Thursday, October 08, 2009

Gen Med: Done!

Hi guys! Back again.. Finally finally finished my last case report, which was supposed to be about Indigenous people in Australia. I learnt some new things from there which I didn't know about but I must say, it was a really tough report to complete! =/

Hopefully I'll be able to pass all the 3 reports so I don't need to redo or anything! *cross fingers and toes*

And I guess my general medicine rotation is kinda over already. Handed in my logbook as well. pfooh.

And do you know what that means??


omgshitomg *hyperventilate*

I'm so not prepared at all! I really need to buck up these 2 weeks already. I just want to pass so I can enjoy my holidays back home! I wanna see my family and frenz again...

Don't worry, I think you will still see posts from me. Coz I reckon I blog more when I'm stressed anyway.. haha.

Okla to end with a humourous note on this post, check out the video below. Funny indeed!!

The evolution of Posing

PS: I just had my H1N1 vaccine today. yeah it was provided free by the hospital :P Ironic though, having it now, just after I finished 8 weeks in the RESPIRATORY ward! I'm pretty sure I had immunity towards it before this.. lol.


Titus said...

" East asians are undoubtedly the most notable within the picture taking world as the most inventive and creative when it comes to utilising PPAs (Photographic Poser Accent) "

How true... >.<

Zzzyun said...

haha indeed.. u shld check out their other videes as well! pretty good! :P

Titus said...

lol... what a video. Can't deny its funny though!

Zzzyun said...

haha yea.. i tot the funniest part was when the asian tried to teach the black guy to do her cute poses!! lol!!

Titus said...

yea, agreed !
And the way in which they "try" to make the whole topic look so serious. haha

Zzzyun said...

haha yea.. documentary summore pulak..