Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Welcome The Blogger

Hello guys! Surprised to see me??

:D Won't say much here coz the library's going to close in half an hour lo. Anyway, let me just say that the past few days have been totally a whirlwind-kind of life. It's really SO surreal la...

Well, the orientation is really really bad here. I'm NOT kidding, nor exaggerating, ok!! :( I'll give a more long-winded explanation later la.

Ok, wish me luck coz I still gotta survive another 3 days of wicked orientation. But I'm "enjoying" it in a sadistic kinda way la. Haha. :P

Friday, February 17, 2006

Leaving Soon~

Oh, this is going to be my last post in a loooong time! *See? I can predict the future leh! :D* No-lah, I just know that I'll internet-less for a long time la. Sigh.

Anyway, my bags are packed ade. Almost got all the stuff I need, hopefully. Which is like a lot, ok? But let's not talk abt that lah. It's not interesting. :P

Visited my grandparents just now. Some of my aunties were there too. It was damn sad leh. My grandma cried a little. And they're offering all these (freedom-stifling) advice. Sigh.

Before I'm gone, I think I'm almost homesick & frensick ade leh. :'( Whatever.

Be strong, girl. This is opening new horizons for you, girl. You're going to see the world leh! Uber cool!

Sorry for the monologue up there, just tot that moi needed a little uplifter, provided by the person who knows her best --> Me! :D

Ok, I'm leaving my dear penang tmr, and heading south to the cool city, KL!! Woo~ Nightlife, here I come! :D Though I do have my doubts whether I'll have time to enjoy it. The nightlife, I mean. Aikz.

Why did fun-loving me chose to be a med student anyway? I heard it's all about stress and books! Boo~! Moi is going to be The Trendsetter! Wee...! Hehe.

If there's anything I've a strong stand for, it's this:-

  1. I NEVER believe that all books and no play will make Jack a successful man in life.

  2. I believe that to succeed in life, you don't have to be a nerd.

  3. I believe that one can get good results academically, but still be as normal as any other person. (Read: Not geek) This is one thing that I'm all out to prove other ppl wrong! Yes, I am! Support my cause ok! :D

Hmm. I seemed to be crapping really bad leh. Ok, toodles! And wish me all the best in my studies la! *Blows kisses*

Ways To Entertain Prank Callers

Since I'm going to be torn away from the digital world soon [Sigh, I think I'm going to suffer from Internet Withdrawal Syndrome leh!!], let me entertain you with some of my trademark tongue-in-cheek posts, okay? :P

Here goes:-

As you can see from the title, today we're going to talk about prank callers. Have been getting a few of that sometime ago at home. It was kinda annoying coz when you answer the phone (they especially like calling at unsuitable moments), they will just breathe in the background and then hang up sometime later.

Very funny. Not.

So I'd like to recommend a few ways to "entertain" them since they have nothing better to do anyway. Except waste breathing space. Ha.

Ok, this only works if you've caller ID on your home's phone line, or else you might ended up talking crap to someone else. :P

What you shld say when you pick up the prank caller's call:

  1. In a chirpy voice: Good morning. Welcome to [insert name]'s funeral home. To order an adult-sized coffin, press 1; to order a child-sized coffin, press 2; to order a specially-made-for-you coffin, press 3. As you're deciding which button to press with your pea-sized brain, let me tell you about our current special offer. If you buy 2 coffins, we'll throw in the 3rd for free! We also have various religious services' contact numbers, we'll be happy to arrange everything for you. So, when will you be dead? I just can't wait~! :D

  2. [Insert name]'s Fire station. How may I help you? What? There is no fire?! Ok, I'll solve that problem for you. Let me give you a hand with that match.

  3. [Insert name]'s Police station. Ahhhh, yes. You must be the one who said he'll call and surrender himself in for murder at this time. Don't worry, I'll be tracing your call and picking you up in a jiffy. Getting shaved? No problemo, bring on the barbers! :D

  4. Hell-o! (Pun intended). You've reached Hell's Operator Service. How may we help you? We've a total of 18 floors of various punishments. Which floor you go to depends on your sins in life. Since I've figured out that you're a prank caller, you'll go to the 18th level. No excuses, no Qs. I'll be beaming you down to join us soon. Till then, cya!

  5. Insane HouseWife: Ahem. Why aren't you home yet, you freaking bastard? Must be going out with some chick hor? I swear I'll kill you when you get home!! @#%^%$&!

  6. Speaks in Hokkien Dialect, by Mafia boss: What? Want to pia-tin ah? When? What do you mean you don't understand?? Wah tok lu ah! [I chop you ah!]

* * *

What do you think? Original or creative enough? :P I can't think of anymore la... 6 ideas is not bad ade leh, you try to think of one and see... Hehe.

Come on, don't be shy, comment pls! :D

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Dawning

It suddenly dawned on me. It hit me like a toll truck, full blast in the face.

The thought that I'm leaving. Soon!!!

*Sobs* I have finally started intensifying my packing, which I've totally been procastinating about. Hey, I'm not called the royale procastinator for nothing, ok?

Sigh, packing is so tiring! Ciao! *Yawns*

Countdown:- 1 more day left. I'm leaving in a jetplane car... *It's a song lah, look it up*

Blowing Off Steam

Oh, well. Lydia is gone.

Not that I felt much, to tell the truth. :( She was too engrossed in talking to her other frenz anyway, so much so that I totally felt left out. The only other coll fren there was pkm (of coz). :P So, spent the time talking to him lo...

And her other fren who was supposed to give me a lift home, let's just say it didn't work out, ok. And there I was stranded at the airport. You know what, sleeping at the benches in the airport is so hard!!! And it was so damn cold too.

J/k. You don't think that was possible, right? :P

Thank god that pkm was nice enuf to gimme a ride home~!!! Thanks a lot ya!! :D Even though it was totally out of the way too!

Anyway, I'm really sorry to say this, lyd, but I kinda regretted coming to send you off maybe I shldn't have come, you know. Coz we didn't talk much either. Coz I had a terrible time looking for transport too.

I might as well had send off Mr. Ali for all I know. I might as well have save all this hassle for sending the many ppl going off tonight. It sure would be more fun.

I'm really sorry!! *Tears brimming out of eyes*

But... but... You shld know how I feel ok. Your frenz totally left us in the dust. You forgot to introduce us - again! :( Bad habit. Must rmb next time ya, or bad impression for others lo.

Okla, I think I've ranted enough!! Totally felt the need to let off some steam. This is why I have a blog, it gives me a platform to let my feelings run amok ma... *Sigh*

Forgive me, lyd, ok, I think I'm feeling rather emotional now, that's all. :(

PS1:- Saw Karen too when I was on the way to meet Lyd. The former was going to aus (adelaide) lo. Good luck and the best of luck to you two, and to all my frenz!! :'(

PS2:- I also misplaced my cellphone cover leh. Argh, must have left it on the bench when I saw Karen (with surprise written on my face). Ah, why am I so absent-minded?? But at least it was an old one, and well, a good reason to get a new nicer one la... lol.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Trail of Bad Luck

I seemed to be having a bout of bad luck recently. Feeling rather down. I really need a cheer up...! :(

Anyway, after last night's plans fell thru - which made me spend a boring night at home, now it was time for the plans to send Lydia off to fall thru. *Sobs* Her fren (which I also know too) who was supposed to give me a lift to and fro, couldn't in the end. She had to send Lydia to the airport ma.

Note: She's going off today, meet her at the airport at 7pm lidat la, if you want to see her off.

At least when I asked whether I could get a ride home, since she's passing my house and all, she said ok! Guess my luck seems to be turning around~finally!

Now, only to find transport for the journey there. In the end, it was my dear dad to the rescue. Called him just now, and he reassured me that he'll be able to get me there! Yayz!

Thank goodness.

On a totally unrelated note, I got a new tenant again. This 2nd pharmacy guy is dory's fren, will be renting the room this month, no hassle about money or what. Good.

But there's a catch. He says he can only be sure for a month wo. Coz he's there on a conditional offer, and his results will be out next month. So naturally, I proceeded to ask him whether he'll continue on if the offer is A-ok.

He said maybe.


Sigh, in the end I relented, having a housemate for a month is better than none anyway. Aikz. But at least he can give me the money anytime. That's a good sign.

Btw, I seem to be blogging a lot these few days, right? I guess it's becoz I'm damn bored at home, [especially with the packing] and I won't get to blog so frequently, starting from this saturday. So brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen!!

Now, the all-imp Q is:-

When will these bouts of bad luck end?? I'm going to need all the (good) luck I can get next week!! AHHHHH!!!

Countdown:- Leaving my family & frenz in 2 days!! :'(

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Night In

Here's your fav blogger, staying home on Valentine's Day. Unless you're blind, don't miss that ubiquitous button in the sidebar that says I'm single la. Tsk Tsk.

Anyway, did I say earlier that I had smtg on? It was a bust. Argh...

Well, it was supposed to be a pseudo-bbq with lydia and some of her frenz, some of which I know, some of which I know thru their blogs. Yeah, kinda like bloggers' convention for me, which is kinda cool. :D [Pseudo-bbq becoz they're eating pizzas, the fire's just for warmth. :P]

But it fell thru. :( The plans, I mean.

Coz kryptos5 who was supposed to ferry me about, had some trouble with transportation la. Aiyo~ Too bad la... But thanks for the offer anyway.

It would have been great fun leh. *Sigh*

Guess I'll have to wait till next time la.

PS:- Mz went off to aus ade just now.... Sigh, couldn't manage to find transport to send him off. Sorry ya! I tried my best ade leh.. Had to be thick-skinned to ask for rides, but unfortunately to no avail. :'(

Countdown:- Leaving my favourite island in 3 days... Sigh.

The Ideal Guy..

..which I don't think really exists. But excuse the cynist in me pls. :P

Anyway, if Fate is kind to me, these are the qualities I'd lurve to have in my dream guy. [Not a knight in shining armour, ok, I prefer a guy in a shining mercs :P] The idea for this post is gotten from this long-ago post of Lydia's, it's good for reference too... Hehe.

Not in any particular order, I present to you, The List:-

  1. He loves me as much, if not more, as I love him. :P The same old story lah, you know the drill. Haha.

  2. We have the so-called chemistry with each other. See the sparks fly! lol. We just somehow click with each other (coz we're soulmates, duh.)

  3. He is tolerant, understanding of me, and quite importantly, gives me the space I need. I hate them clingy/possessive. :P

  4. He stand for gender equality (meaning he's not a male chauvinist pig). I can't stand those who're sexist lo. They grate on my nerves so! Brownie points if you can cook and/or bake. Erm, since I can't? Haha. Household chores split equally? Ultimately cool!! :D

  5. Knowledgable. I'm not talking about textbook knowledge only too, I mean knowledge in the general sense. Stuff about popular culture is important too, right? :P

  6. Have a great sense of humour. I don't want to be bored to death la. Besides, it's not everyone who can accept my unique sarcastic sense of humour without getting offended. But I don't mean anything bad, really! :D

  7. Loves music as much as I do. Even better if he likes the same genres as me. But then, I've a pretty wide spectrum for music anyway. [But no black metal pls. Drinking goat's blood is not cool. It's gross!]

  8. Has enough brainpower + confidence to carry a conversation with moi. Which doesn't take a lot of either, so don't worry! :P

  9. Knows a lot abt technology stuff & especially html. (Read: Tech-savvy) Then he can help me out lah, when I'm stuck, which is often. :D Note:- Html makes me pull out tuffs of hair, so it's really important to save me from self-destruction. lol.

  10. He respects & accepts me for what I'm. Likes me for me, not for my looks (if I've any, that is). :P

  11. Good listener. Great at socializing. Practical, trustworthy, responsible and yadda yadda all the great qualities that ever existed in the dictionary. :D Easier this way. Hehe.

  12. Hmm. I shall proceed to sound shallow, so don't judge me on this, okay? Hehe. Height: Average for guys la. Better not too tall lah, coz I don't want to crane my neck just to look at his face. (Did I mention that I'm vertically challenged too? :P)

  13. Shallowness again... Hope he has a reasonably good-looking face + body. Hehe. Okla, average also fine lah. Fugly ppl, no can onot? God, I sound so mean. :D

But who knows, everything's written in the stars, right? [Shld I take a crash course in star-gazing?] Of coz, I shall not stick rigidly to this list, this is just the gist of my dream guy la. *Sighs contentedly*

Ok, I think I sounded rather choosy, but then this is just my idea of the ideal guy for me, right?

*Throws reality out of the window* :P

PS1:- This post was written in a flurry of brain over-activity so pardon me if I've quite unfortunately offended you, however so with any of my words.

Well, if you have all the qualities above, quickly apply now! :D Terms and conditions apply. Rmb to read the small lettering. :P Nonetheless, if you have some, not all, it' still ok, do not despair, but do have the essentials ones pls!! [What use is a guy who's smart but untrustworthy, right?]

PS2:- You know what? Today's is Valentine's Day leh... Nothing special for the occasion of coz, but at least I have smtg else up my sleeve to relieve my boredom lo. :D

But I'll talk abt that later. Bye!

Tenant Trouble

Just a short update first. Rmb that pharmacy guy who rented the 3rd room? He moved out yesterday. Yes, moved out!!!! After one night~! Used the air-con, water and electricity...! #%^$%&@...

That is like so unresponsible. Made me so so mad leh... :O He was lucky I was not there, or prob he'll be cut into minced meat, but not b4 I torture him though. Wah, I sound pretty scary leh. lol.

Anyway, I hvta admit though, him deciding to move out came as a relief too [Besides the anger of coz]. Coz he sounded wayyyy fussy. You know smtg outrageous he said? He wanted to split the electricity & water bill according to the size of the room leh!! Freaking outrageous!! :O I mean, come on, the bill depends on the amount of electricity & water one uses, nothing to do with the size of the room, ok? Crazy. *Shakes head*

Whatever. I feel that we (me & dory) have been taken on a wild goose chase. Arrgh. After so much haggling, you'd think that he was really going to stay, right? Aikz.

Anyway, he had 2 [feeble] reasons why he wanted out.

  1. He said it was kinda weird living with 2 girls. I was like, hello, if anyone was going to feel weird, it shld be us girls first!! Wth.

  2. There was smtg wrong with the parquet floor. Wet and leaking, I think. Well, that wasn't too bad, coz we're going to ask the owner to fix that up lo. Can't he wait? :(

So... Felt like we're taken advantage of leh. Like, maybe he didn't have a place to stay for the night, so tumpang your room for a night, ok? Oh, I'm going to pretend that I'm going to rent your room of coz. Duh, so easy also dunno. *Smug look*

Whatever. Let's hope the next tenant will be better and not so calculative + fussy. *Crosses fingers*

Monday, February 13, 2006

Shoes + Housemates + Stats

Right, update about what happened last night.

Well, my family and I went to Prangin Mall to get my watch repaired [clasp was loose] and to search for a pair of shoes suitable enough for uni but not too gross (Read: Old-fashioned) for my taste.

We walked around a lot, going into all the shoes shops, and looked at many shoes too. My mum keep showing me these really old-fashioned-looking, leather strapy shoes, which I so did not want. They're really expensive too. Why pay so much for a pair of shoes that I didn't like anyway, right? :D

Anyhow, while scuttling around the mall, my phone kept ringing. Apparently, there was another potential candidate for my other housemate. Oh! But we're in the end surprised that it turned out to be a guy from pharmacy. Guy, ok! I mean we stated very clearly in the list that we wanted a female student as a housemate but he came anyhow. Weird.

But in the end, we relented. My mum said a guy shld be okla. Might be a good handyman around the house, you know and stuff.

What I really tot was: Who knows? He might be scared of cockroaches for all I know. (No, it's just a guess that I hazarded). Then moi might have to take up the role of Cockroach Killer lo. :( I'm ok with small ones, but bigger ones are so diff to catch. They move too fast.

Oops, how did I digress to cockroaches? lol.

Oh ya, so after A LOT of haggling, it was set. I must say, they (he and his family) seemed quite fussy leh. Was talking like a lot on the phone - using MY credit too! - about the condition of the floor/house and blah blah. I didn't hear much thanks to the very loud speakers in the mall. But I think his mum kept on talking yadda yadda. She kept on going on the condition of the floor, and I was like, Hello? I'm not the person who owns the house, okay?! Arrgh. *Pulls Hair* Damn frustrating, you know!! :(

But in end, they relented to the original price. I think it was becoz they had no other option. You see, he was in pharmacy right and they were starting today leh!! OMG. How can they procastinate till such an extent to leave finding your accomodation till the very last day!! So if they cannot find, is he going to sleep on the road? lol.

But whatever. None of my business. I'm just glad that we finally rented the 3rd room out and that means an extra RM150 to spend every month!! Wee~ Shopping!

I hope that this guy will turn out to be okay. Helpful, gentlemanly and everything? :D Btw, if you ask me, staying under the same eaves with a guy who is not your family is pretty troublesome. There are so many don't-s. But since this blog is rather public, not listing any here. Use your imagination. :P

Anyway, back to the shopping. This is what I finally bought.

Nice, aint it? ;D Not too old-fashioned but suitable for uni too! It was really comfortable by the way - Crocodile brand. I just lurve it~!

Yayz, finally got my shoes ready. I think I've 5 pairs of shoes to bring leh. lol. Women and shoes. It's a mutual relationship. :P

On a slightly related note, my readership is really jumping up in numbers. Let me show you. Statistics from my sitemeter's report.

The number of visits

The number of page views

Don't ask me what's the difference between either. Not sure myself. All I know is I seem to have a lot of phantom readers leh... Will you all kindly concede to comment a little? Or post smtg in the tagboard denoting your mighty presence? Thank you, thank you. :D

Ok, that's all for now.

Countdown:- Leaving penang in 4 days. Sigh, overwhelmed by nostalgia lah. :'(

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Church-goer? Omg.

Hmm. Can you believe this? I went to church yesterday.

Yes, me the agnostic!! (Oh, fickle-minded me has decided to change my status to being an agnostic or a freethinker. No more being an atheist ade!! Sorry, women are just so fickle-minded I guess. :P)

Anyway, no fear. I didn't go to church to pray or embrace the religion [Not yet la]. I went there becoz one of my best friends, xinyu invited me. And it was going to be the last time I'm going to see her before I go to KL lo... So you know la. Nostalgic, right? :D

Well, I went to her house during noon, chatted with her for like 3 hours (!) before going over to her church to help prepare stuff.

I must say, I'm in for a hard time, coz I finally noticed how lacking in culinary skills I'm O.o so I guess this year, I'll try my best to polish up my culinary skills lo. No, I'm not talking about cooking instant mee. -_-

Nevermind my ramblings.

Anyway, after some chopping [which I chipped one of my nails - OMG], scrubbing, and slicing, we're done. We did finish up quickly. So I guess that many cooks might spoil the broth, but many helpers makes one smashing bbq. Haha. (Oh, forgot to mention, the church's youth were holding their annual bbq.) I did learn smtg new about cooking I guess. *Shrugs* Slicing meat is an art! :P

After that, we relaxed a bit, since we've finished early, while my fren, who is the pianist, played some songs. I must say, gospel songs's melodies are pretty nice! :D They even have tamborines, a guitar and a bango. Cool!

Then, it was time to begin. Erm, I must say, I did feel a tad uncomfortable when they started singing gospel songs. Coz however open-minded I was, I was still at large an agnostic - this they did not know of coz. Except my fren la. She has been trying to convert me for ages lo. No good, girl, you gotta try harder! :P

Well, I did pretended to mumble the words lo - as respect la - clapping of hands is ok though. I survived the 1st hurdle! Yayz for me! :D

Then, it was time for the ice-breaking session. First we're supposed to intro ourselves. *No sweat though my name is kinda hard to pronounce for some - dunno why*. And the game involves rmb-ing ppl's names lo. I think we must have intro-ed ourselves like 3 times?! Crazy. Haha.

Then, it was time for this man to give us a "message". Dunno lah... Anyway, I tot he was humourous but some of the stuff included things from the bible. He was talking about dogs, saying that dogs are known as unclean animals in the bible (Huh?!), but the irony is that he has a dog at home. I knew, becoz he brought his poodle along too. Cute little thing, brought along in a bag.

So, the message sounded strange to my ears lo. And later when we're asked to give thanks for the food, I also felt weird too. But nvm la. New situations ma.

Finally, it was time for bbq lo. I really like the marshmallows! Bbq-ones are the best. :D Sweet~ Then there was the obligatory stuff lo, like sausages, sweet potatoes, chicken and blah blah blah. I was pretty full when I was done. Btw, I helped made the kinokuniya jelly too. Hehe. And cut the fruits too.

After the bbq, it was time for games. Unfortunately, since I was waiting for a ride with someone, and they're going home ade, so off I went. But it was really a nice day - minus the weird + uncomfortable time before the bbq la. It was nice meeting new frenz btw!

Oh ya, suddenly rmb-ed. They gave us this pamphlet b4 we went off. And it consisted of a few Qs. There was one Q I was paiseh to answer but I just had too. It was smtg like this:-

Would you like to sign up for the weekly sessions at our church at said time?

Erm, no becoz, firstly, I'm leaving penang soon (xy, tell them this very good reason :P), and sorry, I'm still sticking to being a freethinker/agnostic for now.

You know what? I think I shld form my own religion. Haha. J/k. Moi is too busy. :D

Ok, done. Btw, my legs hurt a lot from standing for almost the whole day. Arrgh. What a lazy pair of legs I have. lol.

PS:- Since we are on the subject of God and religion, do check this out. It's funny and I think I'm going to die laughing... Hahaha.

Friday, February 10, 2006

An Early Morning

Hmm. Just a bland update on my life, okay? Today, I totally forced myself to wake up at 8am (again!!) through the sheer force of will against my innate instinct to fall back and sleep again. Sigh.

Anyway, went out with dad becoz we're supposed to go visit a patient of his who gave us angpows every year. (This year she gave me extra large one!! :D) Yes, we sometimes get angpows without knowing who gave us them.

But my dad had a few errands to run before heading to our destination. First, he went to the bank while I waited slept in the car. Yes, I was so tired that I really almost fell asleep. *Concrete evidence that I'm totally fatigued :P*

Then, we went to the columbarium (click for meaning) to pray to my paternal grandfather who passed away 6 years ago. Can you believe it: he passed away not only on the day before my birthday, but also on the day I was having my UPSR?? Aikz. :( Well, just "talked" to him a little bit and "told" him that I was going to KL for my studies and all lo. You know, stuff lah.

Note: Currently using more -lahs coz a certain someone tot that I didn't sound like someone chinese-ed without it. *Shrugs*

Ok, back. Anyway, there was this man who asked Qs like:-

  1. Coming here to pray ah? [Unison duh pls!]

  2. You just came here sometime ago, right? [No, we didn't. Unless we have identical twins we didn't know about. But I don't think so.]

  3. Better to come and pray now before starting work, right? [Technically I'm not working - ok I'm not - but my dad is working ade leh.]

  4. This is not a Q but an action. He gave me a plate to put the oranges. Which me being the cynic I'm (morphing in progress), wondered why he was so nice. Haha. Of coz he wanted money for his "hard work" la.

  5. When we're going home, he hinted us to give him money when he asked whether we put the plate back in place. But my dad didn't give him any coz he didn't ask for it outright, so his problem lah! :P

After that, we're finally off to see the old lady. She wasn't exactly what I expected. I tot she was going to be a boring old drone but she turned out to be full of interesting stories. :D I enjoyed her company very much. Which is quite an achievement when you're talking to someone many many years your senior, who also talked a lot about her ailments. But nvm abt that lah.

Anyway, after a few interesting but sad stories, suddenly a neighbour appeared and asked my dad to go and see his wife who was ill. Fractured her hip (I think) and was dizzy too. My dad reassured her that it was normal and it was a common symptom associated with her illness. I guess this is a big part of a doctor's job *Taking mental notes*. I meant, reassuring patients when there is no need to worry of coz lah!

Well, my dad didn't want to take any money (coz he didn't do much) but the husband insisted on giving me an angpow which I had to take after some intially refusing. You know, chinese etiquette and yadda yadda. Haha.

So there goes my (early) morning. But it wasn't that bad after all lah. Could be much worse. Yay, maybe I'm morphing into a optimist ade! Yeah! :D

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gaming In Progress

Managed to pull myself out of bed, but felt dead sleepy. Hey, I slept around 2 smtg last night, okay? [Haven't been sleeping much recently btw.]

Nvm, I won't bore you with my sleep patterns. Hehe.

Well, today I'll talk about the new game I just bought. A few days ago, my dad asked me & my bro to go into this dvd shop to look for new dvds la. Finally bought The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (finally!)... Yes, I know, kinda outdated but they keep saying it was blur la and blah blah blah. Ish.

Anyway, finally watched it and I tot it was pretty cool. I'm happy that they keep on with the spirit of the book, smtg that directors of films have been abandoning of lately. But let's not go there.

I was talking about a game right, not a movie. When I was browsing in the dvd shop, I noticed that they sell games for PS2 too!! Cool. I wasn't really intent on buying a new PS2 game (since I'm leaving soon and all *Cue to take out tissue*) but when I was nonchantly flipping thru the racks, I saw this game that I've been looking for like soooo long that I've practically given up.

Its title was:- Beyond Good & Evil. Pretty cool the whole game. I first came to know of it thru a review in a magazine [I think] which gave it a totally flaming review, which in turn made me had to get the game. See? The power of reviews. :D

Anyway, I'm happy to report that the game did not disappoint. The storyline is really original (not a rehash version of whatever), and the new skills learnt are cool. Playing a reporter leh, with snapping photos part of the objectives makes it so so cool!! Other games all killing one, no fun.

I think my fav gaming genre is the adventure + action one, which of coz can bring on A LOT of headaches if you're stuck somewhere, unable to move on to the next level. But thanks to this site, all my problems are solved!! :D So do go get it if you're into this sort of thing.

There is one thing I must mention though. Besides the graphics being really nice, I really like one cool feature in this game, it becomes slow-motion when you do a specific action (think of the movie: The Matrix) which makes it sooo uber cool!! :P

I vow to finish this game before I leave for KL. :D Haha. So, I shldn't waste so much time blogging leh... Ok, come on, bring out the PS2!!

Arrival of The Laptop

Ok, not going to say much here, except I'm typing this using my brand-new laptop leh!! Cool~

It just came a few hours ago but I feel frustrated ade. Why? Coz the opening ceremony of my notebook shld be done by no other than its true owner -- ME!! But unfortuntely it was not. Sigh.

My siblings are really the limit. Each was hounding the other on whose turn to use it. But did they think of me? No!! :(

Of coz, you're wondering why I'm so docile nice to let them use it. Well, it's all becoz of a "decree" given by my dad. :( I'm suppposed to let them use leh. What the "toot". Sorry, obscene words are not allowed in this blog. They'll be censored to preserve your innonence. :P

Nevermind me crapping.

Anyway, I prevailed of coz [What else is there to do anyway??] and now I'm finally able to use my laptop in peace. Why? Coz it's late (for them who are schooling) and I'm the only one awake. O.o My parents are going to wake me up early tmr, right? Die.

Oops, almost digressed. Well, just to tell you a lil' abt my laptop. The model is Dell's Inspiron 630m. Ya, I think almost everyone buying a new laptop is getting this model. :( Why everything I buy (as in gadgets) are so common one?? First it was my handphone, now it's my laptop. *Gashes teeth*

I really value my uniqueness leh... Sigh. But what to do. Good offers means everyone who's looking for a bargain will go for it lo. Must quickly earn more money. *Rubs hands and thinks of money* :P

Well, the outer casing is really nice. But I'm not getting used to the screen being soooo wide yet. And some of the websites look really different leh. My blog too. :( But nvm that. I'll get used to it sooner or later, I guess. Hopefully. =D

Since it's from Dell, that means a lot of programs don't come with it, making it rather troublesome. I'm still trying to download lots of stuff, so anyone out there, pls make a few recommendations on what I shld download. (PLS!! Thx ya!) I'm rather absent-minded, you see.

Okla, quite late ade. And I feel sleepy ade and my back kinda hurts from too much crouching in my sleep over the laptop. :P Till tmr! Bye~ :D

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Yes, mine. What? Oh, it's just that my parents are totally rehabiliating me. Sounds weird? It is.

Anyway, they've been really nagging me for sleeping at crazy hours (Read: 3am) and waking up even later. And they're worried that I won't be able to wake up in time to go to lectures.

Hello? In case you've forgotten, I got myself up for college everyday last year and all was fine. Well, almost everyday anyway. :P

So I reckon I'll be fine once I get my 'sleeping clock' tune-d on right.

But they insisted on a "rehabiliation scheme" for me. That's what I call it, not them. Today was the first day.

Becoz of that, I was asked to wake up at 8am (what a god-damn early time!) which they think is already very lenient. :(


Well, I managed to hear the alarm clock (from my cellphone) ring, managed to shut it off, and roll over in a crunched position to keep myself from falling TOO asleep [you shld try this some time! :P] and finally woke up when I heard my dad's footsteps coming up the stairs. Sigh.

Here's a pictorial to show you how to avoid falling TOO asleep. :P Ok, the drawing's kinda crude but I'm lazy to draw nicely. As long as you get the point.

Ok, kinda pointless entry but it's fun! Haha.

But the point is:- I really don't like waking up early. It's just not programmed in my system. :(

Songs Galore

Well, since I've nothing of real interest to say today, I've decided to share with you the new music Cds that I've burnt recently. Oh, they'll be keeping me company when I go to KL and really need to listen songs. :D

Behold, some of my fav songs...! If you haven't heard of them, it'd do you good to go download them! Coz they totally rock!

This is the 1st Cd I burnt and is titled as such becoz it comprises the noisier songs in my fav playlist. Recommended for ppl who like songs with higher decibles. If not, stay away.

Songs Galore:- The Rockin' On Cd

1. I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
2. Yan Wei Die - Fish Leong
3. Friends Theme Song - from Friends
4. Blow - Parking Lot Pimp
5. Day & Night - Billie Piper
6. Gemilang - Jaclyn Victor
7. Ai Ni - Cyndi Wang Xin Ling
8. To The Moon & Back - Savage Garden
9. Cubana - Maksim Mrvica
10. Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
11. Billy Jean - Michael Jackson
12. Mm Bop - Hanson
13. Cartoon Heroes - Aqua
14. This Time Around - Hanson
15. I Need A Hero - from Shrek 2
16. Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink
17. You & I Both - Jason Mraz
18. Flight Of The Bumblebee - Maksim Mrvica
19. Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
20. Accidentally In Love - from Shrek 2

My 2nd Cd. From the title, of coz you can guess that it's more of the mushy type. Ah, but not all of coz. Lower decibles, really suitable for romantics.

However, I really like No.3 which appealed much to the cynist in me. Go listen!

Songs Galore:- The Sentimental Cd

1. A Whole New World - from Aladdin
2. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Blue, Elton, Kenny G
3. This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore - E.John
4. Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross
5. Yi Ran Shi Peng You - Yu Heng
6. Because Of You - Kelly Clarkson
7. Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
8. Reaching For Heaven - Diana Degarmo
9. Written In The Stars - E.John & LeAnn Rimes
10. Superman - Five For Fighting
11. Hero - Mariah Carey
12. Colours Of The Wind - from Pocahontas
13. Hai Kuo Tian Kong - Beyond
14. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
15. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - frm Lion King
16. Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden
17. Amazed - Lonestar
18. Let Me Go - Three Doors Down
19. I'll Be - Edwin Mccain

The 3rd Cd! Decided to do a Fusion-like mix of songs. Which just means that I can throw in any songs that I like. lol.

Won't say much here, just listen to these songs, coz they really deserve your attention. :D

Songs Galore:- The Fusion Cd

1. Bad Day - Daniel Powter
2. I Can't Wait To Be King - from Lion King
3. Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
4. Prince Ali - from Aladdin
5. There's Gotta Be (More To Life) - Staccie Orrico
6. Better Man - Robbie Williams
7. It's You That Matters - Reshmonu
8. No One - Aly & Aj
9. Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John
10. Up! - Shania Twain
11. Heal The World - Michael Jackson
12. Maria Maria - Carlos Santana
13. I'll Make A Man Out Of You - from Mulan
14. Healing Hands - from Healing Hands
15. Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
16. Penny & Me - Hanson
17. No Sleep Tonight - The Faders
18. Other Side Of The World - Kt.Tunstall
19. Angels - Robbie Williams
20. We Are The Champions - Queen
21. Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
22. In The Jungle - from Lion King

Hmmm. Have only done 3 so far coz I'm kinda lazy. :P Anyway, I think for my 4th, I'll include songs from the new Jay Chou album which is fantastic btw! Yay!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cute Neko

Hey, check out the cute cat at the top left corner of the screen. Cute right? :D Play with it!! ^_^

You like it so much that you must have it on your site? Ok, click this lah! Yes, I'm always so generous. :P

Happy cat-petting!

Btw, Neko = cat in japanese. If you're wondering why this post is titled as such. Hehe.

Bawling About Being Bald

Ok, I posted something up at the Star Blog sometime back in the dim hope that my post would get chose as Blog of The Day, earning a cool RM50 on the way. But alas, being a newbie, I didn't know that they don't publish on Sundays, thus wasting my hard work on a post that I thought was good too!! :(

Anyway, instead of letting it go to waste, I've decided to publish it on my blog, a place where my word is law. :D

So here goes:-

Something is seriously wrong with the police force in our country. I thought that the Chinese New Year festivities will pass without (publicized) scandals this year. But what do I know? Guess I was just being naive. Oh well.

Various scandals are dug out almost every other week. Of course, gossip-hungry Malaysians are at most times happy with this, since it'll provide them with new topics to chat about when they go to the mamak.

After the brouhaha of the nude squat incident, the police have been under great pressure and scrutiny to perform their role as keepers of the law. Therefore, they've promised that they'll apply the letter of the law when dealing with lawbreakers. Little did we know how seriously they viewed this matter.

Just recently, 11 elderly men, with the oldest being 69 years old, were reprimanded for gambling in a public place and then detained for almost 24 hours. Probably a lash-out reaction, these unfortunate old men, after being forced to strip to their underwear, have had their heads shaved by the police during detention.

My initial reaction to this was: Shaving heads?! I have never heard of this lock-up procedure before! :O

My reaction was not alone.

There have been many instances of people being put into lock-ups the past year, but little few of them have lost any of their hair. Notwithstanding the fact that some of them were hardcore criminals too!

While it is evident that these 11 old men probably broke the law by illegal gambling, a rather minor offence (not exactly my idea of hardcore criminals), so why were they treated as such? Besides, in the lock-up rules, only those with a skin disease on the head like lice or kurap needs to be shaved of their hair.

I shall hereby name this law as the Discretionary Law where you'll be relieved of your hair in the lock-up unless you're some big-shot or someone notorious enough to claim oneself as a billionaire when you're practically broke.

What do you think, Malaysians? A gross insensitivity? Yes, in my opinion. A "teach you a lesson" element hidden in this incident? I wouldn't rule that out as a possibility. Bah!

However, I must make known my sentiments that I believe not all of police personnel are into such heavy-handed policing. I also sincerely believe that there are excellent police out there who are fair and well-principled, but receiving their fair share of flak. Therefore, I hope that these police officers will try to instill more confidence in the rakyat and make our country proud of its law keepers.

We won't be seeing the last of this yet, mark my words. Since it happened during the Chinese New Year festivities, it may make people angrier just by that very fact as it seems as the police force had lost their touch with the pulse of the public.

Sigh, I just can't wait for the next scandal. (Yes yes, moi is a typical gossip-hungry Malaysian.)

I wonder what's next.

Forcing people in detention to perform nude leap frogs and shaving of the hair in unseemingly areas? Eeeks!

So, the verdict? I tot this post is kinda out of place in my very unserious blog which is laced with humour everywhere. Nvm, don't wanna waste my efforts ma. Haha. :D

Come on, comment! Clickety-click!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A "Little" Gathering/Farewell

Well, I think I'm losing steam in blogging, which is rather apt in view of current circumstances. In another 2 weeks, I'll lose touch with the digital world (!!) which is such a terrible blow to a digital addict such as moi...

But what to do, it just might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It'll definitely free me up more time to sleep study. Haha. As if.

Anyway, what have I been up to lately? Not much by the look of things.

Well, I did attend Lynnju's party last night. Was quite fun. :D Quite some ppl turned up, which consists of primary sch frenz, high sch frenz, and college frenz. So the gathering wasn't that "little" after all. lol.

Food was pretty good, though I didn't have much since I've eaten a bit before turning up. A bit too early, btw. My parents lo, say must come out earlier in case of traffic jams. But as always, not much jams, so I was dead early. 10 mins earlier than the set time. Came with Lyd (she needed transport).

So we had dinner (buffet style), chatted with a few high sch classmates. Nice seeing them too, though some I'd just met a week earlier. [I visited them in sch, rmb?]

There were the obligatory Qs too like:

Where are you heading next?

- South, I guess. No, not South Pole, a little farther up please.

What are you going to study next?

- Hmm. I'm going to look at a lot of dead bodies and blood soon. Nooo, it's not what you think, not forensic science.

When are you going off?

- Probably when I get all my stuff ready, which is just slightly earlier than eternity. Yeah, that's it. Thx to my procastinator parents. Guess I know where I get my "procastinator genes" from. lol.

Who is going to study there with you?

- Oh, dory and another fren la. Why you wanna know? So kaypo... :P

How are you getting there?

- I wish I could take a plane. But since I've too much luggage (girls, you know la :P) I'll succumb to getting there in a car, squished to the brim with shoes and what nots.

Yes! I did it. The 4 Ws and a H. Who, When, Where, What and How... Gosh, so creative my answers, right? :P

Nah, I didn't use them. I don't think many ppl would appreciate them in real life. *Shrugs* They lack humour la.. See, I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand. (By Three Doors Down in Let Me Go)

Oops, how I digress. Back~

Now, where was I? *Scrolls up to check* Oh ya, after eating + chatting, we started playing cards (Chor Tai Di)... Yeah, it's my fav card game. :D Then, more chatting lo.

There were 2 ppl that I haven't seen in such a looooong time. They're weyyen ("chili padi" who gave me my nonsensical childhood nickname, Grrr) and Jessica. I haven't seen the former in like 6 years (oh my gosh) and how he've changed. It was really nice talking to him, and doing catching up la, you know. He's going to do Veterinarian Science in Perth. Cool.

The latter leh, I haven't seen in about a year. We became good frenz during ghee tuition. And seeing her makes me think of the good old days when life was simpler [I guess] and we had great fun in tuition. Sigh, I do really miss those days. Stuff like eating fries during breaks was fun too! Haha..

Ok, back back. Anyway, I stayed till almost 11pm. Was halfway home before I remembered that I'd left my musical scores (that my fren had returned to me a while earlier) there. Wails: Oh no!! Had to turn back la. *Sigh* Why am I so absent-minded?! Hope nothing bad happens as a results of this when I get to KL. :(

Well, got the scores back (Canon In D, in case you're feeling nosy :P) and off to home I was! I did have quite a nice time though.

A bit - just a tiny bit - nostalgic! But what else is new? :P

Friday, February 03, 2006

Rendezvous With Frenz

Went out last night with some frenz. This gang of frenz are those I knew from my Form 4 and they're terribly fun! :D

Well, they insisted on a rendezvous in McD. So there I was la, punctual as usual... :P Alas, only 2 turned up relatively punctually. The other 2 turned up later by almost an hour. Aiyo~ But both cannot be blamed. Coz one of them had to work overtime while the other was dependent on the former for transport.

Actually, they asked a lot more ppl than this, but in the end, only 4 turned up for the "farewell" they arranged for me. Haha. But it's the intention that counts, of coz!

Well, we spent the night chatting and eating la. What else could we do?

But we did had a nice time, really. I tot it was great that I could still click so well with them even though we had not seen each other much the past year. I guess that frenz will always be frenz, no matter what. I lurve you guys! :D

So that was that.

Tomorrow night, there'll be a "little gathering" at Lynn Ju's house. Of coz, if you ask me, it's not that "little", since I think she invited A LOT of ppl... Wow~ I hope that most of my frenz will be going lo, so I can see them once more before they fly off to wherever/before I go to KL. Choose whichever applicable. lol..

Okay, signing off, Girl Disenfranchised as always.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Okay, haven't posted in a few days... Coz I've been totally immersed in the celebration of Chinese New Year!! :D

Anyway, now reduced to a shadow of my blogging self, I shall attempt to give a brief summary of the past days. (No long winded post detailing what I did yesterday or today...lol)

Had quite a nice time this CNY. Had TWO Bbqs in two days (first night and second night)! Which means Absolutely Yummy of coz~ :P The food was especially great this year too. New stuff this year were spaghetti and garlic bread. The specially-flavoured sausages... My fav!

And other activities I also indulged in include:- Chatting/Gossiping, Playing Mahjong, Playing Cards, Singing Karaoke, Gambling Earning extra money, Playing Watching Fireworks and yadda yadda. Nice, isn't it?

Ok, I confess. Played around with money a bit. Not much lah. Haha. What makes me frustrated is that I managed to make a profit of around RM10 on new year eve and the first day combined, but lost it all on the second day. Boohoohoo... :'( Guess that I'm not fated to earn extra cash money this way. I lack the discipline to stop myself from going on and on btw..

Well, this year was also different in the amount of angpows I got. Since I'll be going off to KL to study soon, I got a few extra large angpows leh! Woo~

See the pic below:

Woah, a lot of money right...?

Wanna guess how much?

This is my biggest angpow ever!

The total amount of extra money I got comes to the grand total of RM1320!! Wah... So much!! This will surely come in handy later... *Thinks of the shopping to be done in Shopping Heaven --> KL* :D

Hmm... What else was different? Nothing much... Except that I really like the new clothes I had bought!! lol. Remember, for this year, Green is the new Black!! :D And I got quite a few green clothes too (in different shades of coz).

I guess that's all for now... Of coz, CNY isn't entirely done, so there's still the tiny chance that I might earn summore money... Opps, pretend I didn't say that. I mean, get more angpows... Hehe.

Cya! And all the best in the financial department! :P