Friday, October 22, 2010


Phiew. Finally finished cleaning my part of the cleaning duties allocated for the impending house inspection. 

One of the best feelings in the world (for me at least) is having a good nice bath after doing some much needed cleaning. It feels good to feel clean. Yes, I think I have a little of an OCD trait. But hey, they say you need that to do medicine. lol.

Anyway, I think my right arm has hypertrophied as a result of overuse. Okay, over-exaggeration as usual, but my right brachioradialis muscle is sore and tender. :(

I also realised something. I can't focus on my studies if I have something on my to-do-list that I have yet to do that day. Maybe it's an excuse, but it's definitely a bad habit!!

Right, this entry is more like a ramble.
Here's a statement to scare myself again: Exactly THREE WEEKS to exams!!! AHHHHH!

Now, that's more like it.


Titus Tang said...


Did it work? Did it work? Did I scare you?


...awww shucks...

Zzzyun said...!

and somehow that sounded like what stewie would say. or maybe its ur display pic that's influencing me. hehe

KeeLaLa said...

study study study study study study

Zzzyun said...

yes yes i know dear.