Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Long Day

Today has been a very long day. 

This was how my day went:
    • Started with being harassed to complete a discharge summary ASAP (hey what do you think I'm doing? twiddling my thumbs in the air? I'm doing my best here, and I don't know the patient k!)
    • Multiple cannulas (which I'm happy to report, I currently have a 50% success rate now - compared to my previous 0%! the new cannulas are so difficult!)
    • Various attempts to get some of my assignments done (drug charts, confusing outpatient prescriptions! and many more...) oh ya, I hvta bug my team, who are the nicest ppl ever, to help answer my various questions! sigh.
    • Quick break for lunch then afternoon dermatology clinic. Sat in with a really nice doctor who taught quite a bit. That was a plus point for once. But I still find most of dermatology confusing. All of these skin lesions look the same to me!!! Clinic finished very late though so there you go, negative point there.
    • Had to go to Woolies to get some household stuff. Even though it was late. argh.
    • Came back home and guess what broke the camel's back, so to speak? I spotted a large cockroach overturned on its back wriggling its legs around on the kitchen floor. I really hate cockroaches coz I think they are really dirty. No, I'm not scared of them but I detest them! I usually am able to bunch up a wad of toilet paper and get rid of the small ones but this was HUGE and MOVING!! I'm not touching that!! I used the dustpan to nudge it into a plastic bag and quickly clamped it down as it's started moving frantically. Then I quickly got rid of it outside in the bin (after making sure it wouldn't be able to make a break for it but tying it up in another plastic bag!! SO THERE!!).
    • And now my right hip aches. I think I'm putting more weight on it than my left while standing around. I think I'm going to get arthritis when I get older. sigh!
    And here I am now, typing away, trying to get all the frustration out of my head...!! I really need a break! Too many things happening... Thank god for the super long weekend this week. pfft.


    Titus Tang said...


    did you know that cockroaches legs have anti bacterial properties, resulting in them being cleaner than most household items like door knobs and the floor they walk on?

    but ironically, and humourously, millions of years of evolution by the toughest species on the planet, and they can't upright themselves.

    Happy Easter! =)

    Zzzyun said...

    haha do they really have antibacterial qualities? that's something i dont know. but only the legs? how abt the rest of the body?

    but anyway what u said wont change my mind abt how dirty they are. don't they spread diseases n stuff?

    and yes! so stupid right, they can't upright themselves when they have been overturned. HAHA!!

    Titus Tang said...

    I'm not sure about the details of the "antibacterial qualities", but what I understood was that the surface of our little friends made it hard for bacteria to stick on it.

    You as a medical student should know better! Have you ever heard of a disease, or a pandemic caused by cockroaches?

    Society think of them as bad only because they look ugly and love to stay around rubbish.

    k0k s3n w4i said...

    there's no smoking gun evidence that roaches spread any particular diseases, but pathogenic bacteria have been isolated from their body surface. it's not a stretch to think that if one of these buggers crawl over your dinner, you're getting a mouthful of whatever it is that was piggybacking on it.

    that being said, i like 'em - but i find all bugs fascinating.

    titus: ironically, and humourously, millions of years of evolution by the toughest species on the planet, and they can't upright themselves.
    well, evolution doesn't select what's best... only what works. the simple body plan of cockroaches have been working swimmingly all these while. no reason for them to evolve out of it, really.

    k0k s3n w4i said...

    anyway, as further fodder for discussion:

    Cockroaches Have Super Antibiotics in Their Brains; We Must Steal Them

    someday, you might be prescribing roach brain antibiotics ;)

    Zzzyun said...

    Titus> i think they dont cause the pandemics as such, but they sure have lots of pathogens on them since they have been crawling in filth... (like what k0k said)

    k0k> how come there is no need to evolve to be able to upright themselves? then they just lie there wriggling their ugly little legs forever?

    and interesting link there.. well i will still prescribe the roach antibiotics, but i wont touch roaches itself!!