 a "free" picnic*... When has my college become a picnicker's paradise? Anyway, these ppl alwiz flock to functions like this becoz there's free food. haha...and so many smokers too! aiyo...smelly la~

# continued at home #

Ok! I missed it! Missed what? I didn't get to see da prime minister la!!

You all know my views on idolization *I think it's stupid* so I told myself.

Whatever. It's juz da prime minister la... No big deal.

But when I was getting ready to go home, suddenly I tot to myself. Well, I think da PM is a man worthy to be idolized la {if there is really such a need} compared to nothing-but-looks-only celebs...

So, I decided to see whether I could meet da PM or not... = it might be nice, you never know =

Unfortunately, I was like a few minutes too late. Of coz he was scheduled to come at 2pm but he only arrived like 10 mins b4 3pm (typical). I din get to meet him so I feel kinda disappointed.

But some of my frenz purposely waited for him. They even shaked hands with him leh..* anyway, one was even more extreme [in my opinion]. She skipped class juz so she could meet the PM..

Omg! She said it's like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the PM... Really?

If i really really wanted to meet him, i'd have juz go to these fancy functions (like now) to see him lo... or maybe moved to putrajaya? Not bad. Unless he pops off suddenly, I think there's still a great chance of meeting him face-to face. =Aikz=

Ok. That's out of the way already.

Next...! I juz got back my progress report! omg omg... At first I tot it was not bad but after looking at my fren's one, I wanna faint. I did relatively bad compared to hers leh... Aiya... I feel a bit disappointed. :(

Maybe I should buck up a bit... I'm so lazy!! I know I really lack the motivation to study during non-examz season.. Believe it or not, I'm a last-minute person when it comes to studying...haih...

Must change, coz finals are looming nearer and nearer. The days seem to be passing in a flash.

Chanting: Motivation. yes. Motivation. yes. Motiva...

Err... going 2 catch a movie now. Bye!

See? Told ya I lack motivation. Ha!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Yup! Tests Again! :)


You died of either old age or a sickness. You are a
kind person and are smart. You have a good head
on your shoulders. But don't think that just
because your death wasn't exciting or extreme
that that makes you boring.

How did you die in your past life? (for everyone)
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Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon: Full of wisdom and knowledge, this
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Normal = Boring *sigh*

Aiya... Today was very boring leh...same old routine everyday.

Wake up to go to college -- go for classes -- lunch break -- classes again -- then back home 2 snooze... zzz. Haih...

I think nothing special happened today except that today was the 1st day that we're allowed to take back out progress report [yikes!]. However, moi was unable to do so since my going back home early yesterday lead to me not knowing that we needed to bring our UAC letter to get the results...

Aiyo...right, this progress report is supposed to be the scariest report (of the year) since it'll be showing us our results for every subject for the entire year!! Yes! Every damn test that we ever took will be added up! omg~

I hope I do well lo... Going 2 get mine tmr--must bring letter! *prays hard*

Why leela won't allow us to take a little peek at ours?! She knows who we're anyway.... haha... whatever. I had a sneaking suspicion anyway that she wouldn't allow us to take/see it without that stupid letter... =Aikz=

Well, truthfully leh... I suddenly tot of something slightly more interesting...

Can u believe this? The prime minister [yes, the PM himself!], Tun Mahathir & some other big-shots are visiting my college tomorrow!! Omg~ They're supposed to be launching this low-cost housing estate somewhere near here and they had chose my college as the venue leh! so cool...

Anyway, they're rolling out a red carpet tmr *talk abt preparations!* and we're not allowed to walk on it leh... Cheh! Why like this one? It's not like we're 2nd class citizens leh.. so not fair... I mean, celebrities get to walk on it too...Aiya... whatever! =P

Ok, this is really me crapping since i have nothing better to do... Bored bored bored!!

:: Votes 4 Women ::

Watched this great movie --> Iron Jawed Angels. It's about the womens' movement in america during the 1920's where they fight for the right for women to vote. I think it's totally a great movie since it's based on actual history and the director opted for a character-driven movie.

Woo! And to think some women nowadays don't vote when they have the right to... Sigh.. The battle they had to endure was pretty grueling... You'll know what I mean after you've seen the movie.

I mean one of the women was even force-fed when she refused to eat. Omg! And you call this freedom!! They're also thrown into jail for crimes they did not commit *obstructing traffic? preposterous!* and the fact that the others were willing to starve, endure the bitter cold and the boiling (stupid) anger of men [that couldn't accept the obvious fact that men and women are equals] to stand up for their beliefs.

~For this, I salute them. Call me a feminist if you will but even now, we're not treated as equals yet. I pray fevently for that day.~

Click here and here for the diff synopsis... I think this movie is juz briliant... Now if only we could learn history this way, it'd totally be more interesting... =P

Btw, on a lighter note, I came home from coll at 12pm! Wanted to go out with frenz at 1st but no transport home leh... Ah what to do? Oh, for another day...

Ok, bye for now!

PS:: I juz wonder how many ppl read my blog without my knowledge... Omg! It somehow makes my blog seem less private now, ya know... *sigh*

Hey! Those reading this! Mind leaving me a comment telling me who you are?? [I feel like knowing who's reading my blog wo... :P]

Monday, September 05, 2005

Shopping Sunday (not super sunday

Went shopping today with my family, my aunt and her husband. The main thing we're looking for? My prom dress. Haha... I'm so important, yeah? Juz kidding. My aunt was invited becoz apparently she's the unofficial fashinionista of the family. lol...

Anyway...after an agonizing search, i found nothing. Apparently, my dad gave her the wrong impression when it comes to what sort of dress I was looking for [he did not ask for my opinion] which lead to my aunt suggesting the wrong shopping mall... haih... Waste my moring ya...!

*My dad tot my dress was in the blouse and dress category leh!! Dad ah! prom leh... Can wear like that meh unless i want to be underdressed la... Sigh, parents.

But it wasn't a total waste of time la... saw this cute handbag on sale! So pretty! After choosing over the few colours, decided upon the orangy one. So nice! It was pretty much a steal too since i think that's a good brand. My first handbag! *Yes!* Ok it's not really big... So I think I can only fit in my cellphone, purse, lipbalm and...anymore? Dunno whether can put or not...haha..

But who ever heard of a really big handbag nowadays? Fashion has never placed much emphasis on functionality right?

Shakes head: Why?

Okie, I think's that all...nothing much la... Beside da fact that my mum bought us new comforters... It was happy hour and the price was drastically reduced to almost 1/5 of its original price...omg! and da patterns are so nice! I like my new one!! [actually I like one of the King-sized's pattern better.. But I'm not using king-sized bed] and it's also a good brand leh... Must be da megasale I guess...

Yes! Shopping is a great sport that almost every girl loves!! =P Shop shop shop till u drop! or till your purse empties!

Depends on which one occuring first... Haha~

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Part 2--bbq at beach =D

This is part 2... Had to publish fast the first part coz my dad nagged me 2 stop on9-ing d...haih...

Pretty fun! Never had a bbq at the beach before... Most of my previous bbq experiences [excluding girl guides] includes using a real stove... So this was a pretty unique experience for me! so cool!

Btw, did I mention that I sucked when it came to lighting fires during girl guide tests? We're not allowed 2 use paper, but we did... Oops! Forget I said that. :P

Anyway, my group went to jouwen's to shower after the race...coz we were really dirty! And her house was pretty near Crown Prince Beach (renamed Crown Jewel recently but god-knows why...maybe becoz of gender issues? Prince = male??) So, we arrived pretty early *relatively comparing to the committee* abt 6pm and only Quek and Dory was there...

Since we're so early we decided 2 use da time 2 soak up the sun's rays---not! Juz kidding... This is malaysian girls we're talking abt... We're obsessed with being fair... Thk god I was born quite Btw I think I have become a bit darker leh after all this running abt in the mid-day sun... aiyo..

Ok right. It was quite fun although it started a bit late (comparing to my growling stomach, okay? which unfortunately ended in me having gastric problems the whole damn night... How to have fun wif a severe stomach ache?? I did my best though since I think I have quite a high tolerance for

Anyway, it was great having this bbq at da beach... The scenery was amazing! Lovely! And I din know and I din know you can have bbq this way in the sand.. However, it wasn't da best/cleanest way since I was also eating sand beside da other

Btw, I must say da amount of food was amazing! Got chicken, sausages, fishballs, potatoes, corn, beehoon, and fruits!! I ate most except da corn and potato... Dunno why da potato I chose so hard leh... I think they must have mixed up the cooked ones and the uncooked ones la.. Aiyo, no wonder la! I bite ade like my teeth want to break! lol...

The committee really outdid themselves this time! Cheerz 4 you all! It must have taken a lot of time 2 prepare all that food plus da 'amazing race'!!! ~Wow~

Well, I din really eat much since a lot of da food fell into da sand when I wasnt paying attention [yalah, very wasteful..haih] Pity.. I could have eaten a lot more if I didn't have gastric pain leh... *sigh*

I went home around *my parents lo! Insist on coming so early! They said that they're scared that everyone wif their own transport will go home and leave me alone there...siao meh? They where got go home so early one? haha... =P I wont if I have my own set of wheels and no parental control! yayz!* Anyway, I asked them to come to da small lorong beside da beach but they insist on me going to the front of da hotel...cheh! Lil poor me have to walk such a long way to the front of da hotel...

And the worst thing is that I've to walk ALONE in a DARK alley at NIGHT juz becoz my parents were too lazy to listen to my directions regarding which alley I was at....*sigh*

Parents are so weird sometimes...!! Aye~

It was pretty scary okay? [if u read enough newspapers]

Nevertheless i managed 2 return in one piece ~or else u think my ghost is typing this post meh? siao!~ Unfortunately, on da way home, I was bombarded with a bout of flu which added to my agonizing gastric pain... Aiya! I think my sudden flu attack is largely due to the rain during the summer carnival...sigh*

Thk god I got a good immune system so I recovered the next day! Yay! Hehe... Well, I think this was a great experience for me! I'd have totally enjoyed myself if not for the gastric pains... but you can't have everything I guess... =)

Part 1--'Amazing Race' + bbq at beach = Weekend of fun!

Wow... Today was the day of the Summer Carnival! Was kinda looking forward to it since it has been a pretty boring week with leong and angeline gone... Ok ok it wasn't that bad afterall...(refer past posts to see how much fun I had!)

Anyway, the summer carnival was pretty cool and all... Let me see, it rained just as we were ready to start [bad omen? haha] and I was pretty thankful that my frenz did bring 2 umbrellas... But I was pretty wet by the time it stopped since it had already started raining when we're far away from the toilets...haih... I hate getting wet since it leaves a sticky feeling to my clothes...

Ok, I'm not going to go into great detail abt the carnival *or else I'm pretty sure it's going to be a long long post d*... Juz that it includes each group to race against time to go thru many checkpoints... To know more, click here... This post is courtesy of one of my frenz... Actually I din have his permission 2 link wo... O.o... well...


Anyway, we're allowed to use a maximum of 5 bribes ~it goes to show the amazing system we've here in that called "satarical" or something? blek~

But but! Amazingly my group did not use any at all!! OMG! That is so cool...anyway... I'll juz write abt some of the checkpoints that I find interesting...

Let me see... The first time we got a choice of which check-pt to go to... We choose "brain-drain"... Yalah, we decided that mental exercises were better than physical challenges... Personally I agree...haha...

Anyway, let me tell u, the by Titus was really brain-draining [I think I'll retract what I juz said then] we couldn't really think straight, well I couldn't think straight, okay? The rain and then the hot sun was too much for me. Anyway, it involves a puzzle *would have typed it out but wait till i find it 1st* like who was doing what kind of whatever....

Thk god we managed to figure it out due to our teamwork! Yes! We even managed to beat the Maths Ext.2 group {is there such a group?} which I guess is well known for their mental way to go!

Ok, I need more exercise... I was like pratically out of breath... Remind me to hit the gym more often after our finals... Haha.

The last check point too was pretty memorable since it involves worms ala Fear Factor!! OMG! Thk goodness we weren't asked to eat it or what... Juz to use our hands to sieve thru a container of live worms for marbles... Ok, da worms look kinda squishy to me.. Gross...!

I managed to pluck up my courage to put my hand in...and...and it wasn't that bad afterall... It doesn't really feel that bad. It's juz that you know you're putting your hand into a wriggling squirming mass of worms that's all.. But we managed to finish it quicky! Yeah! cheers for us! haha...

I think that's all for now... The other check-pts ah... and the bbq?... Let me think 1st then I'll update later... Okay?

Look out for Part 2! Ciao!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Literary Greats~blek~

Lousy Eng Results--> I got my ESL paper back today.

Aiyo..why like this? My eng all the way was pretty good one leh. (Ahem Ahem) but now I'm pretty sure it will plummet like HELL..

Dun even think abt my ranking summore...O.o... Omg!

How ah my trial results?? Eng is a subject that will definitely be taken into account. So charm d la... All because of us having a new lecturer marking our papers la... And Ranjit assured us that HE'll be marking our papers one... Huff! Why did he lied to us? [actually maybe not his fault la... but we'll never know..sigh*]

The prob is not with the lecturer {i hope la...but...but..} but the fact remains is that both lecturers have totally different teaching methods so we of coz produced diff work...which might not be to the lecturers' satisfaction. haih. However, the part that I lost the most marks is completely up to the lecturers' discretion...

So what can I say? And leela also quoted her as saying: She (the lecturer in question) has marked all the papers "carefully"... So cannot ask for extra marks!! Wah... so undemocratic one??

Besides in my opinion, I dun think that she really so "carefully" mark those papers since she practically scribbled the marks like hell... I can't even differentiate 1 & a half with 1/2 leh... Careful writing I see... Yeah Right~

And when I went 2 ask leela [she's in charge of totalling] she instead counted less 2 marks *I tot there shld be two more eh...!* so she said that angeline already gave me extra 2 marks --Where G0T??-- so I shld keep my mouth shut...

Since I did not want to lose any more marks. I did what she said. Kept my mouth shut and went back 2 my seat. Argghhh... She better dun tell us off abt our handwriting or it'd totally be a case of the pot calling the kettle black... Huh!

Anyway...that was that. Couldn't do anything abt it. We had no say in it. *I tot Msia is a democratic nation?* I heard a rumour that she can only be back by next fri. not sure real or not. Sorry, unable 2 verify it. My sources are limited currently.

Whatever. I'm so over it. =(

The Search 4 Lecturer(s)

Wah... last nite got a msg from my fren asking whether I want to go visit leong during our free periods or not..of coz i said yes coz so free ma recently... so decided to shift bio to a later class...of coz at first they wanted to shift to da earliest one at 8am.. but you know carpool la... cannot change. Besides quite late ade. How to inform leh? Haih... so mahuan sometimes.

Anyway, so thus it was decided until leela told us this morning that Leong was already discharged from hospital leh... Although she did mention that he'll be back for physiotherapy... So maybe we could catch him...if we're lucky.

Btw, she also gave us 2 phone numbers, apparently, one was for Mrs. Leong and another 4 his son...neways we went to get a card for both leong and angeline... *We're thinking of visiting her later la..*

The cards we've chosen were pretty funny/cute for leong/angeline respectively. Then we as shopaholics went to buy some nice scrunchies lo...hehe... No such thing as an inappropriate time for shopping

Ok, then it was time to search for pantai medical (hosp where leong was staying) since we had virtually no idea where it was except a few directions from SS's uncle...

I must say the signboards put up by the hosp were pretty minuscule... How do u except old/vision-impaired ppl 2 see it? Aiya... Anyway we went around in quite many circles and only managed 2 locate the small signboards later... argghh... =(

*Going around in circles*

When we arrived, we went to the physiotherapy center and was dismayed to find that leong had already went home... Apparently his session finishes/starts [sorry can't rmb which] abt 9:30am and his son didn't know that when we called him earlier....

And omg, leong drove to the hosp ALONE... When his neck is supposedly encased in a Collar thingy...omg!

So pity him la... but we tot that maybe his relatives might have offered 2 sent him but him being him would insist on going on his own... Well well... Anyway the thing is: We dunno where he IS!! And he doesn't have a handphone due to his issues with such stuff... ~sigh~ So diff 2 locate him... His son gave us another number to call to see whether he was there but to no avail...*How many homes does he have anyway? Need to call so many numbers one....aiya*

By that time we decided to give it another try after me and lyd's bio class at 1... [in the end we din shift class afterall] so back to college we went! Since it was almost time i only had a bun for lunch... Hence my growling stomach now... *sigh* so hungry..

Anyway... After bio class, we congregated at the porch... Wondering what to do now... Since angeline too wasn't picking up her hp (apparently she also was discharged too) and God knows where leong was... After calling Mrs. Leong's hse which was picked up by his daughter--who unfortunately doesn't know where he is either.... So we're at a loss.... Dare not call his son since leela said his son was 'angry' for our incessant calling (for god's sake, we only called twice, okay?)...

Until I got a brainwave to call the number given by the son...and Bingo!! He was there....! And picked up...and mumbled quite a lot of words that I could not catch [LL's speaker mode is very blur leh...] Well, I caught something something abt our past year papers la.. He asked CP to print out the marking scheme from dunno wat website la...

Wah, he really IS such a dedicated teacher leh... So sick already still can worry abt us... [Apparently he's quite ill according to what leela said. His vertebrae is kinda getting close together so it's pressing on his spinal chord.. So it's really causing him pain --poor thing-- :(

Somehow i've gotten quite fond of leong *and not afraid to admit it too!* even though he might be a fussy old man sometime... But I know that he actually has a heart of gold & he truly cares for his students~ He says he'll try to come back to coll next week if his situation improves. SO DEDICATED!]

Right. Again I digress. Back to task!

Anyway after telling us not to come to visit him since his nerve is troubling him and needs rest ~he din want us wasting our time either~ so that's it. Cannot visit leh... [was wanting to see how his home looks like wo, told my frenz that it was a priviledge to visit his house] so then we tried the umpteenth time to contact angeline but to no avail.

Strange. They say that she's alwiz wif her hp one leh... ~shrug~

So that was the story of our search for lecturer(s)... *huge sigh* A total failure. Bah! Why are they so diff to contact ah?

Aiyo.. want to visit them also fail. Blek~