Saturday, September 29, 2007


Right, finally the exam is over! So glad, coz I was kinda stressed the last 2 days. Was having the same symptom of nausea that I usually have when I'm super panicky and stressed. o.O

Anyway, the exam went okay, not bad for a system that I didn't have enough time to study for due to imu cup and lots of other stuff. I'd say it wasn't really difficult if you had studied well for it. Thank god I managed to speed up a bit the day before, was afraid that I wudn't be able to finish reading my notes (yes first round only as usual -_-). I did quite okay for the exam, although made some silly mistakes. So coincidental I was just telling my bf the night before abt how Calcium is carried in the blood but I just cudn't recall it - however much I tried to squeeze my brains for tat piece of info during the exam. lol. Why does this always happen to me? Can casually spot Qs for others but then for me to forget the answers during the exam? *shakes head*

That's all abt the exam, lazy to blog abt endocrine ade. It's a kinda selamba system, don't you think so? Somehow everyone is more laid back when it comes to endocrine, weird. Well, repro is next and I think this would be one interesting system. hehe. Time to get the gears back winding!

Oh ya, yesterday was also Zher Lin's 21st birthday! =) So to celebrate his bday and also as part of our usual post-exam celebration, a really big group of us (nearing 20 people) went to Greenbox for a karaoke session! It was really fun. We sang from 3pm till almost 7.30pm [they gave us extra time coz so many ppl in one room ma]. Btw, we girls got him a really nice champagne-colour tie! Hope you like it! :P

Then we went to Sunway Pyramid to have a very late dinner in Manhattan Fish Market. It was my first time there coz I'm not a big fan of seafood except for fish. lol. I had the Rahmadan set special which included a very tasty mushroom soup, a grilled dory fish with garlic butter rice (a new sort of taste which was not bad), a brownie with ice-cream (somehow so-so only) and a weird pink seasons drink. For RM28 I guess it was okla. Somehow I prefer Chili's food. [wah geng ah, getting used to eating all the expensive food ade lol]

We wanted to watch a movie after that but somehow we cudn't find any movie that was worth watching that. We decided that Lust/Caution with Wang Lee Hom in it seemed the best choice but then no point watching a steamy movie that is already heavily censored right? teehee. Hey we are over the legal age okay. >.<

So home we went. Most of them mahjonged the nite away. I didn't join coz I was just too mentally and physically tired. I guess the years are working their effects on me ade. *gasp* I used to be able to stay up for many nights and still able to party after that. Now? aikz.

Okla, that's all for now. yup the bday post wil be coming up soon. yes I'm freer now, so that is not an empty promise don't worry. hehe. Toodles!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Imu Cup Victory!

I can't believe it!! We, M106 got second place for cheerleading last night! yay yay.

And it gets even better, overall for the whole Imu Cup we got third place!! omigosh! It was plain euphoria last night for my batchmates who were there to witness this happy event. =D

Pharm B aka Spartans were really good. Their orangey red uniform is pretty! I like their opening part and how they use those human circles around a group of people thing. [where have I see that before? oh ya, Britney's Oops I Did It Again music video] They got third place though. The sem5s aka Falcons got first place. I like the part where they did those cute poses on the chairs.. so funny!

Anyway, had a really fun time watching all the batches doing their cheerleading stuff. I can imagine the sweat, tears and hard work those goes behind those routines. *thinks back to those backdrop days* M106 aka Venus apparently only took two and a half weeks to choreograph and practice! Not bad, right? As usual, our motto is 99% talent and 1% hard work! muahaha. [Let's hope that applies to our endocrine exam coming up soon in less than 2 days. uh-oh] I lurve the part where the girl slowly gracefully descent to meet the boy. So romantic and cute! hehe.

Sorry, for now no photos. I was just too lazy to attempt taking pics with my lousy camera phone. Anyway, I'll try to take a photo of the banners that Kee and Kee Ping did in the limited time span of 9 hours and post it up later. Btw, where art thou, banners? hmm..

Oh ya, this is our last Imu cup. *sigh* How time flies. Anyway, I do think we made a lot of improvement - from last place last year to third this year. Geng! Although I wasn't good enuf to take part in anything, it was still very fun to go support all my frenz! woohoo!

Okla, that's all for now. There are some things on my mind, but hey this is not the time to start blabbering or be stoned. Studies come first! Maybe I'll blog abt those stuff after the exam okay. Tata for now! =)

PS: Good luck to the sem3s that are having exams tmr! Cvs and respi together. that is so scary! o.O

PPS: omg my hsemate asked me some Qs abt cvs just now and I feel so stupid now. Why my brain is like a sieve? sigh...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beautiful Window Skins

Omg you just gotta check this out!

Rmb I mentioned in my previous post that I'll be showing off the new skins for my windows?

Well, here we are! Get ready to drool, computer art enthusiasts out there! Woo~

(the bolded words are the names given to the skins)


Isn't it nice? Just lurve the different shades of purple and all. (the background is my own) If you squint, maybe you can see that the buttons for min/maximize and X are different! Nice right?


It might be mainly gray in colour, but it ain't dull at all. See the colours of the highlighted icons? Purple and orange!! wow. And the start button (and most of the rest) are round icons that changes colour when you place your cursor on it! Cool~! Background comes with the skin.


Wow, this sure is beautiful! In varying shades of blue! (background is my own) And the words are in white. Lurve the tiny squares at the top right of the start bar. nicey~


Another gray skin. But brightened up with the orange borders that line every new window. (dunno if you can see it, it's kinda small) Look at the taskbar - it's curved at the sides.. stylish!


Check this out! A skin with a transparent glass concept. I purposely put the m106 blog header so that you can see the blurred colour changes in the taskbar! Freaking cool right? And all the borders of windows are lined with glass frames! amazing~!

,. Vectorcell

My favourite. Coz it's clean cut yet cool. Check out the curved lines in the middle of the startbar! I love curves that are drawn so beautifully. And the desktop background comes with the skin... and it's just so cute!! A person with an exclamation mark above his head coz he saw some UFOs. Kawaii!!

Right. I've shown you most of the nice skins available in my comp now. The rest are not much different. You just gotta admit how cool they are!

ohmigod you know my weakness for beautiful things... I *hearts* ART!

Yup, currently on the mend from my illness. Feeling so much better now. My cough and flu was so bad a few days ago. Thanks to my frenz who showed concern. =)

PPS: Yay, we got our second gold in table tennis/ping pong! Way to go!! Geng ah, our state player beat the national player. woo!!

PPPS: Wow, just started watching Bleach in crunchyroll. I must admit, the storyline is intriguing! Shinigami! Reminds me of Death Note. oops now is not the time to start a new addiction haha.

PPPPS: Endocrine exam in 4 days' time. Has lagged even further behind due to my illness. Better buck up, girl! Especially if you wanna go help with the art stuff later. huhu. Off to hit the books!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Back To The Embrace Of The Cyberworld

Oh, such glorious tidings I must sing of thee, dear internet!

Oh, don't bother abt me. I was just delirious coz this is my first successful post using my new internet service. teehee. >.<

Finally, there is the convenience of surfing the net in the ease of my home. So happy! =) And my comp has finally successfully been reformated due to the problem of it lagging recently. Dunno whether it's caused by virus onot but just decided to reformat coz there were just too many problems bugging it. hah.

Anyway, with the success of these two ventures, the credit must be given to no other than Khee Chun! Thanks very much ya. You spent sucha long time helping me get everything done.. Seven hours and no less. o.O Really grateful. Will belanja you makan when you're free okay! ^v^

Btw, he has downloaded new skins into my comp, which makes it looks so much cooler. Might show you guys in later posts. And now I also have photoshop CS3 (instead of cs2). And microsoft office 2007 (instead of the 2003 version). Everything looks so high end and stylish. I suka~! Thanks!!

Hmm this will just be a short sweet post becoz I'm like really behind in my studies and I haven't done my PBL yet, which is due tmr. yikes. And yes, I fell sick yesterday. Presented with sorethroat and accompanied with REALLY violent sneezing and mild coughing today! *sigh* Cant' believe I used up so many packs of tissues! Thanks to Li Yann and Valene for the contribution. haha.

Hope I get well soon. Need my full health to tackle this endocrine system. Yesh, I will really do my bday post soon k. You know lah, hurrying only will spoil the masterpiece. keke. And since there is now glorious internet, yeap expect more regular updates in this blog. Yay, time to revive it!!

Okay, shld really start on my PBL now.. huhu. Cya guys!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Good Deed Deserves...

...another? Not necessarily.

Look at what happened to me when I tried to self-mutilate myself donate blood last 4 days ago!!

*get ready to gasp in horror*

Yesh, that's me in tears. T_T

Can you imagine this? Two BIG bruises on my right arm that are growing bigger and darker by day. All just becoz I wanted to be a nice person for once and help the greater good. *boohoo*

Anyway, the tale started on a normal wednesday afternoon when Li Yann and I walked into imu, and we noticed that there was a blood donation drive going on. Since I'd donated before twice, I decided that I'll continue with my previous good deeds. It was Li Yann's first time too, so of coz she was rather excited abt it.

However, like the last 2 times, the flow of my blood into the bags was kinda slow. And so the nurses tot that it was a problem with their placing of the needle. And yes, they attempted to take the needle slightly in and out a few times, which was kinda painful. After several poking-arounds under the skin of my arm, the pain became too severe that I cudn't stand it, so I asked the nurse to stop and take it out. Altho my blood wasn't enough to fill the bag to the brim, but at least I tried, didn't I?

Anyway, what you see in the photo is the result of a haemorrhage due to the damage done inside I think. *sigh* Yes, it looks AND feels painful. -_- I think the nurse didn't insert the needle into the vein properly. aikz. Hope I can do it better next time for my future patients.

Whatever, just gotta take it all in my stride. And it IS for a good cause. Those precious drops of my blood is gonna go save some lives somewhere! yay yay~

PS: I had my 20th bday last friday!! ^v^ Was really fun. A full post coming up soon! Need time to upload and edit photos. hehe. Get ready for that! woo.

PPS: Btw, sorry for the irregular hiatus nowadays. Coz kinda busy plus no internet at home. Hopefully will get the internet line done soon. *prays* Meanwhile, be patient! kthxbai.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Polyvore (Part V) - This Rawrs!

Huhu, it's been quite a long time since my last Polyvore post. Okay, less crap and here we go!

Modern Cinderella

Running against time. Why did the fairy godmother set a time limit? lol.

Simple Romance

A boy and a girl falling in love outside the street on a moonlit night. romantic!

Hot Photoframe

Tell me, is the photo burning up? Woah... hot.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who's the fairest of all?

Of coz it's the beauty surrounded by flowers and all things glitter.

Study/Pets Room

I tot this was cute. A study room filled with dogs! Had fun arranging everything.

Oriental Fan

I like this!! The designs behind the fan match each other perfectly.

And bring out the beauty of the girl nicely! yay.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wary of The Past

It's been a busy busy week. I feel more busy than a bee. >.< lol.

No need to be said, I didn't get in much studying this week. I'm supposed to be putting in the finishing touches of my pbl this coming tuesday but I'm only like halfway thru. blek. [btw, did I mention that my new fasci is super leng chai? omigod. *rubs eyes* must concentrate. must impress. hehe]

The past week has been frightfully tiring. Is it becoz that my body needs time to adapt back to the hectic lifestyle of a med student after the sluggish lifestyle of the past 2 months? I can't seem to have enough sleep nowadays and I used to be okay with 6-7 hours of sleep everyday. Weird.

Or is it becoz that the past week had been kinda demanding, with lectures/csu at weird times (and my brain is like half-rotted) and filling my time with going to support my frenz in imu cup activites and helping them out with making pom-poms for cheerleading?

[Don't forget cooking almost 10 packs of spaghetti for the imu charity run carnival yesterday. I tot my feet was gonna break from all that standing. Luckily, our spaghetti was all sold out except for a few packs becoz the sauce ran out. Actually it ran out halfway when there were quite many packs left. Pui Fun and Suewen had to run out to buy the ingredients to cook more. aikz. Anyway, many THANKS to Li Yann for coming over so early to help me! ^v^ Cudnt have done it without you!! Btw, I think the carnival can be considered a success lah. So happy that I was able to be part of smtg that contributes to charity! yay.]

I dunno. Maybe it's a combination of both. =/

Anyway, the next few weeks will be packed too. But I need to get my act together. I can't afford to make the same mistake I made last year. The one mistake that cost me a lot. Well, at least it taught me to be more humble.

Now, I need to be more mature and efficient when it comes to distributing my time. I'll try my best!

Coz it's good to be more active in co-curricular activites and have a life outside studying (hey if you study all the time, you're gonna be one boring and wayyy out-of-touch doctor!). But provided that doesn't affect my studies.

Coz me getting this degree means a lot to other people besides me.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Meal

Okie okie, this is the promised post abt the first full chinese meal I made - consisting of three dishes and one soup.

Can you believe it that I managed to cook something resembling a full complete meal? And *surprise surprise*, it tasted rather delicious too, if I might say so myself. Yay!

Anyway, many thanks to my dear dear, who was as enthusiatic as me abt this "project" of mine. I wanted to prove to myself that I can cook as long as I'm given the chance (to make mistakes lol). He really helped me a lot. ^v^

Luckily the meal turned out fine. I really enjoyed the whole process of cooking it - well maybe except the smell of garlic that lingered on my fingers days after. =( And cooking is more fun than the preparation of coz. haha.

Okie I shall delay you no longer from the yummy-licious pics! Woo!

First up is... *drum roll*

Steamed Chicken

This is one of my favourites dishes. And the best thing abt it is that it's totally healthy! *licks lips*

Simple Omelette

Done with added onions strips, potato slices and some garlic bits. Simple but yummy~ hehe.

Fried Vege

Fried with garlic (the smell is heavenly!), it's a mixture of "xiao bai chai" [erm not sure what's its called in english], carrots and potato strips.

It tasted okay (can pass-lah) except that the green vege was a bit sour-ish. Shld have bought the smaller ones but then Carrefour or The Store don't have whut. sad.

And the last one is the most time-consuming of all due to its nutritious nature of having the most vege in it. [More vege = more time needed to peel and slice it.]

"ABC soup"

Called as such due to the addition of 3 things - carrots, potatoes and onions. Don't forget to add chicken meat for that nice soupe-y taste! I totally adore this. Coz it tasted really like how my mum makes it at home! hooray~

And that's abt it. What do you think? I feel so proud of myself. My first complete nutritious meal. yay yay! *starts jumping around like an energizer bunny pumped full of estacy lol*

It was really fun cooking and enjoying the meal with the bf. hehe. Pity nowadays won't have time to do much cooking ade. aikz.

Nah, something cute to make your day/night. ^o^

A cute smiley face made from egg yolk

Okay, I know the mouth is a tad distorted but hey it's not easy to break eggs perfectly ya know.

Btw, this smiley wasn't done intentionally, making it all the more cuter! I just noticed it after I randomly break all the eggs into the bowl. Isn't it cute? =D

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Not So Sunshine

Somehow, sem 4 seemed to be a flurry of bustling activities. everyday it's hurry hurry hurry~

Probably it's becoz Imu cup is near - and altho I'm not joining any events - I'll still go to support all my frenz. So far we're on a winning streak! Way to go, M106! =)

Anyway, my updating of this blog will hvta take a back seat for now, due to me being too busy plus the sad fact that the internet at my house is down. (heard tat nasioncom is going bankrupt!) So yeah, expect more irregular updates.

And don't forget, Imu Carnival is coming up this sunday. Me and my frenz are in charge of cooking spaghetti and omgwtfbbq, I dunno how am I gonna cook 10 packs of tat - alone. Too bad that the rest of my frenz are joining the charity run. But anyhow, I'll just try my best. I'm sure I can do it. I must have confidence in myself. So far the food I cooked is pretty edible. And tastes nice too! :P


Somehow, the past few days haven't been exactly sunshine-y fine. I don't know how to express myself. I don't even know why. There's just this inner tinge of sadness that I can't put into words.

Let's just hope things get back to normal soon. sigh.

Happiness is elusive if you intentionally search for it.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sem 4...

...officially starts tmr. With a bang? I dunno. But I know I'm not ready.

I'm as unprepared as someone who let her brain rot the entire two months can ever be. >.<

Anyway, come what may. I must try my best! It's gonna be a packed few weeks, with imu cup and the charity run activities coming. wooh.

Alright, time to catch some shut-eye. The shopping plus church activities has made me quite tired. Will talk abt that more in some later post. =) Toodles!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Gist Of Things

Wow, it has been quite a few days since I last stared at this page.

Sorry, been kinda busy. And the internet connection at my vista home went bust. I heard rumors that nasioncom is going bankrupt. And yeah, so the only way I can satisfy my internet addiction is using my bf's connection. phew.

Luckily, I've been kept pretty busy the past few days. Hmm, I got back on tueday and went for a late lunch with my dear dear at Mong Kok. Just lurve that chocolatey drink! hehe. After that, I went to watch the new batch's Variety Nite. Which wasn't too bad I guess, considering there are many more limitations now. Besides, I think I'm more comfy with a "cleaner" show. lol. Boy, it seems so long since my own orientation. I miss those days.

Then, on wednesday, I went grocery shopping! Need to restock my supplies. Kee and I had a filling lunch at ayamas before going to carrefour for the groceries. For dinner I went to my favourite ramen stall in Sri Petaling. I just can't get enuf of the ramen! yummy. The lady boss there knows me so well now, haha.

And on thursday, I ventured on uncharted territory by attempting to cook my first complete chinese meal. None of those weird-combo-easy-to-cook meals that I used to cook. hehe. This is a complete 3 dishes and 1 soup, nutritious balanced meal. Thank god after all that labouring in the kitchen, the meal turned out really nice. Kee really liked it too, so I'm satisfied!! ^v^ More details abt that in a later post k.

That nite, we decided to go watch the Merdeka celebrations at the bukit bintang area. We had dinner at this place called U-village. Yeah, you guessed rite - it's a hong kong concept restaurant again! lol. The Golden box thingy was delicous, but the cheese baked spaghetti sucks. I cudn't even finish it! And it wasn't cheap too. ish. I think my stomach had shrunk adapted to the penang proportions ade. Now I feel full easily compared to last time. lol.

Anyway, the crowd was pretty wild. Mak rempits on motorbikes carry big-ass flags waving and screaming. Or ppl tat were "high" and started spraying random ppl with those spray cans with foam/confetti thingy. Dunno what they are called lah. It's kinda scary to be surrounded by these crazed ppl. >.< I don't mind those groups that are just playfully spraying with their frenz lah. Hey I'm still young whut.

But the raving ppl who do random shots are scary! o.O And the already noisy atmosphere was made noisier with loud unwarned random explosions. Those crazy ppl light up their empty spray bottles to create that. *sigh* It's dangerous okay.

And sadly, the fireworks were set off at an area (albeit not exactly at midnite, mind you) where it was party hidden by a building. -_-"" And it wasn't as spectacular as one wud expect of a 50th merdeka. Sigh. Well, at least it was an experience.

The next day was woken up by a phone call from zherlin asking me whether do I wanna go Greenbox to sing karaoke tat afternoon onot. And I agreed coz very long didn't sing ade! hehe. Had a rushed lunch at Oldtown Kopitiam with Kee before setting off. I miss the nissin noodle! and the white coffee! Wow, I really am into eating eh. sei lo. Well, I had a really enjoyable time at Greenbox, altho it was more expensive (rm20!) becoz it was a public holiday.

Came back home then went for dinner. Oops, ramen again. lol. Then just hung around at home. Putting my room in order etc. Too boring for you guys to hear the details lah.

And today, I cooked my fav spaghetti for lunch. Added lots of extra stuff becoz felt like cooking these days. And it tasted really nice. Pity that I cudnt finish it. So it's now in the fridge, waiting for me to reheat it for tmr's breakfast. hehe. Dinner went to hawker stall with Beh. He's finally back with the others. Phew, vista can be more alive now.

So tat's the gist of what I did these days. The more interesting parts lah. It's not much, but most importantly, I enjoyed myself.

Well, the time for rotting had pass and gone. One more day before sem 4 starts. I'm not ready!! I wanna enjoy more now tat I'm in KL. *pouts*

Anyway, tmr is a Girls' Day out. Last day of Mega Sale ade! Must buy buy buy! haha. Alright, time to turn in for the nite. Tmr hvta wake up early. Nitey nite~! =)