Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Love My Job

Four whole months of spontaneous hiatus. Did you miss me?

I won't make excuses; I have just been either busy working or busy living life. Time sure flies, especially when you are working, can't believe I'm now almost halfway into my internship year. It's been great so far - sure, there are ups and downs in every job, but the ups far outweighs the downs I believe. I love my job, I love my patients (well there are some I could do without, to be honest!).

The Ups: I see and learn lots of different things everyday. I am exhilarated when I think I have solved the mystery of a pt's illness! I meet lots of different and interesting people everyday (patients and colleagues). It's fun when I see how far I have come in just 6 months, I am able to better summarize and refer patients in most situations, getting to the point is important. I am able to make (small) decisions by myself, occasionally creeping towards the bigger ones (but don't worry I will check with the boss after!). It's a great feeling, getting this confidence, to be more comfortable in these doctor shoes that I am wearing.

The Downs: Ahh.. these are the aspects you will never realise till you start working. There can be a lot of stressful, frustrating, nail-biting situations where everyone demands a piece of you - at this very moment. Sometimes, it seems as no one cares whether you are capable of ninjitsu and cloning yourself into five people to finish their jobs at the same time. Sometimes people don't seem to understand, we need to prioritize, it's not we don't want to see your pt now, it's just that there are sicker pts to sort out first, especially if we are already aware that yes, there is a list of non-urgent jobs left for me to do and yes, I did say I will get to them later, so can you please stop calling me about them since you only just called me 15 mins ago?

Enough of ranting, despite all that, yes I still love my job. The money doesn't hurt either. :P

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