Thursday, October 07, 2010

Still Learning

Tomorrow will be the end of my gen med rotation, and guess what? I don't think I'm going to miss it. Oh no, I enjoy the medicine part of it, the patients were generally nice and interesting.. Just that there were some unsavoury parts that I would rather not mention. (sorry, can't talk about things like this on public cyberspace)

Anyway, all things aside, I had my last assessment today. It went pretty alright, despite the consultant being strict and asking a lot of questions. Call me a sadist but I would much rather have it that way. At least you learn this way. It's much better than having someone say you are "good" (when you know clearly you are not) all the time only to fall on your face when it comes to crunch time during exams. Big no-no.

But he was very nice as well, I learnt a lot from him. You know you can be nice and strict at the same time, no kidding really. It's doctors like him that are willing to spend a little time to teach med students like us that inspire us to become better doctors.

Although I got the diagnosis wrong... at least the other parts were right. Gave appropriate investigations and answered most of the questions appropriately. Need to work on putting all the things together more to come to a good formulation. And I need to listen to more murmurs!!

Which is great that I'm doing Acute Coronary Care as my option for the next 2 weeks. Will hopefully get to brush up on murmurs and my ECG reading skills. ;)


Titus Tang said...

Murmurs! Listen to my heart ;)

mitral valve prolapse

Zzzyun said...

haha really?? u have one??

Titus Tang said...

yup. genetic :)

the doctor even diagnosed me as having Marfan syndrome, haha

Zzzyun said... but i dont think u have marfan's right?