Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

Happy New Year to all my readers and everybody I know! ^v^

Yesh, I am currently taking a peaceful break at home despite it being new year eve which normally would call for a celebratory countdown. :P

I guess this is what growing old does to you. lol. I know I've been procastinating about blogging lately (sorry!) and my posts have been brief and slow to come. I promise better material when I'm back in perth with less interesting things to occupy my time.

For now, a peaceful night with a loved one is a great way to welcome the new year. :) I'll definitely try to squeeze in a reflective piece about 2009. It certainly has been different, if anything.

That's all for now. Take care, peeps and wish everyone a great year ahead!

Friday, December 25, 2009

@Batu Pahat

Greetings abound from a place called Batu Pahat! I would like to wish all my readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

I know I haven't been blogging much recently - well nothing of any special concern has been happening recently anyway! - so what do you expect me to write about right?

Okay, for those wondering, Batu Pahat is in the state Johor and the only reason some friends and I are down here is that we're visiting a friend. I must say, some parts are pretty ulu but some parts are pretty modern. Kinda like Penang actually haha.

I really dunno what else to write now. I really have become boring like that, especially during holidays. I should stop rambling now. Feel sleepy again. bleh.

Right. Have a great day, peeps and we are almost ready for a brand new year soon! ^v^

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sleepy In Seremban

I'm writing this post in Seremban. Yup, I'm down to visit my friends for a few weeks before heading back to penang again!

I dunno why, but these few days, I feel so sleepy. Despite doing so little these days. Mentally or physically.

I didn't sleep so much then when I was in Perth. Despite being so busy and tired. Why am I like a pig now??

Haha okay, I don't think I'm making much sense blogging when I'm sleepy. Zzz...

Enjoy this video for now then! :)


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Year Later

I'm just back from a meet up with some of the penang imu peeps. :)

It makes me smile that things haven't change that much even though a span of a year has passed. We are still largely the same ppl as before.

And we are still able to talk crap freely like last time. Without forgetting to update each other on recent events, experiences and gossip of course! :P

This gives me hope that maybe, just maybe someday I'll be able to find something similar again in the future.

Until then, I gotta learn to be tougher and independent physically (haha exercise more?) and more importantly, mentally as well.

Maybe this is part of growing up.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back From Trip

I'm back! For those who might have wondered about me missing in cyberspace the past 3 days. :P

Was on a 4D3N family trip to cameron highlands. The trip was ok I guess, despite a few mishaps. Must learn tolerance more.

Anyway, I went trigger happy with all the plants. Especially flowers. Love macro mode hehe. I shall post up some of the nicer photos maybe later. I feel lazy now. bleh.

And yesh, I miss the internet.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Of Distraction And Vampires

It still amazes me that however good I thought I had hide what I wanted to say by distracting you with some other whimsical thing, you still managed to know by the tone of my voice. And I thought my conversation skills are good. So much for that. lol.

Maybe it's because you know me so well. I wonder if there will come a day that you will know me better than I know myself?

In the idleness of recent times, my mind wanders to the future, wondering how it will be like for us.

Will it follow the examples of others who had blazed the path before us? A set of unfortunate circumstances leading to an undesirable ending.

Or will it be a story worth remembering and retold countless times? Filled with memories of the good and bad times, together.


I was curious about the big hoo-haa about vampires since the release of the movie Twilight and the recent one, New Moon.

I mean, girls were going gaga over the guy. There must be a reason, right? I heard on the radio one day in aussie, they were saying a certain number of girlfriends have dumped their boyfriends after watching/reading said movie/book. A bit the drama queen, no?

The reason they gave was that they find their bfs to be nothing like the vampires, none of their strength or manliness or [insert some positive unhuman attribute]. *raised eyebrow*

However, I ceased to pass judgement before watching the movie. After having watched the first, I'm happy to say I've not jumped on the bandwagon of vampire love - thank goodness. But I guess I can see the attractiveness of escapism it offers to some girls out there.

But why would a girl want to be a vampire? Beats me. She was practically begging him to turn her into one. I find that kinda creepy.

And seriously, you want a boyfriend that is a vampire that wants to suck your blood all the time, who will never grow old (you will be a wrinkly old hag while he will still be a young man!) and glitters in the sun?? wtf is that. lol.

Haha I think I better stop here now. Or else I'm definitely going to get flamed by vampire lovers. woops. :P

Friday, December 04, 2009


Sometimes I feel weary. For no reason. Or is the reason deep down in my subconscious that I'm unable to grasp it?

Why do I still need to keep reminding myself how lucky I am and that I should appreciate what I have? Instead of being selfish and wanting more.

Perhaps that is just human nature.

We are never content with what we have and keep searching for more.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

At Leisure

I have always had the leisure of thought during the holidays to admire the fact that humans are ironic creatures.

Nowadays, one finds it hard to fill the time with meaningful pursuits. All I do these days is sleep, eat, read storybooks, watch Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, 宫心计 while praying the internet holds up (which it normally doesn't) and surf the world wide web.

Doesn't sound very interesting or adventurous, does it? I will probably be a pig at the end of these holidays! Gone are the hard work over the weekly jogging sessions the past few months =/

Too bad indeed. I would like to have done some travelling too. The world is so wide and so many things to see and explore! But all things need $$$. Can't wait to earn some of my own!!

Before I digress even further, the ironicity I was refering to is the fact that one always wants one doesn't have at the moment. The grass is always greener on the other side, ain't it?

When one is busy with work, one can't wait for holidays. When one has long holidays to indulge in, the idle mind wanders so and could well do with some mental work.

Haha yeah I know I could do some studying.. but alas, the flesh is willing but the mind is weak. :P I need some mental stimulation to start me off.

I remember when I was doing gen med, sometimes the busy-ness of the routine and the sleep/energy depreviation makes one unwilling to wake up and go to the hospital. However, I will still force myself to go.

But once I step into the hospital and see the patients and talk to them, it is as though by magic - all the unwillingness melts away. I feel alive and interested! Gosh. So many things to know and learn! Of coz, a good doctor who is willing to teach makes things even better. :)

Anyway, it's now been about a month since I was back. And I have hardly achieved much in this time. Oh, I guess learning how to do some graphics design and reading books is something in itself.

I wonder what the future holds.

PS: My mind is jumping from one thing to another in this post, isn't it? lol. Btw do check out the cute footer I added a few days ago at the lowest part of my blog. :)