Monday, July 31, 2006

A Question For You

Can/do you trust in at least one person wholly and completely?
Yes, totally!
Almost completely I guess..
It's possible but rare..
No, I don't think I can.
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Okay, guys. Just a tiny poll in reference to my previous post. I just wanna know whether it's just me that's cynical or that there are many ppl just lost lonely souls like me. Hehe. So vote ya, guys! Thanks a lot! :D

And here's a post by Denise that somehow just seems to be speaking about me. [I know she's talking about herself but it sounds quite like me leh...]

She has written it in a beautiful manner. But it still rings true, the message brought across is cystal clear. A great read.

And yes, I do see some similarities in our personalities. Hmm...

:: Trust ::

Do you dare to trust someone completely? To put your utmost trust in him/her? To trust without fears or limits?

I admit that I dare not. :T

Coz I'm cynical. Yeah, sad case but true, unfortunately. I think I just wanna protect myself from potential heartache. Yeah, that must be it. Yeah...

People might tell you that they'll be there for you forever, but how much can one trust? We do not know what the future holds, how dare we say we can overcome all odds?

Trust is a precious commodity nowadays. Rare.

Sorry but I think it's just against my innate instinct to trust completely and wholly.

Don't think I can do it. I just can't... *inner struggle* I'm sorry, peeps...


Was just wondering from whence did I turn into a self-dependent, cynical little brat. Hmm. :T *muses* See? I told you that I really suffer from Short-Term Memory Loss Syndrome.

I had to think for sooooo long before I got a possible answer.

It was a dreadful time that I did not care for reminizing. But I'm glad that I still have some emotions left when I suddenly tot of that depressing period of my life. Coz it means that I've not turned into someone devoid of emotions, that's all. *phew*

I was in Form 3 that time. *stares into space* I had a really good fren that time (let's call her X, shall we?) and I had known her since Form 1.

I believed in Best Frenz Forever [BFF] then, so I depended on her, totally. Yea, it was real dependence, wholly and completely. My fault.

Our friendship took a deep plunge that year. She started drifting away... and hooked up with a fren that we didn't really approve of. I got cross becoz of that, coz I felt that she didn't want to be frenz with me already... I felt that X had "betrayed" our friendship...

I was wrong of coz. And immature. *smacks self* [This realization came a bit too late..]

But anyhow, after the "cold war" raged... we kinda drifted apart naturally during Form 4. Coz we're in different classes that year. But I never regretted that year, I definitely had a GREAT time and met many different types of ppl that widened my horizon and perspective of the world. Frenz that were quite different from me, but tried to understand me and accepted me for what I am. *love ya guys!!* ^v^

Oh ya, I digressed again. Sorry, on with the story~

Well, we got back together during our Form 5 year. But I can safely say, our friendship was never the same again. Yeah.

I guess that incident had unsubconsciously given rise to the core belief (BS again? lol) that one shld never depend entirely on ONE person emotionally whatsoever.

And I never did that ever since.

I prefer to have a lot of good frenz. [No harm in that, right?]

Coz when one lets you down, at least there are others that will be there for you, right? Right?? I really dunno..

I guess that was the one incident that changed me significantly... shaped my current cynical personality. [Now only I realized how deep the impact was on me, told ya that it happened subconsciously..]

I mean I can trust ppl of coz (duh) but how many ppl can safely say they trust their frenz COMPLETELY? *show of hands pls*

Just wondering why this incident didn't really stick in my memory, that's all. Well, forget the past and move on with life, that's my motto, I guess. >> Live In The Now! <<

Inner Questions:

Why can't I change?

Why can't I trust someone completely?

Arggh!! :(

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Wicked Game

Hey, guys! This is one cool game that I'm going to recommend here...

Click here to start playing! :D It's called The Wicked and it's really wicked! lol.

It's really fun playing but it can really crack your brains out! My brains spilling out already... Haih.

Note: Some not-so-basic IT knowledge needed to play the original game... which is difficult for moi. Hehe. But I'll try my best~! Gambate to me! Haha.

Enjoy~ ^v^

Orientation Officer = Moi

Yayz! I'm going to be an OO (Orientation Officer) for the coming batch! Confirmed~!! ^v^

I know it's written there that I'm a reserve in the list sent around but...but! Someone has asked for "out" so I'm going in! Thank goodness~ Coz I really wanna be an OO leh... Hehe.

Happy happy~ :D

In case you're wondering what the grand job of OO entails, let me reiterate them one by one for you!

Here goes *keeping both fingers crossed*:

  1. To protect the juniors (which unfortunately may be chronogically older than moi, ha) from the wrath of seniors by trying to show them the ropes/unwritten rules around our uni.

  2. To help them suffer thru the excruciating but fun process called orientation with a smile on their faces and great memories! :D

  3. To let them get to know the ahem, mighty seniors, and well, (desperate) guys can get to know the junior girls in the guise of caring OO! Haha..

  4. Help them get good bargains for signatures, like how my OOs did for our group. Rmb when we had to sing 4 songs for the entire sem 3s (which wasn't so well received unfortunately)? Aikz. But at least we got 4 or 5 signatures for that embarassing ordeal. Blek.

  5. Hmm.. I can't think of anything else to crap ade leh... lol. Just basically to help them lah, help with the planning process, deflect whatever flak they might receive from seniors, help them get signatures etc... Ya, that's the job of an OO!

Anyway, just tot that I was lucky to know someone who just happened to want to pull out of being OO. ^o^ See? Knowing ppl helps! Or else I'd still be a reserve leh... Hehe.

Yayz! :D :D :D

PS: KL's biggest shopping malls are having the annual Mega Carnival Sale leh.. Why do I have to be in Penang when they're having SALES??? *wails* I wanna go shopping leh, I'm so deprived of it!! Especially looking at Ellice's post about great bargains... :(

PPS: Think I'll be SM (Station Master aka as the Terrors of Ragging!) during semester 3 lo! Hehe. Go from the good side to the evil side, that I will... Muahaha~ :P

PPPS: The guys are coming down to Penang next weekend! (^v^)v The planning process was pretty kelam-kabut (to say the least) but hopefully everything will solve itself out. Yayz, my life won't be so boring for at least a few days! Haha. Can't wait to show them around, but hopefully my other Penang frenz know where to go for great food coz I'm not really pro at that. Hehe.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

.: L.O.V.E. :.

Nah, I'm not here to talk about Ashlee Simpson's song titled L.O.V.E... though it's quite a nice song, of coz. :)

Anyway, what is the meaning of love? Probably everyone has their own perception or definition of this tiny but powerful four-letter word...

Check this out, Wikepedia even has an entry trying to explain what is love!! I'm too lazy to read the long-winded passage though. Haha.

Probably you guys are surprised about the abruptness of this post (Hey, I am a deep thinker okay! lol). Well, that's becoz I heard a story about love and feel that it's very worth sharing with you guys.

Here goes:

The Story About The Meaning of Love

A young man once went to a wise man and asked him: "What is love?"

The wise man told him to go into a forest and choose the most beautiful flower there and bring it to him. He's only allowed to choose ONE flower, once he plucked it, there's no going back.

Nodding, the young man ventured into the forest.

He walked and saw a pretty yellow flower in the bushes. At first he wanted to pluck it, then he thought to himself: Oh, what if there is a prettier one ahead? Thinking that, he didn't pluck the flower and continued walking.

He saw a even more beautiful flower ahead. Thinking to himself: Oh! This flower is so pretty! Should I pluck it? But...what if there a more beautiful one in front?

And yet again he walked on. And this happened many many times. Again and again, he didn't choose any flower. Until he finally walked out of the forest, empty handed.

He went to see the wise man. The wise man then said: "This is love."

Gathering his thoughts, he yet again asked the wise man: "What is marriage?"

The wise man then asked him to go forth into the forest again and choose ONE flower. Once he had made his choice, he cannot choose another flower again.

With this in mind, the young man yet again went into the forest. This time when he saw a pretty flower, he thought: Oh! This flower is really pretty! Should I pick it? If I keep searching for another one, I might end up with nothing like last time. But if I pick it already, I cannot choose another one already wo...

But after much thought, he decided to pluck that little pretty flower.

With the flower in his hand, he walked on happily. But to his dismay, on the way out, he saw yet another flower that was more beautiful than the one he was holding. He could only look at the other flower longingly but alas, he had made his choice.

This happened a few times but he managed to hold on to his first choice. Finally he was out of the forest.

He then again went to see the wise man.

The wise man then said: "This is marriage. Once two ppl have made their choice to get married, they will have to stick with their partner through thick and thin. Even if there are ppl that are better than their present partner, they can only look, but no going after them. Understand? This is marriage."

The young man's face dawned with understanding.

End of Story

Hope you guys liked this story. Understood ade onot, the underlying moral lesson?? :D

Dunno where I heard this story from, but I've managed to transform it into writing! ^v^ Geng leh! Haha...

Orientation Photos (Part 2)

Guess the limit is 5 photos per post I guess. So another 5 amazing photos bout my orientation for you guys to enjoy. I might post more, see how things go first lo.

During Ice Breakers. Rather chaotic and erm, dirty scene.

Can see some familiar faces ade, to think that I dunno them last time.

Hehe. And those faces don't look too happy. lol.

During Telematch. Erm, dunno whose hand was that..

But looks damn ganas leh the senior!

Classic shot! Love it! :P

After Ice Breakers! Dirty BallBusters!!

Look at all that colourful ammo!

They even colour-coded it according to type! lol.

My group's banner in all its short-lived glory! Ya, I know it's obscene~ LOL!

And wanna say thanks to my kind OOs: L - R: Kenneth, Vun Heng and James!

They really helped and supported us through our "moment of peril"! Haha.

One of my favourite photos!

Coz we're like SO freaking high during Treasure Hunt!

I think it was becoz we had a like "since we're going to get ragged anyway, might as well go and do it properly" sort of attitude!

Gogogo! United-ness~ Love it! ^v^

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Long Distance Relationships

Was just wondering about something. Is it logically possible for Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) to work out??

Before any of you jump to conclusions (yes, a lot of you're prone to that, ha!), let me say, I'm NOT in any relationship currently, and sadly, none before. lol.

Just in case you're wondering why I'm broaching this topic out of the blue. I've my reasons, which I shall reveal later in the post. Read on first.

I mean, you can say all that crap that it's about trust, communication and blah blah blah [sorry, I use "blah blah blah" coz somehow I can't think of more, lol], but still it boils down to whether the relationship can really survive the wide gap of probably long distances, different time zones and the feeling of not being part of his/her life for sometime.

And LDRs really suck too, I think, not that I've experience, blek. All the sad feelings, missing the other half, not knowing what is going on in your partner's life etc... SAD~

Can it work??

I really dunno. :T

Coz you see, *reason being revealed* when I went back to coll the other day, I also managed to catch up on some juicy college gossip news.

Apparently, out of the 6 college romances that have sprung up then, 3 have already broken up... :(

The other 3? Status yet unknown leh... But wish them all the best lah. :)

Probably Galileong was right again? (Why he's always right wan?) He asked us to not to dabble in this sort of lovey-dovey stuff [loveron transfer anyone? lol] as we'll probably are not mature enough yet..


The big Q is: Am I mature enough?

I don't want me or anyone else to get hurt. :T *Sigh* But probably is a bit premature to think of that.

But who cares? I'm too free, so might as well do some mental work. lol.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Orientation Photos (Part 1)

Haha, I know this is such a looooong time ago, but sorry lah, it takes a freaking long time to upload photos using the comps in uni. So I upload now okay! Better late than never! lol.

Ok, finally got the photos!!! Of what? My orientation! Yayz! ^v^ Ok, it's a long time ago, but hey, the photos are timeless and damn crazy la! Haha.

I apologize for my unphotogenicness... Didn't have time for posing and looking for the nicest angle while playing games leh! Wakaka~

So here goes (in no particular order coz I'm too lazy to organize for once):

Just after Treasure Hunt! Group 10 aka Ballbusters, We survived!!

Damn high leh then! :D

Playing the fool during Telematch!

We want revenge against the seniors! :P Gogogogo!

Dunno what the seniors were thinking when they tatoo-ed that on a junior.

Oh, I dunno whose hand was that wo. lol.

Ice Breakers! Damn dirty!! And look at our gorgeous banner that was destroyed by the stink bombs! Aiyo~!

We look... dirty. Haha!

Variety Night. When the IMCCs had to perform. Ours was a nurse. Poor things.

And our sketch wasn't well received due to

too much obscene content that we tot the seniors like. O.o Picky~!

I shall nvr forget (and the others won't let me too) the "rectal examination" scene in the play!! Omg!

Okay, dunno why, but I can't seem to load the extra photos I still have. Maybe blogspot have a limit to how many photos u can put in one post?? Strange.

Anyway, enjoy the ones I've simply put up first, I'll try to upload the rest later, I hope. Ciao~

Turning Mouldy

Hmm. Have I been doing anything even remotely productive these past few days? I think I can safely say I've done nothing at all!! o.O

I shld totally start on my elective report leh, on ice-skating!! :T Seeing that I've a short-term memory problem (or so I claim), it's quite possible that I might forget what I've done that week leh... Then charm ade lo! Wakaka~

But I really dunno how to start! And I allowed to ramble like a fool (like I do often in this blog, blek) in the report? Or is it a scrapbook that we're supposed to make?

Ah, hell. Later only I simply write lah. My tutor doesn't really care anyway. lol.

I have been onlining like there's no tomorrow, playing sudoku everyday, watching some movies and... what else have I been doing? Nothing! *Sigh*

I'm totally turning mouldy here. >.< Sienz!

I really hope that the guys will make the planning-in-progress-trip down to Penang leh... Please!! I'm so bored here. I'm missing the more "happening" life I had in KL!!

And most of all, I miss my FREEDOM!! :( *mutters bout strict parents in the background*

Haih, frenz in Penang, gimme a call please! We go hang out okay? I'm totally bored~ Haha.

I'm Innocent!!

Okay! I wanna proclaim that I'm innocent... that I did NOT send porn videos to these nutty guys - namely Kee and Leong! >.<

Although, yes, the title of this video is Internet is For Porn, doesn't mean it's porn okay?? -_-""" Really~ *shakes head*

Click to watch and return me my innocence! I'm not guilty!! :T Aikz.

Yaya, it's a really funny/lame video. Hahaha. Enjoy~

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sudoku Craze

Yupz, that's right! I've finally been bitten by the Sudoku bug.

I mean, it's just a matter of time before I'd get hooked to a puzzle that needs exercising of my mental faculties! Coz that's what I loved best. :) I rmb loving solving all those puzzles in games since young, I don't mean to brag, but I've gotten pretty good at those that it took me no time at all to solve those Harry Potter puzzles in the PS2 game! Yippee~

So since I'm so free now, must not let all those brain cells go rusty oh! Haha.

Saw the guys playing Sudoku the other day, so I went back home, felt bored and tried playing it. Great game! Easy rules, but not so easy to play lo! ^v^

Started by playing the easy ones first. (They have ratings for the difficulty level.) But later tried the hard and different ones.

See? I've graduated to this Super Sudoku leh. Not bad right? (I've just started bout 1 week.) It's like 5 normal Sudoku boxes merged into one! Uber cool! And superbly hard too! :T

Took me about 2 days to finish it, albeit with lots of breaks in between! :P You shld know lah, I procastinate a lot. But this one really needs lots of rest in between or I'll become like this @.@! Haha..

Eh, must prove that I finished the whole thing leh.. No cheating. Blek. It's really addictive! I've been playing it everyday since! lol.

There you go. I did it!

Okay okay, fine, I know this is a nonsensical post, but just for fun lah. Hehe.

Click here to play more sudoku! ^o^

Friday, July 21, 2006

Googling My Blog? I Know!

Okay, out of boredom, I decide to check my blogpatrol statistics. And imagine my surprise when I saw the above. [Sorry if pic is a bit small, try to practice "accomodation" on your eyes lo! Haha.]

Apparently, ppl googled out my blog using the weirdest key words. The green arrows refer to ppl who google some of my frenz' names but ended up on moi's blog instead. (Weird. Yeah, Shea Speare! You're one the ppl googled! lol.)

Orange arrow refers to someone who I assumed has a fetish for "penang girls" and googled that in the hope for porn? Ha, but he ended on my porn-free blog instead. Sucks to you. :P

Red arrow is for some noob who googled I mean, Yahoo-ed! (sounds funny) "imu 2006 exam resit". Wonder if it is a current student (batchmate even?) or some future junior worried about the failure rate in Imu. Well, if you want to know how many ppl failed etc, is this the correct place? I've not place any statistics here although I've heard some rumours lah. Hehe. Not so kaypo lah, moi. :P

And last but definitely not least, purple arrow is someone who googled Yahoo-ed! *drum roll pls* no other person but... ME! Serious! Squint your eyes and read properly. Someone googled Yahoo-ed! my entire name in CAPITAL LETTERS summore!

I have a stalker I see. lol. We'll see. *winks*

How interesting when you can see who reads your blog. Blogpatrol is the best tracker I've used. Very comprehensive statistics. Haha, so don't stalk me, or I'll know! lol. Though I rarely use it these days, unless I'm very bored from lack of things to do. Like now. Hehe.

PS: "Google" is officially a verb now. But "Yahoo!"? Go figure. lol.

A Day Out

Went out the whole day yesterday! *phew* Exhausted... Seems like I've more stamina to partyyyy in KL then in Penang leh.. Wonder why..

Reached coll early in the morning. Yupz, to visit my coll lecturers and hang out with some coll frenz! :D We visited Galileong, Leela, Mr.Goh and Meow... Chatted lo. They asked how we're doing etc. But they're still the same old lecturers. Haha. Missed them a lot.

Some reminising in order:~

Hey, coll mates, rmb how Galileong used to "tease" us when no one dared to look at him and were "busy" scribbling answers when he started asking Qs?? He was SO right then... Haha. But then I later made it a point to look him in the eye and he only asked me Qs occasionally. So there! lol. But he was a GREAT lecturer. You can't help respecting him a lot. :)

Then, there was one occasion when Leela asked me to answer a very simple Q but I couldn't coz I totally blanked out during class. Hey, moi is a good student, the only reason I zonked out that day was becoz it so happens to be my bday that day! Imagine my horror surprise when she started singing a birthday song for me (with full orchestrating motions okay!!) in front of the whole class! o.O Click here if you're kaypo and wanna know more. :P

Okay, enough reminising. Time to prattle on bout my day.

Well, I also met one of my juniors there. Miss Sin! :) So nice to bump into you! Hehe. Chatted a bit but she have class lah. Hey, you should not be late for class just becoz you wanna chat with me leh! I know I'm important but still... Hehe. Okay, j/k! :P

Well, the coll mates that did come were Shea Speare (nope, not Shakespeare! lol.), Lynn Ju, Li Sha, Jun Lin and last but not least, a delayed arrival of MZ!! ^v^ So few only hor... Coz a lot went back to Australia ade.. or other places lah.

Hmm. Noticed smtg too. Those that went overseas had put on some noticeable weight leh! Coz they say the food there too nice ade! I was drooling when Lynn Ju described the hot chocolate and other delicious food there! :) *yum*

We had lunch in the Cyber Cafe in coll coz I said I miss the spaghetti there! The others missed the chop rice I guess. Haha. But the spaghetti there was so-so only, I ate my whole plate without really savouring the taste coz was too busy talking and laughing at their jokes! Keke. Same old funny MZ! [Haha, I know you will read this soon! :P Btw, you're the only one who complained bout pink words on black background leh... so I changed to this new one lo. Like it onot? lol.]

Then, we had to decide where to hang out afterwards. Coz we don't wanna go home yet ma. Hehe. At first we planned to go Redbox in Gurney Plaza wan, dunno why they decide against it later. :( But in the end, we decide to go watch Just My Luck in Gurney lo! Yayz.

But alas. It was not to be. When we reached there, the next movie was at 7pm leh! Too late ade.. Haih. So we settled for watching Recycle. [Noo, it's not a movie about the enviroment lah, lol -_-] Award-winning Malaysian actress, Lin Sin Jie was acting. *Note: My aunt taught her in high sch leh, cool* And for a scary movie (and I'm not a fan of horror movies, mind you), I tot it was pretty good. Though there was some weird parts that didn't fit into the plot, probably just to scare us silly, the best thing about it was that it carries a moral lesson at the end! Cool! So this is one horror movie that I'd recommend watching! And to think that I wasn't so keen on horror movies before. Haha.

Then it was time to go home and prepare for the bbq at night. Thanks a lot, Shea Speare, for the ride home! Hope you didn't get lost on the way to the airport. :P

Hmm. Arrived at the bbq organized by Kim Chuan a tad late. *Thanks for the invitation!* Lucky I wasn't on time anyway, coz only one girl ex-classmate was there when I arrived. Felt a bit weird coz the other guys I didn't know at all. They're his secondary sch frenz.

Isolated? A bit lah. But not his fault. He was a great host. He didn't really eat too coz was too busy being a gracious host. lol. Afterwards you pening, only you know! :P Well, moi didn't really eat a lot too, coz was a bit under the weather, just ate some of the foodstuffs ready on the table lo. Can you believe that I went to a bbq but did not eat any of the bbq stuff at all? lol. Wasn't too keen on eating the chicken (coz too mafan ade, haha) and no one was nice enough to bbq sausages for me. :(

And then my primary sch frenz arrived one by one. Chatted a bit lah, but still feel weirded out. They're a clique in school, and the topics they chatted about, I'm not so ngam lah. What to do, different frequency ma.. So long didn't meet ade, summore they went overseas for sometime ade, of coz everything changed ade lah. Or maybe I'm just a more down-to-earth person kua.

Btw, a lot of my primary and high school mates are doing medicine leh..! I wonder how many are in it for the passion or the status or the money (boy, are they going to be disappointed! Doctors MAY, i repeat, MAY earn quite a tidy sum but they don't have much time to enjoy it..)

But who am I judge ppl? I'm not really sure why I am doing this course either, except for the very vague notion that I really really want to help other ppl. At least it's not for the money. Ha. That I know.

Nvm, that Q will haunt us throughout our years of doing medicine I guess. *mused look*

Anyway, went home about 10:30pm. First time I wanna go home early during a party! lol. Tired plus a bit bored ma. Whatever. Guess that is what happens during weird reunion parties? Aikz.

The only thing that doesn't change is that things change.

At least I enjoyed myself the early part of the day! (^o^)v

Mental note to self:
Must try to keep in touch with old frenz more!! I need msn for that! Internet pls~!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Emo-ing About Life

Life was fine and dandy. Yeah, right. Oh ya, important word is "was".

Arggh. What the hell am I blogging about. Look out for more nonsensical posts in the near future coz emotions are totally on a hellish see-saw. *starts pulling hair out*

Ha. Don't bother about me. I'm just plain emo-ing here. [Tak boleh ah? This is my blog wo.. lol.]

Well, fellow M106's who read my blog, the decent ones anyway, aren't you even a weenie bit outraged over what a fellow fren said over here in this post? (Or else why no comments at all??) Come on! I do think what some of our batchmates did was too much. Where's the empathy, man?? We're going to be future doctors, if we can't spare a tiny bit of sympathy for fellow frenz, my God, I can't imagine how will your patients will suffer. *Sigh*

No wonder she was disillusioned with the world. Well, she did specifically mentioned the world, as in "the world in imu". *shakes head*

My God. Was I right to be cynical? Was thinking of changing that unhealthy personality trait in me, especially after I met so many nice ppl in Imu... but now I'm uncertain.

Oh well. Life goes on, as usual. :T

When life throws you a lemon, just make iced lemonade! :P

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be able to handle it. *thumbs up* Well, at least I'm turning into an optimist, although I might still be cynical. ^v^

PS: Pls stop asking me who is the girl in person. I can't and won't tell. It's not politically correct, okay? Haha. Just hope that she feels better now. (I think I've a future in counselling if my current course doesn't work out. lol.)

Monday, July 17, 2006

To Trust Or Not To Trust

Felt a bit sad when I heard another fren also failed the exam. But that's only partially the reason.

Coz she told me that she was disillusioned with life in imu. That she was disappointed with the ppl she met here. I am appalled at what she has to tell me.

She told me that the ppl she've met so far were total fakers (excluding me of coz, or she wouldn't be telling me this). Ppl who are nice to you in front, but turn around and talk bad things about you behind your back. :O Imagine this, there were ppl [yes, our batchmates!] who told her to her face that she deserved this since they tot she "didn't study hard enough". Wth!! This is too much lah.. Tsk tsk.

I've been lucky so far, I guess. The ppl I met and are close to, turned out to be really decent ppl. That's why I agree with Evelyn and Lishun when they say Imu is full of decent ppl.

I quote Eve: "Imu students may be wealthier than the average student outside... but many have hearts of gold."

To me then, it was true...but now, after what my fren told me, I guess I hvta be more careful. Maybe I was being naive? Dunno...

But then, I'll just continue making new frenz lah. Scared of getting hurt by other (bad) ppl is surely no deterent to mixing around, right? The reality of the world is like that lah.. What to do. As long ppl who I'm close to me are decent, that's fine with me ade.

We can't have everything, you know? But that's life. And I'm happy with life in general for now. *smiles happily* ^v^

PS: I hope all my frenz passed their resit and that she finds more decent ppl to hang around with in imu. Hey, I won't mind introducing you some cool frenz too! :) Cheerz!

PPS: Go read Pui Fun's post about her recent traumatic run-in with a snatch thief. So damn scary okay! :O So girls, pls do be more cautious and try to be thick-skinned a bit [what to do..] and ask guys to accompany you home when you're going home late at night. >> Safety first << Woah, I'm scared! Especially with so many robberies happening near my uni too. :O

PPPS: Some of my Imu frenz might not know bout my other blog. It's where I put my creative work, though I haven't update it for sometime. Sorry lah, where got time to maintain two blogs? lol. Click here or on the link titled "My Alter Ego" lah. Enjoy! ^o^


Alamak! Tot that I could relax after such a looong post, but manatau was reading blogs when I came across Michelle's. Apparently she had tagged me wo..

Since this is the first time ppl have tagged me, I'll do it properly then. I have a lot of time on my hands now anyway. (Hey I was the first on her tagged list leh...hehe)

Ok, here goes.


*Starts counting on fingers* Oh! I was in standard 3 I think. *blur* Anything special happened then? Oh ya, I got No.2 in the whole form. For the first and [unfortunately will also be the last] time in my life. Hahaha... Still rmb the strict teacher that forced us to practice chinese calligraphy that moi wasn't that good at.. Playing with the inkwells. :P Ha, nothing much to say lah, coz moi so innocent then. lol. *winks*


In form 2. In an all-girls school liao. :( Always tot that that was the reason I was a bit socially retarded in my teenage years! lol. Hmm. Still trying to forget my first crush. Never had the courage to confess then. :P Can't believe that liking someone then was so innocent, so pure of motives or intentions whatsoever. Like means like lah. Funny lah, this remisnicing~ :D Well, was a bit awkward in my secondary years I guess.


In my Pre-u at Inti Penang. Doing my HSC then. Met lots of different types of ppl and started socializing more. Made tonz of frenz! ^v^ Started being more independent and outgoing... Joined more cool activities like the Amazing Race (Part 1 and 2) and Prom Nite etc. [Read thru some of my past entries, and my god, I sound so noobie! lol.]

My physics totally improved under Galileong's guidance, compared to my secondary's sch. Hehe. Did quite well in my studies then and got pretty good results! :D Happy~

It was also the first time I kena backstabbed by a fren. (sorry for bringing up this again okie) Click here if you wanna know more. But don't worry, although I won't be able to clearly grasp the reasons why you did it, I still forgive you. Maybe it was just a moment of madness. Besides, forgiving makes ME feel better. :) Enough said.

Anyway, all in all, it was a really good year and I miss the frenz I made then. A lot of them are overseas now! Boo hoo~


Sleeping a lot and praying that my connection would be up soon. Sms-ing frenz to chat. Listening to songs, especially love songs. Starting to appreciate the meaning of the lyrics. I must be quite noob before! lol.


*check's playlist*

  • Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows (OST Shrek 2)

  • Hips Don't Lie - Shakira feat Wyclef Jean

  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John

  • Back At One - Brian McKnight

  • Sentimental - Kenny G


Sorry for repeating some of the songs, just so happen I know the lyrics too. :P

  • Back At One - Brian McKnight

  • I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith

  • Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Blue feat Elton John & Kenny G

  • Most of Penny Tai's songs

  • Most of Fish Leong's songs


Erm.. What about running home, snuggling under the comfy covers? *contented sigh* Hanging out at a frenz' house? Haha. Kinda weird title, this one.


  • To do well in every exam that comes my way! And of coz be a good doctor.

  • That my family, frenz and of coz, me will always be happy.

  • Find a special someone to share my life with. *winks*

  • More money so I can buy the material desires in my life. A Nano I Pod and a new phone would be cool. :D

  • Can't I wish for world peace? Since I practically covered everything with bullet no.2 anyway.. Haha.


  • Hanging out with my Penang frenz. (instead of blogging)

  • Chatting online with my frenz. [they're not online now..]

  • Watching the anime that Eugene burnt for me

  • Watching the movies that I missed becoz of exams

  • Opening my medical textbooks to cover what I've missed studying in sem 1. (don't think this will ever happen, haha)


  • My family (most times lah, when they don't annoy me too much, hehe)

  • My frenz [yes, they cheer/crack me up so! Love them to bits! ^v^]

  • Watching dreamz come true.

  • The feeling of being loved. Very nice (and new) feeling, I must say. :D :D

  • My material possessions like laptop and handphone.


*Sorry oh if I didn't tag you, I only tag those who would more probably go thru with this, haha... oh ya, Evelyn, you can do this after ur exam, no worries~ :P*

  • Pui Fun

  • Kee

  • Evelyn

  • Jun Lin

  • Khai Meng


Warning: Super long post ahead. Guess that my long-winded tendencies have returned when I've nothing better to do. lol. Just let my fingers do the rambling okie~ :P

Aikz. Lousy internet connection. That's why I haven't been able to online properly the whole weekend! Even the home phones are not working! No dial tone at all. Strange. I wonder what's wrong. I really want to online!! :(

Anyway, let's clear up some things that I left out in the previous incoherent post. Hmm. How did I spend the last few days before I came back to penang?

I spent every morning of the week ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid. It's a really COOL sport! (yes, pun intended, lol) I really like the rush of cold air while one speeds around the ring. I have the need for speed of coz [on ice only, roads? Nah.] but didn't go too fast as I wasn't too good at braking yet. Wouldn't want any collisions, would we? I think I'm too old for that too. Haha. [But quite true, I really felt pain whenever I have the 'good fortune' to fall on the ice those few days. The ice is really hard!! And not so nice on my kneecaps..]

Well, I must say, the ice-skating shoes they have there are really in poor condition. SO rough!! Both of my feet are severely hurt already by the friction btw my feet and the boots. *Counts number of wounds and plasters on both feet* Wah, so many..!! Painful leh... :'( Even some of the guys hurt their feet too. So don't say that the skin on my feet is too fragile ya.. Haha.

But as I said, I seemed to have a high threshold for pain, so I managed to grit my teeth and get on with my elective for five freaking painful days. Not bad, right? :P

Okay, what did we do besides that?

Nothing much on Tuesday, I think. Or nothing that I can rmb anyway. My short-term memory problem must be getting worse. Hehe. Well, we had one lunch in Kim Gary (I still can't find the type of toast I want!) but mostly at this really nice coffeeshop called Ming Tien... Yum. :) We met James, Ching Mei and Mui How in Kim Gary. *surprise surprise* They said they kept calling our names while we were skating but we didn't hear them, I guess. Same case with Stephanie and Grace who saw us on Thursday. Haha.

And Kee came back down on Wednesday so all us went back to Sri Petaling for lunch. Later we played badminton at the court in Vista B. Unfortunately, the court was booked for the wrong time, and we had to crawl around searching for a court to play. But sadly, we couldn't find one. Oh well, we went jogging (more like climbing) in the park nearby. Nice place, must come here more often! :) I must improve my stamina ah...!

Then, for the first time since ever, we had around 14 ppl out for dinner that night. Not bad! I think almost everyone that was still around in vista went for the dinner. :D So the only place we could go was Kinrara Mamak lo. Like the maggi goreng there, though a bit expensive~ :)

Later, we spent the whole night at Eugene's place playing PS2!! Yeah, the Naruto game lah.. Kee managed to resist the allure of playing Dota with the guys and came to play Naruto with us. ^v^ Haih, managed to beat him at first but later we evened out. I'll practice more! lol. We played until 1 in the morning, before Kee decided he wanted to go home ade. Followed him since I was kinda tired and didn't want to walk home alone.. The rest played till 3 smtg in the morning I heard. Crazy.. Haha.

So that's for Wednesday.

Thursday? The day when our results would be released lo.. Scary? Definitely. But we pushed all these scary thoughts from our mind and played hard!! lol. Morning was spent skating as usual. Oh ya, Kee joined us too, for fun. ^o^ Eugene and Valene then had a go at the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) machines outside the rink. Looks fun! :D They can really dance~ Hehe.

We went home then since the guys had to go help around with the aikido seminar stuff at about 3pm. Had to rest a bit right? They had to help carry really dusty mats from the HQ to somewhere in Puchong. And had to clean them too. I wanted to go help at first but I was too tired and had a lot of household chores to take care of before I leave for penang. Sorry ya, guys!

Then it was time. For the results to be released. Major Yikes!! :O Well, Pui Fun, Li Yann and I went to get our results together... (Sue Wen couldn't come coz she was working.) We decided to open our results slip together but they're so slow! My heart nearly stopped lah, waiting for them. Haha. But they managed to open in the end. And you know lah, what my results were [refer previous post]... Evelyn and Kah Heng were there to kaypo, hehe, but according to them, they wanted to "remember that this was a happy place" as they'll be having their exams there soon... LOL. But thanks for coming anyway. :D

The guys from aikido weren't back yet.. Waited for them, while I hung around, looking at the noisy dramatic scene around me. There were happy faces, sad faces, expressionless faces... Hmmm.

A lot of my frenz passed but some ppl I knew had failed. Oh well, that's the reality of life. Anyway, I wish you guys the all the best in your resit exam!! Gambate oh!! But I had to say I admire the spirit of some ppl. They can still be very optimistic about the resit even though they had failed. That's very cool. I salute them. :) If it were me, I don't think I can do it. *makes mental note for a New Year resolution*

And then the guys were back. Everyone passed... Hurray~! (^v^)v Congratz to everyone who passed okay! See ya next sem! *winks*

For a celebratory dinner, we went for Steamboat in Sri Petaling. So many ppl came! Woo~ The food was okay, price reasonable I guess. Atmosphere was comfy and funny, my batchmates are really the funniest ppl I've ever seen. They really crack me up. ^v^ I totally like this feeling of together-ness!

We finished our dinner around 9pm. Time to go home to rest for a while. I had to pack for going home leh... Almost forgot. Aikz. Lol. If I've pack sooner, we'd have been able to go for another brief PS2 playing session lo... Sorry ya! :P

Anyway, we're in such a rush coz we had bought tickets to watch Pirates of The Caribbean : Dead's Man's Chest at 11pm... Okay, this is the first time I am watching such a late movie with frenz. Hey, what to do, my parents are strict ma.. Haha. But living on my own is such fun! :D No curfew~ I'm becoming a bad girl, aren't I? *hehe, now, I wonder that is so?*

The movie was quite good, really funny (laughing too much these days, lol)... but it ended with a total cliff-hanger though. Which wasn't so clear to me, [since I watched the first one too long ago, and you know my lousy memory lah] until Eugene explained to us.

Anyway, Johnny Depp is SO funny as Captain Jack Sparrow!! The way he walks is so funny/gay!! Haha... Thumbs up~ Keira Knightly is as pretty as always, but I find her acting overly dramatic in this movie. But still passable lah. Orlando Bloom? Ok-lah. He seemed to be acting in a lot of blockbusters recently.. Well, the movie had a lot of funny moments worth remembering. So I'd say, give it a watch! XD

But the time the movie finished, it was 1 something in the morning ade. And Kee still had to drive us home after such a tiring day. I was kinda worried...and tried my best to stay awake. In the end, I was in a half-sleep, half-awake sort of state. Not that it helped, did it? Haha. But luckily, we arrived safe and sound. *phew*

Then it was time to go to dreamland... Blissful sleep.

Friday? It was our last morning on ice. Loved the feeling of total openness, speeding on the cold ice. Yayz! XD After that, Eugene and Valene had another go on the DDR... And I tried once too. I was quite clumsy, I must say. :P But then, it was my first time ma.. But it was fun though. Next time will try again. Hehe.

Then after lunch at Mcd, it was time to rush home. Sorry ya, Beh, for letting you wait. So me and Emily followed Beh, who was driving home. Emily's dad fetched her near the Ipoh toll, while I of coz, followed Beh to Penang. :) It was a really fun trip, the hours just seemed to whiz by while we chatted, joked and laughed at all. Nice~

Beh was driving over the limit a wee bit, and we're dead scared when we saw police on the road. But luckily we didn't get a ticket. *phew* And arrived safe and sound in one piece. Thank god.

And so that was that. The week was really super duper fun while it lasted... I really enjoyed myself to the max! But now it's back to staying at home in Penang.. Haha. Well, I definitely get to sleep more here. *winks*

Ciao~ :D

Friday, July 14, 2006

Results Are Out!

Well, happy times do whizz by, I must say. Too too fast. And now, I'm back home in dear penang ade.

Anyway, where again shld I start? [This has been happening a bit too much recently coz moi is too busy having fun to update... Hehe. I DO have a life you know. :P]

Lemme see. I shall tell the important parts first lah. Don't want to leave you guys in suspense ma. Hehe.

Okay, yesterday was a rather important day. It was the day we got our results!! *scared leh* Yes, the thin thin line between PASS and FAIL!

And *phew* I passed!! :D :D :D

*wipes bead of sweat on brow*

Okay okay. I know you kaypo ppl out there are just dying to know what I exactly got. Since I'm so nice, I'll tell lo. A minus. Yeah.

Guess that's ok kua.. but let's face it. Humans are greedy creatures. Before the results are released, they'll just tell you that they'll be satisfied by a pass. But after they get that, they want more. But then, as I said, that's just human nature. So that makes me normal lo, right? :P

I'm quite contented that I passed with an A- with the amount of effort I put in (which isn't much compared to some batchmates of mine). But of coz, who doesn't want that elusive A??

Guess I'll just hvta work harder for it lo. Must promise myself to do better next time. Hope I have the determination lo.

But all things said, I'm still pretty satisfied with my results. Hey, since things can't be changed, why not be happy? :)

Oh, whatever. Let it be. At least I'm going to get to see my frenz again in sem 2!! lol. Funny joke. Ppl kept saying "see you next sem" that day! Hehe.

Okay, I know I sound quite incoherent now. Crap. Maybe I'll blog more tomorrow. Ciao~

PS: My mind and heart are a bit confused now. Conflicted. Yeah, that's the word. (That's partially why I can't blog coherently. Blek.)

As I'm at most times a rational person, my mind would usually win. But maybe not this time. Ha. I know you wouldn't understand. Public blogs need to be vague ma.. :P]

What's the use of uncontrollable emotions? *rolls eyes* Argggh.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Summary Of Fun, Fun, And More Fun :D

Sorry for not blogging these few days, guys. I've totally been enjoying myself. Gosh, the feeling of no need to study! Woah~

Well, if I'd to blog about everything that happened after the exam, that would definitely take a looong time. The only thing worth a whole post was Hwei Sung's departure, which I had already blogged about in the previous post. So sad. :'(

So what was I up to these few days? Let me see. Brief recap only ya, I'm becoming lazier ade. lol. Events are also not chronologically arranged coz my brain's kinda buzzed now. Must be the booze. Okay, just kidding. It's the lack of sleep. :P

Here goes:

  • I hung out with the guys (coz the girls went back home ade *sigh*) a lot. They are a really nice crazy bunch and I really enjoy their company.. I think they can really make me laugh till I puke lo.. Keke.. Though sometimes the things they say really make me wanna go like this -_-"""" Hahaha. Guys, you know lah. *rolls eyes but smiles too*

  • Played PS2 at Kee's house. The PS2 is his fren's but he was nice enough to let us play. I bought the Naruto 3 PS2 game in Carrefour the other day and everyone is going crazy over it now. lol. But seriously, the graphics and feel of the game is really nice. Thumbs up! Wee~ :D Will play more with Kee (and the guys) when he comes back! Deal ya..? Haha.

  • Besides playing PS2, Kee was also nice enough to let me online using his connection. At first can use my comp wan, manatau the virus was too strong ade, so had to borrow his comp in the end. Long story. But thanks for trusting me enough to lend me your laptop and your housekeys while you went for aikido. Really really appreciate that. ^v^

  • I went to Sungei Wang Redbox with the girls last thurday. Fun fun session (no pun intended, hehe). They're newbies so I was the one who had to take them around lah. Yeah, funny, the penangnite taking the locals around. Go figure. Dunno why lah, but the waiter seemed to think that we're all noobs and were worried that we did not know how to use the remote control.. *sigh* I'm seasoned one lah. Hehe. But anyhow, it was really cool, especially after how long I was deprived of singing!! Yayz! :D :D

  • Went to Times Square yesterday. Didn't do much, unless you count lepak-ing in Borders. Hehe. Bought a book in the end. The Hollow by Agatha Christie. Kinda forgotten that I used to love her mystery thrillers so much!! ^v^ Also indulged in Mcd's Oreo-flavoured McFlurry that I loved so much!! :)

  • Watched Superman Returns with Kee, Eugene and Kee Ping last friday. Tot the movie was okay lah. Got a few spoilers which I won't be so mean to blog about here. You wanna know, you watch yourself lo. But the funny thing was, medical stuff kept popping into my brain while I watched the movie. There was one time I told Kee about the "supine position" that superman was in. LOL. This course is SO totally not healthy. It's making us all go bonkers!! Hahaha...

  • Today we started our ice-skating elective in Sunway Pyramid. Was fun although some of the guys turned up late though. Even the coach didn't turn up in the end. Tmr only replace for us lo. Hmm.. Must be football. (EDIT-Oh no, why did Italy beat France?) Yeah, I know we shouldn't be starting our elective so early since those who fail shld not be doing electives. But what the heck, let's just have some fun this week lah.

  • I was okay on the ice, although I did fall on my butt a few times. Aikz. And accidentally pushed a small kid. Oops, my bad. But I don't really care that much about looking stupid, always in for the EXPERIENCE. Hehe. But the skin on my right foot is quite badly scrapped though, why did I forget to put on longer socks? *sigh* Tmr dunno can skate onot. And the skates are sooo tight lah. :( But I had fun though. :) See? I'm contradicting myself. lol.

  • Oh ya. Smtg very important. The list for Viva came out this morning at 12pm. [Viva meaning ppl having borderline marks having to sit for another simpler exam the next day.] We're all so very nervous coz we couldn't check ourselves (we're in Sunway, rmb?) and had to ask Leong to check for us. Imagine the suspense. But HURRAY, coz all of us passed this hurdle unscathed!! Now that means we're either clear pass or fail lah. *prays that everyone I know get thru* Sorry lah, if I dunno you. Haha. Yipeee again~!

  • Wah, did too many things ade the past few days. So much so till I can't rmb what I did. And don't forget that I suffer from a mild version of short-term memory loss too. Hehe. So I guess that is that. I still have *counts on fingers* 4 days before I have to go back to pg and stay at home everyday. Wah, really must enjoy to the maximum then these few days!! Wee~

Cya and good luck for the exam results coming out this thursday!! *nervous expression*

But whatever. I'll enjoy myself these few days first! We have many plans up our sleeve! >> Livin Vida Loca << *winks*

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Shedding Tears For A Friend

And he's gone.

Just like that. Away on the plane to a new place, to make new frenz (and hopefully not forget the old ones, okay, I am just kidding...)

Yes, Hwei Sung has left for UNIMAS last Wednesday. Early morning. He says he's not leaving for sure since he did finished his EOS before leaving and there's a chance he might he might come back if he's not happy with the new place.

But I doubt it.

Call me cynical or whatever but his parents will have to definitely pay A LOT more if he continues to study here... Besides, hoping for too much only leaves dashed hopes which I've learnt from experience, is painful. [That is also why I dare not hope for an A in my EOS, a pass is sufficient to make me happy. I've changed, haven't I?] But if he does come back in the end, I shall be very happy, of coz. ^o^

Anyway, it was a tearful farewell. We went to Steven's Corner for supper and talked. Then a big group of us stayed over at his house that night, I didn't sleep at all (crazy I know, considering the fact that I was sleepless the nights b4 exams)... He had to check in his flight around 6 smtg in the morning, and we all went in two cars to the airport around 5 smtg. Man, the journey there was crazy, coz Beh was worried that we couldn't make it in time, and Eugene was flooring the pedal all the way... Yikes!! :O

Luckily we arrived all in one piece.. *phew* The guy of the hour checked in his flight while we hung around taking photos and all the works lah. We had breakfast in Mcd coz that's the cheapest place lah.

But time wouldn't stand still. Soon, it was time to say our goodbyes. We didn't want him to go... but it's for the best, I guess.

My lacrimal gland was working overtime but I let the tears go its normal course (as in into the nasolacrimal duct) and not spill out over the face.. Unfortunately, it did spill out in the end, but only after sometime he left.. *sigh* [Okay, maybe that was under the funny/lame category. -_-]

Saying goodbye is always hard. Especially with close frenz. I can't believe how fond I've gotten of him. And to think there's a good chance I might never see him again in this life? *sobs* Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic and emo... lol.

Well, I think the frenz that I made in uni are the ones that I've really gotten close to in a short period of time. Well, when one is alone in dark ugly KL, who are the ones we depend on? Friends of coz. [Don't worry, I still love you all, my old frenz! :P]

But to me, it's amazing. In just the short time of four months, I've made so many close and good frenz. (I am blessed. I wanna start appreciating more the small things in life. I wanna thank whoever-is-it for blessing me, to let me wake up another day. For giving me the strength to walk and feel the warm sunlight on my face. I guess this is contentment. Or self-actualization? Haha..)

Anyway, Hwei Sung is like that too. He came from Sarawak alone to the concrete jungle of KL, but he left as a guy with tons of frenz. Frenz he made just being his own unassuming self. The guy with the great singing voice, comparable to JJ Lim.. :D

But we really start missing him already. Beh thinks of him whenever he hears songs they used to sing in redbox. Yesterday, I suddenly thought of him when I saw a guy wearing a cap like he used to. *sigh sigh*

Okay, I'll stop emo-ing here. Still, I know in our hearts, we just wish him all the best in everything he does. And yes, there is such a thing as frenz forever. Surprisingly, smtg that I that never really believed in before. This year does hold many changes for me. I really should stop being so cynical. It seems unhealthy. Ha.

Well, we'll of coz welcome you back into our lives, if you should decide to come back, Hwei Sung.

Good luck and all the best! Do come back and visit us all if you happen to come by... (You still haven't gotten your stethoscope! lol.)

We miss you lots. (^o^)v

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


*Sigh* So much has happened in the past few days that I dunno where to start.

I think I shall try my best to give a summary lah. Coz for once, don't really feel like going into long-winded blogging. I think it's becoz I'm too busy enjoying myself, that's why. >>Live In The Moment<< Haha.

Anyway, let's CELEBRATE coz we M1/06's finally finished our End Of Sem 1 (EOS1) yesterday!!! Super Yayz!! Hehe. And I'm sooo crazy!! Coz I didn't sleep much pre-exam and post-exam leh... Totally siao-ness!!

Let me see. I slept like what, FIVE hours in the past TWO days? :O lol. Maybe I'm training myself coz next time we hvta go on call for 48 hours straight ah.. Hehe. Not bad..

Well, the first day was Short Answer Question (SAQ) while the second day was Objective Structure Practical Exam (OSPE)... SAQ was quite hard!!! Yes, that's the general opinion of our massive student population.. [And who said that EOS always easier than summative wan ah? -.- So not true. Haih.]

And a lecturer told a fren (who told me, obviously) that this year's paper is of a "higher standard" compared to previous years. Luckily. Or it would just mean we're plain dumber than our seniors. T_T lol. The questions asked also had more "clinical significance" apparently. Hmm.

OSPE was relatively better than SAQ... most of the questions can be answered I guess. [Didn't guarantee the answers are correct though. Hehe.] But I do have a bone to pick. There was one Q that make me totally go like "What The Heck is that???" It's the amino acid/polypeptide Q that totally didn't register in my brain leh. It looked.. alien. Coz I didn't bother reading the notes on that too, but I doubt I'd know how to answer if I read it anyway. Ha. Typical.

And weirdly, we have like I think 6 models to label and look at leh. When seniors told us that so far, the most was 4 models for the current sem3s. Go figure. And some of the things they asked us to label was not in the list we had to learn leh. So not very fair... *sigh*

So that was that for the exam. I'm too lazy to be a long-winded old lady about this lah. Sleepy ade leh. Eyes are fast closing but later going mamak leh, coz didn't have dinner yet. Haha. So fun, these few days.. but hvta find activities to do everyday lo... :)

PS: Can't believe that exam's over ade!! Surreal~ :D :D :D But strangely, we all don't feel very happy though, maybe it's becoz of that dark cloud of viva or failing hanging over us... *Sigh*