Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hi my beautiful people (well at least those who are still reading)!

Well who can blame you? My last post was around 4 months ago! Gosh how fast life pasts when you have a full time job with proper responsibility (yes patients do get into serious consequences if you forget something important!) and a desperate need for proper R&R when you are finally off from work!

Anyway, here's an update. I'm no more an intern, I am actually a proper resident now! ^v^

The last year has been a really interesting yet challenging year. It has been an exponential curve in terms of learning and clinical experience (although it seems everyday I still learn something new and the amount of things I don't know thrills/frightens me sometimes!)

But yeah, it has been good to observe and self reflect on my growth as a doctor in the past year. If I compare myself to the start of last year - I have definitely grown in leaps and bounds. And will continue to grow with each day.

I will be glad of the advice someone gave me when I just started work. It is very easy as a junior doctor to sometimes forget to think on your own and just follow bosses' orders and do paperwork. But he told me: Although we still have to do scut work, we can always think on our own what is our differential diagnosis, management plan and how it compares to the seniors'. And that is how you learn. And let me tell you, even though it's called scut work, let me tell you, my dear patients, be nice to the junior doctors (well the good ones anyway) coz they are the ones who actually know the small details and actually organizes most things for you..

Anyway, rambles aside, I still haven't really decided what I would like to specialize in. I seemed torn between ED and a medical speciality like respiratory. Problem is I like most things!

Oh well. I definitely will take this year to continue to learn and grow. I'm glad I managed to swap my 2 terms this year and overall it looks like a fulfilling challenging year.

Till the next post - god knows when! - please take care, everyone and live life! :)


Titus Tang said...

Congrats! and welcome back to your own blog =)

Zzzyun said...

haha thanks.. really need to find mojo to blog more. most of the time come back already very tired!!