Friday, October 09, 2009


Supposed to be mugging now... but I just can't concentrate! Still haven't gotten into the vroom vroom mood haha.

Anyway, today is a friday but it feels like a saturday for me. Hvta keep reminding myself. Why? Coz I self-declared it as a holiday from hospital today haha! Why not, since I've already handed in everything yesterday. I totally deserved a break!

Did I mention that most of the 6th year imu seniors are going to leave perth next year to other places in australia for their internship? That's coz perth didnt have enough internship places for everybody. :/ They really need to do some serious planning and not leave international students struggle for something as basic as internship places. Coz without that, you are technically not even a doctor!!

I'm definitely going to miss them. :( It's nice to have people to hang out with who knows where you come from and understand your -lahs and -mahs without you having to struggle for words to explain their elusive meaning. It was also nice to talk about memories in imu with them... Heck, it's even nice to have a bunch of people to hang out occasionally.

(sorry lar, nowadays, I'll take whatever kindness that ppl offer me. beggars can't be choosers you know)

Anyway, they are having a farewell bbq/meal for them on sunday. sigh. there goes the already few ppl that I'm good friends with here.

Well, still I wish them all the best in everything. :)

And you know what? Mugging is never fun. But it's even less fun when you gotta do it alone. :(


Titus said...

You know...

Don't indulge yourself in self pity.
Self pity only makes you feel bad of yourself, which does not push you in the right direction.

Not trying to be harsh here. But that's reality


Zzzyun said...

ok yes sir!!

haha yeah i know..just tat sometimes there are emotions that once i blogged about, i will feel this is like an outlet for me actually.

btw why u alwix so free wan, comment so soon after i posted wan?

Titus said...

haha i'm your offical stalker!

I have this google gadget right on my desktop that links to my gmail. Everytime I post a comment, I would "subscribe to notifications". Then, when you reply, an email containing your reply would be sent to my gmail. The gadget then displays the email on my desktop.

Almost instant notification =)

Zzzyun said...

haha.. cannot like this lar.. dont stalk me! lol..