Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year Resolutions?

Woo~ 1 more day till 2006!! :D I just can't wait!

[Note to self: Must try to change habit of writing 05 to 06 though. Not that I write lots of dates these days. So shouldn't be a problem. Haha.]

Anyway, seeing that the new year is just around the corner, I decided that a few New Year Resolutions would be just the thing to liven things up *Must match the festivities ma. =P*

I know I know, my recent posts seem to be rather run-of-the-mill, coz I'm suffering from a syndrome known as the Humour-less & Inspiration-less Syndrome (HIS)... lol. Hope I recover soon. Do pray for my speedy recovery~ :)

So here goes my Resolutions for the coming year -- [Good for future reference too.. haha]:

  1. The first one gotta be an important one. So it'll be ---> Get damn good results in my studies next year!!! Haha. Must promise myself to study hard liao coz this is not something to be triffled with. Besides the course being totally taxing (not to mention stressing.. Die~), it will cost my dad a nice bundle and there's still the ever looming threat of being thrown out of uni if I don't match the grade. Not a nice prospect to look forward to. So must gear myself up to become a bookworm for the next few years liao. :( What to do, that's life.

  2. Maybe find a *cough cough* significant other? Eek! *_* I dunno about this, therefore I'll quote Lydia: Love is written in the stars and who knows what will happen leh. Right? *Winks* --Close topic--

  3. Make more new + great frenz! Frenz that have the same aim in life as me... Frenz in all shapes and sizes! Haha. But not "frenz" that are negative influences though. Warning to self: Beware~ Keke.

  4. Experience more new things! Yupz! One of the first things on my list is: Go clubbing! [Hehe. I know you all didn't know I'm capable of being so "naughty"... lol... but then never judge a book by its cover la. =P]

  5. Have a better relationship with my family members? As the saying goes, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so maybe it will be just the thing to make us click, so to speak. :)

  6. Be more independent. Learn to do things on my own. I'm sure I'm going to achieve this next year (even if I don't want this is a sure-win lah. Hehe..) since I'm going to KL next year in Feb. The thing I don't like is... Household chores!! I'll have to mop the floor, wash the clothes, boil water etc. more often liao. Aiyah~ Part and parcel of independent life lo. On the other hand, the benefits? No parental control! Woo~ Can go crazy liao. And no curfews! Wee~

Erm... Cannot think of anything else ade. Maybe I'll add things later.. Okay? What do you think of my Resolutions for next year? Good or not? Or maybe you wanna gimme some comments abt it? Thanks beforehand! :D

I think I'll go to the Countdown tomorrow. Yeah... Partay~!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Chatter Chatter

Well, just came back from my fren's Sinyee's house! To do what? Chat + gossip lah. Duh.

Anyway, I arrived around 9:30am although I sms-ed her last night telling that I'll only come around 10 something. What to do, my parents lah, wanna drop me on the way to somewhere, but didn't even tell me beforehand. Sigh. And they dare nag me about planning ahead. -_-

Nothing much to tell la (coz it's private =P) except we chatted for about 4 hours straight and still we didn't run out of topics yet. lol. The funny thing was that when we were talking and the inevitable topic of shopping came up, get this: we found out that not only we've been shopping at the same shop, we even bought THE EXACT SAME PAIR OF EARRINGS (the ones I camwhored on my blog)!!

Omg~ We so have the same frequency, don't we? :D

Well, we went for chicken rice outside her house during noon, and continued our endless chatter lo. =P Anyway, the topics we ranted about covered rather a wide range, including: future plans [read: Unis], how some ppl are coping, what happened to who, what new couples are there :P etc. Haha. Kaypo ppl~

Anyway, went home later coz she wanna go out ade. So that concludes our hang-out this time. I think we must do this more often la. It's cheaper (hehe) and we get to talk more! lol.

So, later~

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Acadabra! Change Change Change!

Wow. 2005 is going to finish soon! :D

Well, this has been quite a wonderful year actually. A fairly different experience for moi. Since this opportunity only comes once a year, I think I'll blog about the changes that occured! Hehe. So do bear with my random ramblings, okay?

Here we go~

  • I started plucking up my courage to ask questions in class! Wee~ I rmb when I was in high school, I didn't really dare to do that, just because I was scared of being laughed at ma. But in college, even under Galileong's mighty presence, I did just that!! Yay to me! He didn't even smirk at my Qs because I finally started really understanding physics (something to do with the medium probably?) and asked intelligent Qs lo. Hehe. Good~

  • Erm, I started reading newspapers? The more serious side lah... Not just entertainment related news only. -_- Hence all the social rants like this and this. I must have been inspired. Keke. Though, basically, I still skip some of the boring politically ones and the stock + shares whatever. Tres Ignorance is bliss? However, there is one tiny flaw in this new habit, it's making me more paranoid! Aikz, the Irony~

  • I started wearing skirts..! =P (Let's keep the shapeless unflattering school uniform out of this, okay?) Hmm. I rmb the days [which was not so long ago] when you throw open my wardrobe to find only tops and pants. Not one single skirt. Haha. What a change. Now I seem to buy lots of skirts leh. Come to think of it, I haven't buy one single pair of pants this year leh. Strange. ~Now, don't you shrug your shoulders and say: Aikz, Women's whims and fancies ya! I caught you doing just that! lol.

  • I started learning to eat more types of food that I have not tried before this year. Going out with frenz during lunch break is so fun! Give my tastebuds a little good workout... Hehe. This will definitely come in useful next year, in a foreign land away from family and good frenz. *Sigh* I think I'm going to miss penang A LOT and especially its food!! Haha!

  • Hmmm. I started curing myself of my unnatural dislike for all things pink. Funny, right? I used to think that it was too girly [I still do actually] but I have started accepting it and now can buy stuff in pink ade! Haha. Not a big achievement I know but it just shows that one can adapt to new habits if one just try. :D

  • Now, this is a funny one but I think that somehow along this year, I've started to understand my parents better (though their actions still bewilder me sometimes. Blek~). Maybe this is part of growing older I guess. The transition into being an adult? I just hope it'll be smooth sailing lo. Anyway, my main wish for next year will be that my family and frenz remain healthy and happy always. :)

  • Well, I've also seen more types of ppl these year. I guess it's true that it takes all types to make a world. *Sigh* I just wish that I'll be surrounded by ppl that are true to me and will treat me as I treat them. *Mental note to self: Must treat ppl nice nice~ lol..* But then, I guess this is a bit too much to ask... (that ppl will be sincere and true always) From henceforth, the world has become a colder place, smaller in size. Eh, I think it comes from a song leh. Do pardon my sudden negavity, I've these lapses now and then. Hehe.

  • This was the year I started blogging! My blog was born around March and there's 3 more months till its birthday! =) I think I learnt lots of stuff thru blogging leh, besides getting new frenz. Cool~ Hopefully I can keep it up till the day the last breath leaves me. [But I must warn you, after I start my medical studies next year, I won't be a regular blogger liao, I shall only blog when I'm really free, which is who knows when. Sorry guys, you gotta get yourself a new blog to read, though I know mine's more interesting. :D]

Okayyyy, I can't think of any more changes ade leh. Brain short-circuited ade! So I guess that's all for today.

Thanks for reading, folks! Have a nice day~

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Christmas

Ok, now to tell how I spent my Christmas! :)

Well, woke up quite late, after an early lunch went to grandma's house to see my cousins who are going back to Kl the next day. They're going to Prangin later so I followed lo.

Pretty fun~ Anyway, we stopped by this accessories shop that sells great stuff! Man! Really fancy earrings - 3 for RM10!!

What a bargain!! Must buyyyyy. [The Shopaholic in me emerges~] I didn't want to buy all three *coz I don't need so many really fancy ones -- wah, show great restraint leh -- hehe* so I shared with my aunt lo.

Can you believe it? I got only one! But it's really nice! :D

Lay told me abt this before but I wasn't really sure whether it was for real. Now I see it's true! Next time must come and buy again! Ok, now let you see the earrings I bought. Dunno where I'm going to wear them though. Haha.


Nice onot? :)

Anyway, my aunt also got me a new skirt (formal type).. Quite nice. I wanted to buy the light red one but in the end decided that the light green one nicer. =P Haha. But the salesperson also a bit siao lah. They put the sign 50% discount right, and tagged it as RM39.90 so normally ppl would assume that it hasn't been discounted, right? [That's the normal procedure, if you dunno.]

So RM20 for a skirt is damn worth-it! So I wanted to buy two, but alas when I wanted to pay only I discovered that this is already discounted price. -_-

Come on! Do you know how to price your stuff or not?! :O

In the end, decided to buy only the nicer one of the two lo. Arggh. Stupid pricing system they have.Well, after some shopping, we went to Pizza Hut and my aunt treated us to to a nice meal. Ordered the combo. Yummy~ The breadsticks seemed nicer. Strange. I rmbed ordering it sometime ago and it came tasting not so nice. Hmmm...

Anyway, we went home after the meal and the rest of the night was spent at my grandma's house. We played Mahjong (A girl of many talents? Yup~ :P), watched tv and chatted lo. Quite nice. A very warm-y Christmas. =)

Again, Merry Christmas! Bye~

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Photoblog ~ Solar Mode

Me And The BrainS

Solarized pic of various brains,

taken from the newspaper. lol.

Manufactured Rainbow

Guess what is this?? Can't guess?

It's a solarized + distorted pic of a finger of mine! :D

Two Ugly Fingers

Need I say more?

The title describes it perfectly.

Seven Books & A Bag

Nuthin' said.

Solarized Calendar

2005 one. Going to need a new one soon.

Sigh, Time does fly.

My Cluttered Bedroom

It looks even worse in solarized mode, doesn't it?


Merry christmas everyone! :D Oops~ A bit belated.. But then since I'm a well-known procastinator, make my excuses for me, will ya? Haha.

Anyway, my family don't really celebrate christmas, or we only just celebrate the fun part of it. I rmb when we're younger, Santa (a.k.a. Dad) will put presents into the socks [we graduated to pillow cases later~ Bigger prezzies!] and we'll wake up eagerly to know what we got... So funny when we're younger.

Unfortunately, we're getting too old for that... :( Anyway, I rmb disbelieving dad's story about Santa Claus when I was much younger [Rmb, I do not have older siblings to dispell the myth for me..] as for one thing:

  1. There's no chimney in my house. So how the hell is Santa going to get in? I reckon he wouldn't like setting off the house alarm by climbing in thru the windows.

  2. I did not send Santa Claus my wish list, so how would he know what I wanted? Hehe.

  3. Besides, I was fairly naughty when I was younger but i still get presents, but now when I'm older (and of coz not so naughty la, I think.. *Evil Snicker*) I don't get presents anymore wo. Not fair, ya?

  4. Anyway, the last straw was that long ago, I pretended to be asleep to catch Santa (or Dad) in the act, and guess what, I saw Dad putting presents for us lo! I didn't wake up and said Ah Ha! though, just pretended to continue sleeping. Haha.

Oh, I digressed. Anyway, on christmas eve, we went out for dinner with the whole extended family (mum's side) which includes around 18 ppl I think. We went to this famous restaurant in Sg.Nibung to avoid the Xmas rush. We encountered some traffic jams but we arrived only 5 minutes late. Phew~ Well, it was fully booked lo, so thank goodness dad had ade booked it earlier. Hehe.

Anyway, the meal was pretty good, the dish of soft-shelled crabs was totally yummy! But sure la, coz it's their signature dish ma. Didn't have much of it though. The others were ok too. After the nice meal, we went to my aunt's house which was nearby. Pretty cozy hse they have. Anyway, aunt & her hubby let us eat some ice-creams. The 3rd generation (me included) got the cheaper but also nice ice-creams while my grandpa got the GreenTea-flavoured Haagen Daaz ice cream leh. :T Another uncle got the Chocolate Chip flavoured one leh.

Yee~ I want! Hmm... I sound greedy. Ok ok, later only go buy. Haha.

Then, after some time, we went to grandpa's hse and continued our endless chatter lo. Only went home when it was pretty late.

Nice~ Christmas spent with the family. That's how it should be. :D *Satisfied smile*

Monday, December 26, 2005

Say "Mouldy Cheese!"

Hmm... Let me see if I had missed any important thing these past few days.

Oh ya. Almost forgot. I didn't talk about the photoshoot thingy on monday. Right.

Actually, it was scheduled on wednesday and supposed to include lunch/dinner with the coll principal (according to what I hear lah) but then it was changed earlier 2 days.

But no dinner or lunch or breakfast whatsoever with whoever that day wo. Haha. But there was one redeeming feature. We got some monetary rewards!! :D

Yayz! I think I prefer the money lah. Hehe.

The first girl, yinyi got RM500, the second (which both titus & lydia tied for) each got RM250... Wah, alot of money hor! :) The rest of us (top 4 to 8) got RM100 each! Okla, not bad lah, coz one said that this is the first time the coll is rewarding the good students. Hehe. So lucky leh. Btw, did I mention that I'm #6 in my course? Cool~ Tied with yijuin, the smart girl too. :)

Anyway, the reason we were asked to go to coll was some photo session or something. I even heard that there was going to be an interview by reporters!! OMG. What was I supposed to do?

Should I bluff them by saying that I study xx hours a day while in actual reality I only rushed like a mad fool at the last minute? Haha. Is this call a white lie?

Anyhow, my worries were for nothing coz we arrived to find no reporters at all. No, Nada, Zilch. I breathed a sigh of relief, hehe, no need to bluff ppl ade. *Nyahaha* I wasn't really fond of interviews anyway. But the photoshoot thingy was still on wo. Aiyah~

Ok-lah, taking photos of myself is fine *Narcissist remember? lol* and group photos are okay too, but individual photos taken by others? Erm...not exactly my fav past time. Haha.

Anyway, we're taken to see the principal while he congratulated us on our "achievements". Then, he gave us the letters which contained $$$ one by one lo. He looked like a nice old man, pity didn't get to know him better.

After that, photo-taking! :o

The photos will be for promotional use leh, so we're asked to sign a letter each giving our consent. Smart. We must have took a lot of photos leh, formal ones also got, beyond crazy ones also got. The ideas these ppl get. Amazing + Wacky. Anyhow, I didn't really get into the crazy mood coz I was worrying alot about my ahem, tragedy.

Anyway, I'll show you guys some of the photos later, the person in charge promised to send us the photos via email but I haven't got them yet. *Wonders why*

Ok, we went pretty much insane, like standing on a log (pls rmb that I'm wearing high heels okay? Had to take them off to manage scrambling up the, holding onto the football goal's net, sitting in a circle--back to back, all girls pointing at titus [the pic used for the advertistments lo] and other crazy stuff. Haha.. Pity you weren't there, Lyd...

Since we're camwhores I guess (lol), this photoshoot went on for around an hour an a half. The guy in charge even took a lot of personal pics besides those used for promotional use. Btw, I don't really care much for the taking of individual pics leh, but what to do, must take leh. Aiyah~

Ok, that's all for now. Will post up the pics when I managed to hound the person in charge for them. Cya~

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Wishing Upon A Star

Check this out:

The verdict? Pretty cool, the program. But only strictly for those who can read chinese. Or else you won't understand wth it is talking about. Haha.

UAI (U Are Intelligent/Idiotic?) lol

Right, continued from the one post about getting results.

Anyway, it was that very same day that tragedy struck. But I'm not going to elaborate. Gah! Just rest assured that everything's back to normal now and I'm still alive. lol.

Apparently, one doesn't get the hsc results & UAI on the same day leh. We could get the UAI thingy next day at 6am -- thank god not in the middle of the night again. Haha.

If you do not know what it means, UAI is a sort of ranking which is calculated by taking in consideration your best 10 units and after moderation. This test is taken by approximately 60,000 students from Aus this year.

So, there was I bustling around, I think my results are quite good actually, quite a lot of the subjects were moderated up. Which is good for the college since it means that the standards for internal assessments are high la. :)

Anyway, fast forward a bit la. *That's the problem with delayed updates. Things get messy a bit..erm..due to my Alzheimer's disease. lol*

Ok, I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 5:55am so I could check my UAI. But alas, when I forced myself to get up, the damn connection was malfunctioning again!! Arggh. Imagine my frustration. Went back to sleep, woke up around an hour later but still the same problem. I think in the end, must have slept for quite a few hours (can't wake up once I'm sound asleep..haha) until my mum came to shake me up.

Ok ok, I mumbled. Will go check now.

Thank goodness that after a few painful minutes, the connection came to life!! Yayz! No more agonizing! :D Quickly went online to get my UAI...

Will state my UAI here since ppl can see it in the papers anyway. Haha. My UAI = 98.30... Okla, quite good la. Except it seems to me that ppl taking Maths Ext.2 seemed to have been moderated up alot since some who seemed to have slightly not-so-good results (compared to me) have higher UAI than me wo. Strange. It's not only me who think that way, they themselves also seemed to think that my UAI would be higher than theirs too when they asked me.

See? Not me only, okay? Haha.

But anyhow, I'm not too greedy, so on the whole, I'm quite happy + satisfied with my UAI.

Okla, since I'm a procastinator, get such results should "am chio" ade.. (Hokkien translation: silent laugh)


Ok, gotta go! Bye~

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Advertorial for Other Blog

Ok, before I prattle on like a fool, just a mini advertorial for this blog's alter ego, can?

Come on lah, be more sporting la, go visit my other blog from time to time la.

I've updated it a bit recently. Hope you all like the new poems, okay? :) Tata~

= Results Galore =

Ok, continue from the Alumni Nite, ok? Right, charge!

Anyway, went home with Lay, and since she parked the car so far (partially my fault too, O.o), and mind you, it's rather difficult to find your car in the dark [almost 12am ade by that time, erm..becoz we dawdled by taking photos with frenz? Hehe], we had to hitch someone's car to fetch us back to the place where she parked the car and by some stroke of luck, we found the car.

Thank god, I don't really think much of wandering there in the middle of the night, searching for a car in all that darkness plus all that walking in high heels? Not something I'd look forward to. lol.

Ok, on the way home, she had a creepy experience. Better not talk about it here la. Just that I'm thankful that nothing untoward happened to both of us. Thank god.

Right, at first my plan was to get home, take a bath and crash. But then Yuki suggested that we wait for the results together -- we get to see our results online at 3am! The timing is weird coz it's supposed to be 6am in Aus ma. That's why la.

Anyway, I decided to take her advice since ... it shld be Fun ... and... this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience ma, right?? Hehe. But after my bath, I was dead tired so I set the alarm for 2am before crashing. But didn't really sleep actually, more like chatting with my sis. When the alarm rang, I really feel like offing it and going back to sleep but this is the one time where my alarm won! I made myself get up and go to the computer lo. Haha. First time have to force myself to do that. :)

Well, was dead sleepy while IM-ing my frenz. But they managed to keep me awake lah while we partook in a massive conversation. There must have been tons of college frenz talking in there leh. Too many ppl talking at once does has its disadvantages too, you know. The messages were scrolling so fast that I only managed to read some. ^_^

Anyway, the results were released about 10 minutes earlier (around 2:50am) and everyone scattered to find out our respective results lo. Mine was quite good la, I'm quite satisfied with it except that my worst subject was the compulsary one leh --Eng!! Haih. First time my english is the lowest among all subjects!! lol. Showing that my english isn't that good after all. Aiyah.

The funny thing was, I think must be becoz too many ppl rushed to get the results ade that the site totally crashed after around 15 minutes. Damn funny~

I think this happens every year ah? *Laughs* Even funnier [or pitiful, depends on you] were those who arrived a bit too late and cannot see their results becoz the site crashed. Haha. Ke lian.

And thus was the story of getting results. Nothing special but I didn't promise you anything special, did I? =)

Anyhow, we all chatted till 4 something but surprisingly, I felt pretty wide awake. But had to go to bed, or else if dad come down sure scold me ade. So off to bed I went.

But unfortunately, I was awoken about 2 hours later by my anxious parents. Haha. They wanted to know my results ma. I showed them my result slip on the table (that I had actually placed for them to look, ya know..keke) before going back to sleep.


End of story.

Clarification Pls~

Finally, another post! Hehe.

Coz I've been moping + whining around this past week, I do not think that you'd like to listen to my moaning + grumbles in my blog, right? Anyway, I'd like to clear up some clutter before I proceed.

Well, abt my suicide attempt post, I just want to say:

  1. I did NOT attempt suicide (definitely NOT).

  2. It was NOT a joke nor was it a test.

  3. I did NOT mean to frighten those who care about me.

  4. And something really bad DID happened to me.

  5. And I was so upset that I guess that I had to release my frustration thru a post like that.

Anyway, many apologies again to those who were worried abt me... *Bows* Those who want a full apology and explanation are perfectly in their right to come and ask that from me.

I'd try my best to compensate your losses -- i.e. loss of memory due to countless worry, etc [goodness know how I'm going to compensate that -- Blek~].

Ok, I will update later abt the night I got my hsc results (Wah!) and other stuff later. Toodles, peeps! =)

Memorabilia of Alumni Nite

One of the prettiest masks begged from

given by the committee that I did not wear.

Sorry~ But I really like it. Will keep it for memory's sake. :)

The ticket (numbered 0010) that did not win me a prize. lol...

Friday, December 23, 2005


One of the worst things in Life -->

"What if-s..." and "What might have been-s..."

I really really x 1000 hate that. It totally sucks. Arggh. Damnit.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Earring Fetish

Hey, came over this really cool site while blog-hopping. April Kim's catologue (do click here!) for her self-made earrings. Woah. They are SO cool. And unique. And special. ^.^

I want!!!!

I think I've an earring fetish leh. :D

Do check her site out!

Males who are afraid of shopping or what-nots, pray hop to her site before passing judgement. Becoz all her stuff are in pics [easier to see], and anyone with a little ounce of taste for the unique would be able to admire her for her creativity..

*Wonders how I can get my hands on them.*

Well, maybe if I go to kl next year then. If I'm going, that is. But I really like it leh.

Oh, don't bother me. I'm just crazy about funky + unique earrings. Haha. =)

:: Alumni Nite ::

Well, guess my updates are a bit late and my memory is a bit short-termed, but I'll just try my best lo. :)

Anyway, last thursday was the HSC Alumni Nite. Pretty fun actually! It was held in Evergreen Laurel and here's I got there. My fren, siewlay said that we can go together and we're supposed to go Gurney Plaza to meet yuki & a few other ppl. But dear Lay was fashionably late so by the time when we reached there, they're gone by another car. Lol. Anyway, after preparing abit in the one of the toilets, we're ready! Haha. But we arrived abt 15 minutes after the time stated leh. Oops~

But never fear, our lateness were nothing since they began the ceremony uber late leh. Haha. Delay so long. After some deliberation due to technical problems", we're off & swinging! Started off by few speeches which I shall not elaborate on lah, before we started on the main agenda of the day --> Eat!! lol.

Lecturers were allowed to eat first before letting us on a rampage. Haha...*

There was quite a good spread! Yummy~ I started on the Japanese food course coz there were so many ppl rushing for the main course ma. I lurve the sushi spread leh, the other foods were pretty food. The lamb chop or something lidat was quite tender too. *Licks Lip* And dessert was really great too, especially love the Chocolate Mousse. Yum Yum. Hehe, I'm feeling really hungry typing this out. My stomach growling liao leh. =)

Then, there were performances by our course mates lo! They rock! Mz, on drums you rock!! :) I really feel like jamming leh! Aiyah, so long didn't jam ade! Haih... Let me see. What songs ah. Erm, there were the Friends Theme Song, Jason Mraz's You & I Both and a few chinese songs, I think. Cant really rmb. My brain is not functioning now. Blek~ Those english songs were some of my favourites eh!! Yayz!

Anyway, one of the funny things that happened was that mz lost one of his drumsticks (not chicken drumsticks la! aikz) while playing. Haha. Had to make to do with his hands lo. Keke. Rmb when we used to play the drums with the marker pens when the person in charge took away the drumsticks? lol. =) The good old days. *Sigh*

Then, it was time for Hsc's very own Maksim -- Kent to perform! Woo~ He played 2 songs for us. I must admit it, his playing is really good leh... But why did he chose two so slow songs to play leh that night? Since I'm no great shakes at the piano, it's kinda boring, ya know, no offence.

Now, if he had played something like Cubana or Flight of the Bumblebee, it'd be wayyy cool! Kolibre is good too. But I guess he has his reasons.

Anyway, Mr.Goh also sang! He said that he owned us one song becoz he was late to class once this year... Haha. The song he sang was a chinese oldie but I just can't place what song it is. Nvm.

Btw, I must emphasize that the performances that I'm talking about are not in any particular order coz due to short-termed memory on my part, I can't rmb which comes first or what. lol.

Then, there were some funny games. chiapei & jiakai volunteered to sing songs to let us guess. Sounds easy, no? There's a catch, as always. They are supposed to sing while eating a lot of crackers. Hahaha. Damn funny the sounds they made while they were ahem, "singing". Anyway, victor, who represented our table, was pretty good as he guessed correctly almost all the songs. I knew (almost) all the songs but...but I don't know what they were singing leh. Blek~ The only one I guessed correct was the last one, which is Mr. Goh's wedding song. Song translation --> The Moon Represents My Heart. But then so did most. :) anymore? Oh ya, the Banana game. The representatives are supposed to tie a banana onto a string on their waist and use it to knock down a bottle of water. Haha. Then the 3 best are forced to eat 2 empty buns as fast as they can to find out the ultimate winner. An alumni won that. Cool~

And there were 3 lucky draws. Unfortunately, I was not lucky that night Ahem, I'm never lucky in such things) but how come 0020 and 0030 got prizes but 0010 (i.e. me) don't have leh! Not fair! Haih.. But nvm lah. The first prize was a RM200 over webcam I want!!] while 2nd prize was a mp3 [get also good. Although I do have one ade. Hehe]...

Ok, the night was ended with a rousing performance by mz [drums], lynnju [piano] and juinhui + junyen singing. At the first song, they asked us to stand up and we're joking saying that "Eh, play Negaraku meh?" but lo behold, they really played the National Anthem eh!! Omg. So funny! Then, they played Lemon Tree and... Seasons In The Sun. Yeap. That's it.

Oh, btw I must say, Michael was a brilliant emcee that day. He's even good enough to go pro! I'm not kidding, man! =)

And so that was that. I think I quite enjoyed myself, well as much as one can enjoy while we know that our results will be released shortly. lol.

Now, if the night was a bit wilder, it'd be more fun. Not so formated, ya know. I'd have like some dancing and all. But on the whole, it was fun!

*Wonders if I shld come back next year.* :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Some Blah Tests

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things.
Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.
You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.

You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.
Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.
You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.
Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.
A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

Your Birth Month is September

Tolerant and inspirational, you are wise beyond your years.
You are universally sympathetic and a great humanitarian.

Your soul reflects: Devotion, light, and love

Your gemstone: Sapphire

Your flower: Morning Glory

Your colors: Brown and deep blue

Your Blogging Type is Confident and Insightful

You've got a ton of brain power, and you leverage it into brilliant blog.
Both creative and logical, you come up with amazing ideas and insights.
A total perfectionist, you find yourself revising and rewriting posts a lot of the time.
You blog for yourself - and you don't care how popular (or unpopular) your blog is!

You Are Internal - Realist - Empowered

You feel your life is controlled internally.
If you want something, you make it happen.
You don't wait around for things to go your way.
You value your independence and don't like others to have control.

You are a realist when it comes to luck.
You don't attribute everything to luck, but you do know some things are random.
You don't beat yourself up when bad things happen to you...
But you do your best to try to make your own luck.

You have a good deal of power, but you also know the pecking order.
You realize that working the system does get you further.
You know who to defer to and who to control.
When it comes to the game of life, you play things flawlessly.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Too lazy to blog recently. Hope this tests satisfy you all. Btw, I do think that the 1st one is kinda accurate. What do you think?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back From The Dead - To Haunt You Guys

Hey, peeps! I'm dead and typing this out as a forlorn soul out on a aimless wander. Do you know that it's dead hard (do pardon the pun) to type using disembodied fingers? It's agonizing.

Ok ok, I'm just kidding. But I must say that I'm kinda disappointed that only THREE people cared enough to comment!! (There was only ONE at first! Aikz~)

*Didn't know that so many ppl wanted me dead! Blek~*

Btw, I'm sorry that I scared those who care about me (and read my blog) to death [oops~ Pun again]. Sorry, you guys! :(

Well, I know I said I won't blog for weeks or days but...since I'm kinda addicted to blogging, I guess there's no go for it. Anyway, about the previous post, let's just say that I faced a really BIG disappointment, okay? I hope everything turns out all right, there's still a small sliver of hope, but I won't blog about it here so publicly. Maybe when I figure out how to password-protect my posts lo. [Help anyone?]

Ok, just a short post to let people who care about me know that I'm all right. :D I love ya guys!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Suicide Attempt

Something really really shitty happened. *Dont ask!!* I won't have the mood to blog for at least a few days weeks. So don't wonder where I have gone, okay?

Btw, I'm just on my way to jump down from the highest building I can find in this neigbourhood.

So it's been nice meeting, ya guys! Hope we meet again in my next life. [Just hopefully I won't be your sibling la. Sure kena bully one.]

Ok, hope we meet again, peeps.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Letter of Fate

I think it must be becoz of the Alumni Nite going on tonight. My blog seems so empty. Oh well. Nevermind.

Anyway, I went out to check my letterbox minutes ago and my heart was thumping like mad leh.

But alas. Nothing. Not even one letter. Haih...

Apparently, a fren has gotten the letter from imu and she got in! *Congrats*

But a lot of frenz including moi are still waiting... Oh, total agony!! I totally HATE waiting for such stuff!! Argggh.

But what to do. I gotta grim and bear with it lo. =(

To think that I'm going to get TWO life-changing news in one day. Tomorrow. Die.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lifestyles of The Sedentary

I've been keeping rather strange hours recently. Ever since the holidays (which seem to drag for a long time, mind you), I've been going to bed uber late and waking uber late too. =P

But just recently, it's a bit too much!

Get this: I'm totally lacking sleep in the holidays! Does that make sense? No, right?

The earliest I go to bed every night is 2am while the latest has gone as far as 3 something. I know, this might not seem much to you guys who keep stranger hours than mine, but to me, it is dead weird ade.] By the way, I must mention, I quite unfortunately, do not have the luxury of waking up after noon coz my parents insist of waking me around 10am. Yeah, torturous I know. Gah! :(

Dunno why, but this is the latest time they will allow. Before this holiday, it was around 9 something. So it can be considered an improvement ade.

Anyway, this means I'm getting around 6 to 7 hours sleep a day! Which is not enough for a teen like me!! :D By the way, afternoon naps are not really my thing, I will only crash in the afternoon if:

  1. Exhaustion overcomes me. Rather rare in the past, even less likely during these holidays. :)

  2. I have a serious headache killing me. Then I'll surrender to it and go sleep it off. But it rarely works with an afternoon nap. Only sleeps in the night will do the job. Hehe.

  3. I have nothing better to do, which is almost an impossibility these days. There are like so many things to keep me occupied. For example, surfing the net = blogging (which I seem to be doing a lot of these days), playing my ps2 = killing more enemies, reading = slipping of into fantasy *~Wee~* and other nonsensical pursuits. Blah~

Well, since I have mention this in a previous post, I won't go boring you all with my crazy sleep patterns. Haha... Cya!

PS :: Alumni Nite is tomorrow leh! It'd would be nice to see old frenz again. =) Haih, this year is going to filed under "Good Old Days" ade lo!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Disembodied People

Nope... Not talking bout some horror film or anything.

Was just pondering about the numerous disembodied people (Yikes!) reading my blog (that translates into numbers only) that feel it is too too difficult to lift up their hands to comment now and then, when I received a comment from someone new! Yipee~

It was from karhow, a course mate of mine. Apparently, he has been to the charity concert too! [Hence, he commented earlier] Pity I didn't see him. Must be becoz of those lousy seats of mine. =)


So...that means there is a great possibility that a lot of ppl I know personally might be reading this blog too lah.

So when are you guys [& girls & ah ma's & ah kong's...I'm neither agist nor sexist, mind you] or whoever coming out to tell me of your worthy presence?

Or do I have to smoke you out myself?? Aiyah, so difficult. Besides, the government may fine me for open burning wo.

Opps~ I digressed. As usual. My habit for crapping has always prevailed over this blog of mine.

Never mind.

Just this. This is another threat plea for those reading my blog without my knowledge.

Do come out lah. Tell me lah. Don't be shy lah. I won't eat you *Not a cannibal here* so re-lax...

Ok har. Just a tiny comment to note your presence lo, okay? Deal? I'm waiting ya. :P

Highly Strung

After various postings of stupid boring interesting pics lately, I guess it's time for a new written post. Typed would be more apt, actually.

But never you mind.

Anyway, today I wanna rant about how stressed & highly strung I'm now, all becoz of 2 things. They are:

  1. My Imu conditional letter will becoming around the 15 or 16th lidat and I'm really damn scared if I don't get in!!! :( To feel all my hopes come crashing down, while I crouch in despair.. [A possible inspiration for a poem eh? Hehe...Will do~] Dunno how lah. *Sobs* I wish I will get in. Please, God, Please!!!

  2. Erm, something that my course mates will also be waiting not in anticipation for. Our Hsc results will definitely be known at the 16th!! Thru the internet summore! :O AHHHHH! I think I'll develop a heart attack and/or stroke in front of the pc. What a way to die. In front of the pc. Bah! Haih...

This won't do. Okay, relax. All is going to be fine.

Erm, Boss? I don't think so.


Coz you're talking to yourself.

Oh, well, it's not the first time I suspected myself of having multiple personalities anyway. [Hahaha...]

Puzzle Progress

Okay, just wanna show you guys the progress of my puzzle piecing which me & my sis have been working on last night. Keke. Bo liao lah, I know. =)

An uncompleted fragment of 2 people.

An almost finished sun. Nice hor?

4 ppl (still missing their heads) linking their arms together. lol.

What the puzzle is supposed to look like, finished.

The pic is kinda artistic hor?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Boredom is the mother of invention. Invention of new things to keep oneself awake. lol.

Recently, I've become very bo liao leh. Do you know what I have taken to doing? You won't believe it. :D

Well, besides making those (money-earning) souvenirs for my bro, which I had done like 43 [Cue to OMG plz], I have started on piecing together puzzles.

Yeah, you heard me right. Puzzles as in those tiny weird-shaped things where you try squash together to make a nice presentable pic. -_-

Ok ok, I know I'm very wu liao but then this puzzle isn't the easy normal kindergarden ones, okay?

I chose the 1000 pieces one leh!! :O And I'm doing it with the help of my sis till my head become pening ade. :(

No doubt that is exactly what that caused me to crick my neck! *It still hurts!*

And I also know what you guys are thinking: Eh, do until so difficult, might as well stop lah! [Don't deny ya. =P]

I know coz those were the very thoughts that were running thru my little mind ever so often.

But then I'm not one to give up so quickly!!

*Song plays: We're The Champions*

I'll persevere!! YES~

And to prove to you that I will finish it, I'll take a pic and post it up here.

But wait lah, just starting only. =)

Have patience.

>> Patience <<

It's a good virtue to have and quite unfortunately, I lack it. :P

An (Artistic) Photolog

Glowin In The Dark

Ain't this cool? Can you guess what is it?

My table lamp! :)

Back Into Tradition

Another perpective of looking at the lamps in my room. Hehe.

I used the black & white effect, erm ... to effect.

Flower Power

A weird angle of looking at flowers.

But it looks way artistic. Well, at least that's what I think.

The Night Life

I wish the lights can be seen clearer.

But that's the best my camera phone can do. :(

Amidst The Forest

The car in the corner looks cute like that,

don't you think so?

Nicol David

Right, this is something I've been wanting to mention but I keep forgetting. Opps~ A sign of old age, perhaps? Hehe....

Anyway, Nicol David, the amazing squash player is..

World No.1!!

Ok ok, kind of old news if you read the dailies. Then, this is not something my peers do regularly anyway. Reading the news, I mean.

So here I am to give you guys a heads-up lo.

You don't wanna look silly when other ppl ask you about this and you go: "Oh, really ah? Omg, I didn't know leh! *Cue to look paiseh*" after a couple of weeks later... -_- So outdated.

Anyway, I tot it was pretty cool having a Malaysian as a World Champion, besides, she's so young too!

And notwithstanding the fact, she's also ... a Penangnite! Hehe. Yeah, Penang Boleh! Cool~

Since I'm too lazy to blog rant more about her achievements, I figured that links would do just as well. ^_^

So, click here and here and here for more info. Toodles!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Handshake session.
Damn blur coz quite far from the stage. :( Posted by Picasa

A view of the stage... Posted by Picasa

The Charity Concert

Fabulous! Amazing! Incredible! Fantastic!

Whoa, wait there, girl, if I exhausted my mini-collection of positive adjectives here, I might not have enough for later. Must exert restraint. :D

Right, after that karaoke session, it was time to go home and get ready to go to the Charity Concert organized by the Star newspaper.

We're off by 6:30pm and though it was dead early (by my standards) there were A LOT of ppl there by the time we reached there. I mean, the concert was supposed to start at 8pm okay, and we're like an hour early! Haih. I guess most of the ppl were there to see the minute-sized Daniel Lee of Msian Idol Fame. Excluding moi though. Not interested at all. Except to see what's so special about him that make crowds go wild. Go figure~

Anyway, maybe as a reward for the early birds, the first front 2 rows [have to pay alot one eh] get to shake hands with the many idols and artises. It got almost quite out of control as throngs of ppl [from other rows, mind you] rushed forward to shake hands with their respective idols, especially Daniel, I guess. The MC quickly shooed everyone back so thank goodness nothing untoward happened.

We didn't budge coz our seats were quite far, about in the middle. Aiyah, what to do, no money to waste so get not-so-good seats lo. Besides, who wants to shake hands with them? Not me...! =)

Anyway, I tried to listened to my mp3 over the stupid music they're playing. God, I could be a way better DJ than whoever is it. But then no one asked my opinion so whatever.

I also met 2 frenz of mine, suelynn & peitze. The former was accompanying her bro to the concert who also happened to be a Daniel fan. Eek~ Again?!

Well, the Concert started around 8:10pm *typical Malaysian time?* in a flash of beautiful but a bit too glaring lights. I managed to remember to get a few pics from my camera phone. Yeah, I forgot to bring the camera. :( So you guys would have to be treated to substandard photos from my cell phone lo. Haih..

Nice or not, the bright flashing lights?

The english-speaking male MC was dead good, the chinese female MC got a weird chinese accent though. I think she's a Malay. Not bad liao lo. Anyway, both were hilarious, I just couldn't help laughing at the jokes! Then, it was time for a few artistes to perform lo. All were pretty good, and I regretted not watching Msian Idol's first season coz some of the finalists were real good!

However, the best singer there was no other than the pioneer Malaysian Idol --> Jacklyn Victor. OMG. Her voice is so so amazing. She sounds way better Live! [Not something everyone can do.] She was doing it all impromptu and it sounded dead fantastic! Her voice control is just way beyond imagination. You must be there yourself to be awed by it. I'm sorry but I do not have not enough adjectives for it. Of coz, she sang Gemilang which totally wowed the crowd and got the crowd all rilled up. Woo~

Even my dad admitted that she WAS good. I was totally blown away. I'd give my right arm to have a voice like that. On second thought, better not la, I still need my arm. Keke.

Anyway, after her, everyone paled in comparison especially the second Msian Idol. Omg, he is so miniscule! I'd bet that I'm taller than him *and that's saying something since I'm somewhat vertically challenged myself. ^_^* He looks so tiny on stage! Oh God. The wonders of photography! They managed to make him look way taller in photos. I wondered how did they do that...

Thinks to oneself: Can I make myself look taller too? Hehe...

Anyway, to get a more detailed view of the whole thing, click here then!

There were not so interesting items too like a band called Still Guitars which asked the crowd to pretend to shout like they're superstars. The crowd obliged though. lol...

Another boring item was a dance + song thingy called Boria which was supposed to be a famous traditional dance in Penang. Yes meh? How come I didn't know one? :T

Anyhow, many of the artises chatted in many languages & dialects. I think it was rather endearing when they spoke in Hokkien, especially Vic Teo (MI Season 1 Finalist), who was so funny!

The last artist to perform was none other than Daniel lo (I think he was placed last on purpose, you know lah, most ppl waiting for him only). A lot of ppl went wild, so I pretended to be enthusiastic lo. You know la, must pretend a bit ma, for atmosphere reasons. =)


Almost everyone was waiting for him, though frankly, I can't understand why. I'd prefer Jac over him anytime. Bah! His song rendition was just normal, almost the same as the album version lo. Truthfully, I could sing as good as him, if not better. TeeHeeHee. No offense, Daniel fans, just giving my two cents worth.

Oh ya, there was an auction in the middle of the concert which turned out quite funny. Some of the stuff sponsored was sold at dirt cheap prices, for example, an OSIM massager which retailed above RM1000 was sold around RM600 I think. God. And the MCs keep saying how generous Malaysians are. Well, at least there was one man who raised his OWN bid from RM800 to RM850 for charity purposes (and to save face kua). But then he was still buying the stuff much cheaper compared to the retail price.

Even the MC said: "If I had known this, I'd have registered as a bidder too."

I'd too, if I had the $$$ to match. Keke... The only item that came relatively close to its retail price was a laptop.

Anyway, there were lucky draws too. Only 1 number came quite close to one of our ticket numbers. Just missed by the second number! I think it was something by OSIM too. Gosh.

The last program was Rasa Sayang sung by all the artistes. We were going home ade, just to avoid the traffic jam. The funny thing was when Daniel's songs ended, alot of ppl were on their way out too, [thus proving my theory that they're there to see him only. Gah~] but when all the artistes came to sing again, including Daniel of coz, most of the ppl rushed back again! Haha...

So realistic leh! -_-

I guess that's about all I remember. I might add in more if sudden flashblacks fill my brain as they tend to do at times. :D Okla, cyaz!

Singing Our Hearts Out

Ok, we do it chronologically lah. I'll talk about the morning + afternoon section of my day first in this post.

Yesterday was damn syiok, man! Okay, I woke up around 6 something in the morning so that my dad can send me to my fren, xinyu's house on his way to work. I only had 4 hours sleep, ya know, coz I slept around 2 am the previous night. I think I'm really a night person. =P

So I was damn tired coz the past few days also not enough sleep (all of my own doing, I know) so I kept yawning like mad. Reached my fren's house and we yakked away for hours. First, she showed me her many many [almost 12 I think] photos albums of the days she spent in US as part of an exchange programme. I think I only managed to finish 8 albums coz both of us were tired (me from lack of sleep & energy and her from explaining abt her many experiences). Hehe. Good enough la.

Then, another 2 frenz start arriving [we're going together] and we chatted away nonsensically lo. Chatted until 10 something before her mum said we should get going ade lo, coz she wanna drop us there on her way to work. Anyway, she totally grilled me about the Karaoke Lounge we're deciding to go to *Star Ktv in 1-stop, practically obsolete I know, but the package is really worth-it, hence my choice lo. :)* asking me how the place is, are there any unsavoury ppl hanging around, is it safe and blah blah blah. Maybe I look more like a punk =P (no tattoos though, don't worry) compared to my more demure frenz.

Well, college does change ppl sometimes, I guess. Apparently, I was the only one who have been there before, many times summore lo. Hehe. Anyway, she finally relented and we're off! Thank God.

We reached there around 10:30 am and we lepak-ed around, listening to songs on our mp3s while yakking lo. (What else?) See Ting bought her mp3 at pcfair for RM235 and hers looked much nicer than mine leh, so sleek and silvery! Same features, btw. Yer~ I would rather spend a little bit more so it looks more cool! :( It looks more expensive too. Haih, what to do. Must hunt around more before deciding next time. Must be more discerning too. =(

After that, we went to Popular to hang around, waiting for the karaoke lounge to open for business. I finished reading the section abt life after death in "Singapore's Ghost Stories 13", so no need to buy ade! I don't really like ghost stories anyway, I have a too vivid imagination. Hehe.

Then, it was time for some singing!! Yayz~ I just lurve siiiinging! We had 4 hours to sing and we started right away lo. We sang to alot of songs lah, but mostly chinese songs coz for starters, my frenz don't really know english songs and ya know lah, english songs more difficult to sing lah. We did do a few malay numbers, courtesy of moi. Our last song was Gemilang lo!

Aiyah, damn diff to sing, but then I don't have the lungs of Jac, so nvm lo. =) I was to hear this song later that night, sung the way it should be sung.

We're real cuckoos, me & another crazy fren even sang to an old old song called "Ban4 Huang2 Di4". I learnt that song from my mum. lol... Hey, I sounded fabulous leh, didn't know I could hit the high notes so nicely. :D I sounded really good at certain songs, I think it must have been the correct key for me or something. Wee~ I still wanna sing summore!!

Anyway, we sang for 4 hours straight, and we went pretty crazy during the dancey songs, bouncing off the cushioned sofas. We sung, danced and practically went mad. Haha. I think this is one of the few times I had a really good time singing + dancing with my frenz lo. No barriers. Just let ourselves go! Woo~

Okay, we went home after going crazy lo! :D

Oh, ya... there was something that put a dampen on my spirits. I got a rather untimely bout of hay fever attack (again?!) when I was at my fren's house which didn't stop til I got to the concert. Haih... Therefore, I was napping throughout a few songs which I didn't like. Hey, don't worry, I can still partay when I'm feeling slightly under the weather! Woohoo~ I still went mad anyway.

Okay, will continue about my fabulous night at the Charity Concert. Cya!

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Bf + Gf Thingy

Eh, you got boyfriend already or not?
Really ah? Don't bluff, you know.
Aiyah! Why do I need to bluff you? Don't have means don't have lah.

What is it with some of my (old) friends anyway? Everytime we have a reunion of sorts, this is The Question that burns to be asked by them. *Sigh*

Do people (who just escaped their non-co-ed high school) plunge straight into the dating stream once they go to college? I don't think so, especially with the non-even ratio at colleges or unis nowadays. By that, I mean male/female ratio lo. More competition. T_T Dunno why that's happening though. =)

But surely going to college equals getting a college education? Does getting a bf/gf factor into the equation? Enlighten me pls, coz I'm unwise about such matters. :T

Anyhow, it doesn't mean that one shld throw oneself at any (hot) guy/girl one meets, right? Or simply accept the unfortunate guy/girl who thows himself/herself at your feet, confessing his/hers dying love (?!!) [Still got such thing? Oh, cynical me.] :D to you and blah blah blah. Talk about imprudence & being unfair to others.

I admit it, I'm really choosy in matters of the heart. Hey, I'm not a Virgo for nothing, ya know?

*Maybe I shld take a leaf out of Lyd's book and draw up a List for future reference hor? Good Idea! Makes a mental note*

Oh ya, by the way, I think I'm also scared of commitment!! You know, having a bf/gf is just like another person sharing your life in its purest form, which is dead scary for me, commitmentphobia freak! :( I think it's way creepy that someone would call you all day askin how you are, whacha doing now etc. Guess that I won't ever be a clingy girlfriend then, which is good for the guy, of coz.

But none of that hanky panky, mind you.

*Wags finger menacingly*

Some more hor, why do they think I'd like to bluff them? When I enquire why [politely of coz], they will say maybe it's because I don't want to let others know wo. Strange. Is it such a shameful thing? Nope, last I checked.

Anyway, can't we girls survive without a guy? I really really don't believe that I won't be able to "feel whole" without a guy (as an ornament... Teeheehee) on my side. I'm feeling quite whole now, thank you for your kind concern.

Wah, I sound quite scary, no? Hmm... At this rate, I just might scare away potential suitors leh. But whatever. I'm in a don't-carish mood now. Haha!

Right, did I mention I'm quite cynical sometimes, especially in this area?

Oh ya, I did.

*Mutters something about getting more senile*

Sometimes, being single IS a choice. =)

Gaming Progress

Okie, my controversial post gotta wait for a while (Yes yes, I'm working on it. Don't nag).

Now, I must tell you first about the progress of my gaming these holidays. Hehe. Anyway, I managed to finish Onimusha 2 : Samurai's Destiny after a few intensive hours of gaming. ^_^ I must give thanks to JunLin who recommended me this website --> Game FAQs... (click to check it out!) Way cool~ Actually, I got stuck halfway in the game because I was too stupid of a fault of the game. It needs the character to be erm, aligned correctly for him to proceed to the next level. So, any amount of reading from said site won't help! But at least it convinced me that I was on the right track though, so I must say thanks! :D

I'll use it to check out how another game must be continued lo. I keep digging out old games to see if I can continue playing or not. *Ok, this time I think I really got stuck thru daftness of mine. But whatever.* ;D

Right, before I go, do check out this post's comments!! I got people I don't personally know reading my blog!! Must be because I posted a comment at Kennysia's post about the current Harry Potter movie. And I also posted a link to my review so that people can read my views.

Hey, I can't keep on repeating myself. It's tiring anyway.

Ok ok, back to typing the "controversial" post lo. So naggy one, ya all! *Huff*

Thursday, December 08, 2005

One of the cannons in the Fort. Posted by Picasa

Another view of the Dutch Fort :) Posted by Picasa

The fish caught on the beach by the fishermen. Posted by Picasa

Ok, slightly blurry but the scenery was pretty, no? Posted by Picasa

Very blur coz the crab was moving about...
but this was the crab that was"tortured" by my cousins. Pity... Posted by Picasa

Snapshots --> Comments?

Hey, I didn't know that people like photos so much. [Ok ok, I know, a picture speaks a thousand words la. Or was it a hundred? Whatever.] Heck, it's way more easier to get comments by posting snapshots (albeit interesting ones) than blogging an entire post filled with humour [:( must be because I'm not funny enough lah.] or whatever. Lol...

Anyway, I think I'll take some time to brew up another interesting + controversial post lo. See if it works. I've already gotten the idea. Now, for some typing! Hehe...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

< The Eye >

Can you sense the mysterious aura around me? :D Posted by Picasa


Hehe... has been camwhoring some of my stuff after I got the Dongle device. Be prepared for another slew of photos, you guys!! :D

Anyway, I'll be going to Star Ktv with a bunch of high sch frenz this friday! Yayz! At first, the date was set this thursday, but a fren couldn't make it so we delayed it a day lo. I can't wait to sing! I haven't sung for a damn long time liao lo. XD

Of coz, that's going to be a busy day for me, since later that night, I've to accompany my sis to go see the Charity Concert at PISA lo.

Eh, don't get me wrong, she's not going there for the sake of charity leh, she's going there to see Daniel Lee, her idol~ Whoever. I couldn't be bothered. I've to go with her coz dad said he didn't want to go (at first) and my sis is "so young", she can't go alone. She'd be heartbroken if she didn't get to go, poor kid.

The job is up to me lo. I agreed coz at least there'll be other decent artistes. Anyway, I've prepared a bunch of rotting fruit (to throw at him) if he dares to go off-key. Just kidding. On second thought, No-lah, that's so uncivilized. ^.^ Actually, after listening to the Cd bought by my sis [eh, first time buy not pirated one leh. :O] I think it's okayyyy...but the falsetto is getting a bit to me. On Cd, he sounds ok, but live, uh.. LoUsy! He went off-key so many damn times, you know. Haih.

Hmmm... I also anticipate watching the following movies. They should be good, hopefully!! :D

  1. Memoirs of a Geisha
  2. Perhaps, Love
  3. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Ok, signing off.

Girl~Disenfranchised as always.

PS : Oh ya. Don't get fooled by Kryptos's new "Crush Calculator". It's just a scheme of his so that he'll get to know who your crushes are. Haha. Yeah, unfortunately, moi got tricked. But fortunately, moi had just simply put down a certain someone's name in the Crush section. Why? Just for a very simple reason. Coz I haven't got a crush currently ma! Muahaha... :> Btw, Kryptos, I must say, the writing of this program is cool, though a bit sneaky. Blah~

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Dutch Port (in Pangkor) Posted by Picasa

My new Mp3! Love it~! Posted by Picasa