Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ulat Buku

or bookworm. if you prefer the conventional term. haha.

Anyway, to prevent myself from rotting completely this hols, I managed to fill part of my abundant free time with some catching up on my long abandoned pursuit of storybook reading.

So this post is gonna be abt the books that I read this long hols. I know this is not a lot (I used to be able to read more and in a shorter time), but then I see it as a side hobby only. hehe.

Most of my time is spent sleeping, eating and fixing my eyes on the computer screen in front of me. (Oops, does that sound like a pig? lol but then I've never heard of pig smart enuf to surf the net rite? *ironic laugh*)

Oh, digressed again. Right, the books.

First up is none other than Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.

I'm not gonna ramble on the book here since I've already dedicated a whole post to it previously. Those interested to read it, pls click here.

Those lazy to read it, the general conclusion is that it provides a good ending to the whole series. Action-packed and full of plot twists. However, there are some minor loopholes to logic tho.

Next up is book six of my favourite Pendragon series - The Rivers of Zadaa.

You know why I absolutely love this series? The plot is just amazing. And the alternate worlds (called "territories") he created are nothing short of fantastic and stretches the imagination. Besides his books are relatively cheaper compared to most english novels that reach our shores. They range from RM15.90 to RM19.90, definitely worth-it.

One other reason I like this series is becoz the language is simple. No mumbo-jumbo, twists and turns with words which would cause my brain to work overtime to process them. This lets my brain some time to rest in btw those medical textbooks which can be super confusing. Good for relaxation! =)

Those who are new to this series shld definitely check it out! I highly recommend it.

After all that praise, sorry! I'm lazy to review this book ade. Click here if you wanna know more.

Alright, the next book is The Quillan Games (yes it's book 7 of the Pendragon series, apparently I'm quite behind!)

Quillan is a territory where people are struggling to survive. And to do that, they hvta play the Quillan games. Which are not of the innocent type but games which may involve a battle to death.

What is the turning point of Quillan? How can Bobby help save Quillan from self-destruction. To find out, read the book! Here's a more complete review.

I find the main idea of the book refreshing. The only thing that irks me in this book is the various flashbacks to the previous books. Which I had read. So it gets a bit frustrating reading the same thing over and over again. Other than that, the book is good.

Okay, time for some chick lit! Boy, do I miss good chick lit. Nowadays due to its sudden popularity, there are hundreds new books of the genre that throng bookshelves. But only a few are really good. I shld know. After getting hooked on it (it was before its wave of popularity), later I was sorely disappointed with how a few books turned out in the end.

Anyhow, Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries are a winner! I'm rereading this book coz I dunno which chick lit books are good anymore. This is Volume VI - Princess In Training. (yeah, I just checked online, I'm backward by three books! I can't believe it. aikz.)

Anyway, the PD series are revolutionary in the fact that it really reads like a diary. You can find online conversations inside (with abreviations too! cute), excerpts of her homework [algebra anyone?], timetables, scraps of a conversation passed to and fro on a paper in class. It's just so realistic!

And the idea of a normal girl who was suddenly thrust upon the title of princess. And how she tried to live a normal life in a normal high school. Hilarious stuff. I recommend this to those who like tasteful chick lit. Yayz!

Time for more magical realms. (Can you see a pattern here? I seemed to really like books abt magic. Guess I'm an escapist of sorts. lol)

Next up is Abhorsen. It's the last book of the famous trilogy [the previous books were Sabriel and Lirael].

Personally, I much prefer Lirael. Somehow I find it more compelling and I enjoyed the plot more. I seemed to be a sucker for plots that start with a pitiful girl that doesn't seem to belong and then eventually find her place in the world. haha.

Abhorsen seemed a little drawn out. And less of that endearing quality. But then as always, the author managed to create a new world where magic has to be done by drawing out magic symbols from the Charter. And only magic can be done in the Old Kingdow behind the wall. Other than that is a place where is something like the world we known. Intrigued? Check it out then. ^v^

Last but not least is Stranger In A Strange Land.

I bought this book becoz I read a blazing review about this book - promising it to be the science-fiction book of the century. So far it's pretty cool but then I just started on it. Hopefully I will be able to finish it before sem4 starts. *gasps*

The main character is called Valentine M. Smith and he is a human. The catch is - he grew up on Mars and does not know what humans are. How the story goes I do not know. Maybe you could read the review here. I'm not sure if there are spoilers tho so I'm not reading hehe.

And so thus ends the ramblings of a self-professed "ulat buku". *winks*

PS: This will be my last post in penang. Cya guys in KL! Time to paint the town red! Teehee. >.<

Monday, August 27, 2007

Love. Goodness. Hope.

You know how sometimes in movies or anime, people are shown to be able to do so much more than they even could dream off?

Like how the mother who suddenly gained super strength and was able to lift the car so that her daughter who was trapped underneath was able to escape?

Like the average person (he could be anyone of us) who in times of danger turn into a hero and decided to start a mutiny against the hijackers to prevent them from crashing into a building causing more lives to be lost? They choose to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Like the firefighters who didn't care for their own danger and choose to go into perilous situations to rescue others? They have families too. But in times like these, they are heroes.

Sometimes, don't you admire their courage? But taking away that moment, they are as normal as anyone of us.

Which means we are capable of what they are able to do.

The human soul is great in that - as long as it believes firmly in something - the body will be able to do it.

Is it love that makes us capable of all that? Or goodness of heart in humans after all?

What is it that pushes us to greater limits?

There might be much darkness in this world, but there is as much goodness as well.

As long as we live, all hope is not lost. As long as we hope, we will live.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wreaking Horror On My Mind

My mind is playing tricks on me.

As you know, I'll be taking an express bus to KL this coming tuesday. And seriously, it's scaring the hell out of me. :O

Taking into view the the sudden increase of express bus accidents recently, you can't blame me.

For those who do not read newspapers (I know many don't), here are the statistics of the recent crashes. I've even provided links so you can check it out to know more. Pls click okie!

So far these are the accidents I cud find. I'm not sure whether I missed out on any of the accidents that happened recently. Anyhow, you get the picture.

The fact that our country ALWAYS waits till something disastrous happens then only they will sit up, take notice and make some stupid guidelines which will be forgotten soon after - irks me so. Why can't they really be efficient for once and put those guidelines to good use? If not, don't promise at all okay.

All this red tape and dilly-dallying costs people LIVES you know. The time when something real is done for prevention and not to appease the public after something bad happened is the day when I'd proudly say that we have grown as a country.


*this part has been deleted becoz my frenz insisted that it was inauspicious - I guess it is*

All these road accidents seriously scares me. Becoz I cud have easily avoided this coz I HAD a choice. But I didn't take it. I was obstinate. And bored. yes do not underestimate the power of extreme boredom. It makes one unable to think clearly.

Please, let me be safe.

I haven't fulfilled my dream of being a doctor. I want to get married and have a family. I still want to save the world people that need me. I want to grow old with you and spoil my grandchildren (as all grandparents do, haha).

And there are more of those along the same lines. It takes guts for me to admit all this. but yeah, I realise that I still have a lot of things that I want to do.

Only the young think they will live forever. I think I'm growing old. -_-

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thinking Back & Looking Forward

Hey peeps, sorry for the slight hiatus. coz I really have nothing to ramble/rant about = b0red0m! Besides, as you can see, I've been indulging in photoshop (altho it makes me nutty sometimes!) and beautifying my blog, giving it a spanking new look! hehe. It's quite fun actually. =)

Anyway, for those of my frenz who are on hols and away from imu, well, here watch this video abt the IMU Cup that is coming soon! Be A.L.I.V.E.! [actively.living.in.vibrance.everyday!] I like how they change scenes by focusing on the ball/shuttlecock etc. Nice scene transition!

Will be going back KL coming tuesday - just in time to watch the Variety Nite. Heard that orientation this time is VERY tame/lame which is sucha big pity. The fun of coming into med school is definitely the orientation during the first week. lol.

I really miss those times! These juniors definitely do not know what they are missing. I'd say going thru orientation was a real humbling experience for me. Good for all of us (who I assume mostly were super-high-achievers when they came in, correct me if I'm wrong) who were too big for our boots. Ego-nya! hehe. Coz med school in itself is a humbling thing. yeap! ^v^

Sem 4 is gonna start soon! One more week! I dunno if I'm glad or sad. I can't say the boredom of the hols have been productive. >.< Probably I'm the sort of person who can't stand sitting or lying still for too long.

I need to do something productive - fast! haha.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome To The Dark Side

Just a teenie short update! Did you notice that I changed the header of my blog again??

What do you think? Comments pretty puh-lease!!

With my recent experimenting with photoshop, I can say I'm pretty please with this work. I added the cool dark edges, and tot some bloody grass for landscape wud be so gothic! I also photoshopped in the dark dripping stains on the upper edge from some other pics. And I added the cute little butterflies to brighten it up abit, coz it looks a bit dreary, don't you think so? And I decided to lighten up the place a bit by adding lighting effects to the lamp above. It looks better, doesn't it? ^v^

I admit this is not like my usual style, but heck, just wanted a change. Maybe my other headers were just too cheery for my own good. lol. Besides, I wanted a header that fit The Med vs Mad theme. hehe.

And don't you love the phrase abt medicine that I found?

Medicine - The only profession that labours incessantly to destroy the reason for its existence.

Hell cool, right? And it's ironically true in a way. We doctors are supposed to at first do no harm, then cure patients, then now we're supposed to teach the general public abt health measures to prevent them from getting sick - which in a way will destroy the reason for our existence, doesn't it? Weird.

And totally lurve the patch of fresh red blood tat I added to illustrate my point. I think I'm getting abit sadistic here. hehe. I also added the dark skull near the syringe to symbolize whatever evil substances that lie within. *evil laughter* And don't forget the "warning sign" that I put up to add in to the "creeps" factor.

And now to the two characters in it. I reckon the one with the syringe is kinda like a frankenstein-in-diguise-doctor or smtg. *thinks of Hannibal* :O Anyway, he is creepy with the weird mask. Hmm. I'm not sure what the victim is. He looks like a policeman running away in undies. haha sorry abt the undies but I didn't know what to do with it. *was thinking of painting the undies pink at first just to be funny, LMAO* And there are some weird tattos on his body too. Cult? Definitely gothic!! But then it's cheeky in a way too. :P

Last but not least, gave some texture to the whole header to achieve the old weathered paper look. I think this one is the most suitable out of the styles available since it's able to bring out the effect I want - that this pic is probably from some ancient sadistic painting or smtg. Cool, right?

So what are you waiting for? I want YOUR comments! =) Thanks!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Unusual Dances

Oops, have not been blogging for the past few days due to laziness and lack of interesting material. I'm sure you guys do not want to hear abt how many hours I'm sleeping per day (so much till I'm getting a headache from oversleep! o.O) or some of the weird dreams I've been having lately (and you know I normally don't rmb my dreams once I wake up or I don't dream at all due to lack of the normal 8 hours of recommended sleep).

I can't believe I managed to ramble for sucha long paragraph... huhu.

Anyway, yesterday my fren recommended that we go watch some artistic dances at Komtar. We tot it'd be a different sort of experience, compared to the normal roam-the-shopping-mall-in-search-of-the-perfect-heels-sort-of-thing. hehe.

And so we went. It was RM15 per person. For that price, I guess it was okla, but definitely cud be better. Some of the moves looked kinda uncoordinated.

Well, we were on time but we missed the first dance altogether becoz we cudn't find the place. I haven't been to Komtar in many many years - and sad to say the place has become rather rundown. Can't imagine what tourists would think if they come to this supposedly famous Komtar tower. Seriously shld spruce up the place a bit. The situation there is just plain sad.

Anyway, they rushed us into the audi (which at least was quite presentable compared to the sad excuse for elevators outside!) and the 2nd dance was just starting. It started quite normally with 2 guys doing some ballet moves, which to me was okay since considering this was supposed to be artistic and I was prepared for wayyyy weirder stuff.

However, it didn't turn out to be so normal after all. The guys started doing moves like hugging, *faked* kissing and looking very deeply into each others' eyes. Which totally gave us the creepies. Eeew! It'd have totally been fine if it was a guy & a girl. Two guys doing it just creeps me out. o.O

Okie, I'm not really against gays (or homosexuals if you wanna be politically correct abt it) - although it does takes away most of the 'beautiful' guys, its freedom of right, isn't it - but still I don't think I can tahan the PDA [public display of affection] of gays/lesbians.

So you get the drift. We're kinda taken aback by the second dance. But it did leave a lasting impression on me tho. lol.

The other dances were what it claimed to be - artistic. I was forever trying to figure what's the hidden meaning behind those fancy/tacky costumes and weird dance moves.

the ticket and programme sheet given - The Sense of Dance

Sorry no photos of the dances. Isn't it SAD? A blogger that doesn't own smtg remotely like a presentable camera? My phone's camera is rather lousy (don't believe? the pic above is already photoshopped and it still looks shitty) and there's this annoying snapshot sound tat can't be turn off whenever I'm ready to snap a photo. *sigh* Anyone wanna sponsor me to buy a camera?? Donations very welcome! hehe.

Oops, digressed again.

Okla, make things easier. I'll just give a short summary on each okay. Below are the list of dances.

  1. Song of Journey - no comment coz we missed it coz we were late! I've a feeling it'd have been a great opening dance. :T

  2. Dear Brother - erm so it's not abt gays huh? Abt brotherhood then? But why act so gay leh? Or does the 'brother' has a hidden meaning? Aikz.. but it was definitely an eye-opener. Their moves also not too bad.

  3. Reborn - this one kept me guessing abt the meaning of the song. Supposed to be abt the 4 seasons.. but go figure. *shrug*

  4. White Dragon Cave - Ah, this is quite good. I like how they use 3 people to dance as if they were one dragon. Weirdly, their costumes were purple and yellow, a far difference from the white dragon they were supposed to be. lol.

  5. Good Morning - The cutest dance!! A bunch of girls in pyjamas dancing with pillows.. I tot the moves not bad, I mean pillows aren't the easiest to make dance moves of, ya know?

  6. An Affair With The Brush - Erm okok only. The brush in this case was a mop. Imagine a guy dancing crazily with a mop. Schizophrenic comes to mind, I dunno why. lol.

  7. Circle - The meaning of the dance in the programme sheet was good [something abt the transition from one circle of frenz to another circle], but I simply can't see how the dance represented it. oh well.

  8. Broken Braid Edge - I really liked this. It was abt how women are treated unequally since ages ago. A girl with a very long braid dances around in throes of despair, the effect of the braid swirling around is nice! And in the end, the girl gestured with the braid to the crowd, showing that women today are still bound. Touching~!

  9. Tsunami - supposed to be a memorial to the tsunami that claimed so many innocent lives. But it was kinda creepy. Coz the dances were supposed to represent the victims, all drown and wrecked up. The dance started with a pile of "bodies" lying in a broken heap in the dark. Which looked super creepy!! Their makeup was really realistic. There was one girl that stood out among the rest coz she looked really ghostly - with her thin sunken face, huge eyes, ghastly pale face and most of all, that murderous intense stare. yikes! I tot this was a nice intepretation coz they managed to show themselves being swept around helplessly by the strong waves and the alternating hope and despair. Nice one!

Alright, and so ends my review of the dances. Although I'm no expert in the art of appreciating such dances (I find it easier in me for art appreciation somehow), I think it was definitely a great new experience! ^v^

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Mail That Starts With "E"

Today, I received possibly the longest personal email that I've ever received. Oh, "big" revelation, huh?

Guess me and most of my old frenz aren't really the keepy-in-touch type, especially not thru email. They don't seem to be a fan of using the internet, which is amazing to an internet addict like me. haha. Oh I do keep in touch with a select few but it's mostly thru the once-in-a-while sms. Even if it's an email, it's normally just the average few lines asking "how you are doing currently?" etc etc and of coz, not to forget the golden question of "have you gotten a bf?" -_-" But hey, I do appreciate those too, as they don't come too often either.

So this morning, I admit, I was rather surprised when I saw this super long email sitting in my inbox, no less from someone that I wudn't expect to be asking advice from me. Not becoz we weren't close - coz we ARE - but becoz I didn't expect someone that seemed more experienced than me in matters of the heart to be asking amateur ME for advice. Seems funny, ain't it?

But there was nothing funny at all in the email - I mean if you looked closely at the issues at hand. Of coz there were the few half-hearted humourous attempts at lightening up sucha serious subject, but then they were only that... half-hearted attempts.

I cud sense the despair that drips from every sentence in that email. I mean, only someone desperate enough would choose ME to ask for advice about love, don't you think? hah.

I know you asked me to keep this a secret, and I will - under the shield of vagueness and anonymity - I hope you wudn't mind. Coz the many questions raised in your email has been bothering me for the whole day (it's not your fault btw) and I need to blog to keep myself sane. Blogging has always been my psycho-therapy, in a way. To make the many thoughts fogging my mind clear away.

And so I ploughed on with my reply. Which I can at least happily say, was almost as long as the one that initiated all this.

People come to me for advice all the time. Is that a good thing? I do not know.

I'm happy to be able to help others, even though it's not in the "saving the world from armageddon category". Coz at least, I'm able to bring some temporary relief (if not happiness) to them, even it's minute compared to what others are doing.

But it's tiring, mentally.

Coz the bad habit in me is to empthatize too much till I feel like I'm going thru the same problems myself. Hopefully I'll be able to change this, so that I'll be able to help others more in the future.

It's been so long since I wrote a personal emo post, hasn't it?

Anyway, in this case, I can't do much but just give my honest opinion. (Which I guess is what I do best.)

I hope it helps.

All the best, my friend. And be strong.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Polyvore (Part IV) - Fuyoh!

Finally, I'm ready to unveil my part IV creations from polyvore!

Are you ready?

Let's cut to the chase and CHARGE!! =)

Kiss Underneath the Fireworks

Romantic-nya! Enuf said.

Roses with Love

I think this is exquisitely beautiful. And romantic! Gotta lurve those rose petals.

Lonely Night

What's the use of luxuries if one is alone?

Vase of Vanities

One of my more creative ones. I like this!

Letters of Hope

Beauty in A Cup

One of my favourites now! You can't help admiring the intricate patterns right?

Dress Frenzy

This is really my best creation to date! Used lots of creativity to make this!

Erm as usual. Comments pretty please? Thanks! =)

Monday, August 13, 2007

How Well Do Y0U Know Zzzyun?

Hey peeps, I spent LOTS of time preparing this test for you guys. So pls pLeaSe try it out! See how well you know me! Thanks! ^v^

It can be tricky so make sure you're fully awake when you try it. >.< teehee. Alright! Fire ahead!


Create your own Friend Test here

Eee! Take my test lah, peeps... why so many view my test but so few take only? Don't scared oh. I don't eat people for breakfast. Nor lunch or dinner by the way. hehe. Btw, I think my test is too easy ade. It's either that or my frenz know me too well. haha.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Before And After Marriage

Before the marriage:

He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: NO! Don't even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: NO! Why you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Yes!
She: Will you hit me?
He: No way! I'm not such kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?

After the marriage? Just read it from bottom to top!! >.<

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Trip Was The Bomb - Part 2

Okay, finally can continue the post abt the trip! Part 1 can be found here.


This was the day packed with the most activities! hehe. With the rented cars and 2 maps at our disposal, we're at our own leisure to plan our own time!

First up was the the Geopark near the hotel which is kinda like a tourisy village with beautiful scenery. Which of coz means camwhoring opportunities! :P

The entrance to the park!

Four girls, a lake, a picturesque bridge.

Reflection - taken by me. nice right?

There were many other cool bridges too. but hey, I can't post all the pics here lah, huhu. The village also sells many cool tourisy stuff, which were relatively expensive to our wallets.

After lots of camwhoring (we're waiting for the guys to have a light breakfast), we set out for the cable car which will take us to a high spot to enjoy the cold misty atmosphere and breath-taking scenery!

The pink cable car! Can fit 6 at one go. So we split into 2 groups.

A photo showing how high it was.

Ride cud be pretty hair-raising. But then you know me lah, sangat suka thrills punya. hehe.

nice shot of a waterfall that we passed while on the ride!

Anyway, it took 2 separate cable car rides for us to reach the top. And boy, was it high! It was really misty and cold. Love it! And ppl with long hair find it hard to tame it as the wind was no mere breeze.

After enjoying the cool weather up there, it was time to head on to our next destination! We went Go-Karting!! yayz~

I've never had the opportunity to have this sort of fun before, coz most of time my parents were joyride-killers. -_- Since parents not here on this trip, hehe time to try! A bit expensive - RM35 for 10 mins, until they said there was a free ride around the track before and after the 10 mins, so guess it was okay.

Getting ready to rumble~ woo!

No more photos after that, becoz we speeded along the straight part and Suewen cudnt take any photos. pity.

Anyway, it was really helluva FUN! I totally lurve it! Most of the guys went really fast but the girls were a bit more cautious. I really wanted to speed but I almost skidded at a corner so decided to be safe than sorry.

But I kinda get it now why it is so fun to SpeeD! hehe. There is this thrill when you're speeding and there is no one around you! Woosh~

After go-karting, we stopped at a stall nearby to eat rojak. Not bad lah, but I think the famous food there is the laksa, coz it's called Laksa Power! lol.

Then we headed to town for some exploring ala backpacker style. Erm that means we just walk around for a while instead of using cars lah. haha. The town was kinda like those quaint not very modernized places - where kedai runcit was considered as "shopping mall". omg.

The girls continue their relentless hunt for chocs and some other shopping too. While the rest managed to secure a decent looking kopitiam for dinner. And yesh, the dinner here was so much better! And cheaper too! (definitely kena con the day before) The soft shells crabs yummy, rite? I didn't recommend wrongly haha.

Ooo no photos of meals coz my frenz holding the cameras are not typical blogger ppl - who are weirdly associated with taking pics of food before eating. lol.

Well, the guys (who obviously weren't keen on shopping) had their hearts set on going to the beach to watch hot chicks have fun. Hey someone even came prepared with a mini binoculars! oops I didn't let that slip. :P

Anyway, to the beach we went. And volleyball we played. Very fun! Altho I must admit, why do most ball games discriminate against the vertically challenge huh? Huh? no fair! Since some of us were *sniff sniff* vertically challenged, we arrange our game to be smtg like 6 against 3. *grins sheephisly*

No photos of that either becoz we're having too much fun. We must do this more often - to shake up those lazy bones of us. hehe.

It was quite late at night when we got back. The guys went ahead earlier coz they wanted to go to the hotel pub to relax konon-nya. (I think looking for hot chicks was more like it :P But according to them, there were none. huhu.)

Anyway when the guys were out relax-ing, we girls were preparing for Leong's "birthday celebrations". They came back slightly earlier than midnite that nite according to our instructions. The celebrations started with me erm-not-so-nonchalantly presenting him with our special oreo. *looks innocent*

And he chewed. And chewed. Ever so slowly. We're all sitting there wondering was there anything wrong with his tastebuds coz we've replaced some [not all] of the white paste with some of my special slightly saltish toothpaste.

And he ate it all. (O.o?!)

Amazed, I ventured the question that did the rest like the new flavour oreo that we bought. (I just wanted to give him a hint, the rest of the oreos were fine) And it was only after a few minutes that he asked me what flavour it was coz he said it tasted weirdly nasty.

It was only then laughted erupted around the room. And the bday cake was presented to him with many rousing different language renditions of the bday song. The prank was explained to him after that. *smiles devilishly*

Well, anyhow he was surprised that we got him a cake coz he didn't see us sneak it back. hehe. And he tot we'd be too sleepy to celebrate for him. [wah think of us until like that, duwan fren you ade!]

He cut the cake at such a weird angle coz he didn't want to spoil the "richard low" written on the cake. erm inside joke :P

finally got someone kena bully and pranked kau kau. huhu.

Anyway, Happy 21th Birthday! Wish u all the best in the future and maybe get a hot chick gf lah so that you won't need to use those binoculars anymore? oops did I let that slip again? hehe.

So that concludes Day 3 - which was really a fun-filled happy day. =) Erm the rest of the nite was spend drinking + talking crap + mahjong-ing away lo.


Last day on the island. We woke up suitably early and went to the beach/swimming pool.

Nah a shot of the swimming pool. sorry no hot chicks. well I didn't see any lah. -_-

Camwhoring in a manmade cave near the swimming pool.

Nice ke our 8 hands deity effect? haha.

Yeap! We were here!

Vandalism on the beach? :P

After that, we checked out, went back to the same kopitiam for lunch and were soon on the ferry headed for penang. Most of us just conked out for the entire journey. haha. Too tired ade.

We checked into the Penang Berjaya hotel and then spent some time in the arcade again. When it was quite late, my parents came to fetch me home. The rest will be taking the bus home the next morning.

For me, the trip ends that nite.

It was definitely a really fun-filled trip with frenz!! I miss it lots! We definitely shld do this again! Yayz! (^v^)v

PS: You can read Puifun's more condensed version of the trip here. hehe.

Friday, August 10, 2007

What A Personality

Photos are in sloooow transfer. and so is the trip post. Don't point fingers at the procastinator - I'm just indulging in my hobby making sure the post comes out good. hope my memory doesn't fail me. :P

Anyway, just thought that I will distract you guys with this post abt... the great personality that I am. Hey I'm not talking crap, that's what it says, according to the test results.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

ENFP - The "Advocate"

ENFPs are introspective, values-oriented, inspiring, social and extremely expressive. They actively send their thoughts and ideas out into the world as a way to bring attention to what they feel to be important, which often has to do with ethics and current events. ENFPs are natural advocates, attracting people to themselves and their cause with excellent people skills, warmth, energy and positivity. ENFPs are described as creative, resourceful, assertive, spontaneous, life-loving, charismatic, passionate and experimental.

and there is more...

And I tot I was a ENTP. Well, if you don't understand what those alphabets stand for, you could always click on my old post to find out more. I'm sure I did a good explanation.

Oh I digressed. So in the span of less than 2 years, apparently I changed from a Thinking person to a Feeling person. riiight.

That isn't so good eh? The cold logic has been replaced by my warm heart! How's that for a paradox? :P Well, at least my patients will definitely be happier to see me. Now, for some plastic surgery to plaster that smile on my face. (note the pun!)

In case you're wondering, I was joking abt the plastic surgery part but seriously people say I look fierce if I don't smile! So how do I keep that winning smile of mine on 24/7? (coz ppl say I look sweet when I smile ma... huhu)


It's working, isn't it? Admit it, this post is distracting you! I think it was so successful that I even distracted myself. lol. With that, I end my crappy post.

photos come to me pls! acadabra! or some shyt like tat. hehe.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Some Visual Entertainment (Updated)

Nooo, I don't have enuf photos of the trip yet!! And stupid msn, always there is some error during transfer of photos. bah.

So to break the silence, I'll write a rambly post first. bleuh~

Movies that I watched in my hols:

  1. 200 Pounds of Beauty - my first Korean movie, paiseh the last time I watched a Korean drama, I fell asleep. It was too slow going for me. I'm glad to see that the pace has picked up! Anyway, I really like this movie! Interesting & intriguing. And Kim Ah Jung is so pretty~ Smtg wrong with me, interested in girls huh. But then the guys look so-so only in the movie. *shrug* click here to know more but careful, there are spoilers ya.

  2. The Simpsons Movie - Jokes that are crude but funny. But some touched upon issues that are normally serious. Not a bad choice of movie, even better if you watch it with frenz. Laughter is abundant~ lol. click here!

Anime that I watched in my hols:

  1. Cooking Master Boy - recommended by Liyann and I fell in love with it. What is it abt cool cooking shows eh? Ichiban! To know more, click here (wikepedia has everything these days). Only grudge is tat it's dubbed in cantonese/mandarin which kinda sounds weird at first. Prefers it to be in original japanese. But one gets used to it soon. *hands itchy, feel like cooking*

  2. Uninhabited Planet Survive - Nice science fiction plus it's in the future! Gotta love that. And a very clean cut anime for once. Although I'd like it if there was more element of love in it. The teens are too platonic to be real. hehe. once again, click here for more info.

  3. Naruto Shippuuden - (sorry I missed out on it previously) I used to be crazy over Naruto. I remember I starting behind others, I started from episode 1 when ppl were already over 100. but now I'm up to date. However it's getting to be kinda droll to wait at least a week for an episode. gah. And it's getting slightly sloppy on those action-packed scenes! turn up the heat pls! But not bad lah, if it's your first time watching it. Those ninjas moves are pretty cool! more info here.

Lots of anime and other type of movies, dramas can be found for free streaming at crunchyroll.com. Take your pick! I absolutely lurve it. It's my main form of entertainment when I was studying and even in my hols. hehe.

So far that is my list. Doesn't look much eh. I really need to do smtg abt being sucha lazy bum these hols. aikz.

Study?! Nah, that doesn't look appetizing. at all.

Right, signing off now. And off to hound ppl for more photos! hoho.

and why oh why don't you guys comment more? I have a lot of traffic everyday, but comments are like so few. Do smtg to amuse me puh-lease..

Can you tell I'm bored? yesh, I am. very. -_-

Nah, put up a music video of the song Beautiful Girl in 200 Pounds of Beauty. I likey the song! And Tzenz keep exclaiming that she's hot. I can't say I don't agree. :P

And don't say I didn't entertain you. Watch the video till the end. hehe.

And was just digging thru my old posts when I found this. Definitely DO check it out coz there are many very funny flash videos in it. Was laughing my head off when I rewatched those videos. lol.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Polyvore (Part III) - Better!

Another intermission post of sorts. Hearing me blabber abt the trip everyday would be quite boring also right? Besides, I haven't gotten all the photos I need.

So let you feast your eyes on some of my new creations at polyvore. It's so fun that I'm kinda addicted. If only it'd load faster... it makes my comp lag so. Maybe it's the internet connection that's slow? hmm.

Okie better cut the crap. Enjoy. Comments pls! Tenkiu tenkiu. =)

The Perfect Sunset

A couple kissing in the beauty of the sunset.

Disco Party High

Took me very long to find the materials needed to create this. But end result is quite pleasing.

Able to recreate the "high" atmosphere! yay!

Dress To The Nines

A simple dress turned magnificent with added frills.

Fairy In A Dream

A not so conventional concept of a fairy but then what is a dream, if not just our thoughts?

Queen of Accessories

My new fav! Took a long time to make, but the end result is stunning!

Her hairdo is made mainly of scarfs, feathers and some jewellery. Isn't it beautiful?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Trip Was A Blast - Part 1

I think I shld start blogging abt the trip now. Can't keep procastinating!

Okie, since I'm a very "chiong hei" person. I'll take my time giving a blow-by-blow account of the trip okay! =) Photos are courtesy of Sue Wen! Thanks!

It was a 5 days 4 nights trip: Penang - Langkawi - Penang again. The main part of the trip was supposed to be Langkawi only, but in the end, we added both days in Penang so that they won't hvta take the night bus, as it's dangerous. hehe. Besides, my uni frenz really lurve penang fooood! lol.

The Characters!


I met them at the kfc near the Penang Berjaya Hotel coz they're too ravenous for lunch, besides we have no transport to go anywhere too far. Paiseh ah, come penang, manatau makan kfc. :P We're joined by beh. After we checked in, they went to play at the arcade nearby as it was very worth-it. RM4/hour unlimited eh. It will definitely be good for noobs like me, haha!

Then dinner was at a hawker stall within walking distance from the hotel. It was quite well-known for its ikan bakar (which I promptly ordered for everyone to share). Most clamoured for the char kuey teow tho. Erm we ordered till cudnt finish eating, haha! The table was almost full. wahliao. And damn paiseh, I seemed to have lost my already minute ability to speak hokkien - I kept accidentally speaking in cantonese to the hawker ppl! blek.

Anyway, since we'd nothing much to do, we went to Gurney Plaza and ended up watching The Simpsons movie. I tot it was really funny - altho not worth the money to watch in cinema - but not bad lah, watch with frenz. The jokes are funnily lame!! But some jokes were abt serious issues like religion, love, family, which actually was a ironic way of viewing it. Good one! We went back home and some of them played mahjong. While the rest went to dreamland as we had to wake up early for the ferry next morning.


Woke up damn early for the 8.30am ferry. Had to drag the guys awake, hehe.

The ferry to Langkawi.

2.5 hours was pretty nauseating as we're cooped up inside. I felt better after we went out to get some fresh air.

A shot of the view you can get outside the ferry.

The blue sky & clouds were really beautiful.

After reaching Langkawi, we had lunch at the Kenny Roger's at the jetty as we're totally ravenous. We then decided to rent 2 cars for 2 full days so that we'll be able to get around easily. Kee & Eugene were the drivers while Puifun and I were the main nap navigators! We managed to get to all places without getting very lost at all! hehe. There! - who said women can't read maps! *sticks tongue out*

Anyway, we checked into Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort, and were given 2 adjoining chalets. (Btw, I must comment on the level of english of the receptionist there. it was pretty bad that they didn't understand what I wanted. Well at least the wait was worth-it in the end.) All trips to-and-fro from the chalets to the hotel's lobby was via shuttle bus, which made the rides really thrilling!

Haha of coz must camwhore at the road in front of the chalets.

I was supposed to be the arrow in a cupid's heart but since my hands weren't really clear in the picture, I took the liberty to photoshop in the heart and arrow. hehe.

Notice that I won't be talking abt the resting-no-activities part okay. Too mundane. Anyway, for dinner, after much deliberation we decided to go to this tourisy spot call Cocoa Beach. Langkawi has this thing abt making their entrances at corners, weird - which caused a very alarming incident before we made the turning into the restaurant.


Since Kee missed the turning, he was trying to backtrack a bit to turn into another side road. It was at this time, a Langkawi tourist van came rushing at us at breakneck speed. The driver didn't horn, he didn't even try to avoid us. He just came straight on. Luckily Kee saw him coming and managed to turn the car in slightly, making both vehicles miss each other by INCHES!!

The driver stopped his car beside us, came down and knocked on the driver's seat's window. Kee opened the door [rmb! we shld never do this!] and apologized. Still angry, the malay driver turned off our car's engine and took the car keys with him. We're totally stunned. But we girls managed to get out of the car.

Kee rushed to the van, still wanting to get back the keys. Puifun managed to ask Suewen to rush to alert the rest of the guys since they were in the other car. Numbers do matter when it comes to road bullies. However, they were quite far off.

I guess the rash driver didn't want the police on him, so after more scoldings, he drove off and threw the keys into a puddle of muddy water by the road. I didn't see him throwing it and was really scared. I didn't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. We're almost gonna rush at the van.

And we're too stunned by this turn of events that we didn't even rmb to jot down the van's car plate number. [Next time, must really rmb to be calm and do this!]

Luckily, all turned out fine, besides us girls being a bit shook up. *sigh of relief* I was SO afraid at that moment. After that incident, we all say that we feel a bit scared whenever we saw the same type of van again. lol.

Anyway, dear dear, you're very calm at that time. *salute* It was admirable the way you handled the road bully (yes that guy was a bully! huff). Some guys would have been too hot-tempered, which might have caused worse problems. And many thanks to Eugene & Kee for driving us around! ^v^


Right, back to the dinner. The food there wasn't really nice and quite expensive! Definitely a tourisy spot eh. The only winning thing abt that place was it had an open air place where you can have dinner and watch the beautiful sun set on the sea.

The breathtaking sunset. that comes with a pricey meal.

After that, we still had time to go to town to shop shop! Langkawi Parade was the place of choice. And omg, the chocolates and liquor was soooo cheap! Duty free stuff is definitely cheap!! *hyperventilates* As you might know, I was a chocoholic, and that place was like a heaven for me! There were so many types of chocs that I've never seen before! Omg~

All of us went on a shopping spree. We mostly bought lots of chocs while some of them bought liquor too. We had to count properly coz only one liquor was allowed per person to bring out of langkawi. Some of the supposedly "good" guys were influenced to buy too.

Anyway that night, most of us started drinking a little. oops. I got quite red in the face but luckily none of us got drunk. hehe. Well, I tot that the liquor's taste was so-so only. *shrug* We spent the night talking crap and mahjong-ing away.

- since this post is getting too long, to be continued -

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Celebrity-Look-Alikes

Yes yes, I'm working on my looong trip post. So don't give me that look.

I've just gotten some of the photos (I waaant more!) so I need to photoshop them too, plus write abt the trip. So cut me some slack ya, ppl.

So this will be another intermission sort of post - and so that I can "syiok sendiri" a bit too. hehe. So check this out!

Apparently, I do look quite like Song Hye-Kyo (sorry I do not know who she is coz I'm not a fan of korean dramas! anyone mind telling me?) coz most of the camwhore photos I used of me has her as my highest celebrity-look-alike! *winks*

Umm so I quite pretty also hor? *in syiok sendiri mood*

Erm yeah, you don't need to answer that, it's a rhetorical question. lol. Besides, I don't think I could bear to know the ugly truth. boohoo.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Really?? *sarcastic tone* but funny nevertheless.

PS: Btw, check this article out. It's a real true life story abt a cat in a nursing home that is able to predict the death of any of the third floor residents and will preside over that person's impending deathbed to provide the last comfort, especially to those - if not for her - would have died alone. A touching story.

PPS: This post is an intermission becoz somehow I still don't feel like blogging abt the trip. And I haven't gotten any photos! Ppl, where art thou? lol.

PPPS: Do you have to be so cruel to ruin the dream for me? I know you meant well, behind all the harsh words and scoldings. You are just looking out for me, right? But somehow, it seemed to have waken me up from a dream that I'd gladly still be in. Now all is left is a bad feeling in me. That something bad is about to happen. I don't want the cynicism I used to have. Can you please take it back?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Idiot's Medical Dictionary

Nabeh, very simple leh! No nid to becum loctor ah!

Antibody: against everyone

Artery: the study of fine paintings

Bacteria: back door to a cafeteria

Caesarean section: a district in Rome

Cardiology: advanced study of poker playing

Coma: a punctuation mark

Dilate: to live longer

Genes: blue denim slacks

Haemorrhoid: a male from outer space

Impotent: distinguished, well-known

Labour pain: hurt at work

Organ Transplant: what you do to your piano when you move

Protein: in favour of young people

Red blood count: Count Dracula

Secretion: hiding anything

Tablet: a small table

Terminal illness: getting sick at the airport

Urine: opposite of "you're out"

Varicose: very close

Vein: conceited

I stole it from this blog. hehe. Coz I tot it was too funny to miss out on.

Anyway, I just got back from the trip and my whole body is aching. And I'm sunburnt too! haha, I'll blog abt the trip soon. It was really FUN!! ^v^

Meanwhile, be entertained by this funny post - and peeps, pls send me the photos of the trip! kthxbai.