Friday, September 26, 2008

Those Shoes

I've finally found a way to motivate myself to not procrastinate so much and at least study a bit this hols. Guess what it is?

Having accidentally stumble upon this page showing a list of Malaysian doctors who blog and being kaypo curious as usual, I started reading a few.

These doctors are my inspiration to keep on reading. You never know when that tiny nugget of information is gonna save someone's life.

Here are some of the recommended reads that I'm hooked on to.

And boy, their posts about life in medicine really did opened up my eyes.

Resuscitating patients umpteen times a night, patients seizing or going into cardiac arrest left and right, emergency caesereans, oncology patients who are just way too young to die...and lots more.

I hungrily read on, devouring them as though as I'd been starved for days - the cases were heartwrenching, touching, even at times funny, but they were all real.

They had left a profound impact on me, giving me real insight into life as a doctor.

Who knows the immense fatigue from working 36 hours straight, the rush of adrenaline of attending to cases all popping up demanding your immediate attention, the fear of not knowing what to do for a patient dying right before your eyes... except those who had been in those very shoes themselves.

Shoes that I probably would be wearing in a few years' time, with a little luck and lots of hard work, tears and sweat.

Can one not help but feel a little scared?

Am I up to the responsibility? Do I even have the ability to do all that?

I pray that my next few years in medical school will serve me well so that I would be able to do all that and maybe more.

For me, but even more for my future patients.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.. Not!

Found the first video on Yeeyoon's blog and decided it was really worth sharing.

Remember how you had always envied that beautiful woman or handsome man on the cover of those glossy magazines? They seemed so perfect, don't they?

Watch this video and discover the naked truth!

Are they still as perfect as you think??

This video is another example of a transformation from an ordinary women to one worthy of gracing magazine covers (as they would have with their extreme ideals of beauty)

Selling Out In Style

And omg the last video is so shocking..! How a man can transform himself to look like a woman with some makeup and a few props alone...

Next time I must look more closely at the men that pass me by. Just in case, ya know. :P


Personally, I think he looks more like a woman without the wig.. The wig only served to give him a drag queen-ish sort of look haha...

So after these videos, I think it is safe to say no wonder our perception of beauty is distorted!!

PS: Ooo I didn't know the Liquify tool in photoshop can be used this way hehehe...


Anger. Righteousness. Surreal. Understanding. Overwhelming. Guilt. And lots of other undescribable emotions.

Today in an accidental incident, all the cards have been laid open. All the dirt that has accumulated over the years has been scraped and dished out.

One of the thorns that had been in my heart for a long time has been slowly eased out. The wound is still there, to show that it really did happened but I think...the pain is less now.

I had a relevation. You might not be good at showing how you feel, but that doesn't mean you do not care. You are not always right neither are you always patient, but that doesn't mean I should be that way too.

I need to be look at the bigger picture more. I need to be more mature. More tolerant. More patient in handling people despite how unreasonable they can be.

Can I do it? I dunno but I will try.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again

Read this for a synopsis of the movie.

There might be minor spoilers in this post so read only if you don't mind knowing beforehand la..

Thanks to Nuffnang, a friend and I got to watch Mamma Mia! the movie for free last night!

And I must say, I love it!! <3

People who know me well would know I love musicals but I like this one especially because it was so full of happiness!

They dance, they sing (yes I know that's what they are supposed to do in a musical) but they just seemed so happy being so wacky. They make me wish I will be as young at heart as them when I'm their age.

I guess sometimes it's okay to do crazy things once in a while. =) I think I'd learnt to be more unrestrained in the past 2 years.

Donna and her friends dancing to A*Teens' "Dancing Queen"

with weird combinations of clothing on them - ain't it funny?

The uncle sitting beside me was unabashedly singing away to most of the songs. He must be a pretty big fan coz he knew most of the words and didn't care that people were looking at him weirdly haha... Guess he's another one that is young at heart as well.

Amanda Seyfield who plays Sophie and Meryl Streep who plays Donna both did a great job, their on-screen persona were just too irresistably bubbly and cute! hehe..

these are the 3 potential fathers of Sophie

she thought she would be able to know which is her dad by looking at them..but things are never that simple

And yes, the guy in the middle is Pierce Brosnan (of Bond, James Bond fame) lol.

This is Donna and the Dynamos, her old band

omg the costumes and songs were so old-school that I couldn't help cringing lol!

how they burst into song suddenly - I love their spontaneity! I want to be like that too!

oh ya, look at the woman behind Donna wearing a bra on the outside, rotfl!!

I wasn't an ABBA fan before this but this movie has converted me~ I love all their songs.. They make me feel like singing and dancing!

*sings "Honey Honey, how he thrills me" coughs - okay i think I'll stop singing now*

omg the dance floor is just so colourful! I likey~

The decorations in the movie were lovely too. I especially love how they string this line of tiny lights all along the path up the hill to the church. So beautiful! and the little candles in white bottles strewn above the criss-crossing bars overhead for the dinner party for the wedding. omigosh.. you just have to see it to know what i mean!

My favourite part of this movie is the energy exuded by the cast! Their laughter and happiness is so infective!

I dunno, maybe I've been trying too hard to not mope around like a wilted flower these days - that this sort of movie is just the thing to raise my spirits. I felt so deliriously happy after the movie. ^v^ yet again something I'd not felt for a long time.

Anyway, I highly recommend this movie to everyone who just wants simple good happy fun!

*sings and dances around like a mad woman to the mamma mia songs lol*

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Filling That Time

I do not know how to put how I am feeling now into words. I am neither happy nor sad. Been feeling that something crucial is missing in my life, but I am not moping about it.

Maybe it's laughter. That is certainly something important sorely missing these few days. I miss the carefree laughter that so often sprang from me in those days. Maybe it's the feel-good endorphins released after laughing that are missing. But I will plough on. I know I can do it. =)

Anyway, have been trying to fill my time by doing something meaningful. Yeah I went to the clinic 3 times this week!! Can you believe it?

So here's the next list:

(oh noes!! I didn't read up much of the other 2 lists either! Procastinate procastinate.. -_-)

  • Use of aspirin that causes Reye's Syndrome
  • Tinea Versicolor - a sort of fungal infection
  • NY classification for CHF (I must know this ka?)
  • What sort of WBC count will you have in a viral infection?
  • Loeffler's Syndrome

Seriously, my stewpid brain is letting all the knowledge I'd learnt all along slowly seep away. Today was reprimanded by dad for not knowing forgetting some easy basics. =(

I must buck up...!!


Anyway, I finished watching Fate/Stay Night finally. My verdict is that this anime does not deserve to be placed in the best of anime list. Cooking Master Boy would have been a better choice even though it's an older one.

The main reason that the former does not get an overall 'good' from me is because the anime ended with too many questions unanswered. And that is a major no-no for me! And how can the person just pull out one better sword after the other? The storyline tak cukup syiok! But the moral lesson behind it is okay. Which is: some things are in the past, you just can't change them. What you can do is learn from them - how true!


Tomorrow I shall be out of my coccoon for a while. Yeap, believe this onot? I got 3 free tickets from Nuffnang to watch Mamma Mia!!! Yay~~ And we are watching it before it's in cinema everywhere.. hoho I shall write spoilers, okla I won't be so bad! I shall give due warning first if I do write about it. lol.

Alas, I could only find one friend to accompany me so I emailed them to give back one ticket so they can give it to someone else. Anyways, tenkiu so much, Nuffnang! ^v^

This is my first time going to a Nuffnang event as previously, I was always busy... I wonder if I'll see any famous bloggers? Will I even be able to recognize them? Coz I don't read all of the local blogosphere anyway haha..

But it will be good for me to step out to go somewhere fun for a while. Time to scrub off the mould growing on me! (I meant it figuratively la!!)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Blood

I was given the opportunity to draw blood today!! *so excited omgwtfbbq*

Guess who was my first "victim"? It was my nice kind dad that let me do it on him... =) coz he usually does a blood test every year and I've been pleading with him to let me try do injections or what-nots.

Since he is afraid I might injure his patients (and they might not let me do it too, can't blame them coz I'm still noob!) so he let me do it on him la... so nice right?

Hehe and yup I got it on the first try!! ^v^ so happy. But then his veins are very prominent, very easy to see and feel. I hope I didn't cause him any unnecessary pain but his face did show signs of pain la. Err he said it was psychological wo when I asked him..

So who wants me to take their blood next? :P I need the practice!

Friday, September 19, 2008

In Times Like This

I have a lot of things I feel like writing about but it is hardly suitable for the scrutinating eyes of the public. If only Blogger has the function of password protecting certain posts!

Anyway, today, a tele-surveyor (is there such a word?) called and I picked up the phone. Since I was free, I decided to help her out by answering her Qs. Her survey was mainly about the economy. As in would I consider buying houses, cars, fridges etc. Or what do I predict would be the state of our economy in the next 6 months. And many more questions like that.

I normally have no interest in economy and stuff like that. But since I'm free nowadays, I have been keeping up with the news. Yes, I'm already an adult, time to do some adult-like stuff :P

And I have come to a conclusion that the present is certainly a depressing time to live in.

Everywhere, the economy is sliding. Prices of assets, investments are nose-diving while prices of the necessities are increasing like hell. Food prices especially have been nothing but inflation inflation.

When we open the newspapers, not only we are faced with this sort of grim news, we are also entertained with the theaterics of our our politicians. This year has been an "exceptional" year in terms of this. Almost everyday, there is something new to read about, something new to discuss. And they never cease to amaze me. in a bad way. -_-

This sort of political instability isn't exactly healthy for the country. Foreign investors are wary of investing while other countries have been taking an unhealthy interest in our politics lately.

I have been wondering, so what sort of picture should I paint for others when I go overseas next year? Should I paint a rosy picture of the imagined and hoped for Malaysia? Or should I go for the nitty gritty details of the real Malaysia? I am torn between the two sides.

And I am not done with how depressing is the hobby of reading newspapers. As always, there are sick crimes done by crazy crazy people out there. If you have been following the news lately, you would know abt the case of a 16 year old girl who was strangled then her body torched.

And what was the cause? The girl did nothing wrong except rejected the advances of another older guy (22 yrs old) as she already has a bf. Tell me, is that reason enough to kill a girl just because she rejected you? A girl who had sucha bright future, a life abruptly snuffed out due to the crazed hatred of a jealous man.

Or how about the man who was having an arguement with his maid, when the wife stepped in to advise them, and he killed both the maid AND the wife? Isn't that insane??

On a bigger scale, how abt the milk powder scare in China now? Just because they want financial gain, they are willing to add the plastic Melamine to the milk powder so that the taste of diluted milk can be disguised. Is that even ethical, wait no, isn't this against morality?? Now 3 babies has died due to kidney stones and thousands are severely ill. It pains and strickens me that humans are willing to do such immoral things for financial gains.

I am sure there are many examples of tragic cases like this. How are humans driven to such an extent that we will kill the people we loved just because of that moment of hot-headedness? Or even worse, we will intentionally do something that will harm others so that we can reap immense financial benefits. If so, we are no better than animals. Maybe even worse.

So nowadays, when I catch myself lapsing into a stupor of depression, I tell myself I am much luckier than most people and I have no reason to be whining at all. Okay maybe I do have some reasons but they are trivial and minute and of no consequence in the big picture at all.

The fastest way to wake myself up is to imagine how much my friend who passed away in a bus accident not too long ago would like to be in my shoes right now. Maybe I can identify with her because like me, she was a medical student. But it could very well have been me or you on that bus.

So every morning I wake up with breath in me, I tell myself I am lucky. And for that blessing, I should at the very least try to make someone's day a little better.

I can't remember the exact words but there is a saying that goes along the lines of this: "If I know my life has made someone's else breathed a little easier, then my life would not have been in vain." It was shared with me by my beloved tuition teacher who has passed on, but these wise words will always remain in my heart to remind me of the meaning of life.

This post started out sad, then angry then ended on a philosophical tone. It is indeed interesting to note how my mind had wandered so in the silence of night's cover.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Alright, time to dig up more drafts! :P This post is about 7 months late.. errr so backdated lol.

Anyway, since my memory don't serve me well, this will just be a brief summary of what we did to celebrate a belated V-Day this year.

He surprised me by bringing me to this place called Ampang Lookout Point. It's really nice! It's atop a hill so it's kinda chilly. Do rmb to bring a jacket as even I felt cold. And the scenery is beautiful! More abt that later.

There were a few eateries there so we went to this "open-air" shop as his friend said the food was nice there.

The drinks are nice! With the amount of sweetness just right.

lucky I tagged the pic with the drink, or else I wouldn't be able to rmb by now

I think it was me that ordered this. Coz I like apple juice. hehe.

And he ordered this.

the amount given quite a lot right?

And here's what I ordered as dinner! again, lucky that I tagged the picture b4 this. :P

It was certainly rather sizzling indeed! Nice to eat in cold weather~

Quite delicious for the reasonable price..

And here's what he had.

portions quite a lot also

I think it was tasty too.. but can't really remember. omg what sort of review is this. This is what happens when I procastinate with posts! >.<

Anyway after eating our fill, we went to walk around the place. Scenery was beautiful as I said.

The steps leading up to the actual look-out point

There's a wooden tower built for this purpose actually. So up we went. Here's a view of the shops from above. (sry for the lousy quality, have no camera yet!)

seems quite romantic right

But the most breathtaking part is where you can see the whole night view of KL city! I'll hvta make do with words to describe the scene as our camera phones don't work well in the dark.

Imagine gazing down upon the stretch of land that go as far as the eye can see. Peppered with a lot of little twinkling lights from the houses far below. And above you get the darkening sky with a myriad of colours. Just one word to describe it - beautiful!

But guess what, some people just hvta ruin the scenery by vandalizing the property there. Here's what written on one of the pillars.

nobody really wanna know abt Tasik Boyz. Really -__-""

Anyway, after enjoying the scenery while chatting the time away, we decided it was time to go.

But sweet-toothed me wanted to have dessert! haha.. So he brought me to try TGIF's Mocha Mud Pie.

chocolate is a girl's best friend! :P

I think it was quite okay but the pie was a bit too thick and it gets cloying after a while.

I prefer desserts that melt in your mouth, and is sweet and cold at the same time! haha bingo, ice-cream! My favourite dessert so far is still Chili's High & Mighty Pie.. but why they take it off from the menu??? I wanna eat again.. =/

Okay, I just wanna say thanks to my dear dear who brought me to sucha nice place for our V-Date!! =)

Kinda sad but looks like this is our last V-Date in a long long time, huh? Nevermind, I shall treasure the memories then. (okay brain, this ain't the time to backfire on me alright!)

Oh and I hope the guys will have an extra idea on where to bring their gfs after reading this post haha..

Too Tired To Think Of A Nice Title

I'm feeling so tired that my eyes seemed to be closing of their own accord. So this is gonna be teensy post alright.

Went to clinic once again today. And boy, the flow of patients seemed never-ending. Which is a good thing, coz I get to learn more!

Anyway, here's today list of things to read up on:

  • What is a ganglioma and how to diagnose it?
  • All things abt SLE
  • How to differentiate between oral thrush and leukoplakia
  • All things abt scleroderma
  • The differences in diagnosing ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease

Okay, I admit I haven't finish reading up last week's list. Erm I was occupied with booking the temporary accomodation and flight stuff. >.< I shall buck up a bit this week okay! *shiny eyes*

Oh yeah, good news. Today I finally finalized my temporary accomodation for 3 weeks! And I booked my flight too!

Yes, I'm going to be leaving for Perth on the 18th of January!!

*hint hint to those who wanna send me off teehee*


Before I end, just wonder... what's gonna happen tomorrow morning? Will 916 happen? Haha who knows~

Okay my eyes can't tahan ade.. Good night!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twenty One

Okay guys, I have a dramatic announcement to make today! *haha damn drama queen*

Yeap! The blogger of this blog finally turns 21 today. 21!! I'm finally of legal age, which means I'm an adult already yay!

Can vote in the next election, can go clubbing without kena halau by bouncer, can watch any movie I want etc :P

Anyway, this year's birthday is relatively quieter, as all my friends are not around and my family is not into the tradition of celebrating bdays. (which is a pity, next time I'll make sure to celebrate for my kids!)

However, I must say, this bday still surpassed my expectations as I thought it would be a extremely quiet one as they are not with me.

But I really can't believe how loved I am by my friends! =D

I would like to say a big thank you for the smses, the phone calls, the posts on my Wall in Facebook and of coz, the presents! ^v^

Yeah, can you believe this? I still got presents coz they were sent to me thru courier! Let me tell you, nothing beats the exhilaration and the suspense one feels when you receive parcels thru the mail! haha.

Okay time for some pictures~

This prezzie is by Li Yannie. Look at the amount of envelopes she used haha. Actually there was one more bigger one that is not in this picture.

the more envelopes, the better to ensure the safety of the contents! haha

And here's the super cute card that she sent! I think the sheeps are very kawaii indeed! hehe. And I shall treasure what you wrote inside =)

don't you think the sheep that is supposed to be me expresses my xpression well :P

And with the card comes a nice pair of earrings! I could guess what were they when I saw the massively tissue-wrapped bundle. lol.

Plus she said she was giving me a little something to add to my "expanding collection". Haha she knows I can't resist earrings!

And here they are:

classy and elegant

According to her, it's a little different than my normal taste (and again she's right, coz normally I'm more into colourful types haha) but I still think it's very pretty. Thanks Yannie!

Next is this parcel by my dear dear. I'm so touched he remembered!

I was so surprised to get this

Guess what is inside? The parcel looks so mysterious... tempting me to open it. I had to resist very hard coz the parcel arrived early. :P


Don't you think the box is decorated very beautifully? I love it!

And let's slowly open the box to see what's inside...

wow so pink!!

Some lovely hand-written cards by my friends and a scarf!! It's pink and shimmery! Haha I'm gonna use it to keep myself warm when it's winter in Perth next year! =D

And you know what's the best part? That's not all!

Last night, he sent me an email with a file attached and ask me to open it, while refusing to entertain all my guesses on what it is. Hmm..

So open it I did, and guess what??

It's a Happy Birthday Song with each line sung by a different person! By my friends!! omigosh! It must have took him ages to get everybody to record a line then even more time to make the song in perfect continuation!

I feel so touched. and happy. ^v^ I had fun trying to guess who was singing each line hehe. Anyway, thanks for everything, dear dear!! I love my birthday surprise a lot! *beams*

And peeps, thank you also for taking the time to record the bday song for me. It is really meaningful to me. (and Leong, yours is the funniest, I at once knew it was you when I heard your line hehehe)

Okay, I guess that's all for now. I wanna say thanks again to everybody who made my birthday a happy one!

I feel so loved and blessed. I think for once, I must be doing things right. =)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Best of Anime

I was introduced to the genre of anime a few years ago by a friend. After that, I never looked back. I was hooked!

The first anime I watched was Full Metal Alchemist. And boy was it good.

Edward and his little brother, Alphonse

Here's a little background. When they were young, their mother died, so they decided to try to revive her using the forbidden Human Transmutation.

However, the transmutation went awry and Edward lost his leg while Alphonse almost lost his soul. In a desperate attempt, Edward sacrified his left hand and managed to attach Alphonse's soul to the body of armour.

After that, Edward was fitted with automail (smtg like advanced prosthetic limbs) and he sets out to become a State Alchemist as that would allow him to have more resources for them to find a way to restore their own bodies. However, not all is sweet as the position also makes him a weapon of the notorious military. The full plot can be found here.

This anime is great because not only it challenges the imagination, it doesn't sugar coats the truth but includes elements of darkness as well. And the relationship between both brothers are rather touching. Highly recommended.

Next up, I was introduced to Naruto.

Naruto Shippuden - 3 years later after the first season ends

Set in a ninja village, Naruto is first shown as a naughty but determined little boy who wants to make everyone acknowledge him. This is because he has grown up as an outcast as the villagers shunned him because 12 years ago, a demon fox that nearly destroyed the village was sealed in him when he was a baby.

He gradually gains the acceptance of the people around him by working hard. He aims to be the next Hokage (village leader) and is full of determination to succeed.

The anime goes on to show him how he overcame obstacles, learn new cooler techniques and battle stronger enemies. A more detailed plot here.

However, of all the protaganists, I think my least favourite is Naruto coz he is kinda dumb at times compared to the others. For me, I watch this anime for the cool innovative techniques. And how the ninjas use their brains to outwit each other. Sometimes, one can't help but be awed by their amazing fighting scenes!

Recommended for those who like shows with less dark themes (except that you need some patience coz some parts are kinda draggy - coz the animator needs to wait for the manga to come out - sigh fillers!)

Next, I started watching Bleach after my friends told me it's nice.

Ichigo and his friends

The anime starts with Rukia, a soul reaper appearing in front of Ichigo and he is surprised that he is able to see her. A soul reaper is responsible for sending souls to the afterlife and killing souls who had turned bad (called "Hollows").

A Hollow appeared at that moment and injured Rukia severely. Ichigo tried to protect her even though he is powerless. Desperate, Rukia transferred her powers to Ichigo so that he can battle the Hollow on an equal footing. And Ichigo succeeded in vanquishing the Hollow.

However, Rukia tells him that he must take up her job as a soul reaper for now till her powers return to her.

And the anime goes on to show how although the cynic in him knows he can't save everyone, he tries his best to protect at least those close to him. A brief synopsis available here.

This is also another anime where there are amazing techniques shown omg. Great fighting scenes definitely to awe you. And some of the characters are so cool! hehe. Highly recommended!

Right. Next up is the anime called NANA.

Two girls with the same name, same age, going to the same place on the same train...

Although both share the same name, they are total polar opposites in character. They met by chance on a train headed to Tokyo. Little did they know, their paths will cross again when they eventually become housemates.

The cool gothic-looking Nana wants to go pro as a vocalist and is determined to succeed with her band Blast. However, deep inside her heart, she longs for her old lover Ren. The other sweet-looking Nana is friendly and outgoing but is weak in character and struggles with her love life and career.

Of all the animes here, this is the only anime not about physical fighting. But it is the one that touches my heart the most. I can't believe how much I cried when watching this. *shy*

The characters and their relationship with each other are very well-developed and the words the author chose to use are sooo beautiful that I could empathize very well with how they feel. And the topics touched upon are very real and complex, just like those in real life.. Just plain beautiful!

Synopsis here. Even my friend who didn't like anime was addicted to it after I bribed her to watch one episode. hoho see~ that is the power of this anime!

Highly recommended!! (especially for those who are into feelings and love stories hehe).

Alright! Next up is the anime titled D.Grayman which was introduced to me by a friend when I claimed I was out of nice animes to watch! And this turned out great.

Allen Walker with his mortal enemy, the Earl Millenium behind

The protaganist is 15 year old Allen, who was abandoned by his parents after he was born due to his "deformed" left arm. He was later adopted by Mana Walker. Sadly Mana died some time later.

Grieved, Allen tries to revives Mana by turning him into an akuma as the Earl Millenium persuades him. (Akuma are demons summoned by their loved ones who will kill the person who summoned them and use their body to obey the orders of the Earl) It is at this moment, Allen's left arm, which is an anti-akuma weapon activated and killed the akuma.

After that, using the ages old anti-akuma weapon called Innocence, he became an Exorcist with many others to continue fighting for mankind and stops the Earl's plans to destroy earth. Read more abt the plot here.

Personally, of all the fighting-based animes, Allen is my favourite protaganist because he is real. He is strong when it is needed but sometimes he struggles too. He doesn't give up easily but is neither rash nor unreasonable.

Due to the nature of this anime, it explores a lot about the sadness of some tragic stories. And the comradeship felt between the Exorcists is a resounding theme too. Although it includes dark elements, but there are funny light moments here and there. Highly recommended!

Last but least, the anime I am going to talk about is called Fate/Stay Night.

where Servants and Masters battle it out for the Holy Grail

Shiro, the protaganist of this anime is a relatively normal boy when suddenly one day, he is dragged into the war waged every 60 yrs to get the Holy Grail, which is said to be able to grant any wish.

The battle is between 7 Masters and their Servants. (Servants are warriors from the past summoned to do their Masters' bidding and are exceptionally strong) Most of the Masters are skilled in magic too.

The prize being the Holy Grail, the Masters do not joke around and are willing to battle till the death or kill other innocents just to strengthen their own power. Shirou being a helpful and honest teenager, is at first confused and irrationally shields people from battle, prefering to sacrifice himself to protect others. However, later this changes. Plot can be found here.

I am still halfway thru watching this anime (the downloads are so slow ma! haih) so can't fully comment on it yet. But so far, the anime is pretty entertaining. Though at times I can't stand how unsensible Shirou is.

The various type of Servants are so cool! And the way they fight! And some of the Masters are so mysterious.. and magic! A recommended watch.

Alright. That wraps up some of the most favourite anime that I've ever watched. All are really worth your time watching! Hontoni~

I hope you guys will enjoy them too and do tell me what you think of them if you have already watched any one of them. Toodles! ^v^

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ahhhh! I haven't been blogging these few days coz the internet here is really shitty! Due to the frequent heavy downpours recently, the internet line is really bad. I kid you not, it really has been raining cats and dogs here...

My anime downloads are taking freaking long. =(

Anyway, regarding my previous post, yes I did study a bit, but I think I still need to increase my effort! Less procastinating. But I swear, I was relatively more busy the last few days. Have been trying to finalize my accomodation and checking out flights' times.

And zomg, the amount of emailing I have done! To friends' friends, to the person in charge of my application, to the residential college etc. Starting to hate writing formal emails.


Anyway, after a lot of discussion (@.@), Debbi and I have decided on taking up a few weeks' temporary accomodation at one of the halls provided by the uni. When we reach there, only we will try scouting for a house. Coz we decided it would be best if we only settle for a house when we had already viewed it. But the main reason we decided to do this is due to the fact we couldn't figure out the best foolproof way to arrange payment and signing of agreement without taking any risks. =/

Besides, we might be able to share with the juniors (okay they will be my batchmates after this!) who are going with us to UWA! Oh, in case you are wondering, their matching haven't been done, so we won't know who else is going with us yet. I hope it's someone nice! ^^

*cross fingers that we'll find a nice cheap house and nice housemates!!*


To my fellow M106 batchmates: since our batch blog is currently "abandoned", and the password has already been lost by another admin, there has been talk of setting up a new blog at a new address. What do you guys think?

If you guys are agreeable to this, I would like to ask if there are people who are willing to volunteer to be co-admins? Coz the more co-admins we have, the better, as we are gonna be very busy medical students in the future. >.< Thanks first!


Check out my sidebar. I have set up a new timeline (oops again) called Plurk. I first saw this recommendation at pinkpau's blog. Then I decided to try it when I saw it again on michelleg's blog.

You can read the review by pinkpau here. So far, Plurk looks pretty cool and user friendly. Try it out and add me as a friend or be my fan! hehe.


Okay, I think that's all for now. I wanted to write some stuff abt the anime I've been watching but I think I'll leave that to a separate post.

Oh no..the downloads are still so slow..!! I wanna watch the next episode to know what happens next!! *sigh*

Monday, September 08, 2008

Thought Progress

Been dilligently going to clinic once every week. I consider it a break from the same old routine everyday.

However, today seemed different from the other days. I was in a determined mood.

It's really high time to stop all the grumbling. There really is no use whining over something that cannot be changed. Might as well try to do something meaningful with the ample time I have. Something that I will lack severely in the future.

My frenz are all working hard. so I should do too!

So today, with my dad's recommendation, I started reading the Medical Progress that is given to all drs so that they can keep updated with current knowledge. It proved to be a relatively interesting read. Although I must admit, there was some knowledge that were too in-depth for me, so I skipped those articles.

And there were some cases today that deserved some reading up, which I shall do tmr. I hope I won't procastinate abt it.

And sadly, I noticed that my medical knowledge is slowly seeping away, leaving only hazy fuzzy remnants in my brain. So I really gotta continue reading, or I'll really look like a dumb twit when I reach aussie next year. -_-

Here are some things I shld check out:

  • Phenothiazine sensitivity - which leads to extrapyramidal signs and symptoms
  • My basics abt antibiotics. very important!
  • Enteric fever
  • The fact that thyroid disease is a major cause of atrial fibrillation
  • Difference btw giddiness and vertigo. Causes of vertigo.

There are some more minor details (eg. xanthelasma, corneal arcus, simian crease) too which I have prior knowledge but still am not so sure abt identifying them. So need to look up more pics. This site seems pretty good for eye signs.

Actually, I have had the intention to start reading up a bit here and there since long but how shld I put it?

Procastination really is the thief of time. I hope this time I won't let it beat me again.

Get going, girl!! ^v^

Sunday, September 07, 2008


It amazes even me at how selfish I can be or how little patience I have.

Stupid silly girl.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Remnants of A Dream

Today, I had another dream. Granted, it was a good one. Maybe even great, considering the bizzare dreams I normally have. I put it down to the better spirits that I had settled myself in for today.

I guess there is no use mulling over things. So what? I can't do anything abt them anyway. Might as well try to enjoy it while the days roll by, right? ^v^

Okay back to the dream. (sorry la, I'm out of things to write so I'll just hvta bore you guys abt my REM activity for now k)

I was dreaming that I was sleeping curled up on my bed. Which was weird becoz that was how I was sleeping at that very minute. Deja vu, no??

And I dreamt that I was awakened by someone poking me rudely. And I opened my eyes to see Leong there, staring at my stupid sleepy face. And I was like, omg why are you here? I tot you are in Seremban??

I don't remember his answer. Then suddenly Kee was in the doorway, beaming broadly at me. Behind him was ZherLin, grinning at me with his funny face.

I was stunned. I kept asking questions. Many many questions. How did you guys get here? Who let you in? etc.

But inside the dream, I felt so so happy. Something that I'd not felt for some time. I was shrieking with laughter. Dare not believing that they came all the way to see me.

However, before I could get any feasible answer out of them, sadly, I was awakened by my sis, telling me it was time for dinner.

And back to the cruel reality that the dream did not happen. It was just another figment of my overactive imagination.

But somehow some remnants of that wild carefree happiness still remained inside my heart. =)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Mental Notes

I would like to write something scintillating. But it's not that easy.

Last night, there were so many emotions and thoughts swirling around in my head. I wanted to blog it out - to put it into words - but somehow the words just wouldn't come. The words just felt hollow, fake when placed next to each other.

I admire those people who can put their thoughts into words so accurately stringed together that you would be able to heart-wrenchingly feel what they are feeling.

Anyway, I had digressed.

Everyday I keep telling myself to be patient. To not be selfish. To not be a spoilsport. To be supportive. To be cheerful.

But god damn it! Sometimes I am human too.

When I specifically and very seriously ask you NOT to do something, but you do it. What does that mean? It means you don't understand me at all.

Although you insist you do, but you will never understand how I feel, right? Even after the countless explanations. Coz you have never been in that position.

But is that a good enough excuse?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Just now, I had a crazy nightmare that made my afternoon nap an uneventful one. It was so weird that I just had to blog this out.

There was my dad, sis and me. We were lining outside this booth coz dad wanted to bring us to this amusement park in Australia. I was wondering why dad was so gung-ho abt this as the tickets were super expensive too.

Anyhow, the ticket lady was this woman with copper-brown hair the shape of an over-inflated cone. Drapped in many ugly-multi-coloured necklaces, her eyes were bulging slightly and her lips were painted so red. She was missing some teeth too.

I can't remember how it started. But somehow she kept denying me entry to the park due to some silly reason. So we started arguing. This continued for some time until she reluctantly let me in at last.

And then, we somehow reached this musty room filled with lots of old sewing machines that nobody wants. My dad and sis each took a seat and he then insisted that I go thru a door at the end.

Slowly, I trudged towards the door. My heart was thumping hard in my chest, anticipating whatever that laid ahead.

And suddenly I was in this brand new brightly-lit classroom. There were a few students sitting on the first few rows (that part shld have alerted me that it wasn't real - nowadays students prefer the back rows right?) chatting with each other.

Looks like they are my future classmates. And I felt so scared there and then. And I don't even know why!

Suddenly, two people who looked like lecturers appeared in my way. I started to ask them abt my timetable (which I mysteriously have on me - hey its a dream okay!) as I couldn't make head or tails of it.

They asked me whether did I go for the pre-class exercise session. I said no as I was too busy negotiating my way with the ticket lady. They said nevermind, as today is my first day so I was probably a bit lost.

Lifting their specs a little, they continue peering at the timetable, telling me my next 2 classes were "snowboarding" and "scrapping snow".

HUH?? What the hell is "scrapping snow"? And how can "snowboarding" be a class for a medical student??

And then I woke up. Feeling totally incredulous over this crazy dream.

Sigh, me and my occasional crazy dreams. And they seemed so real till I wake up.

I wonder. Is this dream trying to tell me something abt my subconscious thoughts? Hmm...