Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pickup Line

A lame/funny pickup line by a friend... No, he did not use it on me, in case you're thinking of that. Ha.

===> The weather is as hot as you.

-_-"""" *Sweats*

Okaaayy. Well, unfortunately this pickup line can only be used in certain geographical regions or in certain weather conditions...or else you just might get the opposite effect (eg. a tight slap on the face) of whatever you're hoping for. Yes yes, it can be used in Malaysia. The weather is surely hot enough here. [Although it has a tendency to rain a lot here in KL, compared to penang~]

Anyway, I tot this was funny enough for a post. Although I wouldn't recommend you guys to start thinking of using it on girls, since it will just get you this reaction --> -_-""

lol. Corny as hell. You might succeed I guess, though it's a bit doubtful... *Scratches head*

Well, won't blog so much liao coz lazy ade... Though I have a hell lot of stuff to say.

Shucks. There's always tomorrow. [This is what procastinators typically say to themselves every other day... Hehe.]

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Exams Are Not Good 4 Procastinators

Sigh, very sien lah recently... Exams are coming soon *Huge groan* and I haven't been studying dilligently as I wanted to... But what else is new? :P

I also blog more when I feel stressed leh, did you guys notice that? Haha.

Hey, that's a "positive feedback mechanism" leh. Oops, jargon jargon.

SEE:- I hvta study more --> so feel more stressed coz lack of time --> need to blog more to destress --> have even less time to study --> even more stress.

Wah, that's a damn vicious cycle leh. I am so addicted to blogging. Dang.

Anyway, a few updates about my personal life. Will be moving after sem 1, so went house-hunting with Quek last sunday. Saw a few houses but wasn't really satisfied. The strange thing, we were taken to see the exact same house twice by 2 different agents, but funnily the price quoted by them were different by RM100/month. Hmm... Of coz take the cheaper one lah. Hehe.

Well, will be going to see the house again later with another housemate, hope that I'll able to secure a house soon. I like things like this to be settled earlier.. [Don't really wanna sleep on the streets during July leh.. lol.]

It's not furnished, so I guess that means we'll hvta buy more stuff again. Haih. I'll be staying with two of my high school frenz, Quek and Dory!! :D Cool~

Unfortunately, they are both pharm students, so that means no one to wake me up when I oversleep lah... Haha. But I'll survive. [Been surviving so far, haven't I? :P]

I guess that's all for now. Feel a bit tired liao.

And the clothes left to iron are pilling up. Don't need to mention the amount of studying left undone. *Sigh* But what to do, I am a professional when it comes to procastinating! Blek. (Check out my profile~ :P)

Monday, May 29, 2006

I Think...

...they are treating me like one of the guys. :O


Okay, let me back up and explain myself. Recently, during weekends, I always hang out with this bunch of peeps (which mostly are guys lah) when we go out for lunch and dinner in Sri Petaling.

All of them are my batchmates but I've gotten to know them quite well thru various ways like:-

  1. Orientation group members. No explanations needed lah.

  2. Fellow Aikido members. Trained together so long ade, sure more familiar right?

  3. Quite a few lunches and dinners together. We're rather a jovial, crazy and *what's the word for it* rowdy bunch sometimes. :P

Anyway, there was once I went out with dinner with 9 guys leh!! No girl at all summore. :O Aiya, dunno why the girls here don't wanna come out for dinner one... Strange lah.]

But that's not the problem.

Somehow, they don't treat me like a girl (not that I want to be helped around, I can stand on my own feet ya know) it's just that sometimes they talked about certain guy things that girls are normally not privy to, around me leh.


  1. Girls. [Haha, this is rather interesting... *Evil Grin* Since I get to know the guys' perspective about us... Will report back to headquarters soon.. Hehe.]

  2. Porn. -_- Ok, they were just kidding, well, I hope. *Gulps*

  3. Games in all types and forms. Me likey~

  4. Got other things summore, but sorry, my brain has turned to mush ade. You get the drift lah..

Luckily, I'm a rather casual and laid-back person [or so I like to think] so I don't really mind. In fact, I can hold my own in such conversations too. ^_^ I think it's becoz I'm rather tomboyish too and I grew up in a family of boys. All my cousins near my age were guys so naturally I grew up knowing a lot (and playing a lot) of guys' games lah.

I used to play Command and Conquer and Rockman style of games. Not bad at them too okay~ [Don't look so surprised pls~] I still play a lot of PS2 and computer games (I miss my PS2 a lot leh!!!!) but now at least I play a combination of girl-ish and guy-ish games, if you hvta classify them lah..

I just can't wait to try Civilization IV - recommended by Jun Lin as to be very good - and DoTA that is claimed by many to be really addictive. I wouldn't mind trying out DoTA sometime (actually tried a few times ade) and writing up a post about it... It seems cool btw. But wait, gotta study!! *Sigh*

Oops, digressed abit. Not here to talk about my prowess at gaming. Hehe...

Well, these guys seemed to forget that I am a girl sometimes... -_-" but I find it amusing though. It's really interesting to learn about the guy's perspective and how they view the world...


In Chinese, there's a proverb = "Know yourself, know your enemy, you'll surely win in every battle."

I am on the winning side... :P *Smug look* Hahaha...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aikido-ing + Sing-ing

Ha. I went aikido-ing in the end. So what? Bite me.

It was a bad choice though. There were no seniors that day (all studying their asses off for exams! What about me??) so we're rather tidak bersemangat plus it was raining heavily too.

Sigh sigh, why did I choose to go? Why do I feel guilty about skipping? Arggh.



Went Redbox as planned, with hweisung, zherlin, beh and szewei. Had major FUN singing after a hiatus of what? 3 months? Keke.

Hwei sung's voice is just too damn good! I wished I have a voice like that.. *Turns green with envy*

Anyway, if it wasn't for exams coming soon, I'd lurve to go again with them... *Sigh*

They tot that my voice was pretty ok, except that I needed more training + polishing. I think they're right... Must practice more in the bathroom then! Hahaha..

Ok, gotta study liao. Library's going to close soon anyway, due to a planned power outage. Ciao for now! :D

Whazzup, Doc?

I misposted this sometime ago - wanted to click on 'save as draft', manatau blur and clicked on 'publish post' - and it has been brewing as a draft for a very very looong time. So, I've decided to edit it and let it out to see the light of the day lah.. Pls keep in mind that I wrote this a long time ago. Enjoy~

I wonder and often ponder about my future.

Sometimes, I get this resurfacing doubts in my mind whether am I suitable enough to be a good doctor. [What do you guys think? Imp: Comment pls~!!]

Am I compassionate + humble + efficient + disciplined + smart-ass (lol) enough to be a doctor?? I really dunno lah. =Aikz=

Anyway, as a person, I really am not fond of violent + bloody scences in movies and/or real life. I'll cringe or wince on anticipating the impact but that just means I'm not a morbid sadist, right? *Wishful thinking*

I wonder if this will impair my future workings with cadavers (dead bodies) and dying people. [Note: It's dying people, not dead people. Which is important coz that means I'll have to save their lives, right?]

My dad regularly assures me that I'll be able to handle it on the basis that "if other people can, so can you." But this is so wrong. If Mariah Carey can hit a high high note, does that mean moi can? I don't think so. My voice would break first, though normal high notes are okla.

Anyhow, I really want to make a difference in this war-torn world and this is the only way I can see how. But I often wonder whether this is having too much on my palate. I really really hope that I don't regret my choice later. :(

I wonder if I'll be able to persevere long enough and hard enough to reach my dream (as you probably know, I totally lack disciplince + self-control), or whether I'll make a good doctor. I've seen my dad at work, and it's just amazing how genuine the way he cares for his patients.

Oh no.. I'm scared. Yeah.

But I think it's normal to have these sort of doubts about one's future career, right? Yeah. *Sigh*

Oh well, whatever.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just My Luck

Sigh, PBL just now was pretty terrible. :(

*Rainclouds start appearing over my head*

I mean, a biostatistics PBL is sucky enough - coz nothing much to talk about - and even more so if your PBL group just happened to be a group of unproactive and uninitiative ppl thrown together. Bah. [It could be more interesting if there was more discussion!!] Yes, I did try to do my bit, but the response was just blah when I opened up my mouth and risked looking like a fool.

I mean, compared to my fren's groups, my group is sooo quiet!! We just do the minimal and that's all, we pack and go home. Wth. Luckily PBL is not that important for sem1, or we'll surely suffer during exams.

I just pray that I'll get a better PBL group for the next few sems I am here. I mean, come on, what's the probability of having almost ALL quiet ppl in one group? Shldn't be a big possibility, but I think that just happened to me. Sigh. Don't bother about me, it's just my sort of luck again.

Whatever. -_-

Anyway, what's worst was that it totally got off on the wrong footing. JPJ was filling in as fascilitator today. I asked the leader maybe if we could go a bit earlier to help prepare and compile data and stuff. But manatau he tot that we started early without him due to a miscommunication and started saying that we tot the fascilitator was "superfluous" etc.

Luckily, I managed to settle the muddle b4 it got worst. He was really starting to get angry leh.. Scary. O.o


I think I'm skipping Aikido later and I feel SO guilty. That's just me, of coz. I'm programmed like that, dunno why. But I can't afford to go to Aikido, since I'll be out almost the whole day tmr. *Huge Sigh*

But you never know, my guilt might overwhelm me so much so that I'll go in the end. We'll see who wins this battle in the end. [Will report back to you guys later~ Haha.]


Two ironies happened just now. (Yes, my fate is working against me again.)

As soon as I posted my last post - must read previous post to understand this ya - someone straight away walked up and told me what I hated to hear.

  • "Eh, don't bluff lah, I'm sure you study more than that ade.." *Strangles the person*

  • "Hey, wanna go watch X-Men 3 tmr?"

I'm so so bummed.

But I guess going to Redbox tmr is a sure way to cheer myself up. Don't forget the Phantom of the Opera thing too!

*Rainclouds start clearing up* :D

Blogging never fails to make me feel better. Blogging --> the best remedy for attack of the miserables!! Yeah~

Thou Shall Not Tempt Me...

...coz I lack self-control. But seriously, I think I am improving. [Can you believe that?]

Yesterday Yao asked me whether I want to go watch X-Men 3 with 20 something batchmates again [Wah, taking over which cinema this time?] but I managed to pull out all my resistance and said a difficult-to-utter NO.

*The Angel inside me starts celebrating while the Devil inside me droops sadly like an ice-cream left in the sun...okay maybe that description is a bit weird*

I was so so so so tempted to say Yes and go, you know. Coz I really wanna watch X-Men 3 wo...

I even prefer it over the Da Vinci Code leh... Coz I have a thing for superheroes movies.. [Wait, not those holier-than-thou, geeky type of superhero movies, I like the cool mutant type of superheroes.. Dunno why, always tot it would be wayyyy cool to have such superpowers. Hehe. But if you ask me what superpower I want, I'd be too confused over the plethora of choices to choose. Haha.]

Anyway, I still very desperately wanna watch that movie! I'd rather forego Gunung Patah Belakang (Don't understand? Brokeback Mountain lah..), MI3 and whatever others you can think of in exchange to watch that one.

So you can imagine the amount of self-control I exerted to say that tiny syllable made up two letters --> NO. *Sigh*

I understand there is more to life that mugging (Actually I think I practice that theory a bit too perfectly if you ask me..) but I think I am getting a little overboard. Time to pull in the reins, girl.

Coz you see, if I go watch that movie after class today + go Redbox on Friday + later that night go watch the play, Phantom of the Opera + Forum dinner = Sure recipe for Failure in test.

Okay okay, I am exaggerating... But I am not exaggerating when I say I am very very behind in my studies...

Now, don't you start saying: "Don't bluff lah, you study a lot ade lah, I know.."

Coz that might just be the very last thing you say... *Ominous tone*

Sometimes, I just can't stand ppl who say that, as if everyone is as hardworking + smart + nerdy as them. Bah! It's good enough that you're up to date to your studies, pls do not expect everyone to be like you, coz who wants to be anyway? Ha.

::Disclaimer:: Wait, don't jump to conclusions yet! No one had said that to me in Imu, yet.. (where else can I hide the body anyway? lol) It's just what that happened to a fren sometime ago, and hell, it's rather applicable here. Tsk tsk.

Opps, I digressed. Well, just take note not to say that to me lah, if you value your life. [Yes, I am kidding lah!! What do you take me for? I am not that hot-tempered to kill someone for something stupid he said lah.. lol. Or else sure a lot of ppl die ade lo... -_-"]

Anyway, pardon me if I sound pissed, a girl can be emo sometimes, can't she? *Flashes licence to be emo* Haha..

Okay, back back~ Erm, just wanna congratulate myself on the fact that I managed to stop myself from watching what would have been my favourite movie of the year. Now, is that worth congratulating myself for? ISH.

*Change tactics *

Okay, I congratulate myself on the fact that I managed to exert enough self-control even when the desire exceeds the need thus so far. Yes, that makes me feel better... Oh well, it is for a good cause... Haha.

Ah, begone all evil temptations! The age-old battle continues. Watch out for the next episode! (I am sure it will be soon, with Summative 2 looming oh-so-ominously in the near horizon. Arggh.)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Am I That Busy?

Since I seemed intent on portraying myself as a "busy busy person", therefore I will go the entire way and list down my extra-curricular activities (ECA) for fun... lol.

Yes yes, I know, there are ppl who are even more semangat (spirited) than me, and are able to do even better than me academically [not that I am very good anyway, so I guess I am easy to beat - do I sense a little self-depreciation here?] even though they are in a lot of ECA, but hey, I am not here to compete..

Just for fun and easier future referral purposes, okay~

Clubs I joined to alleviate boredom and to promote my belief of a healthy and wholesome lifestyle - Never believed in life that revolves around studying only, had this principle in mind since a young age lo - I present to you, in no particular order:

  • Campus Friends - A very fun Broga Camp so far, oops, reminded me of my promise to my readers to blog about it, okay, maybe this weekend okay~

  • Aikido Club - rather time-consuming since practice is TWICE a week, pretty long hours each time too, but quite worth-it

  • Dance Club - Now doing Hip-hop classes weekly - Maybe I shld have gone for the Latin dance classes? Hmm.

  • Badminton - went for practice once, hope to go more often

  • Chinese Chess Club - Vice sec, sure got work lah

  • Helen Keller society - nothing much, yet

  • Choir - activities for it haven't started, not the time of the year, apparently, but I will surely take part when it starts, coz I just love singing~ :D

Unfortunately, I was born a person with too many talents, I mean with too many interests, so I wish I could have join more clubs!

Clubs that I would have joined if I have 48 hours a day or more:

  • Darts Club - it sounds cool and fun

  • Tennis - ditto

  • Amigoo Club - ditto again

  • Female futsal - well, sounds like smtg new that I won't mind trying?

  • Drama Club - Do I have flair for the dramatic? I know I like to exaggerate/crap a lot lah... Haha. Maybe I'll join next year's production.. :D

  • Music and Performance Club - actually I kinda like half-joined this club - kinda promised my fren - but the practicing time and place is too troublesome lah.. They are having it somewhere in Sri Petaling and I tot it would be in Imu leh.. But I really miss drumming!! :( *Starts bopping my head and banging the table in rhythm*

  • Adventure Club - they seemed to have pretty cool activites too - but I have not enough time and money liao... :(

Okay, gotta stop myself, or I'll start listing down every club available and that's impossible [yes, even for me] to take part in all. I guess I will start distancing myself from some of the clubs that I am not really interested in O.o and start taking part in those new ones that I am interested in...

Kinda like the drama thingy.. They are having a spoof version of Phamtom of the Opera this Friday and Saturday night... So cool!

Okay, admit it, I am a busy person! Haha.

I hvta take care of my studies too, you know, besides the usual socializing around.. Hahaha.. Socializing is rather time-consuming too, I just found out..

What? Studies? It totally wins hands down in the time-consuming segment. :P

Point to rmb --> Work hard at having a good time and have a good time working hard.

Resignation Ruckus

The new batch of SRC won't be out yet due to a 'miscommunication' among the current SRC members, causing P1/06 and another batch not having the chance to vote b4 going on their study break... And the results will only be out sometime late in june. Woah, that's a loong time~

Anyway, now we're missing 3 SRC members since they have already resigned b4 their tenure ends. That's a sad case since imho, 2 of them were one of the best + hardworking members of the SRC... *Salutes Chow and Evelyn for their good job* [Btw, I think a lot of ppl, especially those who don't keep a close eye on the forum wouldn't know about this...]

All this becoz of the ruckus coz by a certain turbochargedwoman in the forum (who incidentally happens to be a guy, go figure~) who started flaming ppl by writing in a offensive manner about the recently held polls for the new SRC..

And oil was added to fire when other ppl (who hide behind anonymosity) also started cooking up a fuss. Aikz. All talk but no action.

Sigh, life is like that, ppl often don't appreciate you for the many good things you have done, but do just one wrong thing, and you get a Go-To-Jail-and-No-Return Card.

I wonder, why is there so much unfairness in life anyway? Oh well...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And Yet Another Bday

Just a short post since senpai is ticking me off for enjoying myself too much. Hehe. *Gotta study!!*

Anyway, it was Hwei Sung's 20th bday and the celebrations for it was fun! [So many bdays recently, I'm sooo broke! Over-budget ade!! T_T] Went to his house at 8pm in Beh's car since it was raining rather heavily at that time - thanks for the lift - and we ppl gathered outside b4 rushing in like the SWAT team... Hahaha.

Kee already gave us the key so we just let outselves in lah. Kinda funny that.

Unfortunately, bday boy was not really surprised wo... Aiya. Since his housemates are so un-adept at keeping it a surprise. I mean, come on, they placed the plastic plates and cups in full view in the kitchen okay.. Summore they also put the cake just like that in the fridge wo. Tsk tsk. They really need to buy a "Organizing Surprise Parties for Dummies Guide" or something. lol.

Anyway, they didn't tell me there was going to be pizza, drinks and stufff with the cake so I already had dinner b4 I came. So was damn full after a slice of Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheesecake (yum yum) and a slice of pizza... The same old carbs carbs story lah.. I shall not repeat myself. Bleh.

We had 2 bottles sparkling juice [Ohhh, so that was what it was for, was wondering why they bought it the other day] as drinks. Quite nice~

The guys wanted to 'rape' the bday boy [I think they got 'disorientated' after Orientation, this is what I meant when I said they're scarred for life, so sad~] but in the end, nothing really happened. Haha.

After feeding ourselves silly, we watched tv, chatted for quite some time b4 deciding to call it a day.. The other girls wanted to go back already, and I'm too lazy to walk home in the dark + rain, so of coz must follow Beh's car lah.. Hehe.

So that was that lah. I'm too lazy to say anymore. I'm tired.

Now, I really gotta FOCUS when it comes to studying!!


There, I hope that went into my thick skull. Bah.

New Nick, Same Ol' Me

As some of the observant you might have noticed, I'm Disenfranchised Girl no more... My new nick will be Zzzyun~~! :D

Well, I've decided that there is no use in hiding behind a cool nickname anymore when ppl keep linking me using my real name. Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Haha. Besides, my blog is rather open to public viewing anyway with all the free publicity and all. :D

Yes, I know, my new nick here ain't exactly my real name but it's close.. :P And it's totally shorter too, so easier for others (and me too) to type...

And it's more snazzy? I hope so... The 'zzz' part of the name has a hidden meaning too, if you haven't figured it out yourself.. It means I'm a total sleepyhead~ lol.

So there you go, a brand new nick but the same ol' funny me. Hope you enjoy reading my (disenfranchised = unique) blog! :D

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sing Your Hearts Out

This post will be continous from the previous and will talk about nothing other but the Finals of the Chinese Singing Competition. (Well, I hope.)

Anyway, I went about half an hour earlier and only managed to bag a few places 4 my frenz when some ppl moved away. Or else for sure have to sit on the stairs ade.. Haha. Response not bad, most ppl staying around here turned out for it, especially our super enthusiatic M1/06 and P1/06 batches!

We're the most spirited, I must say~ I think we must really 'miss' the cheer fights during orientation, coz we're totally shouting to the rhythm of >> Phar-ma-cy, Me-di-cine << almost the whole duration of the comp. I sooooo lurve the feeling of united-ness!!

Anyway, some of the ckeeky ones decided to change the rhythm to >> Phar-ma-cy, Nur-sing << since they said they're shouting on the behalf of the ppl from nursing. -_-" Funny lah, these guys~

Since I'm one of the crazy super-enthusiastic sem1s, I waved using my super bright light from my handphone..while there was one who used a really bright coloured torch! Chun~ Wanted to buy the pretty glowsticks but they have already sold out by the time I wanted to buy. So not fair! T_T

Okay, I'll not beat around the bush anymore and go rant abt the competition.

I want to say this:- All the finalists were damn good man! They really are in the wrong career!! Haha.

We have 3 batchmates as finalists => Hwei Sung, Zher Lin and Ester. The first 2 are my orientation group members, so of coz I know them well lah. [I think one will always have a special bond with one's orientation group members lo..] Ester's singing was rather good, considering that she doesn't know chinese (Wah) and is singing using HanYuPinYin only lo. Not bad~

Later after everyone had sung, they chose another 5 finalists from the 12 original finalists. And *tada* Hwei Sung was in!! Yayz~ Uber cool!

To determine the placings, they were required to sing the song, The Moon Represents My Heart, in a as creative way as they could. And Hwei Sung was damn good leh!! Summore got Acapella effect leh! (I rmbed he tried smtg like that during orientation, but forgot for what ade..haha).

Anyway, the winners were:-

  1. Shin Han (from pharm and I concede, she is good),

  2. Hwei Sung!! (Hurray for M1/06!)

  3. Some rapper dude who like singing Jay Chou songs, pity he couldn't rap that classical song. Or that'd be classic, so to speak. :P

So, who said that we are a bunch of nerds? We are sooo totally not! *Grins widely*

Okay, for the group category though, the winner of the night goes to no other group but that of the widely popular San Zhi Xiao Chu = 3 little pigs.. :D They are a damn entertaining group, accompanying their songs with wildly funny movements. So cute! They even came dressed in suspenders and bow ties!! But I think they didn't think that they would win, since they said that their main aim was just to entertain! How nice of them~

Astro Talent Quest 2005 Champion - ChanKokFai was the guest artist of the night (beside another chinese-opera-singing lady). I'm not a fan of him, but his voice is nice I guess.

After that, it was his autograph session and blah blah blah. I went home after that since it was quite late ade.. Only to hear later that many of my batchmates went to Steven's Corner later.. Aiya, I wanna go~ Shld had stayed on later. Haha. Oops, I seemed to be going out extremely alot these few days.

Inner Voice: Bad girl!! Baaaad girl~

I guess that's the general overview of the competition! Just wanna congratulate Hwei Sung on his victory! And Happy 20th Birthday too!! That calls for a double celebration! :D

I really must amend an assumption that I stated here earlier.

==> Who said that life in Imu is boring? It totally is SO not...

I'm totally having my hands full, it seems almost as though there is something going on everyday! But I think it depends on whether you wanna be a joiner or a loner, I guess. :P

Whatever, I have always believe in living a wholesome life, and now I'm really living it! Yayz~

PS:- Hey, you never know, I just might join the singing competition next year! :P Had a little inclination to join this time, but I was just too busy with my other ECA lah.. You know lah. Hehe. Btw, might be going to Redbox this week with the singing-addicted gang. lol. Going out, again. Seriously, I'm having too much fun. Blek. Anyway, still...


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another Day Spent Not Studying

Went to watch Da Vinci Code yesterday with about 26 batchmates... Woah~ Look out, M1/06 is taking over Sunway Pyramid's TGV...! Haha. We went after class in TuckLam's car - thanks for the lift! - and hung around, waiting for the movie to start.

To whirl time away (and my money, blek), we went to Baskin Robbin for ice-cream! :D I just lurve ice-cream! Pity that it wasn't the 31st that day...

I decided to try Winter White Chocolate, it was okay, but not as nice as I tot it'd be, I think the minty smell kinda ruined the overall taste. Valene's Twinberry Cheesecake was the best! [Next time, I'm getting that!!] I know, coz we had a taste-testing session which means everyone tried everyone's ice-cream lah... lol.

After indulging in the ice-cream, it was almost time to go in and watch the movie. We bought popcorn, and it was pretty bad of them to force me to finish the large popcorn on my own sometime during the middle of the movie. Made me so full ~! Aikz.

Anyway, about the movie, imho, it wasn't really good, but it wasn't that bad as what some ppl claimed..

Here is the overall feel you might get if:-

  • you haven't read the book, you might get confused over some parts, but still give thumbs up.

  • you read the book right before watching the movie, you would probably think that it sucked, since it chopped off and changed many parts, I think.

  • you read the book a looong time ago (this is me~) and can't really rmb most of it, you would probably think it was pretty okay, but still go Huh? when some parts which you are pretty sure weren't there b4 appear...

It is a bit lengthy - 2 and a half hours - with the universal side effect of making the audience a tad sleepy. I totally felt sleepy after the movie, which is considered okay ade, since some frenz kinda dozed off during the movie. Lol. What can I say? I have a better attention span? Haha.

And what's with Tom Hanks's bad hairstyle? It made him looked like he was balding or smtg. Totally cannot tahan it~! Give me some scissors and gel! They really shld fire his hairstylist!

Yes, yes, I know that Robert Langdon is not supposed to be good-looking or handsome in the book, but he was described as 'distinguished-looking', which I think Tom Hanks was SO not~ But whatever.

And what's with the lack of English subtitles?? I mean almost 50% of the movie was in Spanish and they had to take away the English subtitles? This is totally weird. A batchmate had to keep translating for some of the foreign students for the entire length of the movie. Pity lah... Really Msia boleh lo~ *Sarcastic tone*

Spoiler Alert => Btw, what's with the super-imposing of Mary Magdalene onto Jesus's shoulder?? That was sooo not in the book okay~ But rather creative of them to think of it though. :P

Hmm. Enough of ranting abt the movie.

After the movie, it was time for lunch! We M1/06's split into two groups, one went to Hart's Chicken Buffet (moi included) while the other went to Kim Gary. I was torn between the two choices but decided to try smtg new in the end. :D But later found out that Kim Gary was closed so they went to A&W instead. Oh well, made the right choice~

Anyway, Hart's Chicken Buffet was good~ Thanks to papa Kajen for recommending it to us!Totally yummy and worth-it!! [We adopted Kajen as our surrogate father since he was fathering us then, haha]. The best thing there was definitely the fried chicken~ (It's not called Hart's Chicken Buffet for nothing..) *Drools*

The other food there was pretty good too, many sumptuous choices. :D There was soup, salads, lots of fried stuff and even ice-cream! Omg, I'm totally pilling on the carbs! Bad for health leh... O.o

So after a few helpings, hehe, we're done. Yes, of coz, we sang Li Yann her bday song! :D

I had to do some toiletry shopping b4 we could go to. Nice of them to wait for me. What to do, almost out of shower foam~

Well, Pui Fun and I had hatched a plan that we two would go off on the pretext of buying toiletry (I really had to buy some actually), while she would sneak off to buy Li Yann a bday cake...and the plan almost went off without a hitch, if not for fate.

The others went to find us a while later and to Pui Fun's dismay, on the way there, they saw her in the cake shop. Aikz. So, the cat was let out of the bag. But anyhow, she would have known sooner or later...

After I bought my toiletry plus some snacks [sorry, I just couldn't resist], we were off! They decided to come to my humble little home to celebrate since I was the only with a lighter. Haha, funny reason, that.

And so we sang Li Yann another two renditions of bday songs before letting her blow the candles of the American Chocolate cake... It was pretty delicious! [Ow, carbs, carbs, oops, I'm turning into someone I know, who's totally obsessed with her calorie intake... O.o Better not go there~ I'm just kidding lah..]

After some chit-chat - not the stiff type with our SPs okay - they went off to Pui Fun + Sue Wen's house... We were planning to go watch the Finals of the Chinese Singing Competition held in no other place but my uni~

The competition was pretty 'havoc', as PJambu, a lecturer would say. But more later~ This post is getting a tad too long. :D

PS = Just found out that we didn't exactly complete every station during Treasure Hunt. Apparently, we missed out on one [only one lah] of the worst stations. Thank god~ How did I know?

Well, Janet who I got to know during Broga Camp asked whether I rmbed her from orientation...and the answer was negative. She then started describing her station which was an infamous one that I had heard of before somewhere.. It had smtg to do with taking smelly stuff of a fridge (dunno what they had to do with it and I don't think I wanna know) and the tip of the iceberg was that the juniors had to *drum roll* french-kiss a fish!!!

Ah ha. I can see many mouths hanging open. Haha...

Just glad that I missed that one. Hehe.

I mean, if we have to do it, we'd probably be the worst off, coz we'd be the last group to French-kiss that fish after dunno how many lips had played tonsil tennis with that poor little fish. Major Eww!! *Gags and vomits*

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Birthday Time

Happy 19th Birthday, Li Yann!!

[Must blog this 1 day earlier, so she can read it on time! Hehe... And this must be the shortest post in my blog.. since I'm a long-winded old lady.. lol.]

The Confusing Life

Life can be pretty confusing sometimes. *Huge Sigh*

Yeah, I'm quite confused.

You guys won't know what I'm talking about, and let's leave it that way. It's bad enough my blog is too open to public and I can't blog about things that are too private. Arggh.

What the hell.

*Reads back post*

[Why do I sound so pissed off? I am not, really...]

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Simply Random

Miss procastinator shall do what she does best and leave some of the best posts to the last (meaning no Broga Camp posts yet, sorry guys! Hehe.) Suspense lah~ lol.

Anyway, had my 2nd patient-interview today, it went okay, but I tot my 1st one was better.. *Shrugs* Whatever. This SP was a 69 year old lady having itchiness on her arm, face and back... She was working as a waitress. [Waaait a minute, a 69 year old waitress? Huh? Nvm..]

Ah, shall not blog abt that anymore, coz it's getting kinda boring. :P Anyway, our video review was after both interviews coz pjambu was not free yesterday. When we went to see him, the earlier havent even gone in. Dunno which group took so much time that it overlapped into our time. Aikz.

So, we went to tend to our grumbling stomachs first... Our group (Group 26 = yeeyoon + shin anne + tucklam + nikram + khairiyah) plus ellice and the gang went to this mamak store in Sri Petaling lah. Not bad food... but I've had better.

After a rush lunch, we're baaack... Waited for a while b4 we're in pjambu's room. He reviewed all our videos and the main problem with most of us were posture, posture, posture~ Sigh. I was kinda leaning on my left hand and I wouldn't have noticed if not for the funny video. Oh well, there's always room for improvement. lalalala...


The server was down again [Facilities? What facilities do we have here?], so had to continue today (as in thursday)... and I totally forgot what I wanted to blog about. Pretty sure I had smtg [important] to say, but nvm...

Well, they recently opened up the scaffoldings that enclosed my uni b4 this and now the sunlight streams thru the panes, and it's so bright! So much better than the dreary and dark uni that I've kinda gotten used to... All I say is, wow, so this was how it looks like b4 the renovation... Not bad~ Now, if the atrium was finished, that shld be cooler. :)

Hmmm... I totally haven't been studying much recently and I feel SO guilty...!! :( Relaxing a tad too much!! O.o

See what I have done recently:-

  1. Went for Broga Camp [Nope, I didn't regret that],

  2. Aikido sessions twice weekly [Erm, no comment~],

  3. Went for the Chinese singing competition last night [planned to stay for abt two hours only, manatau dragged till four hours okay, Damnit, I've no self-control..]

  4. And tmr, me and a bunch of batchmates will be going out to watch Da Vinci Code & celebrate LiYann's bday too...!

I'm soooo going to fail, if I don't buck up soon, I can feel it in my bones... T_T


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Poster + Patient-Interview + Flamed

I know, I know, I totally shld be blogging about Broga Camp, but patience pls~~ I got other stuff to talk about first..

Hmmm. See the picture below? This was what I decided to use as the background for the Chinese Chess Poster that I'm in charge of. Isn't it so eerily cool?

I wanted to post the whole poster up, but apparently there's smtg wrong with the program and it can't be posted up. Sorry guys! I can't believe it but I took only like about 3 hours (and minus some time messing around MS word and Powerpoint) to finish it!! So fast, right? Yayz!

Okay, after gushing about my poster-making skills (hehe), I'd like to tell you guys how my patient-interview thing went!

I just finished it and for once, it went pretty alright!! Woot~ *I guess I'm pessimistic in a way sometimes...*

Anyway, my SP was a 55 year old Indian man working as a driver. He had stomachache, fever, headache and fever.. (Wah, so many symptoms at once!! *Faints*)

Was halfway thru the interview b4 yeeyoon who was filming, told me that she didn't record it! [Oh no!] So had to redo it, and it felt a bit weird going thru the same thing again... But it's alright, dear, I'm not blaming you, at least you noticed it halfway, definitely better than not filming it at all... Haha, so no worries~! :D

Anyway, I went thru the whole process of >> Onset, Cause, Problems, Worries << with the SP lo... Pretty run-of-the-mill stuff actually. Haha, I'm kinda starting to feel robotic already [A big No-no], although it's my 1st time. Probably becoz I've practiced it a few times with frenz..

And imho, I tot my small talk a.k.a. chit-chatting felt a bit stilted.. *Mused look* Oh, well.. Practice makes perfect, I guess, so I must practice more! lalala...


Aikz, was chased out of the comp lab by the same cranky lady who teaches pharmacy students... Especially when ppl have the semangat to blog. Tsk tsk.

What was I saying ade?

Oh ya, just watched the video of myself interviewing the patient. Damn funny lah!! :D I feel like totally LOL when I looked at the video... Aikz. I looked soooo funny and the things I said was so weird okay..! Well, that's why I think lah, seriously. Hehe.

Anyway, the feedback by the SP was pretty encouraging though. He said I did rather well, and that was how it was supposed to be done. *Kembang* Applause pls~! Ok ok, J/k.. :P

Well, he gave me a pretty good feedback and I feel that for once, I'm doing smtg right for the 1st time. Definitely a new experience... :D

Well, my video review session had been changed to tmr so I'll hvta do 2 interviews first b4 I can have them reviewed by my tutor lah... Tmr will be my 2nd patient-interview and I don't feel so nervous anymore... Yayz for me!

Oh, b4 I go, just wanna tell you guys smtg. I commented at this guy's blog sometime ago and I totally got flamed! *Sigh* It's an article about doctors and trust, so, fellow colleagues, pls do read it and tell me what you think about it, okay? Thanks! Click here for the link.

At first, I was pretty riled up by what some of the ppl said, but no point arguing with them lah... Besides, they do have a point, I guess. Hehe... I'm learning how to take constructive crictism! :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happening Stuff

This post will be short and sweet (I hope, with my long-windedness in mind) and its purpose it to clear some stuff hanging around in my cluttered mind.

The past week has been a flurry of activity. We're now having a new section of our Foundation 1 and these 2 weeks, we're taught Behavioural Sciences (BS)... [A senior volunteered Bullshit as an alternative name?? lol.]

Anyway, the lectures are easier compared to normal and I'm like totally relaxing a tad too much! O.o Well, we're supposed to learn how to conduct a simple interview with patients and after practicing, we hvta do 2 interviews with an SP (simulated patient, not stimulated patient okay!). And both will be videotaped and reviewed by a certain tutor. AHHHH! So scary lah...

I'll be having my interview tmr so wish me luck, guys! [Btw, I practiced with yeeyoon once and it was a funny/weird sort of interview... You can read the whole conversation at her blog, it's linked to mine. Haha.]

On the other hand, the past week has also been the Campaigning Week for the new batch of SRC-to-be's.. (SRC = Student Representative Council) Pretty hectic for them. They came in between our lectures to talk persuade us to vote for them and blah blah blah. They also gave us lots of cool stuff to hang around our student IDs and even sweets! :D

They have their manifestos up at the boards near the library and I did take some of my time to read some of them. But I'm starting to wonder how much of their promises are really going to work out after I listened to a super senior's comments. But I guess I'll be optimistic since this is my 1st time around. Being that cynical makes me feel old. Haha.

Smtg funny happened last monday. *Yes, funny things happen to me ALL the time.* I was in a rush for my hip-hop dance class so I just downed 2 Dunkin Donuts as lunch in less than 10 minutes. I think it caused me to have wayyy too much sugar in my blood that I couldn't bloody concentrate for the whole length of the lesson, however hard I tried. Puifun described it as a sugar rush! Oh, so this is how a sugar rush feels like lah.. Hehe. Damn funny lah. (My insulin must be not effective lah.. Charm. :P)

Sigh, went to the Chinese Chess Committee meeting just now. Wah, now, I'm in charge of making posters for the coming Clinic (to teach newbies) and C.Chess competition. Me making posters? Hopefully it goes alright. *Prays that my creative juices will flow smoothly* Haha.

And I went for Broga Camp last weekend that was organized by Campus Frenz. It was super duper FUN, man!!! Totally enjoyed myself there!!

I'll be blogging postS about it later so keep your toes up!!

Haha. I sound rather hyper... Must be the after-effect of the camp! Woo~!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Story of How We Got Our Results


Once upon a time, there was a girl who had...

Shaky cold clammy hands, increased sensible perspiration, hyperventilation, increased heart rate, higher blood pressure which are the symptoms of ----> ?


The answer is simple. And one doesn't need any medical knowledge to answer it too. Hehe.

It is the signs and symptoms I get prior to getting our summative 1 results... Haha. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating (Yes, I AM) but still I was kinda nervous since I fully knew that I didn't do well for it, and I was deadly scared that I'll fail.

Yes, me - failing?

Hardly the prettiest picture. But nvm.

Anyway, I decided that what will come, will come. So didn't worry that much until the few moments of truth just prior to taking the results.

The Process:-

Waiting in a looooong line outside AAD (Academic Affairs Department) with much anxious whispering, silent wails, happy whoops rebounding around us. Me & the girls were just discussing how we're SO going to die when we get our results... :'(

Wails: I don't wanna die!!

Ah, don't bother about me. Just crapping. lol.

Anyway, we went ahead and got the results after much waiting and anxious whisperings (mainly from moi as I'm scared that I'm gonna fail).

In denial~No, this is not happenning to me, I'll not fail~!

Whatever. Forgive me pls, I'm not in my right mind..


Me and the girls decided to get the results and open it together. I was the first to got it open (funny way to tear that paper)...and lo behold!

I DID NOT FAIL!!! *Whoop of joy*

Yayz! All that senseless worry for nothing! :D

Well, to tell the truth, actually, deep deep very very very very deep down, I did have a tiny inkling that probably I'll not fail - with consideration to the feedback session - but I definitely wasn't expecting the A minus I got.

I tot that I'll probably just pass lah... [Yes, I'm serious, for once.] I guess that whoever marked my paper was lenient lah! Thank god!

Now, I must work harder for the next summative and EOS1!! *Gasps* Must focus and procastinate less!!!!

These are my new signs and symptoms = Heart rate back to normal, lower blood pressure (BP) levels, only insensible perspiration etc etc.

Okla, will not bore you guys with the details lah. lol.

Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with my results lah. Sometimes, it's best not to have too high expectations...well, for now.

I heard that only about 150 something ppl passed leh. That means about 70 smtg ppl failed? That's rather high, isn't it? Wow, I really must be thankful.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the story of how we, the enthusiastic sem 1s (with moi being the main character in this story, hehe) went to get our results... Tada~!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Recent Events...

...that deserve a place in this post and I guess is sufficient to qualify for a post in this unique blog of moi.

Here goes:-

I went for extra aikido practice last Friday. It was at one of the dojos near KL central, so it was more professional lah... Less repeated demonstrations, more action. All the ppl there were more pro than moi so it was kinda paiseh when I had to confess I had only a vague inkling of certain techniques. It was a good thing I went to Wei Han's classes on Thursdays (Rmb the super senior I mentioned? That's him, though technically he is not exactly a super senior from my uni la...) since the sensei taught some of the same techniques so all was not lost for me. Phew~ *Wipes off sweat*

I was the only Sem 1 there, altogether only 4 ppl (including moi) went there. 2 seniors and a postgraduate also in our class and an ignorant girl. Sigh, dunno why the other guys all pulled out in the end. This is another first for me, when the en masse absence of fellow frenz did not deter me from my original goal and I just gritted my teeth and went for it. Hurray for me~ :P

We went for mamak after the class. [Yay, so long didn't go mamak ade! Hope one opens in our uni once FoodA closes down..] The food was not bad, I ordered maggi goring with chicken, and when it came, it was SO LARGE okay!! I wasn't planning on having such a large supper leh...coz recently eat too much junk while studying ma... :'( But it tasted quite good, reasonable price for such a proportion, but a bit expensive (RM5!!) for a certain someone who needs to keep the reins on her budget. Ok, if you didn't get it, that certain someone is no other than moi la. Duh.

We arrived quite late, it was sometime b4 midnight ade.. The guys offered to walk me home. Thks! I wouldn't enjoy walking home during that time!! Wow, was kinda tired after that.

The next day, sat morning, went for my first session of badminton practice with the girls. (I need more exercise ma..) It was a pretty fun and kinda grueling workout. I think aikido sessions gave me better stamina, but it didn't give me enough exercise coz till now, all my 4 limbs are still aching.. :( *Sighs*

I foresee the need for more sessions in the future! Haha, now I am clairvoyant! :P Maybe next week, we girls can go swimming and play more badminton la. Hehe. Though I prefer the former of coz, since it is more cooling!

But seriously, now I see the benefits of regular exercise. It was like after the session, I miraculously felt much better/healthier! Or maybe it could be just due to the placebo effect lah.

Haha. But then either way, it still makes me feel better, which is cool! Yayz!

After badminton practice, I had plans to go watch MI3 with David and the gang. But then multiple factors plagued me like: the practice went on quite late + it was raining heavily + I felt damn tired + my limbs were protesting over sudden overuse + I had to go home alone using a route that I wasn't sure about, so much so that I cancelled on David and the others... Sorry ya!!

I kinda regretted it a bit since everyone seemed to be raving over how good it was. Nah, a lecturer said it wasn't good, right? [Case of sour grapes, anyone? lol]

But at least I used the time to replenish my sleeping debt. I have been depriving myself of sleep while wasting my awake time away. I dunno why, it is just me. Haih.

Well, I think you guys enjoyed your MI3 and your Philharmonic outing too. Seemed so cool. But what to do, money money constraints~ My money seemed to be flowing out of my pocket like water leh. O.o

I think I need some feng shui to help me keep my money in! Haha. J/k. I don't really believe in that sort of feng shui. That is just commercialism by another name. Aikz.

Well, the rest of weekend was spent in trying to study *Imp word here = Trying*, but I made little progress. Sigh, more work spilling into this week. My procrastinator genes must be working overtime!! Haha.

Anyway, went out for dinner with beh and a few batchmates. Beh took us to this kopitiam which was pretty popular. The food was pretty good! We ordered the rice & dishes type of meal. Haven't had those in a while!!

The funny thing that happened here was beh wanted to save money so he decided to order only 3 dishes (god, for 7 ppl okay!) and the auntie taking the order was so damn shocked/fierce when she kinda shouted in Cantonese: What? Three only?! while giving us an incredulous look that we all turned to look at her in surprised faces. I mean, customers had the right to order any amount of dishes they want if they have the ability to pay right? But apparently this lady did not know this... lol.

Anyway, David tried to make amends by adding another dish. I guess that kinda soothed her rattled nerves. Poor her and poor us. The latter is meant literally. Tsk tsk. Well, the total that came was quite reasonable and we had to pay about RM8 each.. Ok-lah, KL standard is like this one lah, where can compare to my hometown = food heaven? Hehe.

And so that was how I spent the weekend. Quite eventful compared to my normal boring ones...

And this coming week totally has the potential to shape up into a hectic but cool one too. Will blog more later lah. Now, kinda tired ade.

Btw, b4 I go, let me clarify, I am blogging on my comp, then I will save the post b4 copying and pasting it into blogspot when I have internet access at uni. So to get the gist of when I am talking about smtg, pls refer to the time and date of each post which will be modified to reflect to when I really blogged, technically.

Okay, ciao for now!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's Not What You Know, But Who You Know

Imho, the above title is an idiom that is generally rather true in today's society...

Connections play an important role in today's realistic society. [Wait, let me clarify, I am talking about connections in the positive sense, not the sort of dirty connections that get you a datukship or whatever.]

Now, to look for potential housemates and a nice apartment to move into, I need connections, right? You can't simply walk up to a stranger and enquire about his/her availability to be your housemate. Well, you could I guess, if you wanna risk a few dirty looks when your back is turned but whatever.

Advert:- Anyone reading this who have a partially/fully furnished apartment for rent in Vista B by July pls contact me via this blog.. Thanks! Oh ya, I am looking for a few medic sem 1 batchmates as housemates too! So anyone who fits this criteria or knows of anyone who does, pls do tell me okay! Many thanks! :D

Of coz, I hope that my potential housemates would be nice ppl who are tolerant, helpful (especially when it comes to household chores!), wouldn't mind helping with the cooking, generally clean and *followed with a loooong list of positive traits that I don't have time to come up with*. Haha, am I being too choosy? Lol.

Ok, advert time over! Hey, this is my blog and I can use it for anything okay? :P

Anyway, back to the idiom.

~Hands up pls those who thinks the idiom rings true~

*Loud gasp at sudden blockage of view by throng of flailing arms*

Connections matter in almost every aspect of life. Still in doubt? You want real-life proof?

Let us go by examples, these are the benefits if you have (positive) connections:

  • You will be one of the first to know if there is a major development in some event of other. This is important as it lets you be aware and prepare for whatever changes that are headed your way.

  • You get things done much more easily as you are able to delegate to the right ppl, or you know who is in charge of what and can straight away head to the right person, instead of getting pointed in several directions b4 nailing the right person. Waste of time, right? After all, time IS money. I mean, free time = more sleep. Hehe.

  • Knowing more ppl means that one will never be lonely for too long. Which is good for ppl who are away from their family, namely moi. But of coz, it would be better if one gets to know at least SOME of the ppl much better, instead of knowing EVERYONE but just scratching on the surface only. Not much use that since you would be saying hi repeatedly to everyone you meet but then find yourself alone for lunch. True, right?

  • Connections are also important as there are some times that you might need help. At that time, you would know the appropriate person to turn to for help or advice. For us medic students, seniors are a great boost to our studies [and health, haha] as they will be able to guide us along the way. And we will in turn help our juniors and so on.

  • Ah, that reminds me, I wanna thank Kenneth, for lending me his they helped me a lot, especially in lectures where notes are not given or when there are better notes (compared to the ones given out) which were also passed down sem by sem starting from dunno when. Haha. I am just following the tradition!

  • But seriously, medic is one of the courses that needs help from seniors and fellow frenz. Cooperative learning is essential here. Now, I am starting to see the benefits of study groups! As one might put it, 'they facilitate the learning process'. Another good thing abt connections! You get to know ppl who you can study with!! Hehe.

  • You will be the one who get more small benefits if you are a friendly sociable person. The uncle at the food store gives you more chicken than others or give you a slight discount when you buy the economy rice. If you are a shop owner, you get more customers as ppl tend to go back to shops where the service is good. And of coz, as a medical/business student, connections are important since the frenz you make now are potential patients and clients in the future. It would be better if you leave a good impression now as first impressions tend to die hard.

  • And so the list goes on... (Sorry, brain a bit sluggish today, coz slept too much. Oh nooo~ Haha.)

  • Ah, heck, is giving ppl smiles that difficult? Even though you might not get anything in return, at least you have brightened someone's dull day. And that is smtg that is commendable in my book. :D And you never know when you might need that someone's help. *Anyone rmb the story of the lion that was caught in the net and eventually saved by a mouse? Same principle here.*

Ok, the list is quite long enough already for at least some of you to see the light, right?

So, I conclude that to survive [ok, maybe to be successful] in today's society, connections are crucial.

Oh, one important thing, one shouldn't look at it as a means to an end, but as an end in itself.

Heck, getting to know ppl by itself is FUN lah!! Hahaha...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

It Takes All Kinds To Present A Lecture

Haha. The way I'm blogging now is slowly changing. Notice anything NEW recently, anyone? I have started using capital letters/upper case when I want to stress on something. And I have also started using this too when writing my notes.

I think this is most probably due to the influence of one of my lecturers... His notes of a kind. Not only most of the words are in CAPITAL LETTERS but he also goes on sentence by sentence without PUNCTUATION. Yes, that makes it rather difficult to read, right? Especially with the abbreviations that sometimes have you scratching your head wondering what they means. Lol.

But seriously, me and my batchmates are considered lucky already coz he did slightly modified our notes, making it slightly easier to read, compared to the previous sems'. Whenever I looked at my senior's notes, my eyes will surely become like this --> @_@ Hahaha...

Different lecturers sure have different styles alrite.

Besides the one mentioned above, [no names mentioned okay~], there are:

  • lecturers who speak in unintelligible accents/slangs *Blank look before falling asleep in lecture*,

  • lecturers who have totally weird pronounciations (letting you wonder for some time what he is referring to before the truth dawns on you and you go 'ohhhh'),

  • lecturers who give notes out VERY late or don't give at all *Groans*,

  • or lecturers who joke a lot making the lecture interesting and all but then you find out in the end that the lectures are totally content-deprived etc etc.

Of coz, generally there are quite a few good lecturers here, though they do have their very own quirks sometimes.. But I think once one gets used to it, everything should be fine and dandy... :D

Since it takes all kinds to make a world, I guess the title of this post totally makes sense then. :P

On a partially related note, something weird happened to me last last Thursday. [Wait, don't weird things ALWAYS happen to me? Aikz.] Those who had heard this little tale bear with me pls, or stop reading if you like, impatient ppl~ Tsk tsk.

Anyway, me and Vun Heng were walking home after a rather late session of akido - had to practically 'force' him to walk me home, lazy guy, haha - and we were in the carpark walking, I was helping him to hold his boken (wooden sword) as he was carrying lots of stuff.

There we were walking and talking...

Suddenly, I saw his head swiveled to smtg behind me, and as human nature dictated, I also turned my head to look at what thing that fascinated him so much. But I never got a really good look...

...when suddenly two hands clamped onto me from behind, wrapping them around my neck. Strangely, I wasn't really frightened or anything. Probably because I figured it was one of the aikido guys playing a prank on me or smtg, coz if it was a would-be-molester/rapist, probably Vun Heng would have whacked him on the head or smtg. *Wistful look* Well... I hope. *Gulps*

Anyway, can you imagine my horror, when I turned around to face my 'attacker', it wasn't one of the guys after all!! Heyyyy, it wasn't even anyone I remotely know! :O But Vun Heng seemed to know him though, so I tot it was probably some weirded our batchmate of his who have a penchant of tip-toeing onto ppl and grabbing their necks. He was lucky that I didn't hit him with the boken. Ha.

Well, at least he quickly released me after that. He joked smtg about that although I went to self-defense classes, I wasn't alert enough to defense myself then, especially when I was holding the boken too.. Well, I don't usually hit ppl as I don't have violent tendencies. [Erm...Riiight...]

Then, he said it was lucky that I didn't hit him anyway, since he probably would have suffered another myocardial infarction (Read: Heart Attack). Ha. Lucky for him. -_-

After he went off, then only I asked Vun Heng who the hell was he. It turned out that he was NOT a batchmate, and also NOT a student..!!

He was... *drum roll pls* a LECTURER!! O_o Yes, I can imagine your shocked faces... Pardon me but isn't that smtg rather un-lecturer-like?

Now, if I have been a little more timid/tense sort of person, probably I would have been scared to death and (1) freeze & start hyperventilating or (2) start hitting him frantically with the boken...

And no.2 definitely isn't good for his (poor) health. Tsk tsk.

Sigh, strange things always happen to me.

Oh well, although sometimes it isn't fun, but I guess it does spices up my mundane life. Lol. :D

Friday, May 05, 2006

Shop, Shop and Still Shop

Yeah, finally not so much stuff cluttering my limited brain space. So, now I can blog about the shopping outing with the girls! :D

Well, to celebrate the "death" of our Summative 1, we went shopping at Sg. Wang Plaza. Haha, I know, not exactly the most high-ended place, but still sometimes, looking for bargains is more fun, right? Hehe. Hvta save on those $$$ anyway. :P

Actually, was planning on buying those cool T-shirts with really humourous messages that my high sch frenz bought last time, but couldn't locate the shop even though we checked the signboards. So, I conclude that my frenz were mistaken about the location of the shop la...

Anyway, we went to Kim Gary for lunch, and the cheese-baked rice and the french toast there was damn nice leh! *Salivates* lol. After a satisfying (and expensive) lunch, we walked around, looking for bargains la.

However, Suewen had to go home early so in the end, there were only 3 of us left shopping. Too bad, next time lo! :P

And we went to this shop selling lots of cool clothes and I tried on a few tops, and my frenz decided that the yellow cardigan plus the strapless black top made a really nice combination! I wasn't sure at first, but they said it looked nice on me wo... (It's the first time I'm buying smtg like this oh..) After some hesitation [which is usual when I go shopping, haha], I bought it~! :D

Haha. I seemed to be using a lot of money these months leh! Oh no~ *Must exert more restraint on budget!!*

The other girls didn't get anything though. We must go shopping more often okay! (Wait, didn't I just say smtg about more restraint? lol.)

All in all, it was a really fun shopping trip and a really welcome break from the monotony of life here in the forgotten little town of Bkt Jalil.

More fun trips next time ya! Yayz!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Unanimous Verdict

Right.. I know this is something that me and my frenz have mentioned countless times but I still wanna reiterate again.

My batchmates and I have come to an almost unanimous verdict that... *Drum roll*

===> In the measly two months that we've been (stuck) here, this is the MOST that we have EVER studied in our LIVES.

Yes, it's true!!

The file containing my notes (the common black biggish type) is so damn thick okayyy. The notes are damn thick, I mean. Mind you, it's already thicker than my previous one year's worth of pre-u bio notes. Sigh.

Seriously, take away our studying and we have no life.

Case in question: This happened on the day after we had our Summative 1. No lectures that day (and god, we don't feel like studying okayy) and since my celebratory plans fell through, had to resort to going to the Student Lounge to watch Lost and House to fill up the empty empty void inside.

Gosh, without studying, we feel so aimless. Yes, not me only, others feel that way too.

Studying medic is no fun. Literally and figuratively. *Mused look*

Phrases From Songs

Phrases from some songs that I find rather meaningful:

  • Stop existing and start living.

  • Forget the reasons why you can't in life.

  • I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand.

Can you identify which songs they are from? :D

Hmmm. Inspirational phrases are so nice~! [I need them at this time of life anyway, when I'm down. Haha.]

Btw, my favourite sentimental song of the moment is Brian McKnight's Back At One... So nice~!! And so romantic.

Oops, now you know. I'm a cynist and romantic rolled into one.

Charm. Split personalities. Conflict. Lots of drama. lol.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

False First Impressions

First impressions are always important. (Superficial but true~) But you won't believe what sort of first impressions I gave to other ppl when I first came here. Accounts were rather varied and definitely different from the ones I heard before.

Ok, I didn't know that I looked like I have mixed parentage or something before I came here. [Or maybe becoz no one mention that to me?] But apparently, that's what some ppl think. A few only la..

So what were the false impressions that ppl supposedly have of moi?

  1. Hmm. Someone asked me whether I've Arabic blood in me. :O OMG. This is damn funny..and a bit unbelivable? But sadly, nope.

  2. Another commented that I looked like a fair-skinned Filipino when we were talking about mixed parentages.. Huh?! Oh my~ *Faints*

  3. And I'm not done yet.. There was another person who said I looked like an Eurasian. (!!) [Sadly, I've run out of ways to express my surprise.]

  4. Haha. Due to my *cough cough* not-bad level of fluency in English, ppl are VERY surprised when they get to know that I'm chinese-educated... Which means they don't think very highly of the level of english of Chinese-ed ppl la. Which in turn I gotta admit, is kinda true. I'm just an exception. lol. But my chinese sucks anyway.

  5. Apparently, my chinese name is kinda hard to pronounce (and remember). I tell you, there was this instant, this guy tot my name was Zeus [as in the Greek God] and his face was damn surprised okayyy!! *Cue for wild laughter pls*

Okla, so far these are the weird perceptions of me that I've known so far, besides the usual one, which is I'm damn sarcastic. Aikz, that doesn't change. Haha.

Btw, before I go, let me reiterate, I'm pure chinese la... erm, I think. But truthfully, my mom said that I've some Thai blood in me through my great-great-great...grandmother. But then, Thai doesn't equal to Arabic/Filipino/Caucasian...

Hmm. This is kinda strange.

But hey, ppl who are mixed parentage look exotic = Hot! Woot~ lol.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To My Other Home

Hmm. Back in the dull little place called Bukit Jalil already. Ha. The bus journey yesterday took so looong.. 6 hours! It was raining and made worst with the traffic jam too. I think a lot of ppl went home for this longer weekend which explains the extra amount of traffic (especially those long-distance buses too, one which I was on.)

Anyway, chuan's dad got us these tickets for this damn chun bus... It costed RM38/ticket and its the type of bus which provides us with movies and music!! [But I can't say much for whoever-who-put-the-mp3s-in's taste. Bland.] I managed to watch 2 movies and listened to some of the boring songs lo.

Hehe, coz I was feeling kinda sleepy (but sadly I can't really sleep on buses, dunno why) so I chose movies that were easy to watch. [Read: Nonsensical & not logical thus no need to follow plot closely.] The 1st movie I chose was A Chinese Tall Story and I must say, the story is really kinda hard to swallow. It's like, with me being half asleep, I can still identify many glaring illogical gaps in the movie. Tsk tsk.

The 2nd movie, I chose some pokemon movie, which wasn't really interesting anyway. Strange, I used to like watching pokemon movies one leh. Ha, things do change.

Btw, my fren watched The Maschinist and fell asleep halfway. lol.

Well, chuan said that normally he didn't buy tickets that are so early, except that at the time his dad bought the tickets, get this, there were only like THREE tickets left. Some more we bought them so early beforehand! Walao. Bus tickets sure are real popular this weekend. Thank god we bought them 'early'. I think that's also the reason that his dad bought the more expensive type of ticket. Coz probably that's the only few left.

Mental note to self: Buy tickets real early beforehand, especially on long weekends, to make sure that there are always tickets available!!

So, I arrived around home 6pm. Ordered in again coz damn tired.

Haih, from 2 kinda light bags, I had multiplied to 3 VERY heavy bags... Thank goodness chuan was there to help with one of my bags, or else sure die. Haha.

Ok, gotta go home now coz it sounds like it's going to rain soon. Aikz, it's always rains here... :(

Well, at least I didn't get on the wrong bus and end up in Thailand or something. Ha.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Almost On The Way

Sigh, will be going home by bus soon. Whatever I have said in an earlier post, I still guess that staying at home does have its advantages too. I don't need to do my laundry, get to use albeit an unstable internet connection and also get to eat some of my favourite foods, cooked by no other fabulous cook than my mum! I missed penang food sooo much! lol.

And truthfully, staying home with my family is about the only place where I can feel truly safe. I don't need to worry whether I'm making the right choices, or whether I am safe onot. Aikz.

Anyway, haven't studied AT ALL this weekend and I am so going to die when I get back home later. T_T At least my fren is smart enough not to bring home stuff to study. Haih.

I also haven't done my PBL for tmr!! Gotta finish it tonight! lalala... I don't think I really like PBL sessions. But at least now my new facilitator seems to inject new meaning into PBL sessions... At least now I understand that these sessions are not a new way of torture dreamt up by the committee, instead it is a useful tool in teaching us stuff! :D Hehe.

Sigh, was going to post this up as the connection looked stable just now. But then my uncle just called, and lo behold, it returned to its usual disconnectivity. Bah. Streamxy totally needs some competition coz as we know, competition breeds quality service. I gotta say its customer service sucks! But whatever.

Dunno why, but the way and the stuff I blog seems to be changing. I rmbed I used to blog more intelligently. Now, all my posts are rants, whines or mindless updates about my bland life. lol. J/k! I will blog more interesting posts when I have the time. [Ok, that could be pretty 'far' in the near future! Haha.]

Well, the few days spent here were pretty fruitful days. Got to spend time with my family, yes, counting aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpa. I also got the stuff I needed! Aikz, I came home with a light bag and now not only my bag is full, I am still loaded with other bags! Oh no. Coz I went shopping yesterday ma.. Got quite some stuff. O.o Hehe. Cannot resist ma~ Now, how am I going to drag all this stuff back home, going thru Pudu some more. Aiya~

Don't think I would write that much now since I wanna spend the time left here usefully. Not blogging some post that I can't post up anyway. :P

Wails: I'm so MSN deprived!!

Okla, later I will blog about the Celebrations that me and the girls had the other day! Have patience ya! :D Tataz!