Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy CNY!

Just a simple Happy Chinese New Year in advance to you peeps!

Feeling lazy to blog more. And my bro is also insisting on kidnapping the computer. So it's a no-go lo. :P

So bye!

Tests To Kill Boredom

You're Confident...Sometimes

You can seem confident when the occasion calls for it
But inside you may be experiencing a bit of self doubt
A little more inner confidence could take you far...
And convince others that you're as confident as you try to seem

I guess this is kinda true...

You Can Hang With the Guys and the Girls

You've struck a good balance between girlie and laid back.
You can keep it casual but when you dress up, you are as girly as the next girl.

Haha. I like this one. Told ya.

You Are a Fierce Femme

You have a wild side, and you aren't afraid to bring it out when the time is right.
But you also know when to hang back and keep your "crazy chick" persona in check.
In fact, some of your friends may be surprised to find out how far you can take it...
You may look mild mannered, but it's all an act!

Now, this one takes the cake! Woo~

Do you believe me now? lol.

Your Power Color is Green

You feel most at home in a world of ideas.
You're curious and logical - and enjoy a good intellectual challenge.
You're super cool, calm, and collected. Very little tries your patience.
Your only fear? People not realizing how smart and able you are!

Ok, kinda strange since my most unfavourite colour is green.

Btw, the last part is also kinda weird...

You are a Brainy Girl!

Whether you're an official student or a casual learner, you enjoy hitting the books.
You know a little bit about everything, and you're always dying to know more.
For a guy to win your heart, he's got to share some of your intellectual interests.
A awesome book collection of his own doesn't hurt either!

I dunno about you, but I really don't like hitting the (text)books!

Other intellectual stuff is ok though. :P That's cool.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Whoa. Kinda tired now. Went back to high sch this morning to visit all my frenz with yuki! Syiok eh. They're just the same crazy bunch as usual. :D Haha.

Anyway, I went early in the morning, so that I can catch them just before they start sch. :P Had quite a long chat with my frenz before they went to class. I stayed and chatted with those not having class yet lo. Some had 3 free periods today. Just pity them that they cannot come later to sch even though they don't have class. Haha. Unlike college lo.

Well, I spent the whole morning chatting lo. Keep changing chatting partners! lol. To keep it short, let's just say that I talked like a lot. Ok, done.

Went home around 11 smtg coz everyone had classes ade and yuki went off with her frenz ade... And left me alone. :'(

Sigh, what a nice day, catching up with frenz. *Frenz For Life*

On an altogether different note, tomorrow's Chinese New Year Eve!!! Wee~ Yeah, I know I said before that I didn't have much mood for the celebration, but I think I'm kinda getting into the festive mood. :D

Yayz! I can't wait for CNY...! Coz it's going to be my last CNY before I leave for a foreign place.. T_T

So that's all for now. If I don't update for a few days, don't hound me ya, I'm just enjoying the festivites!! Toodles~

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Quote

"I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all."

By: Leo C. Rosten

I think this is the best quote in like ever. And it's also going to be The Quote that I'm going to live my life by.

I really want to make a difference in the world. *Celebrate Humanity*

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Photos Of Crazy People

Ok, the photos below were taken when we're asked to go to coll sometime ago to snap some pics for promotional use. :D Yea, the top 8! I know I promised to post them up rather long ago (sorry, procastinator by nature), so here they are, though a bit belated!

Since there were like a lot of crazy poses, I only chose some la. *Of coz chose only those that I look reasonably okay in lah. Haha..* The front photos were those intended for promotional use while those at the back were for fun! lol.

It gets crazier by the photo. Just to show you, ppl who get good results aren't necessarily nerds. Or geeks for that matter. :P

So, let's roll!

I like this one. We look very happy in this one.

*Broad Smile pls* :D

Ppl who are doing medic, moi included.

The guy insisted on taking some according to future professions. *Shrug*

Looks familiar?

The best photo that was used in all the adverts for IICP! Yay!

Just a warming up (as in prelude) to other crazy poses.

Other ppl do this using hands.

We are different. We use feet. Haha.

Alright alright,

we'll do it the traditional way too just to keep all you old folks happy.

Haha. Saluting God knows what.

Probably the lecturers. lol.

*Blowing flying kisses*

Did you receive any?? :P

One of my favourites too.

It's a nice angle, us walking from the back!! :D

Erm, did we do that?

I think we're playing Ring A Ring Of Roses.

With Titus in the middle. lol.

Unique angle too. It'd look nicer if it was from directly from above though.

But still funny enough.

So, have you decided that we're crazy? lol.

Camwhoring is something that cannot be unlearned. Once practiced, it will follow you for a lifetime. :D

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Small Gathering

Oh well, what a night. Phew! We got drunk and I had the worst hangover ever. What a headache. Arggh...

Thinking you're reading the wrong blog? Nah. I was just kidding. Really. Serious. LOL. There was NO drinking. Now, don't you go running to my parents. :P

Anyway, back to what really happened. The beginning of this post was just a scream for attention. :P (Heck, I tot the last post was real controversial but it did not even garnered ONE comment. Blek.)

I got an sms from a fren early in the morning, asking me whether I wanted to go to a "small gathering" with some of my coll frenz and a few lecturers. Checked with dad for transport, and given the All-Clear signal. In order to come home later (Nyahaha), I asked a fren for a ride home. Agreed. Yay!

So spent the whole day doing God knows what, before getting ready for the dinner at 7pm. Stopped by my grandma's house, and since my aunt is going in the same direction, she dropped me at the Tanjung Country Club.

The moment I stepped out, I was wildly accosted by 2 frenz, they're yelling to me something that sounded like "Bu yong lai le!! (No need to come ade!!)"

And I was like, "What?! I'm here ade wo..."

However, they calmed themselves down enough to announce that Galileong had come! They're supposed to be shouting: "Leong lai le! (Leong came ade!)"

Not "lang (wolf) lai le" though, mind you.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that Galileong made it after all, he said that he "cancelled all his other appointment just to come to meet us." Really? Wow.

The other lecturers were there too, Leela, Angeline and Dr.Ooi who came later. Haha. Pity Mr.Goh couldn't make it. Sigh. Anyway, we didn't go in so early, but hung around chatting outside.

Then, it was another bout of chatting inside. We're rather chatty ppl it seems. :D Guess its becoz we didn't see each other for quite long ade. Anyway, the lecturers' tables were kinda empty. Not becoz we didn't want to sit with the lecturers - I mean we didn't - I mean not becoz we didn't like the lecturers (We did!), it's just that after so long of not meeting them, it just seems kinda weird. Blek. We couldn't think of stuff to say to them actually. Haha.

So most of the ppl scrambled for the other tables. I got the one without lecturers (there were 3 tables)! :) lol. Anyway, the dinner consisted much of damn hilarious chatter and eating lo. The food was quite nice. It was pretty fun, talking to frenz and all.

Oh ya, found out that another fren is going to Imu for medic too! Yayz! I'm not alone...! And that makes 3, with 2 in medic and 1 in pharmacy. Woo~ I can't wait for uni life to start actually! I think my mind is starting to become rusty after so much lazing around. :(

Guess how much we paid for each person? RM19.50~ Haih. I think I'm going broke. :( Country club, you know, not too cheap la. After taxes summore.

Then, it was time for our favourite activity. Camwhoring! ^_^ We took a pic with everyone in it, plus the lecturers too. I want that pic, send me, anyone who's reading this! :D

After that, the lecturers bade their goodbyes [they insisted on going home so early coz got class today wo], and we continued on. Well, what did we do?

In a few words: Chatting (What else?), snapping pics, teasing couples (another fav past time, I guess) and drinking oops, I mean more chatting.

Pretend you didn't read that. (Ok, still kidding! But who knows what would happen when I get to the city!! I heard that the nightlife there rocks! I wanna go to Zouk! *Pouts*)

I don't think many ppl know this hidden side in me. Well, now you know. :D Shld I quote Britney: I'm not that innocent? lol.

Oh, I digressed again. Bad habit. Well, we said our goodbyes around 10:30pm. Time to go home. Sigh. This time it's really goodbye. I wonder if I'll ever see some of them again. Who knows what will happen? I'll just let Fate lead the way.

Aikz, feeling nostalgic again. Hmm. Don't mind me.

Anyway, tumpang-ed dory's car and after a few traffic jams, I was home. Gave her directions on how to get to the main road so she can find her way home. Hope she doesn't get lost. :O

So that was that. Hand me a hanky tissue, pls?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bimbotic? Nah.

This was what was said to me a fren (via IM) when I was whining "griping" about the fact that I'm still single. :P (The truth was, I was teasing her about her bf, when the subject suddenly turned onto me. Diversionary tactics? O_o lol.)

Just a gist ok, coz I can't rmb what she said, word for word.

Aiya. You're quite pretty what *Ahem ahem*... Also know how to dress nicely, wear high heels summore... Guys sure like this type of girls one...

What was my first reaction? Oh, it was a weird mixture of feeling flattered and offended all at once. Strange, right?

No need to explain why I felt flattered la, unless you've peanuts for brains. :P

So why was I offended at such "high praise"? Coz what she described me as, it sounded like I was SO bimbotic!! :O

Which I can quite well assure you, I'm NOT. (Hopefully)

Anyway, I decided in the end that this was not her real intention. She might not even understand the underlying sarcastic innuendos in this very statement. Even less so why I might find it offending to be described as a bimbo. Blek.

So I let it go, and tried to be exhilarated with this comment. *Smiles*

But after some thought, I decided it might be funny to record this down though. :D lol.

Btw, aren't you guys (as in males) offended by the other innuendo inserted in the last statement?

A double entendre, perhaps? Become a double-edged sword pula. :O

I'm still laughing out loud, imagining myself as a raven-haired bimbo. Hahaha...

PS:- Click here for the exact meaning of bimbo. I find some ppl are confused about the meaning of this word. So I decided to look up Wikepedia for clarification. :P

Useful Japanese Phrases

Was reading reviews about books when I came across this. A Japanese language-learning book. You know, those self-learning types.

It seems pretty cool though. But I'm not investing money/time to learn it just yet. I'm too lazy. Maybe in the not-so-distant future la. [At least I know Chinese, which is pretty useful.] Haha. Looks like I'm honest too. :P

Ok, so I'm just going to write down a few useful phrases of Japanese here for future reference. You never know when it might come in useful. Ok, just the pronounciation, right? :)

Anata wa eigo o hanashimasu ka? - Do you speak English?

Hai, sukoshi hanashimasu. - Yes, I speak a little.

Sore wa ikura desu ka? - How much is it?

Toire wa doko desu ka? - Where is the toilet?

Iie, wakarimasen. - No, I don't understand.

Tasukete! - Help!

Ok, I'm done. Now to throw away that piece of paper. *I hate clutter! :P* Ok, cya!

PS: Hey, Kryptos, this book seems pretty useful for you, no? You can consider buying it. :) I forgot the name of the book ade though. Check yourself. It's in the Sunday mail.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Year Of The Dog

Ok, since it's going to be the Year of The Dog soon, I figured that this is the right time to post up these pics.

This is my dog, Benjy! Isn't he cute?

Okla, I admit it. He's not my dog, he's my aunt's dog. :( But he's still cute, right? But a bit rough when playing though. Got scratched the other day. Aiya.

Took this pic when he was sleeping. :D

Oh, he wasn't sleeping leh. Resting?

Guess he must be tired la.

Eh. I didn't know dog's eyes can also have Red Eye effect.

Looks a bit creepy though. :P

This is my fav.

He looks rather soulful in this pic! :D

Aiya, he doesn't want to take anymore pics.

*Pouts* Like snobbish celebrity pula. lol.

I apologize for the bad quality of the pics above. It's kinda difficult to snap pics of a moving animal. Add that to the fact of my lousy camera phone, voila, we have some very nice "lousy pics!" Haha.

Before I go, let me assure you, No animal(s) were harmed in the making of this production. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pride & Prejudice

Ah, I guess its time to begin my review! *Flexes writing muscles*

The movie I'm going to rave about is Pride and Prejudice (or "Maruah dan Prejudis" as dubbed by our which is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Jane Austen. As I mentioned in a post, it is very rare to find a good movie which is an adaptation of an equallly good book. But I think this movie takes the cake! :D

I love it for a few reasons. They are:

  1. It stays quite true to the original novel compared to other movies which I wouldn't care to name. But since you asked for it, okla. For example, the Harry Potter movies seem to be going farther and farther away from the original sentiments of the books. Which brings outrage to fans like me. Rant available here. Ok, point made.

  2. Besides, staying true to the plot, it also uses a lot of the original dialogue used in the book. Which is very good, since the original dialogue is very beautiful itself. It's the lovely dialogue that gives the book its own aura. :D Thumbs up! I think the main reason, why many scripts for movies go awry is because the writer wants to prove him/herself, therefore they go out of their way to change the dialogue, making it as vastly different from the original source (e.g. book) as possible. Which is a big no-no in my book (pun unintended). Coz dialogue is one of the defining features of a book/movie.

  3. The acting of the characters are marvellous. Keira Knightly practically shone as Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bennett, giving an excellent representation of the character. She embodied the spirit of the outspoken character with much ado. I love it! :) Mr. Darcy played by Matthew MacFayden was wonderful too. His expressions on his face are just spot on! The looks on his face were so tender! :P Besides, I can see thru his face the emotional struggles that he goes thru to declare his love for dear Lizzie. And he's kinda cute too! lol.

  4. Mrs. Bennett is also an amusing character. She is one flustered lady, whose only business in life is to get her 5 daughters well-married. But the woman who played her was her to the life! Great! The girl who played Lydia Bennett (Haha. Same name as you, Lyd! :P) was also quite funny... She played her character well, maybe a little too well, which became abit annoying soon. I didn't think that she was that flirty in the book. Hmm.

  5. The man who plays Mr. Bennett is also rather good as the father. We could sense his chemistry with his fav daughter (Lizzie) in one of the last scences. Yay! That was quite like the book. :) Well, the guy who played Mr. Bingley was just average if you ask me, but do you know who he reminds me of? Ron, from Harry Potter! I didn't know that the former was a redhead btw.

  6. The guy who plays Mr. Collins was quite funny too, with his pretensious airs, which is quite like the book! The man playing Mr. Wickham is quitely aptly chosen too, he seems just flamboyant enough for the role! I must commend on whoever's in charge of casting, coz he/she did a brilliant job!

  7. Anyway, the thing that makes this movie click is the fact that the characters are rather like what I imagined them to be when I first read the book years ago. (So unlike HPGOF!) This is very important coz if it's the opposite (meaning you can't fathom whether you're watching the right film onot), then one tend to rejects the film innately, especially if you're a fan of the book in the first place. :T

  8. There are quite a few hilarious and light moments in this film, some contrived from the imagination (but still fitting enough for the plot) while some are changed slightly to make it work. I'm aware that films are rather different mediums from books, so sometimes plots have to be twisted slightly to fit it in. Which is ok with me. But I do mean slightly, when I say it.

  9. Btw, I rather enjoyed the beautiful backgrounds filmed. Mr. Darcy's home is so pretty! Especially liked the many statues in it! The costumes were very pretty too. Of coz, poor Keira did not get to wear many beautiful dresses (except during balls) becoz in a gunny-sack of a dress, she is already so pretty! Which is not right, coz the eldest sister, Jane is supposed to be the prettiest. A bit different from the book in this aspect, but you can't have everything I guess.

  10. I've decided that I'm not very good at writing film reviews for GREAT movies! Haha. Only good at negative critisism, I guess. :P So click here for more in depth reviews.

Okla, since you can read much better reviews from the links, its time to stop raving la. I don't welcome smelly eggs or rotten veggies thrown at me... coz they're smelly and rotten! lol.

So that's all. I think next time I won't review good movies ade la, must review only lousy movies. I tend to have more to write. Right, bye!

PS :: I hope that the ppl who saw the movie with us (which was very few btw, ah Malaysians!) were not annoyed by my whispered chatter with Lydia during the movie. We're intent on discussing on which character is like the book and when is what going to happen la. That happens when you watch a movie adapted from a book AND you had read the book. No element of suspense la. Haha.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Living For Broadband

Before my review abt the movie, I suddenly rmbed smtg that is kinda important -- to me, that is.

Anyway, it's about the internet connection at my future home...!

The area is Jaring area leh!!! Arggh. This is bad. Coz do you know what it means? No Streamxy!!

I was totally disappointed after hearing that. :( Coz I live for the internet. Haih. Yalah, addicted ade la.

Well, on the positive side, I'm very sure that this will in turn gimme a lot more time to study though. Wonder whether this is an evil plan hatched by the uni when they deciding where to build uni. But prob not. Coz at that time, there was still no such thing as broadband! Heck, I wonder if they had internet then. :P

Anyway, I was thinking that this is about the only grudge I can find about my future home. But it is a serious flaw in my eyes. Haha. But then I found out smtg else.

I was lamenting to a fren abt the lack of broadband there, when he suddenly told me that Jaring is just starting their very own Broadband.

Yes meh? *Jumps and down in Joy*

Click here for the details.

However, after surfing the many forums discussing said broadband, I found out that (rumour only la, not sure) Jaring Broadband BLOCKS ALL P2P!!!!!


Same thing la. Means I won't be able to get my daily quota of downloaded songs lah. Sigh.

*Disappointed face*

Well, I could blog at the very least. (And I'd still have normal internet access ah...) :P I'm sure you all will be happy abt this. But as I said earlier, less regular updates once I start. Hell, I'm sure I'll be rather busy too. :(

Beside, my dad says to see how everything goes first before applying for stuff. True too. Coz the minimum contract time to apply for this Jaring Broadband is 2 freaking years!! And how does one know whether it is as good as it says?

The Streamxy is such an example of broken promises. With its erratic connection and lousy customer services. *I called the other day but to no avail. Ish.* Maybe it's becoz they're monopolysing the whole market. Maybe with this new broadband out [i.e competition], they might improve their services abit. Hope so.

So, if I really feel the urge to blog, I must use the uni's connection lah. Argh. Hope it's good.

Oh well. I'll decide when the time comes.

On another note, my Un-Colouring of my previous posts is going on quite well. I think I still have about half left. Which is around 100 over leh. No kidding.

This is getting boring. Sigh. Thus the lack of posts recently. Sorry la. Will blog more when I'm done with it.

Of coz, must blog more la, coz when go to uni, cannot blog as much as I want ade lo. :(

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Day Out

Ok, better procastinate less when it comes to blogging. Or I'll have like a mountain of stuff to talk about when I've smtg imp to say. :P

Anyway, I went out with a bunch of frenz to Gurney last wednesday. We saw Pride and Prejudice which was really really good! :D The review (that I read in the newspaper) of it was right then! This is the first time I saw a movie adapted from a book that stayed true to its novel form! Wee~ Which of coz is very good since I'm totally a fan of Jane Austen. :D

Well, I might do a separate post (my review) but see how first lah. Maybe I'm busy leh. :P *Busy with what. Who knows.*

Anyway, after we got there, we went to have lunch first. We had decided earlier on to go to Sushi King, coz Shuang and I have such a craving for sushi! :P Haha. Well, I must say, we really can eat leh, 3 ppl racked up a bill of almost RM40. Or was it over RM40? Hmm.. But the tax there is really expensive too. And Shuang forgot to get the membership card from her mum ma. Aikz. Too bad.

Then, we went to watched the movie lo. And the movie was... oh yeah... I'll leave the gushing and raving till another post la. :P

Right, after the movie, we went window shopping lah. The girls bought some tops in Padini, I think, but I didn't buy any coz my money stores are fast diminishing. :( Didn't dare try any on in case I get the must-buy urge. :P But this was a different story when we went to Vince & Co. Since I think I've a fetish for such stuff, I bought 2 very nice hair pins (to keep my tousled hair in place, I guess) and another nice scrunchie. Haha. I still keep buying anyway. :P

After alot of window-shopping, we did buy some other stuff but I forgot what ade. Since I was not the one who bought it. :) Then, Lyd had this capuccino-flavoured ice-cream (new leh!) while Shuang and I shared an Orea-flavoured McFlurry. I really like it leh. Yum. :P

And so it was time to say bye bye. How Time creeps up on us. Aiya. Shuang's sis sent us home while Lyd went off with her other frenz.

Btw, it was a pity that it was such a small group coz Lilian couldn't come becoz her offer letter had to come that very same day (JPA sounds rather fussy about deadlines leh), while MinMing was busy I guess.

So thus concludes our hangout. Nothing special except that the movie was dead good!

Oh, ya. More later. :P

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Un-Colouring

Right, didn't update for a few days ade. Just a short note lah. Coz feeling lazy recently. Besides, I've been working "hard" these few days ah.

If you're observant, you would have noticed that some of the wording of my recent posts have been changed their colour. See? Most of them the same blue ade.

Coz I was thinking that if one day I wanted to change the background of the content to white, then, I'd have to change the words like mad, coz it's different from the template one. So, now I'm unifying them all. Which takes a lot a lot of work.

And all my painstaking work of colouring of my posts down the drain. Of well, maybe that was kinda immature.

So, now had to blog the "mature" way, no more colouring, kids! Content all the way! -_- Aikz.

Old habits die hard. :(

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Haha. Now I'm going to do a little house-comparing here. Can ah? My first time on my own leh. [Not yet la, but soon! I can't wait!] I can taste FreeDom~! =Woo=

Anyway, I'm going to list down the pros and cons of the 2 apartments I saw on Sunday. The first one was in Block B, supposedly the nearest to the uni but... it isn't exactly. :P In the end, decided on one in Block C, also walking distance from the uni.

Pros of the one in Block C (i.e my choice):

  1. The rent's cheaper, only RM1150 per month, not inclusive of water and electricity bill though. The owners will foot the maintenance bill. That's standard procedure. :) See? I'm learning. :P The first apartment's rent was like RM1200 per month! Hmm. The owner didn't even want to bargain at all. Besides, the first one is found thru an agent, meaning we'll need to spend extra paying her too. Nah, not worth-it.

  2. It's more furnished compared to the first one, which was practically empty except for a few kitchen cabinets which they couldn't take with them anyway. The one in Block C have a washing machine, fridge, 3 air-cons, wardrobe, carpet and some chairs. Wayyyy better, right? :P

  3. It is way cooler [literally!] than the first one. The first one was facing the sun and so hot! Besides, the scenery outside the window was so blah--looking at another (dirty)apartment! Eww. The second one was nicer, when you opened the windows, can see nice green hills. :D

  4. The 2nd one was definitely cleaner too. So, that means we won't need to clean up so much if we take the second one. Good~ I hate cleaning. lol.

  5. Erm, the 2nd owner is okay if we bank in the cheque straight away. No need to come and collect and all. The first one said she'll come and collect (even hinted a spot-check leh) Har. Got such thing one ah? Of coz take the easy option la. Good also this way, no need to carry so much money from the ATM, right?

  6. The 2nd owner works as an event manager for (local) artises. He was also the one who brought in the Indonesian rock band -- Peter Pan, to perform in Msia. He even said that if had we come earlier, we could go and meet the band all, maybe even get special discount on tickets. Cool~ Of coz, I only heard of the band from Tv or smtg, never heard the songs, but apparently my face lighted up a tad too much and he tot that I was a fan or smtg. He said and I quote: "Eh, very few Chinese like these sort of Indonesian rock bands." I had to clarify in the end. *Paiseh* Btw, it was real funny coz my uncle tot it was the cartoon peter pan, at least my dad is in the know. Hehe. Anyway, this is good coz if he happens to be managing to some of my fav artises or smtg, that means I can get great prices la! Yayz! Syiok~

  7. Right, although from the outside, Block B is nearest, but when u need to get to the house, it takes a lot of winding and walking. While walking to Block is slightly farther, it is far easier to get to the house, just straight take away the lift then reach ade. So in the end, it takes almost the same time to reach both houses. But block C one not so complicated. :P Haha. Besides, I'm not really good at directions. lol.

I can't think of anymore. Seems to be pretty one-sided, right? So, it was practically a no-brainer, so to speak. Of coz I chose the second one la.

Thus ends my own private analysis on house-hunting. Of coz, we shld have seen more houses before deciding, but we saw one family looking at the uni and stuff, and they seem to be looking for accomodation too, since they're clutching the same piece paper as we had. So, we decided to quickly grab the best opportunity we have before it was lost.

Wee~ I got a house now! My future home for the next 2 and a half years. I think I'm going to bring some stuff to decorate it since it's going to look real empty after they move out. Yeah. I just can't wait!!!

And I still have more than 1 month to go. Guess I better enjoy it while it lasts. Re-lax! Have Fun! :D

*I'm sure some ppl are glaring at me coz I can still enjoy life. Why not envy those who can still enjoy for a few more months? I have like only about 5 weeks left. Aiya, so fast ah...*

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Summary of Day in KL

Hi guys! I'm back! Actually I was back last night, but was too tired to blog lah. Two to-and-fro journeys to kl in one day is no joke. I was rather tired but of coz nothing compared to my dad lah, who is the one who has to drive. Haih.

Yesterday was pretty exhausting leh. :( I had to endure abt 9 hours (!!) of practically non-activity for my legs (coz 2 journeys ma) with a lot of activity in between those two trips. Which totally caused my non-athletic legs to complain about the undue stress I was laying on them, and they had their revenge by giving me sore muscles! Ouch~

Anyway, on the way there, I was pretty awake but I kept yawning like alot. Coz I couldn't go to sleep so early the previous night. Guess it might have been because of the unearthly hours I've been keeping lately. :P Well, we set out at 6:30am [damn early I know, but we needed more time to go house-hunting ma] and fetched Dory on the way.

The journey there was rather boring, which consisted of chatting dad or Dory, listening to my mp3 and lots of turning & turning *i.e. trying to sleep*. =Aikz= We stopped at the Tapah rest area and some food (lunch i guess) before going on. We reached kl around 11am. Now~ for the real action to begin! :)

We stopped at my uncle's place first since we'll need directions and all. Both of my uncles decided to go house-hunting with us too. When we reached there, me & dory was kinda disappointed that the uni is a bit need of paint. If I ever get onto student council, I'm going to suggest that they use the tons of money they earn for some major repainting of the uni. Anyway, we called some of the contacts provided by the uni, but unfortunately, most were ade filled up!

In the end, we called one of the agents and we went to the cafe in the uni to try out the food while waiting for her. Well, the food choices are alot but unfortunately, the prices are ALOT too! Argghh... RM12 for western food?! Omg. The only eatables ones are the cheaper ones (i.e. RM5) for imu students only. And they dun offer great food, only stuff like noodles or smtg. Ish. I think I'm going for cater. Well, at least for dinner la. Lazy to go out ma sometimes. Then when I get sick of the food, I'll just change caterer. :P Hehe.

We only had some drinks coz still kinda full. Then, the agent came and showed us the house. It was in Block B (supposedly the nearest to the uni). But after looking at it, we decided that we didn't really like the house and...the price.

Later, we called up another person, actually a malay family who stays at Block C [quite near too]. We went to look at the house and it was quite good! We took an instant liking to the place. So after some debating, we decided to take the house lo. My dad wrote a check for the deposit and yes, we've got ourselves a condo! Woo~ *It's more like a condo than an apartment coz we have some basic facilities like swimming pool etc.*

Yes!! I got a house~ *Does dance of joy*

And so that was that. Later I'm going to do a post abt the pros and cons about each place. Now a bit tired to type it all out anyway.

After that, we went for a late lunch at a coffeeshop. I must say, KL food is so expensive and it is not so nice leh. Penang food rocks! :D Then, we went to another uncle's house in Subang to pay him & his family a tiny visit lo. Talked for a while before setting off. We only refreshed ourselves a little b4 setting out the boring return journey. But I think at least I returned in a lighter mood la. Good~

We arrived in penang around 10pm and boy, was my legs sore! But I still watched tv a while before going to bed.

Wow, what a day~

Sunday, January 08, 2006

KL Trip

Right, now going to do an update bout my life. Well, I'll be going to KL tomorrow to look for some accomodation and all. I've only found one house mate, Dory, which means I still lack one more! Aiya~ Anyone going to imu for the february intake? I'm looking for a (responsible and amiable) housemate...! Contact me la.

Anyway, going to kl this time with dad and dory. We'll be back on Mon though coz my dad needs to work. Poor thing. He'll surely be quite tired out. I can't even offer to take turns to drive coz the car he's going to be driving is a stickshift, and God knows how long since I drove a stickshift. I don't want us to end up as accidents statistics due to my lousy driving!! :0

Well, I do hope that this accomodation trip goes smoothly lah. Hopefully I'll be able to find a nice and inexpensive apartment la. Wish me luck! :D

Ok, gotta pack a few things for tomorrow... So I'll cya all on Monday then! Tata~

Revamping My Blog

Ok, folks... Probably by now you all should have noticed that I have a new look to "my precious" blog!! (unless you are blind sight-impaired or something lah, then I forgive

Yayz! Isn't this much nicer than using that old template? I was getting kinda sick looking at it! :D Haha. [I hate routine, by the way, if you didn't know.]

Anyway, I'll welcome comments regarding my template like what changes should I make to improve it etc.

Letters of adulation will be favourably accepted. *Bows to applause*

Guess that I'm slowly but surely morphing into a narcissict... Hehe. But I better get out of the phrase once I start my studies. Coz a medical student is supposed to be humble and all since we're definitely going to be scolded by the other more senior ones. *Sigh* I'm sweating just thinking bout it. -_-


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Are They From Hell?

Yeah, I can see you guys raising your eyebrows looking at this specially-titled post of mine. Ahem, coz before this, I have always refrain from using vulgarities in my posts titles. But then desperate events calls for desperate measures, right? lol.

Ok, if you really want to know what happened. I'll spin a yarn that happened since the beginning of time last year. *Pardon the dramatics...don't blame me, I'm just a born drama queen. :P*

Oops~ Digressed again. Anyway, the story starts with 2 guys and a spunky girl. That girl will be... *cough cough*! This 2 guys were some of the worst Pests on earth, but when you look at them, they looked totally normal... Which is bad.

Well, at the beginning of last year, Galileong wanted us to find groups that have a balance mixture of both sexes. (So typical of him ^_^) Me and my frenz were fretting, wondering who we should find (especially someone responsible), since at that time, we have not the opporturnity to mix with the guys yet. Then, these 2 guys approached us, asking whether they can join our groups. At that time, they looked quite respectable-looking so we thought What The Heck and said Okay.

Bad choice. Very bad choice.

They were Trouble from the beginning. And we weren't really allowed to drop them halfway wo. Arggh. Even worse, they were also on the same bio group as moi. Well, let me see what tricks did they pulled. Hmm...

  • They did not cooperate at all during practical sessions. Tell me about it. They completed their Form 5 but they DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DRAW GRAPHS!! Wtf is that?! In the end, I relented and let them have the rough draft of the graph to take home and photostat. Omg.
  • Even worse, one of the guys, which I shall hereby nickname Mutton was a total braggart. He would not do anything AT ALL *I'm serious okay!* during lab work, just giving a lame excuse saying that he doesn't know. I bet he doesn't know what his name is. -_-

  • They often pestered us with stupid Qs and when we finally gave up, and showed our frustrated faces not enuf practice yet :P), they tried to patch things up by saying how smart we were and blah blah. Wrong move..

  • It was so long ago and I forgot alot of the shit they did ade leh. I mean I can only vaguely rmb their faces, so no need to say about what they did ade lah.. But why shld I rmb them anyway? Really~ *flips hair while giving nonchalant look*

Ok, then there was the day where Mutton did something that was totally the last straw. It happened during bio class. He was there as usual, doing nothing. Yes, literally nothing, if you dun count breathing. Aikz.

I forgot what experiment we're doing that day but the fact remains was that the bio lecturer came over and examined it. His conclusion in the end was that it was wrong. Oh dear. And did u know what that bastard said?

He said and I quote: "Told you ade! Cannot do this way! Must do this way..!" *All the while making wild gestures that clearly showed that he knew nuts abt it. Arggh! *

He made me so angry (no laughing matter, mind you :P) and I swore I saw red and I shouted: Shut up!!

Are you guys totally stunned? Haha. But I'm not kidding. Serious. I really did that. I can't believe I did that either. :T

Anyhow, my frenz and the lecturer were stunned, but in the end, it just blew over. Thank God. At least, the lecturer knew that he was a total jerk anyway. Phew~

Oh ya, one of the outcomes of this incident was that Mutton never talked to me again. :D How nice~ In the end, both of them dropped out of coll after around the 1st semester. Boo~

Well, I guess I shld write this down as an episode where I finally defended myself! Yayz~

Lessons learnt by moi:

  1. I CAN and I WILL learn to fend for myself if the need arrises.
  2. I WON'T be taken advantage off so easily next time.
  3. Judging by appearances is not a really good yardstick. Blek~
  4. I think I've a short fuse. Guess I better keep it in check. :)

Erm, I can't think of any more crap. =P So why not talk about lesson learnt by you guys? Haha..

Lessons learnt by you guys:

  1. Some classmates are made in heaven, others: Hell [probably the deepest part--ya know, the 18th level? hehe...]
  2. Patience has its limits, don't push your luck.
  3. Don't mess with me *Pushes up sleeves of shirt* lol.

So I guess that's all for now. Hey, this post was great typing out! It lets me, erm, verbalize my inner anger at these jerks!! Haha. I guess my "inner child" is at peace now. :D

Don't bother. Psychology talk.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

1st Day of the New Year

Ok, now to prattle on how I spent my first day of the New Year! I'll try my best to spice things up -- i.e. dramatisizing la, abo? -- in case you guys all fall asleep. Hehe.

Anyway, from a recent post, I mentioned that I was overniting at my aunt's house that night, right? Anyway, I had about only 5 hours sleep that night, but woke up feeling quite fresh. (See? Told ya I don't need a lot of sleep, but only short term la, if long term like this sure die. lol)

Well, we went for breakfast at this nearby coffeeshop. Apparently, its the kopitiam where we sometimes went to during our lunchbreaks leh. The one where they have very nice kuey tiao theng one ah... :) Yummy~ Of coz I ordered that as my breakfast la. I didn't know that apparently my aunt's house is so near to where we always come to eat leh... Haha. I do kinda miss those days.

Well, after a nice breakfast, we went home to shower and all. I went online with my uncle's laptop after a bath. Did the usual stuff (you know the drill la) like IM-ing, reading blogs, checking my friendster + mail, and of coz updating my blog and all...

You know how time flies when you're in front of the computer? It was like that too. 2 hours just whizzed by without me noticing it. =) Haha.

Then, my aunt said it was time to go home ade, but we'll have lunch on the way. Guess where we had lunch? At Super Tanker. Another coffeshop that we once melanggan. :) Had a light dish that I forgot what's the name ade, but it was really nice. Anyway, I'm not in the habit of snapping photos of my food before eating it. Keke.

Then we're on the way home lo. Didn't do anything substantial enuf to mention here that afternoon though. Hehe. I'm a Master when it comes to wasting time. :P

Anyway, in the evening, we went to see my dad's patient's family. Why? Coz he has a son that's going to do Year 2 next year in Imu. We're going there to have a little chat abt accomodation, food, studies etc. He was quite nice, the son I mean, and at least he kinda reassured me that Semester 1 is not that hard [unlike what another Year 4 girl told me, she practically had me shivering in my shoes okay!]

*Sobs* I think I'm having a breakdown before I even start uni!! :( Not so good.

Well, we stayed around 1 hour before going off. Had takeout as dinner (standard Sunday routine :P) then the rest of the night was spent...doing nothing special lah. Haha..

Okay, that was how I spent the first day of the new year! Toodles~

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Doll?!

Yeah yeah yeah, I am a little old for dolls. But the doll given to me by my aunt is not the girl-next-door-sweet-kinda of doll..!

See, isn't he kinda cute? Talk about celebrating "cultural differences". :D I'm open-minded, alright. Hahaha.

An tilted view of the cute guy.

A frontview of the little cry baby. :D

Now, this is funny.

He's pretending to be Bruce Lee! lol...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happyyy New Year (Edited)

Ah ha. My first post for this brand new year! Woo~

Happy New Year, everyone! 2006 ade!!

Anyway, last night (or should I say morning?) was Fun! :D

Ok, I didn't go out with frenz [ahem, I don't think my uber conservative parents would be happy with that] but I DID go countdown ah... I went with my cool aunt & her hubby! Hehe. Consider that as a replacement for not being able to go countdown with my frenz lo. :)

Well, I'll try to cut down on the crap coz I'm kinda tired right now. Slept like only 4 hours? Oh gosh. Going out later too.

Anyway, she was supposed to come and fetch me at noon but apparently there was smtg wrong with her car, so she only came around 5pm. Waited so long for her, ya know? Had to un-bored myself by watching a rerun of Mean Girls... Haha.

Well, we're off around 5:30pm and we went to have seafood (yum) at Batu Maung with my grandparents, 2 aunts and their husbands. Quite nice the food. I especially like the dish of soft-shelled crabs leh. Hehe. They ordered alot leh, I wondered how they're able to eat so much. lol.

Then, we went to rest at my aunt's house first. *Eh, the elderly need to rest, right? Not me lah. Haha.* After some more food (ice-cream and fruits!), we had to send my grandparents home before going out... After dropping them, we went cruising around looking for a place to go CoUntDowN!! lol. Wanted to go to Gurney at first but the traffic jams were like mad, alright? Haih. - Edited part starting- Was looking forward to seeing my frenz there but what to do, I'm not the one driving. Blek~

Anyway, we were cruising around and saw that there was a pretty fun party at E-Gate. We decided to stop there to enjoy the atmosphere. There was quite a lot of ppl there, (of coz not as many as the crowds at Gurney) but it was still okay. Well, there was a rave party insides themed The Arrival but the entrance fee was like RM35 okay? I might go in if I've been with frenz, but... =Aikz=

Well, we spent our time ppl-watching and mind you, there quite a lot of variety of ppl to watch lo. =P

And just lidat, 2006 arrived. The deejay was rather lousy, I think he kinda lost track of time and started the countdown from 7, 6, 5..... And the music was on so loud that his voice could barely be heard at all. Lousy~

And once 12:00am struck, these teens started spraying themselves and their frenz with these spray cans of string and fake snow. I want one to play too!! Haha. Next year, I'll surely buy one liao. lol.

There were fireworks too, quite pretty, but funnily the nearer ones were only let off later, like 15 mins later 12am ok.... Later only post up the pics ya. The only fireworks let off to usher in the new year was at the butterworth side, so wasn't really clear. Btw, we had a really fantastic view of Penang Bridge from there. Cool! :)

We stayed till around 1am before deciding that it was time to make a move. We then went to Kayu (Mamak) to have summore food! *At this rate, my weight is going to balloon wayyy up...! Eeks!* Well, sensitive issues aside, ahem ahem, we had a roti tisu and a roti canai. The roti tisu totally crumbled b4 it arrived. :(

After eating it all, which took quite long, we were ready to go home [home as in my aunt's home]. I was overniting at her place. - Edited part finished - I wasn't beat yet, but I guess my aunt and uncle were. Haha. After taking bath etc, we watched a little tv before they decided they cannot stand it ade, so they went to bed.

I stayed awake till 4am in the morning. Spent some quality time with the tv, then with my mp3 and this book my dad gave me, titled: The Life of A Doctor. Hmmm. Pretty useful I guess.

Then it was snooze time. Actually I still feel pretty awake but decided that I really need to sleep or I'll faint the next day la.. Haha.

Ok, will continue later. Byez~

Happy New Year Eve

Ok, just a simple Happy New Year Eve~

I'll be off, folks, in a couple of minutes!

Will update later (maybe tomorrow lah.) :D