Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back! (Figuratively and Literally)

Hello everyone! Gosh, it has been ONE MONTH since I posted! This has not ever! I think. Well, it is definitely a rare occurrence anyway. Not that I'm going to check all my previous posts just to verify that sentence. Ha.

Anyhow, yesh I am still alive. I have survived this very busy month! (hey I do have a valid reason why I had not posted for so long, okay!)

Internship applications are finally over!! (except for Singapore - will get down to it soon) I am definitely glad I have gotten that off my back! Was going insane over the various documents, procedures and essays that they wanted! I swear, I was so stressed that I think I looked like this -->

okay, fine. I don't think this picture is exaggerative enough. but you get the drift.

The other thing I had to contend with was a super busy general surgery posting. Long long hours, lots of stressful assignments and assessments. sigh! It's finally done too!

It has definitely been a few hectic weeks. But I'm okay. Time to get a breather. Winter break is here! And I'm home for holidays! :D


The oddest things touch you unexpectedly sometimes.

Yesterday, on the flight, the pilot was making his usual commentary about the weather etc, then he said: "Welcome to Malaysia. And to Malaysians, welcome home."

That last part. Touched me somewhere in my heart. It was a twinge that could not be suppressed. Because I knew even though in all this familiarity that is 'home', they would still look at me suspiciously because of my skin colour. They would not judge me on merit and my hard work. At least not in the near future.

I am sad that we are not even static. But rather going backwards.

People always say we have a choice. But tell me honestly, if you had the same choice, would you make the same one we did? If you did choose to go back, I applaud you for your courage.

But please don't expect everyone to do the same thing you did. I believe that respect and courage has to be based on reality. Not ideality.


And you. Just be grateful that you were born into the lap of luxury and had the privilege of not understanding what is poverty or being discriminated against. Don't make insensitive comments about things you don't understand.