Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Experience Of Going Home

Well, have been back for abt 2 days and I have to admit that maybe I'm already used to living alone. Living on my own does has it own pros, you know. I can do anything I want at anytime I want to...

Aikz. Suddenly, I can't wait to get back to my freedom! :P

Haha. Anyway, must tell you smtg about my experience sitting a relatively long-distance bus! lol.

Get this: Me & my fren nearly got on the wrong Ipoh!! Omg. And I can't believe for once, I am not the blur one, instead, I am the one who noticed smtg wrong and hauled us both off the bus. :D Hopefully I will be less and less blur lah! Hehe.

Anyway, we went up another bus, only to be told that we were on the earlier bus to penang and that there was only 1 seat left. What to do, must wait for our bus lah. Bah. Btw, we saw Hercules (a batchmate) on that bus too, suddenly only rmbed that he's from penang too.

Well, we left that bus and waited 'patiently' for our bus to arrive lo. Which was damn damn late. It was late by 45 minutes okay!!! Had to wait there, not knowing wth happened. 45 minutes of sweltering heat, with nothing to do summore!

I dunno why, but things like this always happened to me! Argh. Just my sort of luck.

So when the bus rumbled up, we were quite relieved that at last, we're on the way home. Get this, the bus which was supposed to set off at 2:30pm came only at around 3:15pm! Ish. Dunno who told me that this company's buses are quite often on schedule. What a nice first impression. Ha.

Anyway, the bus was quite comfy though, nice seats to sleep! However, I couldn't sleep very well, though I severely lack sleep the night before coz I felt the seats were built for ppl bigger sized than me la. Whatever. At least it was a nice rest. Talked to szewei for a while b4 going into snoozing mode.

After a relatively uneventful ride, we reached penang around 7:30pm I think. When we were on penang bridge, I felt a sense of exhilaration that I was finally going home! Even the orangey-yellowish scenery that evening was really beautiful. Haha. Nothing can be compared to my hometown. Especially the food!! Food haven! :D Even my KL frenz have asked me to buy some of the famous tau sa biscuits for them. Hehe.

So I met my parents at the station, they didn't do anything special. Haha, they are not that kind of ppl. lol. We are the typical conservative Chinese family la. What to do.

Heck, they didn't even tell me about the 'birds and bees' okayyy. Whatever. Next time, I am going to do it right. :P But hey, all things said, I know they do care about me. :D

Ok, went home, and as I said earlier, it's like so many tiny changes have taken place in the short span of 2 months! Oh no. One of the significant changes is that the streamxy connection at home has become VERY UNSTABLE. Arggh!!! I feel like shouting obscenities at it. Two months without Msn messenger and a stable connection and when I come home, this is what I get?? What the hell!! I feel sooooo deprived of online chatting... T_T I can't wait to move and get my own internet connection lo... *Sobz*

And I take back what I said in an earlier post. I do not miss my bro bugging me. In fact, I shld say that I have gotten used to him NOT bugging me that he seems very irritating these few days I am back home. You would think that he'd have the sense to bug me less since he haven't seen me for some time and would not be seeing me again for some time too. But NOOO... He had to be his own annoying self. Argh. Guess that's just him being him la. Bah.

Now I understand why some of my frenz aren't eager to go home... Sigh, sometimes going home isn't just what it seems. :'(

But still.

I dunno what to say.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Surreal Realities

Okaayyy! I'm back home in that dear little island called Penang!! :D It's only been two months since I was last home but it feels so long ago! Omg, at first I even feel a bit foreign in my own home! :O

To tell you the truth, I feel like I'm existing in two separate realities.. Life has been rather surreal so far. Sometimes I can't believe that I'm already in medic school and has been surviving for two whole months on my own. Far away from the sheltered life with my family..

Now, I've to look out for everything (Yes, everything) on my own. If I don't, it is me myself that is going to face the [often disastrous] consequences.

I've to make sure I have a well-balanced diet *which I'm still working at, mind you*, make sure there is enough shampoo left, make sure that I can wake up at the correct time [which I failed twice so far, okla, not that bad right? lol]...

Basically, it just means a lot of planning ahead, being observant and alert at all times.

Difficult, right? That's what you get when you're alone, by yourself, lost in lonely city called KL. Haih, sometimes I just wish that there is someone who can look out for me, someone to take care of me when I'm down. :'(

But whatever. I don't want to be needy! Haha. I'm an independent woman~ Destiny's Child once sang. Well, learning to be one lah. :P

Anyway, I feel like I have returned a different person. (How come that reminds of the poem about Si Tenggang?)

People change, things change.

I feel like how I view things, my perspective is different already. And I feel I am heading in the right direction, to somewhere, to my calling in life or something. Hopefully I am right there.

Suddenly, my life is more purposeful, more focused, that I am not just some stupid mechanical robot doing what it is supposed to do.. :D Wow, what two months alone can do to a person...

Actually, it's not like there is a big earth-shattering change. It is the numerous tiny little changes that make me feel a different person. It's hard to pinpoint what...but wth, let me try. Hehe.

As one's mind gets more organized, point form so be it!

  • I'm definitely swearing more. Ok, not the f*** type (though sometimes when situations call for it, I can do it now without much hesitation), just the normal socially-acceptable ones.. Is that a good sign? You decide.

  • I'm speaking better English. It's getting very fluent. :D Before I came to KL, my english wasn't that bad, just that sometimes I get tongue-tied when I talk to someone who is intimidating or whatever. Now, hell I don't. [Mostly lah..] That's definitely an advantage.

  • I'm more aware of stuff happening around me. Last time, blur me didn't really bother about brands or prices (as in grocery shopping), or which roads lead to where. But now, I do. I have to, if I don't want to get lost, or conned. Aikz, the world can be a scary place.

  • Btw, I can cook eatable stuff now. Haha. I managed to cook spaghetti, porridge and chicken rice sometime back. Pls keep in mind that I don't have a stove so all this stuff is cooked using a rice cooker. Hey, necessity is the mother of innovation. Just can't wait to move and get a apartment with a stove!

  • I'm starting to know the value of money..! How true. I rmbed when my parents were paying for stuff, I didn't really feel the pinch. But, now forking out money for unimportant stuff makes me feel quite guilty sometimes. Bleh.

  • I'm more outgoing, sociable than before! Yayz! So far I have gotten to know quite a lot of batchmates and seniors! :D Mind you, there's like 200 ppl in each sem and there are 5 sems in all. And I am talking about medic only lo. But it's really FUN getting to know different types of ppl, there is such a plethora of colourful personalities around here! All with different pasts somemore!

  • I'm exercising more! Haha. Miss-used-to-be-PotatoCouch is changing! Yes, besides, the twice weekly session of akido that gives me regular bruises *Ouch!*, there are the weekly dance classes, not to mention the enormous amount of walking that I have to do to get to anywhere... Argh. And the girls and I were thinking of doing jogging, playing badminton and swimming next week!! Gosh, that is SO unlike the old me. But then, I'm changing for the better lah! I am totally aiming for a healthier lifestyle. But eating a lot of junk food when studying for tests though. lol. I quote my lecturer: "Medic students are notorious for eating junk." Tsk tsk. Poor us..

  • I am more up to trying new stuff!! Yes, very true! I have become more of a risk-taker, more fun-loving, more open, and more vibrant! God, in the span of two months, I have done so many things that I never thought I would do! For example, signing up for self-defense martial arts, trying out hip-hop classes, will be going to a Camp that is freaking cool in a fortnight... It can be anything new; I only listed the major ones though. Basically, it is just doing things that I never dreamt I would be doing. My new motto --> Living Life Loud! Hey, baby, we only live once, I wanna do it right. :D

  • For the first time in my life, I have to do regular studying! OMG! Ppl must be be thinking, holy shit, zy is studying regularly?? Yeah, baby~ What to do. Ppl here are generally rather hardworking (yes, there's a lot of library furniture!) and we, the lazy ppl get scared out of our minds looking at them, so much so that we HAVE to study too. T_T Talk about positive peer pressure. Now, I get it. Ironic.

  • Get this: A lot of ppl (including moi of coz) are on undivided agreement that the stuff we study these two months is the most we have ever studied in our entire lives. No kidding. Doing medic is no walk in the park.

Okla, I think that's it. Of coz, I'm giving you guys the general overview of things. I can't seem to rmb the minute things in my cluttered brain. :( You should know why. And I think there are other changes that I can't seem to rmb on the spot too. Whatever.

As long as there are (good) changes, it's all Good! :D Yayz!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Confessions of A Sentimental Heart

You know what?

I never thought I was the type to be very homesick (I still am not, comparatively) but the thing is, whenever I see families in shopping malls, it just tears me up inside.

I dunno why, but it just does.

I feel this slight sadness nudging me, these families are like a sudden reminder that I'm far away from my family.

You know the proverb, Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Cliche it may be, but I guess it's true after all.

When I was with my family, I think I took them for granted. [Don't we always?] That they'll always be there for me, be there to bug me, be there to restraint my freedom etc.

But now I'm not with them, I miss my mother's naggings (can you believe that?!), my dad's reassuring presence, my sis's ramblings about her idol Daniel and my bro irritating me about whatever.

Sigh. Don't I sound like a sentimental old fool...

But I'm not.

Coz suddenly, in an unusual flash of inspiration, I know that family and frenz are one of the most important things in one's life. Never let life's other things take priority over our family and frenz! Never say you're too busy over work or whatever. You never know when it might be too late to show that you really care for them.

Gosh, I didn't know that I could be this mushy. *Wipes tear off and gives weak smile* Hey, it also makes me sound so much mature! :D

Hell, I think this might even have the caliber of being one of the defining posts of my blog. Wow.

Now, you must be wondering why I'm so emotional... Easy. Coz I'm going back to see my family this coming weekend. And I just can't wait!

Penang, here I come! I'm going to paint the town red! Muahaha~

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Think I Bombed

YES! Done! The moment of truth has passed... And I think I can pass kua, my first exam in uni.. Hopefully~ Muahaha.. :D

I sound pleased, don't I? But to tell the truth, I could have done SO much better in the paper had I really diligently study like how some of the others had done...

Of coz, there was the usual stuff where I would have known how to answer had I planned my time properly and went through my revision properly.

For example, give 3 functions of cholesterol in the body!! For the love of god, I can only think of one... So simply crapped the last two, which were wrong btw. Worst still, this was one of the lectures that I studied a bit later summore.. Tsk Tsk.

I think it must becoz I'd overloaded my brain with too many facts and figures... But then that's medic school for you.

Haih.. And I think I busted the question on glycolysis and whatever biochem cycles la. Bah. I hate biochem!! A-level ppl have it so much easier!! :( Not fair...

Anyway, I think I can pass, but whether I did well onot for an A I dunno lo..

Actually, this only comprises 15% of our total marks for End of Semester (EOS1) exam. So no need so stress la hor? :D Hehe, you know la, that's usually how I comfort myself.

Wei, I didn't sleep much the night before okay.. I think in total definitely not more than 2 hours... Just dozed off for a few half an hours, coz too tired ade. T_T What to do, this is what miss procrastinator does when it comes to cramming for exams ma... And to think that I tot the last minute habit could be weaned off here.. Tsk Tsk.

Ok, enough about exams!

What about the Celebrations? Hmm. Have to be postponed coz my frenz are not free today ma.. And at first I tot that I could go to heng's house to play Dota (he says he is going to teach me wo), manatau he just smsed me said he's not free tonight leh. Aiyo~

So what the hell am I going to do here in this god-forsaken land? T_T Haha. Guess I'll just start talking to the walls lo. :P Don't worry, I will think of smtg.

Ok, will blog more tmr. I don't even know when I will be able to post this up too. Having internet access is so crucial to my life you know... Yalah, addict la, I know. Haha.



Continued from yesterday~

Haih, today is (was?) a BAD day. :( Yes, seriously. It started off bad. Coz I was totally late for class. ARGGH!!! Why? Eh, this time not becoz I couldn't wake up ok, it was becoz blur me set the alarm wrongly la!!! Haih. I'm supposed to wake up at 7am but last night blur me set the alarm for 8 leh... :'(

And when I woke, I didn't notice the time summore, still took bath rather slowly.. Then when I came out, wanna go for breakfast, I just happened to glance at the clock, and to my surprisement (and later horror), I found out that it was 8:30am ade and my class started half an hour ago.

Rushed to class straightaway without breakfast. Argh! *Huge sigh* Summore today's lecture is about kidney, which is damn complicated one... Just my luck, the day I'm late for class happens to be the day of a difficult lecture. Ish.

And after the lecture today, they HAD to give us the feedback on the test yesterday. (Feedback is basically just a session where they just tell you the answers to the test la. Argh.) And omfg, I have to take back what I said above.

The test yesterday was NOT okay...!! :'(

I think I totally busted it...!! Especially the Qs on biochem. It made me lose a lot of marks lo... And I'm kinda scared I'll fail. Seriously. Coz the passing mark here is 65 okay!!! Okay, probably I won't fail, but I think that for once (ok, twice, thrice?) in my life, I'll scrape by with a near pass only... T_T

This is SO not good. I really need to buck up. But I guess this is normal. I often bombed first tests, then it will [hopefully] scare me into becoming more hardworking la.

Yes, come to think of it, that is the trend. Haha.

Hypnosis:- zyun~~ You need to study harder~~ Study study study~~

Whatever. I'm sick of being library furniture, whether it's the sleeping type or the studying type. -_-

Friday, April 21, 2006

Library Furniture - Me - The Snoozing One

Haih, another day of acting as library furniture. But I did get some stuff done. But still not enough though. Sigh. Let's hope I can finish what I'm supposed to study by monday, which is the Day of Doom! Not a happy picture, is it?

Oh, whatever.

There's no class today but I'm still in uni. Trying to see whether I can get my procastination levels down a bit by studying in library ma.. Erm, I guess it was slightly better as there's not many things one can do in the library to whirl time away...except sleep! Bah.

Btw, studying in the library has its cons too. Coz my uni is doing reconstruction now and it's quite noisy sometimes, with all the drilling and hammering. Arrgh, especially when one is trying to memorise the krebs cycle or the urea cycle... -_-

Guess I'll be visiting the library again tmr! Wee~ What a way to spend a weekend! Sheesh.

Okla, gotta go home for dinner ade... Bye!

Do You Have The Aptitude...To Play Along?

Wanted to blog yesterday but got caught up in the library, not studying, mind you, but acting as library furniture. Haha. [In case you didn't know, 'library furniture' is a popular phrase here which means sleeping in the library...]

Bah. I tot that studying in the library would be better since I'd not be able to procrastinate so much... It was effective the first few days, but since I severely lack sleep now, sleeping in the library became almost second nature. Too bad for me.

Guess I shld rest more before continuing.

Anyway, what did I wanted to blog about? I kinda forgotten after crapping about the connection between library & furniture. Lol.

Oh ya, I forgot to tell you guys about something the seniors did to us during the first part of orientation. It was damn funny (to them, that is).

On the third day of class, we're supposed to sit for a Medical Aptitude Test... Which to me, sounded like some sort of IQ/EQ thingy, so I didn't bother.

But I heard some ppl took it pretty seriously, and was up all night preparing for it. Preparing as in studying, okay...! Crazy. At that time, I had practically returned everything I learnt to my teachers (am currently in the process of snatching it from them, lol) so no need to say anything la.

Lo behold, on the day of the test. There were papers! And questions (!!) asking things I've never for my life heard of. [Blame it on my pre-U. The bio I did was SO not sufficient okay!] Charm.

*Blinks* So it definitely wasn't an IQ/EQ test...

Btw, the 'reward' for coming out top is that he/she will have a private lounge or something. When I heard that, I was like, Ok, damn, that is SO elitist!

Anyway, there was I, sweating over my paper... I can't really rmb, but I think I managed to answer a few Qs.. *Shrugs* But biochem like Krebs cycle and glycolysis (which I'm learning now) was totally foreign to me. T_T

And my guess was that there were quite a few ppl sweating like me too... I see panicky faces and clammy hands!! :O Then, the time was up! And we're dead. :(

And this lecturer with a really chun British accent came to talk to us about our paper, and our student ID tags. He showed us that student ID tags have a blue line on them and then showed us his tag, which happened to be blue too... Which got me thinking, Eh, why the lecturer has a student ID tag???

*Drum roll* And the truth was then unveiled.. He was NOT a lecturer! Just a sem 3 senior! And my god, the whole exam was a HOAX!!

Brought to us specially by our nice seniors... :( Aikz.

Either they have too much time on their hands, or they're really stressed out by their studying la. Tsk Tsk. But I guess it was funny in a way. (I'm always one to see humour in things okayyyy...! Hehe.)

But seriously that guy really totally looked like a lecturer ok (he's a post graduate, and I think around 28 years old or smtg) and his British accent definitely rocks!! I want such an accent too!!! So CHUN~!!! :D Haha, I'm totally raving over it, aren't I? You gotta hear it, it's just damn cool! :P

By the way, I dunno whether I shld pity the ppl who stayed up all night to study. Haha. Isn't that a bit kiasu? Shucks to them! *First time I heard that not studying paid off! lol.*

Anyway, maybe we should repeat this welcoming present for the next batch! lol.

Heyyy, it's just only in the spirit of fun lah!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Should I be blogging now? Yes, that is a rhetorical Q. lol.

Ok, the answer is a resounding No. But hell, who cares.

Born a procastinator, always a procastinator. :P

Sounds like I'm rather resistant to change... *Suddenly rmbs the 'inertia' that galileong always talks about.* Boy, how do I miss his ramblings. The way he teaches is really...erm... unique. Haha.

Well, nothing much to talk about today, just using blogging as doing something different from the routine. I don't really like routines btw.

Oh, ya. There is smtg diff. Today was the 1st day I overslept (if you don't count telematch day). T_T Aiya, woke up at 7:30am!! And my class starts at 8am leh. Normally, I wake up around 7am. Sigh. Becoz of that, didn't even get to take a shower. Only gobbled a doughnut, changed, and was ready to go!

Tsk Tsk.

Okay, it was becoz I slept a bit too late last night, was pottering around doing dunno what besides a little studying. But at least, I didn't oversleep to the extent that I miss class! Thank god.

I think I must have woke up when the alarm rang, shut it off, and decided to sleep for "a little while" la. Manatau the "little while" turned out to be half an hour. I think I even had a tiny dream (epiphany?) about smtg funny during that half an hour. Was waking up, smiling to myself before thinking Shit! when I looked at the clock. Can't rmb what it was though. Keke.

Anyway, let's hope this doesn't happen again. (Have a bad feeling it will, since I'm in the hyper-stressed medic sch). :(

But heck, whatever. I'll live, I suppose. :P Feeling much better btw..

Ok, gtg now. Got aikido later, and I wanna go change!! Toodles~

Monday, April 17, 2006


Phew~ Finally finished editing the papers for my PBL tmr. Wah, damn stressful leh. I edited about 20 pages of crap and managed to condense it to 5 pages. That's the best I can do lah. *Huge sigh*

Now, am blogging for a while to destress. :(

Feel like going to library after this to study but seriously, I feel damn damn tired.

[Announcement:- From henceforth, "damn" is not a obscenity in my vocabulary and will be a used excessively as a superlative, as the observant readers might have noticed. Ha, the way I'm talking and blogging is starting to become different already... Even my chinese sounds weird sometimes! Aiya, what to do.. External influences ma~]

Whatever. Dunno what the hell I'm crapping about.

Anyway, I wanted to upload my orientation pics but they need such a loooong time to upload leh!!

So, I hope your patience prevails. Guess I'll do it when I use the comp at home! Haha.


My stress levels are soaring wayyyy high. :(

Found a few batchmates' blogs by accident and to my relief, not everyone is coping so fine with the stress and the insane studying! Thank god, I thought I was the only one... Phew.

Whatever. Will rest first before continuing the madness. Till then, ciao~

PS:- Hey, the number of comments at this blog are dwindling day by day leh... WHY?? So sad la.. Comment more lah, my dear readers, to make me more happy, can ah? Since I need more reasons to smile these few stormy days. (Dramatic~ lol) Aiya, I sound a bit depressed.. Nah, it's just the tiredness sinking in. :T


Haih, I'm having mixed emotions about studying la. Sometimes, it's rather interesting (hehe, the intricate mysteries of the thorax and heart!) but sometimes it's just totally bland.

Probably it feels dull becoz I lack sleep, but not becoz I'm studying as hard as I shld.

I think I'm wasting A LOT of time pottering about the house, doing god knows what. Probably the "very interesting" household chores I guess. (Do you sense some procastinating in the house?) Arggh.

My Summative Assessment I is in one week's time and I'm SO going to die. Burn in hell!! Blah.

I just can't finish what I'm supposed to study lah! No need to mention revising...! T_T And it's all becoz I spent too much time on the 1st bloody lecture by the ever-famous pkumar (due to his accent which makes lectures a mass of foreign words. Ish.)

Yay, sleeping sessions during his lectures! lol. Ok, I didn't do that, yet, I did tried my best to listen okayyy... Haih.

Whatever. I totally shouldn't be blogging.

*Rushes to prepare PBL for tomorrow*

Haih, why am I such a procastinator? :(

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's Getting Cob-webby In Here..

Hey ya guys, I've been pretty busy lately, and my 1st Summative Assessment will be due on the 24th of april (Yikes!)

So, sorry for the lack of updates recently, will resume blogging when I more time - a luxury I can't hardly afford these days. Sigh.

Miscellanous stuff to bore you guys:-

  1. A few weeks back, went out at 12 midnight to go surprise a fren coz it was her bday!! Hehe, having no curfew is FUN~!

  2. Dory went home for the weekend, so I was alone for the whole weekend (3 days, shit.) Thank goodness my high sch frenz chose this weekend to come down to KL on a trip, so to alievate my boredom (and of coz also becoz I wanna see them la), I went to Midvalley to meet them lo. Was quite fun seeing them, miss them so much!! It does get a bit lonely around here... *Mused look* Am still trying to get use to it. Sigh.

  3. My air-con started leaking. And the stupid landlady doesn't want to repair, she even went as far as insinuating that I don't know how to use an air-con. I was like WTF!! The air-con in my house is wayy more high tech that yours ok!! Arggh. Have been filling the water in pails these few days, ish. Now, even worse, last night although there was no leaking, it's not even functioning anymore, the air that comes out is sooo hot!! Guess I shld clean it la... Hmm. She's always sooooo damn rude + sarcastic on the phone. Bloody hell. I'm so moving out after this sem. Hrrumph.

  4. Was visited by 2 christians who were seniors quite late at night sometime ago. They got my number when I filled in some form on the 1st day of registration. Let them in, coz I tot they're coming in to discuss smtg abt registration [they weren't very clear] but manatau. Haih. Well, me being the polite person I am [puh-lease], bore with them for 15 minutes b4 they made a move. They even asked whether they could come again.. And god, I said ok! *Must have been temporarily insane* But a few days later when they called again, I'd to tell them no. In a nice indirect way of coz. (Boy, am I changing now.) I'm a freethinker for now. Hah, I can't even handle my studies properly yet ok, nevermind converting to a new religion. Whatever.

  5. Ok, I probably will be going back to penang for a short visit after I finish my exam on the 24th... It's such a long weekend! Yayz! So, peeps back in penang, gimme a call and we'll go hang out lah! Woo~ I can't wait to go back to my dear penang!!

Okie, that's all for now. This is just a post to keep you guys from grumbling la. Haha. Got quite some stuff to do afterwards leh.

Sigh, it's study study here everyday! Anyway, Cheers, guys! :D

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Meeting Blogger Frenz

Hmm. Suddenly at a loss as to what to talk about, although I know there's quite some stuff pleading for attention in my brain. Bah.

*Squeezes brain dry*

*Lightbulb appear*

Oh ya, had a trip to Times Square last monday with no other than...Kryptos, Raptor and another 3 of their frenz. (Erm, not really good at rmbing names la... sorry ya, there was a harry potter look alike though. Serious!) One was a pharm senior from imu too. :P Pretty cool , she's in the Dance club committee~

Erm ya, it was the first face-to-face meeting for me & kryptos. [Oh, meeting online frenz are dangerous leh.. Hehe.] Since I've only seen 1 or 2 photos of him, couldn't recognize him at first, but no matter, he definitely could recognize me. lol. Camwhore I'm. :D

So we we're off to Times square using LRT la. We went to this Summer cafe and the food was pretty good! The atmosphere was not bad too, it like a japanese setting sort. Funnily, the food served wasn't Jap style at all. One of the trademark dishes was called Coffin Rice. Which sounded eerie la, but it was really tasty! Yum yum~ But imho, it doesn't remotely look like a coffin la, however nice it was. lol.

Then, after a large dinner (which the guys later paid for, thanks very much! :D), we sat there playing many many rounds of Choi Tai D. My fav card game! Hehe. Raptor insisted that we only make a move after he won. Haha.

And that was what we did. After he finally won (he did win in the beginning), we finally decided to go to Times Square. [The cafe was outside it.] We walked around aimlessly, chatting was the main agenda la. We finally settled down at Borders - I just love all the open shelves books! - but we still talked more than looking at books. Ha, as if I can afford the time/money to read/buy. Blek.

I guess that was it... Time that wasn't spent constructively, nah, just kidding. I enjoyed myself, guys! :D Nice meeting new frenz~

Went home with Joyce, the pharmacy senior... And didn't study at all that night, coz too tired. Sigh, that is happening too many times recently leh.. T_T

Monday, April 03, 2006

Holding Posts

Sigh, I knew I shouldn't have gone to that AGM meeting.

Just now I went to the Chinese Chess Club meeting. Heck, I can't believe that I'm in that club actually. Just joined for fun (and also the fact that it doesn't need a registration fee, hehe) and also tot I could improve my chinese chess playing skills, occasionally. Pls take note of the 'occasionally' okay...


I was asked to be the Vice Secretary leh... Erm, not really my cup of tea okkk. Aikz. How leh...?? At first, I was given the post of Vice Treasurer, but then my current post was vacated, and I had prior to that convinced them that I'm not really good with money. Which is very true okay, coz I rmbed when I was treasurer for form 4 (I think) and I can't balance the amount properly. Kept getting less than what I shld. Had to pay back myself leh. T_T

So therefore, I was given the post of Vice Secretary lah... Haih.

All becoz of my O.O la, who happened to be the President... He was the one who nominated me la. Tsk Tsk.

I totally knew I shouldn't have gone to that meeting... :(

And I was hoping to be a sleeping member, as in I'd only appear to play whenever I like. Now, how leh..?

Guess I'll just try my best la, but seriously, I'm involved in too many clubs ade... This is definitely going to be the first to go if I'm dropping any.

It's not that I don't want any posts, it's just that I'd prefer that my posts are in clubs I'm serious in. *Mused look*

Sigh. Guess I'll just go with the flow. *Does taichi stance*

Are You On Auction?

Ha. So much to write about and so little time. Argh.

Well, sometime back, can't rmb when, my uni had a food fair to raise funds for the imu ball (which funnily was held last sat, April's Fool Day!!). The food was normal la, nothing much to crap about.

The main attraction of the day was... *Drum roll pls* The annual Slave Auction! Gosh, you all must be reading this and biting at your nails, coz this sounds way frightening, right? It can be, in a way.

Anyway, for those not in the know, which practically is everyone, haha, the Slave Auction is a way to raise funds (too) by auctioning off ppl...! O_o The ppl 'bought' will have to do his/her bidding for the week... Of coz, not going too overboard la... Duh.

And, again, it's a great chance for (Read: desperate) guys to hit on pretty girls la. Coz most of the ppl auctioned off are either good-looking in the conventional sense or just plain weird. Talk abt extremes. Blek.

The bids can go up way high leh...[these ppl got $$$!!] The record was last year's bid that went to RM450!! *That practically is an infamous legend around here anyway.* This year's highest bid was RM210, I think for a really pretty sem 2 girl.

Anyway, guys will hvta strip off their shirts and dance when the bids have surpassed a certain amount (from RM30 onwards I think). Girls, of coz no need to strip la, but need to dance too. Haha. The things here are messed up la... :O

Ahem, as an answer to kryptos's Q, nope, I did not get auctioned off and thank god. Hey, saya belum 'sampai tahap' sehingga boleh di-auction la...! lol.

And nah, I didn't buy anyone la. Hey, kinda short on cash here la... Besides, no one that interests me was on auction anyway. :P

And so that was that. Quite a many ppl were auctioned off and I think they did raised a hell lot of money.

Normally, for (girl) slaves, if the buyer is an interested guy, he'll take her out for dinner and movies and stuff la. Like blind dates I guess. I dunno what they do for guys. Do the household chores and wash the toiletbowl? *Shrug*

Ok, done.

*Britney Spears' song: I'm A Slave For You plays in the background*

They totally should have played that song. Nothing can be more apt. :P