Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pre-Holiday Week

Aloha! I'm back again and instead of giving excuses for the absence on this blog - all I can say is, for once, I'm not extremely busy. On the contrary, actually. I'm bored. Bored means there is nothing interesting happening or when I do think of something remotely interesting, I don't have a computer with me.

But anyway. After all that crap that I typed in less than a minute or something. Woah, I think I'm in a crapping mood. Better hold in the reins.

Okay, let's try again.

Well, I will be ending with my last week of Paediatrics. Community part of it is not really that great, to be honest. Limited clinical exposure. But anyway, all I have left are a few clinics, 1 lecture and 1 cbl. Radiology tutes have been cancelled. So I think my thursday and friday will be free. What am I going to do with all that time??

Yes, the resounding answer should be STUDY!! But omg, I'm in sucha holiday mood.. anticipating my Brisbane trip! My besties have already planned such an awesome itinerary for me! :D

Okay la. I dunno what to crap already. :( I will try to update when I think of something whimsical or inspiring. Instead of these sporadic boring updates k? ;)

For now, good night all!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Of Faith And Dreams

I've just started watching this show that a friend passed to me. It's called 'Little Nyonya'. It's quite famous so I'm sure a lot of ppl have watched it before.

And I must say, it got me hooked! I really liked it... :) Well, I always have had a soft spot for dramas set in oldern times and women who fight to resist fate and have control over their own destiny. I know it's only a show, but hey there's no harm in using them as your inspiration to work harder.

As I grow older, and the naivety of youth is taken away from me, I had realised that there are some things in life that are fated to be. But no way am I going to take that lying down.

I'm going to do my utmost best to control my own destiny, my future. Call me naive if you will, but deep down inside, I still believe that the dreams I hope for will come true if I work hard enough for them.

Faith. That's the word.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just thought I will pop in and say hi before turning in for the night. Yes, it's kinda late now. But I have been getting quite a good amount of sleep for the past few days, until I find it hard to fall asleep at night! lol. That's a rarity in recent times. Well that's thanks to a relatively free week of community paediatrics!

Anyway, when I'm busy not doing anything, I'm slogging away on my reportssss... Kinda finished at least the gist of the developmental report and the 2nd case report. The former's discussion part was hell to write. Government policies are difficult to talk about. Can't believe I'm saying this but gimme a pico question anyday now.

At the very least, my procastination days for reports are over! *pats self on back* Not much improvement on the studying part though. Must buck up after I fully finish all my reports.

Okay? No more excuses, miss!

PS: Happy birthday, little sis! :) Go celebrate after your exams! haha.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Absence

Lying in bed, listening to song after song play in the background while sleep eludes me, I really miss you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Reverse

I didn't realise I haven't blogged for so long. okay 1 week isn't that long but still... It's weird, days seem to be swooshing past nowadays. I feel that all I am doing is trying to get from one thing to the next.

In less than 3 weeks' time, it will be time for my long-awaited mid year break! Can't wait for that. Will be going to Brisbane to visit my two best friends and other good friends as well! :D

Anyway, my presentation is over and done with. I thought it went pretty okay on my part, I must be improving on public speaking. I shall not go into a long grandmother's story but suffice to say, it was a tricky and complicated situation. Some of the personal comments made after the presentation didn't sit very well with me, I must admit. Hence the rants on Facebook, which gathered quite a bit of attention actually. I'm lucky to have friends that care about me. :) Don't worry, I am careful to make vague Facebook statuses. Don't want to get thrown out of med school because of something insignificant like that. lol.

However, I just received a message from a friend. Looks like it's gonna be a more drawn out affair due to the fact that someone made an official complaint. Not about me, thank goodness. It's too difficult to explain here without going into specifics. Just that it's interesting to note, the people being complained about are not the ones that upset me.

So now. I'm doing my last 3 weeks of Paediatrics, which is community-based. Nothing too heavy really. Which is a good end to a relatively busy term. All I need to do is attend my rostered clinics and attend the tutes and lectures scheduled - which are not that much now that's nearing the end of term. Oh and yes, the most important thing, finish up on my 3 reports left for Paeds. Hope to get them done relatively soon so I can relax.

I wonder how this week is going to turn out. Can't wait for the weekend. Have 2 dinners lined up this weekend. Time to catch up with friends. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Going Through The Motions

I haven't blogged properly for the past few days. Suffice to say, it was a mixture of busy-ness interspered with procastination. Nothing new, eh?

Anyway, this is my last week of Neonates. All I can say is - finally! Phiew. The loooooong ward rounds are giving me severe backache. Yes, at this young age!! Oh wait, I used to have them last time due to lousy lecture hall chairs in uni. Sheesh.

Neonates isn't too bad I guess, just that there is minimal patient interaction, the babies are generally too sick! So yeah. I much rather have active pts that I can interact with.

The days seemed to be flying past though, every morning I feel I am just going through the motions - then suddenly it's night time and I'm ready to sleep, to wake up the next day to repeat the cycle.

Anyhow, after this it will be 3 weeks of Community Paediatrics, before MID-YEAR BREAK! Woohoo! Can't wait for it... hehe. Would be good to get a break from the mundane routine. I will be going to visit Yannie and Funnie in Brisbane for 10 days!! Can't wait! :D

Hmm, what else is new in my boring life?

Well, I have another presentation coming up on thursday. It's on Aboriginal Issues in Child Health. Not the easiest topic I must say, especially for someone like myself who just arrived in Aussie not too long ago. Hope all goes well - but I suspect there will be a lot of unproductive criticism from certain ppl. But let's not go there. I'm sure I'm tough enough to handle something small like that. Upping the EQ, remember? Take that!

I guess that's all for now. Something that I'd noticed is that recently, my blog is getting quite a few visits from ppl that I do not know. Did someone pimp me or something? Where did you guys got to know my blog from? Please do let me know!

Reading a medical student's blog? It's too bad that you guys don't get to hear the actual stories of pts I encountered in the hospital. They would make for good content. There are horror stories, touching stories, interesting stories, funny stories. But alas, due to confidentiality reasons, I don't think I should/am allowed to share them here. Sorry, I dont want to be kicked out of med school! I had worked hard for it!!

But since you guys are still here, I guess you all are happy to hear about a medical student's rants about crazy workloads or her aimless rambles. All I can say is - enjoy! :P

Okay, till the next post, ciao.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Life Cycle

Something interesting to share.

I thought the scenes were interspersed beautifully. Very well thought out.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010



  1. 做人开心就好。(这也是我本身做人的原则。)
  2. 看开一点,人生就美丽一点。
  3. 看不清楚未必是不好,我可以有多一点的想象空间。(不错,用另一个角度去看同一件事。) 
  4. 可以解决的问题就不是问题,不可以解决的问题是事实。事实是要面对,而不是担心。(这个实用!)
  5. 明天一定会比今天好, 因为幸福是在我手里。。 
  6. 被人笑, 好过笑别人。。 因为我EQ比别人好!(我需要练习这个!)

Future Career, No?

Just for laughs. :P

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Fight, Flight Or Fright?

I just realised where the thought of using an umbrella for self-defense (against zombies) in the dream came from.

About a week ago, two friends and I were walking home from a dinner in Fremantle. Just as we were approaching our house, 2 large big black guard dogs and a small dog stood menacingly barking for all their worth outside our neighbour's house. We were a bit wary and approached slowly.

Suddenly, without any provocation whatsoever, one of the big guard dogs rushed straight over barking furiously. We were all frightened out of our wits - torn between running and standing our place. We have all been told that you should never run while a dog runs at you, as that will provoke it into running after you madly. I wonder if it's true.

Anyway, I knew my heart was thumping madly, as though it would twist into an arrhythmia. Palpitations. I could feel the adrenaline abruptly rush into me - I really felt I was ready to fight or run for my life. Although in this case, it would be more apt to say it was a fight, flight or fright mechanism!

The dog ran dangerously near us. I was afraid it was gonna take a big chunk of flesh out of me. I took a few steps backwards and was already pulling on my friend who was in front of me, wanting to urge her to run. Lucky, it stopped near us, still barking ferociously.

In the end, to get back to our house, we had to make a huge round the other way. And mind you, they were still barking at us when we approached from the other end.

And the idea of the umbrella for self-defense came when one of my friends took it out, just in case.

How funny though I have managed to imagine the dogs into zombies in my dream. -_-"

Anyhow, I still think the owner of the dogs should have been a bit more vigilant and not let those dangerous dogs simply out into the neighbourhood.

What if it had bitten us? That would definitely be not fun, at all, thank you very much.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Slow Down

Today was sucha nice day. Not because anything special happened - because it didn't! Haha.

Didn't do much today except went to market for usual weekly groceries, did weekly laundry, made some slides for an upcoming presentation (yes another one! ahhh!), cook and sleep. Sucha simple day yet feels so good to take it easy once in a while. phiew.

Recharging once in a while is needed I think. Or else we will get really burnt out.

We went to San Churios on friday afternoon - we are starting a friday afternoon ritual of hanging out - it does wonders for the stress!

The chocolate shake was lovely! And the Churios were very nice too! But the latter is a bit on the expensive side though.


I have been having some weird vivid dreams recently.

The last one I had involved zombies taking over the world; and all I had for self protection was a (never ending loaded) gun and an umbrella. How crazy is that??

I think my REM sleep is getting more screwed up when I'm really really tired. First is a bloody accident, then homicide, now zombies?! Oh my gosh.

I need more rest, I think.