Friday, August 25, 2006

Bading Farewells

Just a short post. Going to KL soon. Bus will be departing in less than 6 hours. Really shld sleep!! But you know me lah.. become a night owl ade.. :P

Anyway, will be joining orientation soon. Will be meeting the juniors. :D Hehe. So gonna be really dirty busy soon. So don't expect so many updates okay? I know you guys are going to miss me my lovely regular posts. Hehe.

Ok, brain's a total fuzz now. Gonna miss penang a lot! Tataz~ *blows kisses* ^o^

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Right Attitude Matters

I've always tot that I was very happy in my college year. And I was. But not all 365 freaking days of the year though. -_-"" I'm still human! I have emotions! lol~

But my short-term memory loss problem can be said to be an advantage in life actually, come to think of it. Although it does come with its cons lah, like ppl raising a suspicious eyebrow when I forget stuff that I just said lah. Ppl may get annoyed if I'm not careful.. :P Sorry lo, not my fault eh.. But all the better for you to tell me secrets to, coz I forget them soon. Haha..

Anyway, why was I saying it was an advantage?

Coz I my philosophy in life is:- to take sad events in life and regard them as experiences that let us grow as a person.

And I hvta let those sad thoughts go eventually. Thinking more and more about those sad experiences without self-reflection and only wallowing in self-pity serves no purpose, if you ask me. Unless you wanna count making yourself miserable for nothing. What for, right? *careless shrug*

Anyway, I guess my short-term memory problem does help in this "selective" forgetting. Just wondering whether this short term memory loss thingy is an inborn thing or brought about by me wanting to forget unhappy stuff. I wonder.

It's also one of the many reasons I blog. If not for my old posts, I really don't think that I'd have remembered some of the not-so-pleasant stuff that happened back then. My blog serves as a reminder of the things in the past that I've oh-so-carelessly pushed to the ancient crevices of my little brain. It is like a Pensive (ala harry potter), where I can siphoned off my thoughts into, when they become too many to be managed properly.

Anyhow, I do mean it when I say happiness is a choice. Of coz, there will be the usual rainy days when nothing goes right. But after those spells, if we have the right attitude to go thru life, everything will most probably turned out alright in the end. [this does not apply to those deathrow inmates -_-""]

Allow me to quote Eve. She once said: "Learning experiences shape what we can become, but it is us who choose who we want to become." Wise words...

Remember, life is not always a bed of roses, just gotta face it calmly. :) *wah, this post got a Zen-like feel pulak... haha*

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just Random

Was reading thru some of my old blog entries while I was painstakingly tagging them under different categories. (Yeah, the new Beta Blogger lets us have our own categories finally! Yayz!) Almost 400 posts to be tagged leh!! *faints* Ish.

Then, I came upon this old entry. It's an interesting + controversial one. You should read it. It also kinda reminded me of Mike's recent post too. Hmm. Happy reading~ *winks*

Another post recommendation that is sure to get those brain cells working. Read this post by Minishorts. :)


Just bought the bus tickets. Will be taking the 7 am bus on friday morning. It's the earliest we could get. Now, you must be wondering why did I chose such an early one? Coz our meeting with the juniors is starting around 12:30 leh.. :( So hvta rush lo. If everything goes smoothly, shld be able to reach in time lah. Hopefully the bus won't be late or what. *prays* Not nice right, being late, since I already hvta miss 2 meetings leh.

Note: A friendly neighbourhood reminder: Tmr 10 am got meeting for OOs ya. Spread the word around, thanks. Anyway, cya guys on friday then! Can't wait! ^o^


One of my coll frenz is coming over later. For what? To catch up with each other and crap lo.. Hehe. So I may blog more later.

See how first lah. The connection's a bit crazy. Last night after 12am couldn't use at all. Quite frustrated leh. Aikz!


My blog hits are increasing day by day. Once even almost reach 100 unique visitors a day leh! Scary~ o.O Averaging 30 - 40 hits per day though. Relatively good lo. Have a sneaking suspicion that it's my emo posts that are pulling in all the kaypo ppl that know me personally. Hehe. Whatever. Think I must be more careful when I blog next time. *Mental note: think b4 you blog!* Ok, tataz~

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Good In Everyone Of Us

Ever wondered how funny people are sometimes? I do. Yeah, I even wonder at myself sometimes. Blek.

I believe that all humans were born innately good. [insert some appropriate Confucian quote] Only that some ppl somehow lose their conscience bit by bit along the way. As they grow older, they become jaded, selfish, revengeful etc, slowly losing sight of what is really important in life and what is wrong or right. It's not entirely their fault (although we are ultimately responsible for our destiny in life), as circumstances in life deemed that they do so just to survive.

However, I still hold on to the naive belief that if everyone would to do the best for everyone (theory = utilitarianism), the world would be a so much better place. Most ppl would argue that not all ppl go about life by that concept, so that theory would not hold water as someone you are good to might backstab you in the end. True. Some would say that that theory is rather hard to achieve. True again.

But there is no harm in starting from the very smallest level. Your very own self.

What are the oceans made up of? Many small droplets of water that all come together to be one united entity. [Mother Teresa said smtg to that effect in some quote, but I've kinda forgotten what exactly is the quote. So I made up my own lo. Hehe.]

Anyway, what it means is that a great change is brought about by many little changes. And we ourselves as individuals hvta change first before we can expect the change to be noticeable. Feel strongly about something? Start by doing smtg about it NOW!

The quote below is a good one for us to rmb. I'll try to live my life by it.

"I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all."

By: Leo C. Rosten

If we can make someone's burden a little lighter, we'd not have live in vain. By helping ppl, we are in way, helping ourselves. :)


Recently, I've discovered new adjectives that some ppl have used to describe me. To tell you the truth, I AM surprised when ppl say that I'm a nice person, a caring and good fren. Coz seriously, that thought never really occured to me before! :O

I've always tot that I must not be a very nice person (due to some failures in socializing in high sch, and mind you, at that time, I tot I was a nice person, ironic isn't it?!).. I tot I must be hard to get along with [with respect to my inborn sarcastic-ness], I tot I was a selfish person, I tot I was insensitive to others, I tot I was too opinionated.... The list goes on.

But somehow along the way, things have changed. I dunno whether is it me, or is it the ppl around me. I guess I can say I'm much happier than last time, when I've found a group of frenz that accept me for what I am, who will not judge me, and most importantly, make me happy just by spending time with them. :)

Anyway, try not to judge ppl on how you PERCEIVE them to be. Everyone can be cranky sometimes. No one is perfect. I read somewhere: "Even angels are not perfect, they only pretend to be."

Give ppl a second chance. They might be trying hard to turn over a new leaf. Even if they have some rather undesirable qualities, it doesn't mean that the person is all bad. Surely there is some good in him/her after all.

Rmb the good, gloss over the bad. We are not perfect, we have our own flaws, even though others might not know about it.

A kind word said at the right moment can lead to wonders. You might have influenced the person in a good way that you can't begin to imagine. Spread the message of love~ :D

Oops, I digressed. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that compliments have its own share of magical properties.

When ppl say I'm a good person, it makes me wanna become a better person. It gives me determination to prove that the person was right. When someone say I genuinely care about ppl (even though it might just be a fleeting gesture), it makes me wanna really care more. Rmb, it's the little things in life that really matters. When one says I'm a nice person, it makes me want to be a nicer person. I'm not kidding about this chain-reaction sort of feeling. It's an inspirational sort of thing. ^o^

So why not give someone that deserves a compliment today? It doesn't need a lot of effort, and it would probably give some amazing results. :D

Recommended listening for this post:- "Heal The World" by Michael Jackson.

Was just flipping thru today's papers when a photo caught my eye. The man in the photo look very familiar, so I looked at the caption. Lo behold, it is him! Haha. Dunno what I'm talking about? Go check out today's News Strait Times - Life & Times Section - Pg 66 & 67 - for Paul Jambu's handsome picture. Hehehe... Or click here for the article minus the photo tho. :P Enjoy~

PPS: Listening to happy songs at the moment. I definitely feel better. Maybe it isn't as bad I tot after all. *phew!* But I can't say for sure how long will this good feeling last. My emotions recently went to the playground and started to play with the "swings" and the "see-saw". Haha. Lame analogy! Whatever. Byez! :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

I Tag Myself

I'm utterly bored out of my mind, and hvta find things to do, to keep my mind from its overactivity!! lol.

So decide to embark on this nonsensical task - doing this tag which I dunno got from who's blog. Actually saw this tag at quite a few blogs ade lah.. haha.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

...the streets it linked becoz there were no streetlamps. Their foot...

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.

Erm? So? I touched my laptop lo.. -_-"

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Lemme see. Oh ya, Bring It On dvd. Cool movie~!

4. Without looking, guess what time it is: 9:20pm

5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 9:33pm. Quite far off hor.. hehe.

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

The soft hum of the air-con.

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Last night. Went out with dad to buy food.

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

My blog. Hehe. :)

9. What are you wearing?

My pyjamas. Old not-nice ones. lol.

10. Did you dream last night?

Yeah. I think so. Smtg to do with an sms I think. And that someone had the surname "cool". lol. Can't rmb clearly.

11. When did you last laugh?

Erm, can't rmb. Not in a laughing mood nowadays. So unlike me, right? I rmbed I used to laugh every few minutes! I need my laughing buddies! hahaha...

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

Nothing much. Coz mum's against putting up posters coz scared that it might ruined the walls. I've posters up in my vista home tho. :D

13. Seen anything weird lately?

A lot. Till I'm almost not surprised anymore. Maybe some stuff I read online I guess. Can't rmb.

14. What is the last film you saw?

"Recycle" with my coll mates. :) Nice scary movie. I wanna watch "Click" leh! Oops, digressed.

15. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

I'd use it to fund my freaking expensive education. Yeah! The rest go to shopping! And maybe charities lo. ^o^

16. Tell me something about you that I don't know:

I'm not as innocent as I look. Tee-hee. *winks*

17. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

I'd want a cure for cancer/AIDS to be found and more importantly, made available to everyone who needs it! Yeah!

18. Do you like to dance?

Of coz! It's fun! ^v^ Must dance more... recently like didn't dance much leh.

19. George Bush: is a lousy president. And has short vision and a narrow-minded view of things. Arggh!

20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

Can I use back my name? zi yun junior. lol!

21. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

[insert his dad's name] junior. Hehe. I think I'm on the brink of insanity ade.. lol!

22. Would you ever consider living abroad?

Yeah, I'd consider of coz. But I think my heart will always be back with msia... and its food! Haha.

23. Name 5 ppl that you tag to do this tag.

Michelle G, Pui Fun, Ellice, Yee Yoon, Kajen.

I'm Turning...

...into a total zombie. I've been pulling late-nighters the past few days. Very late nighters. My record so far is 6am in the morning. Isn't that so crazy? Didn't know that chatting online can be so syiok..

Anyway, my life circadian rhythm is totally screwed up. :( Even though I've the same (if not more) amount of sleep than semester time, I feel even more lethargic and tired than before. *frowns at super dark circles under eyes*

I really need to get my internal clock screwed back on right. Really must try to sleep earlier leh!! Aikz. I guess I'll be more disciplinced when I go back to vista, coz I know there'll be no one to wake me up but myself. Responsibilities! *sigh*

Not in a really good mood now. Been emo-ing too much for my own liking lately. :( If only we have control over how we feel!! How good would that be! *sigh*

Just some things I found out.

  • Do you know that if you can't bear other ppl to be unhappy, in the end you will only make yourself unhappy? :( It IS naive to want everybody to all be happy, but I can't help it!! *sigh* Stop it please... *smacks self*

  • The right decisions can be very hard to make sometimes. And I'm too soft-hearted. (Yes, another relevation. Don't look sooo surprised okay..) But I've to grit my teeth and do it.. yeah. Pls, someone pls tell me that I made the right decision! I need guidance. I'm like a little fish floundering in the big wide ocean.. I'm feeling lost..

PS: Do listen to Sailing by Rod Stewart. It can't be more apt. Thanks to Leong for the recommendation.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Strong & The Protective

Was reading someone's blog when I stumbled upon these phrases. I'd have brushed them off without another thought if it was a few months ago. But then, things are different now.

Here are the two phrases:-

  • Did you know that those who appear to be very strong in heart, are really weak and most susceptible?

  • Did you know that those who spend their time protecting others are the ones that really need someone to protect them?

Yeah. I remember thinking that I was a strong person emotionally. But sadly, in recent days, I'm to find out that that was not the case. :(

Probably, last time, I just didn't really care enough. That's all. Or I just made myself not to care about stuff, coz the less you care about smtg, the less you'll get hurt if anything changes. But is this how I want to live my life? I really gotta question myself.

Alas, the phrase is so true. I may appear to be strong (or so I think), but inside, I think I'm really weak and susceptible. My heart is fragile. *piang - sound of heart breaking*

Ok, what am I crapping here! *slaps self*

On to the next phrase then. Protecting ppl... Hmm. *deep in thought* I guess I do feel indignant on others' behalf when they're unjustly treated. And I might defend or help them on their behalf. Depends lah, if dealing with yakuza (japanese for gangters), sorry lah, moi can't help. Hehe.

So does that mean I need someone to protect me too? In penang, I've my dear dad. But when away from home? No one lo..

The only place that I can feel completely safe is in my penang home. In KL, I can never feel wholly safe, even though when I'm at my vista home. This is becoz the crime rate is freaking high! Scary lah, to someone not from KL. I'm always alert when I'm out on the streets. But that's a good thing I guess.

But that feeling of comfiness and safeness can only be gotten in the place we call Home. *sigh* Will be going back to the unsafe feeling in a few days. Can I don't go back ah? :'( Haha, j/k lah! Being OO for the next batch, shld be fun, not to mention dirty! -_-"" lol.

Anyway, if you'd told me this a few years ago, I'd have been so indignant that I might have given you a rude retort. Going thru feminist phrase then. Hehe. But I guess I've changed somewhat over the years..

Having someone to protect me isn't such a bad idea after all. Hmm.

But till I find that someone, I'll continue to be strong [at the very least, try to be lo], but hey, being able to stand on one's own feet is a great thing, you know! :D Cheers~!

Singledom rocks! (^o^)v *hears all the other single ppl out there cheering with me* lol~!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Songs Can Explain More Sometimes

I'm lazy to blog a long post. Nothing especially interesting to write about too.

Anyway, found this page that might be of interest to some. Some of it is sooo true! It's all in chinese, so if you can't read, sorry lah! Go and learn! Haha.

Recently, besides listening to Ah Mei's new song, 我要快乐 (Wo Yao Kuai Le = I Want To Be Happy), I've also been listening a lot to Rainie Yang's 可爱 (Ke Ai = Loveable). It totally seems to be speaking about my recent feelings! *sigh*

This is the one of the rare occasions that I managed to really tafsir the lyrics of a song. As in really feel what the singer is singing. :( I'm emotionless now. Numb.. I guess time will tell. I really hoped you'd understand me more thru the song but alas... you got confused instead. *sigh*

Below are the lyrics. Sorry again to those who can't read chinese. Hehe. [Well, I finally managed to install my language pack so now I can type in Chinese ade! So must show show a bit, right? :P]

可爱 - Rainie Yang



突然醒来,有你,温暖 依赖(有爱 可以依赖)只是爱与不爱在徘徊,摇摆,


我想你明白,这并不是爱,我想你忘了什么是 爱,我不过是可爱,却还不够被爱.

Well, that's all for now. I don't really have the mood to blog. *runs off to listen to the song again*

PS: Just got my hair cut just now. My head feels so light now! Yayz~ Oh, I think it looks quite ok too. Not bad lah. :)

PPS: To my frenz in KL, I'll be going back to KL around next thursday or friday. I'll hvta miss the 1st meeting on monday unfortunately, but nvm lah. I'll be ready to "greet" the juniors on friday! Hehe. I can't wait to actually do something. Coz I've been in "rotting" mode for too long ade.. Keke..

PPPS: Blogger has just released a new version called Beta Blogger! It's pretty awesome! Now it's so much easier to change fonts, colours and sequence of stuff. No need prior knowledge of html and codes etc. And best of all, finally we have categories to label our posts! Yayz~ [Although I've pretty much amassed quite some knowledge of html prior to this. Hehe. Well, no harm in learning new things, right?] Anyway, don't be suprised if you see my blog revert to its old template or if it's missing some things in the sidebar. I'll be fixing it up. :) I've been using my other blog as a guinea pig btw. Hehe. Ciao~

Friday, August 18, 2006

My High School Stories

Had a great time last evening! I went to see one of my best frenz, Ah Yang... So long didn't see her ade! Missed her a lot! *muacks* :D We talked for almost 4 hours straight, stopping only for dinner! Hey, we have a lot of catching up to do lah! Haha..

Anyway, what do girls do when they get together? They GOSSIP! Hehe...

She updated me on a lot of stuff that's been happening in my classmates' F6 class nowadays. Woah, so much DRAMA pulak!! o.O All this while moi the drama queen is away! Huff. Okla, just kidding, I'm no drama queen lah. *winks* Last time when I was in high school, life was usually pretty much the same everyday. Or maybe I just keep a low profile lah. Hehe.

Of coz, although the gossip is SUpEr JuiCy *licks lips* but I cannot say here lah, right? Code of honour lah. Hehe. But really, I'm still reeling a bit from the events she told me. Hard to believe lah!! Tsk tsk...

Okla, I shall not say anymore abt that as I'm building up suspense but not telling wo. You all will sure beat me up wan.. o.O

Anyhow, I do have some stories to tell. Rmb this incident that turned me cynical? Ah, I've more to divulge about it. Coz as stories go, it's not always so simple, right?

The characters:

  • X - one of my best frenz that I've known since F1. The very same one in that incident.

  • K - also one of my good frenz since F1. Nice girl, easy to get along with.

  • J - Primary sch fren of K. And the ONLY person that I can safely say that I'm utterly disgusted with so far in my entire short life. Don't worry, the dislike was mutual. Hehe. She totally smelt of bad news the 1st time I met her. And lemme tell you, my instinct is pretty accurate so far..

  • R - Fren of J. Only gotta know her during F5. Not so good news either.

And the story-telling shall begin.

Once upon a time, in the yummy food land of penang, 3 girls (X, K and me) met at a fateful encounter during their 1st high school year. Things were rosey until J came into the picture. Then that incident lingered for around a few months. Tensions were mounting but ebbed away when I was in a different class from them in my F4 year.

I decided to start anew and made many frenz for life in that year alone! Sometimes ppl in the 1st class can be a bit more difficult to make frenz with lo. Sorry lah, that's just what I feel lo. Ppl I've known for 3 years were no match for ppl I knew in that 1 year. Not saying all lah, some I guess. They judged me before they knew me. :( It's one of the reasons I try not to judge others. Coz I was a victim before.

Anyway, back to the story. It was in this year that R then joined this little clique in my absence. Nothing wrong with that.. until later.

Dunno whether to consider myself fortunate or unfortunate, but I'd the (mis)fortune of going back to the 1st class in my F5 year. Was a bit apprehensive of whether should I join back my clique but I did in the end. I was more mature then [I hoped] so I did managed to tolerate J for my other frenz' sake. But they'll know the truth in the end! (And they did, we shall see how the story goes...)

Anyhow, I do feel rather indignant when I just got to know the fact that R didn't like me talking so much coz she felt that I've less right than her to talk so much in that group! Wtf!! She was the latecomer and I never feel anything like that towards her and she dare say things like that about me! Just becoz I was absent for a year does not make my friendship with the others for the earlier 3 years non-existent, okay?! And she only knew them for 1 year only too! @#$^%$^*@!!!

But enough said. Such ppl are not worth my time. *flicks hand nonchalantly* Just tot that it'll make good blogging content and once I've vented it out, I feel better. *takes deep breaths* Hehe. Ok, better now! :)


Ah ha. The story's not done yet. Still got another different part.

I shall attempt to ''diagnose" what's freaking wrong with J. I have just come up with a theory from years of attempting to read ppl. Let's see if it holds water.

J was a bitchy snob. *sorry for the strong language but then she must be quite something if I dislike her to sucha extent, isn't it? And I try too accept all ppl as a rule* Her hobby is putting ppl down (opinion of general populace, not mine alone), almost everyone she could think of, except those that have potential to be useful to her. Ppl who helps her in studies, ppl who could ferry her here to and fro etc.

I felt that the reason that J didn't really like me much was becoz she was envious of me as I've so many things that she doesn't have. She was born into a not so wealth-off family and I've a sneaking suspicion that she suffers from an Self-Inferiority Complex!! (my diagnosis) as she always felt that her position in society was too low for her liking. All her own thinking actually, coz we never really cared about those stuff. Aikz.

And one that made her dislike me all the more was the fact that I wasn't going to take her insults lying down. (Sorry lah, that's so not me okay!) And I often retaliate with sarcastic/witty comments that she couldn't match due to unproficiency in English and my unique personality. :P

Another thing that made her resent me besides that was the fact that I wasn't afraid of her. [C'mon, why shld I be? *raised eyebrow*] Well, I must admit that she does have a habit of striking fear mixed with dislike in others' hearts. But not mine, unfortunately. So I guess you can say that she met her match in me. No wonder she didn't like me. Hehe.

And there are some other notions that support my current hypothesis of her self-inferiority complex.

Coz I just found out from my fren that J was taking many "supplement classes" nowadays even though she is already pressed for time for studies. The classes? Quite interesting ones imho.

French lessons, playing some music instrument (violin if I'm not mistaken), flower arranging and fine dining. Okay, I made the last one up lah. But I wouldn't put it past her to take it up if she knew about it. Ha.

All this sort of classes supposedly have the connotation or value of upgrading one's status in society, doesn't it? In an attempt to make oneself more refined and blah blah blah... *rolls eyes* Puhlease~ [but if you really want to learn for the purpose of learning, it's cool with me, of coz. But solely for "upgrading" oneself in society? Really~ *shakes head*]

If you ask me, even though one can converse in a few hundred languages and know which spoon to use while drinking what soup but still has a black heart filled with evil thoughts, sorry lah, in my book, you're so not refined okay. Get this, girl: It comes from within. So there!

I wonder if my theory is correct onot. Any ideas, peeps? Comments pls!

And the fitting ending to this little tale would be for me to find out that X and K are no longer good frenz with J. Ha! Guessed they finally saw her for what she was in the end. Thank God!

Unfortunately, J is now on "intimate terms" with one of the prettiest and smartest girl in the form. (What a pity lah!) Definitely a people-user this one! But I won't say more about this lest I go too far. Beware, peeps, health hazard! lol. But to each of her own I guess.

The truth will prevail. And time will reveal all truths. As long as I'm truthful to my conscience, I'll not live in fear.

And this is how the story ends. [dunno got more onot, hmm..]

PS: Hey, not I purposely want to talk abt this old past again wan, you know. She's the one still dragging my name down even though I can say to have sever all ties with her. Still talking behind my back even though it's such old news ade. *Grrrr*

To think it in another way though, Woah, I must have sucha significant impact in her life for her to want to still talk bad about me! Hahaha! I had the last laugh! She must be so furious if she does get to read this post... probably hit a nerve too, the hypothesis part.. Muahaha~ *evil smile*

PPS: Eh, don't say I'm an evil person lah, okay? This person was totally asking for it lah. Only you all never had the misfortune of meeting her lah. -_-

Some Humour About Women

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hahaha... Oh-so-logically funny, isn't it? I got this in an email from a fren, decided that it was worth sharing with you guys.

But it does not represent my views of coz. Duh.

Becoz if you ask me, women doesn't equal problems. No-no... *wags finger* Men only say that when their own actions cause the trouble in the first place.

Tell you what, women SOLVE problems. Allow me to requote myself.

If women were in charge of the world, there'd be no wars. *peace sign*

Unlike the current situation now. >.<

Hur hur. Yeah, George Bush is still technically a man, in case you're wondering. =.="

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hehe. The above chart is quite amusing. :P Though some "properties" might be true for some women, but not all lah. Hang it with stereotypes! Haha...

Most powerful money reducing agent known to men? Might be true, but then it's becoz the men let them get away with it. No complaints ya! Hehe.

Besides, a lot of women now do share the breadwinner's role with their husbands. And they are still expected to cook, clean AND take care of the kids, while the husbands laze around, reading the newspapers. (Majority lah, not all.)

Sorry lah, I think of a family as a joint effort, something that BOTH parties should work on. Not just only one, just becoz she's bound by social norms to do so.

Ok. Better stop lecturing. Ppl all chao-ing from my blog ade if I start nagging like grandma. *gasp* Haha.

Look at one of the "common uses". It says women "can greatly aid relaxation". What's that supposed to mean? o.O Are you thinking what I'm thinking? hehehe... :P But it's wrong to think that way though. tsk tsk. *pulls owns ears* lol.

Okla, gotta stop here. Hope you all like this funny post. Something to lighten up the dark dreary days. So smile! (^o^)v

Interesting note: It takes 17 muscles to smile and 34 muscles to frown. Hope I got the numbers right. But it's almost twice, isn't it? So exercise those smiling muscles now! :D

PS: Hey, about the M106 blog thingy... I need more response!! So few ppl reading my blog only meh? Or so few ppl willing to comment meh? :T Terima kasih to those who did though! XD

Sales pitch can be found in this post. Btw, it'd help if some of my batchmates bloggers can write their own sales pitch about this idea in their own blogs. We need to reach out to more peeps!! Not enough publicity~!

Or else I've a bad feeling that this stupid idea is going to fall flat on its hideous butt. *sigh* :( I don't wanna be a failure in pitching ideas to ppl! But guess I got more to learn lo.. Aikz.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Doing The Listening

Ever get the burdened feeling that a lot of ppl are depending on you? It's not a light burden to carry upon my weak shoulders.

Probably you wondering at this point what I'm babbling about but have patience. I'm not joking when I say a lot of ppl tell me their stories, their secrets. [Don't worry, they are all safe with me. It might be difficult sometimes to keep from gossiping, but promises are promises, right? *winks*]

Some are close frenz, some are casual frenz, some are pretty distant accquaintances. But they have something in common. They pour their heartaches, their pasts, their stories into my ears. Yes, little unimportant me. Sometimes I do wonder why they chose me.

Do I have "good listener" stamped upon my forehead? Am I even a good listener? Aikz.

Is it I that encourage them to say more (and more and more) when the conversation takes a different turn? Is it becoz I'm persuasive enough to wheedle out information from them?

Or is it becoz I try not to judge people?

Or is it that I'm quite often sympathetic [if not empathetic]? :T

I try my best to give advice but I don't guarantee that it may be the best advice that you can get though. Whether it even works is another matter of debate. Tact isn't exactly my strongest point either, but I guess msn is one of the mediums of communication that actually provides me time to think (lest I say something hurtful offhand) before I press 'enter'.

But anyhow, I sincerely really wanna help you all. I really hope that all things will work out fine, and everyone will be happy. (sorry for the idealistic thinking, I get hyper that way sometimes... blek)

Most of the time, I do get pleasure from helping ppl by listening to their woes, their tales. It makes me happy that I managed to lessen the sorrow of another human being. If that's the least I can do for one, why not? (I believe in utilinarianism)

But sometimes when you have own set of problems to worry about, it can get a tad difficult to listen to the ranting of some distant accquantance who didn't really know that the whole problem was probably him/herself anyway. -_- And try explaining that to someone in a sugar-coated way. As I said, tact is not my strongest point, though I do try to improve over the years.

Msn is a great medium to give advice. Do you know why? Coz the other person can't see that you're roll-my-eyes-bored of his/her ramblings and would rather go and sleep or do smtg else. But hey, I'm not perfect. Although I might tire of your nonsensical hard-to-understand ramblings, at least I still try to listen and comprehend. It takes effort on my part, when I can so easily just say: "hey i gtg, cya soon." Just like that. But I didn't. I stuck and listened. And that is what that matters. Sometimes it's not the advice. Sometimes they just need someone to listen to them.

Point to note: This post is not refering to anyone who talked to me recently. [Just in case you come screaming at me. o.O]

Just a "domino effect" over the years, as more and more ppl come and tell me their stories. Someone who had this in common with me told me that that makes us like "open books", where ppl will come and write down their stories on the blank pages, then just leave.

As time goes on, the books get thicker and thicker. And I think mine might have gotten a little too thicker too fast for my liking. Coz it's hard to have so many stories and secrets swirling inside you [I think I might need to buy a Pensive in those Harry Potters stories] and you can't tell anyone else about it coz you promised.

Inner cry: It's hard to do the listening all the time.

PS: But a BIG thanks to those who listened to me woes and supported me the past few weeks. Guess that I got enough karma from my past life after all, at least enough so that there are ppl who listened to my stories. :)

PPS: Actually I don't mind close frenz coming to me for help. It's the distant accquaintances that only appear when they need help that irks me, sometimes.

PPS: That fren said that I'm too nice for my own good sometimes. *kembang becoz of compliment :D* Well, I guess trying to be nice to everyone is part of every homosapien. It's just whether this part of one's character is prominent enough or not, I guess. *sceptic look*

PPPS: And yes, I'll be continue to be nice. ^v^ At least until I can bear the burden no more. For now, do come and let me lend my ears (or eyes if we do msn) if you have the need. *smiles*

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


*flicks hand nonchalantly* Just something normal in a medical student's life. We can't run away, we can't escape it! Anyway, this was a post I wanna do long ago but i kinda forgot abt it. I'll do it now then. hehe.

I'm sure my batchmates rmb very well that in our BS lectures, we have one tentatively titled "Stress". Mind you, I didn't really like that one, coz it was freaking long!! 51 slides!! Argh.

Not so good especially when you're pressed for time, trying to cover everything in the thick thick notes. -_-

51 super long slides!! T_T Too much lah.

*starts tearing hair out, on second thoughts, maybe not*

But do you know what really pissed me off about this particular lecture? The slide below.

Yes! This was the last slide. It was almost like jeering at me: "Hey, are you Stressed?" after a very long stressful read of the 51 slides. Wth. And that happened while I was burning the midnight oil for Summative 2 (sorry lah, lack of planning as always lo, sad case).

I really did not appreciate that Q that popped up in front of me, asking a so-duh thing. Seeing that this lecture's slides were freaking long and boring and complex, what do you think leh~!! *Huff*

And thus this is what happens to us poor students! [yeah, I took this pic from the slides too, hehe]

PS: I like the font of my "arrrggh", don't you? :P Rather out of topic, this one. hehe..

PPS: Okla, I think my inspiration fizzled out. That's why this post that could be more interesting turned out so boring. :( Probably is becoz I don't feel stressed now. Hmm. Possible.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

:: A Blog For All ::

Ahhh. My memory hasn't totally deserted me. I suddenly remembered an idea that was pitched by moi and seconded by a few frenz sometime ago.

*drum roll pls* Brilliant me (ok, maybe not so brilliant, j/k) is proposing the idea of starting... an M106 blog!!! Isn't that so freakingly cool? XD

I know what you guys are thinking now. What the heck would we blog about? Studies? Isn't that boring enough? -_-

Nope, ladies and gentlemen, (although of coz you would be allowed to blog about studies if you want to), our main focus of the blog would not be that, we would be allowed to blog about anything related to our lives in IMU... Events happening there, our thoughts about Life, jokes to lighten up a bad day, ah.. the possibilities are endless! ^o^

It would be something like the imucampus forum that we have currently, but just in a different medium, we do it blogging style! Yayz~

I figured that we'd have no shortage of resources since in the M106 batch alone, we have so many enthusiastic bloggers already. :) I've linked quite a few batchmates' blogs and I think there are more, don't you think so?

Blogging is kinda like a hobby to me (and many others' too, I reckoned). And since we have clubs for flower arranging and stamp-collecting etc, why not a united blog for bloggers alike? Of coz, we shall start on a smaller scale by starting with a M106 blog first... ^v^ The idea's a feasible one, isn't it?

Anyway, this is just a bare stripped-down idea. I'd like to hear how you guys would respond to such an idea [and are you all willing to contribute? Pretty please? :P] and of coz, your ideas on how it could be an even better blog! [if the idea takes off, of course]

So comments are wildly welcomed for this post!! Clickety-click~ :D

Monday, August 14, 2006

Googling My Blog Again? Aikz.

Sorry if pic's a bit small. Click for larger version.

I'm appalled. Flabbergasted. :T At the keywords ppl used to google/yahoo! to get to my blog.

Ahh. Let us analyse one by one, shall we? And laugh our butts off in the process, of coz. Hehe.

Ooo. The reddish arrow shows "bimbotic quotes". -_-""" Puhlease. I really don't think that my poor blog is so bimbotic to warrant this. Hey, if u really want a typical bimbotic blog (that I don't bother to read nowadays) go see xiaxue's blog, okie? :( Pity my blog. My quotes are not bimbotic, are they? Meaningful wan lah~~ *raised eyebrow* And no, I do not think I'm that bimbotic.. yet. :T Hehe.

Ok, next up, I present to you, the blue arrows! The first one shows "zi yun blog maelstrom" while the last two show "zi yun blog". Ahhh~ Scary, isn't it? I didn't know that my blog has garnered so much attention in the blogosphere. *winks* Readership increasing tho. Hehe. Well, this are probably done by ppl who know me personally, so hey, do make yourself known here by giving me a shoutout at my tagboard or leave some comments denoting your presence okay! Thanks! No stalkers pls~ :P

Ah. The orange arrow shows "blog eos imu". -_-"" What?! Still searching for info about that? Aikz. Isn't it a bit belated? Ppl going to sit for the resit soon leh. Besides, do u think I'd be so mean to blog about who failed and served them right blah blah blah... *sweat* Puhlease~ Sorry lah, I'm not so mean ok. >.< I'm praying for all those going for the resit to go thru it successfully okay!! Gambate and study hard oh, all my frenz!! :) You can do it! I have faith in you guys!

Last but not least, the green arrow shows "IMCC IMU video"!! :O Omg, I never put up such videos up eh! Pls, I'm innocent.. hahaha.. *Mental note: Get the videos from Kenneth when the new sem starts.* Hehe. Eh, I need to show my juniors our tradition lah. [For the unintiated, IMCC stands for 'I Am SiSsy'! rotfl.] Anyway, I think the person who googled that must be sorely disappointed to find a blog full of words but no videos tho. :P Wrong place lah, go YouTube search and see leh. Maybe got? hehehe...

Update: I searched for that keyword ade. Not even one result. See? We're so nice. We don't post videos of our frenz looking silly for the whole wide world to see lah. Duh. Share among ourselves okay ade.. hahaha. I'm turning evil. Must be the boredom getting to me. Me shall go think plans for world domination. Mojo-jojo. Hehe. Ok, really seriously questioning my sanity. Wakaka~

I shall end here, just saying that no matter what happens, as long as you preserve your sense of humour, you can see the silver lining in everything. :)

Everything happens for a reason? Hehe. Maybe. Ciao~

Musings From Reading Her Blog

Haven't really finish reading her blog, but from what I can gather from the few posts I did read. She's a simple girl, satisfied with the simple pleasures in life. Family-oriented, tolerant, good at give & take.. Hmmm.

He says she's a "complicated" person. Difficult to understand. Not really, in my book~ But then when have guys ever really wholly understood the female species. -_- Hehe.

Anyway, it casts doubts again. Coz she is so many things I'm NOT.

We're quite wildly different, I dare say. :T I'm not exactly the housewife type (sorry lah!), my tolerance has its limits. Step over the line, I'll give you a piece of my mind. I don't want to be a doormat for others and I'll try my best not to be. I prefer straightforward confrontations to skittering all around the issue when it comes to resolving most problems. I know the truth hurts, but believe me, sometimes it's the best approach. [Of coz, use your discretion with this one. Duh.]

I love thrills, new experiences. I wanna try many new things before I leave this earth. But her? She's easily happy, I guess. [not very sure abt this] I love intelligent conversation. I don't mind refined stuff. I love wittyness. I love wordplay. :: Puns, satirical statements, ironic phrases etc ::

I don't like to keep things bottled-up nowadays coz I know that will hurt no one but myself after that incident. Why make myself unhappy, right? After I kiss-and-tell (so to speak), I feel better, lighter. A burden has been lifted. You won't believe how wise my frenz are. The advice they gave was brilliant. Hehe. My frenz are very important to me coz they keep me sane. :P Thanks ya!

She loves children. Me? Ok only.. Not to say very fond of them [mutters: I'll not lie to myself] coz children somehow reminds me of my monsters-in-disguised siblings? Who are the worst babies if you ask me. But then I'm biased. Hehe. Yeah yeah, my siblings can be sweet and everything nice too, but those events are few and far in between. -_- Well, probably there are some very nice and sensible children out there that I haven't yet got to meet. *winks*

Anyway, even the way they both blog have similarities. (oops, I'm being mean thinking abt the many atrocious grammar mistakes. Okay, pretend I didn't say that. Paiseh.) You know what? The things he said to me, I can see the very same ones in her blog. =/ She was (is?) a very influence in his life I can see.

Okay, the main point is: I'm VERY different from her. And that puzzles me.

Why the drastic change in taste, huh? *raised eyebrow* I can see that you are were very concerned abt her. I can feel the warmth, the caring, the missing in every comment you left for her.

Is it possible for something so deep to heal so fast? Hmm.

Maybe I should try to believe you.. but.. it's hard for a cynical person to do.

Maybe my opinion last night was biased. I'm not sure myself. Maybe you'd be happier with her. *sigh* Coz you two seemed more compatible in my screwed-up opinion. [Yes yes, I'm the complicated one. I think too much. Flaw of mine.] Can I make you happy? I dunno. I just know for sure that I'm causing you hurt, pain. I'm sorry...

And why do you keep thinking about the past? Why make yourself unhappy for nothing? Hang it all, I say. I look to the future (yes, I think I more optimistic now) coz it holds endless possibilities. Is this where we differ? Probably.

If you think abt the past just becoz you don't wanna repeat your mistakes, that's ok with me. But what's done is done. You CAN'T change anything. So pls don't make yourself unhappy for nothing.

Our time here on this planet earth is short. I wanna tell myself that I did lead a happy life just before I breathe my last. Now, that, I tell you, is the greatest achievement a person can ever have. :)

PS: If only life was as simple as ABC, wouldn't it be lovely? But guess what? It's not. Arggh.

PPS: Playing sudoku and helping my bro to solve his maths problems helps to keep my mind off things.. Aikz. Btw, I can still rmb my maths! Hehe..

PPPS: If you go @.@ becoz of this post, don't bother. It was never meant to be understood by the major populace. And if you think I was going to provide the link to her blog, think again! I respect ppl's privacy too, you know. -_-

PPPPS: Pls try not to judge me for this post. I just need to think. And blogging is the best option.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ramble In Reflection

I know I'll become better after this series of events. I just hope that I made the right choice. :T Feeling weird now... feeling sorry.

Hmm. Funny how that when you think that you're all grown up and all , and BAM, something unexpected happens, showing that you're still the little immature girl that you used to be. *sigh*

I still have a lot of space for emotional growth, I guess. Don't worry, I'm relatively fine now, just mulling over some personal stuff.

Thanks to everyone who was there for me..! Great frenz, you all are! *muackz*

Btw, my posts aren't that vague after all, hor? *raised eyebrow* Or perhaps you all know me too well, I guess. Hahaha. Which come to think of it, IS a good thing after all. :)

And who said I was a rational person after all? -_- I can be quite emotional too leh. Hehehe...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

See? Told ya I am fine. Blowing bubbles summore leh. This pic is so cute~! :P

Fine fine, I admit! I was just finding an excuse to post up this cute pic. Hehehe...

I'm probably not so okay now. But I'll soon be, for one, I need my peace of mind. A lot.

I might be right to have doubts after all. Coz last night, I just found out something that left me stunned, yes, totally stunned right in front of the computer screen. *still recovering from trauma*

Aikz. Life's like that, isn't it? There are ups and there are downs. Just gotta go with the flow~~ :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ugly Truths

Suddenly felt rather emo after the last post. Coz i read something I didn't like while looking for the phrase for the last post. All these emotions welding up inside, screaming to be let out into the open... [One of the reasons I blog, it allows me my own not-so-private ranting space..]

Somehow I can't shake off the dark shadow that haunts your very existence into my life. I tot I've conquered it, but alas, it was not to be. :T I'm not as strong as I tot myself to be. *sigh*

Sometimes I just feel like shrugging the whole thing off, you know? To pretend that it was nothing but a fluke... :( Just a coincidence. Nothing more...

Maybe I can live better after this, who knows. I'm good at giving things up anyway. -_- At least my mind will be at peace then. [Why do some ppl seemed to be able to progress thru it oh-so-naturally? Bah!]

Ah, I'm insecure. Maybe I'm really not ready. Too immature. Too selfish. Sorry, I guess I'm just too good at blogging ugly truths. :(

You know what, I really dunno what I want. Fool I am. :T

Vague I know. That's how I am when I blog emotionally. *sigh*

Little Blessings

Been rather lazy lately. Didn't you notice the lack of enthusiasm to blog although its my sem break? Anyway, nothing much happening that's worth blogging about. *yawns*

Everytime I've an impulse to blog, so happens the wireless's connectivity is low or I'm too busy chatting with my frenz lo.. And when I'm free, no inspiration leh. I don't want to bore you guys with humdrum posts leh! Hehe. :P

Well, was just browsing thru a few frens' blogs out of boredom.

And I noticed something. Some sort of blogging tread. Ever notice that some ppl just seemed to need that special someone to cling on to, someone to "take care" of them, someone to cuddle with, someone to manja with etc. I shall stop with all the lovey-dovey examples b4 you all singles out there puke all over your computer screens. Anyway, you get the drift. *winks*

And when they just don't happen to have that special someone, they'll moan and gripe abt their "miserable" lives, as if life without a bf/gf isn't worth living. -_-"" Puh-lease.

If you ask me, it's yourself that decides how you want to live. Believe me, happiness is up to yourself and no one else. Why would I want to let my happiness depend on someone else's existence anyway? Risky, isn't it? (Self-diagnose = Issues with trust again, I see...)

I'm not saying that you shldn't be happy when someone does something nice for you. What I AM saying is that we should be happy becoz we want to, not becoz of someone's (probably temporary) existence in your life.

I'll be happy becoz I want to, thank you very much.

Erm, not really sure what I'm rambling abt here. =/

Probably influenced by Ah Mei's new song, Wo Yao Kuai Le, which means I Want To Be Happy in chinese. A meaningful song about growth as one becomes older. :) Go download it~!

Anyway, here's a really meaningful phrase found in a fren's blog. It somehow helps to deal with all those what-ifs.

"Some people come into your life for a reason. They bring you an experience of peace, or make you laugh, or teach you something you've never done.

Lifetime relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. It is often said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a here for a season, or for a lifetime."

*emo sigh*

Well, I thank you who's reading this for being here for me all this while, and diligently reading my blog, of coz. :)

I'm blessed, I know. It's the little things that count. ^v^

Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 3 of Penang Trip

Okay, last day of their 3 days 2 nights' stay! Too short ade! Hehe. Unfortunately, no one could wake up in time. >.< Although moi was half-awake from the alarm, unfortunately I was soooo tired that I didn't even want to crawl out of bed. So just drifted in and out of dreamland. Haha.

In the end, it was Roney that woke us up coz the other girls were waiting downstairs ade. First time see you so kan chiong, Roney. :P After a lot a lot of effort - I'll cut the crap and go straight to the point ok - we finally congregated at the beach we went the previous day.

And yes, we can do some watersports! Yipee~ ^o^ There was a few to choose from: banana boating, parachuting, jet-skiing etc. And we chose Banana Boat coz it was the most reasonably priced. RM20/person, 4 rounds. Okay lah.

And it was damn damn fun! :D Seven of us got on the boat - Tzen, Evelyn, Eugene, Keeping, moi, Roney & Zahir. Coz the ride was relatively uneventful after the initial thrill, Evelyn and Tzen took it to themselves to help spice up the ride a bit by jumping and bouncing the boat all the way. LOL! Damn funny I tell you, but it did make the ride more fun. ^v^ If you weren't holding carefully, really can fly off wan lei...! XD

Anyway, the person driving the boat in front of us decided that we're too dry so at the end of the ride, he promptly overturned the whole boat and its cargo (us!) into the deep sea. :O I was really taken by surprised and most of us went underwater for sometime coz the boat was all over us. o.O I was struggling to push the [more pencil-liked, if u asked me] boat away so I could come up and breathe.

Well, lets just say thank goodness for the functioning-albeit-missing-1-strap lifejackets. Coz fully functional lifejackets shld 1 more strap btw your legs to prevent the jacket from floating up and choking you. Which was what happened to me. -_-"" Aikz. Anyway, thks to Tzen for trying to help me - your lifeguard elective did come in useful, didn't it? - Though u hvta practice more lah, u're kinda half choking me leh. Haha. But thks for ur help! :)

I know I can swim, but that's becoz of the lifejackets. I can't really tread water. *sigh* I'll practice more~ Hehe. Well, the sea water was really salty, so much so that it irritated my throat. :( Got smtg like a sorethroat for a few days. Anyway, in the end, I swam slowly back to the shore, sorry lah, not enuf power, swim also slow lo. Boo~ :P Well, everyone was a pretty good swimmer lo, except Kee Ping who couldn't swim. Not bad leh, can't swim also go! Geng! Roney and Tzen helped to tow him in in the end.

But I clearly rmbed the boat driver saying that the ride won't be wet wan lei! Liar liar, pants on fire! lol. Either is 1. someone "betrayed" us and asked the driver to overturn us (luckily I had no valuables on me) so who was it?! *sweats* 2. the boat driver's skill were too lousy for words 3. as the driver suggested, our concept of inertia was so bad that we made the boat overturn on its own. -__-""

Anyway, I wanna say it was a really cool + new experience. Love it!! :D Thrillseeker = moi! Hehe. The adrenaline rush is nice lah. *winks* Next time I wanna go bungee jumping! Woah~

Well, besides going banana boating, the others were also engrossed in - guess what - building sandcastles!

Posing~ A pity that the tide came and swept away part of the moat soon after. :(

After that we hung around for sometime b4 going back to the hotel. They're running super late then, [guys are the worst planners! =.=] so everyone just took a super quick bath. We went to the bus station in 2 cars (xiao fen's aunt and my dad's cars) while the ones following Eve's car decided to go hang around in Gurney 1st.

And so that was that. The ending of the quite short-lived Penang trip. *sigh* Good times always fly past, don't they? :T

PS: Evelyn! Your sense of direction is superb! Really salute you. Why was I born so blur with directions? lol.

PPS: Last but not least, wanna say a big THANKS to everyone who belanja-ed me during the trip! Hehe. :D Hope you all enjoyed yourselves! I know I did. I know you guys are going to miss the good but cheap food though! (^o^)v Come back next time~ [I sound like a sales assistant. hehe.]

PPPS: Voila, story's done. The past few posts might have been abit boring, no? Sorry lah, I need to blog abt trips so I can rmb what happened when I read back my posts. Short Term Memory Loss Syndrome, rmb?

Okay, I'll go cook up some more interesting posts then. See ya~

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 2 of Penang Trip

Day 2

A long day indeed. Which in turn will lead to a long post. So be prepared. Okay, go!

Well, moi was the only one who managed to wake up at the early 7 am set time and give the other rooms their morning call. Which unfortunately only managed to wake up a handful while the rest rolled back to sleep. Sleepy heads! Haha.

We're supposed to go for dim sum before the taxis we booked at 9am arrived. Unfortunately, everyone was dilly-dallying so in the end we had to sit the taxis to a nearby Mcd for breakfast. lol. [We had to book the taxis coz so happen that time alot of the taxis in pg were on strike as they refused to convert to the meter system. Aikz.]

After breakfast, our 1st stop was Kek Lok Si Temple. The most famous temple in pg lah. It's a really majestic sight. Especially when they on all the many lights during Chinese New Year. Sorry lah, cannot on whole year coz waste electricity ma. Haha. The pic below shows how beautiful it is at night.

Lovely, isn't it? I remembered a few years ago

me and my family walked up there during Chinese New Year. Fabulous sight!

Nah, I didn't take this pic, I found it on the net. Hehe.

Fooling around. :P

Back: L- R: Kee Ping, Li Jie, Roney, Eugene, Tzen, moi, Evelyn, Leong, Zahir, David

Front: L - R: Vinken, Kee

Walao, all the posers! Haha. We didn't get to go up the main tower though,

i think it was under reconstruction.

After walking around, we went down to meet the taxi drivers at some kopitiam. Had some drinks there coz the weather was kinda hot.

Then we had lunch at Air Itam market where the famous Assam Laksa is at! [In pg, we just call it laksa, not used to adding "assam" in front of it..] Most tot it was good, I didn't have any coz the hot weather made me lose my appetite. Besides, laksa ain't one of my favourites.

Next stop was the Toy Musuem! The one place that even I didn't go before. Entry fee was RM10/person but I felt it was rather worth-it. There are a lot of cool toys there!! Really can go bonkers over it lo! =D

Enjoy the two pics below!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The skull from... Pirates of the Carribean! Hehe. Sinister smile~ =/

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lovely dolls! Not really a doll person, but these dolls are so smacking nice!

Look at all those intricate details on the clothing! Fuyoh~

After spending a nice looong hour there droolling over the beautiful toys (plus the others taking wacko pics! Haha), we set out for the beach! But we didn't get to do any water sports coz some of us weren't dressed for the beach. Just hung around b4 deciding to go there again the next day. (You shall know in the next post!)

Our last stop was Botanical Gardens. Nice greeny place, close to nature. The monkeys there are a well-known tourist attraction, however, they've gotten more aggressive over the years. :O Be careful oh!

At that time, there were a stupid bunch of kids there who were torturing the monkeys, throwing stones and teasing them. Wth. I'd say they're lucky that Evelyn or the monkeys didn't go after them. Aikz.

Well, nothing eventful happened tho, we just hung around, sitting on the grass, crapping. Hehe. We even did the "Fellowship of the Ring with Zahir the Vitruvian Man in the middle" pose! lol. See if i can get the pic onot. Keke.

Soon it was time to go back to the hotel.

After some rest, we went to the relatively famous kopitiam opposite my high school for dinner. I forgot the name of the shop ade. But the food there is sinfully delicious! *drools* I shall just name the food we ordered okie, regardless of who ordered what, coz we shared! Hehe.

Food:- Char Kue Teow, O-Chien, Ikan Bakar (even I say this is damn nice!!), Italian special, Curry Mee, Hokkien mee etc...

*stomach grumbles* hehe.. but I really enjoyed that meal. Yummy!!

After a really fulfilling dinner - boy, these guys sure can eat, I'm amazed - we walked to Gurney Plaza. Wanted to watch Dragon Tiger Gate [Tzen, do get the name right! haha] but in the end, no more tickets. *Sigh*

Hung around for sometime, b4 going back to the hotel. We played games until 3am I think. (Now u know why I super sleep deprived ade, right? hehe) Yam Yao came to visit. Tried to play a few Broga games but failed badly coz the guys seemed to be suffering from ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder. lol. In the end, we settled for playing Bluff. This worked much better. Dunno why. Imo, telling the truth is always the best policy. ^v^ But playing mind games is fun tho.

And we played till 3am before calling it a day lo..

The story continues. Keep watching this space~ Tataz! =D

Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 1 of Penang Trip

Okay, time to blog about the Penang trip! [I know u guys been dying to read, right? Hehe.] After many many hours of catching up on sleep... Been really sleep deprived the past week.

*grind teeth and points at dark circles under eyes* :P

Day 1

Anyway, I went to meet the guys that came all the way from KL and Malacca on friday afternoon at the hotel. Oh ya, Evelyn was with them too. She had only decided to come for the little trip on that day itself.. That's why she had to buy clothes and stuff after she arrived. Really geng! Don't think I can be that spontaneous.

We had 4 rooms, I shared a room with Eve. Easier if I overnite at the hotel with a true tour guide ma.. Hehe. Ok, I admit, just wanna have more fun lah. Oh ya, shldnt crap too much, or else will have a damn long post again. :P

Hmm. After some rest, everyone decided to have dinner at Tambun (a place famous for great and cheap seafood at the mainland). And I gotta admit, even I was blown away at the price! Rm137 for seafood enough for 10 hungry ppl... Very delicious~ *licks lips*


  • Who came from KL: Kee, (gay poser) Leong, Kee Ping, Thuan Tzen, Evelyn, Roney, Zahir, David, Vinken [last 3 are Kee and Leong's college frenz - really nice funny ppl, hehe], Eugene's the only one from Malacca.

  • Penangnites that joined us: Beh, Li Jie (aka Hercules), Kean Seang, yam Yao (lol), Cheng Ling, Xiao Fen, and last but not least, moi of coz! ^o^

We had a really fulfilling dinner. Even moi who isn't a fan of seafood enjoyed herself, what you think leh? Yummy!!

After reaching the hotel, we took bath while some of the guys went to play snooker lo. They wanted to go arcade but manatau it was closed ade wo so early. Strange. The rest of us just hung around and chatted lo. Our whole gang crappers leh! lol. Some fell asleep halfway though. Haha.

Beh and Kee had to go and fetch 2 of the guys who arrived really late, 3 am in the morning. o.O That bus so slow eh..

The end of the day ended with all of us going to sleep lo. Duh.

I'll blog more later. Pity I don't have any photos of Day 1. Nvm lah. Okay, ciao! :D

Food we had during dinner - get ready to drool - sinfully crispy soft-shelled crabs, nice teochew steamed fish, yummy haeko (dunno call what in english), delicious spicy crabs and some other stuff that I've forgotten. The servings were so large but the prices were so damn cheap! Great!! XD Definitely cannot get this in KL... haha.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Yet Again I Rambled

And yet again another late night. I'm hopeless when it comes to disciplining myself. >.< Damn tired ade still wanna online. Sienz.

Nothing interesting to report today except that some uni frenz are coming to penang tmr! Yayz~! They are mostly my aikido frenz, and plus some peeps that dunno come from where. Hehe.

No lah, wanna know how we formed our gang? I also not sure.

But smtg like this lah. Mostly aikido peeps, then their frenz, housemates, orientation group mates... all pull in lo. And thus our gang was formed. :)

Playing PS2 gang + pergi yumcha gang + crap a lot gang... lol. Pity some couldn't make it lo. Aikz.

Well, probably no updates the next few days coz I'll be too busy enjoying myself! Hehe.

So miss me ah, peeps. lol. Tataz! ^v^

PS: Dunno what I am crapping here. Sorry okie, blame it on the back ache (bad posture while using laptop, blek) and tiredness.. Okay, dreamland, here I come! :P

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Late Night Rambles

Too lazy to write a long post... Just read this post by my fren, Philip. Tot it was quite interesting...

>> Why Geeks Make Better Boyfriends << :P

Intrigued? Clickety-click then! :D

PS: Omg~ I'm so lacking of sleep leh these days. Especially after my laptop is back! Coz now I can online all night long... Haha. Must control myself ade... *self-discipline!!*

PPS: Btw, IMU really should get us our own hostel and swimming pool... That would be totally cool! The residents around there also won't be so angered by our noisy youthful playing too.. Hehe. But aikz..what to do, lack of space.. >.<

PPPS: Maybe my fren's right. I really shouldn't think too much... (Why was I born such a practical person? lol.) Maybe I shld just follow my heart. Let go of my inhibitions! Yayz~ ^o^ Thanks for your advice! I seemed to be learning a lot of new Lessons of Life lately... Hmm. Interesting. And thanks for listening too, my frenz. You guys are the best! :D

Okay, I gotta get back to my beauty sleep ade! All those dark circles not nice ade lei... ^v^ Ciao~

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Tad Too Rowdy?

My dad pointed this out to me last night.

It was in the SMS Your Views section of The Star, 31th July 06. Link available here, in case you want evidence.

Here's what someone smsed and I quote:

Noisy bunch

The IMU students in Bkt Jalil noisy at nite by the swimming pool of the condo nearby as though it's their campus. Educated? I think not.

Hmm... Well, I guess some of the uni students can be quite rowdy at night. Not really sure though, erm, how extreme their decibles can be? Hehe. Coz I just moved to the more "happening" Block B just recently.

Anyway, it probably was just a singular matter of high spirits or the exuberance of youth? :P Since they had passed their exams? (I'm just guessing lah, I dunno for sure.)

Whatever. I guess we gotta be mindful of other ppl too. Don't be so engrossed in your partying till to the extent of forgetting about the other residents staying there too lo. :D

Simple matter of Physics, peeps, sound travels upwards at night.

Well, that just proves one thing. We medic students are NO nerds!! ^v^ Actually, we're just human. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Was just wondering...

What if I wasn't that immature that time, might we still be the best of frenz?

We aren't that bad now though (still keep in touch) but just that I feel it could have been much more if that incident didn't happen...

But no point thinking about something that can't be changed...

Lesson of the day: What-if's are just that. What-if's. Thinking about them won't change anything.

I'm really letting go of my past leh... so much so to the extent of forgetting about them almost completely... or probably becoz my "retrieval cues" for memory too selective ade? (BS again?! Aikz) Hehe. Good thing also lah... :D

PS: My mood has improved significantly today. Hehe. ^v^ Suddenly I feel that there's HOPE. :D

Broga Camp Links

Was looking for inspiration to blog (which is dwindling day by day, sad to say) when I suddenly remembered that I had said I'd blog about the awesome Broga Camp a long time ago, and I haven't... Oops~ Paiseh paiseh...

Sorry ya! Now I'll make it up to you guys, okay? :D

Well, since I suffer from Short-Term Memory Loss Syndrome, I can't really remember the details, so I'll just blog about whatever that I managed to salvage from my poor memory, okay? Hehe.

Just for reference. I've included some of my frenz' account of the wonderful time we had there. Let me link, okie? Thanks!! ^v^

Kajen's various posts

Michelle's various posts

Li Shan's one and only but super long post (that covered a lot of funny events that happened and that I've kinda forgotten until I reread the post. Wee~)

Guess that's all. More than enough posts for you guys to re-read ade lo... Oops, my laziness is overcoming me maybe I'll blog about my version of interesting events that happened in the camp a wee bit later, okay? [Hey, I'm not a professional procastinator for nothing, you know! Hehe..]

PS: Oh ya, got the new OO list via email ade... And not only am I being an official one, I'm even the LeadeR of my group. o.O Yikes~

And charm, don't think there's anyone in my fellow OOs that is capable of buying IMCC stuff or training them for the performance! Haha. But then you never know, they might have hidden talents, waiting to be unveiled.. lol.

Anyway, think I'm going to be needing some help from some pros, especially in that department... Hehe. Anyone up to the job?? Pretty please? ^o^