Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Dr. As A Prefix And Other Things

Apologies! I have not kept to my word to blog a little more. Perhaps nowadays I prefer to live life more in the flesh and jot a word of wisdom here only whenever I fancy? (code phrase for lazy to write :P)

Anyhow, yet again, a lot had happened since my last post. I had since sat for my last exam and had passed medical school! You can add a pretty prefix of DR. to my name now with a flourish! :D Truth to be told, I still feel weird/surreal whenever I see my name with an added Dr in front in print. Doesn't seemed to be addressed to me. Perhaps it just needs to take time to sink in.

Well, my uni had a dedication ceremony for us as my convocation ceremony is actually in april next year (don't ask me why we have to go to our convocation after we had started working!) My family attended the relatively meaningful ceremony (where we took the revised oath by the way!) and took it as an opportunity to visit perth for a week.

The family trip was fun yet tiring, coz for once, I was the leader! I made the decisions (with discussion of coz, as any good leader would do) and showed the way (no small task for someone who is no good with roads)! I think my lil sis enjoyed the trip immensely. She loved the food, and was game to try most stuff. :)

In the midst of the above, I also had to move house as my lease was coming to an end. We almost couldn't get a house because it was peak season and there was a lot of competition to lease a house! If there is something I don't like about perth, it's how immensely difficult is it to lease a house!! I thought it will be easier since both of us will not be poor students soon and will be earning honest salaries. But alas, our advances were spurned thrice before we managed to obtain a really pretty new house. (hmm I think I have been reading too many Victorian style novels that I'm starting to write like them!!) 

I have a new housemate now as well as my previous housemates have either moved interstate or chose to move out solo. Anyway, I hope we will be able to make our new house into a lovely home. :) This is one of the best things I am looking forward to after graduation. (gosh, I sound like an old maid is what I would like to say, but actually as I grow up, I realised that cleaning and cooking are actually things that one needs to do to sustain oneself. you are lucky if you have someone to do it for you.) However, I am even more hopeful of a time where I will have earned enough money to have a beautiful house of my own, so I will be able to do whatever I like with my own home and not worry about inspections or putting special tape on walls so that they will not be damaged. Ah, I'm rambling again.

In conclusion, you can see from all of the above that I had definitely been keeping very very busy. I'm currently back in penang, my lovely island hometown for a well-deserved break before getting ready to break out for work as doctor!! (omgosh, how those lovely syllables roll off my tongue. :P)

By the way, did you realise that I have somehow managed to insert many brackets in this post?


Titus Tang said...

hahaha =)

weird I posted a comment just to type hahaha =P

Zzzyun said...

i know, so weird :P

k0k s3n w4i said...

my condolences to you for making it as a doctor. now suffer like the rest of us.

Zzzyun said...

now that's a remark that's totally different from the usual congratulations. ;)

lishun said...

i'm gonna congratulate you because for every miserable moment you face as a doctor, there will be 10 fulfilling ones that leave a smile on your face. =)

housemanship in malaysia can be depressing, as you've probably heard from your friends, but i honestly enjoy my work alot more than i thought i would. love it more than medical school.

and you'll get used to the prefix, maybe even sick of it! but then again, you're in aus where everyone's alot more laid back so you prolly won't hear it said too often. hehe.

all the best, dear!

Zzzyun said...

thank you for ur kind words, li shun :)

in my last year as a medical student, i was working a lil like a pre-intern, and i think i really enjoy my job instead of just standing at a corner like a med student observing.

and yes u are right, ppl dont often call u by 'doctor' in aus, so the few times i heard a nurse call a doctor that, i do a slight take aback (a good one :)) but as always, risking being cliche, with great power comes great responsibility.

i wish you all the best in ur career and life too!

PS: I have been keeping up with ur blog, but just havent been commenting as much!