Saturday, March 26, 2005

Am I...

...growing more and more like my horoscope everyday??

Now, when all things come to a head, I feel really stressed out... I juz gotta admit the truth (Hello? It ain't setting me free...) to myself--the fact that I'm growing more and more like my horoscope everyday. Sigh. *Huge sigh*

You might be wondering why I'm sounding like an idiot coz becoming more and more like your horoscope isn't so bad a thing until you realize what my horoscope is--Yup, I'm becoming more and more like your typical virgo... Ha! I'm turning into a perfectionist! Oh my God! Not juz a temporary one, but a full-fledged monster that will roam the sch halls after dark...

Ooo.. That is so scary, even for me!! I make myself do every assignment until I'm totally satisfied with it... Meaning I'll have to reprint it a thousand times!! (wasting a lot of paper here...) I think I'll have to restrain myself more but this a hard thing to do... coz this are my natural impulses, rite?? It's in me... I'm the 'monster' (think Dr.Jekyl and dear Mr.Hyde.. Haha.)

Still, thinking it in a long term view, maybe it's for the best... this way, it makes me hand in my best work right on time. (In my opinion, the best la. If the teacher thinks so too, good! Cheers!) However, I think it's taking a heavy toll on me... I'm stressing myself for nothing... STRESSED!! My mental resources are depleting and not before long, I'll be juz drooling in the dark corner over there... No chance of recovery too. Poor me.

I just guess I'll have to go with da flow. Rule of Taoism: Adapt to the surroundings...and find the Way!! Whatever is that bullshit. Haha.

Ok, I'll just do whatever I think best alwiz.. I'm my own master (I think 'mistress' has negative connotations, no?)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Culture Shock?

Nah, it's more like Unsavoury Character Shock! [If there's ever such a name though.]

Wow.. I'm in a slow mind-numbing type of shock. Nah...! It wasn't culture shock, which really blows you away... It was character shock!!-- It's a new kind of shock I've observed..

Let me explain.

Since coming to college--pls take note that I'm from a rather strict high school--although I won't reveal to you which--I have been a tad apprehensive about the attitude and character of some of the people who also go to my college.

I thought I have seen it all... but apparently I was wrong. At my young age--okla, not very old--I still have much to learn about the ways of the world. I guess I'm still learning.. Well, life is a learning process, rite? I guess this learning to know what type people to trust is going to come in handy when I'm let out into the wide wide world.. Tis a scary thought?

I get kinda of disillusioned with the world when I think of the enormous evils that have ravaged humanity for such a long time. I think: Is it possible that are there good people left or am I the only one? It isn't so far-fetched either.. I'm not praising myself or anything but I think that some ppl really need to sit down and think about their principles in life. They prefer to live the hedonistic lifestyle...but for me, it's a no no. I don't want to waste my life by throwing it down the drain. :(

Let's juz say I don't really think much of their attitudes.. They really need an attitude-adjustment program (Is there such a thing? Maybe I should be a pioneer and start it. lol.) or something...and fast!! Their parents also need a crash course in moulding their children's character.. Hmmm!

Anyway, I guess I will juz have to be more careful about what I do or say in case I happen to be so unfortunate to evoke their wrath!! Haha... Moderation is the key!! Ciao for now!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Zero displacement after Death?

Come on! Sometimes, I don't really know what we're livin put life in the context of Physics, when we die, displacement is like zero anyway.. Haha. When you think of it like that, life gets a little too depressing...but not so much so that I'm going to jump off the rooftop..yet.

Ok, ok. I admit that I won't commit sucide. It's kinda stupid actually... I really should look at the bright side of life...even we're going to get zero displacement after we die, we can enjoy ourselves to the way there.. Right? Hakuna matata--No worries!!

We should look at a glass like it's half full..and blah, blah.... That's rather theoretical, don't you think? If everyone was able to do that, ha! There will be world peace (like what those Miss Worlds wanted so much... *Snicker*) Anyway, I still think that we should really try our best to look at some dastardly deed in a positive light (if that is possible..) Well, the saying goes, every cloud has a sliver lining, right?

When you feel really down and out, why don't you think off those people that are definitely worst off than you. Erm...perhaps the people who lost everything (family members, frenz, houses, name it, they lost it!) when the tsunami ravaged their lives? I'm sure they will feel compasionate about those poor people's tragic fate and stop exaggerating and dramitisizing their supposedly "ruined life".

Come on, guys! Lend a hand to someone in need , stop being gloomy and maybe you will see the happiness you've alwiz wanted shining in front of you.

Happiness comes to those who work for it....! So, get going now! :D

Q: Zero displacement after Death?

A: Who cares? I'll live my life the way I like it!