Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Today is tuesday... Period. Not going 2 say much except that it had been kinda stressful these few days...

We're at a crisis ~ short of time!! *Quote courtesy of leong..*So much to do and so little time!! Haih!!!

And! Still I'm here today! Still blogging!! Oh dear.. Feeling kind of guilty, you know... But I gotta relax a bit... Really! Coz these few days I have been having chest pain... [Yeah, I asked my dad d.. He said: "Not to worry. Juz muscle pain" before waving me away again... *Big sigh*]

Okie, it isn't that bad...and actually I think I'm not that stressed la.. I mean if I was really that stressed I'd be slogging at my books then, wouldn't I?? But here I'm always wasting my precious time away before regretting later.. I think I shld change my nick to "The Procastinator" ade (not the Terminator okay?)... Lydia would totally understand me, do you Lyd??

How abt a new Procastinators Club huh? Not a bad idea... Though it'd be hard to get the club off since all the members'd be procastinating at getting the appropriate things done, right? Go figure!

Well, I think I better stop here liao.. Maybe I really shld start hitting the books d!! *Actually, I know what my problem is -- I juz can't motivate myself enough to open the damn books!!

And becoz of my guai guai face, ppl think I've already started studying a lot ade!! [Huh? Crazy arr?] Wait! Dun judge a book by its cover okay?? =(*


Gotta go! Ciao!

PS ~ Don't think my face is guai kia face? Leave a comment lo! lol. Btw, this post is super lousy leh... The ultimate crap available here! Yoohoo!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lousy Sunday.. Wasted As Usual.

Aikz... Actually it wasn't really lousy. My sunday, I meant, in case you were wondering. Juz damn boring only.

Anyway, my morning was spent in usual laziness (well, it IS sunday ah..) juz lazing around doing god-knows what... And my afternoon was not really productive since I spent a good part at this "Medical Physics" talk.

Ok, to be honest this talk was quite okay, considering the scale of boringness *especially compared to the first two talks...* The talker was kinda funny (considering again the other 2 talks I attended) Anyway, I learnt a little I guess.. Only that after the session, I got "pening kepala" since I dun really like concentrating and listening to things that I only know a little... The talker only talked abt it generally ma. Din really go in depth, leading to us inti ppl getting a bit disconcerted & dazed. Aikz. Nvm la.

Only think dat da time could be better utilized paying of my sleeping debt [Walao! Still sleep not enuf meh? Recently, juz start studying then alwiz fall asleep almost a few minutes later.. Horliao lo! Textbooks are surely the next new lullaby! I'm going to patent it!! lol.]

Anyway, I dunno what I'm going to crap here wo... Lemme think & see..

AHA! I remembered something! Mmr leong was SO funny on friday!! He was talking abt atoms and all when a fren was asking a few funny but admitedly silly questions. So leong was juz blabbling a few answers to keep him happy... But to his embarassment & our immense amusement, he blabbled until dunno talk about what bio stuff la...

(I think he said something strange/wrong, which arr? Take your pick lo) and we gave him this "Huh?!" faces that he said: "Harr? Wrong arr?" and hid his chin behind a piece of paper... *IT WAS SO COMICAL, YOU KNOW!*

I dunno how to describe to you so that you readers would guffaw at this but I tell you it was priceless!! But I guess you juz gotta be there to know how damn funny was it!!

Ok, nothing much to say ade... Got nothing else to relate anyway. So I will get off the bandwagon here then! Tatz!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Frustration Not The Way To Go! Attitude The KEY!

Haih.. A bit lazy to blog... Coz too frustrated over Bio mini (Major la! Bluff ppl meh?) project... Totally have no idea how to do! *Dunno why I chose the hardest part for myself... Aikz..!*

Anyway, feeling a little better now coz ask fren in college how to write the part for discussion so now have a better inkling of how to go abt it.. but still! Why the lecturers always ALWIX give assignments when it is near tests? DAMN Crazy la! But I have complained abt this before so I won't go on & on...!

Anyway, I noticed that maybe it IS da Attitude that you faced life with that determines how your day will be... When I go to college with a smile on my face, everything juz seems better... But if I go with a moody-dun-bother-me-look, I will surely have a totally lousy day. I guess it's true then. Haha.. So maybe I ought to try to brighten myself up each morning. Not much of a chance seeing how sleepy I'm these days... *Sigh*

Hope that my trials will pass by quickly [Hope I do well too. My entry to the uni of my choice depends on this.. *crosses fingers*]

*Pe@c3* to the world... May our souls be happy..! (lol)

Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm So Angry...! :O

Some bloody guy is totally ruining my day! He's so damn annoying!!!

Do you know what he did?

He put spoilers (!!!) for Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince in his nickname for msn messenger! I feel like strangling him around his neck...

Damnit!!!!!! *&%^$#!@#!

There! I had make it PG-13! He put XX killed XX in his damn nick! *Ya, I know. I'm not that bad to spoil it for you Harry Potter fans out there... Of coz, you'd already know that someone important will die in book 6 la...*

My blood is boiling now... Reaching max point! I wouldn't mind it so much if it had been another book or that the spoilers were more minor! But this is major! Especially since the character is so important too..! Damn him... This hasn't been the first time d... So insenstive guy... :O

I gotta pour my feelings out or I'd burst...

He totally ruined book 6 for me!!!!

First time I ever regretted onlin-ing... Remind me to stay away from the internet the next time book 7 comes out, okay? Coz I'm not going to let anyone spoil it for me, ever! I'll shut myself in my room and read until I finish if that's what it takes!!

Stupid Stupid!! [Can you feel how angry I'm? Good. At least you understand.. Unlike someone I know, who totally broke the sacred code of honour for readers!

DAMN DAMN, can't seem to find any more swear words that would make my blog still PG-13.. Arggh!!]

Whatever. I'm signing off now. Too angry to write anymore... I totally hate jerks like him... ARRGGGHH!! T_T

Friday, July 15, 2005

Funny Mathz Class

Hmmm... Today, maths class was really funny! Mr Goh was nice enough to let us relax for a while since it's Friday and all, besides it's the last class for most ppl (Lucky them! I got icky LAN class summore... I really hate Msian Studies arr!!)

Anyway, the ppl in the front row were teasing a guy and a girl *They're trying to match-make them NOT according to their wishes and Mr Goh was joining in the fun too! Walao! Will refain from mentioning names here* Well, it's kinda complicated to explain here...so...as usual I won’t! Haha. And we're laughing and all... [I think I cricked my neck laughing too hard... Ouch!]

Anyway, the other funny thing was when Mr Goh was asking our opinion abt the Prom King & Prom Queen thingy. He wanted to know who was the popular choice apparently. Lolz. Well, there're currently 4 nominees for Prom Queen and 3 nominees for Prom King (to date) and he wanted to know whose chances were better. After asking our opinion, which we gave pretty "generously", he concluded that:

  • For Prom King, the chances for a particular guy is like nil *Mainly due to the fact that he's so thick-skinned that he asked ppl to nominate him when ppl were reluctant to... Aikz! and also because his behaviour wasn't really what you'd call normal to start with. Dun shoot me! I'm just the messenger, ok? This were what my findings say la. From conversations with several ppl... Ah, I’m not prejudiced. This survey is complete and really comprehensive because I had included ppl of different social strata in it...lolz*

  • The other guys were ok. I meant their chances. But Mr Goh said he sensed an imbalance in the forces (pardon the pun, I just couldn't resist...) --> meaning that we had a strong preference for a certain nominee.. Well, well...that's life...!

  • And, for Prom Queen, Mr Goh said that he wasn't sure who'd win since we apparently did not have a strong preference for either of them... So true. I don't even know who to vote for myself. Must think it over. Give it some thought. Do these Prom Kings and Queens need any special qualities or talents? Hmmm... Anyone?

Well, I think Mr Goh was pretty "straightforward" abt his "findings" from the survey... Haha...we're laughing like hell, man. Anyway, he covered up by saying that we gotta give them credit for having the courage for entering. I guess that's true...hmmm.. I wonder if I would have the courage to enter if someone nominated me (ok, no one did... Don't rub it in my face la...lolz.) I'd totally have to think it over lo...Maybe not. Maybe yes. Ah, it doesn't matter anyway! Haha!

I really love the atmosphere in my maths class most of the time... except sometimes when exams are near, everyone is really quiet (coz really tired) and it gets a bit tense... But whatever...! Most of the time it is great! Yay!

Ok, that's all for now! I know that you maths Ex.2 students would like a lecturer like Mr Goh! I mean he teaches us probability by letting us play gambling games! [Refer previous post] How cool is that? Wow! Ciao!

PostScript: Harry Potter book no.6 is hitting bookstores tomorrow! I just can't wait to get my hands on the new book! *Whoop of joy!*

To lose myself in Harry's magical world again... Euphoria! It provides a realistic sense of escapism for most ppl, that's why adults like it so much too! Yup yup!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

*Tired* but relieved! =D

Damn tired. Last night was quite late up finishing my phy assignment *The most difficult one of da year arr! Damnit...*

After I printed it out, to my horror, I found that it was wrong in one place in the calculations!! ARRGGHH!! One decimal place also can see wrongly until write 2 decimal places!! Crazy!! This caused me having to change quite a few parts of it... And it was so late and I didn't my chem homework yet... Must do or leela become crazy, I scared lo... *Too bad that out of 5 days, I hav 3 days is the 1st class... Meaning that her temper isn't so good early in the morning eh... Damnit... This so N0T fair eh!! Argghhh...*

And...and when I started printing it out, to my utter horror, I found out that it was terribly senget (slanted) to one side and I have to shift the whole damn report again... *Pulls hair* It was kinda difficult considering that I already specifically shifted some stuff to certain places...

Arrgghhh...and it was so late ade. And I din do my chem homework yet... Must do eh... Coz my first class today was Leela's arr. And since it's her 1st class too, dun wanna put her in a worse mood than the one she'd already in. Aikz. Now it's kinda scary during chem class. Actually I think she doesn't like our class. She treats other class way better than ours!! ~So Not Fair!!~ But I seem to be digressing ade... But I can do whatever I like with my blog... Haha... Yeah! =)

But whatever! It's all over now!! No MoRe PhY ReP0rT For The ReSt Of The YeAr!! Yayz!! No need to think abt it anymore... *Sigh of relief* Anyway, Leong is really demanding.... and a bit "yim chim" leh... (I think a bit is kinda like another understatement eh...lolz..)

Okie. Dun talk abt something that's in da past already... Aikz...

Anyway, I'm totally feeling better after a long-overdue nap... Haha...really awake now... Hope I dun fall asleep in class again tmr... especially in bio & chem....

Ways to sleep in chem class (without incuring her wrath la of coz...duh!):

  • Turn your head in the opposite direction which she is facing... Better still, prop your head up wif ur hand.. Rmb to pretend that you're 'diligently' reading your textbook.

  • Close your eyes & sleep in peace.

  • However, you're not allowed to really fall asleep. I think the most also juz close eyes to rest only.

  • After a few minutes, shift yourself a bit to make it known to her that you're not sleeping (Yeah, right..!)

  • Better still, nod in the right places. A good way to show you're really listening. Haha.

  • Do this a few times before waking yourself up completely and looking at what she is teaching.

  • Then go back to the same routine.

  • Repeat the whole process as many times as you like.

  • It definitely works! I've tried it many times ade! Tested & proven true! [I already patented it lo! Lol...]

  • And tell me ur opinion if it really works for you! haha... :P

  • N0te: This only works effectively if you're in the front row and she seldom walks around..

I think I will end here... Nnothing much to write..coz nothing special happened ah...

Tatz! *Waves goodbye*

PS: I think my thoughts are a bit messy here... Juz consider it as me crapping it here lo... Aikz~!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

~ Eng Eng Eng ~

Talk abt being on hiatus! I guess it's juz big talk la! Ha!

Well, I just sat for my eng assessment today.. I thought it was ok. Coz of one main reason--> there were like only 3 questions to choose from... So our choices are pretty narrowed down, rite? Anyway, I tot it was kinda like crapping (Note: If better, crap using bombastic words. lol.)

Anyway, "kind kind" ranjit was giving us hints here and there... Haha... The way he did was pretty funny. Lyd wanted to give question 1 for him to mark but he said: "No need la" and *Winks* in that funny pointedly look [Kinda like, eh you get the hint arr?] So da only question left was question 3 lo (Yay! It's totally easier than Q1) becoz he told us dat Q4 was too difficult so it won't come out now... Good lecturer horr? Haha...

Anyway, as moi was a lazy girl (Fell asleep last nite while studying... Becoming a normal occurence now! Ah! Once I take up my books, I go like ZzZzZ lo... Really bad eh! O.o) so I had to write my "sample answer" during eng class... Couldn't finish in time to let ranjit mark. So had to hurry to his office after class and asked him to grade it (Lyd asked me 2 asked, I din think of it actually. Hehe...)

Anyway, there we're standing in his very interesting office. He was marking Lyd's, Ejian's and mine's... So it took some time too..

Good, all the more time for us to look around! *Yaya, I know we very kaypo one la...Lolz* Anyway you could say his office had a personal touch la. A lot of papers and dunno what plastered on his walls...

Some were jokes [Actually a lot were jokes. Now we know where his inspiration for humour comes from..lol] and we were standing there laughing at the jokes. Damn funny too. I oso saw this photo that featured ranjit shaking Mother Teresa's hand! Wow!

And the most touching thing was we saw papers and emails of students thanking him on da walls... So touched! *Proves he's a good lecturer.. Yeah, I totally agree.. compared to the other one..!*

Anyway, the thing is that he's leaving in 3 weeks... OH NO!! We're really sad when we heard da news. Apparently he got this really good job ~i.e. higher pay la~ at dunno where (he refused to reveal yet... Aikz.) We wanted him to stay, even got a few ppl to pass a petition around *Wonders whether he got it yet or not* but if what my fren say is true, then I think it's not going to work out...

Apparently, he got this offer in May but he negotiated with his future employer that he's allowed to finish the syllabus for our class before going off!! ~SO ReSp0NsiBle~ Imagine if he had left us at May! Letting the other teacher teach?!

I'll die sooner!! ARGGHH!! [she took over 2 classes a few months ago and let me tell you it was a disaster!! =O Thk god it was for a few classes nia! *Sigh of relief* She doesn't teach. She SHOUTS!! My ears still hurts.. Remind me not 2 sit in the first row if she ever take over da classes after ranjit leaves.

I going to hate eng after this. Ranjit?? WHY? Why did you leave us to the clutches of her? I dun wan to fail my eng paper arr! Pls stay till da end of da year la!!!] but I know it's not going to work out already since I think he can't delay his job so long... What if he loses this good job? I'm not that selfish la. He must of coz do what's best for him and his family la... *Sobs*

The devil in moi: But not for us la...

Inner voice: Eh, he delayed for a few months ade... Good enough already la.. Be thankful he did not leave us in May & let us struggle for air...

The devil in moi: Ok ok lo! You win..

Whatever... That's life...

PS: Do you think I can get his email or what? I'd like to stay in touch eh... *Thinking*

Monday, July 11, 2005

Going Insane --> Hiatus

I totally have too much stuff to do so I'm juz going to make this short & sweet for ya'all, okay?

If you've read the post below, I believe you'd have a bead of sweat on your forehead *Of coz this is only true if you're in the same course as me la... Duh...*

Anyway, my fren told me that she considered it as a wake-up call (Glad to be of service. Haha...) to our course mates coz we juz are experts at procastinating... [Now, if only there was a job description that fits that, sign me up! Immediately!]

I still think my lecturers are crazy. But dun tell them dat *Dun wan to suffer their wrath lo... Yikes! scary! Juz imagine Leela on the warpath! Nightmares ah... Haha...*

Well, I guess I'll be on temporary hiatus until my trials (*faint*) are over... Maybe I'll post now and then *When I need to relax gua...aikz*

Well, nothing much happened today except that leela SO did not asked us questions (Cheers! I was so scared she was going to ask leh...) but I think she may be going to ask tmr eh... Arrgghh...

Whatever. Gotta do my mountainous load of homework liao!! *Refer previous post* Ciao!!

*Goodbye Kiss* lolz...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hectic Lifestyle & Crazy Lecturers

My life has been a little hectic (understatement of the year! Ha!) lately due many factors. Don't believe me? Look at this crazy list:

Alert:- College mates, proceed with care! You've been warned. I'll not be responsible for any chest pain or any other ailments you get after reading this.

  • The most difficult Physics assignment of the year! [Damnit!]

  • Bio mini-project which I have no idea how to do at all. Nada. Zip. Zilch. [Shld had pay more attention in class... *Sigh*] I think this is a really difficult project la...

  • A possible last Chem report which my frenz insist is non-existent at all. But I think I heard the lecturer saying there was one more... Well, let's juz hope that I'm wrong on this one...*1st time I hope that I hear wrongly during class...LoL*

  • English Assessment to on 13/8 which I haven't studied for at all and have no idea whatsoever on what to study... Aikz! [Oops!]

  • Trials which are drawing near and totally scaring the shit out if us since we'd neglected out studies for so long and now there's ton of stuff 2 study.. [Oh dear!]

  • Malaysian studies or Moral assignment to pass up.... And my group hasn't done a single thing at all... [O.o]

  • Notwithstanding the fact, they alwiz managed to squeeze our LAN finals in the middle of trials. And since I've been daydreaming in every class and not studying for mini-tests... I really dunno how I’m going to pass LAN oredi! [Shit!]

  • Our lecturers always reminding us of trials *When we desperately hope we can find a moment's peace* and springing questions on suspecting people. Yeah, and scolding them when the ppl were a tad too late/slow in answering questions... [Yikes!]

  • Homework piling on top of us until we cant breathe. Yeah, I'm typing this under a mountain of homework. Our lecturers expect us 2 finish the homework AND study... I dunno how it works for them but we only have 24 hours a day, you know! And I've been seriously lacking sleep lately... [ZzZzZ]


I guess you guys believe me now... Life is so Crazy!

But since we only live once, we should live it to the fullest, right? But by fullest, I dun think he means busiest, you know... Aikz... Ironic!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Deadlines Are The Bane of My Existence..!

Deadlines! :T

My most unfavourite word in my dictionary after "jerks" and "pyschos"... and... maybe a few more well-chosen ones. Won't list them down here coz dun wanna be censored by the super strict censorship board of Msia...! lol.

Neways, nothing much except that I've many deadlines chasing me... Like phy assignment, the last one for the whole year! Thk god! =) But this is the most difficult of all! =( Sigh.

And I think got another chem report besides the current one...! Really! Many assignments never seem to finish! Ish. They just keep mounting up one another. What a life! I think shitty and damn boring are good adjectives for it...

Anyway, don't wanna talk about that ade.. Sien la..

I think we gotta ask the college management to look into repairing da roofs. You know why? Coz when I was waiting for my ride home today, standing in the corridor.

This guy in my course was standing at the corner of the porch. I glanced over *Coz bored ma. Nothing better to do* when suddenly a roof tile came falling down!!

And it juz missed the guy by a few inches!! OMG!! Imagine if that thing had hit his head!!Going to hav a lot of blood lo. Maybe need to go to hosp summore lo... Considering how hard those roof tiles were. Aikz, he tot they were pieces of a flowerpot at first. A bit blur. Maybe dazed. lol... :P

Anyway, I wanted to call out to him but failed becoz:

  • I didn't know his name and couldn't think of what to call him at the moment. Yeah, stupid me. But I can't call him "Eh, eh, move away! Got tile falling down ade!!" without being rude ma.. lol.

  • My reflexes are super slow wat. Aikz... =P

A fren say he should go home to pray to his ancestors or whatever to thank them for their protection. lol.


I'm SO not going to stand outside the parameters of the porch ever again I don't need a scar like Harry Potter, thank you very much... Haha.

Btw, the 6th book of the Harry Potter series is coming out next week! Can't wait! Yayz!

Okie, this is it! I got only 3 more words to write---> PoSt EnDs HeRe...!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Addiction Is A 9-Letter Word *Pun Intended*

No no... Don't get the wrong picture. I'm certainly not doing drugs.

Why do something that wastes your money and in the process, bring about your premature death?! No way!

Uh-uh... *Shakes head vigorously*

Anyway, that isn't really my main issue today. Actually, the addiction I'm referring to is my total out of control addiction (Of coz it's out of control! Why else would they call it addiction?!) to the internet!! Damnit! Oh dear!

Do you know how much my internet bill costed last month? Over RM 70, ya know... That's not much until you consider the fact that my streamxy is only supposed to be RM 44 for 60 hours a month... *Well, that's like totally not enuf if you ask me*

I had overspent it like almost double the cost! Shit! [Ok ok, I don't claim all the credit. My bro had his share in the overspending too. Actually, I'm guilty of his addiction too... Opps!] but the good thing about this was that it totally convinced my dad we need to upgrade to the RM 66 streamxy package since we have about 3 regular users.

Yeah, 3 children...

Robot voice: Parents, do not go near it. I repeat, parents, do not go near it. Computer may explode from misuse. Whatever, juz crapping in here. lol.)

Yayz! That means more online time for me and my bro (Younger sis too, but she doesn't use it except for searching pics of her fav artises) AND.... that means the more addicted I'm going to get. Oh dear, doesn't sound great...*sigh* Must exert control...!

But I'm totally on the losing side since now I'm online blogging neways. Whatever. Apparently, my fren likes reading my blog... *Head inflates. lol* Feel flattered that some ppl find my blog an interesting read. Of coz in my opinion, I find it so-so only *Cough cough* =P

Well, dunno why I feel kinda down/disillusioned recently. I mean everything seems to be going well, isn't it? [Ok, let's not talk abt trials...but it's still in the future la..] Do you think it could be stress? I mean, after taking this course, I don't have any time for myself anymore...! :(

Haih. Last time in high sch, I could find time to read my fav books... (I used to be an avid reader. Note: used being the imp word here) I mean, when spm was drawing near, I still have time to indulge myself for personal pleasure. [Hey, hey, don't think dirty harr! This is a site free from porn. Thk god..! lol.]

I hope that I'd be able to find the reason for me being down in the dumps... SOON! Or I'm going crazy 1st... [Sign me up for an asylum pls! Better make sure it's a 1st class one har. Hehe...]

Well, going to sign off liao. Coz nothing special to write oredi...but before I go, anyone who's a regular reader of my blog, could you do me a little favour?

Mind giving me a shoutout (i.e a comment for those not in the know...)? Please do it to humour me... Thx! Love you guys!! *Blowing Air Kisses*

Okay, ciao guys! Moi got homework to catch up with! Ha! As If!!

PS--> Comment in the link below *Can't you see it or are you sight impaired? If u are the latter, I advise you not to use the pc, coz it can be very dangerous for you.* OR use the chatterbox on the RHS... Can u see it? Come on, you can...! If others can do it, why not you? Hehe...! =D

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Help needed...

Something is very wrong with my email account... Oh dear!

Yahoo keeps sending these funny emails that tell me that my password has been changed (which I certainly didn't authorized) and later, the emails even say that my account has been used to send a large amount of "unsolicited of spam"!!

What the Hell?! What is happening? Is some damn bastard hacking into my account?? Shit! I cant even find help thru the Yahoo Help! since it keeps giving me answers based on the words in my question... Ish!! ARGGHH!!

And now the last straw! Iit sent me an email saying that my account has been suspended!!! *But strangely I have been able to use it* Juz now I tried sending an email to a few ppl and it was working!!

So I was wondering whether it was because of some damn hacker!! Why hack into my account? I dun use it maliciously... Ish!

But I guess the "why me?" question is stupid...

Whatever! Anyone who knows what to do, pls reply me here!! Thx a lot!! I'm so frazzled... Argghh! HELP NEEDED!! =(

Friday, July 01, 2005

Stupid MS test!

Well. A normal day. Except that I was totally hating my Malaysian Studies test...!

ARGGHH!! Of coz you'd know why I hate it... *Beside the obvious fact that it's damn boring..* Coz I didn't study for it!! We're supposed to study from half of Chap 1 to Chap 7... Didya know how much moi studied? Until half of Chap 2 only... Shit! I know why I can't study it ade... Coz I can't study something I find terribly boring. :(

I only studied so little coz I fell asleep a few times at nite, trying to cram this junk into my mind. But thank god the lecturer was a lazy teacher *Opps! Shldn't have said that...!* She only sets 2 papers a year [I secretly thinks that she uses the same papers every year...but who knows?]

Anyway, the thing is that those papers were oredi given out to other courses...so... The easy way out (which everyone took) was to get the papers & study beforehand lo... Really! No kidding..

Since yesterday's class was the engineering paper... Today we got only one choice lo! That was the AUP/TAFE paper lo! The only good thing about having friday classes was that we did not have to get both papers.. We're left one only... Haha.

And so we memorised lo... Actually most ppl juz take papers in... and copy... [Yeah, I know the teacher is blind...for our own good...lol...] but I did memorised the whole damn thing... You know juz to give her face and I won't feel so guilty... *Yeah, I know I'm an angel... Haha*

But I did bring my frenz' notes in [I'm so lazy to even find the answers... Whatever..] in case I forgot anything imp...and hell did I forget...and coz I'm not a hardened criminal (Of coz la! What did you think?!), I was kinda nervous doing stuff like this. My high school was so strict that copying is kinda like asking for suicide...lol.

But I managed in the end. Sure got a lot of new experiences in college! Ha! *Didn't imagine it was this kind of experience though..lol.* But let me clarify: I managed to rmb most of it by myself... Only peeped at my paper a few times... *Shrugs* Who the heck cares?

So that's that... Tatz!


PS: I got 99 for my mathz 3 unitz!! Exhilarated!! I couldn't believe my eyes at first when the lecturer thrusted da paper into my hands... You see, the paper was damn hard [Refer to past post] And I couldn't prove a stupid question... So I decided to might as well simply do it... If correct then good... But I didn't really believe it could be correct but it was!!!!

And I din believe I could do ALL the questions correctly!! Yeah, I know I'm careless when it comes to mathz... Anyway, I'm so happy! At least doing all my homework paid off~Finally! Btw, I lost that stupid mark coz I used a wrong symbol... Aikz. But I'm contented ade... Yayz!! :D