Friday, July 09, 2010


Overall, I had a pretty good day today... but it ended badly.

Because of my own carelessness.

So here's the story. I was coming back from the train station, and was taking out my purse (my card is in it) to tag off as usual. Then I remembered that the train station that I departed on was out of electricity, so I didn't need to tag off as I couldn't tag on at the previous station.

That different motion from my usual daily deed must have put me off. Coz when I went to woolies to buy something, I realised my purse was not with me when I wanted to pay for something. Panic ensured.

I rushed out to the train station... Found nothing on the ground. Went to ask the officers if they had seen anything. A rush of hope gushed through me when they said they had.

And yes! I got back my purse. But the bad thing is I lost all the money in it. Probably around 60-70 bucks. He/she even took all my coins!! O.o Sigh, just my luck to have withdrew money a few days earlier. :(

All this happened in the span of 15-20 mins.

The irony is that the person who returned it probably is the person who took the money. Of coz, I can't say for sure. But to be honest, I had great trust in aussies to return lost items. But I guess, you can't have everything.

Can you believe the officers summore joked and told me that there was a fee of 50 dollars to collect lost items?! I told him I don't have any money. -_-"

I know, on the bright side, at least all my important cards are still in the purse. Credit card, debit card, student card and the list goes on. So at least less trouble for me.

Although it was a costly lesson indeed, I had learnt it. To be more careful in the future (I haven't been too bad, to be honest) and to use my debit card more instead of withdrawing most of the cash out.

Okay. Rant finito.


AiLing said...

To look on the bright side, at least all your important documents are still in there!!
I lost my wallet once in UK when I accidentally left it in a supermarket after paying for my stuff. I never got it back ever. And instead, I found out that someone had indeed used my debit card to withdraw some money.
So I guess Aussies are better than the British in that sense?

Titus Tang said...

I would be rejoicing if I were in your shoes. Imagine that happening in msia!

Zzzyun said...

Ailing> haha yeah.. i guess you are right... aussies are pretty honest generally. thats why i was kinda hopeful that i might get all my stuff back. but it's alright. :)

Titus> haha not really a chance in malaysia. lol!

joven said...

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k0k s3n w4i said...

now don't shit on malaysians so readily, people! i've lost my wallet once with my credit card and hundreds of ringgits in it, and i recovered it a week later without anything missing at all.

in fact, i wrote about it :)


Zzzyun said...

k0k> wow i must say, im really amazed... but seriously, i was quite disappointed to lose all my money esp in australia. but oh well, it's my fault anyway.

and yes, there are good and bad ppl in every country..but i guess we meant as a general rule..