Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I'm bored. I need more excitement in my life. Blek~ This may the shortest post in this blog.

If you were hoping to read a long post, sorry. Wrong place.

Btw, before I leave, today is Merdeka Day (i.e Independence Day) for my country--Malaysia.

Didn't celebrate coz maybe I'm unpatriotic.

No lah, no transport. Wait for next year lo. Haha.. Ok, bye!

Tests again la..Well, I'm bored ma..


People see boldness in your eyes. You aren't afraid
to do what you think is right and you stand up
for what you believe in. You don't worry about
the what-if's. You also like being the center
of attention at times and you like to stick
out. But be warned...some people may find you
annoying for several reasons. Number one being
either stealing the limelight or bringing it
towards friends who don't want to be in it.
Number two is that you make mistakes often due
to your rash behavior and sometimes offend
people when it was actually un-called for. So
be careful, but be you and have fun!

What can people see in your eyes?(great ANIME pics)((IMPROVED!!!))
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Your power is: The ability to fly

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When going over to the "dark side"
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another Day--Sigh--

Right. Nothing much to say except that Galileong was still not back in action and so was Angeline. Apparently BOTH were admitted into hospitals..! In pantai medical and adventist respectively... Poor things.

Mr.Goh is back in action but no one dared to ask him why he didn't come yesterday [most prob something to do wif his mum admitted into hosp too]. Today he kinda blur leh... Made a few mistakes that were eventually pointed by us "sharp-eyed" students. hehe...

Well, the mathz ext-2 students went to visit galileong today. I wanted to follow them too but I got class leh *besides maybe I'm not welcome either since it might spoil their "togetherness" as a group~ Blek*

Whatever. The important thing is the intention, right?

I sincerely wish him to get well soon! --prays-- Suddenly become so religous meh? lol.

Ok, will end here now since nothing special to write leh. Boring with a capital B.

PS~ Enjoyed playing a new game on the PS2. It's called Stella Deus or something like that. Can't rmb. lousy memory. Anyway, it involves a lot of strategy and planning, pretty cool.

Another game I also like was Blood Will Tell. The story line's taken from a Japanese comic and the graphics are great! Unfortunately, I'm currently stuck at the same level coz I can't locate the Fiends {the bad guys in this case}. Aiya... :(

Epidemic Alert!

Something is attacking my college's lecturers... Today was a new record! 3 lecturers were absent!!

Run! It's going to be a pandemic! Before going to coll, I knew angeline (my new eng lecturer) was absent becoz of some medical emergency... she was on M.C.... Anyway, here I was walking to class when I saw many ppl standing at the porch... so naturally I went over to ask why they din go to phy class yet...

They said they're wondering why leong so late ade still din come ma... *Leong is a total early fact he thrives on it* Well, they went to check his office --pitch dark-- someone suggested that he was enjoying a nap in So it was pretty near 8am already and there was still no sign of him...O.o...

We're worrying if something have happened to him... [err, he's not really young anymore and he juz went for a check-up 4 his heart last week ~da doctor advised him 2 relax more and not be so stressed~ hence I think he's going to retire next year...

Thk god we all lucky horr, to be taught by him... Sir, we really appreciate it although we might not really like some of the things you do but we know, well at least, I know this is all for our own good~]

Right...anyway...We all waited until cannot wait ade so we all traipsed to leela's office to ask her what happened to leong... And she said: leong has been admitted to hospital *gasps/omg* Apparently something's wrong with his arm, very painful and his neck's also swollen... OMG... So bad ah?

Charm d liao la... pity him only... Dunno whether izzit stress too much or what? But i sincerely wish that he gets well soon... *_*

Ok..then someone said Goh (mathz lecturer) also din come leh... Went to ask leela for more info~again. I din go la... wait for other ppl to bring news ma. Beside one time enuf for me d...haha... Well, leela said that Goh was on emergency leave leh..

I think it's got something to do wif his mother's admittance to hosp. Pity.

Why do good ppl alwiz receive bad karma? Is something wrong with the world's balance of karma? help!

Bad ppl NEVER get their just deserts.

So now only 2 classes left. Chem and bio. Some ppl went to ask dr.ooi to shift bio class earlier. good. That means I can go home at 11pm...Yay. Hence the on9-ing Well, I think that's all for now.

Nothing much 2 say leh... Juz funny/ironical that da lecturers were absent on da same day... Now if only leong sms-ed us 2 tell us he couldn't come *like angeline* then I could have slept a little later... *Sigh* But if that happens the sky will fall down since you know his views on handphones... ~Aikz~

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Kinda True...Maybe...=P

I cant load the pics so i'll juz put down the descriptions then...haha...

SENSUAL BEAUTY - You are passionate, sensitive, and
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How my prom dress will 'supposedly' look like...


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My DJ name? wahaha...

Quiz Me
ziyun spins tunes as
DJ Echoing Storm

Pool = Fun

  • I finally learnt how to play Pool already! Lyd taught me on Tuesday (I think it was Tues la but I cant rmb it doesn’t really matter.) Anyway, I only know the basic rules... Apparently I found out on Friday that there were many ways to play it... [dunno what ‘Race to 18’ ah? Hmm... Lyd, u better tell me summore got what type of systems...]

  • Anyway, I’m lousy at pool. Somehow I can't seem to muster enough strength to shoot the ball into the hole... On friday, I found out that it had a lot to do with my wrong wrong grip I managed to correct it on friday... a bit better...

  • Managed to shoot in 2 in 10 minutes... Beginner's luck! Wahaha...

  • But I couldn't continue coz it was time to go home d...*I carpool to & fro wif a fren of mine hence the 'cannot-wait factor' Now, if only my parents would buy me a set of wheels...argghhh*

  • Anyway, I think I really enjoyed the strategy, the precision needed to play this game...see me back at the pool table from now on! Yay! I must improve my currently really lousy skills... It’s quite complicated actually... At different situations, u must aim at diff parts of the ball... There are a few techniques I had learnt... like...

  • Slicing *Not really sure what that means. Lyd, a little help pls...kekeke*

  • And another technique where u aim at a ball you pretend exists beside the real ball...Cool, ain’t it? I still got a long way to go leh...

  • Btw, I also miss playing the drums leh... so long din play d... Almost 3 months already! OMG... I can’t even really rmb the rhythms they taught me leh...oh no...! 0_0 Well, maybe if I have time, I will head down to the music room to practice my now rusty drum-playing skills lo... [It wasn’t really great at first summore] Wah... So many things to do and so little time... And it’s not really far away from trials summore.... *Huge sigh* and they say nowadays teenagers are SO lucky...

  • Pls I beg to differ... Blek. ~shakes head at the nonsensical statement made by the senior citizens/parents today.. They really are clueless, well sometimes la~

  • PS --> Hey, xy!! are you reading this? Haven’t heard from you so long d... What happened?!

  • Btw, did u talk to Su-H abt the matter I wrote abt recently... It’s not a laughing matter leh... Anyway, bless u...haha.. =P

Friday, August 26, 2005

Independence... a very important thing to most teenagers... of coz freedom comes with the package... and we all know everyone wants to be free, right? so true... ~nods vigorously~

Anyway, my fren told me today abt a fren... who totally have over-protective parents... I know I alwiz complained that my parents are like that too, but compared to hers, mine seem almost liberal... haha.. Omg!

Well, I was told that she can't make decisions on her own without consulting her Dad 1st... Even trivial matters like sometimes there are a few matters that need to be cleared up with lecturers but she apparently can't do it herself and will inform her parents abt everything so that they can come and talk to the lecturers abt it...

*Sigh* If it were up 2 me, I'd totally want to do it myself... I mean how old are we? (err, since we as ladies are not suppose to reveal our age publicly...what la? can say la... It's not like we got to lie abt age ma..well, not yet...)

Ok, the point is we're nearing 18 years old or for some, already 18 d and still we can't make some simple decisions by OURSELVES??

What the f*** is that abt? This ain't life... More like hell if u ask me...

Her parents are living her life for her I think.... This juz ain't right, man... To me, if u ain't living life for yourself, u might as well not live at all...

Besides one is going 2 suffer terribly if dunno anything abt the deep dark world outside... Now, we're still cocooned in our safe safe world... Wait until we are led out, we'll be little lost sheep with no direction...

Is this what we want? NO!

That's why I repeatedly tell my parents to let me go... I want to lead my life the way I want it..of coz if i do anything really wrong, they shld of coz try to help me...but they shld try to trust me to lead life with the principles they instilled in me intact.... oh, parents will be parents... but there is a limit right?

I think my parents are still ok [tentatively] but my fren's fren's parents really are too much la...can't elaborate too much here coz it'll be kinda rude if she happen to stumble upon this blog... Maybe not.. I mean her parents doesn't allow her to have internet access or Astro *Omg, is this the dark ages or something?* at home although they can afford it...

Apparently, he heard from someone that teens nowadays are glued to the PC (Oops, guilty as charged) so he din want that happening to his precious daughter therefore you know the whole story... I mean having internet access might have its cons but what abt the cons? You get to know abt a lot more things that you might have never known

Whatever... I juz sincerely hope that when I become a parent *major BLEK* I'll give appropriate freedom to my kids so that it doesn't constrict their growing space... but they won't become too wild

One thing I promised myself is to like their kind of music no matter what... My parents lived in the Rock & Roll era but they dun like rock music!!

What!! That's so painful 2 bear... so I'll try my best to be a super-cool mum... AND... a fren too!

Isn't that great?? But my frenz say i won't suceed...

{Yoda: pessimists they are. May the force be with you.}

I will try my best! Yes! You go gal! :P

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Die! Spyware! Die!

Wah... Nowadays spyware so clever d... Juz now tricked by my stupid cousin who assured me that this "block-checker" was perfectly safe or what da hell... So I downloaded it.. and God! Hell was unleashed ~exaggerating in progress~

Anyway, I dunno how useful the program is but I do know how annoying it is... Let me tell u now...

First, it got this really irritating feature... what tell-a-fren feature which makes it poppes up a stupid msg whenever i want TO chat with someone... it's damn irritating I tell you!! Really frustrated... Finally with the help of some frenz =computer pros= err, unlike me...i managed to kill the stupid spyware!!

Muahaha... Zy = spyware killer, err... Ok, amateur one... haha..

The second thing was it didn't work at all.... I entered my ID in to see whether anyone was blocking me but alas! It said I was offline leh... siao one! Must surely be a trick to get ppl to install it... Shoot!

Anyway, uninstalling it doesn't work... Argghh... It still appears... stupid! Guess I cant take the shortcut afterall... *sigh* Well, the main problem was putting my pc into safe mode... The way mz taught me didn't work wif my pc... So i went on9 to try find a solution... Thk god... There IS another way...

Juz Start> Run> type "msconfig"> Boot Inc> check SAFE MODE... then follow the instructions lo...

Something like type "regedit" into Run> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Run lo...

Hope you understand this... if not, forget it...haha...

Wah... I think I must brush up my pc skills leh... I used 2 think, okla, I'm not a really bad pc user... Juz normal la... Maybe I shld buy Pc skills for dummies

Anyway.. I guess that's all 4 now.. Juz wanna talk abt spyware-killing that's all... I kinda enjoyed it even though it wasted a lot of my time & effort.... It was a frustrating process but the outcome was great! I feel like I had learnt a little more abt pcs...

Go figure! =P

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Am I Cheeky?

Omg...You wouldn't believe what happened today! [in reference to 2nd strange event of the day, not the 1st one]

Well, first things first... In eng class (1st class of the day, dare not change class coz was called 'alien' yesterday and was 'punished' too... Well well.. not a really good impression of her yesterday) but! today, I hoped to be able to review my opinion of my new eng lecturer...

And I guess she kinda redeemed herself a bit today... keke.... She actually taught real (real for her la) stuff in class... Woah! And da other students, her old ones I meant, were not really used to her teaching so much lo! me ah... It was of coz a relief that maybe I won't fail my eng after all...haha...

Anyway, she called on a few ppl 2 let her mark those papers and I think that she happens to have a somewhat strong preference to target those ex-ranjit students... which unfortunately includes me.... hmmm... when she called on me the first time, I repiled that I haven't finished coz...I haven't...hehe... This is largely due to the fact that I heard from other ppl that she doesn't really mind one... Well, why they didn't mention the all-imp fact that she'll personally mark the papers??

Anyway, being the super-girl that I was *snigger* I managed to finish the paper and passed it up... She was quite satisfied with it... even circled the words that she liked.. quite a few... [huh? I tot you circle things that are wrong?] but the main funny thing was she saw me talking 2 my frenz in front and she asked whether I was from my high sch, I said yes...

She replied: Eh, strange ah? Why your fren look so studious one... While you look so cheeky leh?


How to answer such Q? Ermm... could only smiled in amusement... Coz she really is the 1st one that says I look cheeky...

Actually, I like it a lot better than being described as 'studious' Yay! I got a cheeky face! Yes! LoL...

Well, she even gave some of us nicknames like dory, quekie, nemo & etc. Coz she can't rmb our names properly without confusing us up... Well, fortunately, I was not one of them so I get to retain my original name... muahaha... ;P thk god..

Ok... 2nd thing~ that I find the most interesting & also really mind-boggling... I'm sure you will too...

Well, I went to find leong to get my marks for my 2nd assessment which includes all of our assignments [and of coz our hardship~ blood & tears *sob*] and also my modulation factor...

If u want a thorough explanation abt this, juz read lydia's post abt it (very thorough~way 2 go, lyd!), ok, click here... So, I won't go into detail liao... Juz that modulation factor is something to do with attire, attention in class and involvement during lesson etc...

Anyway, I went with Wen-S to get our marks...Leong told her 1st {of coz he asked whether she minded other ppl hearing it.. she said no} and even explained why he gave her this modulation factor and all. Then it was my turn. I was hoping to get modulation factor 1 la...

*Crosses fingers* He told me my marks and I got modulation factor 1!! YAYZ!

Then he elaborated by saying I was attentive in class and blah blah but then...

He said: But sometimes you're cheeky horr.. Do it behind my back har.. Major O.o...

Well, am I cheeky? You judge...

Imagine being called cheeky not once a day, but twice! aikz... +_+ Maybe it's true after all... Yay...!

But.. but he dropped another bomb (figuratively of coz)...

He asked whether I have found my cellphone!! I was like Huh? Omg! How did you know?? *in my mind of coz, duh* So I replied yes, I found it d...

He then said: 1st time or 2nd time? I answered him: 1st time...[I totally knew that he was hinting that I'm a absent-minded person...argghh...] so then we went out after saying our good-byes...Juz kidding...haha...

Anyway, the imp thing here is --> HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE KNOW I "ALMOST" LOST MY CELLPHONE?? OMG!!

I din tell many ppl... only yuki and lydia...and blogged abt it (click to read past post) I guess a lot of ppl knew [din know my blog was so 'popular'] but still! How would he know?? I juz cant figure it out... Unless someone who reads my blog told him? But who so kaypo...

And how would u tell leong... like: Leong, u know ah, zy juz "lost" her phone leh... out of the blue?

Siao meh? So I'm now at my wits' end... Should have asked him but I think he wouldn't have told me neways...

He must have saw my surprised face and said: not I purposely go n find out abt my students... my sources tell me one... SOURCES? What sources?? Omg!

Help! His spying system is totally super! even the US president must come and learn from him

Or *this 2nd way is even worst* maybe he somehow stumbled upon my humble blog in vast cyberspace? OMG!! (screaming at top of voice) If this true, I think I will throw myself over a cliff...

My lecturer reading my blog? So surreal..! I guess having a traditional diary does have it's appeal after all... come 2 think of it, not practical la, commiting suicide for such a "trivial" matter.. I will juz have to shift my blog to another URL lo.. that's all... [Mr.Leong, if you're reading this, pls leave me a comment so I can shift my blog... It's my right to privacy after all...] but I'm guessing he won't do that even if he IS reading my blog... I'm so dead!! ARGGHH....

But jokes aside... How did ke know? HOW?! Anyone have any ideas?? Pls tell me... or if you're the one who told him, juz "admit" your guilt here and maybe I'll reconsider... err, your punishment....haha... :P

*Pulls hair coz can't figure it out*

Well, I guess I'll end here then... I hope someone would provide me feedback abt this.. coz I SO wanna know how he does it... *sigh*

Nothing, no knowledge is safe from him... I guess I'll just shave my head bald and become a nun

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Storm After The Calm (i.e. Results after Hols)

Hmm... This post is abt yesterday-- Mon, first day of 3rd semester and what an eventful day it was! I already know most of my marks liao.. Well, I think on the overall, it was quite good.. Especially physics since the paper was damn hard, man!! Leong is really something when it comes to setting papers... Argghh..

Anyway, phy was the 1st class of the day and let me tell what a sorrowful day it started out! This is all becoz leong gave us a really stinging lecture abt what we shld do or shldn't do (O.o) and I felt pretty guilty too although I did pretty well... coz all the things he said were spot-on!

Let me see. Online la. Play cell phone la. Prepare for prom la. Watch Tv la. And god-knows what... ARGGHH...! And I din do anything wrong in the 1st place!! What the hell!! But shld bersyukur that I did well lo...haha...

Then it was chem time..not bad...thk god... Coz leela said she was disappointed that we didn't do better... And the worst thing was that she alwiz alwiz give out the papers according to marks...from highest to lowest... Not mentioning the fact that she also reads out your marks to the whole class!! OMG!!

At least mine was pretty good so I didn't have to worry but the thing is some ppl didn't do so well, but do you need to scold them in front of everyone?? Omg. Talk about insensitivity...

Do you know how fragile teenagers' phyche are? lol.. I guess she juz thinks that we have very thick skin kua... :P Maybe we need more training for that...

Anyway...then came the 2 subjects that I'm totally unsatisfied abt...which are *drumroll pls* both of my maths.... Maths 2 units and Maths Ext-1... *huge sigh*

Okie... my maths 2units was still ok but the only thing I'm unhappy abt is the stupid fact that I missed doing 1 part!! I DIN DO ONE GOD-FORSAKEN PART and it costed me 5 marks!! 5 bloody marks when I know how to it pretty well... Thank you very much... Argghhh...

Whatever. This is still not the worst. The worst is maths Ext-1...!! Iif comparing to my past results. I can say i did badly, but comparing to my other frenz (most of them, of coz) I did pretty well ade...

Erm, contradictory? Yup... I juz tot that I couldn't do a few but what happen? I did wrongly quite a few Qs leh... Differentiate also got integrate inside one... Conclusion: Siao! So I'm now having mixed emotions since my results would be considered quite good by some [well, quite some ppl failed ya know...

The paper was damn hard... Truth, cross my heart but I don't hope to die...! *Muahaha*] but still it's not really good since I'm not that bad at maths... All becoz not enuf time and they still set such a diff paper. Sigh again... Awwks.. What is gone is gone...

Today, I got my bio marks! and believe it or not! It was the highest of all!!! OMG...And i was complaining that my bio sure die d!! This is becoz the teacher was quite lenient and some answers that I wasn't really sure of were correct! YES! Thk god...Well, I think a lot of ppl did well in this paper too.

My fren posted on his msn, he said he did the best for the subject he never paid attention to in class... Really funny! Haha... but I DO pay attention, well, most of the time, that is. lol.. :P

Well, I guess that's that. Let's juz say that I'm quite happy wif all subjects except my two maths..

*Head catches fire* Arrgghh... Stupid mathz...

=Peace Out=

Celebrate! Last Day of Hols!

Ok.. This post is damn late but recently quite busy ma. Spent a lot of time at my grandma's hse... Coz 2 of my cousins juz came back from KL.. Nice to see them...! They're pretty funny.

My younger cousin apparently is quite fond of the word 'noob' and uses it anytime. Err, he doesn't really know what it means and neither do I.. Sorry dictionary, lazy 2 open u la... Funnily, he even creates new words like 'noobly' and 'noobness'... Don't ask me what they mean coz I also dunno!

Ok.. back to the real topic.. Was digressing a bit..Well, today went for an long-due outing wif my fren, SY..So long din see her d!! We've both been super busy ma...haha...Anyway, we went to gurney to shop shop shop! *Well, i'm A girl too... And girls NEED to* We couldn't stop talking once we started... My mouth also dry ade [quite a feat, for me ya know.. *winks*] She told me some things that happened at our high sch...

And then asked me stuff abt my supposedly 'glamorous' college life... Told her it wasn't that glamorous after all...Basically the same thing except less rules! *YES! I wasn't really of a stupid-rulez-kinda person. I ain't a clone ya know. So much for individuality..keke* Ok, then we went to have lunch. We had hotdogs for lunch and since the bar counter was packed we went outside to enjoy our lunch.. Sat outside MacD... Nice to be in nature...haha....

And we talked...and talked abt stuff that has been hapenning in our lives ya know... I juz LURVE the fact that we still like the SAME songs even when we dun meet so often!! *Sigh* Come to think of it, I really miss those days that we alwiz sit in tuition together, listening to Ghee. Then during break, we all will discuss what to eat and all that..

I think the ah pek selling food (fries and god-knows-what) had made a fortune of us! lol. And the fact that we looked out for each other during class... like when I miss something (which happens often, I tell u) she will tell me and vice versa. I so so missed that... The good old days--Long Gone... Nostalgic.

Then, after lunch we went shopping lo... Nice oh... Never spent so much money in one day lo! [SY, my mum asks the money still not enuf for daily use meh.. And the truth is I already took an extra RM50 from my dad's wallet...O.o.. Let's juz hope they dun find out...]

Right..back! We went shopping..and we saw this new shop...the stuff really nice lo...and expensive too... Aikz..the shop's name is Vince & Co. Accessories shop.. Well, accessories ARE a girl's best friend if she can't afford Anyway, saw this cute bracelet... Couldn't resist although the price was not cheap... So nice the bracelet! I like it so much... and it supposes to bring good luck too... [will need it when I get back my trials results tmr...oh no!] sy also bought one too, but diff colour... Since we have the same taste one ma...Haha..

Then, the shoplady said that if we buy over RM30, can get a free membership card. We being greedy ppl (malaysians ma!) went to see what we could buy from there..after much deliberating, I decided on a pair of beaded earrings (nice but now when i looked at it, i think a bit too long la for everyday use wo) and sy bought 2 earrings *smaller ones since cannot wear so big in high sch* at that time still lack RM0.40 to make up the RM30 wo! Aiyo... Then I browsed around.. saw these scrunchies.. Quite nice and not really expensive. So I bought one yellow one. I need a few nice ones too...and so we paid.

My fren asked me to sign up 4 the card wo... So I did.. so now anyone wanna shop there? I got 10% discount lo! Cool! Will go there to buy more accessories next time...

Btw, they also sell this "TOO Glamorous" stuff like super-bejewelled hairpins {the type used to tie ur hair up one} that I totally wouldn't wear even you give it to me... I mean, it's so tacky! not to mention, expensive to... RM32.90 for one damn hairpin?! Siao meh?

Ok..then we walked around a bit, talking more than shopping actually... I bought another hairpin (used to tie up hair one) which was way cheaper! So there... and not tacky too! haha... =P

My fren then said she already was using make-up liao lo... She showed me her eye-shadowed eyes... I so want to learn how 2 use... I also want mascara...! What's the use of long eye-lashes if ppl can't see them? She then took me to watsons, and recommended me which lip-gloss to buy... Nice! Next time I'll buy

See? I shopped a lot in that on day... but I did try not 2 overspend la... Note: tried being the imp word here...) After so much walking around we're exhausted.. Thk god I din wear my high-heels although it suited my dress better, but my feet would be killing me by then I think... We then sat down and talked again... yakking away... while we're talking, we exchanged MP3 songs on our phones... I juz lurve the song Beside These Hazel Eyes lo! But I was a bit bewildered when I was awoken by a new alarm tone on mon...haha...

After a while my dad called, asking us to meet him at MacD... There was only 1 outside...but strangely, he said "inside" wo... In the end, after numerous phone calls, we found out that he was at one-stop! Not Gurney! Haih.. Why he so blur? He said he tot I said 1-stop wo... *shakes head* if only my parents would lemme drive... before my dad came, we met june and Yi-C outside... they went to catch a movie... bade farewell to them before clambering into dad's car...

And that concludes our hang-out... Other things that happened after that were not of any importance... So I won't bother 2 say anymore! Ciao!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Msian Idol Spectacular 4 [Critic = me]

Hmmm...was quite a satisfying spectacular last night... Not bad, not bad... Anyway, Daniel was wonderful last nite [all the judges were full of praise, even paul, surprise of all surprises]... Farah whom I'm rooting for was ok (in my opinion pretty good) but I think a bad song choice made it not so good...

Actually I thought all things considered, she did the song pretty well... It's just that the song involved a lot of 'shouting' that the judges think was not really nice-sounding and all... Since paul thought that it doesn't really suit her supposedly girl-next-door image.

Well, I thought it was ok.. Although she might look sweet and nice, it doesn't mean that she IS sweet and nice. I think that last week she succesfully showed her sexy/sensual side, didn't she?

Of coz, I thought she still lacked the ommph factor when it comes to singing more provocative songs... Maybe it's not really her after all.. Sigh, but she does have the whole package. Looks, talent, star potential and all.. So many judges said that she could cut an album anytime she want...Wow...

Ok. Maybe I might be a little biased... but heck, this is my blog... I say what I want... Well maybe not racial sentiments.. Afterwards, get kicked out of country then know d...kekeke...

Anyway, I thought Ash had improved a lot... Last time he really sucked, man! But now quite passable.. I particularly liked it when he sang the song "lady in red" (correct right? Can't really rmb accurately) it was more real for me... but paul said he liked this week one better... *shrug* Well, it was a lot better when he tried to do rock songs... those songs were nice songs.. but once he sang them *Piang* glass broke all over him.. Lousy with a capital L... Thk god he came to his senses... and chose songs that really suited him... Good for you!

The others ah... Let me just give an overview, can? Coz I lazy liao la... Faizul: good rocker... Not really good at other genres, so at a disadvantage here... He shld have joined the Search for a Rockstar or something...haha... Adam: Err, not my type coz too feminine... The way he moves on stage induced many involuntary shudders in me...eww... At least he minimized those already... Thk god...

Anyone else? Let me think...right! Nita: Damn classy girl! This girl is going to go far, I tell you... Her singing also fabulous... Her lovely looks dun hurt Next, Xerra: Pretty good too. She really used her experience singing in pubs to her advantage... I think what she said is true, ppl will alwiz compare her with Nita.. Awwks...

I guess that's all now... Gotta go! Like this critic? Leave comments lo... lol...

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Internet Addict ~ Me!!

Well, I wouldn't believe it if u told me months ago that I will become an internet addict... but here I'm. A true blue internet addict! *Seriously, I felt uneasy the few days when my computer was under repair... Ahhh!* It was not that long ago that I could go by with a few days spent without caressing my pretty keyboard... It wasn't so long ago.

Now, since I'm part of the instant-gratifying generation [well, that's what they say la], the internet has served a big purpose in my life. it has opened up new worlds of thought for me... For one, since I discovered instant-messaging (truth to be told, I used the yahoo one ages ago, but not many ppl were using it so I abandoned it in disgust) thru msn messenger, I learnt that I could discuss things, chit-chat wif frenz without the phone. It was a wondrous thing to me. and also an addictive force that kept me going back for more. and more...

Then came the second addictive thing--> Blogs. It was really damn addictive, man! I keep coming back to write more! and here I'm! [I've alwiz lurve writing but blogging has provided me with a platform and an audience..] So syiok! *Lyd, you shouldn't have introduced it to me... but, awwks, I guess Ii'd have known sooner or later... I'm quite updated one... haha*

See? That's why I'm an internet addict!! O.o Thank god I managed to convince my dad (wif a little help from my bro and a 'pretty' phone to set up the streamxy 24 hours thingy...or else dunno how ade lo... =P

Ermm, my parents aren't too fond or thrilled abt me and my bro being too attached to the pc... But my bro went overboard! (Now, he uses the pc and eat at the same time... Siao la! He'll bring up his plate and eat it beside the computer... so crazy one!) I seriously think he's nutz...

I guess the real reason they arent happy is becoz it means we'll be spending less time wif them... but... but I din really spent a lot of time wif them at the start {Oops.. shldn't have revealed} I'm sure leong'd be pleased to hear this...since it totally proved him right [I think he was talking abt semiconductors or something... Can't rmb] ...but I wasn't like this months ago.. So there!

Never mind abt that... I juz think that this internet addiction of mine isn't really healthy...but what to do? wif all addictions, it is just as difficult to break the habit...unless I've something better to do, I guess I'll be surfing the net... Sigh... and alwiz kena marah la by my parents... They really aren't big fans of electronic entertainment equipment (I think can exclude TV la.. They like it pretty much themselves.. Juz dun like me using it... Hypocrites! Haha.. Most ppl are...!)

Well, gotta go now! Nothing much to say except that maybe I could try cutting down on my internet time when it's nearer to the examz lo... Best thing, for me and my family! More quality time wif them? Hmmm... Let me think abt it 1st... coz I dun wan to get scolded for nothing... haha...

Byeeee! ;P

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Nostalgic...! =P Gimme a tissue pls...

Ohhh... It was so nice meeting my old frenz back at high sch... Damn funny leh.. I popped up at 7am at high sch... My frenz all did a double turn when they saw me (you know what this means...ya? for compliments ah me...haha)

Anyway, really nostalgic ah, going back to sch... Seeing all *well not all, most* my frenz there! Haven't seen them for so long ade.... Really! Since I've been really busy (Eee..! Is excuse) and they everyday also have boring tuition (Not all have la... juz some crazy ones only.. No offense... Is moi lazy

Well, I first went to see my frenz in A class (meaning most take 5 subs while sum take 4 only) Since I got many frenz here... Actually the truth is I met 2 frenz out at the corridor and naturally I followed them to their class la... met so many ppl!! Must I list them out here? So many wo...Surely take up lots of space one...okie.. just a few la--> meteor-rain, kimyee, kimduan, kewei, beekee, huimin... and many many more (dun get angry ya if I din put your name... I still rmb u la.. not old Juz not enuf space ma.. and I'm lazy as alwiz) Btw, I din really put your real names up.. coz since I din asked ur permission.. It would be kinda of a rude shock of you're surfing the net and suddenly came upon my site.. wif your name proudly embellished on it.. Not a good idea. Whatever.. I used ur nicks.. same thing.. I can understand then okay d... *Nyahaha*

Then I went lepak-ing around sch.. cannot stay in class coz the teacher came ade... Dont wanna kena marah la.. I think the sch din change much la.. Except spruced up more la.. More cheerful murals and all... Nice!

Also met wanyun...she said her college 'closed-shop' becoz of haze.. That's why she can come to visit us lo.. So long din see her ade! *Funnily, the haze situation became better once the statement for schs to close was given...strange... Fated, I*

Anyway, according to her, the campus she is in (she's on JPA scholarship one, so dun play-play ya) have a total of 300 ppl where non-muslims form abt 20 ppl!! Btw, when I said non-muslims, it includes bumiputeras too.. So that the number of chinese there not even more than 5!! FIVE!! Omg...the teachers in my sch say they become protected-animals d...haha...

During my lepak-ing, I naturally went to the teachers office... met a few teachers there... said hi.. Well, since i'm biased punya, I only talked more to my fav teachers (Of coz! Who'd want to talk to fierce teachers? Haha) like my f5 bio & Bc teacher... They're friendly & great teachers... I can only rmb good teachers one *What? Sue me then...!*

Then after sum discussing wif frenz, nothing much to do since my frenz all having classes so we went to library to read... storybooks la.. Nothing special happened to the books there... Din add much interesting books ya... [I pretty much read most of the interesting books there d...haha] So my fren tossed me a Sweet Valley High book... Started to read it since so long din read it d... and was in a mood for light reading ahh.. Cannot everyday read shakeapeare la.. Siao meh? (Actually I dun really read it, only the modern translation and sum old 'thee/thy' parts lo... Argghh.. I dun understand ma.. *shrug*)

Oops, digressing d...back! Ok, then we waited patiently for them to have break time... We smart ppl went to eat some snacks earlier *dun wan to squeeze wif them!* Err... since the sch food wasn't really appealing (it has never been so we settled for sushi (yum-yum, licks lip) and some nameless food.. *shrugs again*

Then one of my fren have a free period.. went to chat wif her...layyyoong and yiphing... So nice...and nostalgic..! I really missed those times we had together, dun you?I also chatted wif another fren, Su-H.. Apparently she's been having a few problems lately... I hoped she gets them solved quickly! [xy! Can u talk to her abt it? I think her problems are not to be trifled with.. she told me her mum said: go & commit suicide if you like..! Oh no!] I dunno wat advice to give her... I've been there, done that... (not the suicide part la!! the situation that made her want to do that la!!) but not really the same case wo... Can use same advice?

But I think her mum was kinda insentitive and boy, do I know abt those! Gotta put up with it lo! I think I'll reply her letter and try to give her sum sound advice lo.. best way! (Yalah, she rarely on9 la... I also charm la.. So long din reply her letter.. Err, lazy and busy.. So pity me.. Have to write letter summore...I forgot a lot of chinese words d... O.o)

Anyway..Then we went to one-stop (the nearest ma) one Star-Ktv..Not bad karaoke center *recomended, coz competitively priced* went there quite a no. of times d...

Service ok.. Songs also ok.. Not bad...! Longer singer hours than Red-box! This is certainly what i like best! We sang until around 4pm...Then was booted out.. Eh, the ppl cheated abit leh... Not really 4pm sharp yet.. Still got 5 minutes leh!! Argghh.. Whatever.

Then went down to do window-shopping... Ok, I confess! Not window shopping la.... I bought a simple necklace coz I lost mine earlier this year (how clumsy of me!) cost me RM22 lo!! expensive one... It's such a simple necklace summore.. but I like it! So shiny! Hehe..

Then, I went home lo... Too bad. So early ko...but it was altogether a great day!

Get to meet so many ppl that I din see for such a long time d!! GREAT! Well, that's all for now... Tataz!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Idol? Idola? Not!

What is it people who go to the extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to idolizing people?

You know the type of people I'm talking about... The screaming and/or fainting guys/girls who would just lurvve to get something touched by their idols.

Even a tissue? That's so gross. *Pukes*

Look. I have nothing against people having idols if they are good role models. But I just can't accept the fact that people will idolize a certain few just because of their good looks!

Looks? What are those if not just a random good combination of genes?

Now, if they would idolize someone because they have good principles in life or because of a good deed they had done... But I guess that’s just wishful thinking on my part. I mean, those typical celebrities you people idolize, what do you really know about him/her? Do you know him/her personally? If yes, go ahead with the adulation. Best wishes. How do you know he/her doesn't have a temperament that would make you totally want to kick his/her ass if it was someone else? How would you know?

Arrgghh... Don't talk to me about magazine rags and tabloids. Those only stir up news for the $$$, you know. How much of those is true? Only the celebrity & God knows. See? That's why it's most impractical to emulate someone you can only 'meet' in newspapers...

In my opinion, if you really want to idolize someone, heck, just make sure that the person is worth all the adulation and brouhaha. Otherwise, why idolize someone else when you can idolize yourself? (Okay, this IS a joke! better to mention it, you never know the number of people who lack an appropriate sense of humour these days... -_-)

But I know many of you will wag your finger at me and say I'm nuts. Say what you like. Plenty of space for comments here. But I'll still voice out any opinions I feel strongly about. Freedom of speech, right? So there!

Note ~ Idolizing is an altogether different thing from Admiration. (For one, the former is a verb while the latter is a noun, but never mind about Well, if you must know, they vary by the obvious fact that admiration is firmly rooted in fact while idolizing is no more that a feeling! And the scale of extremeness the fans will go to also have a marked difference too.

PS ~ This article is originally written for the HSC website... Click if you wanna join. I'm just wondering whether if it's suitable material for the site, that's all... It's a little offensive, no? Gotta ask them then! lol...

Monday, August 15, 2005

The 3 Es~Evil Electronic Entertainment

I dunno what's wif parents these days...Well, my parents to be specific. I know I shouldn't complain about them here but what to do? They have been pretty unreasonable lately. Dunno what the hell is wrong wif them... My mum apparently didn't really like me near the 'electronic entertainment'...i.e. computer, television, PS2 etc... Luckily the radio didn't make it on her list yet... Thk god.. Still here i'm, in front of the evil pc..Whatever. According to her, it'll totally damage my eyes... Well, it's like I'm alwiz in front of the pc...It's juz that a bit more regularly since I juz finished my trials... Gimme a break!! I'm going crazy ade...!

I dunno what they want sometimes... Apparently they want a daughter that is mad about household chores... (Hey! I'm just a normal teenager, okay?!) I dun mind doing chores... Can I do it whenever I like? Funnily they want me to start doing the minute I wake up!! That's so damn strange... since I'm a procastinator by nature... *It's totally not in my nature to be enthusiastic about household chores, okay?

Actually I think I'd be hard-pressed to find a normal teenager enthusiastic abt household chores...!* CRAZY!! And to add to that, I'm also not the world's best morning person too... Actually, I'm more of a night person... hehe... :P Go figure!

But enough abt that! I'm going nutz! I still cannot figure about their weird passion about having household chores done instantly... I try to find excuses but currently to no avail... My friend who is supposedly good at finding excuses for others (or so she can't figure it out too...

But since I cant change my parents' mindset... and I know deep down, I love them... *Applause pls* lol] I guess that I'll just have to put up wif it... and try to do things their way... Ok, imagine me waking up and instantly taking up the broom/mop to clean the floor! *Maybe I'll sit on the broom and fly off like in Bewitched... Can a mop work as well?*

It's so unlike me, right? People who know me well, pls answer!! ;P

LOL... Gotta go then!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Surprise B'day Party!

Yup! Surprise b'day party! Alas! Not mine... haha... Neways, my b'day not due yet... In september, ya... Imp for frenz.. lol... Anyway, another post... Wah... Can't seem to stop posting.. Maybe becoz examz stress make me crazy ade!

Anyway, it was lynnju's b'day... And her parents decide to throw a surprise party for her. So cool her parents! :P Well, her house was really spacious. Can I call it a 'sprawling mansion'? Yup, that's the word for it...! lol...

You wouldn't believe it... There were posters of her plastered all over the place... *I'd wager that would cost them a pretty penny or more* to find out more, read jh's blog.. juz click here! I'm a bit lazy to blog about this aspect d... Juz one more bit, the b'day cake was so pretty! It's the shape of a grand piano and wasn't it grand! Pearly white with gold designs... Elegant! Pity I din even get to eat the cake. Must be becoz I went home early. Actually not really early la.. Not my fault. I was hitching a ride with others ma...

Anyway, the thing that really trilled me was the fact that I got the opportunity to catch up wif tons of old frenz... Nostalagic la...! There were some guys from my primary sch days...*haven't seen for so long d! There was one that I could barely recognize lo.. lol.. Moi have lousy memory especially when it comes to remembering ppl... Or was it becoz he looked so different!?

Anyway, sorry guys that I din chat much wif ya all.. Errm, can I say I was stumped for words? *First time in history...haha..* And some ppl from our form5 high sch class came too! [OMG! Haven't seen them for so long too!! Miss them so much...]

Frenz! Hope to see u guys soon! I'll come back to visit you all next week! coz we have one-week semester break! (one week only!! *groan*) but stupid bad timing due to haze! Why does the haze has to come during my rare semester break? ARRGGHH...

Anyway, I really wanna plan many many hang-outs wif my many long-time-no-see frenz... wow.. My social calendar is quite full, ya... haha... But I will relax only to come back to find my stupid trials results waiting for me ominously...

I'm so dead. I'm scared of getting my bio paper.. Dr.ooi! Why did u come out wif so easy Qs that I tot wouldn't come out!! ARGGHH... This is going to make me do badly... DAMN... I dunno how to answer coz I skipped that part due to lack of time... My Bad. And I studied like mad abt the difficult parts and it didn't even come out one damn f***ing question... Of coz I'll try to refrain from using too obscene language. Hence, the

Oh right. I'm veering off topic, but I'm feeling a bit frustrated. Scared that damn bio is going to stain my 'pretty' forecast result. What if i dun get in to the uni of my choice because of stupid bio? Damn damn damn...x 1000!!

But what is done is done. I can't change it. Let fate pave the way for me... And my faith prevail.

Ok, God, I'll prepare thoroughly for my finals. I swear... This is such a total lesson for me. I'll learn from my mistakes...Yes!

Gtg d...gotta catch Msia Idol result show..yeah! Hope that Daniel dun get booted out.. Wasn't so good that day..but Farah was excellent! I think she got the potential to be the next Msian Idol... Good! :D

Ok... Byeeeee!

PS~btw, this website also contain a lot of clues abt Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Juz click on the link below:

Enjoy! but I gotta warn you.. Dun click unless you have finish the book or you really don't mind spoilers la... Have fun!

Black Thursday

In reference to my title, this is the post that I'm going to write abt the "terrible incident" that happened that day...

Well, juz came home from college, anticipating an all night marathon to study damn bio *Refer past post* and was rummaging in my bag to find my cell phone 2 sms my fren. I continue rummaging... and rummaging *Apparently my bag has a lot of stuff in* and I couldn't believe my eyes...

I can't find my cell phone!! [It's quite new! Juz bought it a few weeks ago ah...!]

Thinking that it was confusion on my part, I continue rummaging.. Since on many occasions, I finally found it in the end.

However, today it was not to be.

Panicking, I threw my bag upside down, dumping all my contents on the bed, but to no avail, I JUZ CANT FIND IT!!

I was practically hyperventilating by then.. *Ok, I'm exaggerating*

I wanted to call my frenz in college to help search for it in college (I tot maybe I left in the empty lockers or the library la) but I couldn't since all my frenz numbers were in that phone...Finally had to resort to extreme measures...

Rushed to find my dad and asked him to rush me to college in a feeble attempt to find my phone... However, my dad wanna go 2 work d. So my mum said she will send.. Pessimist she was, she told me that it was wasted effort since anyone coming upon it, would have taken it away.. Me being an optimist harbour hope (that was dimming significantly, I must say with every second ticking past) that someone had not seen it hidden away in the dark recesses in the lockers...

Anyway, while my mum was speeding us towards college, I comtemplated my fate...I knew that the last time I was sure I had seen my phone was in da coll library [I used it to look at the time] well, I knew what my fate was: # If I am extremely lucky, I will find my phone returned to me by some rare samaritan and I dare say I'm an optimist?!) or # I will have to remain phoneless for a few more months or # resort to a lousy old beaten worn phone... Sigh. Doesn't sound good, eh?

Anyway when we reached coll, I sprinted to the lockers. Scared of what I will find there. I flung open the doors of all the empty lockers... to find...

Nothing. Empty.

My heart was thumping loudly. I went into the library, hoping against hope, and asked the librarian asking whether anyone has returned a lost phone... Phone? she asked, and shook her head. My heart was sinking so fast that I was sure that I could hear a resounding clunk when it hit the bottom...

Anyway, as a last resort, I went to the DSA to see if there was any hint of my phone in the Lost & Found unit...But I was fast losing hope... *See? I'm realistic too...* Well, to my eminent dismay, I received a shake of the head from the person in charge.. And if i'm not wrong, I think she gave me a sympathetic look too...Haih...

So I walked to my mum's car with my head down and my spirits was at all-time-low (a new record, even for thinking that I was doomed without my phone... Oh no! So I went home, treated with a good dose of I-told-you-so's from my mum. Sigh. And I couldn't say anything... Coz I WAS in the wrong. I think my mum was kinda shocked that I didn't answer back for once *Yeah, unfilial child I am... O.o I'm so gonna burn in hell. lol.* Anyway, I think I was the one in shock...

Well, I dragged myself home, wondering how was I going to face up to the study marathon, knowing that I had juz lost my phone... I'm thinking, gone case la... Then, I went up to look in my bag again.. Juz trying to salvage any hope, ya know... Though I know there was none left...


I felt my bag (it's the type that is soft one, so can feel la) and i felt something squarish and hard in the almost same shape of my phone. My heart was racing, wondering: Could it be? And my hands were too rushed that I couldn't find the correct clasp. My mum helped to open it for me...

And to my amazement, I found my phone. [It was in another compartment that I rarely used. That's why I didn't think of looking there at first... Coz I had forgotten of its existence...] I grasped it with such a happiness that I tot it wasn't possible to feel so relieved... To think I almost lost it and all the numerous contacts' numbers in it! I would need a lot of work to get all those contacts' numbers again lo... Thank god!

Anyway, I'm thankful that I found my phone... So thankful! I must remind myself to be more careful in the future.. Actually I'm pretty careful with it most of the time. Except that tat day was exam ma... So a bit

So long...! Will write another post later, I think. Maybe abt the party I went to last night. Bye!

Friday, August 12, 2005

A Summary of Doom


Yay! I'm back! Long hiatus, yeah? I had to do my irritating + annoying trials ma!! Arrggh... Well, I think I did ok (ok only ah...omg) for all subjects except one!! Guess which? Bio! Damn bio... Actually I used to like this subject but it's became a burden when I opened my notes... to find so much that I haven't studied...! OMG!! There are a total of 4 chapters in a year... and before yesterday, I only studied like 1 chapter nia... *summore is a chapter that I had already studied for mid-year...

I know I know, I should study the chaps that I din study before... but when I opened chap 3 --> The Search 4 Better Health... It totally scared me that I din really feel like studying it...! Yeah, I know I’m an escapist... That's why I like Harry Potter so much la! lol..*

Anyway, now I'm so totally paying for it... The teacher set with questions that most ppl wouldn't think that'd come out... Meaning that he set Qs that was of not much importance... and... He totally din ask abt the immune response thingy! *I studied the whole night for it, ya know! Yalah, cannot escape forever. Had to study it in the end... and let me tell you: The immune system thing was damn complicated!! Why all the lecturers like this one? They all set Qs so different from past years one... and only this year damn hard leh... All the Qs!* I was thinking of giving a blow-by-blow account of it... Ok, here goes:

Monday --> Eng (3 papers)

I think it was ok. Though a bit rushed for time. I dunno what the ppl in charge of this exam are thinking. The time allocated is juz not enough... I mean 1 hour and 40 mins for a really diff comprehension that invigorates us abt the uses of eng language... and... a long essay abt the 5 texts we did in our course... Crazy! How to finish in time? Okie, moi did finish but it was juz in the nick of time... and normally moi have a lot of time to 'shake leg' during eng exam... Haih... Anyway that was still not so bad, paper 1...

Paper 2 was the worst... in terms of lack of time... 1 hour to write a long winded essay analyzing dialogue and a long long interview... 1 hour!! Really must be mad... I think the ppl who set this span of time must either be crazy or they can think & write at lightning speed! Whatever...

Paper 3 was the listening paper. Better compared to last time. The mid-year one, the Aussie accent was so thick that I couldn't catch much of what was happening except sumthing involving a talking kangaroo/roo! But this time although the accent was not so thick... but the Qs were kinda hard leh... and I tot I heard 'account manager' but the others insist is 'accountant' leh... Can it be considered the same?? Pls la... Dun think I will get hard marks for this paper... Oh no..! but I don't wanna talk abt it liao.. On to the next day!

Tuesday --> Physics

I think this paper was hard but I was not surprised. After doing the past years, I think this is the only paper that lives up to the past years *Meaning level of difficulty was not that different la... but IS hard la!* I have a feeling that of all my science subjects, this will confer me wif the higher marks.. I mean the others gone case liao la... Haih... Why am I so lazy? Anyway, I think it was ok-but-still-hard sort of way... Is there such a thing? Whatever. This one I’m satisfied with it. Next one leh? Let's move one..!

Wednesday --> Maths 2 units (i.e easier one)

Err.. 3 hour paper? 10 Qs..? Can do la! I got a lot of time to slowly do eh... but my frenz who were doing mathz 4 units [the hardest of all, which moi choose not to touch... Good choice, considering all things] weren't so lucky. They were in a mad rush to finish. I see their paper I will faint already la..! *Imitate faint* lol. I think this paper was ok... Satisfactory! But still harder than past year leh! Not fair! Why like this one? Some of the Qs were tricky man! But lucky that I finally tot of the solutions in the end... Phew. *Sigh of relief*

Thursday --> Chemistry & Maths 3 units

Well, I think it was still ok... Though there were a few Qs that I was not really sure. However, I'm not satisfied with it coz I had made a stupid error! I tot acetic acid is C2H5COOH but it is CH3COOH ahh!! Omg...! Such a stupid error! 3 marks bye-bye! For nothing some more...! Leela is going to scold me..! God! That day she juz scolded someone in class for it. How could I forget?? No wonder when I read C2H5COOH like a bit funny like that...!

Why din I think further? I'd have tot of it! Damn it..! First careless mistake! *Actually I think my frequency of careless mistakes had decreased significantly compared to my high sch years... so good lo...* Anyway, I think the Qs that I was sure, I was really sure... but the ones I dunno... I really dunno anything abt it! *Blank* God!! Let's juz say I'm not satisfied wif it and leave it at that ok? Arghh.

Mathz 3 units. I was kinda dreading it coz sir said that we'd not be able to finish it in time... 7 damn difficult Qs in 2 hours...! Well, I managed to finish it by racing wif time... but!..but! When I said I finished all, I meant I did until the last Qs, not do all! Coz I couldn’t do some of the harder Qs... Haih... Why did sir set so hard?? Again, another prime example that this year's papers are so much harder that past years!! So Unfair! *Gashing teeth* I skipped over a few Qs that I couldn't do. Din want to waste time on it. I think got quite a few leh... and especially the question abt induction one ahh. Dunno la. Why so strange one? Never seen such a Q before... Hmmm. Couldn't prove it...but awwks.. My smart fren also cannot do... What more me? [little me] Still, I was kinda satisfied with it in a strange kind of Btw, something terrible happened today... but since it needs a lot of explanation, I'll talk abt in my next post... ok, next! And thk god the last!

Friday --> Biology [ I HATE it! with a fervour so passionate that it’d melt metal...]

Well, since I have make a long and passionate statement abt this stupid paper in the prologue of this long long post.. Well, I'll juz cut it short here. Hmmm. Can I say that I only slept for 1 hour the whole damn night?? Totally felt like dying. Almost bash my head into the wall coz feeling so frustrated *O.o~aggressive tendencies* I couldn’t wait for this paper to pass fast enough...! I was pretty much a zombie by then since I didn't really sleep much the past nights either...but that night was the worst...

See the dark circles under my eyes? *I normally dun have dark circles one even if I’m really sleepy... which just goes to show how seriously deprived of sleep I was...* Funnily now I feel really wide-awake and still got energy to type this long long post summore... haha...

Anyway, I think I can safely conclude that biology is not my favourite subject anymore... Out!! I mean I like learning abt bio stuff but studying for it is totally another thing altogether... OMG! I can also safely hazard a guess that bio will also be my worst subject in this series of trials... and what a way to go! [a bit paiseh, coz mid-year my bio was one of the highest. Now become so charm.. I feel really ashamed of myself.

The same goes for mathz 3 units. Although I dun feel ashamed about it la... coz I did do my best for that one...] *Sigh of relief coz end of terrible harrowing trials... and another sigh of regret coz I din prepare properly for it... Is anything new? The only time I really prepared for an exam was the spm... and look what I got... lol*


Gotta end this soon or it will be damn long already. Tonight going to a fren's party. Actually it is a surprise party thrown for her by her parents... So lucky! Her parents sound really liberal. Unlike 2 parents that I happen to know really Anyway, I think the lecturers were plain cruel becoz:

  • They set papers that were different from past years in terms of level of difficulty and type of questions... Argghhh...

  • They on the air-conditioner so cold until that I swear that I would had turn to ice had I not bring in a jacket... and it was still SO very cold! My hands were practically freezing. My fren said her teeth was chattering lo... Dunno why they dun adjust the air-con... or maybe becoz it is a central air-con, so cannot be adjusted? *Brrrrzz* So chilly! Refer to lydia's post abt it, juz click here. And since I was not in my best health due to severe lack of sleep, I think that the chill did not contribute to my well-being... Arrgghh *Gashing my poor chattering teeth*

  • Let me tell u, staying awake to the wee hours of dawn to study a damn subject is totally not a pleasant enterprise that one should attempt to undertake... Desperately try to warm hands but rubbing them together but to no avail...*

Awwks... Enough with the mumble-jumbo... Gotta say tataz now! Will elaborate abt the 'terrible incident' on Thursday in the next post... Neways, will post this up later coz the stupid streamxy cannot work la... Alwayz no connection one... Damn!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Impending Doom...*Doomed*

Well, the title of this post doesn't really cheery or optimistic, does it?

*Everyone nods vigorously*

That's because I'm so dead...! Ok ok. Point taken. If u've read my past posts... That's becoz i can't finish studying for my trials!!

YIKES! Help me pls...

Tommorow we'll be facing english! And I haven't studied for it yet! Oh dear. Not to mention the three dreaded science subjects that I still haven't managed to finish...OMG! I have tried my best *Yeah, I did! Ok... Sometimes, I slipped up a now!! Still blogging, huh?*

But whatever... I dunno what to say except I feel like ranting and raving like a girl gone crazy!

Why do I alwiz procastinate..??

And why do I alwiz regret it before the tests?

And then swear I'd study harder next time [study smarter also can la.. suka you!] but everytime, after the tests, I will forget and I'll break my oath...argghhh!!!! And then I'd regret the next time tests come ambling along again... *Sigh*

Why are tests set to ruin my life? [Pls excuse my insane ramblings..since deep down in my consciousness, I know tests are a must in life...haih...]

Life still goes on. *Huge sigh*

This is no one's fault but mine... lol. At least I can still laugh about it la..

Friday, August 05, 2005

HP6's explanation..pretty good!

Not gotta say much coz lack of time...

Neways... Was browsing when I found this cool site about Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince.

If u want to know why XX killed XX, juz go to this site... The explanation is brilliant!*Makes me happier all of a sudden* Juz click the link below... However, be warned. If u dun want spoilers... Don't click... or proceed at your peril... *Muahaha*

Still, you should have finish reading by now... Any true harry potter fan! lol... Anyway, dun say I didn't warned you, okay?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Un-Spectacular Spectaculars

Walao! Watched the Malaysian Idol results show yesterday but din feel like blogging until now... man!

Let me tell you! dat was one lousy spectacular! Totally un-spectacular at all! *Excuse the pun pls* Why? You might ask? (for the ppl who din see the show)

Well, let me tell you: This is juz the first spectacular and they already voted 2 of the best singers out!!!!!! Crazy! This is not my opinion either, the judges agree with me too...

I wonder what happen to the smart ppl voting here! what happened? i feel like bellowing.

But nothing can be done.

Poor Atilia & Trish. I think they didn't think they'd be out so soon (Atilia maybe coz she was crying prior to the anouncement. I think she knew her fate. Probably something to do with the Looks Vs Voice dialogue that Paul Moss was harping abt. Guess he was right after all. What to do, humans are superficial creatures... Ok, I'm not excluding myself too. I did not vote for them instead I choose farah instead..)

But notwithstanding the fact, there were other ppl that definitely did not belong there. For example--> Ash & Ejay? *I'm saying this tentatively coz I'm afraid of hatemail... Awwks, send it on.. Wait, you dun have my email, do you? Aikz!*

Anyway, in my opinion, the worst contestant was ash... He's totally lousy! Din do well at all the whole round. If he's like din do well one or two times, that's still ok wif me... but everytime? That's a bit too much, ya know? But whatever... probably ppl are going for his looks and all.. *Sigh* whatever...

Anyway I think he should be out the first time. But sadly it as not to be... and Ejay was much better than him la... but din quite make tha cut la... and inserting that glass-breaking tone ala mariah carey is attention grabbing and all but not appropriate right at the beginning at the song la! But each is entitled to one's opinion...

Still she was a much better choice than Ash! [Guess that I dun really like ash? Well, his attitude doesn't make him really endearing too la. But I hope he will be kicked out next time! or i'll seriously say that we malaysians really "mata koh stamp" la... Translation: eyes are glued shut by stamps.. Funny I]

Ok... Gotta stop this ranting already. Anyway, dun agree with what I say? Send in the hatemail, let me amend, since you dun have my email and I wouldn't dream of providing you with it... Well, you are perfectly at liberty to leave me comments/complaints at the link below or the chatterbox at the side...

Help yourself! Tata!

Monday, August 01, 2005 Dead!!

Now it's study break...! And I'm panicking....

Why? Of coz I can't finish studying in time for da big finale next week!!


How can we finish 3 science subjects (da worst!), mathz (Still ok gua...but dunno..coz I take harder maths ah. See how during test lo! Ah!!) and eng (Damn diff since got a lot of parts eh...and moi din really prepare for it ahh...!!) in a mere 9 days??? Seeing that 2 days have already passed... and the crawling rate at I'm going... I can safely say i wont be able to finish on time unless I buck up!! but's it's difficult ya know.. Seeing tat I'm a professional procastinator and [Refer past post.. Haven't figured how 2 link previous posts yet... Anyone care 2 teach me?]

So what am going to do? Help!!! SOS!! Ok. I better calm down or I will have a heartattack in front of the computer... No kidding.

*Take in deep breaths*

Ok. Better now. Hyperventilating juz now... Aikz~

Well, I guess I juz have to do my best! Yes! Try my best! But I do hope I will do well, u know, coz this test is gonna be really important for me to get into the university of my choice.. Haih... help! Who do I have to blame except me for not studying regularly.*Well, that'd be totally unusual for moi, ya know.. I meant studying regularly*

I guess I will try 2 pray that I do well gua [never been this religious] Juz hope that the fact that I have tried to pay attention in class without falling asleep will pay off..! Hope... hope [Btw, note that the imp word here is 'tried'. Meaning that sometimes I had failed terribly in my mission. Well, I'm juz human ah.. Ok, that's a lousy excuse... Aikz]

Gtg already. I meant blogging here is a precious waste of my time ah... Yup yup! Have to force myself to hit the books already! [Btw, why do I study so slowly? I can't seem 2 concentrate la...]

Before I go, let me reiterate: I'm dead! So dead! Help!! =(

Ps1 ~ Well, let me announce sumthing that you all already know: The computer is an evil thing... *you will sure know why la*

Ps2 ~ Btw, got scolded by dad early in the morning. He came in to call my sis 2 to wake up. My sis being still sleepy kicked the cupboard in a mighty kick (bam!) and I woke up & shouted: "What the hell?" *Ok, I forgot myself. Shld not had swore in front of my parents. At least I din say WTF... Thk god* Anyway, was scolded for my use of language... [Hey, I wasn't really awake, you know. So I din really know what I was doing ma. And I dun like ppl interuppting my beauty sleep either.. lol.]