Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Options #1: CF

It's Wednesday already. Boy, the days do seem to fly nowadays.

Currently am on my 1st Options: Cystic Fibrosis, which is 2 weeks long, but it's really more like paediatric respiratory team.

It's not a bad option (I do miss the kids!) but it's really sad to see all these kids with chronic disabling diseases plaguing them since young. A lot of them have neurological deficits like cerebral palsy. Many are quadriplegic and spent most of their time on the bed, in the wheelchair or in hospital. :((( I really salute the parents (esp mums!) who take care of them night and day. If that's not dedication, I dunno what is.

I am making myself useful by writing in notes etc, and most of the team are nice. It's been a pretty busy week too, with lots of patients coming in at the end of winter with resp infections. Having lunch so late everyday. ah my poor tummy.

What I want to do now is use this so-called 'free time' to catch up with my studies though. But the days' work have been tiring me out. Late afternoon naps are awesome and refreshing indeed.

Okay. O&G and paediatric stuff to catch up on. Yeah, I'm so 'awesome' that I have yet to catch up with stuff in the early half of the year. bleargh.

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