Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Suddenly, I Remember

It was weird. This morning, as I sat down in the study room, to be a good girl and open my notes only to find they were as boring as usual so it was only natural that my eyes started roving around the room.

And my eyes started looking at the many fake antiques that my dad likes to collect.

[hey, you never know when they will valuable one day, right? Some of the artwork is exquisite but some are downright ugly if you ask moi.]

Then I suddenly remembered what you often like to say about them.

You used to ask me during tuition: "Hey, what do think would happened if they suddenly come alive, huh?"

And suddenly, I could just imagine you sitting opposite me, like always.

You in your usual one-colour-understated polo shirt. With your greying tuff of hair accompanied by a healthy brownish skin. Skin that was peppered with spots that come with age. A sign of wisdom, perhaps?

It was almost as though I could truly see you, sitting there, smilling at me after asking me one of your funny questions.

And suddenly... I felt a rush of emotion. I miss you.

I wish I can once again talk to you about anything like before. But you are not here anymore...

PS: Read this post if you wanna know who I am talking about.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Of late, there seems to be much ill-feeling in the bloggosphere so I think I'll give you guys a light-hearted post alright.

Here's a grossly funny pic from one of the models in CSU. This is all in the name of light-hearted fun so pls dun sue me okay! *big puppy eyes*

Anyway, this is what you will see when you lift up the pregnant model's abdomen to adjust the fetus's position.

an awkwardly positioned 'fetus'

Wahliao, the body is made of so soft material, no wonder I cudn't feel it at all lah. Can only barely feel the head to determine whether it's cephalic or breach presentation.

But then this model is used for practice sessions only la. No worries, in exams, the better models will be provided.

And sorry to say, I must admit, that is gonna grow up to be one ugly baby. lol.

Those in need of another dose of humour, check out this site -
Cows with Guns. LOL. Recommended from Titus' blog.

Lend A Hand

Attention to those who are willing to lend a helping hand, especially those who stay in KL and nearby.

This is a message from Evelyn Yeoh.


Dear all, my friend Kai Meng has a standard 5 student whose house was burnt down last saturday. The family lost all their belongings, leaving them only with the clothes on their back.

I'm gathering contributions like books, stationery, school bag, shoes, clothes etc. Any daily items are welcomed if you think it can help the family in some way.

The family is poor. The boy, Muhammad Farith is from Felda Jengka 8 Primary School, Pahang. He has many siblings and the youngest is still a baby.

Please contact me at 012-2011104 if you can help the poor boy. Thank you so much for your kind help.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stereotyped Differences

I found these two highly amusing Russell Peters videos on Darren's blog so thought I'll just share them with you guys.


Russell Peters seems to explore a lot about different cultural ethnicities and their differences in upbringings. definitely worth a watch! Enjoy~

What happens when you buy stuff in a chinese shop lol.

The stereotyped chinese.

His theory on why you should beat up your kids.

"Somebody's gonna get a hurt real bad." LOL.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Have been trying to fill my time by doing some artistic "self-directed" projects. But I won't post them up yet. Still need some adjustments.. and more ideas/themes!

But for the observant, you might have noticed that I've tweeked a bit of the current header for this blog. with my newly acquired skills. Can you spot the changes? haha.

Anyway, I've recently revamped my other almost dying blog. You can visit it here (or click on my sidebar) to see it in its new finery! I must admit, really love the new header I did for it. Love glow effect brushes! nice~

Yes, I know that other blog has been really lacking posts. but what to do, no "feel" to write poetry also.

Anyhow, I have changed its name from "You Call This Poetry?" to "You Call This Writing?" because I have a thought to post up some stories on it too, instead of only my prose/poetry.

What I lack now is creativity. and literary/artistic ideas! aihs.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Keeping Busy

Although I was sick the past few days, but I've not been letting it get me down.

Let's see. I went to get my photo taken as a lot of those passport-sized types will be needed in the near future for applications etc. Then I went to get my passport done on wednesday. Procedures to get it done was pretty efficient! Waiting was rather minimal and I managed to collect it on the same day itself! Finally smtg right has been done!

Anyway, the funniest part was when my dad and I almost ran over half of old penang trying to find a photocopy shop open at 8 in the morning (none cud be found!) when all the while there was one available behind the building. *zhadou* Definitely better to not hurry too much and stop to ask directions! *but guys don't really like to do that dont they?*


Wah, why are there so many application forms and procedures to handle before one can go overseas to continue his/her studies??

Need to get letter of good conduct. Get a medical check up by the panel of drs available. Need to do visa. Find accomodation (residential halls or off-campus??). Book flight ticket.

Is there anything else? Hope I didn't miss anything out. =/


And!! My offer letter came yesterday! woo~ Was understandably excited of coz. Besides having to send back the letter saying that I'd accepted, my dad also needs to pay for my first semester's fees first before they will issue me a confirmation of enrolment letter.

And may I say, IT COSTS A LOT! (especially after you convert to msian ringgit)

I felt guilty when I saw the amount it totalled to. Times that by 6 (in total 6 sems) and omg, the amount is soooo huge. I don't really like to think about the amount of money my parents has invested in me as it puts me under a lot of pressure to perform.

*thinks back to eos3 where we're under severe pressure to do really well so tat can get a pms we want! and therefore save a lot of $$$*

Sigh, sometimes I wonder, what if I fail to become a doctor? I would be letting my family down AND wasting a lot of money too. I guess I am in too deep. Already 50% there. Just hvta see it to the end. And hopefully come out unscathed. I pray that the clinical years will be kind to me.

[Seniors, I heard that the hardest part is in the pre-clinical years. Is that true? so does that mean I am pass that? so will just need to work hard to pass the next 3 yrs?]

Anyhow, I still got a lot to learn. I only know how to do certain things in theory, time to put it in practice. Speaking of practice, looks like I'm only officially starting class in march. Although I have to be in aus by late january (why so early!! when there are no classes also!).

Bored to death at home. Am wishing classes will start earlier. so can graduate earlier. earn money earlier too! I miss my freedom.


So I was bored. And didn't want to totally waste my time. So I went to Dad's clinic on wednesday night. Plan to go at least once a week to keep my lousy brain from become too rusty. hah.

A sem4 junior was there too, doing his GP rotations. Said hello, chatted a lil and apparently he knew who I was before this thru some of my frenz.

Anyway, there was an interesting case imho. Young female patient came with what looks like loin to groin pain. (but to her, the pain seems to radiate back to front then front to back - dunno what she meant also) She was a foreign worker who can only speak chinese so I have to be the translator for dad wahaha!

I suspected kidney stones (woo now I can diagnose already la izzit haha) especially with the associated dysuria but can't say anything on my own coz I'm not qualified yet! Dad told her that there were 2 possibilities - kidney stones or appendicitis. Asked her to come back asap if the pain doesn't go away with the med. And also to drink more water so hopefully can flush out the stones naturally.

To me, this case seemed interesting (hey the others were just cough and cold, smtg like what I'm having myself) as it was different and it looked rather like a classical presentation from my textbooks. at least it was smtg that I'd learned and shld be able to diagnose. yay!

Okay, guess that's all for now. pretty long post eh.

Do do check this out! Damn freaking funny. Tot I was gonna die of laughing lol.

PPS: Just learnt how to download brushes (for Photoshop CS3) and new fonts! cool~ Will experiment with them (so long didnt do artistic stuff ade) and will put up my artwork here when I had done a few k. For those interested, here is where I get FREE BRUSHES and FREE FONTS! Enjoy!

PPPS: Finally finished reading Stranger In A Strange Land. Weird science fiction that challenged even my moral ideals. And I'm supposed to be rather open-minded! But definitely worth a read as it gave me a lot of food for thought.. Now gonna reread The Devil Wears Prada before starting on something new. What? I can't read good chick lit ke! I like whut.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Long Ago It Seems

Ahh.. you guys must be wondering what happened to moi, that she didn't blog for 3 days straight! even tho she is having hols.

Well, the thing is... she fell sick.

Yup, she's been trying to defend herself against the evil sorethroat. And the bouts of flu.

omg for the past few days, my nose is either blocked or running like a tap gone bonkers. arrrgh.

Anyway, I seemed to be better now so tot will just appear here to announce my return haha. And below are a few random pics that I photoshopped ages ago.

Guess what is this photo about?

a few haphazardly placed memorabilia

from some high sch functions that I attended as a girl guide

Just tot I'll take a photo as a memory before I throw them away - sry I have to make space for other more essential stuff. Can't be a hoarder anymore.

Here's a close up of one. that has a special meaning to me.

7th annual pcghs campfire.

one that me and some fellow girl guides helped to organize.

it was lovely. the food wasn't as bad as it usually was, the background was magnificent.

I suddenly wished I could relive those times. of being an innocent *cough cough* young girl in high school and not be a young adult studying her way to more stress.

oh well. the sacrifices one make to become a oh-it-must-be-so-glamour-to-be-a-doctor. >.<

I guess we only live once. so we must enjoy the journey instead of harping on the destination! =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sushi Galore

Want to learn how to make some simple sushi? You've come to the right place!

The recipe below is by my ex-hsemate Joanna, who has kindly taught me how to make sushi. I've made some modification to the recipe though, as I've some past experience! hehe yummy!



  • Rice (3-4) cups
  • Sushi vinegar
  • Crab stick
  • Cucumber
  • Egg
  • Japanese soy sauce



1. Cook the rice. The portion of the rice to water is 1:1. But add a little bit more water as it is better to be slightly wetter than dry.

2. After the rice is cooked, transfer it to another bowl and add sushi vinegar about 1/5 the amount of the rice.

3. Let it cool down. (Normally from 30 mins to 1 hour)


1. Defreeze the crab stick. Cut the crab stick into half (Normal size for serving, but if you want to retain it that way, go ahead)

2. Remember to add a little bit of sugar into the egg before you fry it.

3. Cut the cucumber into slices with the size similar to the crabstick.


1. Cut the seaweed into half if you just want to put crabstick (but it's up to you). If you want to put egg, cucumber, crabstick as the fillings, there is no need to cut the seaweed.

2. Put the seaweed on the mat. The smooth side will be facing downwards.

3. Spread the rice evenly. Make sure it's not too thick or you'll get a very-hard-to-roll and fat sushi! It's best to leave the ends of the seaweed more bare and just put a few rice bits so that it'll be easier to stick the ends when you're done rolling it.

4. Put the crabstick (or those three) in the middle and roll it from one end to the other.


1. To make smaller servings, cut the longish roll into small pieces.

2. Use a sharp nice and wet your knife everytime before you wanna cut the sushi. Or else it will be very hard to slice thru.

And you are done! Happy making!


Kee and Kee Ping were a great help in making the sushi. They definitely have some artistic blood in them as theirs turned out pretty nice! hehe. The sushi we made turned out tastier than I hoped! woo~

Here are some pics to showcase the results!

looks yummy doesn't it!!

This one was for the bf's family. Coz they always belanja me yummy food so definitely must let them enjoy this!

Notice we used egg, sausage and cucumber as the fillings.

I also made a similar package for LiYannie since that time it was near her birthday. but manatau that day she fell sick so went home early. so I had to give her a day later. Hope it still tasted okay! ^v^

me midway making riceballs

We ran out of seaweed but still had a lot of the fillings and rice. So guess what? We made riceballs!

We wondered whether it was possible that the creative Japanese people also ran out of seaweed one day and voila, riceballs were born! haha.

amature rice balls! but they looked delicious too

It's not easy to make riceballs with hands as the rice tend to stick to your hands. It is advised to wet your hands before you wanna touch the rice too.

Simple sushi making isn't too hard. but it takes practice to roll them into nice cute pieces.

So... are you inspired to make your own sushi now? =)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Here Comes The Emo Post

I'm afraid it will happen again.

I know I'm not exactly the greatest person when it comes to keeping in touch, mind you. So it's natural that I might have some misgivings about saying goodbye to the many wonderful friends I'd made during the 2.5 years in IMU.

Two and a half years. It's not short but it's neither very long.

I shall always remember.

  • the gym sessions where we talked crap more than do gym haha. no wonder till now still can't slim down.

  • the many gossipy mamak outings where many juicy news passed thru our lips *shhh we'll never tell* we expanded our secret society from 4 to 6 members summore! lol. definitely gonna miss this bunch of ppl. but maybe not the extra calories haha.

  • the countless karaoke sessions where we sung our hearts out as we seemed to have a tendency for emo songs.

  • dinner gang! the evenings we spent discussing medical jargon or just plain crap over the pretty pathetic catered food (food was only nice on a few days - the rest of the days, sadly, it was only just edible)

  • the days we spent mugging till the library closes at 10 and the library auntie chases us out by ringing a bell (lol pavlovian theory! *gasps* we must be the dogs) the rubbishy nonsense we talked to keep ourselves from going insane from all tat studying.

  • weekly basketball sessions that were started due to boredom from studying for exams. quite nice to exercise. I think the guys took it easy on us girls tho.

  • how you all proved yourself to be true friends by telling me the honest truth. And I badly needed it to pull myself back again. and it showed me that you guys were truly concerned abt me - smtg I never had before. that must have took some guts but thank you, I was really touched.

  • the many birthdays we celebrated for each other. surprises abound! hiding near the lifts, in the person's bedroom itself etc. one of the best was the surprise party with delicious home-cooked food. and self-entertainment to boot! karaoke sessions and matrix pingpong!! damn funny!

  • the weekend meals. many thanks to the ppl who alwix drive us out to eat at alison. mega. mcd. and other hawker centres. am gonna miss some of the food there too.

  • speaking of food, I am definitely gonna miss the many delicious food I've tried while in kl. Chili's high & mighty pie. and the Fish & Chips are to die for too. don't forget the sumptous spread at Jogoya! fusion cod fish at Shogun! Chop & Steak's fruit juice. Ajimal's maggi goreng. ok I better stop here or you will know what happens next. leave zzzyun talking about food and she won't stop lol.

  • how the guys never failed to make me laugh with their funny antics. even though it can just be a look, a stupidly funny comment or just a light tickle/punch. am gonna really miss them. they really cheer me up when I'm down.

I guess that's all for now. My brain is too emo to squeeze out any more memories.

But I know they are in the grey matter somewhere, coz sometimes at night when all is quiet, they come to haunt me sometimes.

Because I know fully well that I will never be able to relive them again. only in my dreams.

To tell the truth, I am still afraid.

But I think this time, I shall try my very best to keep in touch, alright?

But even if in 10 years' time, we have stopped talking to each other and are renowned specialists in our fields, maybe even competing against each other, I shall always remember.

The days we were friends. being there for each other. a ready listening ear. a shoulder to cry on. cheering up ppl by telling lame jokes.

You guys brought into my life the real meaning of friends. For that, thank you for being my friend. And I apologize if anything I'd said or done has hurt you in any way.

All I can say now is take care and may all good fortune be yours. If fate is on our side, may we meet again in the future.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cooking Fest

To break the monotony of seeing lines and lines of words on my boring blog - here, let me entertain you with a few pics of some of the food I cooked a few months ago.

(yes apparently it took me tat long to upload and photoshop the pics! haha. Besides, this post has been in the draft for ages. so yeah since I've nothing else more interesting to blog abt, it's time to take stuff out of the dust)

Actually there are other dishes but I think I gobbled the food up before remembering to take pics. boohoo.

Below are a few examples of the types of easily-cooked food that students are into.

not bad. came with a cheesy salty sort of taste.

I even added fried egg! lol.

inspired by the famous yummy egg toast at Oldtown Kopitiam.

Mine tasted pretty awesome too! =)

(well it's kinda hard to go wrong with dipping ur bread in egg then frying it huh)

Made my own sandwich. The bread slices have already been made into egg toast.

Add in some lettuce, tomatoes, nuggets, sausages and voila!

A sandwich guaranteed to make you drool! haha.

Lemme tell you, two of those gigantic sandwiches were more than enough for one meal. yum.

Haha... My stomach feels hungry now. Even tho I just had lunch. lol. I wished I'd taken more photos of the other dishes I'd cooked the past few months.. hmm. I remember cooking some more-geng-not-so-easily-cooked-dishes.

Anyway, this will hvta do for now. Don't think I'll be doing much cooking at home. Mum is afraid I'll burn down the kitchen I reckon. lol.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Is What I Call Boring

omg I can feel this blog is going to one of the most boringest blog (is there sucha word? haha) I've ever seen in the next few months. The previous level of interesting-ness can only be restored when I go to UWA to continue my clinical years next year in Jan.

Probably will have at least smtg of substance to talk about. I can't believe all I could talk about in my previous posts was the massive cleaning up of my sis's room. I shld have taken "before" and "after" pics! You guys would be amazed at my cleaning skills! haha.

Okie enough abt that. I suddenly rmb some old ancient but more interesting stuff to blog about but the pics are in the bf's phone (his phone's camera is so much better than mine) so dear, faster send me the pics!

ok gotta go ade. My bro say wanna use comp ade. I wish I can use my laptop to online! *sigh*

More interesting posts coming up when I get the pics! =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Officially Bored

I'm blogging this post because I'm bored.

Yes, I'm officially on holiday and I'm bored. Can you believe this? Sorry lah, I'm a boring person when I'm at home in penang.

(feels like I'm in house arrest due to my stupid inability to drive safely and curfews/restrictions but guess I don't really mind coz sigh, home will always be home - home cooked food! comfyness! clean!)

Actually I have nothing much to write about. So far have only been home helping my sis clearing her "a-hurricane-flew-by" table and making our room more livable. I'm not the neatest person in the world by any standards, but once she took over my room for the past 2.5 years. all I can say is omg.

Guess I'm gonna sign off now. Wanted to blog more but the inspiration disappeared once I opened this page. argh.

PS: Okay finally booked my flight to kl. Can't wait to go redang!! =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Tearful Yet Thankful Transition

Right now, I'm blogging using my bro's new laptop from my home in Penang. (settings on my laptop got some problem so can't online for now hmm) Yes, you got that right, I've finally moved back to penang and my time in IMU has officially ended! Woohoo!

And boy, don't I have news! Yup, I'm very happy to announce that I've managed to pass the ardous-spirit-breaking EOS5!! I've managed to get a pretty good result too so am definitely grateful. =)

Despite not managing to finish one round for all the notes (therefore used the First-Aid for USMLE book - totally my saviour! - to give me an overview on some stuff and praying my brain will rmb the rest), I guess I'm pretty lucky to have done relatively well. Besides, I just needed a pass so that I can continue to my clinical years smoothly. omg I'm not ready for that at all.

Anyway, congrats to all my batchmates who passed as well. We are now officially halfway to becoming a doctor!! lol, I don't feel like one.

And to those who didn't make it this time, study hard for the resit and we'll keep on praying for you guys. Gambate! M106 can do it~


Sigh, clearing up stuff in my old room in vista was certainly a tearful affair. Clothes, messages, cards, prezzies etc unintentionally brought back many many memories shared with friends. The memories just kept coming, flashing back as though my supposedly short-term memory brain was playing tricks on me. hah.

I'm seriously really really gonna miss all of the friends I made here. It's so sad that we don't even know whether we'll see each other ever again. yes, sounds melodramatic but it is true. And I haven't been saying many goodbyes to them... because well, inside, I don't want to say goodbye.

However, such is the way of life. In the end, I left many goodbyes unsaid. Hoping that we'll be able to meet up again in the future. It might be a naive dream, but hey I can dream, can I?

My brain hasn't been able to come up with a super emo damn power blogpost so this will hvta suffice. for now. Maybe my brain doesn't want to say goodbye either. haha.


Anyway, I can't believe the amount of junk stuff I have. Have already started keeping and throwing out some super old clothes, useless outdated books since yesterday and I still haven't finish keeping everything in its place. Well, one of the problems is that there is a serious lack of storing space in my house. Sigh, we certainly are hoarders. Must try to throw out some useless stuff. yes.

Arrgh. headache is back. Am going to just send some emails then get some sleep.

What? buay song izzit?

It is officially a holiday for me now! YAY!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It Is Time

Omg omg. Results will be out in less than 30 mins or so. And I'm still blogging at home.

Aiyoh, just started packing up and cleaning stuff a few days. Not my fav job in the world I tell you. So I only did a little everyday. hah.

Watched Wanted yesterday with the bf. Yup, that was probably our last date in a long long time. *sobs* Lurve the Chicken Katsudon in Sushi Zanmai. thanks for the meal, dear! =)

Sorry. everything is jumbled up. Coz I can feel the adrenaline slowly being released into my blood again. I'll update more later. when I can think more clearly.

Time to get ready.

Results, here I come!

Please, let them be good news! Don't think I can stand more studying... I hope all of my friends get thru too!

*cross fingers and toes too*

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Mix It

Apparently, Vodka and Tequila don't go too well together. Especially on a quite empty stomach. My Area Postrema (read: vomitting centre) was pretty effective and said no-no twice. arrgh.

But it was certainly an experience. Will know what to expect next time lol.

PS: Hey, Tzen, tmr you'll be flying off to Melbourne for 2 weeks before continuing on to Singapore to do your research. Here, I sincerely wish you all the best and take care. May we meet again in the near future! =)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Update Update

Apologies for the miserable lack of updates although it's after the exam. As I supposedly should be free and dandy.

(Un)fortunately, I got hooked to the Sims 2 that I bought a few days ago. I think I've already spent at least 24 hours on it ade! haha. Yes I'd played it long ago when it was still hot but then it went and rosak itself and apparently I haven't got off my addiction till now!

Anyway, apart from playing God with my little Sims *wahaha* what have I been up to?

Let's see. Point form it shall be. Sorry it won't be in chronological order coz my brain is a bit buzzed right now.

  • Viva results were out on monday. Went to check for my frens too. None of us got.. so I dunno whether that's a good thing or not... *let's keep our fingers crossed* Results will be out this friday! omg I really wanna pass! So I can use this holiday wisely! Well I say that for now, but I probably would just be bumming off. haha.

  • Went shopping with Liyann & Puifun at 1U on monday after helping them check the viva results. Finally bought a pair of slippers (my old pair really no hope ade) and a pair of pants! I likey~ Ooo thanks to the dear bf who was willing to send & fetch me all the way there! As he says, it's the last time I'll probably get to shop with them in a long long time. =(

  • Anyway, girls, I really had fun. Food at Delicious was really delicious! lol. The macarpone smtg smtg spaghetti (sorry forgot the whole name ade coz too long!) was definitely a winner. Kept me craving for more! hehe. Applicious Pie and the wedges were not too bad too! =D

  • We went to watch Hancock on monday night. Yes after my shopping trip I was dead tired but still hvta go. Coz everyone else is going! hoho. If you ask me, the movie was okay, had its funny moments but somehow it just lacked that lusture in its plot. Didn't have that "wow" moment. Sucha pity coz Will Smith & Charlize Theron were in it and they played their roles well. I guess we are too used to all those loud action super hero movies and here comes one more about love. hah.

I guess that's for now. Haven't been doing much leh. Sorry lah, we are boring people who prefer to stay at home and play games. haha no-lah, just that these few days dunno want to do what also. Besides, the more we go out, the more money we will spend right! Must save money coz going overseas soon lo. =/

*le sigh*

Left only 3 more days before I go back to Penang. Not that I'm not thrilled about going home after sucha long time being away... but I think I'm going to miss my frens and especially the bf dreadfully. Don't remind me.

*pushes the thought aside - the emo post shall continued to be procastinated on*

Later will be going out. To where I'll not say hoho. For now, shall go rest me head. Stupid headache.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Life Is Good

Okay, today I have finally forced myself to take a really satisfying nap without any alarms set to wake me up lest I oversleep or anything. Boy it felt good!

And I wonder why I don't do naps on a more regular basis. oh wait, that is because normally I haven't been sleep deprived for weeks!

Can't wait for the dark circles to slowly clear up then. (yes I have very dark circles to prove my sleep deprivation. *sigh* the sacrifices medical students sometimes make..)

Anyway, after that some of us went to have dinner at Chop & Steak, which is this nice dinner place serving yummy western food at reasonable prices. And their fruit juices are to die for! Seriously, at rm2.50, it is one big glass of very thick natural fresh fruit juice! Worth-it right? *hearts*

After a satisfying dinner, came back, cleaned my room, washed and changed the bedsheets, took a bath and here I am online. Wow, everything just feels.. good.

For me, one of the pleasures in life is to take a nice warm bath and then sleep in a clean nice-smelling bed. You can think that's weird or whatever. But for me, that is really very calming and makes me feel all relaxed..

It's funny, I was supposed to blog about the exam in this post.. but just don't feel like ranting now. Maybe the next one then.

For now, life is good. =)

Friday, July 04, 2008

And... I Am Back!

After an impromptu abrupt hiatus of more than one week...

What lah! why so garang.

I had this very important exam called End-of-Semester 5 ma...

Anyway, craps aside, I just soooo glad that IT IS OVER!!

As usual, everything still feels pretty surreal. Not so much of euphoric joy or mad partying on the horizon though. Instead, everything is held on to with a tinge of sadness. Because everyone will be leaving each other soon. Very soon.

The first of many "lasts" started a few months back.

Last CSU, last PBL, last lecture and after this last exam (well I hope it is!!), there will be last outings with friends.. and many more other "lasts"...

I feel sad writing this.. but I guess this is the way of life. With every new acquaintance made, there will always be a separation.

It is inevitable. Nothing can be done.. and we can only hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

Okla, duwan to ruin my friends' elatic post exam mood already. Will only blog more (abt the exam and other miscellanous stuff) in later posts.

For now, ciao first.

PS: For those who wants to read something funny, why not try this. hehe...