Friday, February 13, 2009

Popping In

Hi everybody! You all must be wondering what happened to me! gosh look! it's friday now haha.. how time flies when one is busy.

Anyway, I don't have much time to write now so just to let you all know that we just applied for internet yesterday and hope that will be set up soon :) so I'll be able to update more often.

And yeah, my first rotation is geriatrics and I'm still trying to adapt to the clinicals. So far everything is good, except that I need to brush up on my communication skills (my malaysian slang don't do so well here =/) and yeah, revision of what I learnt the past few years. Coz lots of things seemed to have flew out of my brain haha.

Alrighty, this will be a short update as promised, for once I must say. And see you guys soon. Gambate to all my frenz! ^^


Ah Pei said...

you're in geris too...hahaha....:>

so cool..:>

Kryptos said...

all the excitements of settling down in a new place must be hard to handle. take care! enjoy the numbered days of summer before it turns cold!

k33LaLa said...

Haiya dear! Finally u did some post. wondering ur uni no internet use meh. Hehe sure busy ho~keep up ur good work ya! Gambate =D
Take care ^^

Zzzyun said...

yeepei> lol my ingerris cant use here :P

kryptos> haha the excitement died down pretty fast.. all thr is 1 trouble after another! havent fully settle down too. >.< and i cant wait for autumn actually coz summer is so hot!!

kee> hey dear, yeah my uni has internet access but not everyday im free to use AND blog. i usually blog at night wan wic is difficult for now. cant wait to get internet! =.=