Monday, October 31, 2005

Sleep~ The Heavenly Word

Aikz, still procastinating (catchphrase's popularity originated from moi) here. But I don't want to talk about that. -_-

Anyway, today we'll visit the topic of *sleep*! Yeah, i think it's every teenager's fav word. Well, for most ppl la. Truth to be told, it's not really mine. I mean I like sleeping (I guess) but it's not what I usually do. I'm a person who doesn't sleep much at night and I only go for afternoon naps like once in a blue moon. [I don't think the moon's ever blue but u get my point..]

When I say I don't sleep much, I mean that my average sleep is like 6 to 7 hours? And don't forget the absence of naps, okay?

However, don't think that when I don't sleep much, my 'extra' time would be used fruitfully or what (like studying? Ha!), since it's usually frittered away doing some nonsensical thing. *Sigh*

Haha... actually whenever I start studying, I usually fall asleep in like 10 minutes? That is SO ironic. Blah.

Whatever. I wonder if this habit of mine is healthy. I acquired it since young. Want to know how? Read on lo.

Since young, I’ve always like to make up stories, with the main titular character being the Roger Rabbit *RR for abbreviation's sake* I have. Well, this lead to me playing with it till late into the night which caused my dad to scold me to sleep, which I erm...blatantly ‘disobeyed’ since it's not it's an order or what.

(This is one of the few childhood memories I have since being somewhat amnesia-ed.)Anyway, this also caused me to often have headaches on Sundays since it’s the day when I have to wake up real early to go to my grandma’s house.

Anyway, I was wondering whether this has affected me physiologically, through conditioning since young or something of the sort. Jeesh... I meant not having the need for much sleep, not playing with my RR la! I assure you that moi has not play with it for a long time ade, actually God knows where it has gone to. Anyway, maybe this has also made me have a high threshold for pain, in regard to headaches.Even when I’m inflicted with a lousy headache, I can still smile and talk like nothing has happen. Haha...

Oh God. Half of my post has disappeared since I pressed one wrong key!! Arggh!! And I can only remember till here what I had written before. Angry la! Written so much only disappear!

*Grinds teeth*

Okay, I think remember something else.

Ermm... I just wish that I could use this sleepless-ness to my advantage like using it more fruitfully i.e. studying for my finals!! But I'm only using it to waste more time. *Sigh* At least this torture/suffering is going to end soon... Only 2 more (science) subjects to go and I’ll be as free as a bird! Yay! 3 & a half months of FUN FUN FUN! Yes!

This is just the gist of it. I can't remember more. Wasted so much time over this stupid post. I mean I just jumped straight out of bed to online, okay?!

Addict I am.

Anyway, the most important Q is:

Is it any wonder I'm so sleep deprived as I am now?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

* Food Haven *

Wow. My sis had food fair at her school yesterday. I know what you are thinking: "Yummy food!" Hehe...

Anyway, my mum made some biscuits and cups of pudding for her to sell. The biscuits made were one of my favourite type. It's kind of like a mixture of butter + cornflakes + raisins! So yummy!

I have decided that its taste is the nearest to the type of white chocolate where there are these small dark brown crummy biscuits in it (I dunno what's the name of that type of chocolate). Heavenly, isn't it? And to think i can find a substitute for that chocolate using biscuits!! Yum yum.

*Licks lips*

The pudding was also quite tasty too. Unfortunately, my sis only managed to sell half of the puddings since these Chinese kids at her school aren't quite familiar with European tastes.

Me? I think I was born with an Europeam tongue/tastebuds, for that matter. But it doesn't matter that she couldn't finish selling those stuff coz that just leaves more for me & my family to eat! Hehe...

Anyway, a girl in her class who was a Caucasian quickly ran over to buy becoz she says she miss eating pudding [she hasn't eaten it in months!]

Anyhow, my sis managed to finish selling those delicious biscuits and earned quite a lot of money. After cutting out profits, it was around RM 17? Or something like that...Not bad, considering you can't sell the goodies too expensive coz this are primary sch kids i'm talking bout. And they (some la) don't have much buying power.

Since everything quite cheap and all, I had already asked my sis to buy any of my fav foods that were on sale cheaply. I was hoping for McDonalds or KFC but those ppl chickened out and didn't sell those in the end. *Huff*

Well, my sis managed to buy me some sushi. The type where rice is wrapped in seaweed. It was okay, but not that tasty coz there was no mayonnaise. Unfortunately, there was none in my house's fridge.

I rmb last time we bought mayonnaise, after a few uses, it sat in the back of the fridge for dunno how many years! Growing mould or something. Ha!

Ok, I guess that's all for now. Here's to yummy food! Yum yum...

My mum's really a wonder with food. Maybe I shld learn some of her skills these holidays. Maybe. Just maybe.

PS :: Btw, did anyone read the post titled Un-Casual Thoughts Part 2? Coz I’m sure it would have help a bit in Q27 in the bio test yesterday...Hehe...Lyd, u shld have read that post... ^_^ Who’d have thought that things that I blog about would be useful in exams? It just goes to show that everything has its uses too. So read carefully every word I blog about. Muahaha... =)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sleep Deprived

Ok. Couldn't blog yesterday since it'd be a case of suicide since I have like so much of bio untouched!

Anyway, yesterday's maths Ext.1 test was a total bust.

Yes, you heard me right. A BUST.

And i tot my maths was good. Boo hoo. At first the Qs were okay but later it got harder (that's normal of coz) but the last Q was damn crazy! I couldn't do the front part however hard i tried [ok, i didn't really try very hard] but seriously I think it was do-able have i been in my right senses. *Sigh*

The last part no need to say la, most ppl didn't know what the hell it was and i was no exception. I did managed to do a lil bit, so maybe can a get a few teensy marks lo. Whatever. I don't think i'll be using this extra unit ade coz this surely will be my worst subject.

Well, I don't really regret taking up this unit though coz i learnt lots and it'd be totally boring taking only normal maths. I like life with a bit challenges! =) But what a waste of "hardwork".

Ok, then today leh, was our 1st science subejct --> Bio! OMG. As i said before, I have not studied a lot prior to this so the night before was so exhausting that lead me to extreme sleep deprivation.

Yes, 3 hours of sleep only. 3!! oh dear.

The night before final summore. That's me la, procastinator that wants to do well. =Aikz=

However, this was not the record-breaker as I slept only 1 hour while preparing for my bio trials. Bio bio. it's always bio. I wonder why.

Anyway, let me tell you, it's very tough to stay awake all night (almost la) to study. It totally SUCKS. I felt really pissed off (at myself for my recent lazyness) and very crappy. Arggh! I dunno whether to say if it paid off since today's paper was..erm..okay.

But the Chap I studied last night (Chap 3--Health something..) did not come out a lot today. Actually, i had ade guessed it [thru pass years] but me being me, could not go to an exam studying one topic less.

I dunno why. It's just not me. I'd worry like hell whether if BOS (Board of Studies ==> Bored of will pull a joke this year and come out this damn chap a lot? Then i'll go crazy and hey, send me to an asylum then. Haha..

Anyhow, i tot the objective Qs were quite easy, the subjective Qs were normal but my perpetual fear was the essay part which tests us on biotech, which i so hate.

It turned out okay for some parts but i can safely say it wasn't the best i could have done ~Come to think of it, when have I ever done my best in any exam and am satisfied with it?? Never. Ha!~

Anyway, just let me put this behind me. I'm so tired. I don't want to think bout it ade since it's okay la. Whatever.

I slept only 3 hours yesterday *and recently not like really sleep a lot too* but me leh, prefer to online also dun wan go sleep. That's me, alright. Haih. Online the moment i reached home. God I'm so an addict. After lunch must replenish sleep. zzz...

PS~ This weekend also die ade since chem i only studied a bit nia and physics didn't even touch!

*Huge gasp then faints*

:: Die Die Die ::

Thursday, October 27, 2005

~ Serial Dramas ~

Hmmm...won't say much today I guess.

Tomorrow I'll be sitting for my maths Ext.1 paper and it's suppose to be a scream! (albeit a terrifying one). On friday leh, I'll be sitting for my Bio paper (1st science paper! omg) and i haven't prepared well for it.

Didn't even finish studying for it ah!! God.

Anyway, here's just a few small notes:

  1. Holland V finished it's many many episodes last wednesday [finally!]. Well, i gotta say that its ending was totally lousy. Lousy with a big capital L. Arggh... I mean what sort of ending was that? We did NOT know which guy the girl chose in the end and the woman decides to let fate lead the way by throwing a coin? OMG. That is SO stupid, okay! Who throws a coin to decide who to marry? Besides, this is the 21th century, director, whoever you are!

  2. Besides, if you asked me (which the director so didn't), it was a easy-peasy decision anyway. Both guys cared bout her, the first was an eunuch-like guy who totally grated on my nerves with his 'pondak-like' gestures. =Shivers involuntarily= I wouldn't chose him even if he was the last guy on earth. Besides, he was broke after his company bankrupted. The second guy was more handsome, a doctor with a respectable income, so which guy would you choose anyway? Btw, she loves the doctor more than the eunuch anyway. Easy choice, right? But whatever. Storylines are getting quite nonsensical nowadays. =( It's a local production so what can I say?

  3. The new HK series on Astro Channel 30, 9:30 pm looks quite interesting. It's called War & Beauty. I guess I'll waste more time to watch it although I'm having exams now. Coz it looks too interesting for words! I kinda like dramas set in ancient China. I dunno why. Besides, the acting is quite good too! =)

Ok, that's all today. Just a 'tiny' ramble. Hehe..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Missed Details

Yeah. Forgot a few tiny details in my post yesterday. Going to add them now in point form in a useless feeble attempt to save time. So here goes:

  • Ermm....when I got to college yesterday, it was only around 7:45 am. Since the exam only starts at 8:25 am, heck, i tot it's still early. So I sat at the benches chatting wif my fren to erm, destress? Anyway, the point is when we got ready to go to the exam hall, it was about 8:00 am...To our amazement, the ground floor and the place outside the exam hall was empty.

  • Empty. Strange, we thought. So we rushed up only to find Mr Leong outside looking stern. (I can't think of any other adjectives for him.) He totally nagged us saying that we should come earlier to the exam hall since everyone was already in writing in their student numbers or whatever. Arggh, that did nothing but send me into a panic. Even worse I couldn't find my placing on the board. And he nagged us saying that the most imp thing after coming to college was to check our placing. [He knew we had already reached college earlier since he saw us earlier and even told us then not to panic. So we're not late or anything. As if.]

  • Whatever. I finally found my placing and rushed in. Almost everyone was there. How embarassing. But how was I to know that they'd be allowed to go in earlier. =Aikz= Lesson learnt: Do last minute revision at Block C where the exam hall is situated. So if anything happens (for example, if a fire broke out and burnt down the exam hall and therefore exams are, we'd know in time. But it was kinda nice of Leong to care so much bout his students. Definitely a dedicated lecturer if there was ever one. Cheers! =)

  • Msn Messenger and Streamxy seems really unreliable recently. I wonder why. Sometimes Msn messenger keeps breaking off the connection every once in a while. Not so funny. Especially when someone calls. Ish... Streamxy leh. Even worse. Almost always at the times that i want to online, something goes wrong with the connection or something, causing me to wait for a very very long time for it get back on track! Arggh! But I heard from some ppl, apparently this doesn't happen with their Streamxy. I forgot to ask whether they've the 66 or 88 package.

  • Maybe the TMNET ppl are trying to be funny so that ppl with 66 package will change to the 88 package for faster connection speed. So not going to happen here. Already my dad has complained that I spend way too much time on the pc when I should be studying. Oops! I'm typing this now when everyone is out and I'm home alone. The only time i get to online in peace. Hence my current habit in typing blogs at noon. *Sigh*

Ok, I really gotta go now. My mum would be home soon. Aiya, I sound so naughty. Haha... =)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Maths Mania


Today maths paper was...okay. Vague horr? Okla, I tot the front few Qs were quite easy (hopefully I don't make any careless mistakes) until I reached Q9 and Q10.

Strangely, Q9a) was not that hard but I blanked and dunno what to do with it.

*skips Q9a)*

Then Q9b) looked rather alien but I valiantly tackled it... And my bravery was rewarded! I managed to prove whatever I was supposed to prove!! Yes!

*Proceeds to Q10 and flips page over*

OMG! What the hell is this? I have never seen anything of the like before... Hmm... I tried Q10a) which I managed to do halfway until I got stuck! Aiyah.. Tried to do the last part since the examiner who set the paper was compassionate enough to set Qs which required proving, meaning even if we can't do the front part, we can 'tembak' the latter parts! Oh dear...

Then, the Q10b) was the ULTIMATE TERROR! I really dunno what the Q was talking about, and I don't mean to brag but this is only maths 2 units which I shld be able fully do. My maths is quite good, if I may say so. *Grins*

Anyway, I simply scribbled something with the whimsical hope that something might be right. =Aikz= Maybe. You never know. My 'answer' looked promising leh. Haha...

Whatever... Over ade maths 2Units. If maths 2U is THIS tough, what would maths 3u on thursday hold?

Oh god. *Prays for help*

But thing is I must scold myself publicly here. Maybe that will drill this into my brain. Yesterday, I was still watching a movie my sis just bought (The Perfect Man) when I didn't even finish studying my maths!! O.o

This caused me to study way late into the night. It was 1 am ade and when I wanted to sleep, I couldn't! Argghh... What a time for temporary insomnia to strike! =(

It made me more stressed when my fren sms-ed me to talk bout how nervous she was.

What about me leh? I was totally a nervous wreck too, okay? She asked me have I finished the past years??

My response was like "Hey, you're scaring me, girl. I didn't even finish studying. No need say past years ade la." Was I too harsh? Hmm..

Oh god. Pls let this be a lesson to me.


Okla, hope I learnt my lesson. Haha...

Gotta go!

PS :: Mamula Moon --> Terang Bulan --> Negaraku... Click here to read the article about it...This is the first pirated song of Msia. Our national anthem!! No wonder we have so many pirated cds now. They're just learning from their predecessors. lol...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Google Earth

Cool right? Posted by Picasa

Was just fooling around a bit this Goggle Earth thingy. Looks pretty cool though.

Now if only they had this when I was learning Geography in high school... I'm sure I could learn so much better.

Wow, the wonders of technology.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I HATE studying!!

=Aikz= It's official. I have come to a conclusion already.

I really really x 100 hate studying leh.

These few days, I can't seem to focus when I should be drumming stupid incessant details into my head!! My mind does wander so. Damn frustrated now. Blogging now just makes it worst coz I shouldn't spend so much time in front of the pc screen anyway.

But whatever. I dunno why I keep thinking + planning of what I should do AFTER these much hated finals. I dunno. Maybe i can only perform under pressure (like during trials, to find some way to squeeze everything into 1 week) and now with a bit more time, I cannot study!!

Oh My God. Please help me.

Bless me with the gift of Full Concentration or something. Or else I have a bad feeling this time sure die-liao! Charm ade.

Whatever. I need to go get some supper. I really really x 100 don't have the mood to study. *Sigh*

Signing off, Born Procastinator.

Un-Casual Thoughts ~ Part 2

  • I’ve a feeling that many more disasters are yet to come. The experts' ominous warnings about the H5N1 virus strain making a jump to humans, also say that it's only a matter of time. They're urging countries to stock up on anti-viral drugs but so far only a few heed the warning. I wonder if Msia is one of them? I do hope so. Do you know that the Spanish Flu that killed millions a long time ago was also from the avian type? We're so dead and I mean that in the literal sense.

  • What bout the dengue danger around now? A bite from a mosquito and poof! You're dead after a few days. Life's so unpredictable nowadays. And experts say that another mosquito has joined in being a vector too. I do hope the other mosquitoes won’t take to heart the idiom "the more the merrier" or it'll certainly be the end of us. Notwithstanding the fact, the aedes mosquito apparently has undergone mutation to emerge stronger. Now, the eggs do not need to be in wet areas to turn into adults later. Fogging won't be able to eliminate it. How's that for a scary thought?

  • What abt the road casualities rate in Msia? It's is HORRIBLE! On average, 18 ppl die daily!! 18!! OMG~ And do you know that most of the ahem, casualities are in their most productive age, around 18 to 25 years old. I saw this really funny comic bout the issue. As I can't find the comic, let me just write down the conversation inside the speech bubbles lo. Here goes:

Expert: Wow. Msia is not experiencing a population boom. You all must have very effective birth control measures.

Msian: Oh, yes! It's called Road Casualities. An average of 18 ppl die a day on the roads.

Expert: @_@ Oh My God.

  • Okay, I've to admit I've changed the conversation a bit since I don't really remember it word for word. Only the gist of it. But it is funny, no? More ironic though.

  • Oh, well. The Prime Minister's wife--Datin Endon passed away from breast cancer yesterday. That's so sad. And you know what her last words were? "Take care, everyone." Well, I did not know her in real life but I feel (from reading newspapers) that she would want her death to be useful ==> to create awareness, so women/ladies/girls of all ages, go and get yourself checked up!! Cancer is one of the menaces of the 21th century. Gosh.

  • Anyway, I'm sure there are still many dangers/disasters still lurking unnoticed. That's why I want to be a doctor. I’m sure my services would be greatly needed in the bleak-looking future. I do hope I'll be in time though (5 years is a long time and anything can happen in that period). I might not be around long enough to render my services to humanity. What?! Now, that IS a morbid thought.

PS :: On a happier note, Nicol David won the prestigious British Open! OMG!! That is SO cool!! And if she wins another major tournament, she’s going to be World No.1!! She beat Rachael Grinham, World No.1 that day to clinch the title. Even the British were amazed that she had won.

Do you know that she is the first Asian to win the British Open? Oh My God. She's certainly flying the flag for Msia! I'm SO proud of her! Even more wondrous is that her coach says that "this is only the tip of the iceberg... Nicol has the talent, the body and the mental strength to back it up."

A world squash star is born! I'm sure she'll go to greater heights and bring back sports fame to Msia. Let the other nations know that we ARE a power to reckon with.

Wow. Now, I'm speechless.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Un-Casual Thoughts ~ Part 1

Have you notice something amiss recently? That our troubled world recently seems to be racked with natural disasters?

Let me give a recap if you haven't been reading newspapers recently. I know many teens don't. They should.

  • Anyway, I tot it started wif the September 11 attacks. After that, it has been chaotic since. Then, it goes on with the US bend on cracking Iraq + Afghanistan to find MDW which were non-existent at all. Suffering. Plain Suffering. Yeah, those weren’t natural disasters. Ok, then there was the 1st Bali bombings. And a few other bombings in various places. Sorry for being abit vague as I can't remember since it's so long ago.

  • Then, there was THE tsunami that caused massive destruction here in our backyard, South-East Asia. Malaysians were shaken since we've always tot that our country was safe from natural disasters but apparently it was not so. So much for that. Several villages were wiped out in Indonesia and it was a time that shows the human spirit as people of the world gather around to help. We dug deep into our pockets to help these ppl who did nothing wrong.

  • I don't believe it was the wrath of God. If so, it certainly hit the wrong place. It shld be aiming for something White. [If you get my drift.] Anyway, I tot it was ironic that humanity have to wait for a colossal disaster only to band together to help each other. So sad, the state of apathy we're drifting in these days.

  • After that, Christmas being a day which will evoke horror stories now *the tsunami happened on Boxing Day, 26th Dec 2004*, it was to led to the 2nd Bali Bombings recently.

  • Then, Hurricane Katrina and Rita wreaked havoc at Southern America, New Orleans being one of the worst hit places. With it, it brought stories of how the rift between the white and black had widen in such places.

  • Some even claimed that "Bush have left them!" It was also to reveal that poverty was still existent in such places. In rich America! Omg. Talk bout bad administration. And the slow + bad rescue effort was blatantly useless! Why so slow when you claim to be the world's leading superpower?? -_-

  • Then, there was the India + Pakistani earthquake which caused so many casualties. The stories were enough to bring tears to people’s eyes. There was this village, Kashmir, I think, that had many casualties since rescue effort were unable to reach there in time becoz the transportation system was underdeveloped. And get this, they were like only 100 miles from the capital!!

  • One of the horror stories was many teens that were trapped under the collapsed gov college in Kashmir. And the stories that villages, relatives dug with their bare hands to remove the debris while all the time hearing the cries of the students. Alas, only a few were able to be rescued. I mean, bare hands can only do so much.

  • And the most ironic thing was that in that village, only the government built college collapsed while other private houses though badly damaged, were still standing.

  • What did they do wrong? They were just people that wanted an education. They did NOTHING wrong. And I can't help thinking how lucky we are and still we're not satisfied. Is there no end to this irony? *Sigh*

Friday, October 21, 2005

Nervosa Apparent


English paper finished! Gosh. How the days fly!

I dun think I'll be able to finish everything that I want to study. Anyway, I tot the paper was quite exhausting. I wrote until my right hand was really really tired leh. Feels like breaking. -_-

Just now when I was taking my bath, it was so tired that I swear it had no strength to even wash me up. Poor thing, the grueling workout I put it to, now still have to use hands to type this out.

Abo use toes meh? Duh.

Well, let me give u a breakdown of the paper then.

Erm... (Note the hesitator I tot section I, the Q was quite okay, meaning I have seen something like it before but my only regret was that I didn't write anything about the issues involved in it. And the Q did say something about "others and the world." Pls take note of the phrase "the world".

But I didn’t write anything abt the issues leh... How? Why I didn’t write? Charm ade... Becoz I had written a lot ade only then I noticed it.

Btw, the funny thing was I wrote damn lot about the telephone conversation bout Julia & Frank when only to my immense horror, I found out that I had written nothing bout Rita!!


God, the book’s title was ‘Educating Rita’ okay? [for those not in the know].

*Frantically squeezes in a paragraph about Rita & Frank*

Wah, I really utilized this elective hor, now blog also got contextual features in it leh. Wow! Hehe... =)

So I can safely say the part bout ER was a total mess due to my nervousness. No, this nervousness wasn’t that bad at first, until I sat down and talked to my fren a bit. She was telling me bout this other fren who was shivering from nervousness (mind you, it wasn’t the cold/anticipation okay?!).

And god knows, suddenly I was like so nervous and even my stomach feels a bit funny! Damnit. I never was THAT nervous during the others exams this year.

Well, what to do? This exam can make or break our future!! ~Shivers again~

Ok, about section II, well there was a furore after the exams. Why? Becoz it came out with a format that none of us has seen before. Apparently, it wants us to write an "information sheet" which means almost like nothing to us. =Aikz=

Anyway, I deduced that this sinister "information sheet" maybe was something like a leaflet/brochure thingy that you would get at supermarkets or something. After that, I decided to write something using an article format, with subheadings or something. I do hope it's correct. *Prays*

By that time, I wasn’t that nervous anymore so I was able to insert some humour into it. Thank God. Maybe the examiner would smile and give me full marks!! Okay, okay, I know that’s wistful thinking. But I can imagine, can’t I? =)

After that, it was the dreaded Listening Paper. Why dreaded? Becoz the past years, the Aussie accent was really...erm...apparent? I mean I couldn’t even hear what the hell the whole tape was about, ok?! However, *surprise surprise* this year's tape was amazingly clear. I could hear almost every word except some miscellaneous (in my opinion) words lo.

I tot the part where the man tried to imitate his grandma wasn't really clear and a bit funny. ~I mean imagine a man trying to imitate an old woman ok! lol~

Well, I guess that's about it, folks. I tot I did average only. :( I mean I could do SO much better than this. *Sigh*

This really is the Curse of the exam nervousness. Hope it doesn't strike next week! (choy!)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lazyness is...

...not a virtue. Afraid not. Aikz... Lazy girl, la me.

Have you noticed something bout my posts? Whenever I've a stupid frustrating test looming ahead, my posts almost always consist of how terrible my procrastinating is....

ARGHH!! Well, it IS terrible, the rate I procrastinate at.

But okay, let's change the subject. This subject has already been explored umpteen times and I’m out of ideas ade. (Finally! You ppl think! *Huff*)

I mean, by now, you should already have gotten the point, right?

Reiteration helps the memory process, apparently. Does that mean I should read out every sentence in my notes at least 12 times to remember it fondly during the test? Hmm... That'd make me very busy indeed since there are like a few thousand sentences in one subject alone and I have like what, 6 subjects?

*Screaming at top of voice* AHHHH!!

Ok, this IS stupid.

But apparently I have nothing of value to share with you all, except my procrastination. Hmm... I didn’t know I was so one-dimensional till now. Haha...

What la? I'm bored ma. And I don't want to study ma! That's why I'm blogging lo. If you can call this piece of crap blogging. Heck.

Ok, to make it up to you guys. Let me do some smart + insane ramblings.

  • I can't wait for to take off (figuratively la! duh..) coz FlyGuy is back! Still remember him? He was part of the famous duo of morning crew... I only have a faint memory of them [I was real young then] but I do remember that they were really funny! =)

  • And the new U! section in The Star is SO cool! It comes with The Star every 3rd Tuesday of the month. It written by true blue college students for teens!! I tot it was pretty good but but... [hesitation apparent when heaping praise on the former] I still remember fondly the YouthQuake paper I read religiously the last few years...That was one of my fav papers, man! I’d always look forward to it every Friday (or Thursday, they changed the day later).

  • I was pretty upset after they decided to cut it off!! WHY?? It was the best newspaper for teens ever, since it covers many issues that are of enormous concern to us teens out there but to adults, they feel are stupid. Yeah. The newspaper was hard-hitting in its topics to say the least.

  • Anyway, at least there's some semblance of a teen paper out there now so I'm not complaining. Just hoping that they'd incorporate some of the stuff that was in YouthQuake then. Yup!

*Hollows at top of voice*

Hey, any YouthQuake die-hard fans out there??

Ok, gotta go! Since there’s no hiatus (my self-imposed hiatus NEVER works), I still must TRY to study, right?

Although falling sleep is more like it. zzz... =Aikz=

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh Well...

This site is important for ppl who are sleep deprived... Ahem, that would be ppl like this is the link, click above...

Something is wrong with my stupid blog. It can't space lines itself, causing me have to insert html myself to leave a blank line.. can't write it down here. It wouldn't allow me leh... Besides, it also can't show the link sign i.e. a line underlining whatever phrase you chose to link to wherever.

Damnit! I mean it can link, of coz, it just can't indicate to readers, that's all. And using a different colour is difficult becoz I have a compulsive habit of using diff colours whenever i like in my blog anyway. lol...

I wonder if you all know whatever i'm crapping abt but who cares? =)

Well, about yesterday's Eng test, Paper 1.. Hmm..let's just say I'm real disappointed, okay? Haih... Normally, I'd be able to finish juz in time becoz I somehow I'd acquire super writing speed suddenly but unfortunately, yesterday, my super speed betrayed me and never showed up.

*Bonks myself on the head*

I was writing like a slow old woman and only slightly speeded up when I saw the hands on my watch speeding around... Oh God.

Ok-la, at least I finished in time. But it was really in the nick of time and I didn't get to write all 5 texts!! I only wrote 4!!

And I'd like to put in Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice" (one of my fav books!) to show that I do read a wide range of genres. Especially those literary pieces that are critically acclaimed too. He/she might be impressed, ya know? *Sigh*

Whatever. At least I finished, right? Some ppl couldn't finish anyway. =Aikz= Besides, I tot Section 1 was kinda weird too... Seems like I'm copying a lot of answers from the texts wan... Strange.

Ok-la, I've been procastinating too much so I better get my butt of this chair and go study!!!

Go GO Go GO Go!!

Monday, October 17, 2005


Arggh... that foul word.

Lead me not into temptation. For I can find it myself. lol...

I gave in to temptation. Again. What did I do? Oh, nothing much would be an apt answer since I was totally procrastinating today. Well, let me see...

I watched TWO movies in one day (Note: this is the day prior to my English exam, okay!) which are Sky High & Kung Fu Hustle. I know, the latter is a bit outdated but who cares?

Warning: Spoiler Alert for 'Sky High'

  • Anyway, I liked the former so much that I almost re-watched it again the very same day [okay, rewatching means sitting thru the "scannings" of my sis to watch some specially nice scenes.] My fav scene was when Layla used her power against the crazy cheerleader(s). Okla, not going to give away too much... But I tot the guy playing the rebel with fire was pretty good-looking... The way he looked at Layla was so tender! So sensitive!! lol...

  • And I also liked the scene where he *the rebel with a cause* got together with the girl with ice power or something... Talk bout opposites! Haha... Btw, I also tot the titular character, playing Will Stronghold looks a bit like tat guy who is Malcolm in "Malcolm in The Middle". Sorry, I forgot his name ade... However, I have one complaint bout this movie! It’s almost too predictable!! If not for the slight twist at the end, it’d be about as predictable as god-knows what. And I like movies with unpredictable endings (but better not sad endings

Warning: Spoiler Alert for 'Kung Fu Hustle'

  • Okie, now about the second movie. Well, for starters, the graphics and visuals were stunning to say the least. Actually, it reminds me faintly of Shaolin Soccer, especially the part where they start kicking a ball. However, the plot is poorly developed, with not enough attention given to developing each characters’ personality.

  • It could be better. It also leaves many Qs answered. Like was the main guy, what’s-his-name the kung-fu couple’s real son? And what happened to him and his childhood love? Shucks, some unanswered Qs are okay, but too many just irks the audiences!! People like me! Whatever. I’ll just think of it as a slightly sophisticated but albeit cheesy Hong Kong movie.

Yeap, movie reviews are done! Not bad ya, mine? Well, it comes with years of reading movies reviews (unfortunately not watching all the movies...sigh* But I'd be broke if i watched all the movies I read reviews off...)

Anyway, this immense amount of movie watching should be done AFTER I’ve finished studying for my test tmr, right? WRONG. It caused me to study late into the night and I couldn’t sleep when I wanted too [I had a splitting headache too!] since I was too nervous, I guess.

Hey, this IS do-or-die time! Oh God. Help me.

So, conclusion?

Lead me not into temptation. For I can find it myself. lol...

Well, signing off, Girl Disenfranchised as anyone could be.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Coll Photos

Phy class with Mr Leong.
Liked his classes alot. Don't look so stern! hehe.

* My Bio Class with Dr. Ooi * Posted by Picasa

My Eng Class with Angeline,
performing, err...obscene act... Posted by Picasa

Maths Class with Mr. Goh! Posted by Picasa

~ My Chem Class & Leela of coz! ~ Posted by Picasa

After a nice dinner with our college lecturers!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Procastination At Its Peak

My Mistake ==>

I keep telling myself there's still a lot of time in between tests.

That the main reason I keep putting off studying. Haih... It's a no go there. I wonder when my feeling of guilt will overcome/overwhelm my instinct to enjoy life more.

I DO hope it's soon or I think I'll be chopping my head soon. Ha.. Beheading myself. That's a new thought. But it sounds painful so I don't think I'll go there. lol

Okay, really just crapping la.

Yesterday, I went to lilian's house to get some of the photostated stuff and some other english papers. Unfortunately, my dad took me to the wrong place and it was raining then, ya know!

There was little poor me, caught in the rain that was getting heavier by the minute... Has ade sms-ed earlier but she didn't received it apparently. When I called her cellphone, no one answered!! Called for umpteem times but still no one picked up! Decided to find shelter first under Block 11.

After numerous unpicked-up calls, was terribly fed up since residents there were giving me strange looks.

True too, you don't get many girls standing around, calling on her phone, clutching papers and a purse, right?

Anyway, I then called another fren to get lilian's house phone number. After getting it, I called her home. Her mum picked up... And the truth was revealed! She was asleep! No wonder! But I do wonder how she can sleep thru my numerous calls... *Shrug*

Well, later she came down (sorry for waking you up!) but found out tat i went to the wrong place! I had to run out again to find my dad... And went to her place which was nearby... Thank God. I don't think I can handle running up & down all over again in the now-drizzle. She handed me the papers and i thanked her before going off!

Oh well, just took bath before that and now I'm wet all over [almost la]. Too bad. But nevermind, it was quite nice of her to photostat those papers for me and take the trouble to get my papers from Angeline. So I should be grateful actually.

Yeap, gotta go and behead mysef! Bye! *Just kidding la! Duh!*

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Make Way 4 Royal Procastinator

I think I need a red carpet coz my levels of provastination is surely the second best, if not the first! lol...

But seriously, I really need to stop procastinating SO MUCH!! When I'm not onlin-ing, god knows what I'm doing to waste so much time. I dunno myself. Time seems to fly when I'm not doing what I ought to do...i.e study! *Huge Sigh*

Now is a prime example. Why the hell am I be blogging so much? I'm addicted, I tell you. At least, now at home, there isn's so much interesting stuff happening so I can't crap so much here la. Thank God.

Anyway, I didn't go to extra bio class this morning due to 2 reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, I'm lazy (yalah!) and secondly, I've no transport anyway. So, it was a lost cause regardless of whether I'm lazy or not. It doesn't matter anyway. Ha!

I guess I'll end now and go & try to force some books down my throat. I've a feeling I'll fall asleep again as I've done every night/day. No Kidding! Aww, shucks. Dunno why I'll feel sleepy whenever books are open.

I have never fallen asleep in front of the computer before, have I?

I seriously need a reconsidering of my sleeping priorities. Haha... =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A 'Subtle' Reminder to Self

Ability is what you're capable of doing.

Motivation determines what you do.

Attitude determines how well you do it.

* Me & Yokekei! * What do u think?

Now if only I had photoshop...haha... Posted by Picasa

>> Me & MinMing << Funny leh...
my fren caught me taking pics wif my cellphone...! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 10, 2005

Boring ==> Need Motivation

Hehe...went to bio extra class juz boring. Didn't listen much since answers would be provided. Oops!

Arrgh, it's not really my fault coz I got a ton of things to do then. Was trying to figure out some maths answers using my fren's paper. Then needed to hand in some papers for marking and the respective lecturers weren't there! Aiyo...

So mahuan nia! Now have to bother my fren to take the paper for me... Hrumpph! Well, thx for your help neways, lilian! (Oh, she's not going to read this, is she? haha..)

Okay, gotta stop now. Must try to keep my promise to my fren that I would work hard *winks*

Thanks a lot for your support, Sinyee! Love ya.. =) I guess I'd TRY to study. Maybe your motivation would work wonders. Hope la... =Cross fingers=

Well, ciao!

I almost forgot. The number of visitors to this site is quite high!! Most days more than 10 people ok!! And that IS kinda frightening, okay? Coz i dunno who the hell (pls excuse my language) is reading this blog without my knowledge...Those who dunno me personally, feel free to read coz I won't be meeting you in real life, right? Guess so.

But what's scary is that ppl I know personally are reading my blog, knowing the in-&-outs of my life and I don't even know!

God. And you blame me for being scared? Ha!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lazy Me

Arggh! I'm always so lazy during the start of study break! I didn't do anything at all (well, of value la) during friday night and the whole of yesterday too!

Oh no! The only good thing i've done is to finish my Mathx Ext.1 Catholic High Sch paper...Wah..damn hard leh! Took me dunno how many hours to do! Do until really frustrated leh... =( I think it's becoz i so long din do ade so have forgotten a lot of stuff! Damnit!

Must remember during finals! Important!! [duh]

Anyway, I really feel guilty now coz i know I'll rush like mad when it's nearing the end of the stupid study break...! I'm SO dead.

Okay, I admit. I kinda like learning but I totally hate studying! It eats into my time when it could be better utililized in doing other stuff (you know

For those ppl who actually look forward to exams/tests & enjoy studying, mind dropping me and some like-minded ppl a tip or two? *Grins* Are there ppl like that?? I'll never know.

Aikz, this is turning out to be a stupid post since nothing interesting ever happens at home. Ha!

So I think I'll TRY to refrain from going near the pc, or at least TRY not to blog SO oftenly. Yes, I'll try my best but i dunno how long that will last. Haha...

Okie, till then, byee!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

X~ Memory Lane ~X

Oh well. Memories... That thing that lets us remisnesces about the good times, but it also unfortunately saddens us too.

If only I could turn back time! [I'd be very popular then, since any criminal would ask me to turn back time everytime they commited a crime of passion! Or anyone that made a serious blunder in his/her life would beg me to unleash my power too. But I guess I'm thinking too much. Ah!]

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone at Inti who had made my year here a great year...! I had known so many great people here and it'd be sad to leave you all... =( Of coz, unfortunately, I had my share of meeting unpleasant ppl but I guess it takes all sorts to make a world. Ha.

But that doesn't matter much since why think about those ppl anyway? It's not like I got a lot of brain space for them neways. *Actually, according to research, we only use like 5% of our brain, so i wonder how smart we'll be if fully utilize our brains? Wow!*

Well, what I really wish is that the days would pass faster now since our course has ended due to one simple fact. I can't wait to get my freedom back! Yes, duh, of coz I want my finals to end quickly! However, I'm sad to report that my freedom is still quite intact since I'm still onlin-ing to my hearts' content (almost la) and still watch movies like there's no tomorrow!

God. What i don't like is that guilty feeling tagging at my heart after I've spent my time doing god knows what except studying!! Hey, procastinators out there, you should know fully well what I'm talking about here!! Guilty as hell. *Gulp*

Ok, I'm talking nonsense here ade. So let me update about yesterday. Didn't fully finish. Err, yesterday we had an early lunch [at 10 o'clock?!] since our bio lecturer wanted to let us watch a video during lunch hour!

We went out wif Chia-P's gang to eat Yong Tau Foo (how to spell ah?). Was quite nice leh. Yummy! There was a lot of teasing there too about a 'couple' but I won't elaborate since she'll chop me alive for repeating it here. Oops!

Then, the usual lunch hour was replaced with a bio lesson. Thank god it was for a viewing of a documentary or something. Really interesting! It was abt pathogens etc. But the way it was produced was really innovative and creative, humourous even! Pity I didn't get to finish it since I got phy class next. Chia-P always makes sure we're never late... Haha...

Good thing for me that we're most probably going to the same uni next year. lol.. If she becomes my housemate, I'll never be late... Good! Coz I always feel like sleeping more... & always turn off my alarm accidentally. Hehe.

Well nothing much ade I guess. The classes went on as usual though I wouldn't call them classes la.. More like taking photograph session... Picture Frenzy! Or Picture Chaos would be a more fitting title...

So byee! And charge forward to a great year ahead!! =)

Friday, October 07, 2005

* Me & Marcus * Smile! Posted by Picasa

* Me & ChinLin* Last day of HSC! =( Posted by Picasa

:: The Last Day ::

*Sigh* 10 months passed in such a flash... omg~ it was like i juz went in for the first day! I'll always cherish those memories of the lovely times we had throughout this year... *Sobs*

Nah! I ain't a crybaby. Actually, I don't think I'm feeling any nostalgic now. It only sets in when everything has passed and you're juz thinking of the 'good old days'. Sometimes, I remembered the nice times we had in high school, the feeling of nostalgia threatens to overwhelm me. Ha! Call me a sentimental fool if you want... lol

Anyway, today was really a blur~~ Most of it consist of taking photos... Wah, i must taken how many photos? 20? 50? Plain Crazy. My jaws are also aching dreadfully due to smiling too much (forgive me for the exaggeration though..haha).

Okay, we also took photos wif the lecturers ==> Mr.Leong, Leela, Mr.Goh, Angeline & Dr.Ooi. Some of the poses were really funny! Will post it up when i managed to get my hands on them. Well, surprise surprise, our english teacher cried!! Especially when we didn't even cry summore! Hehe...I guess that about sums it up. Feeling a bit lazy to elaborate so will stop here. Tata!

PS~Already posted up some of the afore promised prom pics... Maybe will post up more if time allows and if nothing's wrong with the program. Hope you like them! =)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kent playing the piano. See how his fingers fly! Posted by Picasa

Two of Hsc's candidates... They looked good! Posted by Picasa

=The Prom King & Queens= Wow! Posted by Picasa

Dun let his gf see this pic! Haha... Posted by Picasa

My frenz at the Prom! Can u spot me?? lolPosted by Picasa

Enlightening? Maybe.

Oh Gosh. Today english class was damn funny. Enlightening? Maybe. Why? Find out by reading more... keke...

We're kinda discussing a Q when suddenly the topic veered to the 'rumour' that a certain someone has been barred from the HSC exam due to continued extreme absence from classes.

Walao! This sounds bad, right? But he was rather nonchalant and said maybe he could redo it next year. (Ha! No way for me! It's not like I'm getting any younger, am I? I wanna experience more of life has got to offer. Yup!) Anyway, he was telling Angeline that she was bluffing him. But I'm not sure. Coz he did have a lot of absences these few months. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm not sure how, but the lesson managed to take another turn into ahem, sex. A bold person even described our eng lecturer as normal on the outward, but inwardly, a "slut"! *gasp* OMG~ I was wondering why she (the lecturer) didn't bang him on the head and yell profanities at him. But amazingly, she kept her cool.

After a bout of questioning, apparently, that someone didn't really know the meaning of the word "slut". *Phew for him* He tot it meant 'miang/hiao' or something when in actual fact, it means something like 'a person who always sleeps around' or something along those lines lo.

Btw, these ppl ah, they can't seem too decide on what colour to wear tomorrow [last day of HSV ah..] A group wants to wear red, while some prefers white. Actually, I prefer red coz i think that's more suitable for the last day of our course. White is a bit like mourning leh... A bit choi. And normally, we only wear 'mourning colours' *i.e. black & white* after a really hard test, not like on the last day ah... Red is definitely more suitable! More 'ong'/auspscious ya? Hehe...

I can't decide although the majority is white leh... I want red!! Oh gosh. If I persists in wearing red, and then everyone wears white, I'll stand out like a sore thumb leh... I dunno what to do, but I guess i'll figure out something. Ha!

A must-do after finals ==> Shop for a nice white shirt! lol.. I dunno why i dun have many white shirts one... Guess i dun really like the colour. You shld know from my colourful blog. Haha...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What A Nice Day

Not bad day. *My post's title should tell u that much. Ha!* At first when I woke up, was damn sleepy. Forced myself to crawl to college.

Anyway, when I reached coll, my fren phoned me, asking want to go for breakfast or not. Apparently, there's this place which sells these toasted bread which u dip it into half-boiled eggs. sounds yummy? It was! =)

Of coz i said yes! Btw, due to this, I skipped english class...Who cares anyway? It's not like she's (ehh, high sch peeps! Doesn't sound like me eh? hehe)

Anyway, joined the gang for breakfast lo...Quite delicious although i'm not quite fond of eating half-boiled eggs la...but dipping toast into it is quite okay.

Nevertheless, what i think was the most memorable was the memory of eating breakfast wif my college frenz. Nostalgic again? *Tissue pls* Haha...What to do? This IS the last week of HSC..! =Sob sob= How time flies!

Then, after a few classes [btw, I felt really sleepy in phy class leh..lyd even fell asleep! horliao leh, lyd! thumbs up! lol], we went out for lunch. Shuang was driving today. We went to eat Pan Mee...(dunno english calls what la..) So long din eat ade! So nice! Yummy... *licks lip*

After that, back for another round of classes. Dunno why i feel quite cheerful recently, though the same cannot be said for some of my frenz. Aikz, actually i should be feeling man-chang coz my finals are looming and I haven't studied! Shit!

But whatever. I'm sure i'll managed somehow. Like studying myself to death during the study break. [though i tot study breaks should mainly be of breaks? Mine, sadly consist of moronic studying. Haih...]

Right, digressed again. Sorry. Okay what's next? Right, i almost forgot! After classes, also got the Y.E. meeting for liquidation [money! money! hehe...]. Not bad oh, this year. I invested RM10 the beginning this year.

Guess how much i got back in return? RM28!! Not bad horr? Minusing RM2 club membership fee, i still profited RM16 for doing nothing leh!! Syiok leh.

What la? Business ain't my strong point, okay? lol... Remind me to sign up for any clubs such as this, okay? Youth Entrepreneur or Elderly Entrepreneur also no problem! Hehe...

I guess I better stop now then. Stop procastinating! Yes! Byeee...!

Monday, October 03, 2005

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Damnit. I still on-lined when I said I won't.

What the heck. I'm dead. Walk over my dead body okay? lol... =)

This is a stupid blog entry anyway. Ha!

And the above Q in the title is a given anyway. *Sigh*

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Went praying this morning...Went to 2 temples. Yeah, got Indian temple and Chinese temple also. What to do? I think my family's religion is Taoism although my mum insists its Buddhism. Oh well. Doesn’t matter much to me since I’m a free thinker... Haha... =)

Oh, the reason I went praying? What else besides the looming external exam coming up...!! =(
That reminds me. I got to stop blogging!!! Err, as if that will ever work! I know myself too well sometimes. =Aikz=

Nevermind that first. Anyway, I wanna punish myself for my procrastination by disallowing myself the computer today but...but...apparently I'd failed miserably. Coz here I’m again.

Oh no...

Why did I ever start blogging in the first place?! It's totally eating into my time liao... Since when I on my pc to blog, I'll definitely go read other' blogs (which amounts to a lot you know, only that thank goodness some of them don’t blog as much as I do! Eek!)

At least I got bloglines to help me keep up with whoever's updating or what. That totally saves me a lot time since I don't need to load everyone's blog...! Thank God!

Oh yeah. Afterwards, I also need to go another Indian temple leh... It's been quite routine since I'll go to these few temples whenever I’ve a major exam. Why does my life seem to be a series of exams ah?? Oh gosh.

Whatever. Gotta go! Need to pray ade! Byeeee!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Random Ramblings

Juz a few random things that ran through my mind:

  • The Columbine High School Massacre was really a terrible thing. Tragic. [To know more, click here.] Anyway, it makes one thinks twice about going to school, ya know. Ain't school supposed to be safe or what? Well, at least it's happenning in the US but it could happen here too. OMG~ I DO hope nothing of the sort EVER happens here. =Prays=

  • Watched a little of the Final Fantasy movie yesterday when they're waiting the others to come to watch the videoed proceedings of our Summer Carnival. *Btw, i totally embarassed myself in da video tapings coz there was this scene where Michael asked whether i was tired, and i said very tired. And the effect was hilarious, okay?! Err, what the heck. Nevermind la. Just providing free entertainment. keke...* Oops, i digressed again.

  • Anyway, I thought the Final Fantasy (click) thing was pretty cool, of coz i heard of it before, I'm not that out of the cutting edge of pop i pretty in ah.. So, got anyone got the movie? Can lend me, pretty please?? Thx beforehand... =)

  • Only a week to go before study break and am I SO freaked! Coz i can't motivate myself to study!! OMG~~ Help me pls! Maybe we should boycott exams or something? Would do us a world of good... Haha... I must invent something to motivate ppl to study and i'll surely become billionaire after i patent it! Coz it's definitely going to sell!! lol

  • Wth am I doing here!! I tot there was going to be a hiatus one! *Raised eyebrow* But none at all! Shit. I'm such a procastinator! God help me.

  • I've fallen asleep after turning one page of any notes. EVERY single damn night. There's no cure la. Oh no! This does not bode well. Maybe I shld put toothpicks to keep my eyes awake. lol... But that may hurt my eyes wo.. Ok, just kidding la...

Ok liao la, this stupid rambling. Enough is enough. Ciao!