Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Stroke Of Luck, Finally

I am writing this to announce that we signed the agreement today! so yays I finally have a place to stay. =D Got me a bit worried back then.

Debbi and I will be moving in tmr (rush, no?) so that we can save $$, instead of paying both temporary accomdation and the new place. It is hardly ready but no worries, we will try to get it done as soon as possible. Hope we will have our new home ready by this weekend! Is that a safe estimation? lol.

So yeah, won't be updating much till we get internet set up at our place. Hope that will be asap coz everything depends on internet here! Uni announcements, bus timetables etc.

Hmm so far this week has been really fun. Procedural skills workshops are cool!

Did I say that I successfully drew blood from 2 batchmates yesterday? woah adrenaline rush haha. okie more like 1.5 times success coz my first attempt failed halfway lol. The second tube just didnt fill haha. But it's all good :)

My cannulation on the model failed though. =( Need more practice.. not easy! But I dont think I dare do on real patients le.. Injections weren't too bad, seemed ok. Tomorrow will be practicing catheterization (on models of coz, what did you think? haha) and resuscitation on thursday morning. Then there will be 2 nursing attachments and a senior first aid course that we had to do.

Quite a full week eh and we still hvta get our house ready! So much stuff to buy and all. And things to apply for @.@

And next week rotations will start.. Have absolutely no idea how to prepare for it. So just hvta take things one step at a time then!

Things seemed to be really looking up compared to last week. Hope it will only be better! ^v^

PS: I had a good chat with someone yesterday. Cleared up some misunderstandings which is good! Next time we should just discuss things yeh. :)


k0k s3n w4i said...

You used a vacutainer?

I only ever used a syringe, but yeah, loved the rush!

Zzzyun said...

yeah its a vacutainer i think, not sure if tats the name tho.

its harder coz u hvta hold the syringe thingy really still while u push and pull the blood tubes in and out. ahh!