Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Small Things

Is it understandable for me to feel envious of couples who have all the time in the world to hold hands and whisper sweet nothings into each others' ears?

I don't even want sweet words. I just want to see you, hug you and share things with you as they happen; not as a summary every other night.

With my short term memory loss brain, I miss out on the small little things too. And you know, it's the small little things that matter.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's a Synonym For 'Busy'?

Sorry guys, been pretty busy lately.

Am currently doing surgery and anaesthesia which has a total of 6 weeks and 2 weeks respectively. Already did 2 weeks of surgery and now taking a break from that with anaesthesia.

Anaesthesia is quite an interesting speciality, with lots of physiology and pharmacology! Doctors are generally nice and happy to teach. I think I learnt quite a bit in the few days we had.

Anyway, not going to write more here because I have an assessment tomorrow and I haven't finish writing up the case yet.

Btw the other reason I'm so busy is that intern applications for next year is out! So many things to do... Can you believe it? We are going to be working soon! *Gasp*

Saturday, May 14, 2011


    adjective /ˈdēvēəs/ 
    1. Showing a skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals
      • - he's as devious as a politician needs to be
      • - they have devious ways of making money

What a fitting word.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Past - Present - Future

Since you guys know about my short-term-memory-problem, it comes as no surprise that while attempting to write my 1st CV for intern applications (oh no?! work!), I had to look through my blog archives to find out what I did in the past. Although I think that probably counts more for long-term memory problems already.

Anyway, before we digress further, I was digging through old dusty posts to find what I want. And obviously I had to skim through a few of my posts, and I am still a little surprised to find how different my blogging style has evolved over a few years. Not only that, I am probably a very different person from that wide-eyed 19 year old girl that started her first year in university, a place away from home.

I wonder was the change for good or for bad? Maybe it's a mixture of both. Perhaps it's called growing up. As we grow up, the more responsibilities we have, the less carefree we can be. Becoming an adult is not all fun obviously, and next year we will have to take another giant leap, to finally start working!

But sometimes, I wish I can go back to those happy carefree days in imu. A time where we can all laugh freely and not worry about having to adapt so as to not appear 'weird' in front of others. 

I wonder if there will ever be one day when I won't feel the need to adapt anymore. It should become second nature. (Interestingly, it's only second nature, so whereabouts lies my first nature?)

I think change is gradual but coming. The other day, someone called me by my full name and it suddenly felt foreign to my ears. Because I have become accustomed to an abbreviated version of my name - something I did because I got tired of the repeated "sorry, didn't quite catch that" that came my way whenever I introduce myself with my full name. And how funny - just a couple of years ago, that abbreviated version sounded foreign to these very ears.

The country says we don't love her, but truth to be told, in a way, it will always be home in my mind - but because she doesn't love us enough, we have been compelled to seek greener pastures and call them home too.