Sunday, August 09, 2009

Random Shots

Didn't do much this weekend except laze around (hey I need a break!) and start a bit on my literature review for research.

I found a few random photos I took with my phone. Btw did I mention that I got an iphone? ^^ More than 3 months ade hehe. It's really worth it using the cap plans here. And it helps that it has GPS as I don't really know my way around here much.

Okay enjoy the random photos k.

outside the main teaching hospital, Charlies

this was around 5pm i think but now it gets darker at 5pm

writing down notes during surgery rotation

was bored so took a photo haha

yummy steak at hog'sbreath

perth city train station - where all the train lines meet

some indonesian rice - forgot name d coz super long ago

picture I took to remind me of which buses to take to fremantle hospital lol

out jogging
the aussies love their footie - one day I'll go and watch haha

vietnamese beef noodles at the market - yummy indeed!

one of the parks I jog through

Sorry if the photos are not that interesting. I think I have some funny ones in my camera but I collect a few more first k ^^


Titus Tang said...

lol surely random enough!

Zzzyun said...

haha certainly is. eh thanks for alwix commenting on my posts. u are the one that comments consistently :)

Titus Tang said...

you're welcome :)